Kin (2021) s02e03 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 3

He's only out 5 minutes.
No need to start drawing
battle lines up just yet.
You've forgotten what he's like.
Where is he now?
Gone down to fucking
Furry Bog with Eric.
Any cash lying around?
AMANDA: Yeah, but that's
all earmarked for the Batuks.
Everything has just changed, Amanda.
I hope you get that.
FRANK: Amanda looks after the finances.
We can't have someone
we don't trust holding
the purse strings for this family.
I'm only around the
corner if you need me.
You need to keep Anna far away from him.
I know.
Something I need to talk to you about.
- Okay, that's
- Anna, are you coming back or what?
- Aah!
- Bren.
- Told ya I wouldn't forget ya, Ged.
- (GAGS)
Ged Delaney, was that you?
He was a snitch.
He was one of our best customers.
I was counting on his
money to pay the Batuks.
We need to find new buyers quickly.
Anthony, this is your granddad.
- You just call me Bren, young fella.
- Okay.
You ever shot one before?
- No.
- Nothing to it.
Alright, now remember
what I said. Enjoy it.
Close that down, will you?
Wait outside. Don't let
anyone in we don't know.
You off already?
I told you, Jimmy, you're
welcome to come, too.
Eh, no. You two go.
Get dressed. I'll wait. I don't mind.
It's grand.
It's grand.
I've stuff to do anyway today, so
I'll see you later.
I'll see you later.
No Rory today?
I didn't think we needed him.
Fair enough.
What do you think, Birdy?
About what?
My cologne.
- You like it?
- It's nice, yeah.
Come on, get a proper smell of it.
I do like it.
- Yeah.
That's Viking.
I'll see you later, love.
Mam's gone already?
Yeah, she has a meeting.
- With Uncle Michael?
- Yeah.
I couldn't go. I've
got stuff to do with your Granda.
You okay?
Granda took me out with Eric
to teach me how to shoot.
You tell your mother about it?
Probably best that you don't.
Go on. Fuck off.
See you later.
Love you, buddy.
ANTHONY: Love you, too.
MICHAEL: So, what do we
know about Wayne Madigan?
AMANDA: Frank says he's
been keeping a low profile
while he's growing his business.
You sure this is the place?
It's where he said.
JANE: Wait here.
Not what I expected.
It's a clever front.
I'd rather be called foolish ♪
And find somebody else ♪
Then to be a fool forever
and not forgive myself ♪
Alright, Jimmy?
I'm exactly what you made me ♪
But I hope to change someday ♪
Hey, Jimmy.
If I'm a fool for leaving ♪
I'd be twice the fool to stay ♪
What's up?
Why do we still have
Kem hanging around here?
Cos he's sound.
Uh! He got us this.
- He can get you one, too, Jimmy.
- I'm grand.
Why don't you like him?
- Pfft
- Cos he's a fucking racist.
Fuck off, Eric.
What's the problem, then?
There's no problem.
I just think that we should
be keeping as much stuff
as possible within
the family, that's all.
Safer that way, innit?
Did you call Frank like I asked you?
Yeah, it all got through.
This is gonna be some payday.
You were supposed to
be here 20 minutes ago.
Oh, sorry about that.
Traffic was a nightmare.
Frank said you might be
interested in a purchase?
All depends on the price.
It's 40 a kilo of H.
I was thinking closer to 20, 25 a kilo.
At that price, we'd be working for you.
I already have a supplier,
who's gonna be pissed off
if I start buying from you.
So what's in it for me?
35 a kilo, if the order's big enough.
Still not low enough.
We can guarantee supply As
much as you want of anything.
Is that what you told Ged Delaney?
Had nothing to do with us
It was a personal dispute.
Do you want the business or not?
Not at those prices.
33 a kilo.
That's the absolute lowest we can go.
Look I'll be honest.
Everyone knows you lot have
got a huge debt to pay off,
and you're left holding a load of
gear that Ged was meant to buy.
