Kin (2021) s02e06 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 6

FATHER DEEGAN: Would you like me
to hear your confession, Frank?
I'm not sorry for any
of the things I did.
His heart stopped for
three minutes, Bren.
- He was dead.
- He'll be dead a lot longer than that
if he goes telling tales to some priest.
My family would
underwrite your business.
You already have the Kinsellas.
You'll have our protection.
AMANDA: The Batuks are just
bleeding us dry with this debt.
I'll bet they've chosen who
they want to take over from us.
If it was me, I'd be
going for Wayne Madigan.
This is for you.
- You're part of this family.
- MICHAEL: Stay away from Anna.
- Are you gonna kill me, Michael?
- MOLLY: Tell me something about yourself.
- Like what?
Something I don't
already know from Google.
It's not all true.
But some of it is.
Well, when we were going
through Donovan's belongings,
we found this.
The original has Amanda
Kinsella's fingerprints on it.
a heads-up from the DPP.
They say they need more
time to prepare their case.
Why would they be asking to
postpone at this late date?
JIMMY: Kem's a rat.
This about Eamon?
Amanda knows about it.
She's cool with it.
BREN: Anthony and Viking sorted Kem out.
Hope they were careful, don't we?
Don't want them gettin' locked up.
with the Kinsellas a long time.
I think there must be something
you know that'll help us get them.
Nikita Kaye, I'm arresting you
for soliciting another person
or persons to commit murder.
I don't want you here.
You're kicking me out
over what? Over Kem?
I'm kicking you out
because I can't trust you anymore.
Your name, please.
Nikita Kaye.
Do you understand why
you're here, Nikita?
I think so.
You've been arrested under Section 4
of The Offenses Against
the Person Act 1861
on suspicion of soliciting
another person or
persons to commit murder.
Now Garda Foley's gonna
conduct a full body search.
We can wait for your solicitor
to be present at the station.
I'd like you to take off your clothes
and place them on the table.
H-How much do you want me to take off?
Everything. All of your clothes.
Place them on the table.
[SIGHS] Can I get some help, please?
Go ahead.
What the fuck?
Are you fuckin' deaf?
Donal's down there now.
- He hasn't seen her yet.
- What did the cunt say exactly?
Just that she was under arrest
for conspiracy to commit murder.
- Doesn't make any fuckin' sense.
- I know.
It has to be that job Kem done
for me the eyewitness thing.
Nikki was the one who paid him for it.
Does she know that Anthony
was with you last night?
No. Even if she did, she wouldn't
fucking say anything anyway.
Seeing Nikita get lifted like that
right after Kem's been plugged,
someone's fuckin' squealin'.
What's the name of
your one Kem's mot?
- Jess. Jess Duggan.
- Jess Dugan.
Go get her. Bring her in here.
Let's see what she
got to say for herself.
What the fuck are you
waiting for? Go on!
Is something wrong?
- What happened?
- [SIGHS] Just get in the car.
Why did you do it?
- What?
- Kem.
I've no idea what
you're talking about
Don't lie to me, Anthony. Bren told me.
Was it you who pulled the trigger?
No. Viking did. I waited by the car.
You know, the Guards
have been to Viking's
and arrested Nikita?
Doesn't mean anything.
It means they have her phone
and can check all her texts
and messages with Viking.
I hope you're not
mentioned in any of them.
Just you being there
means you could be
found guilty of murder.
That is life if you're convicted.
Why would you take that
stupid kind of risk?
I'm not gonna be
convicted. We were careful.
Well, how come Nikki
has been lifted, then?
I don't know.
Where did you meet him? Kem. Before?
We collected him from his house.
But we stayed in the car
and we kept our hoods up.
Nobody saw us.
What about your phone?
I left it at home.
And the clothes you were wearing?
Burned them with the
car. And my trainers, too.
I told you, Mam. We were careful.
[SIGHS] Fucking hell, Anthony.
