Kindred Spirits (2016) s02e05 Episode Script

The Strangler

1 Is someone in here with us? There it is.
It's right in that corner.
BERRY: They both have been strangled by an unseen entity in the house.
It was deemed as "The murder of the century.
" This can't be right.
Oh, god.
[ DOOR CREAKS ] BRUNI: I'm Amy Bruni.
I was only 8 when a paranormal incident changed my life forever.
[ GIRL LAUGHS ] Since then, I've dedicated my time to solving the most terrifying hauntings imaginable.
BERRY: I'm Adam Berry.
More than a decade ago, an encounter at gettysburg rocked my beliefs about the supernatural.
BRUNI: Together, we uncover the truth behind the unexplainable.
Oh, my god.
Now we are on our most important mission yet.
Helping families overcome their fear, take back their homes, and reclaim their lives.
synced by dom.
smrc There is a case here by a lady named Delanne.
She's had experiences.
Her husband and her children have had experiences.
Two of the oldest kids have experienced actual physical attacks on them.
They both have been strangled by an unseen entity in the house.
I know that you're You seem a little on edge.
- Yeah.
- Just judging by some of the stuff you told us before we got here.
The reason that I made contact with you originally is that once we switched bedrooms around about two months ago, it kicked off a lot of really weird activity.
It's to the point where we don't know what else to do.
There's been activity steady for about nine years.
So, a decade of, like, torture? Yes.
This is our house.
I want to provide a safe environment for my family to live.
It's aggravating.
So, you want to start in here? Does anything go on in the kitchen? Up above the counter is a cupboard with glasses, and I had cleaned the whole kitchen, and I came out of the living room into the kitchen, and there was a glass just randomly sitting there on the counter that hadn't been there before.
When I asked my kids where it came from, they said that the man brought it out from the living room.
- Hmm.
- Kind of threw me.
I said, "What man?" And they said, "The man that brought the glass.
" Is there anybody in your life that, maybe That was close to you that you lost? My brother died when I was 20.
BERRY: What was his name? Daniel.
BRUNI: Now, in this area specifically, have you guys had any experiences? My youngest son, Adric, used to stand right over here, and he would look up the staircase and talk to a man.
He would stand here and say, "No, I can't come up the stairs right now, and I can't come play with you.
" I even had my first visual sighting of the man.
BERRY: Where was that? He was down at the bottom of the stairs.
I saw a man standing on the landing downstairs for - Right there.
- Yes, right down there.
And it was clear enough so that I actually sort of jumped back a little and went, "Whoa! What the heck is that?" And I looked around, and by the time I looked back over there, it wasn't there.
And could you tell what color hair he had or anything? It definitely seemed to have dark hair.
BERRY: Did it give you a time period? Would you say like 1800s, 1700s, 1900s? I would say like 1940s.
- Okay.
- Clothing style.
So, this is Macy's room.
Delanne: Mm-hmm.
Macy and Adric used to share this room.
So, this is the shuffle that you did that really peaked the activity.
Really kicked off the activity in the past couple of months.
All right.
So, what's going on in here that's freaking Macy out so badly? The first night that everybody was in their own rooms, I stood in the hallway, and I heard a low, gravelly voice.
Macy was in bed, and she said, "Mommy, is it okay?" And I said, "Yeah, everything's fine, sweetheart.
" So, about 1:00 in the morning, she came in and said, "I'm too scared.
I want to sleep with you.
" When we woke up, I said, "Well, why didn't you want to sleep in your bed last night?" And she said, "I heard something say my name.
" Oh, so you heard the same thing? I heard something at the same time she heard it say her name.
This is the door that leads to the attic.
So, you don't go up there? I have a kind of severe phobia about the attic.
BERRY: Why is that? There has been a lot of activity up there, and especially recently with my teenage son.
He took over the attic room where my older son had been before that.
It was the middle of the night, and he came flying down these stairs, and he turned and he points to the stairway, and he says, "There is a ghost up there, and it just tried to expletive kill me.
" He felt like he couldn't breathe, and he felt as if there were hands around his neck choking him.
BRUNI: Both of the boys who had their bedrooms up in the attic have both had the sensation of being choked.
So, there is consistency in their stories, and I think that's important to note because it kind of seems like then it would most obviously be from the same entity.
