Kin (2021) s02e04 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 4

How much is all that?
20 million.
Frank said you might be
interested in a purchase?
All depends on the price.
I was thinking closer to 25 a kilo.
At that price, we'd be working for you.
BREN: Selling product at a loss
makes this family look
like a fucking joke.
- Jimmy?
- He's with us.
You need to start acting
like the man in this house.
This is for you for all
the birthdays I missed.
I said stay the fuck away from Anna!
I'm not gonna ask you again.
- Fuck.
- [BANG]
He's trapped.
- Do it!
BRESLIN: When we were going
through Donovan's belongings,
we found this.
Could be a bank account or something.
The original has Amanda
Kinsella's fingerprints on it.
Listen, Da Kem's a rat.
What do you mean he's a fucking rat?
He was feeding information
to Eamon Cunningham.
VIKING: What the fuck
are you talking about?
You brought him into this family, Eric.
- You're gonna have to clear this mess up.
- Bren
I can either trust you or I can't.
MAN: Yeah, yeah, yeah
Oh, fuck. [MOANING]
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah! [GRUNTS]
Fuck's sake!
He'll be down in five minutes.
Sorry about the wait, buddy.
Good night?
have no fucking idea.
MICHAEL: Ah, fuck's sake.
What the fuck's going
on? What time is it?
Something wrong?
Come here, bro. Bring it in.
You got anything to drink in here?
No, I do not.
Why the fuck not?
Guess what I did tonight.
Got drunk?
But after that.
Jimmy, it's really late, uh
I got me hole.
Oh, man, fuck me.
When you're with someone for so long,
you almost forget what it's
like to sleep with someone new.
It's not too bad.
Why you telling me this?
You're my brother.
And I trust you with a secret.
And I figure that if anybody
anybody understands the buzz of
fucking somebody they shouldn't,
well, that would be you.
Wouldn't it, Michael?
You should go now.
Why don't you ever want
to fuck anybody, Michael?
I mean, what's that all about?
Who are you saving yourself for?
I'm not gonna ask you to leave again.
TV NEWSREADER: driven by
increasing fuel and food prices.
The European Central
Bank has not ruled out
further interest rate increases
to curb the spiraling cost of living.
Gardaí have confirmed
that the man killed
in last night's shooting
at a Dublin pub died
from a self-inflicted wound.
- The victim, who has not yet been named,
is believed to be a close
associate of Gerard Delaney,
who was recently shot in
a gangland assassination.
- Yeah?
- It's all done.
- Who was at the farm house?
Just Lee.
- Did he mention Bren?
- No.
Told him you said I
was to collect the gear,
and he was grand with that.
Hey, that thing at the pub last night,
did you hear anything about it?
Just that it was Kev Delaney
looking for Eric and Bren.
Jesus Christ, this shit
with Bren never ends.
I know. I'm leaving now.
I'll see you soon.
This is Shane, the lad I told you about,
my cousin's boy.
Rory told you what I need you to do?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's no bother.
- You know where you're going?
- Yeah.
There's a thousand in it
for you when it's done.
- Sweet.
- Well, get going, then.
Are you sure he's not
involved in nothing?
He's a student. No one knows him.
No one's gonna pay any attention to him.
There's something I want to show you.
You know about Fenethylline?
Should I?
It's an amphetamine.
They make it in the factories in Syria.
It was for the soldiers
before they go into battle
make them feel invincible.
Now, it's mostly for export.
It's very good. Very popular.
How much?
You buy from me for 2
euros, you sell for 10.
Make a lot of money.
And I can get as much of it as you want.
Let me have a think about it.
Did something happen?
You tell her, Frank.
Go on.
Apparently, Kem was
ratting us out to Eamon.
He set up Fudge.
[SCOFFS] Where'd you hear that?
From Jimmy.
Amanda found out months ago.
And she told him and Michael
not to tell anyone else.
So we've a fucking rat
working for this family,
and she didn't see fit to tell us.
For all we know, he could be
fucking touting to the guards.
