Kindred Spirits (2016) s02e03 Episode Script

Home Sweet Holmes

On the count of three, can you do something for us? One She was just standing at the - Who was? - Edge of my bed.
I don't know her name, but A person? - Yeah.
- two My kids are scared, and there's nothing I can do.
[ CHUCKLES ] That tickles.
What is that? That's in the kid's room.
I'm going to go find out.
I just saw a shadow.
BERRY: It went through the floor.
We've collected more evidence on this case than is normal.
We have a lot to show you.
[ DOOR CREAKS ] BRUNI: I'm Amy Bruni.
I was only 8 when a paranormal incident changed my life forever.
[GIRL LAUGHS] Since then, I've dedicated my time to solving the most terrifying hauntings imaginable.
BERRY: I'm Adam Berry.
More than a decade ago, an encounter at Gettysburg rocked my beliefs about the supernatural.
BRUNI: Together, we uncover the truth behind the unexplainable.
Oh, my god.
Now we are on our most important mission yet.
Helping families overcome their fear, take back their homes, and reclaim their lives.
synced by dom.
smrc - What's happening? - Well, I have a case.
It's a woman named Nicole.
She's an EMT.
She lives in this really spooky old farm house.
Her younger daughter is terrified to the point that she won't even sleep in her bed anymore.
- Okay.
- So I have a voicemail from her.
Her kids are saying this woman.
Nicole was sleeping, and her younger daughter came in just bawling and crying, and she said that this, like, older woman in period dress walked into the room, looked at her, and then just walked up the stairs.
That's terrifying.
Now, they have new activities.
They've started hearing the voices of children in the house.
- Whoa.
- Yeah.
- That's spooky.
- Yeah.
Time is of the essence it seems.
It is.
BRUNI: I think at this point, Nicole is most concerned about her kids.
There's this sense of urgency that comes with that because you want them to feel safe.
You want them to feel secure.
And it's a very helpless feeling, so I am hoping we'll be able to give her answers.
All right.
So this is my house, and it's a very difficult place to come home to every day.
What happens paranormal-wise in this area? Okay.
This seems to be where it is.
It's footsteps and doors opening and shutting.
There seems to be a pattern and a routine with the noises, and it's 9, 9:30 nightly.
I know you had mentioned an apparition.
Who has seen an apparition? My children.
This is what it was described as.
- A plain-faced lady - Mm-hmm.
with dark hair in a white dress.
You know, these are kids that have never had nightmares.
- Yeah.
- So I was taken off guard by it, and I didn't want to discard it, but I also didn't want to feed it.
- No, of course, that's perfect.
- Make the problem worse.
You know what I mean? So So it only happened once for each child, right? - That vivid of an image, yes.
- Okay.
But both of them are very vocal about the fact that, like, it's still here.
BERRY: Amy and I have interviewed a lot of clients, and we can tell when they're nervous.
Nicole seems really uncomfortable and genuinely concerned about her kids.
So this was, like, pretty much vacant space.
I attempted to put my bedroom up here, and I didn't do it.
It fell through.
It was too freaky.
When you say it was too freaky, what do you mean? The most unnerving I've ever felt.
Like, talk about not feeling along.
- Right.
- Like, that was it.
And the noises that I hear from my living room, they're still up here, except I'm up here now with them.
Do your kids ever come up here? - No.
No way.
- No.
Do you think that whatever is up here is different from what you experience in the rest of the house? Sometimes.
The majority of the activity, like, I feel like it's from the same person.
But especially as of lately, I'm, like, there's not just one thing here.
So what's happened in the kitchen? We were in here eating dinner one night, and I had one of those, like, portable bluetooth speakers.
And, like, a voice came through and was like, "Stop.
" And I ended up, like, smashing that thing.
Really just to make it stop? - Yeah.
- Wow.
- And the switch was on off.
- Oh.
- Okay.
- The whole time? Yeah.
But that was like probably about a year and a half ago now.
- Okay.
- And there's been nothing - in this kitchen since.
- Okay.
- Until - Oh, gosh.
I heard kids' voices in here the other day.
So it just kind of seems like activity is kind of spreading.
- Yeah.
- Spreading out now.
- Okay.
- Okay.
What can you, like, what do you hope as an outcome? What's your ultimate goal for us? I think why, for starters.
And no parent wants to see their kids in a constant state of panic.
And, like, my youngest, like I said, she broad daylight, I have to be in whatever room.
Like, she doesn't do well being away from me.
- Yeah.