Have you tried to do any research on your house? I don't know if it's connected at all to this investigation, but in the backyard there is a gravestone of a world war I veteran.
So, like a memorial plaque? It's actually a granite stone.
A tombstone.
My husband unearthed the gravestone when we were making space for the shed that's out there.
Yeah, I was just leveling the land here to put the shed in and dug down about four feet or so, and I saw this big piece of slate, but this piece of slate had that cross on the top.
So I picked it up and washed it off, and I noticed all the words, and, "Oh, my gosh.
" It's a tombstone.
" BRUNI: That's definitely a strange twist.
Well, we'll research it and see if there's any connection to the house.
It could have some connection to someone who lived here.
I know if I found a headstone or tombstone in my backyard, I would be freaking out, but any time we have a case where there's children involved, those kind of go to the top of the priority list.
And so, it's gonna be really important in this case that we sit down with all the kids individually and get their stories.
Can you tell me just kind of what happened up here that freaked you out so badly? Well, it was the middle of the night, and I felt something around my neck, just kind of squeezing.
[ HEARTBEAT ] And did it feel like hands, or Oh, yeah.
I mean, with everything that's going on here, do you think that your house is haunted? Yeah.
I saw this faint shadow of a man, and he was standing, like, right at the door of Macy's room, and he did not have a smile on his face.
I know he was not happy.
What did he say? Did he say anything? This is exactly what he said "Vicki, Vicki, Vicki.
" Do you know a Vicki? No, not at all.
So, I know your older brother Feyd had an experience upstairs where he felt like he was being strangled.
Like, when Feyd moves out of the house, are you gonna move upstairs? I'm not going to want to because I've heard all these stories about people being strangled because of a ghost.
Do you feel like you're next? Yes.
Are you scared in your house? Yes.
In every room of the house? What is the scariest thing about the house to you? I heard someone kept, like, saying my name.
But, like, sort of quietly, and it had a scratchy voice.
Did it sound like a man? - Yes.
- Okay.
So, you heard the voice, and now, did you ever see a man? - Yes.
- Okay.
I saw someone right across from me.
I saw a guy with only a white face.
So, if I was able to talk to the ghost, what would you want me to tell it for you? "Please stop bothering me and my family.
" BERRY: Every single person in this house has experienced something paranormal Something they really cannot explain.
Amy and I have a lot of work to do for this case.
There's a lot at stake here.
BRUNI: Tonight, we're gonna focus on.
Macy's room to begin with, just because there's such a sense of urgency there.
We really need to try to communicate with whatever might be trying to contact her.
So, we're headed upstairs to conduct an EVP session.
I just turned on the recorder.
Now, whoever is here in this house, do you know who we are? BERRY: Are you related to Delanne? Are you her brother? Can you tell me what the names are of the children who live in this house? Let's listen.
[ STATIC ] You asked for the names of the children in the house.
Play that again.
- "Macy.
" - "Macy.
" "Macy.
" Oh, god.
It definitely says "Macy.
" It's so, like When you When that's the first thing it says, it's like why? Kids people inherently want to talk to them.
And I feel like that happens even after we die.
- Mm-hmm.
- So, whoever's here, there's all these adorable, creative, sweet children living here.
It's just that we're still at that stage where it's like, who is it? This is a weird one because it's not like they suspect it's someone they know, although it could be her brother.
There's a lot of questions unanswered.
We just need to keep going.
Dan, are you here? Have you been watching Macy and watching her grow up? Do you know Vicki? Were you looking for Vicki? We are getting nothing.
So, so far we've heard Macy's name pretty clearly.
I mean, there's the claim in the attic with the choking, and, like, you know, I'm sure Delanne is concerned Is it gonna happen to the daughter? Like, since the spirit only attacked Delanne's sons so far, maybe I should go upstairs? You go in the attic by yourself? Yeah.
I am a friend of Delanne and Wayne.
They've seen you.
They hear you.
They don't know you.
Have you choked Feyd? What do you want? I'm gonna lay right here.
See if anything chokes me.
If you're here, and you want to take this opportunity and get my attention, Feyd said they've been choked up here, so if you want to do that, you can do that.
Amy, if you want to come up here and listen to this.
And we didn't get anything related to, like, the choking thing.
The chances of it actually choking one of us is slim to none.
The biggest concern that I have right now is, yes, great, something is reaching out.
