Kindred Spirits (2016) s02e09 Episode Script

Shadow of a Doubt

TAMMY: When we moved in here, his behavior changed.
This big, tall, black mass just showed up.
We just want to know who you are.
[ DEVICE BEEPS ] That definitely got touched.
Something touched those.
BRUNI: Would you sleep in your room again, ever? Never.
Why are you here? [STATIC] Did it just say "dead"? That's just the start.
That's just the start.
[ DOOR CREAKS ] BRUNI: I'm Amy Bruni.
I was only 8 when a paranormal incident changed my life forever.
[GIRL LAUGHS] Since then, I've dedicated my time to solving the most terrifying hauntings imaginable.
BERRY: I'm Adam Berry.
More than a decade ago, an encounter at gettysburg rocked my beliefs about the supernatural.
BRUNI: Together, we uncover the truth behind the unexplainable.
Oh, my god.
Now we are on our most important mission yet.
Helping families overcome their fear, take back their homes, and reclaim their lives.
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smrc [ CELLPHONE RINGS ] - Hey.
- Hey.
I just wanted to tell you about a case that I just got in the e-mail.
Do you have a minute? - Yeah, totally.
- Okay.
So, a woman named Tammy who lives in a house with her daughter, Michelle, and Michelle's son, Tyler, who's 6 years old.
All of them have seen what appeared to be a shadow man.
There's been growling in the house.
There's have been footsteps.
I mean, it's coming to the point where Tyler, the 6-year-old, doesn't even sleep in his room at all.
Really, at this point, I'm terrified for the kid, in all honesty, 'cause they are experiencing something they can not explain.
BRUNI: Let's take care of this.
I hate to hear about a 6-year-old having issues.
Just shoot me the address, and I will meet you there.
All right.
BERRY: The biggest concern with this family has to be Tyler.
Tyler is a 6-year-old boy, and the fact that he's not sleeping is actually unsettling, so whatever's happening in this house needs to be figured out very, very quickly.
BRUNI: Tammy, thank you for inviting us into your home.
- Thank you.
- So who all is here? Your daughter Yes, and - - and her son.
- Yes.
Can you just kind of give us an overview of what's going on in the house? TAMMY: I've been here two years.
All of a sudden, this big, tall, black mass just showed up - Okay.
- Yeah.
BRUNI: Okay.
started terrorizing my grandson, and he wouldn't sleep in his room anymore.
He wouldn't sleep at all 'cause this thing kept scaring him.
Like, a shadow man, or, like, an actual, like okay.
A black shadow, yeah.
I got this house for a steal Really? I mean, a steal, and I'm wondering if that's why.
BRUNI: When you see this shadow, does it feel like a familiar presence to you? - No, not somebody I know - Okay.
but you can tell it's a man.
- Right.
- It's cold.
BERRY: Cold, like distant? - Yes.
- Okay.
So Tyler and you see it.
Does anybody else see it? My daughter, Michelle.
I've seen it in my room upstairs, and it's just, like, an outline.
It's not like I can't see anything, like, definite of him, and it's just kind of pretty creepy.
So when you see it upstairs, is Tyler in his room? Not usually.
He sleeps with my mother.
Why doesn't he come to you? 'Cause I'm upstairs.
- Oh, and that's where - Yeah.
That's where he hears things and has seen the shadow.
Do you think Tyler is seriously affected by the activity that's happening? Sometimes I wonder.
I recently had him into the doctors, and we're only on our like fourth or fifth visit, so we're in the midst of all that right now.
- Okay.
- So that's where it all started.
- Mm-hmm.
- That's just the start.
That's just the start.
Once, the mass was just outside my bedroom door.
BERRY: So show us where the shadow was.
I have nightlight if you'll notice.
All of a sudden, the nightlight just blacked out, and then it blinked back on again.
I could see it from my bed.
It was standing, watching me.
That's terrifying.
Yeah, and then it was just gone.
BRUNI: All right.
Now, is there anything upstairs? Yes.
My daughter Michelle's room, Michelle had it knocking on the window.
- Huh.
- Michelle has been growled at.
BERRY: Did it sound muffled or Don't know.
Ask her.
Literally, all I did was open my closet door, and yet I heard the [IMITATES GROWLING] Like, and I had never ran and screamed so fast.
It was more like a breath, like Yeah, like [IMITATES GROWLING] like, ugh, ugh.
The tapping, the knocking that you hear, is it tapping, like, ta-ta-ta on the window? - No, it's a full-on knock.
