Kindred Spirits (2016) s03e04 Episode Script

Terror in the Woods

My son saw something.
ETHAN: A black shadow, it was just staring at me.
I think it might've followed him.
It felt like a fire was starting on my back.
These look like burn marks.
Every night, he hears someone telling him to get out.
-Do you live in water? -Can you let yourself be known somehow? How do we broach this with them? You tell them the truth.
You tell them the truth.
[ Crows cawing .]
BRUNI: When the dead are forgotten, they become restless.
-Oh, my God! You just touched me.
-What? I did not touch you.
I'm Amy Bruni.
A haunting encounter redefined my life.
I live with that experience and seek answers to the unknown.
It says, "I am.
" I'm Adam Berry.
At Gettysburg, the shadows and screams of dead soldiers turned me into a supernatural believer.
Oh, my God.
Together, our investigations bring peace to the living You can't scare us, you can't deter us.
by giving a voice to the dead.
I'm going to ask you one more time.
What is your name? Because we believe the dead and the living are all kindred spirits.
Kindred spirits.
The woman that lives in this house, Martha, she is living in the house with her brother and her son who's 16.
They've always had this kind of minor activity happening.
-Now, suddenly, he's seeing strange creatures in his backyard that are attacking him in his room at night.
Ugh! [Bleep.]
I, well, I -- And it all kind of started once he saw this weird creature in the woods.
It's bizarre and it's strange.
It does not sound human to me at all.
[ Knock on door .]
You must be Martha.
-Yes, I am.
-Oh, beautiful house.
-All right.
It does.
It looks really old.
It does look old, but it was built in 1955.
And how long have you been here? Seven, little over seven years.
And do you know how many people lived here before you or? It's always been rented.
Oh, it has? I see.
Now, as far as how long people lived here, I don't know.
It seemed pretty urgent, the e-mails you sent.
Very urgent.
In fact, you were the first person I thought of to reach out to.
Since we've moved here, I've had like, little things happen, but they never seemed to be threatening or anything.
It's like, looking out my bedroom window at night sometimes, I would see glowing balls of light.
But it just seems recently that my son was walking in the woods, saw something.
Now, where are the woods? Are they back here? They're right in back of the house.
Very deep and dark.
There's a retention pond back there.
BERRY: What happened? He saw a figure that was about eight-feet-tall and it was very dark and it was standing like, on top of water.
On the water back there? -On the water.
-On the pond? -Not in it.
-On the pond.
And after he saw that, the activity really increased.
When you talk to him, um, he has burn marks on his back.
Almost like, when you burn your hand, like, you grab something and it, uh, makes that welt? Yeah, they look like welts.
Do you find that these woods are the source of all of the problems? I think it might've followed him.
I don't know what it is.
Every night, he sees a dark shadow and he hears someone telling him to get out.
Oh, so we can talk to him, right? Sure.
Thanks for letting us kind of invade your space.
-Is this totally weird to you? -No, not really.
-Not really? BRUNI: So, were you okay with your mom contacting us? -Yep.
-Tell us where it all began.
Tell us what happened.
Uh, I think it started when I was in the woods.
I would walk around.
I did it mostly every day.
And I saw these footprints leading to like a small pond.
It freaked me out, 'cause when I look up, I saw like, a black shadow, I'd say it'd be like, eight-feet-tall.
It was just staring at me.
Really? I stepped two feet closer to it and then it stepped two feet in front of me.
What happened in here? I would hear knocking at the closet door.
There was like, a few whistling sounds.
And I complimented on it, I would say, "Nice whistling.
" And immediately I said that, I heard someone say, "You're welcome.
" And sometimes, uh, you would hear a voice saying, "Help me," or, "Get out.
" And we have a chair that's in the basement.
It's not really rockable, but I've definitely seen it just start rapidly going back and forth.
And that'd be it.
Now, your mom said you think this thing physically attacked you.
Think there's like, scars, um So, are these pictures of what happened? -Yep.
-Yeah, let me see.
Think it was this one night, I was just watching TV and all of a sudden, I just felt like really long nails, you could say, and they just went all the way down my back.
