Kindred Spirits (2016) s02e02 Episode Script

The Executioner

Who owned the house? JASON: The first New York state executioner.
The inventor of the electric chair.
[INDISTINCT TALKING] What? I thought it said, "Help me.
" What was that? There is something going on.
Maybe it said, "Punish me.
" I'm, like, so mad.
[ DOOR CREAKS ] BRUNI: I'm Amy Bruni.
I was only 8 when a paranormal incident changed my life forever.
[GIRL LAUGHS] Since then, I've dedicated my time to solving the most terrifying hauntings imaginable.
BERRY: I'm Adam Berry.
More than a decade ago, an encounter at Gettysburg rocked my beliefs about the supernatural.
BRUNI: Together, we uncover the truth behind the unexplainable.
Oh, my god.
Now we are on our most important mission yet.
Helping families overcome their fear, take back their homes, and reclaim their lives.
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smrc So, this case is about a guy named Jason, and he is completely terrified of his own house.
He think this place has a demonic force in it.
I want you to watch Let's watch this video.
Let me take a look at this.
He was trying to do some paranormal investigating with his friends, and he had a terrible accident.
He fell down a set of stairs, or he was pushed.
He has no idea.
One minute, he was going through a door, and the next, he was, like, on the ground.
JASON: Oh! Whoa! [ CLATTER ] Oh! [BLEEP] How bad is it? Just a little scrape over here All right On the nose.
[BLEEP] [ SIGHS ] JASON: Yeah, I'm all right.
Oh! Whoa! [ CLATTER ] Oh! [BLEEP] How bad is it? MAN: Just a little scrape over here All right On the nose.
BERRY: He's been experiencing activity for years, but it's never this violent.
So, have you talked to Jason at all? What's his story? Jason is an engineer.
He is very logical.
So when things happen in his house, he tries to figure out why they're happening, right? Right.
But he can't figure it out.
It's really spiraled out of control, and that is why we need to get to his house.
BERRY: Anytime someone believes they're attacked, we take it very seriously.
If Jason was really pushed down a flight of stairs, this could be our most dangerous case yet.
How long have you lived in the house? JASON: About five years.
And then how long has activity been going on in the house? Five years.
Okay, so, as soon as you moved in.
I think it was about a month and a half after I moved in, we were playing a poker game back here, and I was telling the story about how I found out it was the executioner's house and all the lights in the house dimmed down and hovered there for probably 30 seconds.
Who owned the house first? Yeah, the first New York state executioner.
He was the inventor of the electric chair.
Owned this house? He built it and owned it, and he's buried out back in the cemetery.
About 100 yards over the hill here.
So, the first New York state executioner, and what was his name? Edwin F.
Aside from that, any other experiences? I heard screaming coming from the basement.
Very loud screaming.
Like, it sounded like a woman screaming.
And I didn't know what it was, and I basically turned the TV up as loud as I could to drown it out.
You didn't get up and go and check? No.
No, no.
Not too long after that, I was sleeping on the couch, because, like, when I go upstairs in the bedroom, you just get this very negative feeling like you're being watched, so I started sleeping on the couch down here.
You sleep here every night? Correct.
And how long have you been sleeping on the couch? It started a couple months after I moved in, so And so you don't even sleep in your own bed at night? No.
All right, so, this is your bedroom? Yeah.
This is what was gonna be my bedroom.
This is kind of here for show.
The closet over here, it always felt like something's in there, staring out at you, and You won't even look at it.
No, I don't.
And, actually, before you guys come, I was keeping my clothes downstairs, too, so They're usually downstairs? Yeah.
I don't You don't come up here at all? No.
I leave all these doors shut, and I leave the landing doors shut.
I come up here to use the shower and bathroom.
BRUNI: And that's it? That's about it.
Are these the stairs you fell down? Yeah.
Right where you're standing.
BRUNI: So that door you tried to open up.
JASON: Oh! Whoa! [ CLATTER ] Oh! [BLEEP] What were your injuries? So, basically, I hit my face.
There's still a little scar on one side here to the other.
And, basically, bloody nose.
Now, you were investigating with friends, right? Yeah.
Chris was back here at the time, so he comes running over.
He's like, "You all right?" I'm like, "I'm good.
"Just don't touch me.
" And, you know, blood's dripping out of my nose and stuff onto the floor.
Were do you think you were pushed, or did you slip? I don't think I tripped.