- It is a full, like, somebody It's knock, knock, knock, knock.
TAMMY: Tyler's room He claimed that somebody was knocking on the window.
So they both had knocking on these windows.
And these are on the second floor, obviously, so Yes, the second floor.
Nobody should be knocking on windows.
The one thing with Tyler is, when we moved in here, his behavior changed also.
How so? What kind of kid is he? He was the sweetest little boy, and then boom, he changed an awful lot.
With not sleeping, of course, that's going to affect his emotions.
I mean, a little kid can't stay up for three days, and I'm telling you, it was so bad for him.
Who do you think it might be? - I'm really not sure.
- Mm-hmm.
I mean, the only one, really, that's passed that is close to me is my father.
Okay, okay.
And when did he pass away? Four years ago.
What was that relationship like? I loved him.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
[ CHUCKLES ] He was a typical Harley guy to the day he died, really.
And obviously, if it's somebody you don't know - Bye.
- you want it to go.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
I'd much rather have him cross over than stick around with me.
We know that people say that they can cross stuff over.
However, we're sort of, of the theory that once the answers are given, sometimes they just kind of go on their own, and usually, there's a reason why someone is around.
BRUNI: So when you're telling us this stuff, you know, you say it very conversationally, but when it's happening, how do you feel? I don't like that it bothers Tyler.
- Right.
- I have to say, this is the whole reason why I started looking for help.
So really, we're here for Tyler.
- Yes, you are.
- Mm-hmm.
Are you scared for Tyler? - Yes.
- Yes.
BRUNI: I'm going to sit down with Tyler to find out why he is so scared of his room.
While I talk to him, I will be able to observe his behavior.
As a mom, I know how important it is not to escalate his fear level.
Is this your room? Yep.
Do you sleep up here? - I used to.
- Yeah? And now I sleep with my Nana.
How come you sleep with your Nana? Because I'm scared because I see Freddy and Because you see Freddy? And so but is that who you see, or do you see a man that you call Freddy? Yeah.
Are you okay? BRUNI: Obviously, Tyler is terrified.
I can see that at play when I interact with him.
He can't even sit still in this room because he's just so nervous and scared.
- And - Yeah? this is really creepy.
It It knocks on your window? Yeah, all the time when I'm in here.
All the time? When it's night.
And then what happened? It just went away.
It just went away? And so is that why you sleep with your Nana now? Yeah.
So would you sleep in your room again, ever? - Never.
- You'll never sleep in here? No.
You want us to fix it? Yeah, and then I can sometimes sleep in my room.
We'll try.
All right, you go ahead and hide in there.
Oh, oh, I don't know where Tyler went.
I'm going to get to work.
BRUNI: There's this little 6-year-old boy who's crying and shaking.
He's that scared to be in his room.
I mean, if I was in that situation with my own child, I'd do everything I could to try to get it fixed.
So how did it go with Tyler? He clearly describes a shadow.
He describes the knocking.
I can't imagine a child that age seeing stuff like that.
So every single person here has been affected by paranormal activity, and it's consistent with this shadow figure.
So I guess it's our turn.
We need to see if we can kind of flush it out.
BRUNI: Tyler's our priority here just because he's terrified.
You know, he won't even play upstairs during the day by himself, so we're definitely going to spend some time in Tyler's room.
Let's see if anyone is here.
My name is Adam, and this is Amy.
We're looking for someone that they've seen in this house.
They see you as a shadow.
We want to talk to you.
That's why we have this little device here.
It records your voice, even if we can't hear you.
Can you just say your name as loudly as you can? Why are you here? Did you mean to scare Tyler? Are you related to the family that's here now? All right, let's see if there's anything here.
[STATIC] [ THUD ] Did you just hear that? The thump.
- Yep.
- Mm-hmm.
Yeah, like, doom, doom.
Doom, doom.
Out there.
I want to check her closet here.
Maybe we should try the spirit box.
BERRY: Yeah.
A spirit box clicks through the frequencies of a radio, and we are listening for words that come through the static.
So if there's someone here with us, you can use this to talk to us.
[ SPIRIT BOX OSCILLATING ] So if there's someone here with us, you can use this to talk to us.
[ SPIRIT BOX OSCILLATING ] Tell me that did not just say, "I'm here.
" It said "Here.
" I mean, I've got it recorded.
[ OSCILLATING CONTINUES ] Is there someone here? What's your name? Do you need something? It went quiet.