-It looks like claw marks.
Claw marks.
-It really does.
Okay, what -- what would you like in the end of all of this? What would you like for us to do? Um, I guess like, I don't know if you can get rid of them.
BERRY: Ethan's experiences are super-intense, but he's not the only one living in the house that has seen some type of entity.
His Uncle Peter had his own encounter.
Pete? -Yes.
-Hey, I'm Amy.
-Amy, nice to meet you.
-Nice to meet you.
-Nice to meet you.
-Nice to meet you.
-Uh, well, your sister told us that you saw something interesting.
Yeah, I was on the computer and I looked and there was so, uh, black mist.
I saw the legs, I saw the arms hanging down, I saw the head start to form.
I thought, well, seeing things, so I -- I turned back around and it started to go like this.
-Like, kind of just dissolve.
And move to -- move to the front of the house.
-And it moved away.
-Looking at me.
That's the only time you've seen this? Right.
BERRY: Did it look like a person? -Yeah.
Did that concern you at all or? -Well, it -- I was shocked.
And I went into the living room and I got my sister to look and, "Did you see that? Did you see that?", and, uh, it was already gone.
The family will stay at a nearby hotel for the rest of our investigation.
With the house empty, we can get to work.
What is out there? We're going to have to find out.
All right, so, what are your thoughts here? BERRY: Well, Martha is clearly shaken and concerned for her son.
We have one person who has seen light anomalies outside her window.
And we have two people that have seen this like, shadowy figure, right, one inside the house and the other, an eight-foot, menacing figure by the woods.
Then you have like, activity from his closet.
So, what's going on behind that is strange.
Well, what do you think about the house itself? I totally feel like this house is way older than 1950.
I mean, the floor planks are wide and it looks like the two ends are separate and definitely a different era.
That's what we see in like, late 18th century, 19th century, even earlier than that, homes.
I -- honestly, I'll go to the Historical Society and ask myself.
I feel like we investigate and then see if that leads us anywhere.
I think cameras really should go in the obvious places.
Out her bedroom window.
His room.
Basement where the chair is.
We can get one out to the woods.
Just get a bunch of cameras up and then just, I guess, start.
All right, that is the basement.
BRUNI: Ethan's claim of a moving chair is something we have to look into and what's cool is we'll be able to do it while we investigate the rest of the house.
I'm going to put a geophone on the chair.
This will sense if it moves and then it'll also sound an alarm if there's any EMF detected around it.
We can see the chair and we can see the stairs and see if anybody comes in or out, too.
Ethan's room needs to be totally covered.
He's heard everything from whistles to voices coming from his closet.
He even said something attacked him up here.
This whole house gives me the creeps.
Just, as soon as I came into this house, I instantly felt like something was off.
I just don't feel comfortable here at all.
Now that we have the inside covered, we're going to set up our last couple of cameras in the woods.
This is where Ethan saw the eight-foot shadow figure.
What happened to him is back -- way back there, right? -Right.
[ Whistles .]
Did you whistle? I just wanted to see if something would whistle back.
Did you guys just hear that? Adam, did you just hear that? BERRY: Yeah.
It whistled back to me.
We set up these cameras and we put one in the basement on this chair, right.
And I got absolutely no activity, until right there.
What is that? BERRY: We're in the woods behind 16-year-old Ethan's house investigating his paranormal sightings.
[ Whistles .]
His mother Martha is clearly shaken by the encounters and believes her son has also been physically attacked by something unknown.
Adam, did you just hear that? -Yeah.
-It whistled back to me.
BERRY: Do it again.
[ Whistles .]
I definitely heard that.
Again! Adam? From over there.
I'm hearing it.
It's coming from here.
Like, around me.
Adam, come back this way.
I don't want you out there by yourself.
Here, listen from here.
Can you whistle back? -No.
That is [bleep.]
That's what I've been hearing.
BRUNI: Ethan also said he heard a whistle, so this tells us there's definitely something out there.
But what is it? We're going to do a Spirit Box experiment to see if whatever is targeting Ethan will speak to us.