You know, every time I fell and tripped, I know I did it, and I know it's coming.
This was, like [SNAPS FINGERS] Just gone.
BERRY: Who do you think it is? I feel like it's a demonic entity.
BRUNI: "Demonic" is a very strong word for us.
I would say, so far, I'm not getting anything that would make me think demon.
That's good to know.
So, but so far.
I'm just terrified that something bad's gonna happen to me.
You are experiencing extreme activity, but we're gonna do everything we can to help you.
Now, I'm guessing these are the deeds to the house.
Is that Yeah, correct.
But these are, like, the originals.
Yeah, that's from when the house was built till now.
The will of the executioner's in there.
Really? Yeah.
Have you heard anything else about Edwin Davis? So, down the road, there's the village inn tavern.
I guess on the third floor was his workshop.
That's local legend.
Oh, okay.
So we're definitely gonna check that out.
Now, what do you know about the former homeowners? Did you ask them if they ever had any activity here? That's what creeps me out the most.
They're like, "No, not anything I can remember.
" Really? And I'm like, "I don't know why this stuff's happening to me.
" I just want to go upstairs and go to fricking bed, and I got you guys in here now and all this stuff.
You just want to enjoy your house, basically.
I just want to, like, "Go to sleep "and be happy" kind of thing, you know? And it's like Jason is legitimately freaked out.
He's terrified.
To help him, first, we're gonna look into this executioner, Edwin Davis.
The fact that he lived here and put people to death for a living makes him a perfect candidate for who's causing the activity.
I'm meeting a gentleman named Larry, and he owns a bar that used to be Edwin Davis' workshop.
I'm gonna go talk to him and see if I can find out any historical information about Edwin Davis and this area.
So, how long have you owned this? 44 years.
You've owned this for 44 years? Yeah.
And who owned it beforehand? My grandfather bought it in 1921 from Edwin Davis, and he built the place.
It wasn't a bar and a restaurant.
Oh, no, no.
It was a feed mill.
Do you remember it that way? Like, you remember it when it was set up like that? Yes.
In fact, within 5 feet somewhere here, there was a room, and in the room, it had two electric chairs.
And there were leather straps so you could tie the person down.
For sure.
He was building them here? He actually perfected it in this building.
He would take the train up to Auburn and pull the switch on criminals or whatever that were found guilty.
After talking with Larry, it's clear that Edwin Davis is going to be a big part of this investigation.
Edwin, you know, he executed a lot of people, so there's a lot of darkness that comes with that.
Since Jason is experiencing activity in just about every room, we'll blanket the house with our DVR cameras.
One in the basement, two upstairs, one in the living room, one on the stairs.
So, what's this new piece of equipment that you have? Okay, so, basically, these are microphones.
In a nutshell, you wear these in your ear, right and left.
And it's hooked to a recorder.
So, it records 360 sound.
So, basically, when we listen to anything recorded on that, you can tell exactly where in the room the sound was coming from.
Let's go ahead Let's start in the living room.
So, I hear the fridge.
The fridge is pretty loud.
And so whatever he's hearing has to be pretty substantial if he's hearing it over that fridge.
[ REFRIGERATOR WHIRRING ] Can you make yourself known? What's your name? Did you grow up in Corning? [INDISTINCT TALKING] [ GASPS ] BRUNI: Did you grow up in Corn Two syllables.
[INDISTINCT TALKING] [INDISTINCT TALKING] [ GASPS ] BRUNI: Did you grow up in corn Two syllables.
Did that sound like Edwin to you? [INDISTINCT TALKING] BRUNI: Did you grow up in Corning? A little.
I mean, it's, like, so fast, but No, I don't know.
I mean, that's Something's responding, but I don't know what it says.
I mean, I can't It's very quiet.
But here's the thing.
He's had this really extreme activity, so you'd think that whatever is here would be a lot more eager to talk to us.
Where are all the noises Jason talked about? I mean, honestly, this house is making zero noise.
You know, most old houses, they at least creak or something.
BERRY: It makes no sense.
Jason believes whatever's here is demonic and may have pushed him down the stairs.
I mean, what did he do that brought that out, that he brought these Was it Chris? I'm interested in interviewing Chris.
He was here investigating the night Jason fell.
I want to see what other evidence he may have caught.
I wouldn't mind sitting down and interviewing Jason, to be honest.
I feel like there's a lot more there besides Outside of just his experiences.