- Like, I want her to have some peace primarily on this.
- Right.
- You know, so Who do you think it is? Honestly, one of the very first female authors was born and raised in this house.
Her name was Mary J.
- Okay.
- I have a bunch of books that were found on property.
All right.
So this was my daughters' room.
They refuse to sleep in it anymore.
- Okay.
- So it's become mine.
These are the ones that were found in the barn underneath one of the floorboards.
- Can we see the barn? - It's gone.
So it was a fire hazard.
- Sure.
- So they took it down.
So if it wasn't for that, these probably wouldn't have been found, or at least not for, like a long time.
I'm super interested in this.
It's strange that books would be buried under a barn.
Supposedly, once those books made their way into the house, activity started going off the charts for them.
So what is it about those books that made the activity increase? Why were they hidden under the floorboards in the barn? Research is going to be crucial to finding out what's going on here.
So are you familiar with where Mary Holmes lived in the area? On rice corner road.
That's the house that I'm investigating.
But at some point, they went out into the barn - Yeah.
- that they had to tear down.
And they found a ton of her books out there and everything.
- Really? - Wow.
And they were under the floorboards - Really? - as though they were hidden.
I don't know why.
So they still have them, and I believe they were probably hers.
So I'm just kind of curious as to what the history of her was in this area.
Mary lived here for about 25 years.
- Okay.
- Until she got married 1850 thereabouts.
She was an author.
She was writing when she was here.
- Mm-hmm.
- When she lived here, she started writing when she was a little kid.
- Oh, wow.
- And she sold 2 million books during her lifetime.
Which in that period from 1850 to 1900, was amazing.
I mean, she was second in book sales to Harriet beecher stowe.
Right, right.
Unfortunately, she's not well known here because she wasn't here for a long time.
Now, she came back to visit her family.
But I've actually read the first one, "Homestead On The Hill.
" And I mean, this is supposedly based on her life - "Life In Brookfield".
- At that house - and everything.
- Yes.
I mean, I would say she lived here during probably the most important years of her life.
I mean, her childhood and teenage They were the formative years, oh yeah.
Yeah, this is where she learned everything.
So it was probably lots of memories there.
Oh, I'm sure.
I'm sure.
We have established that Mary Holmes, the author, lived in this house back in mid 1800s, which coincides with the kid's story about a woman in period dress.
It also means those might have been Mary's books.
That gives us a good starting point.
Nicole told us the activity kicks off every night around 9 P.
So the clock is ticking.
BERRY: How is that? Can you put it down just a little bit? We're setting up a 24-hour surveillance system to help us monitor the entire house.
We have the actual staircase.
We have the top of the staircase.
And over here we have the bottom of the staircase.
And they see this woman appear in their room and then walk out here and then go up the stairs.
We're bound to hear something.
I hope.
She says every night.
Anything else? We might need the SLS camera.
- 100 percent.
- Yeah.
Let's do it.
BERRY: The SLS camera uses two lenses and infrared light to scan a room.
The lenses determine how far away objects are in the room.
The infrared reveals anomalies not visible to the naked eye.
Nicole's children saw an apparition in their bedroom.
This device will hopefully help us see what they saw.
Let's see.
[ DEVICE CLICKS ] It's time.
It's 9 o'clock.
All right.
I'm watching.
So if you're here, whoever you are, would you please come and join us? [ TAP ] - I heard a thump.
- I did, too.
There's something over there.
[ DEVICE CLICKS ] - I see it.
- Yeah.
It's right there.
It's right in front of us.
What the [BLEEP] is that? Oh.
It's coming closer.
It's small, though.
- Yeah.
- That's a small figure.
It's, like, oh, god.
Where is it going? It looks like it's grow Why does it look like? I don't know.
It went through the floor.
BRUNI: Oh, it's coming closer.
It's small, though.
- Yeah.
- That's a small figure.
It's, like, oh, god.
Where is it going? It looks like it's Why does it look? I don't know.
That was weird.
That's so strange.
- Completely gone.
- It's gone.
Like, it went through the floor.
- Okay.
- This anomaly seems child-like.
It was small the whole time.
I know they see her as this woman, but do you think there are other - Versions of Mary? - In the house? In what they remember of their lives.
This place was very important to her.
- Of course.
She kept visiting.
- She grew up here.
Her family stayed here for generations.
But we don't know yet.
I'll have to talk to Nicole further, but there is some history we'll dig into, like her brother being attacked.
But it hasn't come back, whatever it was.