There was a boy who came down here from this house.
He saw you.
We want to know who you are.
Just talk to us and I should be able to hear you through this.
So, you're going to -- Adam's going to ask you questions and I'm going to listen for you.
BERRY: The Spirit Box scans different radio frequencies that entities can use to communicate.
Amy wears a blindfold and noise-canceling headphones so she won't be subconsciously affected by the question or any outside noise.
The only thing she's able to hear are the messages generated by the device.
We'll be recording the session to analyze later.
My name is Adam and this is Amy.
What is your name? Do you know Ethan? Why do you pick on Ethan? What is his purpose for you? Do you come from this area here in front of me? BRUNI: "In the water.
" Are you come -- do you live in the water? "Yes.
" Did you drown in the water? Do you know who built this house? "House.
" Do you go into the house? Do you live in that house? "Wood.
" Do you know who built this house? Do you have anything else that you want to say to us? [Bleep.]
You scared me.
Sorry I scared you.
So, a lot of stuff.
-Like what? Okay, so, uh, the -- I knew, first off, it said, "In the water," and I was like, okay, that's weird.
I didn't understand some of the stuff, but most of the time, it was clear.
Okay, well, you know what? Let's -- Let's go back, we'll listen to that again.
Yeah, 'cause I want to write down all that stuff.
So, I'll just play it.
Do you come from this area here? "In the water.
" Did you die in the water? Did you drown in the water? Are you from the house? Do you know who built this house? "House.
" "Save us.
" -Weird.
Yeah, that's a lot.
Look how many we got answered.
It's ridi-- it's ridiculous.
I mean, I feel like, though, if you look at the pattern, "In the water," "Do you live in the water?", "Yes.
" I said, "Are you from the house?" "House.
" Right? Doesn't mean he's from the house, but he mentions the house.
-Right? I don't know.
Not everything's adding up to me yet.
What is out there? Yeah.
BRUNI: The responses we're getting could point to dozens of different things.
Maybe somebody drowned in the pond and they're trying to reach us.
Maybe something happened in the house that Martha doesn't know about.
Looking at the house, the lumber that was used looks much older than 1955, which is when Martha claims it was built, so I know I'm going to have to dig into the history of the house and the land if we want to get answers.
So, the house is here, it's on this site.
Yeah, which was originally a trolley line.
I was hoping to find anything strange about the property or maybe an accident in the pond, but what I turned up is so much bigger and it involves not only Martha's house, but the entire community.
I really need to tell Adam.
I wanted to bring you here, because I found out the craziest information about the house.
In like, 1908, they filled this reservoir and the entire town was covered.
All that's left is this stone church.
So, the government would say, like, here's some money and we're going to take your house, basically.
And so, entire businesses, mills, they're all gone.
Some of them are still under there.
No way! Before they filled the reservoir, the town, they dismantled a number of the buildings, right? Right.
A lot of them, they rebuilt elsewhere.
So, the house actually has at least parts of a home that was flooded to make this reservoir in like, 1908.
Didn't the word "wood" come out of the spirit box? Do you live in that house? "Wood.
" I mean, this is insane.
So, we're talking about a house where she's like, "Oh, it was built in 1950," and you and I the whole time have been like, no, no, no, this house is much older.
Something's up, yeah.
Now that we know the elements of the house are much older than 1950, it opens up the search on who or what could be causing the activity.
And then on top of that, the woman who erected the house in 1950 from remnants of this, she actually wrote a book about what happened.
It's her retelling of the whole thing.
Do we have a name? Evelyn Gustafson.
And then the other thing is, in the '70s, she died of natural causes in the house we are investigating.
What? This is a great find for us.
Maybe that was Evelyn reaching out to us via the Spirit Box last night.
Or maybe it was someone else who lost their home.
But then, does that mean the shadow figure Ethan is seeing is Evelyn or could it be someone else? We have to get back to the house and check out our cameras and see if we caught anything on the DVR.
Hey, how's the, uh, review coming? We set up these cameras and we put one in the basement on this chair, right.