So let's do that.
We have the cameras running all night.
Let's leave some recorders running all night and see what happens.
In our opinion, inexperienced investigators can sometimes cause more damage than good, so we're gonna sit down with Jason and Chris to find out more about their investigations.
Chris, thank you for joining me today in Jason's house, which I know you know well.
You've been here many times with your family.
Especially investigating.
So, how do you feel about Jason and his situation? So, when I came over here and realized that he's been sleeping downstairs on his couch and that's been going on for quite some time, I became really concerned about it.
So, you began investigating, and you started having experiences, right? Yes.
Right, okay.
Tell me about this clip.
So, in this audio clip, it was my son Brandon and I and Jason.
We were down in the basement when this was recorded.
[RUSTLING] BRANDON: Do you want us to play it back to hear You're asking Brandon was asking a question.
[RUSTLING] BRANDON: Do you want us to play it back to hear What do you think it's saying? Do you want us to play it back to hear You wanted me to record this.
I'm not I thought maybe it said, "Punish me.
" Okay.
[RUSTLING] I mean, yeah.
I can hear that.
I can hear that.
I mean, it's a weird one.
I'm gonna have to show Amy, and we'll discuss them.
Chris does have a potential piece of evidence, but unless Amy and I are in the room when it's recorded, it's hard to say if it's legitimate or not.
Let me play you a couple of these things that Chris had.
Oh, yeah.
I've been wanting to hear this.
Right? This one, they think it says, "Punish me," but I asked for the non-edited file.
So, now I've listened to it more, and I want you to hear this thing.
BRANDON: Why would we leave unless we knew that you were here? Sure, there's a couple red spikes.
He's very aggressive.
Oh, god.
He's so aggressive.
They're not nice.
He's not the kid.
Is this the kid? Yeah.
If this is you, if this is whatever your name You wanted me to record this.
Now, what do you want to say? [RUSTLING] You know what that is, right? Yeah.
Oh, yeah.
You wanted me to record this.
Now, what do you want to say? Yeah, no, it's like it is.
It's a coat or It's a coat or a jacket.
somebody exhaling or Right.
Yeah, it's not Oh, these guys.
BRUNI: This aggressive investigating could be the reason Edwin or whoever is here is causing the activity.
How long did you experience the activity in the house before Chris came in and started trying to help you? Yeah, so, he came in this year, basically, and I've had it since I moved in.
But it was, like, a three-times-a-year event.
And then when he came over, it was every night.
So, you think his investigating kind of riled things up here? Yeah.
I call it, like, poking the beast, that kind of thing.
So, I mean, he seems like he's having a good time with this.
That bothers me a lot, actually.
'Cause he's all excited and stuff, and I'm like, "Something's not right here.
" I just don't want something demonic in the house.
One of my best friends is a demonologist, and what I've seen is that demons and negative-type attachments are attracted to people who are compromised, usually psychologically.
Drug addicts.
They're in a place where they have to literally invite this thing in, where they say, "Yes, you can take me," basically.
And I don't think that whatever's here is something along those lines.
Now, I wanted to ask, though, if you would investigate with us a little bit tonight.
Yeah, I can Okay, yeah.
Because I think, since you have most of the experiences, maybe if you're here with us, you could act as kind of a catalyst.
Yeah, that's fine.
What's the scariest place for you in the house? Usually upstairs.
[ DOOR SLAMS ] [SCREAMING] Is there someone who wants to talk to us? We have Jason here.
If you're not Edwin, what is your name? BERRY: Did you grow up in this house? Jason, ask a question.
Did you die in this house? Was someone murdered here? Are you a woman? Is this your bedroom? [INDISTINCT TALKING] That was an answer.
That was something.
Something is talking.
[INDISTINCT TALKING] What? I thought it said, "Help me.
" BRUNI: Something's talking.
BERRY: Something is talking.
[INDISTINCT TALKING] What? I thought it said, "Help me.
" I think it says, "Help me," too.
"Help me.
" Can you play the first one again? A woman.
A woman.
A woman.
That's what it sounds like.
I hear, "A woman.
" "Are you a woman?" "A woman.
" "A woman.
" And then, "Is this your bedroom?" "Help me.
" "Help me.
" "A woman.
" So, have you felt like it was a female here before? Uh, so, that's the voice we catch most.
That's interesting.
Well, we're getting responses, so let's keep going.
We hear that you're a woman.
