Kindred Spirits (2016) s02e01 Episode Script

The Legacy of Lizzie Borden

1 You have got a whole lot of dead people around you.
BERRY: There is a spiritual battle taking place.
BRUNI: We might be the first people to investigate the Borden house, not looking for the Bordens.
Put your arm up like this.
- Oh! - Oh! There's absolutely something in this back room.
She took her husband's straight razor and slit her throat.
BRUNI: Something moved in that room while I was sleeping.
[ DOOR CREAKS ] I am Amy Bruni.
I was only 8 when a paranormal incident changed my life forever.
[ GIRL LAUGHS ] Since then, I've dedicated my time to solving the most terrifying hauntings imaginable.
I'm Adam Berry.
More than a decade ago, an encounter in gettysburg rocked my beliefs about the supernatural.
BRUNI: Together, we uncover the truth behind the unexplainable.
Oh, my god.
Now we are on our most important mission yet.
Helping families overcome their fear, take back their homes, and reclaim their lives.
synced by dom.
smrc So I received a call from a woman named Sue.
She is having a lot of activity.
The interesting twist in this case is that Sue believes there is some sort of spiritual battle going on where she works.
Where does she work? This woman works at the Lizzie Borden house.
- Oh, okay.
- Yeah.
Oh, okay.
Now I see what's happening.
BERRY: Everyone in the country knows something about Lizzie Borden.
People think she actually murdered her father and stepmother.
She wasn't convicted of the crime, and she was able to live the rest of her life.
This place is really active, and we've been here before.
We feel we talked to the Borden family before.
We're sitting in a restaurant that used to be a church.
This was Where Lizzie Borden was a parishioner.
That is so awesome.
So, Sue, on many occasions, had psychics randomly come up to her and tell her that activity is happening around her more because her grandparents are actually with her Wow, okay.
Protecting her from whatever is going on at the Lizzie Borden house.
Is she like a tour guide, or She's a tour guide.
I mean, doesn't that really come with the territory? I mean, she's in a haunted place.
There's rumors going around that people that work there have more issues Strokes, like deaths.
I don't think we've ever heard of that.
So I think she's starting to become afraid that that is what her grandparents might be protecting her from.
Then that's a problem.
I think we might be the first people to investigate the Borden house, but we're not looking for the Bordens.
I don't know if that's ever happened.
No, and that's incredible.
I mean that's not to say that the Bordens aren't gonna pop in.
Maybe we get to ask the Bordens to help us in the investigation.
I mean, I don't think I've ever been like, "Hi.
We know you're here.
Can you help us with this case?" Yeah.
BRUNI: Being in the Lizzie Borden house, most paranormal investigators all over the world traveled here just to investigate in this house.
It's strange to be here and not necessarily be looking for the Bordens, but Sue feels as though her family is haunting her, but that somehow, the Borden house has drawn them to her.
It's our job to figure out if her grandparents are here and why her grandparents are here.
You're saying you've had multiple people tell you that - your grandparents are here.
- Yes.
BRUNI: And what was your grandparents name? Irene and William.
My grandmother, I call her "meme," and "pepe" My grandfather.
Like, I'll be doing tours, and I'll be getting psychics tell me, your grandparents are here, protecting you.
Protecting from what? Um i mean, different people have had medical problems who work here.
We've had a tour guide die.
One had two strokes.
Are my grandparents trying to tell me, maybe I shouldn't be working here for reasons like that, you know.
And then this one guy he said, my grandparents are in a spiritual battle with Andrew, Lizzie's father.
- Really.
- Yeah.
And this is actually where he was killed.
- It's a little creepy down here.
- Yeah.
SUE: I was leading a tour down here at night and an orb shot out like between these boxes.
It paused right in front of me, and it shot through that hole in the bricks right there.
And as I reeled back from that, a second one shot up, did the same thing.
- Okay.
- Weird.
SUE: And they believe that the murder weapon was a hatchet that was found right at the entrance to this room.
Oh, really? Well, this was the Borden's guest bedroom and The morning of the murders, Abby Borden had come up here to make up this bed, and this is the room that she was actually killed in.
They used a hatchet? Right.