BRUNI: The spirit we detected last night doesn't seem violent, but I keep thinking about Nicole's voicemail.
She said her brother had a life-altering experience in the house.
Adam and I are going to figure out what really happened.
So what exactly happened to your brother? I had a friend that was over.
She's very religious.
And she was holding it going into the rooms.
She was saying, "You don't belong here.
You need to leave.
" And then that's when my brother had his experience.
I was standing here, walking in here with one of Nicole's friends kind of making a joke.
And the best way I can describe it is the biggest chill you could possibly get.
- Okay.
- And it went, it was, like, honestly, like, a surge that went, like, zoom and up through my arms, up through my head.
Like, my facial hair was standing up, like, everything.
- Yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
- And it was like that.
Do you ever get concerned for the girls with all of this going on? I do.
Being afraid of something and you don't know exactly what it is, it's almost like you're trapped.
And it's like you can't get out.
It's almost like a suffocation.
And it, like, kills me to know that, like, they could be going through that, and I can't do anything about it.
- Yeah.
- Like, I go to work, and somebody calls because they can't breathe.
- I can fix that.
- Right.
Somebody is having a heart attack.
I can fix that.
My kids are scared, and there's nothing I can do.
It's, like, the most helpless feeling.
You talked to her brother today, right? - I did.
I did.
- And how did that go? It was nice to talk to someone who had an experience that made him stop and immediately think like, "What the hell was that?" He was walking into the kids' rooms where we got the anomaly.
Really? Yes, like, walking into the space following Nicole's friend.
He said that he felt internal cold chill that went, like, up.
Did he mention to you what the friend was doing at that time when that happened? They were laughing.
See because I heard that woman had a cross and was walking through the house - Oh.
- telling whatever was here to get out.
That's what I heard.
Well, he didn't, he did not tell me about a cross.
She had, like, a Celtic cross necklace, so she, like, took it and was saying, "Whoever you are, leave.
" And, you know, that's when that happened.
Well, he did not say that.
That changes the whole story.
Well, they probably provoked the spirit, and it lashed out.
No wonder he was freaked out because she was, like, literally saying, "Get out.
Don't, leave us alone.
" And then all of a sudden, he has this experience.
Whatever was there was probably pissed.
- Yeah.
- And, like, probably ran through him.
That must be why it only happened once.
There is something happening in that section of the house because you are not going to believe what we caught on the dvr.
So I was able to review the dvr from when we put it on overnight.
- Yeah.
- Now this is 4:47, and I want you to watch.
Do you see those footsteps? Yeah.
You see a white anomaly.
Then imagine it walks the path across the room, and then bam.
Footprints on the right side of the screen.
And that registered motion when that happened? - Yep.
- Oh, my god.
It's registering movement, and that's why.
Like, there is nothing else moving in that house.
Like, something is looking at our camera in the kitchen, and then the footsteps where they say they here footsteps.
And you can see the footprint.
- It's so - It's the shape of a foot.
That's it.
Who the hell is moving around up here? I'm going to go find out.
All right.
Let's start this back up.
What are you reading about? I'm just trying to get a sense of her, like, writing.
This one is called "The English Orphans" by Mrs.
Mary J.
"As they rode on, Mary fancied" that the country looked pleasanter and the houses better.
And when a sudden turn of the road brought into view a beautiful blue sheet of water, her delight knew no bounds".
Even that just one passage, you can just feel how much it meant to her to return to this place.
I mean, leaving here was probably very difficult for her.
We think we've caught somebody on video walking around when nobody is here.
Is that Mary? Is this your home? Did you grow up here? On the count of three can you do something for us? One, two, three.
It's so quiet.
This is what we know.
Nicole and her kids say whatever is here is Mary.
We don't have any proof of that, so we cannot be sure who the footsteps belong to.
I don't know, Adam.
I mean, we have a lot of research to do tomorrow.
Oh, my goodness.
So The house is not the house.
The house that Mary Holmes grew up in burned down in 1910.
So that kind of changes everything.
The house that Mary Holmes grew up in burned down in 1910.
Finding out the house wasn't the house Mary grew up in isn't the end of the world.
It's not as though that means it couldn't be her ghost.
The fact of the matter is it's built in the exact spot where her house was, and so there's a very good chance that it's still her, but it does kind of change things a little bit.
So I had the librarian pull some information for me just because I'm looking for any tragedies in the area.
And so she found something nearby of interest.
So I'm going to take a look at it.