NELLIE: Shut up, Floyd!
Aren't we supposed to wait?
You want someone else
getting them first
taking our payday?
Which one should we go after?
Most money's for him.
Yeah. What about Viking?
He could do with a
fuckin' bullet in the head.
Any of them will do.
But Michael's the one
they'll pay big for.
He's a cagey fucker, though.
So fuckin' what?
You know where he lives.
You know where his young one lives.
Just fuckin' find him.
I need to speak to Michael.
MICHAEL: Alright, Anthony?
Did you hear that Nikita was arrested?
- Why?
- Has to be about Viking shooting Kem.
Bren had Viking take Anthony
along when he was doing it.
You okay?
Yeah. Just
So did you see Eddie Lucas?
Yeah. So you were right about Madigan.
He's Batuks' main man.
The orders have just
been paid to back him up.
So they're definitely
planning on making a move?
Yeah. The Batuks have
offered money and weapons.
We're gonna have to hit them first.
Well, if they're still
waiting on money and guns,
then we've a little
time to work things out.
Did he say anything else?
That all his dealings are
with the cousin, Hamza.
There was no mention of Nuray.
You think Hamza's doing a solo run?
I wouldn't be surprised.
And apparently the Batuks had
Beady Donovan in their pocket
the whole time he was
doing business with us.
Beady fuckin' Donovan.
That's what the Guards have.
I need to go.
Anthony! I'm going out now.
I want you to get whatever clothes
you were wearing last night
and put them on a hot wash.
If the Guards call, do not
let them in without a warrant.
And don't say a word if
they ask you anything.
Just ring me straight away.
- Where's Dad's stuff gone?
- Huh?
All Dad's stuff from the bathroom.
It's gone. Where is it?
Your dad and I want to talk
to you about that together.
Is this about Uncle Michael?
I'll just fuckin' ring Dad
and get the truth meself.
Hey ya.
I have a hypothetical question for you.
If I had given the details of
a bank account I was gonna use
to a business associate
that was then killed
and the Guards got hold
of those bank details
what would they do?
Do they know the bank account is yours?
Let's say they do.
If they had reason to suspect
the account was being used
for something like money laundering
or financing terrorism,
they could apply for an order
under the Criminal Justice
Act to compel your bank
to provide them with
details of your transactions.
So they can basically monitor the
bank account without me knowing?
Before we begin, I'd like to read
a prepared statement
on behalf of my client.
Go on.
My client has nothing to
say at this point in time.
She will consider your questions
and respond if she can at a later date.
Can you please confirm
your name as Nikita Kaye?
No comment.
do you recognize this man?
No comment.
His name is Issac Kemela.
Did you visit Mr. Kemela in his home
on the evening of the
21st of October last?
No comment.
We have a witness who says you did.
Do you remember the
purpose of that visit?
No comment.
On that evening, did you pay
Mr. Kemela a sum of 12,000 euros
for the purpose of hiring
someone to commit a murder?
Would you like me to
repeat the question?
Ms. Kaye, did you give
Mr. Kemela 12,000 euros
for the purpose of hiring
someone to commit a murder?
My client has nothing to
say at this point in time.
She will consider your questions
and respond if she can at a later date.
Fuck's sake. Look, man.
Just watch the road. Don't
let them see you staring.
Pull in there.
Maybe they're taking her
to her Mam's or something.
Well, let's see.
If this is Michael
As soon as you see him,
just shoot straight through the glass.
Don't even wait for
him to open the door.
I know.
What's your story?
He's not in there. Let's go.
So what's the plan?
I don't know.
What would you normally
do a night like this?
On a night like this, I
might go for something to eat.
Cool. Let's do that then.
JIMMY: What did your mother say?
She didn't give a reason.
That's why I'm calling.
Your mom wants both of us to talk
to you together about this. That's all.
Just tell me what happened.
Was it Mam who decided all this?
No, it was both of us together.