She was struck a total of 18 times above her head, and once between her shoulder blades.
Oh, my god.
Have you had any experiences in this room? - I have.
- Okay.
Sometimes, I'm being poked in the back or hit in the back.
- Really? - Yeah.
SUE: This used to be Mr.
Borden's bedroom.
BRUNI: You had an experience in this room? I did.
I sat down on the bed here and, all of a sudden, a black mist came right across the bed, right on the side of me.
That is crazy.
Like, you know how smoke is grayish? It was really a black.
And it was just, like, swirling in place.
Scared the heck out of me.
I jumped up.
I ran up to the attic.
And when I got upstairs, I turned around That mist was just right in the middle of the doorway.
BRUNI: So it was, like, blocking your way out.
It was [CHUCKLES] the only way out, yeah.
What did you do? I was trying to figure out what do I do? Do I run through this thing? And as I'm thinking about what am I going to do, the thing moved out of the doorway, and it went into that last room.
SUE: Usually I don't spend the night with the guests.
I go home to my own house.
Well this particular night, the owner, leanne, had said, "Sue, you're the tour guide on tomorrow night.
So you're going to have to spend the night in the house with the guests.
" I asked my niece Cindy to join me for the tour that night, and spend the night in this room with me.
And I had put my cell phone down on the nightstand.
I reached over to get my cell phone and it was like I got electrocuted.
I said, Cindy, come here.
She got up off the bed and walked around and she's like, "What, auntie?" I said put your hand out.
She pulled it back and said "Oh, my God.
It's like I got electrocuted.
" And as she said that, every light in this entire attic went out.
Oh, jeez.
We grabbed all of our things and said, "Forget that.
Let's go downstairs.
" But when we got to the second floor landing, every light in the attic came back on and all the lights from the second to the first floor went out.
- Oh, jeez.
- Yeah.
And so, now you'll never come back up here and stay at night.
I do not like the feeling up here at all.
I mean are you worried about ever having to quit this job? [ SIGHS ] Well, if it's gonna affect people's health or something like that, then yeah.
You know, I just want to find out if these relatives of mine are here.
I just want to know what's going on.
- Why are they here? - Okay.
BRUNI: Sue's fears are a major concern, especially if other tour guides face the same threats.
BERRY: Let's go on channel 3.
Adam is going to set up our equipment while I talk to Rick, a longtime employee of the Borden house.
There may be a connection between the house and the well-being of its employees, but right now, there's no way to tell for sure.
- Rick.
- I'm Amy.
Good to meet you.
Do you feel like Sue has more activity around her than other tour guides? Yeah, we like to say she's like a magnet.
It seems like when she's around, things happen.
I don't know why that is, but she's like a magnet.
What kind of things have happened to people that spend a lot of time here? People that have worked here have had tragic things happen in their lives.
One of our tour guides who had worked here for a long time, she had left and moved away she came back, and started working here again.
And within two months, she lost two of her family.
She lost her mom and her dad within two or three months.
I mean, when my wife started working here, that's when a lot of our problems started.
Does she still work here? No, unfortunately, she had some health issues a couple years ago, and she hasn't been able to work.
And see, I begin to wonder about things, you know, and that maybe there's something else going on here that's affecting people that are working here.
- Right.
- I hate to think that.
- I don't want to think that.
- Of course not.
But you can't help but wonder if there's anything more to what's going on here than meets the eye.
Right, exactly.
BRUNI: Sue's not the only one that believes these rumors, but we're not totally convinced.
If she's in danger, we need to determine whether her grandparents are here.
And if so, are they here to protect her? All right, so we have how many? We have six cameras all together, right? Right, everything visual that she spoke of, or when she had her crazy experience, we've got that covered on camera.
So I feel like tonight, I think we should start in his room, where she had the weird black mist.
Yeah, I want to see that black mist.
That's the first thing we need to check off the list.
BERRY: Sue talks to us about the swirling black mist.
We have this sls camera that picks up anomalies and then make them stick figures.
So Amy and I are going to see if we get any activity.
I'm Adam and this is Amy.
And we were here earlier with Sue.
She was taking us through and telling us the experiences that she has had in this house.