Something is saying "Macy," but who is it? I think that if it were a relative of Delanne's, I think that they would have said something to us.
I need to talk to her 'cause I want ask her some other stuff, too, and I just I feel like I need to get, like, really personal with her.
So, first of all, did you learn anything about the house, maybe when you bought it? Never.
There was so much paperwork going on and shuffling the paperwork around, that really we didn't get to check.
Okay, so, if you had to guess at as to who is here, who's haunting this place, who would you think it is? You know, I don't know.
As far as just kind of talking about the fear level in the house Oh, yeah.
Lots and lots of that.
Yeah, especially with your kids.
- Yeah.
- But Macy's the one Macy is the big one that is really affected by the situation.
When I tuck her in at night, she is She's so terrified, you know, or she's shaking.
And her eyes are wide with fear.
You know, I have to turn and walk away.
And that is so hard for me to walk into my bedroom knowing that my daughter is alone and afraid.
I know.
As a mom, I can't She's my little, sweet angel, and I would do anything to help her feel safe.
BRUNI: This entire family is terrified, but whatever's haunting this house doesn't seem family related.
There must be something else going on here.
It just wouldn't make sense if it was Delanne's brother in the house.
He would never strangle the kids.
I'm working on a house nearby.
That family is really freaked out about it.
They have activity unexplained, there's kids involved, and the kids are terrified, and so, we're kind of looking at every single option about who would be in the property or on the property.
So, I have a specific question about the surrounding area.
Do you guys have any info on significant deaths nearby? - We do, yes.
- You do? We do.
It was deemed as "The murder of the century.
" Wow.
So, I have a specific question about the surround area.
Do you guys have any info on significant deaths nearby? - We do, yes.
- You do? We do.
It was deemed as "The murder of the century.
" Wow.
In 1897, Joseph Kelley came in to great falls national bank and actually murdered the cashier at the bank.
What did Joseph do to the man? He cut his throat from ear to ear.
Oh, god.
How far away was the bank compared to where the house is that we're investigating? It was a couple of blocks.
A couple of streets over.
- Okay.
So, really close? - It was really close.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
BERRY: It is an absolutely terrible murder, and it was very close to this house.
We will use that information in our investigation because again, we have to look at every single possible option.
BRUNI: I looked at the deeds.
There was probably like five or six families who've lived here since the house was built in 1855.
But Adric said he saw a man in the backyard saying, "Vicki, Vicki, Vicki.
" ADRIC: This is exactly what he said "Vicki, Vicki, Vicki.
" BRUNI: Vicki was the former homeowner.
That's strange.
- That's really wild.
- Yeah.
She's coming over tomorrow so we can talk to her.
Did you find out anything else today? In 1897, there was a murder at the bank that was nearby here, and this man, Joseph Kelley, came in and slit the throat of another man.
The murderer fits the description.
This murder is super interesting.
- It's worth looking at for sure.
- It's worth a try.
So why don't we just get moving on that? All right.
BERRY: We have other leads to chase down, like the gravestone in the backyard, but first, we're gonna focus on the murderer Joseph Kelley because his violent m.
Lines up with the paranormal choking.
This is a poem Joseph Kelley wrote, but it's his will.
So it's, like, how he wrote his will within a poem form, and it's very bizarre.
I'm gonna use this as a trigger object.
"To my junior council, Mr.
Ryan," I give this small Blackjack with which I struck the kind cashier a well-directed crack.
The straps and chloroform you may equally divide.
They led me to the awful crime by which the cashier died.
As my council and advisors, I trust that you will see "That after I am dead, dissected I shall be.
" Wow.
Kelley, we were just reading some of your poetry.
Do you feel guilty for what you did to that poor cashier? They said you committed a murder.
You were put on trial, and you were found guilty of it.
Is this true? Do you have a message for the family who lives here? Are you choking them? Mr.
Kelley, is there a reason why you're still here? If we're not speaking with Mr.
Kelley, who are we speaking with? "No.
" "No.
" "No"? It's probably not him.
"No"? "No.
" "No.
" It's probably not him.
Somebody else is like, "No.
" "No.
" [ SIGHS ] Maybe there's more than one spirit here.
I mean, but who could it be? We literally could just have a dart board of names and just start throwing darts.
- Mm-hmm.
- I have no clue.
What if the choking isn't paranormal at all? I wonder if the sleep disturbances might be natural? Yeah.