I don't believe you. Why are you lying?
Listen, son. Don't be worrying, please.
Everything's gonna be
fine, I promise you.
LEE: Jimmy! Bren's looking for you.
So I got to go now, buddy.
But everything's gonna be okay. Yeah?
- Yeah.
- I love yo
- Frank?
Open the door! Frank.
Look at the state of you.
This place is an absolute kip.
I'm not in the mood for a lecture.
You're lucky that's all you're getting.
I had to talk Bren out
of coming 'round here.
Let him fuckin' come.
Really? Let him come?
I should punch you in the fuckin' face.
I need you to be helping me, Frank.
Instead, you're moping around
here feeling sorry for yourself.
What do you have to feel
so sad about, anyway?
I am the one stuck in that
fuckin' house with him, not you.
Geez. Have a shower, will ya? You stink.
JIMMY: They hook her to
Pearse Street station.
She had her baby and suitcases
and fuckin' everything with her.
DONAL: After what happened last time,
they're making sure this
witness is out of reach.
Out of reach where?
Safe house somewhere.
How's Nikki doing?
I won't lie. Not good.
Can you get me in to see her?
Not a chance at the station.
But if she doesn't get bail,
you can visit her in prison.
It's what happens if
Nikki's convicted of this
that really worries me.
She's not cut out for prison.
And she knows a lot about all of you.
What the fuck's that supposed to mean?
The Gardai look at someone like Nikita,
who they have a strong case against.
She's out of her depth, falling apart.
All they see is
weakness and opportunity.
Nikki's not a fuckin' rat!
Relax, Eric. He's only telling you
how the Guards will see it. That's all.
Well, he should be focused on
trying to get her out instead!
I know. I know.
go out to the bar and
get Donal a whiskey.
- What?
- Go on!
Calm the fuck down while you're at it.
Go on.
John. Whiskey. Cheap shit.
[SIGHS] If Nikita's convicted,
she's looking at a big number.
Doing time is not gonna be easy for her.
She's only down the station,
she's already in bits.
This could get messy, Bren.
What did you do with Kem's SIM card?
Fucked it away. Like you told me.
Go get it back.
Is that a joke?
Do I look like I'm fucking joking?
Go get it and bring it back here.
VIKING: You two. With me.
BIRDY: Frank?
- Frank, are you alright?
- Yeah.
I'll be down in a second.
You've always been ♪
Here with me ♪
And in your eyes ♪
Baby, I can see ♪
It's my reflection ♪
- Doubles the truth ♪
- What?
Suddenly now you don't want to
get out of your fuckin' face?
So why are you here?
I was just checking you were okay.
Well, I've had a shower and
the place is clean, so
you can go.
Are you really gonna send me
back to that fuckin' house?
Then I will recognize ♪
- Fuck's sake.
- My true friend ♪
We are two friends lost in time ♪
- When your eyes are passing mine ♪
I see we've been through
so much in our lives ♪
We are two friends so in love ♪
The times we've been together ♪
Oh, baby ♪
It's just in this way.
AMANDA: Take a seat.
So, how soon can you get a shipment
of fenethylline into the country?
Depends on the shipment.
If I was interested in importing
how exactly would it work?
What do you need to know?
You been to this place before?
No. First time.
Saw it on Instagram.
Yeah, it's nice. [CHUCKLES]
So what did you do today?
Just boring work stuff. You know?
Is this all you've ever wanted?
What do you mean?
What you do.
[CHUCKLES] What exactly
is it you think I do?
Come on. I'm not a Guard.
I'm just curious.
Honestly, I don't I don't know.
Okay. Is it like the way
doctors' children become doctors?
[CHUCKLES] Yeah, probably.
So do you ever regret it?
I regret some things. Yeah.
Like what?
I'm not gonna tell you that.
You're a very closed
person. Do you know that?
What does your mother think of all this?
My mother?
My mother's gone.
Gone where?
