Kindred Spirits (2016) s02e04 Episode Script

Uninvited Guests

[ MOTION DETECTOR BEEPING ] BRUNI: Did someone walk in front of the motion detector? That's not me.
I do not see anybody.
[BLEEP] Whatever it is always touches me on my right arm.
STEPHANIE: I saw a man standing in that back corner.
He kind of just wants me to go away.
It sounds like someone running against the door.
'This whole bed is shaking.
[ DOOR CREAKS ] BRUNI: I'm Amy Bruni.
I was only 8 when a paranormal incident changed my life forever.
[GIRL LAUGHS] Since then, I've dedicated my time to solving the most terrifying hauntings imaginable.
BERRY: I'm Adam Berry.
More than a decade ago, an encounter at gettysburg rocked my beliefs about the supernatural.
BRUNI: Together, we uncover the truth behind the unexplainable.
Oh, my god.
Now we are on our most important mission yet.
Helping families overcome their fear, take back their homes, and reclaim their lives.
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smrc BERRY: So, um, I have to tell you about Carl and Cindy.
BRUNI: Okay.
So, they bought the house five years ago, and the activity is absolutely crazy.
Really? Yeah.
Listen to this.
This is his voicemail.
You can hear it in his voice.
This just happened The stove thing.
That's extremely dangerous, but the freakiest thing that he told me was that he was working on chairs that he had just bought.
And they were on the table butt-side down, with the legs up, and next to him, this chair lifts us a little bit, floats out, flips up like this, and then sits right back down.
And that is honestly the craziest claim that I've ever heard in terms of an object moving in front of someone who is having paranormal activity in their house.
Well, it sounds like whatever's there is frantically trying to make contact with them or let them know that it's there.
He's worried, you know He's worried that it's gonna pick up.
He's worried that the activity's gonna keep going.
I can see why that would be alarming.
So we have to help them.
BERRY: It sounds like Carl and Cindy deal with activity every day.
But now, whatever's causing the disturbance is getting worse.
The activity is actually frightening them.
The scary part There's no way to know if the intention is positive or negative.
But the stovetop turning on and off could be dangerous.
And they don't want the activity to pick up, so there's a lot at stake here.
Let's start from the beginning, and you just tell us exactly what's going on.
After we bought the house We bought the house about 2012, and there was somebody who had been living here and was really a mess, from what I understand.
BRUNI: Mm-hmm.
And I tore everything out.
Is that about when the activity started? Yep.
But I don't think it's sure of me.
I think it likes Carl better.
Okay, and what makes you say that? It's more around him than it is for me.
Anything specifically happening in this space? Yes.
I was lying on the couch, and all of a sudden, somebody said, "Carl, hi.
I'm here.
" BRUNI: The voice It sounded like it was familiar with you? Or I mean, it seems like it was comfortable, or It sounded like it was comfortable being here.
And every once in a while, I'll hear, like, music.
You hear the music regularly, or Yes.
Does it sound like it has a filter in between you and itself, or is it clear? It's not clear.
CINDY: But you definitely know it's music.
And it's been amping up.
We've had knocking, we've had Footsteps.
Where in the house does the touching happen? Upstairs.
CINDY: The touching happens up here.
The knocking happens up here.
The sounds The booms They're always at a Strong.
What does it sound like, exactly? It sounds like, say, someone running against the door.
Like the thud.
And then the knocking is different.
BERRY: It's just definite knocks? It's definite knocks.
Where in this Where? It's come out of this room.
This is our dressing room.
Out of the closet.
In the closet, the knocks? CINDY: Yes.
Like [ KNOCKING ON DOOR ] Right, yeah.
And it was on the actual door here? That one time? CINDY: No, about three times that has happened.
[ KNOCKING ON DOOR ] BERRY: Like that? Yes, just like that.
This was the workshop, and it was probably like right about here where that chair was.
And I was standing about here, and that's when it just slid out and turned right-side-up and then came down to the floor.
And it didn't even slam Which I can't understand.
So, someone, like, set it down almost? Like they set it down, right.
Almost as if they were pulling out a chair at a dining-room table and sitting down They're gonna talk to me or something.