And she seems to think that it's her grandparents.
We know that people come in here and they investigate and they want to talk to the Bordens.
If any of you are here, you know, feel free to reach out, because we're looking for William or Irene.
And maybe you can tell us that they're here.
BRUNI: It's so important that you talk to us.
We just really need your help on this one.
Hey, there's something in the hallway.
I see it.
Just walk a little bit closer.
I can see you.
You're standing right there.
Can you walk closer to us, please? Just come closer.
Can you wave? Put your arm up like this? As high up as you can put it.
Oh, it's doing it.
It is doing it.
Whoa! - It just Oh! - Oh! Just walk a little bit closer.
I can see you.
You're standing right there.
Can you walk closer to us, please? Can you wave? Put your arm up like this.
Whoa! Arm up.
He put his arm up all the way.
[ GASPS ] and then disappeared.
That was freaky.
Here, come around this way on my side.
We're going to be able to see you a little bit better if you can just step out of the darkness a little bit.
Come on.
You can touch me.
[ MUTTERS ] I see it.
What's your name? Sue has been told by many people that her grandparents are here, protecting her.
Do you know them? This is your chance to help us help someone who works here.
You can do some good.
Instead of you helping us, you're gonna help Sue.
Are we making sense? Can you just make a loud noise somewhere if you're willing to help us? Oh, I lost one.
All right, something just touched my shoulder.
- Your right shoulder? - My right shoulder.
Right here.
Yeah, one moves off the screen.
And then something touched my shoulder.
And they're both gone now.
They're gone.
- Let's play this back.
- Yeah.
[ STATIC ] What did it say? I don't know.
- "Don't need to"? - Yeah.
That's what it sounds like.
"Don't need to.
" Yeah.
He's like, I don't need to.
It sounded like a man.
What do you think it was? I don't know.
I think the most important thing for them to know is, they are investigating with us.
We're no longer reaching out for them, this is the first time that we are asking whoever's here to investigate with us, give us answers that's not about themselves.
Let's go to the attic.
BERRY: Whatever we just caught on the sls camera was interacting with us, but then it ran off.
Sue said the black mist went upstairs into the attic.
Maybe the spirits we saw just did the same thing.
I'm gonna put this over here.
I'm going to put the spirit box right here.
A spirit box rapidly scans through radio frequencies, theoretically allowing spirits to manipulate the white noise and form responses.
Okay, whoever's in here, can you talk to us using this? [ WHITE NOISE PLAYS ] Do you know Sue? [ WHITE NOISE CONTINUES ] What's your name? If you are Sue's grandparents, please reach out if you have something you'd like to say.
[ WHITE NOISE CONTINUES ] [ WHITE NOISE STOPS ] Why is it so quiet? I think it's a good time to let it chill out.
It knows what we want now.
And we have stuff to do tomorrow, because we've got to start doing our research.
All right.
Shall we then? Yeah.
BRUNI: Last time Sue spent the night, she had one of her worst experiences.
We're going to hunker down in a room with the cameras and recorders still going.
If anything happens, we want to be here to catch it.
[ CRICKETS CHIRPING ] BERRY: Amy and I know a lot about the Borden legend.
However, we don't really know anything about Sue's family.
Learning more about her grandparents will make it easier to connect with them.
So I'm going to meet with Sue's niece to see if we can get any more information from her.
Cindy, thank you for meeting with me today.
Has she talked to you about thinking her grandparents are here with her at times? - Yes.
- Okay.
And what were they like? William loved all the grandchildren.
All the kids would sit around him and he was a great, fun guy.
Okay, what about her grandmother.
Any, like, really fond memories? Not that I can remember.
Do you think her grandparents are here? Absolutely.
BRUNI: We haven't had any luck contacting the Bordens for help.
So I have a historian coming to visit, because who knows what we'll find as far as what happened nearby, you know, other people who lived here, you know, extended family.
Anyone attached to this house who might help us.
We all know the story to the notorious Borden murders, but is there anything else historically significant? - Andrew's uncle - Okay.
Lawdwick, he owned the house next door, which I believe is still that house.
His second wife, Eliza, had had three children.