I want to play that back.
That is so loud.
"I'm here.
" Right off the gates.
Like, right out.
[ SIGHS ] It talked to us through the spirit box a little bit, so it's almost like we're kind of gaining its trust, still.
I'm anxious to find out.
Who is this guy? What is this thing that they're seeing? I mean, we are getting activity.
Just none of it is specific.
We don't know who it is.
We don't know why they're talking to us.
We're going to have to use different tactics and see if we can connect with whoever this is.
Let's think.
I want to catch the shadow.
I mean, leaving the DVR up all night is key.
We have to.
I need to sit down with Tammy and just try to get more information about who else this could be.
BRUNI: Yeah, it's important, when we're doing these cases, that we get some one-on-one time with our clients and just try to get more information about people near to them who passed away.
This is a time where I can just, you know, sit and chat with you for a little bit, just about everything, you know, because when we went and we did the tour through the house, that's when we focus mostly on the activity and what you guys have seen and experienced.
But in order for us to talk to whatever is here and get it to respond to us, the more information we have, the better.
And so has there been anything going on beyond just what we've been told? I just have something to add to this black mass.
All right.
And what happened with that? The cat's sitting on the stairs, and just stared up the stairs.
And then the black shadow came halfway down the stairs, went back up again.
All right.
That helps.
It's not often we have a case where the entity is seen so many times.
It likes to be seen.
Sounds like it.
So just I wanted to kind of go through your relatives who passed away to try to get some more information.
Michelle mentioned her dad might be here.
What was your relationship like? After we weren't married anymore? Mm-hmm.
We got to be friends.
- He was a biker.
- Okay.
Okay, and he ended up getting sick.
I was his medical proxy and his power of attorney.
So I helped him along that way until he passed away.
And then what was he sick with? - He had cancer.
- Okay.
All right.
And now what was his name again? - Michael.
- Michael.
Is there anybody else you can think of that passed away? No.
Now, I did want to just ask real quick.
Have you found anything since you've moved here? Yes.
They're in the garage.
What's in the garage? - File cabinets.
- Really? Oh, yes, all kinds of stuff.
Did you know the people who used to live here or the names of the former owner? No, but this house is very old.
It was built in 1946.
And there has been a lot of people in and out.
Are you familiar with any stories around here? Yes.
I was told by a psychic that there was something here.
What did he tell you, exactly? Without him even knowing that there had been a pool in the backyard, he told me that somebody had drowned in the pool.
But it wasn't an accident.
BERRY: So what was happening? Tammy told me that the former owner left a bunch of stuff out here.
I wanted to see if there was anything left in these that might clue us in to who spent time here.
[ DRAWER OPENS ] Oh, magazines.
What's the name on this one? Leo, someone who likes harleys.
You know who liked harleys? Michelle's father, yeah, he really He had a Harley.
Yeah, and Well, there's a name, and that's what I was hoping for.
Did Tammy know a Leo or any of the former home owners? Well, Tammy told me.
She said that she didn't know any former owners.
What else did you learn from Tammy? Well, my most interesting takeaway from talking to Tammy today was that a psychic told her someone drowned in the pool that used to be on this property.
I still need to do research, though, to see if anything like that happened.
I don't mind, like, calling out EVP questions about that scenario, just to see if we get answers.
Well, I mean, that's cool.
Now we have something to go on, and we have a new name from here More information about Tammy's family for tonight.
Which is great, but before we start, I have something I need to show you.
BERRY: I watched the DVR footage, and I want you to look at something really interesting.
This is Tyler's room, right? - Right.
- And this is Michelle's room.
The cat has been sleeping on this bed for, like, the longest time.
Like, cleaning itself.
Okay? Okay.
The cat's looking for herself, not paying attention.
Watch right here.
See this weird thing? Oh, yeah.
Oh! And then the cat looks, notices it, completely stops and then goes as if it's being called.
That's weird.
He comes into this room and then sits here and just, like, stares where that thing was and then sits down and just looks.
BERRY: I watched the DVR footage, and I want you to look at something really interesting.
This is Tyler's room, right? - Right.
- And this is Michelle's room.
The cat has been sleeping on this bed for, like, the longest time.
It just got down and it's like, cleaning itself.
Okay? Okay.
The cat's looking for herself, not paying attention.
Watch right here.
See this weird thing? Oh, yeah.
Oh! And then the cat looks, notices it, compeletely stops and then goes as if it's being called.
That's weird.
