Kin (2021) s02e05 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 5

What happened to that
gear you took this morning?
That's between me and Amanda, so
- Aah!
- You don't do fucking shit
without checking with
me first, do you hear me?
I don't want Anthony hanging
out with Bren and Viking.
It's not just you and Michael
making all the decisions on your own.
Why didn't you ever want
to fuck anybody, Michael?
Who were you saving yourself for?
- What's your name?
- Molly.
There's an eyewitness to the shooting.
He's the one that's put me in here.
Get Kem to have them clipped.
This court strikes out all charges
against Eric Xavier Kinsella.
He was feeding information
to Eamon Cunningham.
I'd still be inside if wasn't for Kem!
Rats get what they deserve.
- You understand me?
- Yeah.
BREN: I have Anthony
out on a job with Eric.
JIMMY: He's 16, Da.
It's what the boy wants.
You sure about this?
Yeah. I want to do it.
They don't wanna test
with the best ever ♪
Nevertheless, we're gonna get down ♪
- Step down ♪
- Look, look, pull over, bro.
- Not on a fucking holiday.
- Come on, I'm starving here.
Nevertheless, we're gonna get down ♪
It'll only take a minute, V.
- Okay, fuck it.
- Took a few shots ♪
Brothers on the street get a stop ♪
You wait here. I'll get it.
Sound. Yeah, get us a snack box, yeah?
Get a snack box and chips?
VAN MAN: Everything? Yeah.
- Viking's in some mood.
- Tell me about it.
I think he's in an nark because I'm here
and he didn't want to
bring me but Bren made him.
Big respect for stepping up, bro.
If you ever need anything
handled, just come and see me.
I'll sort you out, yeah?
Salt and vinegar?
Yeah, whatever.
Yeah, take me number.
Buzz me whenever.
I don't have me phone on me.
Well, then, give us your number.
I'll text you so you have it.
I don't want me mam seeing a
text from you and getting suspicious.
Yeah. 'Course.
You didn't get vinegar on these, did ya?
You're fucking welcome.
- I don't mean to go on about the vinegar, V
- Well, don't then.
Have to make a quick
stop-off, pick up a piece.
You're wasting your time.
You won't get near Wright at his gaf.
Yeah, well, want to
have one just in case.
Wait here.
He always does this.
Doesn't fucking listen.
There's no chance he's
getting near Glen Wright.
Doesn't fucking listen, then blames me.
Get the fuck out the car.
Come on. Out.
I said get the fuck out!
Look, V
Shut the fuck up.
Don't say anything.
Stay here. Hit the
horn if anyone shows up.
- Do you understand me?
- Yeah.
- V
- Shut the fuck up!
Go, that way. Move.
KEM: Whatever you're
thinking, you got it wrong.
Someone's made a big
fucking mistake here.
There's no mistake.
Then what are we doing?
At least tell me.
If I've done something,
at least tell me.
Cos I've no idea what's
going on, I swear.
Here's far enough.
What the fuck did I do?
You know.
This about Eamon?
It's all been sorted.
Amanda knows about
it. She's cool with it.
It's not her call, though, is it?
We made amends.
I helped yous get Eamon and Con.
What about Fudge?
Did you make amends for him?
I only did that to save you.
Don't make this worse by lying.
They said if I didn't give
them someone, they'd shoot Jess.
They wanted you, but I
said, "No. Do Fudge instead."
Stop fucking lying.
I'm not.
I was only doing it to protect you.
- I did that for you!
- Shut the fuck up!
You'd still be fucking
locked up if it wasn't for me.
You needed the witness shot. I shot him.
Doesn't matter now.
What about all the other
fucking stuff I've done for you?
I've been doing your shit work
for years. You fucking owe me.
Just let me go now, and
I'll be gone forever, I swear.
It's too late for that.
Please, V.
I'll take Chloe and Jess,
and you'll never see us again.
Why'd you do it?
They didn't give me a choice.
They were gonna kill Jess.
If you hadn't have started all that shit
with Eamon Cunningham, none
of this would have happened
Don't fucking blame me!
Don't try and fucking blame me!
This is your doing, not mine!
Eric, please.
It's cos of you I've to do this!
Get that through your fucking brain!
