Kindred Spirits (2016) s02e10 Episode Script

Don't Go in the Attic

She thought that this house was killing her.
I keep hearing voices.
There was this shadow standing there like this, and it was moving forward.
That was the last thing that happened, right? - There was more.
- AMY: Can you reach out? Touch my hand.
[ GASPS ] This all started once you opened that attic.
- ADAM: Yeah.
- Yeah.
ADAM: What is going on in this place? Oh, god.
I'm Amy Bruni.
I was only 8 when a paranormal incident changed my life forever.
Since then, I've dedicated my time to solving the most terrifying hauntings imaginable.
I'm Adam Berry.
More than a decade ago, an encounter at gettysburg rocked my beliefs about the supernatural.
AMY: Together, we uncover the truth behind the unexplainable.
Oh, my god! ADAM: Now we're on our most important mission yet AMY: Helping families overcome their fear, take back their homes, and reclaim their lives.
synced by dom.
smrc [ BIRDS CHIRPING ] AMY: Adam and I are traveling hundreds of miles to help a young family with four kids in Florida.
They're experiencing a very active haunting.
It all started when they opened the attic.
Voices and shadow figures began torturing the kids at night.
They already tried selling the house once.
Now they feel stuck and have no idea what else to do.
- Hi, guys.
- Hi, guys! - Hi.
- Mike.
- Hey, Mike.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
- Why did you call us here? Because I've lived here 5 years and, honestly, I don't feel comfortable anymore.
- No? - Not at all.
So it's escalated over that time? Yeah.
And my kids now.
When it goes to your kids, it's hard because it's, like, you want to protect them as much as you can.
- AMY: Mm-hmm.
- A year and a half ago, I begged Mike to move.
I said, "That's it.
I've heard voices.
" I've gotten my hair pulled.
I want out.
" MIKE: We put it up for sale for a good, what, 5, 6 months.
KATE: Yeah.
We had a couple bites, but nothing Nothing would And I'm like, "Are we stuck here for a reason?" This is where we started our family, so I feel like it has meaning, and I hate to leave, but kids come first.
You want to stay here, but if the kids are going to be affected, you would sell in a heartbeat.
- MIKE: Oh, yeah.
- KATE: Oh, definitely, yeah.
AMY: But we hate seeing people chased out of their houses, so why don't we go through room by room, and you just tell us some of the experiences you guys have had? ADAM: So what happened in here? KATE: I was washing bottles one day right here, and I was looking in the reflection, and I watched my hair get tugged sideways.
And as soon as that happened, paper towel roller would do this.
- ADAM: All by itself? - KATE: Yep.
AMY: It came out that much? And did exactly like that.
Now my eyes ADAM: Deep breaths.
Just deep breaths.
- I know.
It's a lot.
- No, you are allowed to cry at any point because it's I mean It is scary.
AMY: But you've been waiting a long time for someone to come help you, and I Just having dealt with so many families, you can't talk to anybody about it.
- ADAM: Right.
- KATE: Yeah.
And so when we get here and suddenly you can, it can get a little emotional.
And I don't want, like, my town to think I'm crazy, but it's like No.
I'm stuck here, you know? AMY: They won't.
They're not gonna think - That's what sucks.
- ADAM: You're gonna be fine.
AMY: Whatever is here is moving objects and physically touching Kate.
That's especially rare.
What would want to scare this family? Sorry.
ADAM: We're gonna try to figure it out.
I feel bad 'cause it's affecting Hailey now, you know? It's all right, babe.
- AMY: How old is Hailey? - 10.
I guess just the look of fear in her face broke my heart.
This right here was where, when we moved into the house, our attic only had one entry, and this attic, you couldn't get into, so I cut out the attic to get it up there, and when I lifted the top out to move it, a razor knife came flying out of the attic.
I mean, it almost hit me.
And it came out pretty forcefully to where, I mean, it banged Mm.
almost like if a booby trap was set up or something.