Is that correct? We also heard you ask for help.
How can we help you? Did you hear that? Yeah.
You heard that? Yeah, that was a woman.
It was a female voice.
Yeah, down the hallway.
It happens a lot here.
Is it the same voice you hear? Roughly, yeah.
Really? But sometimes it's a lot louder.
Really? Have your friends ever investigated here without you? No.
Uh, so, we want to ask you a favor.
Do you mind leaving the house? And we'll continue investigating and see if activity continues without you here? Okay.
All right.
It's really important to see if we can experience activity without Jason, just to be sure this is not some negative entity that's attached to him.
There is something going on.
It says, "Help me.
" And it says, "A woman.
" But the thing that gets me is, like, that disembodied voice.
Like, there was definitely a disembodied voice in that hallway.
And it was a female.
That was very clear.
And he was just like, "That's the voice I hear all the time," and I'm thinking, "My god", you're just living here with this thing.
" Of course you're scared.
But I feel like we should probably move downstairs, where he said he hears the voice the most and try to talk to it some more without him here.
Would you be okay if I sat at the top of the stairs? Because I would be able to hear if there's any activity up here.
Is that you moving around up there, Adam? You mean, like, shuffling? Yeah.
Like, I'm moving my jacket.
Uh no.
Like walk like this? Like, I'll do it again.
Like this? No.
I didn't hear anything else.
If there's someone moving around upstairs, can you do that again? On the count of 3, do something really, really loud.
1 2 [ THUMP ] That! I have no idea what that is.
Is that upstairs? No.
I hear it like it's upstairs.
I hear it like it's downstairs.
All right.
We're still getting activity, so that means Yeah.
So it'll happen when he's not here.
We have a lot of research to do tomorrow.
This woman.
Who is this woman? And why would there be a woman in here? Yeah.
Last night's activity is pointing us toward a female.
We're going to focus our research on women who are connected to either the property or to Edwin Davis.
Adam will speak to an author and expert on Edwin Davis just to see if there's any connection between the executioner and this woman.
What was her name? Okay.
And I'm going to talk to a local historian about this part of New York.
Can you think of anyjust tragic events that happened in town? We're meeting up at Edwin Davis' grave to share our findings.
So, I went to the historical society, but had zero luck.
I still have to take a look at the deeds, though.
Did you find anything? I talked to an author named Robert today.
He told me about a woman named Martha Place, the first woman to ever die in the electric chair, and Edwin Davis pulled the switch.
She wasn't a nice person.
She had an extremely aggressive temper.
She married this man who had a daughter already, and it was her stepdaughter, and she threw acid in her face Oh.
and then smothered her with a pillow and killed her and then went after her husband with an ax.
And I know that, like, last night, we heard, like A female voice.
Like, "Help me.
" So, I mean, we obviously try to reach out to Martha.
Yeah, for sure.
I'll get the equipment ready.
Amy, come check this out.
So, I was reviewing the 360 recorder.
I mean, nothing on that, but I did get something on the DVR.
You know, we've ran this two consecutive nights now.
You know, we have those motion sensors.
We know when something's in there.
We know when something's coming through the space.
What was that? You know, we've ran this two consecutive nights now.
You know, we have those motion sensors.
We know when something's in there.
We know when something's coming through the space.
BRUNI: What was that? Something starts to manifest like it's going down the stairs.
See it come? Yes.
And it goes down the stairs.
Now, is it a glitch? Let's look at it, right? If you look at the 24-hour Mark, there is nothing happening in this space Until that point.
Until that moment.
There is something there walking down the stairs.
Well, do it again.
Who the hell is moving around? I'm gonna go find out.
Is your name Martha? The man who lives here, Jason He said he heard screaming from down here.
Was that you? Did you die by the electric chair? Do you hold Edwin Davis responsible? Let's take a listen.
Maybe we need to go back to a central location.
Yeah, upstairs.
It's everywhere we're not at this point.
I say we get upstairs to where he hears it.
If it's not Martha, who is it? I have an idea.
I want to look at the deeds.
Oh, my goodness.
I think I found something that makes a lot of sense.
What? So, I was going through the deeds, right? And I was getting the names of the people who lived here before.
Now, remember, Jason asked the previous owner if they had activity here, right? Right.
And what did they say? They said No.
They had not had any activity here.
The people who owned the house, they bought it in 1965.
Their names were Edward and Marjorie Mayor.