He comes into this room and then sits here and just, like, stares where that thing was and then sits down and just looks.
You can clearly see this animal react to something.
It's almost like an extra piece of equipment, really.
It's so bizarre.
BERRY: We always hear stories about animals reacting to paranormal events, but we have never captured it on camera before when the animal is completely alone.
Cats actually have heightened senses and can detect things humans can't because some scientists believe they see in ultraviolet.
The fact that this cat responds to something in Tyler's room is hard to ignore, especially when we have correlating DVR evidence.
And so does this detect motion at that time? Yeah, it shows movement in that room.
What's also weird is this cat is moving around in this room, and this camera is not registering motion at all.
It's stealth, but it registers this weird anomaly like something was moving in the room.
Yeah, but, I mean, this is on camera.
This proves what they are seeing the cat do.
Like, this is exactly what they see the cat do.
I don't think there's any disputing that there's something going on here.
It's just a matter of what.
What's our game plan for tonight like? I know already we're going to be focusing upstairs just because we have a very faint anomaly in Tyler's room.
BERRY: We're going to split up.
Amy will try to talk to Michael and Leo in Tyler's room while I use the thermal camera in Michelle's room.
It uses heat signatures to identify both supernatural and natural anomalies.
BRUNI: Are you related to anyone in this house? Is your name Michael? Did you know someone named Leo? Did you drown? It's very quiet, Adam.
It's not working.
BERRY: Hmm, okay.
I didn't get any weird, like, heat signatures around you.
- What are you doing? - I was just taking I was looking for all the pictures of Her father on a Harley.
BRUNI: Right.
So what do you think about, you know, we know that Michelle's dad liked motorcycles, and whoever this Leo is must have liked them, too, judging by all the magazines in the garage.
We get some of that Harley-Davidson memorabilia, and we use the proximity sensor and attach it to it, and see if we get a response.
Let's do it.
Let me go outside and get that Harley-Davidson things.
BRUNI: We choose trigger objects that have some sort of personal meaning to spirits, so we are going to use the Harley-Davidson magazines that we found in the garage to see if we can get some kind of response.
Turn this on.
We would like to address someone named Michael or Leo.
We ask that you please join us here in the living room, so that we can talk to you.
We brought some Harley-Davidson catalogs.
We thought maybe you'd want to look at them.
Do you want to reach out and touch those? If you do, this will beep like this [ BEEPS ] and that'll let us know that you were interested in them.
Michael or Leo, are you here? If you're not Michael, are you someone who knew him? Whoever you are, do you like motorcycles? [ BEEPING ] That definitely got touched.
Something touched those.
BRUNI: If you're not Michael, are you someone who knew him? Whoever you are, do you like motorcycles? [ BEEPING ] That definitely got touched.
Something touched those.
Who is that person? I don't know.
I mean, I know I mean, we haven't verified or if it was Michael.
Right? Right.
But whoever is here likes motorcycles.
It is a reaction to something.
I mean, it got touched.
- Right.
- Something touched those.
At this point, it could be Michael or Leo or anyone.
It means we have to start researching and figure out who else this could be.
I know.
Let's keep figuring it out.
BRUNI: I don't doubt that this activity is associated with the same person, but who is that person? And so we'll definitely be focusing on that as we research.
Adam, I think I have something.
I really think Like, something No, I think I have something.
- Anything on pool drownings? - No.
Well, I found records of drownings, but nothing on this property.
But in 2013, a man was on his motorcycle.
A woman in a minivan didn't see him, took him out, and he died.
His name was Steven.
He was 43, and that I mean, and here's the thing.
This is literally just right there.
It's behind the house where the accident happened.
43, drove his Harley-David motorcycle into a van - Mm-hmm.
- it's a Harley.
I mean, he may have known Michelle's father because it's, like - Right.
- You know, but, like Or the The former owners.
I mean, harleys are really big in New Hampshire, for sure.
They have pictures of harleys in here.
They have a Harley manual in the garage.
- Yeah.
- I wonder if he just feels home.
He lived on this street, so he literally lived right up the street from here.
- Okay.
- What if he's just lost? What if he can't find his way home, and he just wandered in here? - Which we've seen before.
- Yeah, we have.
Many people think that ghosts are tied to one place.
I don't believe that's true because I've just seen too many cases where someone ends up somewhere that really had little to do with their life.
So what we do is this.
We go upstairs and see if we get a response and go from there.
We just want to, like, ask a few quick questions and see if we get anything at all.