[ BLEEP ] So a triple murder, beaten to death involving a little girl.
It was literally across the street from their house.
Like, you would look across, and it would be the next house to the left.
This is really gross.
A neighbor walked into the house, and upon entering the house, he recalled that an overpowering stench permeated the entire interior.
Apparently the mutilated and mangled bodies of Mrs.
Newton and her daughter, Elsie, both lay in a pool of blood, which was also spattered on the walls and ceiling.
Recoiling in horror, he rushed from the room and into a connecting hall where he stumbled over a bloody axe.
As he entered the master bedroom, there lay Mr.
Newton in the identical state as his family.
There was a crazy murder that happened very close across the street in the late 1800s.
So we'll definitely draw on this information as we investigate and see if it brings some sort of a response.
So I just wanted to, like, not be in there when I told you this information.
- Oh, my god.
- But I went to the library, and I did some research.
And I found out this is not the house Mary Holmes grew up in.
- What? - That house burned down in 1910.
On the property, though? Yes.
It's still the same property.
And I think that that house was built in the same spot.
Oh, okay.
- So - yeah.
But I found something else out that was actually pretty terrible that happened.
There was, in 1898, a triple homicide.
Their heads were beaten in while they were sleeping Oh, my god.
of a mother and father and their 11-year-old adopted daughter.
- Oh, god.
- Yeah.
It was in their house, and the mother's name was Sarah.
The father's name was Francis.
And the 11-year-old girl was named Elsie.
So just this really dreadful, awful thing, and then now it's making me wonder is that why we hear about kids? So, I mean, I'm guessing maybe if we do just incorporate some of that stuff in our investigation tonight.
BERRY: Tonight, we have a whole new list of suspects, the Newton family.
We'll start where the family feels most uncomfortable, upstairs.
Set him right here.
Elsie was only 11 years old when she was murdered.
We're going to see if we can elicit any sort of response using boobuddy.
Can you, if you want to play with that bear in the chair, just go and grab it, okay? You can just reach out and touch it.
BEAR: [ LAUGHS ] That tickles.
That was good.
So do you like the bear? Do you like playing with that bear? What's your name? With me, one, two, three, four.
Is your name Elsie? Are you here because we're here? Elsie, do you want to play? - Yes.
- Yeah.
I just saw a shadow.
- Back there? - In that room right there.
- Yes.
- Yeah.
I just saw a shadow.
- Back there? - In that room right there.
It came right out the side of this door.
The left side of that door.
Do you think we scared it away? - Yeah.
- Maybe it ran downstairs.
- Yeah.
- Let's check it out.
I don't see anything.
I don't either.
- Let's talk about this.
- Yeah.
It's time to, like, see if anything wants to talk to us.
So Francis Newton, his wife, Sarah, and their adopted child, Elsie, had their skulls beaten in.
It was such a brutal murder that blood was all over the ceiling and the walls.
- Oh, god.
- Like, it was splattered everywhere.
So this is little miss Elsie.
And that's Sarah.
Here's a sketch of Francis.
Is there anybody in here that knows about what happened down the street? It's so quiet.
They did say they had that radio thing happen.
That's right.
I had one of those, like, portable bluetooth speakers.
A voice came through and was, like, "Stop.
" BRUNI: Since it has communicated through a speaker before, we're using a spirit box.
It rapidly sweeps through FM stations, and sometimes spirits manipulate that white noise to create words and answer our questions.
All right.
Whoever you are, this is your big chance.
You can make this radio say whatever you want.
All right.
[ STATIC PLAYING ] All right.
What's your name? [ STATIC CONTINUES ] Elsie, is that you? Sarah, is Sarah with us? [ UNINTELLIGIBLE ] That was Did it say, "Sarah"? It sounded like it said, "Sarah.
" - Sarah.
- Sarah.
- Like an actual voice.
- I heard a voice.
[UNINTELLIGIBLE] And then there was talking right when I hung it up.
[ CHUCKLES ] I don't know, Adam.
So what do we know? We did get a yes evp upstairs when we were using boobuddy.
I mean, we got, there's a child.
There is a child, and There is an adult named Sarah.
That's true.
We did hear that.
So that tells me that there is Mm-hmm.
- the Newtons.
- Yeah.
That's true.
Maybe one of the kids can help us? Why don't we show them pictures of Sarah, Mary and other women from the same time period.
Maybe they can identify the spirit? Sounds like Madison got the best look at her, so maybe we can show her some photos and see if she picks out Mary Holmes.
Sounds good.