So, I was hoping that this chair would move, I was praying this chair would move.
And I got absolutely no activity at all, whatsoever, until right there.
What is that? If you're in that area over there, can you make those lights light up.
Just grab onto them.
-That light just came on.
BERRY: We're investigating the paranormal claims of 16-year-old Ethan.
His mother Martha is extremely alarmed by his experiences.
Last night's investigation had us on edge and we just came across something unexplainable.
We set up these cameras and we put one in the basement on this chair, right.
And I got absolutely no activity at all, whatsoever, until right there.
BRUNI: What is that? It looks like a white ghost figure, almost creeping on the ground or walking this way towards us.
And in no other instance does it register motion the entire evening, except for this one spot.
-That's so bizarre.
-Look at that.
We'll have to see like, where that's coming from.
Look at that.
This is not the first time we've captured an anomaly like this.
It tells us there's definitely some activity here inside the house.
But who or what is it? Could it be Evelyn, the woman who built the home and later died here? Maybe it's the entity that Peter saw in his room.
Or maybe it's the shadow figure from the woods.
Into the basement.
It came from over here, I thought.
And stops about here.
Hello? Is that your chair? Let's do an EVP session.
We have this little silver device here.
It has a red light on the top.
And this can actually hear your voice, even if we can't.
And so, the louder you talk toward this little red light, the better the odds are that we'll be able to hear you.
Whoever is down here, who's not one of us, can you let yourself be known somehow? Are you ready to talk to us? Do you know who Evelyn Gustafson is? Did you live in this house once? Can you make that chair move? Is that your chair? Let's, um, listen to this.
"Yes," or -- -Something.
Sound like it said yes.
I know, but Hmm.
I'm hearing something talk.
But it's not that clear.
It's like little words, right? Yeah.
I don't know, like, I feel like it's like, thinking about talking, like, talking to someone else, conferring like, "Should we talk to them?" Like, it's going to have to get used to us.
BRUNI: Whatever is here is being really shy, so we'll try a different room.
Spirits tend to go wherever they feel the most comfortable.
But instead of using a digital voice recorder, we'll try a trigger object, something personal that will draw Evelyn out, if she's here.
All right, so, Evelyn, if you're here, I found an article about your book.
And then, here is also the deed when your house was signed over, so I thought you might want to look at it.
I'm going to set these right here for you.
So, if you touch these, this alarm will go off, but that's okay, all right? Let's use the Spirit Box here out loud.
BERRY: Yeah, and see if it does anything.
We are looking for Evelyn Gustafson.
So, if you're in here with us, you can talk to us through that.
Like maybe you talk to Ethan.
[ Static oscillating .]
What did that say? It was a female voice.
It almost sounds like it said, "Evie.
" Evie.
Do you know who Evie is? Did you die in the house? Did you write a book about the reservoir? -"No.
" -Yeah, that said no.
That said no.
Are you connected to this house somehow? Do you know who Ethan is? Did something happen in that pond outside? Do we need to be looking somewhere else? [ Static continues oscillating .]
[ Static stops .]
There's no lack of evidence here.
We have evidence, things are happening.
Somebody said something to us, somebody said, "I didn't write the book.
" I'm worried, because we're not really any closer to figuring out what is here and what we do to get rid of it.
I'm worried, because I still don't know if we know what we're dealing with.
Whatever's here is really faint and not identifying itself.
We need to refocus on Ethan's experiences, 'cause he's had the most intense experiences, not only in the woods, but also in his room.
He claims he was scratched and he heard a voice that said, "Get out," and we need to investigate this.
BRUNI: The Ovilus flashlights, I'll put these next to each other.
These lights, they turn on and off, if you just twist the top like this.
BERRY: Geophone for the closet.
BRUNI: We'll see what it likes, because honestly, we've brought everything in the toy box, so we'll let whatever it is decide how it wants to talk to us.
Get this guy going here.
[ Camera chimes .]
Uh, my name's Amy and this is Adam.
And we just want to communicate with you, because there are other people who live here and you're sharing their space and they have the right to know who you are.