This is not the first time we've seen a spirit get lost after a traumatic death, but we still have two other people we haven't ruled out yet, and so we need to see if we find any other evidence as we investigate.
What is your name? Distinct.
BRUNI: Do you know someone in this house? Are you related to someone in this house? What road is this? Did you have an accident? I mean, well, he didn't answer anything, really.
I wasn't hearing honestly, I wasn't hearing anything - Yeah.
It's quiet.
- Like, not even, like - Weird.
- Let's go downstairs.
So what do we want to do down there? I know that's where Tammy said she saw that shadow figure down there.
BERRY: Tyler has been our biggest concern during this case, so we've been focusing the majority of our investigations upstairs on Michael and Leo, but we're not getting anything.
We need to shift the investigation downstairs.
BRUNI: So we're going to bring the spirit box in there.
Right? Mmhmm.
[ TAPPING ] Any reason you used the gopro? Did you hear that? It's knocking.
[ TAPPING ] Yeah.
From Tammy's room.
[ TAPPING ] So try to use this device, if you can, to talk with us.
[ SPIRIT BOX STATIC ] Are you related to the family that's here now? BRUNI: What's your name? [ SPIRIT BOX STATIC CONTINUES ] Why are you here? Dead.
Did it just say "dead"? Accident.
BOTH: "Accident.
" So try to use this device, if you can, to talk with us.
[ SPIRIT BOX STATIC ] Are you related to the family that's here now? BRUNI: What's your name? [ SPIRIT BOX STATIC CONTINUES ] Why are you here? Dead.
Did it just say "dead"? Accident.
BOTH: "Accident.
" Dead? Accident? That's so crazy.
I've never heard that.
Did you have an accident on a motorcycle? Steven, are you here? Can you talk to us? Okay.
What is the situation? I mean, I know I mean, we haven't verified anything.
I know that I'm more apt to think Steven is here.
You know, I mean, we have found this many times, where things just wander in because, obviously, the accident happened nearby.
I think if Steven is here, I think his death was very sudden, and maybe he just wandered away from the accident.
And maybe he doesn't quite understand what's going on, but I'm not ready to say for sure that's who it is.
We're getting no answers from Michael or Leo.
Maybe that's why we weren't getting any responses upstairs.
We're not asking the right questions.
- Let's keep figuring it out.
- Okay.
But it got quiet on the spirit box, so let's do an EVP session.
Is there anybody here? We found out that someone had a motorcycle accident near to here.
Do you know about that? Was your house nearby? - "I'm here.
" - Mm-hmm.
- "I'm here.
" - Mm-hmm.
- Again, "I'm here.
" - Mm-hmm.
That's the second time it's said that.
You can use this to talk to us.
- I'm here.
- It said "here.
" It said, "I'm here.
" Twice it told us, "I'm here.
" Like, why is it? Is that all it wants, is just for us to know it's here? I mean, "I'm here.
" Okay.
You're here, but what? But what else? We need more.
Who are you? Okay.
Let's listen.
We just want to know, like, who you are.
Did you have an accident nearby? Can you just say your name? [ SIGHS ] I'm, like, frustrated.
I am, too.
Can you play that again? Steven.
- Yeah.
- Steven.
That's [BLEEP] Steven.
BRUNI: Wait.
Can you play that again? Steven.
- Yeah.
- Steven.
That's [BLEEP] Steven.
We got something.
I mean, that's a clear "Steven.
" But I wish he would tell us more.
There's a lot of question unanswered.
We just need to keep going.
Steven, we know that you're here, so would you maybe have a conversation now and figure out why you're here and see if, maybe, we could help you? Are you lost? Is that why you're here? Do you need something? Do you feel like this is your home now? Okay.
Let's listen.
He said "Yes," right? Yes.
Right? Yeah.
It says "Yes.
" Do you feel like this is your home now? That's why he's here.
He's lost.
It was a really awful, awful sad death.
We're going to have to be so delicate in how we explain this to them, so hopefully, they'll be open to that.
Let's go find out.
This was a tough one.
It was very tough.
- This was very, very difficult.
- Really? It kept us hanging until the last second.
We, at this point, know who is here.
I think it's probably not what you're going to have expected at all, so Really? - Yeah.
- Okay.
We always say, "If you're open to the idea of ghosts", you have to be open to the idea of psychics, too.
" I mean, you can't just pick and choose, you know.
- True.
- And so we did so much research on the property itself.