Or maybe Feyd had a psychological episode.
I mean, it could be a possibility.
I also think it's a sensitive subject.
I mean, I'm not discounting it entirely Right.
but maybe we should start considering other explanations.
BRUNI: We're just not getting any indication that whatever is in this house is violent or aggressive.
Certainly not something that would choke a young boy.
I want to find out if there are any non-paranormal conditions that could cause this.
And so, today I am going to video chat with a clinical psychologist and just kind of ask her about what happened with Quinn and Feyd and see, you know, what she thinks of those experiences.
BRUNI: Thank you for taking the time to talk to me.
I super appreciate it.
We're working on a case right now with a family who their two sons have both had some episodes.
The older son woke up multiple times during his teens feeling as though something was strangling him, and then his brother moved into that same room, and, again, in his teens had one episodes where he said he could feel hands around his neck strangling him.
So does that sound familiar to you? Night terrors or sleep paralysis are types of parasomnias, and sleep paralysis can happen usually either upon falling asleep or right when waking.
It usually has an onset as a teenager, and usually waking up without being able to move, sometimes not being able to speak, but people can hallucinate.
They can feel things.
And it's interesting that it happened when they are teenagers.
Hey, is that something that could just happen one time and never happen again? - Yes.
- Okay.
I guess my question is is that type of thing hereditary? It can be.
They don't have perfect links for these parasomnias, but they do see genetic links.
I believe that they do see that with first-degree, biological relatives, it's more common.
Okay, and also, just the fact that he moved into that room kind of feeling like that had happened to his older brother, so, I'm wondering if maybe there was some sort of subconscious cause.
If we hear something might happen in a certain place, we're probably more likely to think about it and even have it in our head.
That gives me a lot to go on with this family 'cause I don't want them to be scared.
Well, thank you so much for taking the time.
- Nice meeting you.
- Thanks.
You, too.
We got some great information from the psychologist that will be useful to Delanne.
Now we need to look into the headstone.
Let's see.
I know if I found a headstone, I'd wonder whose it was.
Why is it in my yard? Where did it come from? We need to figure out who this poor person is, and why is their headstone here? Okay.
Yeah? Adam Berry, come here right now.
- What? - You need to check this out.
So, this is a purple-heart.
Receiving veteran.
- Mm-hmm.
- He started a local VFW.
Take a look at this.
This is our headstone that's in the backyard right now.
- Yeah.
- Read that man's name for me.
- "Hollis B.
" - All right.
Now, this is where Mr.
Corbett is buried.
Please read that headstone for me.
BERRY: "Hollie B.
" Everything is literally the same but the "E" and the "S.
" Yeah, and then look.
I found the application right here that was submitted by his wife who signed it.
"Hollis B.
" So, Mr.
Corbett has been buried with the incorrect headstone for the last 70 years.
- Oh, my god.
- Guess what else.
He also had two daughters, one of whom died when she was very young.
I'm just sitting here wondering how this got here.
Why is this headstone in their backyard? That's so weird.
BERRY: Fortunately for us, we were able to get in touch with Vicki.
She was the previous owner before this family.
The thing that's interesting is that Adric had an experience where he saw the apparition of a gentleman.
The man said, "Vicki, Vicki, Vicki" three times.
He had no idea who Vicki was, and she's gonna come by the house, and we're gonna talk about that tombstone in the backyard.
BRUNI: The reason why we're here is because the current homeowners have had what they describe as paranormal-type activity in the house.
Have you ever had any activity happen in the house? Oh I do remember being in the attic one time, and I was feeling a little creeped out, and I thought, "Well, if somebody's up here, then just let me know.
Just open that knee wall door.
" And then the knee wall door opened.
What did you think when that happened? Well, at first, I thought, "Okay, um" Feeling a little creeped out.
BERRY: The fact that Vicki experienced something paranormal could suggest that the activity is tied to the property.
So, Wayne made a walkway with that slate over there, and then But he noticed this one, and so they moved it over.
They had no idea why it was here.
BRUNI: It's nice to have the back story because I think they were wondering where it came from.
So, as a previous owner of this house, do you know anything about this stone? Yes.
I brought the stone here.
BERRY: So, as a previous owner of this house, do you know anything about this stone? Yes.
I brought the stone here.
What's the story? Okay, the story is is that I had a beagle that was living here at the time, and as you can see, there's other The fence is high.