We were brought here by Ethan's mom.
She's just worried about him, because he's been seeing something in here and in the woods.
So, if you are that being that he's seeing, can you play with one of these tools we've laid out here for you? If you're in that area over there, in that closet, can you make those lights light up.
Just grab onto them.
-Oh! That light just came on.
BOTH: Hey.
Thank you so much for coming out here last minute.
What exactly were you seeing? Ethan's here.
Are you here now? BRUNI: We're up in Ethan's room trying to communicate with a violent spirit that may have caused the marks on his back.
We've set up flashlights to see if it will interact with us.
If you're in that area over there, in that closet, can you make those lights light up? Just grab onto them.
-Oh, there we go.
BRUNI: See, that's how that works.
Oh, good job.
Now, can you turn on one of the other ones? If you do that, then we know we're talking to you.
You've just got to twist it the exact same way.
We're trying to get you to do things for us, so that we know that you are here with us.
We've been asked to come here to find out what Ethan saw in the woods, something that was knocking on his closet door.
We assume it's the same thing.
If you're from the water, turn on one of those flashlights.
God, nothing is happening.
[ Light tapping .]
Did you just hear knocking in here? Yeah.
I definitely heard knocking.
Like here, this area somewhere, right? So, we have to open the closet.
It goes far back.
What the hell? This thing goes back all the way to the other side.
-Oh, [bleep.]
-It looks as if the crawl space extends to an area above the garage.
We'll have to see if we can get up there.
Don't know, it's a weird, weird vibe.
I'm out.
-What do we do? What do you think? -So, I have a theory.
I want to hear this theory.
I think whatever is bothering Ethan is coming from the outside.
Only because if it were in this space, it would've talked to us.
Well, that's why I think it would only be here if Ethan was here.
That was what I was going to say.
'Cause I think what -- what he experienced is outside and comes to him, comes inside.
That's not to say there isn't something else happening in this house.
It's here when he's here, it comes for him.
BRUNI: At this point, we're experiencing a lot of different activity, but it's not really adding up.
We heard whistling, we got a few hits on the spirit box, and we saw a small anomaly moving through the basement, but nothing like what Ethan and his family have claimed happens to him.
No disembodied voices, no violent encounters.
Nothing that would cause marks on someone's back.
So, we're going to have Ethan come back to the house and we're going to see if his presence instigates some activity.
At the same time, Grant Wilson, our friend, and acclaimed paranormal investigator, is going to interview Ethan.
Grant's first paranormal experience was very similar to Ethan's activity in the woods, so we're hoping he can offer some insight.
-Hey, Grant.
Thank you so much for coming out here last minute.
All right, what do we got? We have a case that's basically a family.
There's, uh, the mom, her brother, and her son, uh, live here and her son, who's 16, saw something in the woods and ever since then nothing's been the same.
For him or the whole family? -For him and the family.
-But mostly for him.
He's having a really tough time with it.
And so, we're just trying to get to the bottom of what this thing is and what it wants with him.
So, I mean, would love to spend some time talking with the son, getting some answers alone.
I'm Grant.
Have a seat.
While Grant is interviewing Ethan, we're going to do an investigation up here, because we notice when Ethan's not in the house, we're not experiencing any of the activity that he's been experiencing.
So, we're going to see if maybe him here will instigate some sort of activity in the house.
Well, just so you know, I've -- I've been investigating the paranormal for 30 years.
And what started me getting into it was, uh, when I was 15, I was out in the woods, I started seeing things into the woods, I wouldn't call them ghosts or anything, it was something else.
And based on what they tell me, uh, you know, you were out there and you saw something that could've been very disturbing.
-What exactly were you seeing? I mean, I've seen some unexplained stuff.
Ethan's here.
Are you here now? But the face really got my attention.
I was trying to look in its face, but I couldn't see any other like, markings or just, it was just all black.
-And that one scared me the most.
He's telling everyone about you.
How does that make you feel? Have you heard anything or are you just seeing stuff? I've heard plenty of stuff.
I think maybe the darkest thing I've heard is, "Get out.