She's putting this whole family at risk.
Is that any way to run things?
- No.
- No.
Well, tell that to this
fucking clown here
siding with her and Michael
against the rest of us.
I'm not siding with anyone
That's exactly what
you're fucking doing.
She's got us all for mugs.
'Cause she thinks she's
smarter than the rest of us.
Well, I'm not having it.
And in future, you
stick with me and Birdy.
Amanda's not fit to be making decisions.
I'll do what I think is right.
You'll do what I fucking tell you to do.
Otherwise, I'll fucking bury you.
BIRDY: Now, Bren, stop it.
Is that clear, Frank?
It fucking better be.
Eric, Kem's our friend.
It doesn't matter.
Not if he's a rat.
I don't care if he is. He got you out.
Can't you just threaten him?
Tell him to leave Dublin.
That's a punishment.
This has already been decided.
Bren's not gonna change his mind.
But why does it have to be you?
'Cause it just does.
Can't you just get somebody else?
Eric, I don't ask for much
- Just stop, will ya?
- Please
I won't fucking tell
you anything in future
if you're just gonna fucking do this
and make me feel shit about things.
I'm not the rat here.
Kem is.
He's to blame.
He did this to himself!
He knew what would
happen if I found out.
But he went ahead and
he fucking did it anyway.
This is on him.
What? When?
Did you tell Bren yet?
No. You stay there.
I'll tell him.
- I have to go.
- I want you to say that you're not gonna do it.
- Talk about it later.
- No. Now!
Say that you're not gonna do it!
- Eric!
That's the balance of
this month's payment.
This seems like a lot of fuss
for something that could
be done over the phone.
That's not your concern.
You just worry about paying your debt.
If you're staying in Dublin,
I can recommend a good restaurant.
We are flying back tonight.
It's all gone through.
I'll see you next month, then.
Oh, you will.
What's the problem?
It might be nothing.
I can sense a "but."
But I got a heads-up from the DPP
that they're preparing an application
to postpone your trial date.
They say they need more
time to prepare their case.
But they have everything.
We signed over the dealership,
they have Jenny's statement,
we gave all the files and documents.
You said that they had
accepted Jenny's statement
and a prison sentence wasn't likely.
I said if they accepted her statement,
a custodial sentence wasn't likely.
I pay you very well to
be on top of these things.
It's your job to keep me out of prison.
They've had months to prepare.
Why would they be asking to
postpone at this late day?
Maybe they have new evidence
they want to look into.
Like what?
You tell me.
There's nothing I can think of.
Then go back over everything you've done
in the last month or
so and look for anything
that might've caught their attention.
LEE: Rory showed up earlier.
He said Amanda had okayed it.
- And you just let him fucking take it?
- I would've called, Bren.
But it was 6:00 in the morning,
and I didn't want to wake you.
Who the fuck is this Rory, anyway?
Rory Hayes.
Amanda's driver, he does her shit work.
She's fucking taken it
and sold it at a loss
like we told her not to.
We're gonna have to teach her a lesson.
Do you know where this Rory cunt lives?
Somewhere on the Larchfield Estate.
But I have a mate who'll
know the exact address.
- I can text him if you want.
- Yeah, text him.
Told you what she's like.
She does whatever the fuck she wants.
Not for much longer.
Listen, you.
In future, no one touches any
fucking gear without my say-so.
Do you hear me?
What about Frank or Michael?
I just fucking said, didn't I?
No one!
MICHAEL: Don't walk away from me, Jimmy.
If you're here to lecture me
about what happened last night,
don't even fucking bother.
Who I sleep with is my
own fucking business.
Yeah, but you never actually
sleep with anyone, do you, Michael?
That's the point. It's fucking weird.
Is Da putting you up to all this shit?
Nobody's putting me up to anything.
'Cause Viking I get.
He's too young to remember
what Da's really like.
What's your fucking excuse?
I don't need a fucking excuse.
See, your issues with
Da are your issues.
- Don't drag me into that shit.
- You're a fucking idiot, Jimmy.