No record, I mean, there were drownings in there, but none anywhere near here, definitely not in a pool, so just nothing that he saw as far as, you know, deaths in the house matched up with any records that we were able to find.
- Right.
- I mean, but we tried.
- Yeah.
- I mean, we did actually use it in the investigation.
We did.
We would bring it up.
Some psychics are better at, like, the personal stuff.
- Mm-hmm.
- And they know things about you and not as good at the ghost stuff.
But we actually caught some evidence, and it's really great evidence.
So I think What should we play first? Let me just pull up this screen here.
So we used this camera system and put cameras everywhere in your house, so we can monitor the activity, and we really wanted to catch this shadow guy.
- Sure.
- Like, we wanted to catch him.
And the first thing I noticed is going to be in this screen.
See that movement right there? - Oh.
- See that weird, tiny movement? I did.
If you see the cat, the cat is licking itself, right, not paying attention to anything.
You'll see this thing start happening in Tyler's room.
The cat immediately stops.
- Oh.
- See what the cat does? Yeah.
Immediately stops doing what it's doing, looks in the direction of Tyler's room and goes like it's being called or, like, it sees something.
So something, you know, was kind of maybe walking around the house, which is what you guys experienced.
It's also interesting that the cat seems totally unfazed by this anomaly.
It's just hanging out, so in our opinion, it must be a pretty harmless spirit because animals have a keen sense of danger.
But having the cat actually react to it, it's really interesting to me.
Well, you suppose that was the shadow man? And I mean, that could be the form that it takes on our camera.
You know? It could be.
- So that's really cool.
- Yes.
And so it verifies that something is happening in your house, and it was walking around in the middle of the night.
- Yeah.
- So we can put that away.
So Amy and I were doing the spirit box.
Basically, it's a radio that flips through the channels, and so we're looking for answers in the static of it.
Right? So it'll, like, talk back to us, and we turned it on to see what we get.
[SPIRIT BOX STATIC] BRUNI: Why are you here? - Dead.
- Yeah.
- Accident.
- Yeah.
Pretty clear what it was saying.
Yeah, "dead" and "accident.
" So then we have the final piece of evidence.
One more thing.
We think it's saying "Steven.
" - Yes.
I did hear that.
- Mm-hmm.
Really quick, "Steven.
" Yep.
Do you know a Steven? I don't know a Steven.
What we discovered was that right behind your house, in 2013, a man named Steven had an awful motorcycle accident and died right there.
We tried your family.
We tried former owners.
- We tried everything we could.
- Mm-hmm.
And the only time we got responses was when we started talking directly to this Steven person, and it's one of those things.
Could he be lost? Maybe.
We did discover he lived on this road, and, you know, your house is in-between his house and the accident site.
- Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.
So we don't know if maybe he just started trying to get home somehow.
It just doesn't surprise us.
We see it all the time, so I mean, there's a lot of similarities in-between.
I mean, like, he liked Harley-Davidson.
The former owners liked Harley-davidsons.
They had a bunch of Harley-Davidson catalogs here.
Her dad had a couple of harleys.
- Mm-hmm.
- You know.
There's just similarities, you know? It's, like, there's Harley stuff upstairs.
Maybe he just kind of was attracted to that environment and felt comfortable, and he kind of parked it for a minute, literally.
Who knows? He could've ridden with my ex-husband.
- Yeah.
- You never know.
- Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.
- That's true.
- That's true.
- We thought of that as well.
- Yeah.
With the situation with Tyler, I mean, that's really what this all hinges on because we don't want him to be scared.
In the past, we've found that once we figure out why a spirit is here, they tend to leave on their own.
If you don't want him here, or if you, you know, want things to calm down, it would be a matter of just talking to him respectfully.
And ask him, you know, to please stop if he's scaring you, and just remind him that he lives down the road, and you can even tell him how to get there, and I don't think it would be long before he moves on.
I mean, really, an important thing is, Tyler isn't in any danger, and Michelle is not in any danger.
You're not no one is in any danger, for sure.
- Thank you very much.
- Yeah.
I'm so happy you came.
Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Thank you very much.
You're welcome.
BRUNI: I'm really happy with how things went here today.
You know, it was one of those situations where I wasn't entirely sure how Tammy was going to receive it.
It is never easy telling a family that there is a stranger in their home.
Now that they know who it is, you know, this is the first step for them in getting the activity here calmed down and, just more than anything, getting Tyler to a place where, hopefully, he'll be sleeping in his room soon.