But the more I think about it, the way it came out, it was almost like it was meant to hurt somebody, you know? - Okay.
- Jeez.
So was it sealed because it was painted shut or something, or KATE: Yeah.
- I have no clue why they - Oh.
This has, like, got a stair above it and everything, so I don't know why you would even eliminate - Close that up.
- A perfectly good attic.
AMY: So wait, this is the thing you pull down normally? Yeah, but they eliminated it.
- Isn't that weird? -That's really weird.
- MIKE: Yeah.
Once we started renovations and the box cutter came down, that was it.
I just had that It sold on me that something is wrong in this house.
Do you ever hear anything coming from up here? MIKE: We sleep on the other side of the house, though, is the problem, so it's all That's the hard thing.
Cameron's the only one that's here by herself.
MIKE: Yeah.
But lately, Gavin has been so scared he's been sleeping on Hailey's floor.
Do you stay in here all the time, or Mostly I sleep in Hailey's room with her because a few times, the washer and dryer would turn on in the middle of the night.
And I'm wondering, "How is that thing turning on by itself?" Right.
MIKE: The room on the left here is Hailey's bedroom.
This is where she had an encounter with a shadow man and hid under the blankets.
But I'll let her say her side of the story.
- AMY: Okay.
- ADAM: All right.
So one night, I saw this orb, and it was just hovering like this.
- Okay, like this? - And it was blinding me.
I ran out of the room, turned the light on, and ran into my parents' room.
- A couple nights later - Mm-hmm.
I woke up, and There's this small figure right there.
That was the last thing that happened, right? - There was more.
- What else happened? There was this shadow standing there like this, and it was hovering like that.
- Like, creeping in? - Mm-hmm.
Oh, god.
ADAM: All right.
And this is your room? MIKE: Yep.
This is our bedroom here.
This is where all the craziness is - Really? - happening.
I will start to say the "C" over here with the lights on it, four or five days a week, that goes off.
The lights come on.
There's an on and off button.
I can't figure out why.
Did anybody pass in your family or that you know or that you were close to that had the name start with a "C"? Or last name start with a "C"? Mm.
I don't believe so.
- Okay.
- All right.
And then what else happens in here? One night, all the sudden I got this weird, eerie feeling.
And as I'm looking forward, I'm watching, like, a little butt imprint go down.
And then, second after that, I hear talking.
I couldn't understand what they were saying.
So how often have you been hearing, like, voices? I've only heard it once.
Does anybody else hear voices? - No.
- Mnh-mnh? Do you know anything about former occupants or anything? I would try to look into it.
I had my friend who was a realtor, and she couldn't find anything on that.
AMY: Who do you think is here? I'd like it if, like, it was my uncle Mike.
That way I know that he's, like, actually missing me.
I mean, he could be here checking in on you, you know? That's what I Most people don't take the role of godfather, you know, lightly.
But it could be more than one person, too.
Who do you think the orb was? My grandma.
Her sister passed away.
I called her "Lala.
" And you immediately thought it was your Lala? Lala.
I had a feeling it was there to make sure that nothing bad would happen to me.
So the light, you think it was Lala, which is your grandmother's sister, right? Mm-hmm.
But the shadow figure, do you have any idea, like, who you might think it is? No.
AMY: So at the end of the day when we're done here, what are you hoping for? I just feel like if it was a family member, wouldn't we be more comforted? I would just I would love to just for y'all to find out what it is and get this away so that we can go back to living our normal lives without the fear, you know? AMY: The kids are terrified, but they also hope their family members are the ones here.
The parents, Mike and Kate, are just plain scared.
There's a lot of activity in the house, and no one really knows what's going on.
There might be multiple entities here with different agendas.
- They're freaked out.
- Yeah.
All right, so let's set up these cameras.
And let's see what is in this.
Be careful, please.
- Oh.
- Ugh.
It's, like, wow there's a bunch of crap over there, but What kind of crap? - ADAM: Oh, god.
- What is it? Hold on.
I see the old insulation.