Is Anna okay?
- Is this yours?
- What?
Did you give this to Anna?
Oh, shit
You take it.
I don't want your filthy
drug money in my house.
Next time I find anything like this,
I'm calling the guards.
KAYTLYN: Rory, get that!
I'm on the toilet.
Get the door!
I'm on the fuckin' jacks.
Rory, it's Bren and Eric Kinsella.
You better get down there.
Something wrong?
What happened to that
gear you took this morning?
That's between me and Amanda
KAYTLYN: Rory? Rory!
- Get off him.
- Ah, fuck!
I'm calling the guards.
I'm warning you, if you
don't get out of here now,
I'm calling them.
Give Eric that phone.
Right, now, you fuckin' listen,
'cause I'm only gonna say this once.
You don't do fuckin' shit in future
without checking with me first.
Do you hear me?
- What about Amanda?
- Are you deaf?!
- Aah!
- Rory! Don't!
- Are you fucking deaf?!
- Rory!
I hear you. I hear you. I'm sorry.
You fuckin' better be.
'Cause if I have to
come back here again,
- it'll be with a gun.
- I'm sorry. I'm Aah!
Ya cunt, ya!
You were out late last night.
Yep. Mm.
The guards, they closed the
pub after the shooting, so
so we all went out to a club.
Uh, the DPP want to
push back my trial date.
They say why?
Uh, Lauren thinks [CLICKS TONGUE]
they might have some new evidence.
Like fucking what?
Who knows?
But I need to find out.
Hey, come here.
Come on.
You'll work it out.
You always do.
MAN: Till number 4 is now opening.
Till number 4.
Management to main exit, please.
Management to main exit.
NELLIE: What are youse lookin' at?
Big dopes.
Get out and help me pack this in.
Where's the crisps?
I asked for crisps.
If you want crisps, go
in and get them yourself.
Go on! Don't be so fucking lazy.
And if they ask you to pay,
tell 'em to come see me.
Have you heard of Fenethylline?
Should I?
It's an amphetamine.
I was offered a good deal on some.
Just wondering if it's any good.
No idea.
I'll ask Kem. He'll know.
I can ask around if you want.
- Great.
- Mm-hmm.
Okay, what Calm down.
What happened?
I I can't hear you
unless you calm down.
Everything okay? What's going on?
- Just
- What's going on?
Just Would ya
Right. W-Well, where are you now?
Right, okay. I'll I'll be right over.
- Everything okay?
- You want me to come with you?
- No, no. It's, uh it's fine.
It's Rory's wife.
- I'll just stay here, then.
MOLLY: So, I'd probably
recommend this one,
just because if you have
had a virus recently,
then your immune system's
gonna be quite low.
Okay. Uh, and it has zinc included,
so you don't have to worry
about taking that separately.
- Grand. Okay.
- Yeah. Thanks.
Tap away when you're ready.
- Thanks so much.
- Thank you.
- Enjoy the wedding.
- Thanks.
See ya.
- You're back.
- Yeah.
- I'll grab your prescription for you.
- Thanks.
Lara, do we have anything
for Michael Kinsella?
- There you go.
- Thanks.
Um, you know how you said that if
if I'd any issues with the meds to say.
Sure. Yeah. What's the problem?
Uh, the ep-epilepsy.
Um, it was fine for a while, but
it feels like now the seizures
are starting to come back.
Yeah. And have you been taking them
- every day, as prescribed?
- Yeah.
Um, what about triggers?
Has there been an
increased intake in alcohol?
- No. No.
- Drugs?
Or stress in your life?
Yeah, stress can be
a significant trigger.
Yeah, well, it's, like,
fucking hard to avoid, though, innit?
There's ways. Have you
Have you tried meditation?
- You joking?
- No.
Just in case you're interested.
- Okay.
- Look, you can speak to your consultant
about an increase in dosage,
but that just might mean
that there will be a higher
risk of adverse side effects.
- I know you were worried about that.
- Okay, yeah, I'll do that.
What's your name?