Eric, Eric, you fucking
don't have to do it.
No. Bro, think about Chloe.
Oh, don't fucking bring her into this.
Bro, she's just a baby.
Don't do this to her.
[CHUCKLES] Kem, I'm warning you.
Bro, fucking please. Just look at me!
Eric, please, look at me.
She needs her daddy.
Chloe needs her da, man. Come on.
ANTHONY: Everything okay?
Yeah, grand.
Should I get changed
out of these clothes?
Yeah. Burn them in the car.
Trainers, too.
Hurry the fuck up. Get changed.
Falling for the devil ♪
This boy and his lies ♪
Devilment a level ♪
I know too well to be shy ♪
There's angels in the engine ♪
A factory of light ♪
The wings are made of many wings ♪
To hold us in the sky ♪
Meet me in the dark ♪
Underneath the night ♪
Where words cannot be seen ♪
Leave anyone in flight ♪
MOLLY: Mangan's Pharmacy.
MICHAEL: Yeah, can I
speak to Molly, please?
Yes, speaking.
Oh, it's Er, hi.
It's, erm It's Michael Kinsella.
I was in with with you earlier.
Is everything okay, Michael?
Er, yeah, grand. Erm
Was just gonna say that I-I
think you might be right,
that it's probably, erm,
stress that's the problem.
It's good that you've
identified the trigger,
but if the seizures continue,
you should see your doctor.
Mm, yeah, I will.
Erm, look, I-I wanted
to say thank you for
everything you've done
by, erm, taking you out for a drink.
Still there?
It's just a drink.
Just to say thank you.
I'm not finished work until 10:00.
Yeah? After that's fine.
Come on, come on.
Hi, this is Anthony. I can't
come to the phone right now,
but leave a message
and I'll get back to ya.
Me again, buddy. Just
checking you're okay.
Call me.
JIMMY: Amanda?
In here.
Is Anthony home?
No. Sure he's at the
gym on Thursday nights.
How's Bren?
Fine, I think.
Did you tell him about Kem?
What do you mean?
Bren knows what Kem did.
I didn't tell him.
Nor did Michael. So
was it you?
Are you that fucking
desperate to impress him?
He had a right to know.
He beat Rory with a tire
iron for doing what I asked.
Nearly bit his ear off.
When's it happening?
You know Kem has a little baby, right?
Little baby girl?
And still you told your father,
knowing exactly what would happen?
Knowing that Kem is no threat to us?
He's a rat.
- Why did you do it?
- I told you why.
He's a fucking rat.
No, you're the fucking rat, Jimmy,
sneaking around and
telling tales to Daddy.
He's entitled to know
what's going on, Amanda.
He's part of this fucking family, too.
He is trying to destroy everything!
And you are fucking helping him!
I can't live with someone
that I don't trust.
I don't want you here.
[CHUCKLES] This is my house.
Well, it's in my name.
To stop it from being seized.
Just take what you need for tonight.
- You can come back and get the rest later.
- [LAUGHS] Are you serious?
Five minutes ago, we're having a baby,
and now you're kicking me
out over what? Over Kem?
I'm kicking you out because
I can't trust you anymore.
And what about all the times
you broke my trust, Amanda?
What about all those times?
Right, sometime over the next few days,
we'll, er, sit down
together with Anthony,
and then we'll explain to
him that this is happening.
Wait, hang hang on.
Hey, I'm sorry.
Yeah? I'm sorry if I fucked up.
I made a mistake telling Da
about Kem. I know that now.
And it won't happen
again, I promise you.
I have to go.
Just please be gone when
I come back, will ya?
How long do you reckon
before they find him?
Not long.
Someone's bound to see
the smoke from the car.
Remember, don't get spooked
if ya get called in for questioning.
Just cos the Guards think ya did it,
doesn't mean they can prove it.
So say nothing.
Even if they're only asking your name
or your address or
anything, it's "no comment."
No fucking comment to everything.
You did good.
I'm gonna take me break now.
- How'd ya get on?
- Yeah, no bother.
She checked out just before 6:30
and went straight to the airport
no visitors all day except you.
But that other Turkish lad, yeah,
he went out for some
meetings, and then I left.
You get photos?
All there.
Send me all those photos.
I'll do that now.