- Just put it down.
- It's moldy.
I'm not kidding.
This is, like Well it's actually, like, moldy particle board.
AMY: Balance the I mean if you could There you go, yeah.
Angle it up like that.
AMY: Kate thought she heard the voice in her bedroom, so I'm going to put one in the master bedroom.
Are you by the monitor? Yeah.
Hold on.
I'm just wondering if you can make sure you can see the "C" light.
[ WHISPERS ] Is there somebody outside? Hey.
I keep hearing voices.
- Hey, Adam? - Yeah? - Come here.
- Oh, I'm coming.
- Hurry up! - I'm coming.
Like, seriously, something's happening.
I keep hearing voices.
- Hey, Adam? - Yeah? - Come here.
- Oh, I'm coming.
- Hurry up! - I'm coming.
AMY: Okay.
Like, seriously, something's happening.
I keep a voice in here.
I heard it twice.
- What'd it sound like? - It sounded, like, high-pitched.
And it sounded kind of muffle-y.
[ WHISPERING ] and I checked outside, and there's not anybody out there.
I wondered if somebody was maybe, like Yeah.
That's what Kate says she hears.
Let's start in here.
If there's anybody here in this house, and you have something to say, if you stand in front of this, you'll be seen.
ADAM: The S.
Camera uses infrared light that allows us to see things not visible to the naked eye.
If something's here, it won't be able to hide.
So here, watch this.
See how Tim, stand up for a second.
See how this guy looks? That's my friend, Tim.
See how I can see him and he's waving? See what he looks like there? Well, you can do that, too.
Have you been talking to Kate and Mike and Hailey and Cam? Okay.
I've got one in the bathroom right now.
Can you wave like this? Can you do that? There we go.
Good job.
Good job.
That's perfect.
Good job.
I can see you waving.
Now can you walk toward us? You can come closer.
You don't have to stay there.
Can you reach out? Touch my hand.
- Oh, jeez.
It moved.
- ADAM: Can you tell her - There's another one.
Whoa! - ADAM: There's two? There's one right here.
That was really crazy because I was, like Wait, did it raise its hand? it [BLEEP] waved at me.
That's why I was, like I'm, like You recorded it, yeah? Okay.
Watch this.
- There it is.
- [ GASPS ] Oh, my god.
Can you wave like this? - Good job.
That's perfect.
- [ AMY GASPS ] That's perfect.
Good job.
What?! AMY: Mind-blowing anomaly on the S.
Another strange aspect of that was a larger anomaly appeared in frame.
And it was almost, like, holding the hand of the smaller one.
And that is a big clue for us.
It could mean these entities are somehow attached or even related.
This is not something I've seen on an S.
Camera in a very long time.
So yes, something is here, but now it's time to figure out what and why.
So you probably spent a long time trying to get someone's attention, and now we're here to talk to you and we can see you, like, on the device and we can hear you on this thing.
Can you tell me what your name is? Do you like turning on this "C" light? Why do you like this light? Is it because your name starts with "C"? All right.
Let's listen.
It's very quiet, but we did get that crazy anomaly.
I mean, yeah.
So Let's regroup and find out what's next on the agenda.
- Okay.
- Plus research, right? Ugh, so much research.
I think that's going to be important because their - Let's go down there.
- Family is not any clue.
ADAM: I've seen things on the S.
Camera before, but having something actually mimic what we're doing For something like this to happen on night one, it's absolutely incredible.
ADAM: Obviously, there is activity in the house.
We got two anomalies on the camera last night, but nothing was talking.
It could be the family or it could be something else, so I'm going to go do some research and focus on the history of the area.
So I went to the library, and there's three things that popped out to me.
The colony of New Smyrna was called Turnbull colony.
- Mm-hmm.
- And it was in, like, 1777.
It was a complete disaster, utter failure.
There was 1,200 people, and it was so bad that they up and left to St.
When they got here, the Seminole Indians were here, and there was this whole pushout of the Seminole Indians, especially during the civil war and after that.