Hm? Molly.
Yeah, thanks, Molly.
You're welcome.
- Hi.
- How are you?
Hey, cheers.
What's up?
I found Glen Wright for you.
Let's talk out the back.
Johner was telling me about
that shooting you had here.
- Fuckin' mad.
- Yeah.
KEM: I thought having
that security thing
would lose you loads of business
'cause people don't want
to be pushing a button
going into a pub, you know?
But it's money well spent.
And it makes the place like
a members club or something.
A members club.
Yeah, I like that.
You've got blood on you, there.
Have I?
So, you found Wright.
He's back living with his mom.
She has this encampment
out past Tallaght.
What, they're living in fuckin' tents?
A gaff with a big metal fence
and barbed wire all around it.
Ah, you mean a compound.
Yeah, a compound.
I want you to go back
out there later with Eric
and show him exactly
where this place is.
It's a waste of time. You
won't get near him there.
Need to catch him when
he's out and about.
I don't care.
I want you to show Eric
where this place is.
Probably won't even fucking see him.
Just do as you're fucking told.
Okay. Yeah.
Eric will call you
later, arrange everything.
- Yeah.
- Laters, V.
For fuck's sake, you could at least try
and act fuckin' normal around him.
Maybe Jimmy got it wrong about Kem.
I mean, it's coming from Amanda.
I don't trust a thing she says.
So you don't think he sold us out?
I don't know.
Look, all I'm saying is,
doing Kem on Amanda's
word feels wrong to me.
Maybe there's other options.
Like what?
Kneecap him. Run him out of Dublin.
I don't know. Something.
And when it's done, be sure
and get his phone off him.
Right? Get rid of it.
Don't leave that lying around, okay?
And you need someone else
with you, so take Anthony.
Should I check with Jimmy first?
Nah. He won't mind.
He wants Anthony getting more involved.
Do you want a tea or a
coffee or something, Frank?
No, thanks. No, you're grand.
So, what's the problem?
Eric tell you what Bren has him doing?
No. What?
He wants him to shoot Kem.
Look, I was thinking that
maybe you could talk to Bren,
get him to change his mind.
Well, he won't listen to me.
You were in charge,
Frank. Of course he will.
Look, you just have to tell him
that you want somebody else to do it.
Do you really want to help Eric?
Yeah, of course I do.
Then make sure he has
it planned out properly.
No fuck-ups.
That's your advice?
Do you want him locked up again?
I don't want them doing it at all.
I think it might be a bit late for that.
For fuck's sake, Frank,
you're supposed to be his Da.
Just talk to him.
Make sure he has it all worked out.
Do you know what, Frank?
You're fucking useless.
Where now?
You go on. I'm gonna walk.
Walk where?
What are you? Me wife?
Go on, fuck off!
Jesus Christ, Rory.
He beat him with a tire iron.
Nearly bit half his ear off.
I won't be able to drive
you looking like this.
Don't worry about that.
You just get better. I'll sort it out.
Bren says I'm not to do anything
without checking with him first.
And if we don't, he'll shoot me.
That Bren is a fucking animal.
As I said
I'll fix this.
That's grand.
Until you do, I'm gonna
have to take a step back.
I understand.
I'm building partnerships in Ireland,
and you were recommended
by mutual associates.
And what exactly would
being your partner entail?
My family would underwrite
your business, help you expand.
Why would you do that for me?
Because I intend to
supply the Irish market,
and having associates
here makes that easier.
You already have the Kinsellas.
I don't think they
will be around for long.
Being in business with my
family has many advantages.
I can provide you with
product, finance, weapons.
And you'll have our
protection, should you need it.
And what do I have to do in return?
For now, just know that I'm here
in case you need anything at all.
MICHAEL: I have to ask you something.
You recognize that?
Where'd you get that?
From your grandmother.
Who gave it to you?
I asked you a question, Anna.
Right. Well, I want you
to stay away from him.
How come Anthony gets
to see him and I don't?
Because Anthony's not
my daughter, and you are.