So I figured if I can get
something for a steal
why not?
But anything over 25
is not worth the grief.
(SIGHS) Fuck.
Maybe we should think
about reopening our houses,
sell the gear ourselves
More money in it, too.
- We're in wholesale now.
- Not without buyers, we're not.
Yeah, opening the houses would mean
more cash flow in a month's time,
but it doesn't solve
the current problem.
The balance of that
first payment is due.
We just need money now.
How much are we short?
Nearly 7 million.
BIRDY: They look great.
Yeah, they're nice.
How's Eric doing since he came home?
Don't ask me. I barely see him.
He's always off with Bren.
Eric's a good boy.
That's the first time
he's ever been called that.
He's impetuous.
That's one word for it.
You need to make sure he
doesn't do something stupid.
Something he would regret.
(SIGHS) He's not gonna listen to me.
You have to make him listen to you.
How, exactly?
Well, not by burying
your head in the sand
and just hoping everything's
going to be okay, Nikita.
Show an interest in his work.
Let him know that he He
can talk to you about it.
Give him your opinions.
He'll start to listen you'll see.
Good girl.
Gonna get you them boots.
I'd like to get those
and I think I'll get
those glasses, as well.
BREN: Hey, Anto!
How are you?
We've got a job for you.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
See that girl you were talking to there?
- Who is she?
- That's Anna.
Anna? Michael's young one?
You put that in your pocket
and go wait in the car, okay?
Good boy.
Where's he going now?
To talk to Anna, I think.
BREN: Anna! Come here, girl.
Do you know who I am?
I think so.
I'm your grandad.
This is for you
for all the birthdays I missed.
- You don't have to do that.
- No, but I want to.
You're part of this family.
Go on, take it.
Buy yourself something
nice from me, okay?
I'll see you again, love, alright?
Well, there must be something
else we can try instead.
There isn't.
What about cash reserves?
Anything liquid is going to the Batuks,
and the rest is all tied
up, we can't access it.
Well, you should've kept more in cash.
I would have,
if I'd known your brother and son
were gonna kill our best customer.
No one's pretending
this is ideal, Frank.
At least this way, we can
make the first payment.
The others are never gonna go for it.
But you'll back us up?
But it's Bren who's
gonna be your problem.
- Jump out here, Anto.
- Yeah, yeah.
Okay, you wait here.
If you see anyone coming along this way,
call your father straightaway, alright?
- Yeah, no bother. Good lad.
- See you later.
Lee. Dotser's nephew.
Where's the gear?
It's all inside.
Right. Show Eric where it is.
I'll follow you in, I just
want a quick word with Jimmy.
- What's up?
- What's the problem with Kem?
There's no problem.
I told you it's just he
isn't family, that's all.
I don't hear you
questioning any of the others
- who aren't family.
- Forget I said anything.
I can't, though.
If there's something I need
to know, I want to know it.
There isn't.
You sure about that?
I hope so.
How much is all that?
20 million.
We are moving this right away.
Show everyone we're the top dogs.
I want you to run these into town for me
and leave them in the desk
in the back office of the pub, okay?
Yeah, no bother.
It's just Amanda.
- Yeah?
Yeah, okay.
Yeah, I'll let them know.
- Hey, something's come up.
Amanda and Michael need
to see us all now.
In the desk.
It's all set.
At the Furry Bog.
- Bren and Eric are there every night.
- Right.
I've this young fella lined
up. He'll do it for two grand.
I'm doing this one meself.
You don't need the fucking hassle, Kev.
Let the kid do it.
Have you forgotten what they did to Ged?
- Of course not.
- Wasting them cunts is no fucking hassle.
So put a spotter on
the pub and let me know
as soon as they're there, yeah?
Go on.
- Where were you?
- Out with Da, Eric, and Granda.
Go up to your room.
He's old enough to be part of this.
Now, Anthony.
I know what goes on anyway.
Jimmy, tell him.
He's almost 17.