Marjorie went by Marg or Margie.
She died right before Jason bought the house.
And I'm just wondering if this is her that we're dealing with.
And I was reading through her will.
So, she had five children.
She was super-religious.
Their family had lived here for 50 years.
And so they would have an attachment to this house.
Now please think about how they tried to talk to this woman.
If she were an 80-year-old woman who passed away, who lived the majority of her life here Yeah.
That's absurd.
You know? So, let's see.
I hope we get a response.
Maybe if we use her name.
Maybe there's something here of hers that we could use.
Do we know if there's anything here that belonged to her? I don't know.
Should we ask him? Yeah.
All right.
I'm gonna text Jason.
Okay, so, I just got a text from Jason, and he says that there are some belongings from that previous family in the basement.
BRUNI: We're looking for a small ceramic rabbit.
Supposedly, Marjorie's family left it behind when they moved.
I'm gonna check in the back.
It's probably back there.
Oh, my gosh.
BERRY: Did you find it? Yeah.
It's just so tiny.
I can't oh, I'm like It's so tiny.
Oh, my god.
That It belongs to that woman.
Here, let's go use it, then.
Let's take it upstairs.
Let's go this way.
Since we heard the female disembodied voice upstairs last night, that's where we'll start.
We'll use the bunny as a trigger object and attach it to our proximity sensor.
The rabbit is very small, so we'll use a paper plate to expand the center's reach.
All right, so, whoever is here with us, we're looking for someone named Margie.
Is that your bunny? Can you look at it really closely or even try to touch it? Do you like Jason? He seems like a nice guy.
I know his friend Chris and his family came in, and they started talking to you.
Did that surprise you? I apologize if anyone in the past has spoken to you in a negative way.
All right.
Let's listen to this.
BRUNI:Well, okay.
All right, so BERRY:Do you Do you like [INDISTINCT TALKING] [INDISTINCT TALKING] [INDISTINCT TALKING] BERRY: He seems like a nice guy.
" yes.
"Do you like Jason?" "Yes.
" "Yes.
" He seems like a nice guy.
I know his friend Chris and his family came in.
I think whoever this is is definitely not demonic.
It's actually the opposite.
So, you know what? Why don't We had the voice in there last night, so why don't I put it in the hallway, and we'll ask questions? Mm-hmm.
So, just to make sure we're talking to the right person, can you say your name as loud as you can? Did you leave this house to your children? I think your daughter.
Was it Michelle? Was she the executor of your estate? Were you happy with the way that your estate was handled after you passed? What was her husband's name? Edward.
Do you remember Edward? [ GASPS ] Did that sound like Edwin to you? No, I don't know.
I mean Something's responding, but I don't know what it says.
I bet that's why she's so confused.
And his name is Edward.
Let's go back downstairs where we got the EVP.
Marjorie Do you know Edward? Are you looking for Edward? Do you have a reason to be here? How many children do you have? Would you like to leave? Were you frightened by some of the things that Jason's friends said? Did they upset you? Listen.
BRUNI: Okay, um [INDISTINCT TALKING] Are you looking for Edward? "Edward.
" Yeah, I think she said, "Edward.
" "Edward.
" Right.
" "No.
" [INDISTINCT TALKING] "I don't know.
" Did you hear that? Yes! Oh, my god! "I don't know.
" "I don't know.
" Oh, my god.
That is clear as day.
[INDISTINCT TALKING] Does that say, "I have five children"? I think it says, "I have five children.
" [ GASPS ] BERRY: Do you know your children are no longer living in this house? BRUNI: [SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY] I feel so bad for her right now.
Oh! [ VOICE BREAKING ] I feel so bad for her right now.
[ SIGHS ] BRUNI: [SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY] I feel so bad for her right now.
Oh! [ VOICE BREAKING ] I feel so bad for her right now.
[ SIGHS ] [SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY] [BLEEP] the things that Jason's friends said? [ GROANS ] God.
[ SNIFFLES ] Well, I think we know who's here.
I just feel so bad for her.
[BLEEP] [ SNIFFLES ] I'm, like, so mad.
You're mad at those people.
I'm so mad.
I know.
Yeah, I'm so mad.
And that is why you don't just run into houses and start yelling at ghosts.
[ CRYING ] Oh, god.
You affect so many people.
It's not just the living.
It's it's [ SIGHS ] [ SIGHS ] [ SNIFFLES ] You know what? She was super-religious.