I'll just talk to Makenna about what happened.
We're here trying to figure out about your experience.
- Mm-hmm.
- What happened.
Tell me what happened? - I was in my bed.
- Mm-hmm.
She was just standing at the - Who was? - Edge of my bed.
I don't know her name, but - A person.
- Yeah.
- Like, standing right here? - Yeah.
And you were just, like, trying to sleep? Yeah.
Did you wake up and see her? Mm-hmm.
And then I ran to my mom's bedroom screaming.
And that was at 3 A.
in the morning.
Did she, like, disappear? - Yeah.
- Just disappeared.
I don't know if she, like, do you know how ghosts can, like, go through things? Yeah, a theory, yeah.
I think she just went down.
- You think she went down? - Back to the basement, yeah.
You think she went through the floor.
Do you know how ghosts can, like, go through things? Yeah, a theory, yeah.
I think she just went down.
- You think she went down? - Back to the basement.
You think she went through the floor.
- Why does it look so - I don't know.
It's - Whoa.
- It went through the floor.
Now you had an experience where you actually saw this woman in the house, right? Mm-hmm.
I was, like, I was reading something on my tablet, and then she, like, a white figure almost, like, had a dress on, like, walked up the stairs.
- Uh-huh.
- And I didn't even, like, watch to see how far she went up.
I just started banging on my mom's door.
Did you get a good look at her? She had, like, a dress on, like, almost like poufy hair.
It was hard to explain.
- I have some pictures.
- Okay.
And I was wondering if you would look and see if you could, if any of them looked like what she looked like.
- All right.
- All right.
So what you do is just start here, and you just scroll and just tell me if any of these - All right.
- Women look familiar.
- That was her.
- That's her? Okay.
You're sure? - Yeah.
- Okay.
BRUNI: She just picked Mary Holmes.
So when I was talking to Makenna, she was explaining to me what happened that night.
She said that she woke up.
The apparition was standing above her bed.
She could see her looking at her - Mm-hmm.
- and she freaked out.
But she didn't go away.
She went through the floor.
- She did.
- Yeah.
- She went through the floor.
- She went through the floor.
I go, "How did, she just disappear?" She's like, "No.
She went through the floor.
" And I was, like, I'm thinking the SLS camera.
The SLS camera.
That's how it moves through the house.
That was the biggest thing that she said to me during our conversation where I was, like, huh.
Maddie went through the pictures really quickly.
And then went That one.
- Okay.
- And that is Mary Holmes.
That's Mary Holmes.
It is.
It is Mary Holmes.
I think we should refocus our investigation on Mary.
She still seems to have the strongest connection here.
Yeah, but we have evidence that points to both Mary and the Newtons.
We need to figure out which spirits are actually here.
Looks good.
Let's bring the first one.
What is that? - Um, did you see that? - What was that? What was that? No, seriously, what the [BLEEP] was that? What is that? That's in the kids' room.
- [ BLEEP ] - Okay, where is it.
We haven't even started yet.
Those poor kids.
It's moving across.
It's really weird, Adam.
That's absolutely insane.
That is so bizarre.
It's [BLEEP] bizarre.
Does it register motion when that's happening in there? Yes! I've never seen anything like it in my life.
Well, guess where we're going? Yeah.
We're going to start in there obviously.
Let's go.
I'm going to kill this light.
We don't mean any harm or disrespect.
You can talk into this device that I'm holding in my hand, and we can hear you.
What's your name? Do you know Mary? All right.
Let's listen to this.
- [ GASPS ] - Are you kidding me? - Oh! - Are you kidding me? - [ GASPS ] - Are you kidding me? - Oh! - Are you kidding me? Stop it.
BRUNI: What's your name? Mary.
BERRY: Do you understand what I'm telling you? - Mary.
- It says, "Mary.
" Of course it says, "Mary.
" What's your name? Yeah.
I can't believe that stuff on the dvr.
And leads us in here, and, like, Mary talks to us.
Mary evp.
Right, which is incredible.
I think it's safe to say that we are going to blow Nicole's mind.
And I'm concerned that it may be a little too blown.
BEAR: [ LAUGHS ] That tickles.
Is Sarah with us? SPIRIT: Yes.
- I know.
- You know.
Like, there's a lot of things that we're going to show her, and I don't want her to freak out about it.
It's the shape of a foot.
That's it.
Who the hell is moving around up here? Whoa.
It went through the floor.
What is that? That's in the kids' room.