Don't make me drag you up those stairs.
Go on.
What's this all about, anyway?
The Batuks, and how we
make the first payment.
Right, well, you know
my feeling on that.
Fuck them!
Yeah, makes sense, considering
the last time this family
was in a hole, you weren't
exactly rushing to help us.
With Ged Delaney gone, we've
lost our biggest customer
and we're left holding
his order in our hands.
There's always other buyers.
We found one who's willing
to take the heroin off us
at 25,000 a kilo.
The fucks.
At that price, we're
losing money on the gear.
We'd take a hit, but we'd have
the cash for the first payment.
We'll make back the losses
over the next few shipments.
No, fuck that. I want me slice now.
JIMMY: We all want that, Eric,
but it's probably not
that fucking simple, is it?
Well, it would be if we hadn't
agreed to give away 90 fucking million.
And for what?
Are we supposed to
believe that the Turks
are just gonna fucking
ride off into the sunset?
Well, it's what they've agreed to.
Well, they're lying.
She got lucky with Eamon Cunningham,
and now we're treating her
like the fucking messiah.
So what would you do?
Right, well, instead of
giving all our money away,
I would use it to take
them greasy cunts on.
If you think that even with 90 million
we can beat the Batuks,
you're fucking deluded.
They're gonna shut
down our supply lines,
stop us doing any business,
and pay people to kill us off.
Yeah, let them fucking try.
We made a deal. If we
break our word now
No, no, no, no, you made a fucking deal,
and a shit one at that.
All's they're gonna do is bleed us dry,
and then when we've no money left,
they'll fucking come after us.
This is what we agreed to do.
I didn't, and I will not agree to
sell our gear at a fucking loss.
Are you on board with all this, Frank?
Right, so that's it, then?
So, you're just like
a fucking sock puppet
for that pair, then, are you?
- Bren
- No, this fucking needs saying.
No wonder he nearly ran this
family into the ground
Piss weak cunt.
(BANGS TABLE) That's enough.
Jesus Christ.
You, her, and that
fucking handbag over there
can cook up any shite you want,
but you're not taking
a single fucking penny
of my cut of that shipment
and giving it to them Turks.
Or Birdy's.
What about you, Eric?
Yeah, I want me full whack.
Jimmy? He's with us.
She speaks for you now, does she?
- No.
- Right.
Well, you might want to
fucking tell her that.
We're trying to spare
this family another war.
Me, Birdy, Eric
We all say no, so that's
a fucking end to it.
Okay. Yeah.
I'll make sure you three get paid,
even if the rest of us take a hit.
Are you fucking deaf?
Stop talking to her like this, Dad.
Selling product at a loss
makes this family look
like a fucking joke,
and I'm not fucking having it.
You need to start acting
like the man in this house.
Don't ever do that again.
Don't ever speak for me again.
- Jimmy
- Stay out of my fucking business, Michael.
Well, I told you they
weren't gonna buy it.
I don't want Anthony hanging out
with Bren and Viking, alright?
You don't make all
the decisions, Amanda.
It's not just you and Michael
making all the decisions on your own.
I have a say in things, too
About our son,
about what we do with our money,
whether we have this baby or not.
S-So you're saying you
don't want a baby now?
You know that's not the fucking point.
Right, well, then, what is your point?
That you decide everything.
Fucking everything.
And nobody ever asks me what I want.
Maybe I do want the baby, maybe I don't.
Who the fuck knows,
cos nobody ever asks.
What's so funny about that? No, nothing.
I just think that what
you really meant to say
was actually, you want your daddy
to make decisions for you
now instead of your wife.
- Fuck you.
- No.
Fuck you, Jimmy.
I've reared our children.
I took care of the
money. I ran the house.
I ran the dealership,
took care of everything.
I practically fucking dress you.
And now, because your
father is back out,
you want to suddenly
start acting a big man
instead of supporting your wife?
Like, fuck you, Jimmy.
I notice you left Michael
off that list of achievements.