So, she was digging out, and I had run out of available material in my yard and surrounding yards, so I went out on a hunt, and right next to the high school, there's a cemetery.
So, I went to the lot that the maintenance people use and there was a pile of rubble, and that happened to be in the pile of rubble.
- Okay.
- Geez.
BRUNI: What kind of rubble was it? It was busted-up, like, concrete and just rocks.
It was like a big debris pile.
I thought, "That's pretty disrespectful," so I brought it here.
That doesn't seem out of the ordinary.
Like, you're gonna go find big stones, and you're gonna bring Mmhmm.
You're gonna keep your dog from escaping.
Do you know what year you did that? It would be around '97.
- So, 1997? - Mm-hmm.
I moved out in 2007.
Do you think it's possible that me bringing this stone here, there was some attachment to the stone? I mean We don't know yet.
We just needed to get all the background information on this and why it's here and is it related to you so that we can use it when we investigate the house.
Would you rather do it in the living room or in Macy's room? I think Macy's room to begin with, and we'll bring everything we have.
Let's do, like, K-II meters, recorder, like, all of our recorders.
I'll grab this guy.
Let me grab the spirit box.
BRUNI: We're headed upstairs to conduct a spirit-box experiment.
We're not sure if the man is Hollis Corbett, but he's the next name on our list.
So, Mr.
Corbett, what we're gonna do is.
Bruni in there is going to listen to that device that she's holding.
It's a radio.
And sometimes if you speak loud enough, you can talk through that device and she'll be able to hear what you're saying.
So, if you could do me a favor And speak to her and let her answer for you.
Hollis Corbett, are you here? Do you know who Vicki is? Do you have a message for this family? "Marriage.
" What would you like to say about marriage? "Two years.
" [ SPIRIT BOX STATIC ] What branch in the military were you in, Mr.
Corbett? Did you have any kind of injuries? Sir, where were you injured? Do you like Macy? Any of that make any sense? BERRY: I said, "Do you have a message for this family?" And you said, "marriage.
" And then you said "two years," like, right after.
It's so weird.
What is "two", though? "Two years"? Marriage? I don't know.
I have to look.
We'll figure it out.
BRUNI: Someone's interacting with us, but we don't have enough evidence to prove whether it's Hollis, Delanne's brother, or the murderer Joseph Kelley.
Macy made this beautiful drawing for us today.
Whatever is here seems to know her and like her, so I'm gonna use this as a trigger object.
Here we go.
So, if anything touches this paper or gets near it, this alarm is gonna sound.
All right.
So, for anyone joining us in the house tonight, Delanne, Wayne, and the kids all invited us here to try to talk to you.
We're wondering if you want to talk to us.
We have this gray device here, and if you touch it, those lights will light up.
Can you try to okay.
It did light up.
Is someone in here with us? This thing I'm holding, it can see you, even if I can't.
We just want to talk to you.
What? I think I'm getting something.
It just hid behind That, I believe.
There it is.
It's right in that corner.
Standing over there? Standing on that chair.
You can We can see you there.
What's your name? Dan, are you here? Have you been watching Macy? If it's you, can you touch her paper so we know and set that alarm off? Joseph Kelley, are you here? Mr.
Corbett, are you here? Oh, I lost him.
- Is this the mic to the display? - Yeah.
That was loud.
The only name that it responded to Hollis Corbett.
That was loud.
The only name that it responded to Hollis Corbett.
It's the only name.
Kind of makes sense because she said that she got the vibe that he was dressed in kind of '40s style clothing.
'40s clothes! [ GASPS ] Did it give you a time period? I would say, like, 1940s.
- Okay.
- Clothing style.
He died in 1946.
Corbett, if you're here, it's very important that you speak with us.
I was looking through some records, and I saw that you had a young daughter named Barbara.
Does Macy remind you of Barbara? We know that there is something in the backyard that belongs to you.
Are you upset that it's here and not at your grave? Is your name Hollis Corbett? Did you die when you were 49? You don't owe us anything, but you owe the family, 'cause they are scared to death.
We're gonna try to do everything we can to get your headstone back to where it belongs.
Wait, did it say "Corbett"? "Corbett.
" - "48"! - "48"! Did he die when he was 48? I don't know.
I'll do the math in a minute.