Aside from the evidence, even, we're about to tell her that the history of the house Yeah.
and everything that she thinks happened here didn't.
The house that Mary Holmes grew up in burned down.
There was, in 1898, a triple homicide.
Their heads were beaten in while they were sleeping.
Oh, my god.
So I guess let's just set everything up.
Get the dvr ready to go so that we can show her that.
And then let's let her in on everything that's happening.
- Yeah.
- This is a touchy one.
- Very.
- So let's not mess it up.
We probably collected more evidence on this case Mm-hmm.
- Than is normal.
We have a lot to show you.
We did hear all the knocking that you experienced, like, thuds that you can't explain.
So please know that, yes, those things are happening.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
And so we'll start at the very beginning.
What's most important to know here is that Mary Holmes did not grow up in this house.
The house she grew up in burned down in 1910.
Just because this isn't the exact house, that doesn't necessarily mean there's not a connection there.
So I'm turning on the dvr, and we were setting up.
So this is in your daughter's bedroom.
- Right.
- Here it comes.
And then you'll see it, like.
It's pretty crazy.
This is still really weird.
There's more evidence to what the girls were always saying.
- Yeah.
- Right.
So then we rushed into the girls' room.
We did this evp session.
So here.
You can take a listen and see if you hear it.
What's your name? What does it sound like? - Mary.
- Mm-hmm.
- Oh.
- Mary.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Want to hear it - one more time? - Yeah.
What's your name? - [ INHALES SHARPLY ] - [ LAUGHS ] - Oh.
- Cool, right? Interesting, right.
It's, yeah.
That's creepy.
We think that she tends to just kind of do a routine.
She's doing a routine.
- That's what I felt.
- Right.
You know, and since she's not bothering anyone, she's just, like, in the space because, you know, this land meant a lot to her.
But then there's also some more history nearby.
There was a very horrific murder that happened right up the street from this house, and it was a family of three people, the Newton family.
And apparently, this man, he bludgeoned them to death in their sleep.
It was a big deal in this area.
- Yeah, I didn't know.
- Yeah.
It was a big deal for the area.
We'll tell you why we kind of think that might factor into some of the stuff you're experiencing here.
So We're going to play something for you.
Don't freak out.
We caught this anomaly in the corner of the room.
It's a short person.
Now it's crawling.
And now it's gone.
It goes through the floor.
But it's, like, this tall, right? So what's this tall? - A child.
- Mm-hmm.
And I And you say that you have been hearing, like, a child, a voice or children.
So when we heard about the Newton murders, we started kind of making a connection there.
The girl who was murdered was only 11 years old.
- Oh.
- Right.
Her name was Elsie.
So we did do a spirit box session.
This answer we thought was obvious enough that we would play it for you.
We asked, "Is Sarah with us?" And we think it's Is Sarah with us? [ STATIC PLAYING ] - Sarah.
- I don't know a Sarah.
[ LAUGHS ] Well, Sarah was the name of the mom that was murdered, Sarah Newton.
- Sarah, the mother - Mm-hmm.
of Elsie, the daughter, is in the house.
We think your home is a safe haven for them.
And it's probably because you're an awesome, you know, single mom with two amazing kids that are Elsie's age.
- Right.
- And it's just an inviting place for them.
The biggest step you're going to have to take here is you're going to have to talk to your ghosts.
Teach your daughters to say, "Hey, go away.
You're making me uncomfortable.
" Or, you know, "Can you please stop?" Because they're people, too.
- Mm-hmm.
- And most of the time, they are going to listen to you.
And honestly, now that we've identified them and talked about them and kind of brought light to their situation, I would not be surprised if the activity level here scaled way back.
What are your thoughts? I mean, are you? I'm kind of okay with it because we know what it is now.
- Mm-hmm.
- But them being here doesn't bother me, and the girls will feel a lot better - that it's nothing evil.
- Yeah.
I'm really happy Nicole reached out for help.
Now that she actually knows what's going on and knows that the entities here aren't out to harm them, she and her girls can live in peace.
And that's what this is all about.
NICOLE: Thank you for coming.
I appreciate it.
- Yeah.
- We got a lot of answers.
BERRY: I think you guys will be able to sleep better, right? - Yeah.
- Cool.
- Thank you for.
- Bye.
- Thank you.
- Opening up your home.
BRUNI: It's always more difficult when kids are involved, but it's also that much more important.
There's nothing quite like being able to help a child overcome their fear.
It's why we do what we do.
And it's cases like this that remind us exactly of that.