So, this was what time of the day? It was at night.
And how soon after you moved in did that happen? It wasn't that long.
BERRY: Any idea who you might think it is? BRUNI: Mm-hmm.
CARL: I really don't know.
I know when my grandmother had died, we were very, very close.
What was your grandmother's name, really quick? My grandmother's name was Helen.
BRUNI: Something doesn't feel quite right.
We know from past cases that it's not always the most likely suspect, and if it was a loving family member, why would Carl and Cindy feel so threatened by it? I need to sit down with Cindy and see if there is something else at play here.
How does it feel to have this thing that's here with you? Intimidating.
It's like an invasion.
Very, like, very much so.
Has there ever been anything that you felt especially afraid of? Upstairs, I definitely feel like someone's standing next to me, watching me.
And whatever it is always touches me on my right arm.
When all the activity really started ramping up, I got more worried about walking upstairs or walking downstairs.
How much further was it gonna go? That's what really made me afraid.
Your own personal safety at that point.
Yeah, for me.
Is there anybody that you can think of that maybe you have lost or been connected to over the years? The only one I can think of is my grandmother.
When she passed away, nobody knew that she was ill, and none of us kids got to go to see her.
Her name was Mary.
All right.
Do you think it's something or someone that knew Carl or do you think it came with the house? If I had to guess if it was one person, it would be his grandmother.
Does it ever make you worry for him? I do, but I can't say anything.
Because I don't want him to know how much I worry.
BRUNI: Cindy's watched over the last five years as this activity has escalated.
The next logical step is that this thing gets physical.
She said she's afraid something's gonna push them down the stairs, and that's kind of her worst nightmare.
BRUNI: Do you want to start upstairs? BERRY: Yeah, let's do that.
In the bedroom? Or I think that's the most logical place.
That's where Cindy feels like she gets touched the most up there.
Do you think that freaks her out more than she's letting on? She says she worries that because it's escalated over the years, like since they got here, she's afraid the next step will be at, like, actually harming them.
Whatever's here seems very physical.
We hope it will use that energy to reach out.
Since we don't know how it will communicate, we'll use a recorder to capture any electronic voice phenomena and a k ii meter to detect electromagnetic fields generated when a spirit could be present.
Okay, I would like to start doing EVP work.
Hey, uh, Adam? Yes? The K-II meter is going off.
BRUNI: Hello, is someone in here? Can you make this go all the way up to red? You can let it go.
Make it stop.
BERRY: I'm sorry.
It just stopped.
I'm gonna ask you some questions.
It it's a "yes" answer, I want you to light it up, okay? Are you still here with us? [ CREAKING ] Hear that? No.
Did you hear that? What did you just hear? I don't know.
Are you still here with us? [ CREAKING ] Hear that? No.
Did you hear that? What did you just hear? I don't know.
It sounded like it was coming from, like, over there.
Why don't you sit in there? Bye.
I'm hearing movement in this room.
In what room? Here.
I need to, like, open this door.
Tapped on is that one.
This is Okay, let me listen.
Okay, no, Adam.
I just heard tapping on this door.
No, there's, like, something rummaging, like, keh, keh, keh, like, on the door.
I'm gonna bring the K-II in here just to I'm gonna run this, too.
All right.
Whoever's here Can you knock on that door again? Maybe up towards this area? Do you know Helen? What about Mary? Is there someone here named Mary? [STATIC] Wait, go back.
What was that? I'm sorry, what? [INDISTINCT VOICE] Mary is here! No, no, no, no, no.
[ CHUCKLES ] Mary is here.
Who is Mary again? Mary was Cindy's grandmother.
Let me up here.
Let's put it right here.
If you're here with us, can you just let us know by grabbing that green light there, you see? If you grab it, hold on to it.
It will go from There we go.
Are you Cindy's grandmother? No, you don't want to grab that green light? Do you want to talk to us? It's weird how sometimes it just goes totally silent.
It's so weird that the activity stopped when we asked if it was Cindy's grandmother.
So, maybe there's another Mary associated with the house that we just haven't found yet.
That we don't know.
We haven't even dug into the history yet, though.