It's done.
Any problems?
Where's Anthony?
Dropped him at the gym,
so he could get the bus home like usual.
Good man.
go on into the pub and
order yourself a drink.
Make sure everyone can
see your face, right?
And then go home.
And I don't want to
see ya for a few days.
Take Nikki out, whatever,
but don't come here,
and stay away from the
rest of the family. Alright?
VIKING: What's the score, John?
Two nil down.
Fuck's sake,
fucking useless.
Give us a pint, yeah?
MAN: For fuck's sake!
You are fucking joking me, aren't you?
I was beginning to
think you'd stood me up.
I was beginning to think I should.
Is this a really bad idea?
Ah, no. It's just It's just a drink.
With a customer.
I can always change
chemists if that helps?
Can I get you anything?
Yeah, a, erm,
glass of Pinot Grigio, please.
So this is to "thank me"?
For all my help?
Yeah, exactly.
And that's all this is?
tell me something about
yourself, Michael Kinsella.
Erm, like what?
Like something I don't
already know from Google.
- You googled me?
- Mm-hmm.
It's not all true.
But some of it is?
Thank you.
Look, I'm sorry if
I'm wrecking your buzz,
but the elephant in the room
is pretty fucking huge
I don't want you thinking
that I'm one of those women
who gets off marrying men on death row.
No, I dunno. I d
I don't remember dates
- being this difficult.
- Date?
- I thought this was just a thank you drink.
So why'd you come here tonight?
Curiosity, mostly.
So the little bit
that isn't curiosity
what is that?
Yeah, me, too.
Look, w-we're here now.
Let's just have this
drink and see how it goes,
and if you want to go home after that
then go.
How was the gym?
I left dinner in the fridge for you.
D'you get it?
I had chips earlier, I wasn't hungry.
Was your dad home when you got in?
No. Why?
Just wondering.
Alright, good night.
- Love you.
- Love you, too.
- You hear from Viking?
- Yeah, he was here before.
All went to plan.
Nothing to worry about.
Give us a whiskey, John.
Make that two.
See, if you fancy a proper sesh,
I've a five ounce bag
in the office there.
Why don't we get stuck into
that and then go hit the town?
Yeah, why not?
Want to cut those apron
strings, start living your life.
MICHAEL: I'm being serious.
Look, that woman there.
She looks out the window, she does.
- Yeah.
- Won't we make her jealous?
Yeah, exactly.
And then she comes down the next
morning to, like, give me something.
What was in there?
She make you a cup of tea
and put you to bed, too?
Hey. Come in here.
Oh. It's, er
It's not what I imagined.
[CHUCKLES] Why? What were you expecting?
More bling.
Gilt framed mirrors or,
er, leopard print couches.
I feel like I failed you.
Yeah, sorry to disappoint.
No. That's okay. I,
er I like surprises.
Er, can I get you a drink?
Thank Christ, cos I don't have anything.
You brought me here
under false pretenses?
Yeah, maybe.
- Do you want to?
- No, definitely not.
You're home.
Don't ask me anything.
Can't come through here.
- Here, you need to stay back
- Is it Kem?
The victim hasn't been identified yet
Well, he didn't come home last
night, and his phone's off.
As soon as I get anything
solid, we'll let you know
But you know who Kem is.
You'd know if it was him.
I'm sorry.
No. No.
Oh, fuck.
Let's go somewhere.
- Where?
- Anywhere.
Get a bit of breakfast, do a bit
of shopping, whatever you want.
I don't know.
You're always moaning I
don't take you anywhere.
And now I'm suggesting something,
you're knocking me back.
I'm not knocking you back.
I'm just worried.
You don't have to be. I told you.
I was careful.
what do you say we take this
and have a bit of craic?
Look, it's either that or we stay here
and you can watch me
go up the fucking walls.
Sure, let's go out.
Can't you take the day off or anything?
That's not really how a job works.
Why does that feel like a dig?
I don't know, you tell me.
You could say you're sick.
But I'm not.
Could I get you a coffee at least?
I have to go.
BRESLIN: Kem didn't
say who he was meeting?
He didn't tell me anything like that.
My colleagues spoke with your neighbours
and, er, they said
there were two other men
in the car with him when he drove away.