She took them down to the basement and threw them into the cistern, which is kind of like an indoor well.
Two of them actually died, and then she took her husband's straight razor and slit her throat.
What big things have you learned, Mr.
Berry? I talked to Cindy, Sue's niece, and she told me a little bit about Sue's grandparents, William and Irene.
It seems like both of them were extremely caring, you know, William specifically, the kids gathered around him.
It's a little insight on his personality, I guess, that maybe we can use.
I mean, did you find out anything? I did.
I found out that the Bordens were not the only deaths.
Next door, Lizzie Borden's aunt Eliza had three kids.
And she went down to their basement and threw them all in the cistern.
And so the 3-year-old was able to make her way out.
The 1-year-old and the baby died.
And then Eliza slit her own throat.
- Oh, God! - And killed herself.
- That is disgusting.
- I mean, that's crazy.
So, you know, we have some new potential people to reach out to.
BERRY: We're trying to get in touch with anyone who will speak to us about Sue's grandparents.
Hopefully, this new information helps.
Before we get started, we need to review the audio and the footage from last night.
I was listening to the audio, and there's a really loud crazy sound in the room with me.
I'll just play it for you.
[ SCRAPING ] I mean, it sounds like - A dragging.
- Something dragging.
A door, it's like It's so loud.
And, like, I can hear me moving around in bed, and it's a lot softer.
Can you bring up the camera of me sleeping? Let's go to 3:56 in the A.
[ MOUSE CLICKS ] Nothing's moving.
Nothing else is moving, your bag doesn't move.
I don't see anything moving.
It's very clear that it is not me.
That's the big thing.
So let's go up there and find out - Yeah.
- What's up there.
Let's start up there, see if we can recreate that sound.
- Okay.
- Okay.
First things first.
Nope, nope.
[ SCRAPING SOFTLY ] BERRY: That sounds a little bit more apt.
- Maybe the other room? - Yeah.
'Cause it was kind of on this side.
How about this door? [ SCRAPING ] - Oh! - Oh! [ SCRAPING ] Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah.
Barely move it.
[ SCRAPING ] Yeah.
That's creepy.
- Let's listen.
- That's it.
The recorder It's going to match.
[ SCRAPING ] Go back.
Go back.
I want to hear it.
[ SCRAPING ] That's it.
BRUNI: Adam and I tried to recreate that sound.
We think it was a door being moved.
Of course these things were off-camera, because that's the way it goes.
But I have no doubt something moved in that room while I was sleeping.
That's really creepy.
Maybe we should leave this recorder up here while we go do some other stuff.
Let it do its thing.
And then, maybe, let's go down to where Abby was killed.
Yeah, let's do that.
BERRY: This is the boarding house.
We're going to witness paranormal activity.
That's not a question.
But nothing we've witnessed so far makes us believe its Sue's grandparents.
Sue mentioned being poked in Abby's room.
If whatever is here is powerful enough to make physical contact, maybe we'll be lucky enough to get a response.
- All right.
- I'll move this here.
BRUNI: Abby Borden's room.
We're still here, whoever has been around us.
We're here to talk to anyone related to Sue.
If any of the Bordens are here, can you join us for a second? You can help us If you could tell anyone that's connected to Sue, a family member Maybe Irene or William To come in here with us.
Is there anything that you want to say to us? Is Eliza in here with us? [ SIGHS ] let's see.
[ SIGHS ] Someone is answering.
Whatever it is sounds like it's over it.
"Do you want to talk to us?" "No.
" It sounds very similar to the male voice we've heard throughout the house.
Irene and William are not reaching out to us.
I mean, I feel like that is because Sue's not with us.
We haven't heard anything from Eliza or the children.
- Wait, I feel like - Wait! I heard that.
- That was, like, a voice.
- Yeah.
Where is that coming from? Irene and William are not reaching out to us.
I mean, I feel like that is because Sue's not with us.
- Wait, I feel like - Wait.
I heard that.
- That was, like, a voice.
- Yeah! Where is that coming from? The basement? There's something down there, I heard it.
Be careful.
Did you hear that over here? I heard, like, movement over there.
Are you over here? Well, this floor is creaking.