Well, what I'll do is tomorrow, I'm gonna go to, like, the town hall, and I'll start digging into the deeds and get names associated with the house.
I'm going to set up an experiment in the basement and see if anything happens.
All right, well, let's do that, then.
BRUNI: You know, like all the cases we do, we rely intensely on research.
I'm gonna dig into the history of the house, the former owners, the land.
I'm gonna set up the camera here in the basement because this is where that chair was on the table and it kind of flipped off by itself.
I'm gonna put a chair on that table, and we're gonna monitor it and see if we can catch anything.
What did you come across? Well, the man who lived in this house before Carl and Cindy was named Jim.
He died of cancer in 2010.
He was 58.
Basically, what happened was this house originally In 1930 A group of people, they were probably related, they bought this plot.
The previous owner Jim That was his family.
It has been in his family since 1930.
Two of the women who originally built the house and were in this original group of people One was named Mary, and one was named Marie.
BERRY: In this house? In this house.
Our clients are the first people that lived here that were not relatives of Jim.
That could be why the activity started when they moved in.
Let's focus on figuring out which Mary is here.
You want to start in the basement? Yeah.
BERRY: Watch your head.
BRUNI: Oh [BLEEP] Watch your head.
BRUNI: I'm trying to remember They had the foot They hear footsteps upstairs while they're down here, right? And then he had the chair incident happen down here.
That was the major thing.
Okay, I want to try the spirit box for a little bit.
BRUNI: Last night, something definitely spoke to us.
Since this entity wants to talk, we're using the spirit box to make it easier.
This device quickly sweeps through radio channels.
Spirits can sometimes manipulate that white noise in order to get a message across.
So, if you're in here with us, my name is Adam.
This is Amy, and if you talk, maybe we'll be able to hear you through this little device that Amy's holding, okay? [ STATIC ] Can you tell us your name? [ RADIO CHATTER ] [ DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYS ] Can you try that again? Can you tell us your name? [ STATIC ] Is this your house? Do you know who Mary is? [ STATIC STOPS ] Did you just hear someone upstairs? Yeah, I heard, like, a thud.
It's like a knock or something.
It's right above us.
Right where you are is where it sounded like it was coming from.
Wait! Over here.
Hello? Hello? I heard it again, but up here.
Hello? Definitely came from the bedroom.
Like, first it was in the kitchen, then it goes up here in the bedroom.
I heard another, like, thud.
Like, something stomping around.
Hello? BRUNI: Adam? Yeah.
I heard it all the way up in the bedroom.
So I went running up there and there's nothing there.
That's exactly what they keep hearing.
That's what I'm saying is, like, that's I was waiting for that because they kept talking about this thud that they heard all the time.
And we've been here now for two days and haven't heard it.
There it was.
And that's what they're hearing.
It was weird because it happened in the kitchen first, and then I went chasing after it.
And so it's almost like whatever it was, like, was going upstairs to get away from me.
Let's use this.
Whoever is here, are you trying to hide from us? We know you get Carl and Cindy's attention by big thuds, and we just heard one.
Was that you? Can you tell us your name? Mnh-mnh.
Nothing's talking to us right now.
All right.
Well Oh, god.
I can honestly say right now that we have not heard from Helen, Carl's grandmother.
At all? Not a peep.
But we do have that "Mary" EVP.
And the only Mary they really confirmed for us was Cindy's grandmother.
I don't think that it is her grandmother at this point.
We did find a lot A Mary for sure in the research.
But we got nothing on that.
We need Mary's last name.
I think that I'm going to call Stephanie, my friend, the psychic.
We'll just have her do a walk-through real quick tomorrow.
Just see what she comes up with.
I've invited my friend Stephanie here.
She's a very gifted psychic medium.
I just want her to come and do a walk-through of the house and give us her impressions and her feelings of what might be going on here.
Pieces of evidence and experiences that we've gotten so far None of them have pointed to anything definitive.
We super appreciate you coming out.
STEPHANIE: I'm excited to be with you guys again.
If you wouldn't mind just doing your thing and walking around You got it.
I'm going to go this way.
BERRY: Okay.