And so they, like, literally drove them out of here, which was something that came up, and then the civil war.
I mean, there was a horrible battle that happened during the civil war, but it was the worst hit for the confederates in that time period.
- Yeah.
Let's use it.
- Great.
AMY: This new information will help guide tonight's investigation.
We got the most activity in the master bedroom, but we're getting started in the kids' rooms, since Gavin is scared to be in there alone.
All right.
[ SIGHS ] So let's go ahead and do an E.
Session in here.
Do you have anything you need to say to us? Did something bad happen here? Were you here before the house was built? Were you a part of a war here? Let's play this back.
- ADAM: No.
- Ugh.
Nothing on the civil war or history.
Nothing on the S.
Camera, and we got two of those yesterday.
What other activity have they experienced? They do have all that "C" light activity.
I'm gonna go grab that.
We're gonna incorporate that "C" light fixture in our investigation just because they've had so many instances where it's turned on by itself.
I'm just going to twist them a little bit So you can turn them back on and fix it for me.
Since they say it turns on by itself, I'm going to twist some of the bulbs and see if anything here interacts with it.
Why are you in this part of the house? Are you trying to scare this family? Do you live here? Did I undo three of those bulbs in the "C"? Uh-huh.
I thought so.
I thought you did three of them.
So one of them has been screwed back in? One of them got screwed back in.
Did I undo three of those bulbs in the "C"? Uh-huh.
I thought so.
I thought you did three of them.
So one of them has been screwed back in? One of them got screwed back in.
It's on camera.
Let me just go get my computer really quick with the, uh, card reader.
AMY: It's important we review this evidence right away.
If those lights are going off, we could finally be connecting with something.
Oh, it was already two.
It must have flipped back on when I sat it down.
I don't think it was paranormal.
I think when I sat it down, and then when I walked by, it went out again.
That would have been very cool.
Maybe we got something on the recorder.
We are getting nothing.
Let's try the kitchen, where Kate's hair was pulled.
So she's here.
She's doing bottle stuff, right? And she closes this, and then she sees And she sees a section of her hair go - And it was on this Yeah.
- This.
And then at that time, she looks back, and the paper towel roll Is like this.
If you can manipulate this paper towel roll, we just want you to pull it off and disconnect it from this thing.
Is there somebody in here that likes to move things? Was there a reason why you played with Kate's hair? Can you tell us your name? Were you hiding in the attic this whole time? And then they found you? [ WHISPERS ] Let's listen.
- Like, literally nothing.
- ADAM: Nothing.
This is when it gets frustrating.
We just have to keep going.
ADAM: Because Hailey has had experiences in her room I saw this orb, and it was blinding me.
ADAM: we're gonna go in there and look for these shadow figures and look for this light anomaly.
We're going to ask some questions about the family Gavin's godfather, uncle Mike and Hailey's great aunt, Lala.
Is there anybody here with us that would like to talk to us? We're looking for someone who has interacted with Hailey.
What do you think of Hailey's family? Lala, is that you? Do you know someone named Mike? Are you Gavin's godfather? Let's play this back.
What was that? - [ WHISPERS ] Yeah.
- Yeah.
What was that? Is that, like, a, "Yeah" or something? It almost sounds like it says, "Yeah.
" - Maybe.
it's so faint.
- But even that is so faint.
I would not even play that to them unless we got something else backing it up.
What is going on? We need to regroup, and we need to figure out who could be here haunting this house.
Our only hope is that the research that we do tomorrow is going to give us enough ammunition to come in here and pinpoint who it is and get some responses.
This is where we need to start getting into research pretty heavily, so I'm going to head to the deeds office to find out who the former owners are, how long they lived here, and then maybe do some additional research on them, themselves.
So now I found out something wild today about this house.
Obviously, I went through I found all the owners who owned this place before.
There was a couple who lived here Edna and Paul Cowells.
- Yes.
- The last name is "C.
" Right.
And they keep messing with the "C.