No mention of him, no mention of
fucking my brother behind my back.
That's exactly what I did.
Is he here?
Yeah. He's inside with Eric.
Stay away from Anna.
She's my granddaughter.
- I can fucking
- I said stay the fuck away!
Jesus fucking Christ, Michael!
Keep out of it, Eric.
I'm not gonna ask you again.
Are you gonna kill me, Michael?
You think I won't?
You think I won't pull this trigger?
You really think I
won't pull this trigger?
You know what, do it.
Say I won't fucking do
it, see what happens.
- Michael, please.
- Go on, say it.
- Say I won't fucking kill you.
- Not here on Birdy's good
Now, listen here
Go near her again,
next time, it won't be empty.
Fucking prick.
See you in the morning, buddy.
ANTHONY: Where are you going?
Just out with Da and Eric.
Okay. See you, Da.
So what were you doing with
your father and Bren earlier?
Well, you can't have been doing nothing.
I mean, nothing interesting.
You'd be surprised
what I'm interested in.
We went to the beach, and
Grandad bought me ice cream,
and we built sand castles.
It was the best day ever.
Can I go now?
Alright. Go.
Ma! I'm getting changed in here.
Where you going?
Just down to the pub with Eddie.
Stay here with your family.
Think about what you're doing.
Ma, come on. Let go.
Ged wouldn't want you
getting locked up for him.
I have to do this.
Alright? Drink?
Go on, then.
John, another round there.
Get that into you.
- Slainte.
- Slainte.
Jimmy, your da's looking for you.
- Yeah?
- You wanted to see me?
- Shut the door.
Look, I've spoken to Amanda,
and I told her that she
doesn't speak for me, so
All she's doing is making a
fucking mug out of you, Jimmy.
I know. She knows the score now.
Right, sit down.
Here, try this for size.
There's something else
I need to tell you, Da.
Take a fucking bump. Go on.
Hey, that's fucking quality.
Yeah. Listen, Da
- Fuck.
- Da.
We're gonna get you your hole tonight.
Break that fucking witch's spell
Kem's a rat.
That's why I don't trust him.
What do you mean he's a fucking rat?
He was feeding information
to Eamon Cunningham,
and he set up Fudge.
But I thought he helped
you get Con Doyle.
Only because Amanda sussed
what he was at and forced him into it.
Oh, fucking hell.
But he's been setting stuff up for us.
I know.
So, why would Eric keep
a fucking rat around?
Eric doesn't know.
Who does?
Me, Michael, and Amanda.
What about Frank and Birdy?
Why not?
That's just the way Amanda wanted it.
I'll be coming to Dublin in person
to collect your first payment.
That's not necessary.
It is what I'm doing.
We've sent over half
the payment already.
The rest will be there.
Then you have nothing to worry about.
You owe us a lot of money,
and we intend to get paid.
And I don't want you thinking we
have disappeared from your life.
If that's what you want.
It is.
I expect everything to go as we agreed.
No delays or excuses.
I understand.
Just get whoever you can.
- In and out quickly.
- Yeah, yeah, I know, I know.
Fuck's sake.
Hmm? (BANGS)
What the fuck?
He's got a balaclava.
- He's got a balaclava.
- He's got a fucking bally!
Put the fucking locks on, John.
Fuck. (BANG)
Fuck's going on?
Some cunt in a balaclava's
stuck in the porch.
He's trapped.
We have him fucking trapped.
Eric, don't be an idiot.
Look at him.
He's like a monkey in a fucking cage.
Will you just fucking give over?
Hey, Bren.
Do you see our pet monkey, Bren?
- NIKITA: I'm warning you, Eric!
Oi? Oi?
Will you stop it? Eric!
Fuck's sake.
Hey! Fucking look at me
when I'm talking to you.
- You want me to call the Guards?
- Not yet.
Kev, what the fuck are you doing?
- NIKITA: Will you stop it?
KEVIN: Eddie, I'm stuck!