All right.
Let's go this way.
We're going upstairs.
All right.
All right, I'm going to go this way.
BERRY: Watch your head.
I found it.
I saw a man standing in that back corner.
All right, I'm going to go this way.
I found it.
I saw a man standing in that back corner.
He kind of just wants me to go away.
I don't really understand what he's trying to say to me, but I'm going to go with, like, a "J" name.
So he's just saying, "Like, I'm down here.
Like, leave me be.
" Mm-hmm.
He comes up, he does his thing.
It's what he says, like, "Nobody gets in my way.
I do what I need to.
" "Sometimes, I bump into things.
" But he's talking about a music connection, too.
A music connection? Yeah.
He's talking about the music.
Every once in a while, I'll hear, like, music.
That makes sense, actually.
STEPHANIE: Does it? Mm-hmm.
That does make sense.
I mean, I've asked him every question in the book at this point, and he's just kind of shooing me out the door.
He has the homeowners right now, who are very sweet people They keep kind of second-guessing themselves.
The way he's acting is like, "I'm just going about my daily" Yeah.
Like, I'm not" Like, him upsetting somebody.
He's acknowledging that they're not in his way.
But he's still doing his job.
I'm going to go this way.
[ CLEARS THROAT ] Up here, I feel like there's different energies that are coming in Coming from up here and then down in the basement room.
[ SIGHS ] So the older guy that I saw in the basement wants really nothing to do with talking to me.
I would say I mean, I say, "older," but he's showing me himself almost like 50s, 60s.
Okay, he's showing me his hands, and he's showing me that they're dirty.
He doesn't have a problem getting his hands dirty Worked with something that caused his hands to be dirty.
He's not really comfortable with the overflow of people in the house.
BRUNI: Okay.
At all.
BRUNI: Up until now, we've only been investigating one spirit.
Stephanie picking up on a second one changes everything.
BRUNI: This has gone totally a different direction than I expected.
I was worried at first because it took her a minute.
There's a lot of energy going on.
Yes, and she said that.
She said there's multiple energies in here, which makes a lot of sense.
The name Mary keeps coming up.
I really think she picked up on Jim.
She said that he was in his 50s or 60s.
The "J" name.
A "J" name.
It makes sense why he's not talking to us a lot.
He's not interested in us.
He's just doing his thing.
Like, this is his house still.
So It makes sense to me that Jim would still be here.
He's lived here his entire life.
But I think we need to look into Jim.
BERRY: Based on what Stephanie says, I mean, who knows? Maybe Jim still is here.
But we don't know yet.
I mean, our instincts are telling us that obviously, Jim would be the culprit in this house based on the things that we know.
But there's no way to really determine exactly who is there until we get confirmation.
Hi! You must be David.
Hi, how are you? How you doing? Hi, I'm Amy.
Hi, Amy.
I'm Adam.
Hi, Adam.
How are you? BERRY: This is Jim's cousin Dave.
He has been in the house.
He knew Jim very well, and we're going to get a chance to speak with him about who Jim was and get to know a little bit more about the house.
BRUNI: You spent a lot of time here, I take it? I spent some time here.
It was a lot different.
We heard he had a lot of stuff.
Oh, my god.
He had so much stuff in here.
It was, like, unbelievable.
Jimmy was a great guy.
BERRY: Yeah.
You know, he was.
Jimmy was a great guy.
The way he went, it wasn't Yeah, we heard.
It was a bad thing.
We heard he died of cancer.
That's terrible.
And they put him under He was in a coma.
And he never He never came out of it.
He never came out.
You know, he came to my house when he got sick.
And he begged me to take his business over.
So he had a business? Yes.
What was his business? He did construction.
Did Jim have a connection to music at all that you would know of? I mean, we used to go upstairs in the attic and, you know, listen to music.
He had all his music stuff was upstairs.
I know he had drum sets up there, he had reel-to-reel, he had You name it, he had it.
Yeah, he he God, loved going around listening to music.
What do you think Jim would think of the house now? Jim would probably say "Finally.
" Yeah.
You know? Jimmy would be very happy to see this house like it is.
Well, thank you for taking the time.