They're right here, but I don't know if that's it.
I think maybe it was coming from, like Over there.
That's where she saw the orbs.
Let's just listen to that again.
Let me grab that recorder.
I'm going to walk in here for a second, 'cause this is where our friend Sue says she saw you.
I'm just going to set this recorder right here, okay? Is there someone down here who likes to sneak away from the rest of the house? If you could talk to us for a minute? We're trying to get answers for Sue who's a tour guide here.
Are there any children here? I know that if this were my home, I would be really irritated if people kept coming in and out of it constantly.
Does that bother you? But we heard the But we heard! Like movement.
Yeah, some kind of footsteps or movement.
Like it went away from us and went over there, to, like, hide or something.
I think that Usually, if something wants to reach out to us, by this point, we've been here long enough for it to get familiar with us.
I think that whatever is here doesn't know us that well.
And this is why I think Sue needs to investigate with us, because, one, we're looking for family.
And, two, even what's here, even if it's not her family, they know Sue better than they know us.
So I honestly feel like she is scared.
If there was a way we could, like, kind of appease that side of her.
I mean, we could bring Chip Bring Chip coffey and then, maybe, we can all investigate.
She can tackle those fears.
She needs to, like, connect with her family and that might open her up a little bit more.
And all those psychics tell her these people are around you, and, maybe, he'll connect with that.
BRUNI: Chip coffey is someone that I trust who is a psychic, and it's a perfect fit for this case.
He was really good at kind of honing in on people and their family members.
He can also let us know if something's, you know, in our vicinity and give us an idea of who is around us or who is around Sue.
Sue wants to know why her grandparents are here, if they are here.
Her grandparents are not reaching out to Adam or I as we're in this house without her, so it's imperative that Sue investigates with us, as well.
Sue has a problem with the basement.
She did have an experience where she saw an orb, but also just the feeling in the basement.
It's really tough for her to go into that area.
Hopefully, we'll be able to help her with that as we go through this investigation.
SUE: I just get a creepy feeling down here, especially this end of the basement.
BRUNI: I'll look at the emf levels down here.
BERRY: Yeah, I'm getting 0.
5, 0.
4 in the box area.
There's absolutely something in this back room.
I've been sort of drawn to this room and there's something moving in there and psychically, I'm getting distinctly male.
BRUNI: All right.
I'm going to take the recorder in there.
Is there someone in here trying to hide away from us? What's your name? Do you know Sue? Do you have a message for someone in this room? - Play it back.
- Let's take a listen.
- I thought I heard a "no.
" - I heard "no.
" No.
Like, I'm not hiding from you.
- Oh, Whoa! - What was that? BRUNI: Is there someone in here? - That's weird.
- Yeah.
BERRY: What is that Like, "Ta, ta.
" BRUNI: I don't know.
SUE: Get out? BERRY: What is that Like, "Ta, ta.
" I don't know.
It's like SUE: Get out? Something was not happy.
- It's a guy.
- You see.
Something negative back there.
- I don't know.
- Not negative.
There's nothing truly negative here.
There is grumpy or angry, but there is nothing truly negative.
You don't have anything demonic or nasty in this place.
If that's what you're worried about, if you're worried about something that's even low-level demonic, it ain't here.
We suspect that it's Andrew Borden.
BERRY: He was a gruff man, apparently.
I would bet Andrew's a grumpy s.
B, like, shooing you out "Don't be down here, don't be down here, don't be down here.
" I mean he went through something horrific, and is made to relive it constantly.
Of course he's not happy.
I will say what we have found many times is that entities kind of gravitate And Chip knows this, too To the areas that are the least inhabited of the house.
They're trying to get to where no one is and then you walk into their space.
That's what I mean, I invaded their space, yeah.
- Let's go up to the attic.
- Yeah, let's go to the attic for a little bit, and we'll hit your other area.
BERRY: Andrew is still making his presence felt, but Sue's grandparents have yet to reach out to us.
We're going to the attic because that is where Sue felt like her grandmother tried to contact her.
Maybe you should start the evp session.
BRUNI: Yeah.
SUE: Is there somebody up here with me? Is that you up here, Andrew? Do you want to talk to me? That's weird.