" Mm-hmm, so Edna literally thought that this house was killing her.
This is all from the property appraiser.
So these are all notes.
She had issues from day one in this house with I guess this house was never supposed to be built.
This house right here? It's up on a hill, right? Those houses over there? We're looking straight at them, right? - Yeah.
- This house was not supposed to be built because this lot is down low, and it is filled with mold and mildew - Oh, god.
- For years.
Ultimately, Edna died of chronic obstructive lung disease.
Associated with mold and mildew? She was convinced this place was making her so sick.
Her husband also died of a heart attack in the house.
- Huh.
- Look, it's like, "Mrs.
Cowells had water drainage and mildew problems "since the house was built, and will continue "to have problems per county and city studies.
"She also says that the mildew problem that she is having has affected her lungs and her health.
" Wow.
So I started doing some research - Right.
- on mold and mildew problems.
One of the methods that they use to keep mold or mildew in place is called an encapsulation technique, where they paint over everything on the wood, they seal the wood, and then they seal it into a spot.
- Yep.
Into the attic.
- Ring a bell? This attic you couldn't get into, so I cut out the attic, and when I lifted the top out to move it, a razor knife came flying out of the attic at me and almost hit me.
I started doing some research on mold and mildew problems.
One of the methods that they use to keep mold or mildew in place is called an encapsulation technique, where they paint over everything on the wood, they seal the wood, and then they seal it into a spot.
- Yep.
Into the attic.
- Ring a bell? - Yeah.
Into that attic.
- Yeah.
I called the mold specialist to come out in the morning to see what the situation is with this house.
[ INHALES SHARPLY ] That's so dangerous.
That is so dangerous.
That's what I'm wondering.
You know, are they trying to get their attention because they're worried for them, now that they have all these kids in the house? Yeah.
Are they trying to be like, "Leave"? Like, trying to scare them out? Right.
Of course.
Do Mike and Kate know about this? - I bet they don't know.
- I mean, that's That will make them want to move in a heartbeat.
My hope My hope is that someone who bought the house took care of these issues - Right.
- and that it's fine.
We have to let them know If they are haunting this house, we have to let them know that we hear you and we will deliver the message.
I think they need to know there's another option besides scaring them out of the house.
[ OWL HOOTS ] AMY: You know, I've been doing this now for 20 years and I've never seen anything like this before.
So we're going to focus heavily tonight on Paul and Edna Cowells, the former home owners, as we investigate.
So what do you see? Well, I see wood.
I don't think it's been treated 'cause it hasn't been sanded.
What about insulation? There's insulation.
We're going to have to ask the mold guy in the morning.
I'm hoping that it was just taken care of Yeah.
I hope so.
All right.
Let's get to investigating.
I'm ready.
AMY: We got a very faint E.
Last night in Hailey's room, and she reported seeing two shadow figures, which matched what we captured the first night.
There was this shadow standing there like this and it was hovering like that.
AMY: So we'll see if we can capture anything on the S.
Camera or the recorder.
- All right.
- So let's see if Let's see if they're here.
All right, so this is Amy and Adam, and we are in Hailey's room.
AMY: Did someone come in here and show themselves to Hailey? Is this Paul or Edna? Can you tell us your name? Let's listen.
What did that say? "It's Mike.
" "It's Mike.
" It's Mike.
What did that say? "It's Mike.
" "It's Mike.
" Yeah.
"It's Mike.
" Yeah.
Well, Mike answered.
Mike, I mean, didn't we get an answer last night from Mike? - Godfather.
- Yeah.
- He said "Yes.
" - Yeah.
But it was too faint to say for sure it was him.
I think he's here, especially with Gavin.
Like, he's probably still trying to protect him.
Especially if there's something dangerous here, like mold.
And he probably will always hang around and pop in.
- For sure.
- But there's somebody else here.
Because there was two entities that we saw on the S.
- AMY: Oh, jeez.
- Can you tell her - AMY: There's another one.
- There's two? They match what Hailey saw.