Why don't you lead us in a little prayer, just for her? Okay.
Just a little something.
Maybe it would help her be at peace.
Margie, we're gonna pray if you want to join us.
Dear lord, we are here having a moment for Margie.
She lived in this house many, many, many years.
So, at this time, we ask that you give her all the love and strength that you can.
In your name, we do pray.
This is an intense case.
What was that? I thought it said, "Help me.
" Well, yeah.
It waits till the last minute to come out.
[ GASPS ] I'm ready.
We can talk to Jason tomorrow.
I think we know what to tell him, and, you know, it's just gonna be a matter of, how is he gonna take it? Is he gonna believe us? Yeah.
I don't know.
This was an interesting case for us.
It was.
We researched Edwin Davis to A "T.
" To a "T.
" I spoke with an author in London.
I met with Larry down at the bar.
We used all this information in our investigation.
But it was just quiet for us.
Really silent.
Nothing happened.
But that doesn't mean that something's not here.
We have some evidence to show you from our security cameras.
So I'm gonna play it for you.
Here we go.
What the hell was that? You see that? [BLEEP] You see that? Here, it's gonna repeat.
That's not right.
I'm sorry.
So, you kind of see a little movement, and then you see what appears to be, like, an anomaly on the screen, and then it goes away.
That looks like somebody walking down the stairs.
And it follows the trajectory of the stairs.
We don't think it's anything negative.
We don't think it's anything to be afraid of.
And we don't think that it pushed you down the stairs.
The EVP's gonna explain why.
This is one where we ask, you know, "Do you like Jason?" Mm-hmm.
So, go ahead and listen.
Whoever this is likes you, and that's a good thing, because I know that you felt maybe like it could be a bad thing, and I think, at this point, we've ruled that out.
It's not a negative thing.
But then there's this female.
We heard the voice with you, the disembodied voice.
So we start thinking, "Who could it be?" And that's kind of when we had this epiphany, because the activity didn't start until you moved in here.
And it dawned on me that the previous owner, the wife Her name was Marjorie.
She passed away before you bought the house.
So, we started thinking, "Could it be this woman?" And she was very religious.
She lived to be 80 years old.
And got this EVP.
I hear something children, but I can't make out the number.
It says, "I have five children.
" Marjorie did have five children, and she also had a husband named Edward, and we think he's here with her.
Check out this EVP.
It's "Edward.
" It's clearly "Edward.
" Yeah.
It makes more sense.
Once I heard that, I thought, "She and her husband, Edward, are just still here with you.
" And, honestly, we talked to her a lot last night.
We told her exactly what was going on, and once we said that nice prayer for her, it was, you know It might even already be scaled way back for you.
I'm I'm Thank you.
[ LAUGHS ] It's good to know you don't have to worry.
Well, we just have one more thing to talk about.
I spent a lot of time talking to your friend Chris, and my advice to Chris would be, you know, learn a little bit more Mm-hmm.
and, you know, stop investigating this house.
I can go with that.
We'll tell them for you if you want.
I told them that multiple times.
I think that the way they approached it kind of riled them up and confused them.
And so, I think when you were here by yourself, they were trying to get your attention, to say, "You know, why are you guys treating us like this? Why are you talking to us like this?" You know, they're just trying to maybe right things, and it kind of instigated more activity for you.
And so, now I think you know who's here, and that's gonna make a huge difference.
I think your activity level's gonna go way back.
We would suggest, you know, moving back upstairs.
I think it will make all the difference in the world for you.
I'm still in shock, actually.
So, but It's a good shock, though? You feel good? Yeah.
I'm like It was not what I expected, I guess, so It never is.
No, it's never what we expect either, to be honest.
I mean, we're looking for the first executioner of New York possibly, and we got a sweet old lady.
- The opposite.
- Mm-hmm.
Yeah, yeah.
So but, no.
Thanks a lot, though.
This is it helped.
I think it's on the road to improvement.
That's for sure.
Well, thank you.
Thanks for having us.
If you need anything, you know, we're just a phone call away.
This case above any other has been a valuable lesson for investigations and investigators and what can happen when you think you are doing good when, in fact, you're doing more harm.
Thank you.
Thanks a lot.
Of course.
We came in here thinking that this house had some crazy things going on.
And we were very surprised by the outcome, as usual.
And I think that Jason is going to be able to move on from this, and there will be no more investigations in this house.