I hear it say "pepe.
" - Here that, "pepe?" - "Pepe.
" That's my grandfather.
Pepe, okay.
Well that's encouraging because we got "pepe.
" So I think we should keep going.
Pepe, was that you trying to talk to me? Does somebody up here have a message for me? - There you go.
- Yes.
BERRY: "Pepe, was that you trying to talk to me?" "Yes.
" What was that Like, "Ta, ta.
" Do it one more time.
I hear like, "Let go.
" "Let go?" BERRY: What was that Like "Ta, ta.
" Do it one more time.
I hear like, "Let go.
" "Let go?" But why would he say that? - I don't know.
- I don't know either.
BERRY: After bringing Sue into our investigation, her grandfather finally reached out to us.
But it's not clear why he would say "Let go.
" So we're going to do a reading with Chip to try to find out.
Are you ready? Ready.
Then let's begin.
The first thing that I get, I'm getting a lot of breathing stuff.
- Who is the person with him.
- My grandfather.
What did he die of? He had c.
- Breathing.
- Mm-hmm.
I'm getting the word "stop" with this person.
I don't know.
I'm hearing the word "stop.
" I don't know.
That's my question, stop working here? Why are they here? I don't know.
There's something about medical treatment and stopping something that they're doing as far as medically goes.
Like if somebody is getting some sort of treatment or something is going on medically, it's like, this needs to stop.
" I mean, my dad's on hospice.
He's dying.
He has liver cancer.
That's the "stop.
" You've got to stop with your dad.
Stop what with my dad? Holding him.
Keeping him here? Mm-hmm that's what they're telling me.
They're there for him.
You've got to give him to them.
But that's the whole message for you tonight.
You've got to let him go.
And this is going to be hard for you to hear, baby, but part of the reason that he's not beginning that process is he doesn't want to leave you.
You know, he told me he was ready not that long ago and I told him I understood, and that it was okay.
I did.
How much of that was bs? The entire amount? Probably.
They're there, waiting for him.
It's not like you're losing him for good.
It's just, you're letting him go.
And you're gonna be okay.
You're looking at this with your dad as the finale.
'Cause it's my dad.
Of course.
Don't think of it as "Good-bye," think of it as "See you later.
" Okay? Thank you.
Come to me.
Thank you so much.
Let it go.
[ SNIFFLES ] How are you feeling right now about this whole experience? I'm surprised and I'm, uh A little sad, but I understand.
BRUNI: And so now you know why your grandparents are here with you.
And I think it does make sense that maybe your family would kind of step in here and there and defend you in a way, but it's not really, like, a spiritual battle, per se.
Yeah, okay.
CHIP: I think they're just here with you.
You are at a place that's known for dealing with paranormal topics.
And what better place for them to hang out with you? And I mean they love you, and so they're hanging with you.
I think protecting probably is a strong word.
I don't feel evil lurking around the corners in this house, do you? Maybe sometimes, yeah.
Like down that basement especially.
If you're scared, they're going to feed on your fear, too.
Anything negative is going to feed on your fear.
I know you have that experience.
If we can go back and kind of tackle that with you again in the space, and just, you know, reiterate that there's nothing here that's going to attack you and hurt you.
We'll work on it tonight, for sure, 'cause you shouldn't be scared.
BERRY: We now know why Sue's grandparents are in the house with her, but she's still a little apprehensive about Andrew.
So we're going to head into the basement so that she can finally stand up for herself.
And we're going to help her do it.
So take this opportunity and tell him how you feel.
Like, address the problem now.
Sue: I'm not going to be afraid of you anymore and you're not going to stop me from doing my job in the house.
I want to take back the control of my space, and set up my boundaries and you're not allowed to mess with me.
Do you mean that? Yeah, I mean that.
BRUNI: Obviously, I feel just terribly for Sue with her family and what they're all going through with her father.
But I think that now she has confirmation of things that she's experienced, and she's got the know-how of how to handle this situation.
BERRY: I think if Sue wants to work in the house, she should continue working in this house.
Tonight she got a little stronger in her own beliefs.
I think we got Sue information that she needed, and I think she was happy.