I can't get fucking out!
Here! You fuckin' fool, ya.
What are you gonna do?
You gonna shoot me? Huh?
- Stop it, Eric!
- Do it. I fucking will, ya prick.
Fucking do it.
- Yeah? Fuck you!
- Eric!
- Do it!
Fuck! Fuck.
JIMMY: Is he dead?
I hope so.
He's only half a fucking face left.
Go out to the office.
Get all the coke and take
it out the back way, right?
Right, everybody, stay where you are.
This clown come in
here and shot himself.
We've done nothing wrong.
John, go call the Guards.
Report this shooting.
FRANK: Alright, I'm fucking coming.
Fuck's sake.
I've been ringing you for ages.
Why weren't you picking up?
I must have left my phone
in the bedroom or something.
This better be fucking important.
There was a shooting down at the pub.
- Eric?
- No.
No, he's grand.
They all are.
Ged Delaney's little brother
Kevin arrived with a gun,
ended up shooting himself in the face.
Thought maybe you might
want to head down there,
you know, show your face.
You alright?
It's just an ulcer.
Yeah, my ma's cousin
thought he had an ulcer.
Turned out it was cancer.
Dead in six weeks.
Thanks for the pep talk.
No wonder you have a fucking ulcer.
Look at all the crap you're eating.
Living in shit just
makes you feel like shit.
It messes with your head, man.
You need to get a cleaner
in here or something,
and they cost fuck all.
And a cook.
You know what's a real shame?
That they didn't get Bren tonight.
That's not fucking funny, Frank.
I'd have paid Kev Delaney
meself to clip that fucking cunt.
Seriously, Frank
don't ever say that out loud again.
Nuray Batuk called earlier.
She's coming to oversee
the payment herself.
To try to keep the pressure on us.
I'm gonna call Wayne
Madigan and just tell him
that we're gonna sell
to him at 25K a kilo.
Bren's gonna be on the warpath.
We have no choice.
I'm so glad you're back.
I was only messing around.
I told you to stop.
(SIGHS) It was a fucking joke.
How was I supposed to
know what would happen?
"How was I supposed to know?"
You should get that fucking tattooed.
You given your statements yet?
They've taken the security footage,
so they'll know what happened.
Bren wants a word out back. Let's go.
I won't be long.
This is ominous.
Kem's a rat.
No, I don't believe that.
He was feeding Eamon
Cunningham info the whole time.
That's bollocks, Bren.
And he set Fudge up to be killed.
What the fuck are you talking about?
- Kem wouldn't fucking do that, not to us.
- It's true, V.
How the fuck do you
know? Who's saying this?
Amanda caught him out,
and he admitted to it.
Months ago.
No. No.
I don't fucking believe this, Bren.
I have to hear it from
him. Do you hear me?
If he's admitted it, I
have to hear him say it.
I'll ask him meself.
You'll say fuck all to him.
He thinks only Amanda, Jimmy,
and Michael know what he did,
and I don't want him twigging otherwise.
I'd still be inside
if it wasn't for Kem.
And Fudge would be alive.
He's a fucking rat, just
like Ged Delaney was a rat,
and rats get what they deserve.
Now, you brought him
into this family, Eric,
so you're gonna have
to clear this mess up.
Get Lee
or someone else to do it.
I'll pay for it all. Please.
If you're not going to do this,
then fuck off out of here right now
and don't come back.
Go on.
Fuck off, cos I have no
fucking time for windy cunts.
I can either trust you or I can't.
You understand me?
BRESLIN: Hope they're
paying you overtime, Paddy.
(CHUCKLES) What do you think?
Look, I'm on that shooting
out past the airport,
where Beady Donovan and
Jason Mahon were killed.
Well, when we were going
through Donovan's belongings,
we found this in his jacket pocket.
The original has Amanda
Kinsella's fingerprints on it.
Could be a bank account
or a passcode or something.
So, we thought you might be interested.
I am.
Let me know how you get on, yeah?
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