Should we reach out and see? Yeah.
Let's see.
All right.
Do you want to take the S.
Back in the master bedroom and see if they come back to us? All right.
Let's try to have a talk with them.
For sure.
I just want to take a minute to address Paul and Edna.
We think you might be here.
We know what you went through with this house.
Edna, I don't know if you know this, but I got all your notes today.
I got all these reports saying that you were so concerned with your health because of this house.
What was wrong with the house? What was going on? Were they ever able to fix it for you? I know Paul passed away here.
He had a heart attack, right? Were you reaching out to help this family? I don't want to beg, but I'm very nervous for this family, knowing this information.
So if you could please, please talk to us.
All right.
Let's listen.
I hope she's talking.
Hope someone's talking.
Please go back.
And her voice sounds "Yes.
" Were they ever able to fix it for you? - ADAM: Did it say "Mold"? - Mold! It said "Mold"! Wait.
It says "Mold"! AMY: We finally started to get some E.
Responses, very clear.
You know, this is not a coincidence.
So at this point we know, we've got the right people.
But how do we make them back off of this family? Mrs.
Cowells We think we heard you.
We heard the word "Mold.
" We heard you say "Yes.
" We're just wondering if maybe when they opened that attic, it upset you? It had been sealed up for a long time, right? And no one knew what was going on here.
And everything was fine until they opened up that attic.
And now there's four kids in this house, and you think that what's up there could hurt them.
This family, I don't think, has any idea about what you went through or the mold.
You're right to be concerned for their safety and to want to help them.
We applaud you for that.
Paul, are you here? AMY: Mrs.
Cowells Wait.
Scoot over.
I need to sit with you.
" - [ EXHALES SHARPLY ] - Oh, my god.
Oh, my god.
At least it admitted that the attic pissed it off.
Her off.
It's her.
It sounds female.
We've got evidence that Edna might be here, right? I think Edna is here.
Edna? We've received your message.
We know what's happening, and we want to fix this for everyone.
And we have called a professional in tomorrow to make sure it is now safe for this family.
We wouldn't have done that without you.
Thank you for that.
AMY: We do have a mold expert coming.
He's going to do an inspection of the house and let us know if there's any mold or mildew present at the moment.
There's a family living here with four kids, so that's why I want to If there is something, I just want to be able to tell them.
All right.
Let's start my thing.
[ SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY ] TOD: The humidity is very high.
- It should stay below 60%.
- AMY: Uh-huh.
It is now 73 percent, this humidity.
- Oh, wow.
- That's high.
Here's more area with water getting in.
Oh, that looks like mold.
That's definitely.
Oh, jeez.
And this is the baby's room.
Here's more area with water getting in.
Oh, that looks like mold.
That's definitely.
Oh, jeez.
- Yeah.
- And this is the baby's room.
Should be fairly okay except for the pink baby's room - Okay.
- with the visible mold.
Should have it cleaned up.
The toxins affect human health.
Well, thank you.
I appreciate you coming out on short notice.
You're welcome.
And yeah, we'll let the family know.
AMY: The inspector just confirmed that mold is in the house, and that it could be dangerous.
I hope Mike and Kate are ready for everything we've found.
I think that the outcome here was not anything that we've ever experienced before.
ADAM: Yeah.
And I think that the main thing is we wanted to reach out to your family and I think it's important for you to know that we think we did get a response from someone that you guys wanted to hear from.
What? [ SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY ] AMY: So, um, we wanna play that for you.
[ GASPS ] Holy [BLEEP]! - I'm sorry.
- [ AMY LAUGHS ] I'm sorry.
That was clear as day.
- That was Mike.
- Oh, my gosh.
Oh, my god.
[ VOICE BREAKS ] Oh, my god.
- I'm sorry.
I'm crying.
- ADAM: It's okay.
It's fine.
I just didn't expect that.
- It's a good feeling.
- MIKE: It's awesome.
I love it that he's here.
That makes me feel comfortable.