One night when we were kids,
she took my sister and she left.
And you never saw her again?
Why would she do that?
'Cause she had to.
Thank you.
I think I'll fall ♪
To pieces ♪
I heated up all the itsy
bitsies in the freezer.
Sadness that never ceases ♪
You into God now?
Saw the parish newsletters in the bin.
The pills, I get, Frank. I get that.
You know you can tell God
about all the terrible shit
- that you've done
and be sorry and he forgives you.
- That's a good fucking deal.
You don't believe that shite.
- But what if it is true?
- It's not true, Frank.
You know it's not true.
And telling people about the
terrible things you've done
makes other people very nervous.
Fuck Bren.
You need to be careful.
You know what he's like.
Well, I will look out for you.
You want to know a secret?
I don't give a fuck about any of this.
There's no place for me here
anymore. I know that. I don't care.
Let Amanda and Bren
tear each other apart.
I couldn't give a shit. I want out.
Out where?
Doesn't matter.
Just away from here.
You know, someplace sunny by a beach
where I can just chill all day.
[LAUGHS] Yeah.
It's just the weed talkin'.
I mean, why the fuck do
we even do this anymore?
What's the point?
You end up dead or in jail.
Not me.
'Cause I've got enough money put away
that I don't have to work
or worry about any of
that shit ever again.
What about me?
Well, what do you mean?
What am I going to do
here on me fuckin' own?
I always look out for you, Frank.
You're supposed to look out for me, too.
Come with me, then.
Yeah. Sure. Why not? It'd be fun.
Yeah, it would. It would be fun.
Don't you remember when we were kids
and we used to go to that caravan park?
Yeah. [LAUGHS]
Well, it would be like
that, only all the time.
And somewhere nicer. With money.
He'd never let me go.
He'd never let you go either, Frank.
And now that it's all over ♪
Wanna go and check to
see if he's home yet?
No. You don't go somewhere
and then go back again later.
That's how you get fucking spotted.
- We can't just pack it all in now.
- Shh!
I'm on a roll here.
Listen. We have to
get someone anyone.
Are you sure it's in here?
Of course I'm fucking sure!
Don't step in any messy shit.
Don't want you stinking up the car.
Here! I think I see it.
It's down here.
Is that it?
Let's go.
Seriously? You've never been on Tinder?
How do you meet people then?
- At the chemists'.
Oh, you're gonna get me sacked.
So you've been on Tinder, then?
Yes. Of course.
I'm a normal person.
What, you just look at some
different photos of people
and click on the ones
you like the look of?
Pretty much.
I think you'd do well on there.
- Alright.
- Mm-hmm.
Maybe I'll give it a try.
Maybe you should. Hm.
I'm on early tomorrow,
so I'm not staying at your house.
- Okay.
- I mean it.
I know!
- Taxi home or?
What is?
Who is this?
This is the cunt who's going to cut
the fucking head off your baby
- if you don't shut your fucking trap.
'Cause we're going to find you
and we're gonna kill you both,
your fucking little bitch.
Get Lee and Dan to find that bitch.
Get rid of that.
I take it you haven't heard
anything from the Guards?
You and I need to talk
about what happened with Kem.
I've nothing to say.
I don't want you getting
involved with any of that stuff.
It's dangerous. You're
gonna end up in prison.
Doesn't seem to stop you.
I want something better for you.
I decide what I do, not you.
And I'm not like Jamie, either.
So don't think you can bully
me into doing what you want.
So if that's it
- See you tomorrow, John.
- Night, Bren.
- Hey, Jimmy.
- Yeah.
You wanna crash at Birdy's?
Nah, Da. I'm gonna go
see me a lady friend.
Good man.
He's on the move.
BREN: Alright. See ya
He's coming.
[CLICK] Fuck.
Are you seeing someone?
Yeah. [CHUCKLES] Yeah, I suppose. Yeah.
Do you know how risky that is?