No problem.
It's been super helpful.
It's always nice to get some background on who we're looking for.
BERRY: Dave's information about Jim backs up.
Stephanie's findings, but we still don't know who Mary is.
We already investigated two separate Marys Cindy's grandmother and the former homeowner.
We're putting motion detectors in the kitchen, which is where they hear the footsteps and where the stove turned off.
[ MOTION DETECTOR BEEPING ] It's totally working.
BRUNI: All right.
We're good.
And since the female voice calls out to Carl, we need to get him back in here.
Maybe he'll have some more information for us.
I did have a quick question for you.
Is there anybody in your history named Mary? Yes.
Who would that be? I have an aunt named Mary.
So, your aunt, though, is still living? No.
My aunt Mary is dead.
BERRY: What was her last name? McCardle.
And that was a bad death.
She veered off the road Oh, my god.
And were you close with her? Yes.
All right.
That's helpful.
I can't say any details really further beyond Okay.
the question.
We'll see what we get to tell you tomorrow.
Sounds good.
So first of all, do you think that's our Mary? I mean, it's another Mary, and it's more connected to him.
Maybe potentially, we'll know more tonight when we investigate, but, I mean, I know there's been a lot of Marys, but what are the odds? Right.
Obviously, we have to investigate it and we have to see, but we have a first and last name.
All right, here we are.
We'll do an EVP session first.
What if I do it by myself somewhere? Because Yes, yes.
I mean, like, completely by myself.
Women-to-women it's fine.
You want to just do it in here by yourself? Okay.
You good? Yep.
Okay, Amy, I am watching you on the dvr.
So right now, Amy is alone in the bedroom, and she's gonna try to speak to whoever it is Whatever Mary that's been reaching out to us All by herself.
Okay, Mary.
It's just me now, Amy.
And I'm just wondering if maybe would you prefer to just talk to me? [ MOTION DETECTOR BEEPS ] [ MOTION DETECTOR BEEPING ] That's not me.
I did not see anybody moving in the kitchen, and I'm staring at the kitchen.
This whole bed is shaking.
So right now Amy is alone in the bedroom.
Okay, Mary.
It's just me now, Amy.
I'm just wondering if maybe would you prefer to just talk to me? [ MOTION DETECTOR BEEPING ] That's not me.
I did not see anybody moving in the kitchen, and I'm staring at the kitchen.
This whole bed is shaking.
[BLEEP] Well, if you're here, I don't know if you're trying to reach out to them so they can tell your story or if you're just confused or a little lost.
I mean, we've been split up for Maybe five minutes? [ MOTION DETECTOR BEEPING ] The motion sensor keeps going off.
That's not me.
I'm going to listen to the recorder.
Adam, it's quiet.
I mean, I didn't get anything on the recorder.
I think you should come back.
So while you were down there and I was up here by myself, it was just All this stuff started happening all at once.
BERRY: Okay.
So stuff was happening, but my EVP session came up empty.
Use that as a backup, and I'm going to put out two more K-IIs and see if we get anything.
Let's do this.
By the way, if you're in here and you want to interact with us, you can grab any of these devices that you see.
We know We know someone is here with Carl and Cindy.
And we really need to tell them who you are and why you're here.
So please, can you just tell us your first and last name? Why are you here? So, whoever's here, I'm sure you've heard Carl and Cindy talk about how frustrated they are because of whatever it is that you do.
I think that if they just knew who you were and that you don't mean any harm, they wouldn't be so frustrated.
The K-II just went off.
Okay, so let me record.
Is this Mary McCardle that's grabbing these boxes in front? If that's you, can you grab on to those boxes again, please? Can you do it on the count of three? One Two Three.
Is this Mary McCardle? If that's you, can you grab onto those boxes? Can you do it on the count of three? One two three.
That's insane to me.
They're both going off.
Are you Mary McCardle? Mary McCardle, if that's you Mary McCardle? Every time.
Why are you here? Would you like to give Carl a message now? Would you like to stay here? Are you still here? I know it takes a lot of energy.
She might have used it up communicating with the K-IIs.
Why would she be here? Why would she pick Carl to communicate with? We have a lot of great things.