You know, because that was his one mission before, I feel like, to be his godfather and watch over him.
That makes me feel a lot better.
That makes me feel, like, so great.
I just can't I knew I wasn't nuts, dude.
I knew I wasn't crazy.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
[ SNIFFLES ] Because I knew it.
I knew it.
I knew it in my heart.
It's such a relief.
I can't believe how clear it was, though.
I know.
And it sounds like him.
I know this sounds crazy, but it even sounds like him.
It's not crazy at all.
But we have more to tell you.
This one was in the master bedroom.
This piece of equipment is called the S.
It stands for structured light sensor.
So it uses the same technology as, like, a video game, where it would Like, you are moving, and it sees you moving and you become the character, right? Okay.
So when we take this technology and use it, and we focus it on nothing, and it registers something that looks like a person - Got you.
- It shows up on our camera.
- Yeah.
I like it.
- Okay.
So it's a really cool piece of equipment.
So usually, when this happens, you just see them standing there, and they're, like, doing their own thing, but in this case, when you watch back this video, it's like a "Simon says" kind of thing.
AMY: That is the entrance to the bathroom right here.
- I see him.
- Uh-huh.
AMY: I have one in the bathroom right now.
Can you wave like this? - Watch.
- There we go.
Good job.
Good job.
- Oh, my god.
- Oh, my god! That's perfect.
ADAM: Yeah.
It waves back at us.
I can see you waving.
- This is nuts.
- Now can you walk toward us? - It starts trying to come - It starts to move forward.
Yeah, like it's trying to listen.
Oh, my god.
AMY: All right.
Now there's another one.
ADAM: This is back in the bathroom.
What's your name? You kind of see the one that's closer to us reach out to the other one and sort of, like, kind of exit with them.
- Like, being like, "Come.
" - KATE: "Come on.
" Like, "Let's come out of this," you know? AMY: Hailey mentioned seeing shadow figures, and we think this might be them.
This is insane.
This is so, like my mind is blown right now.
This is so We were trying to figure out who would be here, who would be trying to get your attention, and as I was going through the deeds, I found this really interesting information about Edna and Paul, who lived here for so long.
This is when we started asking about the attic.
- She said, "Yeah.
" - Mm-hmm.
- "Yeah.
" - Okay.
- Whoa.
- So, like, it - It pissed her off.
- Interrupted her? It I think, honestly, I think that she knew there was stuff up there.
Edna thought this house was making her very sick.
They had major problems here with water getting in the house, mold, mildew, the house settling, and she thought it was affecting her lungs, and ultimately, she ended up dying from chronic lung disease.
So do you think on the S.
Camera that those two spirits were the home owners? - I think it was them.
- Mm-hmm.
AMY: So we started reaching out to them.
- Mold? - ADAM: Mold.
AMY: I think that when you opened that attic, and that was kind of an area of concern, especially since a lot of that stuff was stashed up there, I think that was an alarm for them to, like, try to probably scare you out.
Get my attention.
She yanked my hair.
Someone did.
They're looking out for you.
- MIKE: They're helping you.
- AMY: Right.
So we called a mold inspector into your house, and he came here this morning, and he did find some mold.
He did? He found some in Charlie's room, which, she's not in there yet.
Thank god.
That's what he His exact words were, "Thank god she's not in here yet.
" Yeah.
It's still at a point where you can clean it.
And I will say, last night, we sat down and we had a talk with Paul and Edna.
We told them exactly what was going on, exactly why we were here, and that they didn't need to worry and that you guys were taking care of things, and I honestly think probably not a lot will happen now.
I'm so thankful for you guys.
- Truly - you guys have been awesome.
Truly thankful.
AMY: Gavin's godfather, Mike, is here watching out for him, and I'd be wiling to bet he's going to stick around.
Paul and Edna were complete strangers to this family, but they felt like they needed to let them know of the danger that could potentially be in their house.
Truthfully, if they had not done any of this, if none of this activity had happened in the house, the family might not know what is going on here.