But nobody got a good look at them.
But the owner of a chipper
van, about five miles from here,
served a man last night
who bears a strong
resemblance to Eric Kinsella.
Viking is Kem's friend.
Kem got into that car
freely, which says to me
he trusted the men who killed him.
That doesn't mean it was Eric.
No. But it's a bit of a coincidence
that Eric was spotted
a few miles from here
around the same time
that Kem was killed.
They burned the car, the gun,
all their clothes.
Forensics aren't going to give us much.
I need your help, Jess.
I need you to help
me catch these people.
I told you
Kem didn't tell me who he was meeting.
I didn't even know he
was going out or anything.
Kem was with the Kinsellas a long time.
And there must be something you
know that'll help us get them.
Eric was supposed to be his mate.
Instead, he's left your
little girl without a father.
I don't want Eric
getting away with that.
Do you?
If you help us, I can protect you.
I can keep you and Chloe safe.
D'you get everything?
Won't need you anymore today.
You sure? I can go get you
something to eat if you want.
- Nah.
- It's no bother.
No, go on, you're grand.
You okay?
I called around last night,
but there was no answer.
Oh, yeah. I am sorry about that.
Er, there's something
I need to show you.
Of course. Come in.
MICHAEL: They're the Keane
brothers from Dundalk,
not the sharpest.
That's Eddie Lucas. He's
one of Ged Delaney's crew.
So with Ged and Kev gone,
he's probably in charge now.
They got to Madigan, too.
Who's that?
Her name's Nellie Wright.
Her lad is the one who shot Jamie.
D'you know, I hate to admit
it, but Bren is probably right.
The Batuks are just bleeding
us dry with this debt,
so when they make a move,
we won't have the resources
to defend ourselves.
I bet they've chosen who they
want to take over from us.
And if it was me, I'd be
going for Wayne Madigan.
Yeah, definitely.
We need to find out exactly
what the Batuks are planning.
Let me see what I can find out.
- NIKITA: Eric.
- Hmm?
If you're arrested, they'll
go through your search history.
I google every fucking
shooting, no matter who did it.
Stop worrying.
Don't look stuff up on
your phone, just in case.
So what do you think?
Yeah, it's lovely.
This or the sequins one?
Get them both.
- That's a lot.
- Just don't spend over ten grand
or they'll have to report it.
- I won't.
You're certain you don't want
a solicitor here with you?
Would you like water?
- Er, go get Jess a glass of water.
- Okay.
How long will this take?
- Oh, not too long.
- It's just that,
my mam is minding Chloe.
And she'll probably be worried about me.
Let's just concentrate on
your statement right now.
I mean, the sooner we get this done,
the quicker you can go home.
Now, Jess, er, we will be recording
your statement on video.
And my colleague Garda Foley
will also be taking notes.
I may ask questions
during your statement,
mostly just for clarification
or to get more details.
So you ready to start, Jess?
Okay, so,
that night that you said
Where's Jimmy?
MICHAEL: Stay there.
Erm, Eddie Lucas shops here, doesn't he?
Michael, I don't get involved
in shit between customers.
- I wouldn't have a business if I did
- Call him.
Tell him you have something
new in you think he'd like.
Get him down here.
- Look, Michael, I told ya. I'm not going to
- It's okay. Do as you're fucking told.
Ring him now.
It's alright.
Hello. Eddie?
I have something you might like.
BREN: Birdy?
BIRDY: Yeah?
- Where have you been?
- Got some bits for breakfast.
Fucking starving here.
Any chances of a shower, Birdy?
- Amanda fucked him out.
- Why did she
- Who gives a fuck?
Better fucking off without her.
Of course you can have a shower, Jimmy.
There's loads of hot water.
Okay, thank you.
Who the fuck is that?
- DAN: I need a word.
- BREN: Better make it quick.
I don't mean to be disloyal to Frank,
but I'm worried about him.
Worried about what?
Where his head's at.
I think he might be depressed.
Ah, fuck off. He's always
been a miserable cunt.
It's more than that.
He's living on pills.
His place is a fucking tip.
He's even started praying.
What do you mean "praying"?
Like to God
in a church. He's going
to mass and everything.
You did the right
thing coming to us, Dan.
I'll sort Frank out.