Bringing someone into
the family right now,
with everything that's
going on with the Batuks?
Is Is everything okay?
There's a meeting this
morning, and I-I need you there.
Okay. I'll just grab me jacket then.
- Yeah.
- Want to come in?
Hey. How are you
doing? Come in. Come in.
This is nice.
You never been here before now?
Well, make yourself at home.
You are as much a part
of this family as anyone.
I have some pastries down here for you.
And your present's down
here, as well. Come on.
Just drop your stuff down there.
Take a seat there.
There you are now. That's for you.
Oh, my God. It's gorgeous. Thank you.
You like it, yeah? Put it on.
Hey. Come here. Can I help you?
We take this off, will we?
Can you lift your hair
up out of the way for me?
That's it.
There you go.
Take a look in the mirror
and see what you think.
I love it.
Yeah? Come here. Show it me on you.
Oh, yeah.
That looks really well on you.
Are you peckish? Here. Help yourself.
I have to go.
You know all that stuff we
were talking about last night?
You won't say it to
anyone else, will you?
Especially not to Bren.
- See you later.
- See ya.
It's that tasty? Huh?
What's in the bag?
It's my dance gear.
I'm heading straight there after this.
Oh, you dance?
- Yeah.
- What, like Irish dancing?
[SCOFFS] More like
hip-hop and freestyle.
Oh, wow! That sounds great!
I'd love to see you dance.
Well, we do parent performances.
Maybe you could come to one of those.
Or maybe you can show me here. What?
[CHUCKLES] I-I don't know.
Ah. Go on. I got you a present.
And that could be like
your present to me.
But there's no music.
Birdy has a radio here someplace.
I'll go find it. We'll
get you some music.
If you can't find it, it's it's okay.
I don't have to do it today.
No, no, it's grand. I'll find it.
AMANDA: They're manufactured
in factories in Syria
with the support of
the Syrian government.
Fenethylline makes them more
than all their legal
exports put together.
My contact can arrange
transport to Ireland.
- How much?
- Got them for 3,
and then we can sell them from
anywhere between 10 and 15.
If it's this good a
deal, why do you want me?
Do it yourself. Clean up.
Yeah, we would, but we
have a large debt to pay.
Cash is tight.
No one else is selling these here.
If we pooled all our resources
together, we could import enough
to supply the entire country
and then split the profits.
We all do good out of this.
I want to meet your contact
before I make any decisions.
We can arrange that.
- I understand you ♪
- BREN: Don't be shy now, okay?
Doesn't have to be
perfect. It's only me.
Feeling inside ♪
I understand you,
but I don't want to ♪
I see myself in you,
I struggle inside ♪
I understand you,
but I don't want to ♪
I know you feel it,
too, this reeling inside ♪
I understand you,
but I don't want to ♪
I see myself in you,
I struggle inside ♪
Hurry, love ♪
Hold me ♪
Bring back the glow in me ♪
I'm tired and lonely ♪
Come, show me ♪
String back the love with me ♪
Hurry, love ♪
I understand you.
but I don't want to ♪
I know the feeling,
too, this reeling inside ♪
I struggle inside ♪
I didn't know you
were coming over, love.
Yeah, I just came to collect my present
that Grandad Bren bought for me.
Do you like it?
Yeah, it's it's beautiful, isn't it?
Can I get you a drink or something?
Actually, I should be heading.
I have to get to dance rehearsals.
Well, I'll give you a lift.
I don't want you to be late.
Yeah, come here and give your
grandad another hug before you go.
Ohh. Great to see you, pet.
- Thanks again for the present.
- No bother.
I'll see you again, love, alright?
Do you think Madigan suspects anything?
Nah. He's just being cautious.
How soon can Zehab meet him?
As soon as we want.
I was meant to say Jimmy's moved out.
Just wasn't really working, I suppose.
BIRDY: Mikey.
You alright?
It's Bren.
He's doing it again.
This time it's Anna.
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