" BERRY: We're gonna try to do everything we can to get your headstone back to where it belongs.
Brought up the picture, and he was 48.
- Oh! - He was 48.
He corrected us.
He was 48, not 49.
I mean I can't believe he corrected us.
No, he's a staunch war hero.
He's like, "I'm 48.
" - 48.
- Like, well, sorry.
I don't know.
I'm ready to talk to these guys and let them know.
There's a lot that we need to tell them.
BRUNI: So, first of all, the issue of the choking, which was the most concerning activity I think that you guys experienced in the house for your boys.
Delanne: Right.
So, just, take a listen, and we'll explain.
Are you choking them? [ STATIC ] - Do you hear that? - I do.
You even hear the "no" that comes out of it.
- Oh.
You can hear the - Right.
- Like it's a voice.
" - "No.
" That was a very emphatic "no.
" Right, and considering how much time we spent here investigating, if there was something dark or violent, we'd have noticed.
I had a lengthy video chat with a clinical psychologist who specializes in sleep disruptions.
It's possible that your older son and Feyd both experienced some sort of sleep paralysis and hallucination.
The typical onset for that is your teenage years.
- Yes.
- They can hallucinate.
- Yes.
- It can feel like hands.
- Mm-hmm.
- If it keeps happening for Feyd, I would take him to get a sleep study done.
Yeah, absolutely.
We found no evidence of anything pertaining to your family.
- Right.
- Really? That's surprising.
As we investigated, the only thing that got any response was when we talked about Hollis Corbett.
Which is Interesting.
- the gravestone in your yard.
- Right.
Corbett, are you here? - "Yes.
" - "Yes.
" The next one is Amy and I were investigating up in Macy's room.
Tell us what you think it says.
BRUNI: What the names are of the children in this house? "Macy.
" it said, "Macy.
" - Mm-hmm.
- That was That said "Macy.
" Mmhmm.
Just to give you an idea of why we think it says "Macy," as I did research in to Hollis Corbett, we found out that he had had a daughter in 1938 named Barbara, and she passed away at a young age.
And so, that would explain why he would take an interest in Macy.
She's a sweet, little girl.
And so, he was probably trying to interact with her.
Which could probably come off as scary to her.
- It makes sense.
- Right, and we don't think Hollis is here to do any harm to anyone.
- Right.
- Let's just put that out there.
The last EVP that we wanted to play for you is BERRY: Did you die when you were 49? There's that pause like, "48.
" Yes.
What's crazy is I immediately am like, "Wait a minute.
Let me look.
" And I bring up the photo of his headstone, and we've been saying 49 'cause we just subtracted the year, but he had not turned 49 yet.
He was 48.
He was correcting us.
We also caught some evidence using the spirit box, but we don't know what it means.
It said "marriage" and "two years.
" "Two years" is a question Mark for us.
We don't know if it relates.
We got legally married two years ago.
- [ LAUGHS ] Really? - In the backyard.
Our marriage we've been together 15, but we Our marriage was two years ago in the backyard.
He probably watched you guys get married.
That would be really cool.
I guess what it boils down to is why is Hollis attached to this headstone, right? I was able to find his actual grave, and now you can look at his actual gravestone.
Which is not correct.
It's spelled "Hollie B.
Corbett" with an "E" and not an "S.
" So, even though his nickname might've been "Hollie," we had found the order form for the tombstone, and the family requested his name be "Hollis.
" - Oh, my.
- So, the one that's there - We have the correct one.
- We have the correct one.
Yeah, he it's interesting because we talked to Vicki.
Vicki was the previous homeowner.
And she is the one who got that headstone, and then you dug it up shortly after you guys moved in.
- Wow.
- Yeah.
That is quite the tale.
Maybe Hollis had faith that Vicki would do something with it, and now that Vicki's gone, "Vicki, Vicki, Vicki" - Right.
- And why is this tombstone here? Now nobody knows that it's the correct one because Vicki's gone.
It's a great opportunity for you guys to kind of correct the wrong here.
I feel excited to do the right thing for Hollis.
I really feel like that is the proper resolution to this case.
Like that's case closed.
There he is.
Hollis, I know you've been trying to communicate, and I never knew until now what you wanted.
Now that we know, I'm gonna make sure that it happens for you.
I'm gonna make sure that your stone gets where it belongs.
We're your family now, and we're gonna take good care of you.