Don't you worry.
You won't tell him I said anything?
No, no, no. Just
It's just between us.
But if he goes back to that church,
you fucking come and tell me, right?
- Yeah.
- Good lad.
That fucking piss weak clown!
Frank's been through a
lot. He He's in pain.
We're all in fucking
pain! That's called life.
His heart was actually stopped
for three minutes, Bren. He was dead.
Yeah, well, he'll be dead
a lot longer than that
if he goes telling tales
to some fucking priest.
Let me go and talk to him.
No, I'll deal with Frank meself.
Threatening him isn't the answer.
I'll make you a bit of food.
And then I'll go and see him,
and and I'll straighten him out.
And you won't have a
thing to worry about.
Well, I better fucking not.
Because if I have to go
and see him after this,
I'll break his fucking legs.
Let him in.
This better be fucking good.
I just want to talk to ya. Okay?
Gary, what the actual fuck?
He made me call ya.
Gary, go outside and have a smoke.
What happened to Ged and Kevin
had nothing to do with me, alright?
I've no gripe with ya.
And I hope it stays that way.
I know ya met the Batuks.
I need to know what they wanted.
What do you think they fucking wanted?
You lot gone.
Okay. And how do they
plan on going about that?
Are you high?
Why the fuck would I side
with you against them?
You're not siding with us.
You're hedging your bets.
I'm not going to tell
anyone I met with you.
So if the Batuks succeed
in getting rid of us,
then you'll be in their good books.
If we are still running things here,
I won't forget you helped me.
What are they planning, Eddie?
NELLIE: They're offering
us money and guns
and anything else we need.
GLEN: How much money?
As much as we need to get it done.
And when it's over,
they'll give us a quarter
of the Kinsella's territories.
[SCOFFS] Where's the catch?
There is no catch.
And you trust these Turks?
It doesn't matter.
The Kinsellas are eventually
going to come after you
for shooting their boy.
This is our chance to hit them first
and get paid for doing it.
NEWS READER: On radio The
body discovered last night
at a Wicklow Reservoir has
been formally identified
as that of Isaac Kemela,
a 27-year-old Dublin native,
who is known to Gardai.
Kemela was shot a number
of times at close range
in what is believed to
be a gangland shooting.
Kemela had a 6-month-old baby daughter
- and was engaged to be married.
How are ya?
Jimmy asked me to come
and pick some things up.
Jimmy's bag and stuff
is all in the walk-in.
All change around here now, huh?
Here, how is your man Rory getting on?
Let me know when you're done here.
You're not celebrating today, no?
- Big day for Anthony today.
- What?
Popped his cherry last night.
- What you talking about?
- Did no one tell you?
Anthony and Viking sorted Kem out.
I don't believe you.
Did a good job, too.
No, it's a fucking lie.
I know you're just trying to start shit.
Why don't you ask them
if you don't believe me?
Go on. Call Anthony
or Eric, they'll tell ya.
Jimmy would never let that happen.
Nothing to do with Jimmy.
It's all down to me.
I put your son up to it.
Hope they were careful. Don't want
Don't want them getting locked up.
Hate to say I told ya so but
That dress is whopper.
- Red is my color.
- It is.
Don't worry. They're only
trying to rattle me, okay?
They don't have anything.
Call Donal Crehan,
tell him I've been arrested, tell him
Hey, tell him to get his
arse down to the station now.
VIKING: Could've called, Detective.
Would've come down to the
station on me own accord.
- It's a bit much.
- Nikita Kaye,
I'm arresting you for
soliciting another person,
or persons, to commit murder,
under Section 4 of the Offences
Against The Person Act 1861.
You are not obliged to say anything
unless you wish to do so,
but anything you do say
- No.
- may be taken down in writing
and given in evidence.
You made a mistake. You've
made a fucking mistake!
Eric! Leave the bags down.
Get your fucking hands off her!
Get your fucking hands off her!
- Get off her!
- Leave the shopping bags down, Nikita.
Nikki, baby Baby, look at me.
Baby, it's okay. It's gonna be okay.
- Oh, no.
- It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay.
Get your fucking hands off me.
Nikki! Nikki!
Nikki? Nikki?
Get your fucking hands off me!
It's gonna be okay!
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