Like, we have a lot of good things Mm-hmm.
to talk about.
Oh, yeah! I mean, we still have to review the evidence from tonight.
The real question is, will they find comfort in what we're telling them? Mm-hmm.
Let's pack it up All right.
And reconvene tomorrow.
BRUNI: Well, I can tell you that of all the cases we've done, this one left us scratching our heads until the last possible moment.
BERRY: Mm-hmm.
We had experiences that you guys have had on many occasions, and so we're able to validate a lot of that.
We both experienced footsteps upstairs while we were down here.
And we definitely got the vibe that whatever it was was kind of avoiding us, where we would be in one place, it would be making noise somewhere else.
CARL: Yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
BRUNI: We think we know why.
And so we'll play some of this evidence for you.
BERRY: The first thing I'll show you is we were investigating in your bedroom.
BRUNI: Have you seen one of these before? If you have, make it light up.
BRUNI: And on the same night, we got this.
This was the first EVP that we caught as we were investigating.
So, and you can just tell me what you think it says.
What about Mary? Is someone here named Mary? [INDISTINCT VOICE] Mary is here.
Oh, my god.
BERRY: Right? CARL: Yeah.
Because the activity seemed to be around you so much, so we thought, "Is it a Mary that's associated you?" So that's why we did ask you that.
We went back to the K-IIs because it was getting such a good response.
And so I said, "Is this Mary McCardle?" Ba-da-ding! And I said, "Mary McCardle.
" Ba-ring! Are you Mary McCardle? Every time.
Wow! That was, like, kind of the final we have our Mary.
Would you have any idea why she would be hanging around you? My god.
She was my godmother.
ALL: Oh! Oh, my god.
There we go.
I get goosebumps.
I feel BERRY: There it is! BRUNI: Mm-hmm.
Get out, oh, my god.
I got wicked goosebumps.
[ CHUCKLES ] She's probably checking in on you.
I mean, even if she's not here all the time, she's probably, like, doing her godmotherly duties, you know? Yeah.
Your aunt pops in and out, but the thuds, things being moved, the stove, doesn't seem like Mary.
And as we have learned, many times, who we expect is not usually who it is.
So we were trying to figure out who Mary was, and we brought in one of my good friends.
BRUNI: Stephanie is I consider to be a very gifted psychic.
And she did a walk-through of your house.
And immediately, she walked in, and she said there was a man here.
I saw a man standing in that back corner.
He comes up, he does his thing, is what he says.
Like, "Sometimes, I bump into things.
" And she was able to exactly describe the former homeowner Jim.
That's cool.
So, yeah.
We think, like, most of your activity is attributed probably to Jim.
We think he's the one that's moving things around.
Maybe accidently hitting the bed as he goes by, like Yes.
CINDY: Ah! Which also could explain the stove.
He's bumping into things Moving them.
But that he doesn't even know he's doing it.
If you experience something, you know, say out loud Just let him know what his What the boundaries are, 'cause he may not realize it.
CINDY: That makes me feel good.
CARL: Yeah.
But I think now that you know the motivation and now that you understand who is behind it, it kind of puts it into a different perspective.
And there's no malice behind it.
And along those lines, we don't think you have anything to worry about as far as it escalating to something more serious.
So we brought Stephanie here with us today.
We were hoping we could just kind of all of us get together, and she'll kind of be the go-between.
BRUNI: Carl and Cindy accept the former homeowner Jim just wants to stay in the home where he grew up.
Welcoming Jim and establishing clear boundaries should cut down on the activity that bothered them.
He had said that it wasn't necessarily a family connection, but he considered you guys family.
Oh, that'll work.
BERRY: Yeah.
BRUNI: I love seeing the shift to just fully accepting it.
CARL: Mm-hmm.
And realizing the motivation.
I feel peaceful.
I yeah.
I do.
I haven't really felt like this in a long time.
It is a different feeling.
BRUNI: We connected with Carl's aunt Mary.
Knowing she's here to watch over him gave him peace.
Nothing in this house is aggressive or negative, and Carl and Cindy can finally feel comfortable in their own home.