This is exactly what
they say to me about you.
Not to see you, not to talk to you.
- But I still do.
- Anna, this is not a joke.
I don't want you anywhere
near him. Is that clear?
He seems really nice.
Well, he's not.
Now, if you need money or
anything else, you come to me.
I'll give it to you. Alright?
Yeah, fine.
GIRL: Anna!
Promise me, if he makes contact
again, you'll let me know.
I promise.
I promise.
Alright, go.
I love you.
Did you break that door?
I'll pay for the fucking glass.
That's not the point.
You can't just break in here.
I thought God's house
was open to everyone.
I thought you didn't
believe in any of that.
I don't.
Just in here, it's so, um
Would you like me to hear
your confession, Frank?
There's no point.
I'm not sorry for any
of the things I did.
Then what do you want?
I have no fucking idea.
I'll be here, waiting,
when you're ready to repent.
Everything alright?
All good. It's all good.
You want a chip?
Fuck it.
Just a heads-up for you
I have Anthony out on a job with Eric.
What kind of job?
That thing with Kem.
No. The
Why the fuck did you do that?
Because he's well able for it.
He's 16, Da.
Well, so was Michael.
It didn't do him any harm.
I don't care. I don't care.
I don't want Anthony doing this.
Well, too late now, isn't it? It's done.
Fuck that. Fuck you.
I'm calling him. I'm bringing him back.
They didn't bring phones with them.
They're not fucking stupid.
You had no fucking right, Dad.
It's what the boy wants.
And there's nothing
you can do about that,
so give it a rest with all the fuckin'
huffin' and puffin' and shit.
- Hey!
What? Got something to say?
You sure about this?
'Cause if you're not, I can get Lee
or someone else to come along instead.
I want to do it.
Is he here?
Winnie turned up with 3
grand he'd given to Anna.
Why didn't you tell me about Kem?
We were worried that Frank and Viking
would find out and have him killed.
That is what he deserves.
He helped us get Eamon and Con Doyle.
To save his own skin!
Your father knows about it.
Fuck's sake.
So I don't need to tell
you what's gonna happen.
Bren has been gunning for
Amanda since he got out,
and you have given him
the excuse to go after her.
He knows better than to hurt her.
Do you really think that?
You should have told
us about Kem, Michael.
You have made everything worse now.
Anto, put your hood up, okay?
Better fucking be here.
- Oh, for fuck's sake.
You can't bring her.
- Why not?
- 'Cause this is work.
Having Chloe's good.
No one ever thinks you're up to anything
- if you've got a baby with you.
- I don't care. She's not coming.
I've no one to mind
her, V. Jess is at work.
Can't leave her at a
fucking crèche or somewhere?
I won't leave her with strangers, man.
- It's not good.
- Oh, for fuck's sake, Kem.
Leave her with a neighbor then, man.
- She doesn't know them.
- I don't care.
Leave her somewhere.
You're not bringing her.
Look, if we see Wright
- We won't.
- Yeah, but if we do,
I'm gonna have a pop, okay?
You don't want Chloe there for that.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Do you think he's suspicious
'cause you won't let him bring the baby?
We'll soon find out.
You were right about Bren
coming after me anyway.
Why? What's he done?
- He gave Rory a beating.
Told him that if he ever does
anything I ask again, he'll kill him.
You know he's got his claws
into Jimmy and Anthony, too?
Bren's found out about Kem.
KEM: She's been fed and
changed and everything.
Jess will be home from work,
anyway, in about an hour.
I know to call you if
there's any problems.
Alright, baby.
I'm gonna call Kem, warn him.
Can't do that, Amanda.
- Can't fucking do that.
- Why not?
Because if you do, no one in
this family is gonna trust you again.
- But he has a daughter.
- It doesn't matter.
She's just a baby.
She's a tiny, little baby.
Kem knew the risk he was
taking when he went to Eamon.
He helped us get them.
Doesn't change what he did.
Fuck Bren!
Bren is gonna fucking pay.
Okay, then. Let's go.
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