" -Okay.
-And they would yell it.
And no one else hears this? Uh, not that I know of.
No, they don't.
We're getting to know all your secrets and all the things that maybe you don't want us to know.
So, even though you had crazy experience, you know, you seem like you're solid and you're just trying to get to the bottom of it.
So, something like this really throws a kink in the whole system.
It really messes up everything.
And, um, I know you feel weird.
I know you feel, what -- what's wrong with me? I mean, I've felt all of these things myself.
-But I'm fine.
You know, I'm happily married, three kids, you know, and Yeah.
Um, so, even though weird things come your way, um, don't let it derail you, would be my advice.
It didn't talk at all.
I'm kind of disappointed nothing happened.
I'm extremely disappointed, because again, it's another aspect of this case that is so bizarre.
It's so weird that like, it's so quiet.
-[ Sighs .]
-I don't know.
BERRY: There was absolutely no sign of activity with Ethan back in the house, which was surprising to us, but we're not going to stop looking for evidence that supports his claims.
BRUNI: We told Grant about the noises we heard last night in Ethan's room and he agrees we need to check out the other end of the crawl space above the garage.
The garage supposedly has like a -- a barn door up top.
-Oh, yeah.
-Let's open it up and find out.
'Cause his room is right here on the other side, right? Yeah, his room is like, right there.
-Oh, it's opening.
-Look at that.
Wait, wait, wait.
What do you see? Oh, you know what I see? A lot of old wood up there.
-Is it actual space to go up there? -It is, yeah.
-We can get in there? -It's like an attic.
-Do you want me to go to his room now? -Yeah.
-All right, then you guys talk and let me see if I can hear you.
Yeah, let's use walkies, 'cause we can -- -Yeah, yeah.
-Look, thought, right here, there's definitely evidence of animals.
Something is definitely going into the wall, right by.
Oh, yeah, I mean, look at all the work they've done.
Hey, so, I'm in his room now.
If you guys want to do something and let me see if I can, uh, hear you.
Well, here, pretend like you're a rat.
Where does that sound sound like it's coming from to you, Adam? I mean, it sounds like it's coming from the wall.
If I didn't know where you were, I'd possibly could think that it was coming from the closet area.
The tapping could definitely be made by animals.
There's definitely animals in here, because we can see evidence of them.
-Okay, great.
I'm going to come back.
We feel pretty confident that it's animals Ethan's hearing in his room.
But that doesn't explain why he would hear a voice say, "Get out.
" We're going to do an EVP session to see if we get a similar message.
-I'm Amy.
-I'm Adam.
I'm Grant.
Can you tell us what you're name is? Do you live out here? When was this addition built? Do you come from the woods? Let's see if it's talking.
That -- Now, that was something.
It sounds like it's saying a date.
It's weird.
-Is this your home? -I hear it.
It goes, "1970" -- And then the 3 is very clear.
Wait, what's 1973? 1973 doesn't match anything.
An EVP of some random year is just another example of the disconnected evidence we're getting.
It doesn't make any sense, which is obviously frustrating.
We need to return to the area this family believes is most haunted, the place that frightens Ethan the most.
We need to go back to the woods.
BRUNI: How do we broach this with them? You tell them the truth.
You tell them the truth.
BERRY: We've experienced all kinds of activity inside the house, but nothing we consider dangerous or violent.
We have to get back to the woods where Ethan saw the massive shadow figure.
Yeah, we've got to get moving.
We've got to get outside.
So far, in the woods, we've heard whistling and received messages through the Spirit Box.
Ready? -Here we go.
-Here we go.
BERRY: Should we do another EVP session and see? -Yeah.
-Yeah, that's good.
BRUNI: Is there someone out here who's been trying to talk to Ethan? Did something happen in this pond? Is there something we need to know about in the water, in this pond? Do you come in the house at all and mess with Ethan? All right, let's, um, play this.
There's nothing talking to us back here.
BRUNI: This case has been extremely frustrating.
I'd love to say we've collected evidence of an eight-foot shadow figure capable of making those marks on Ethan's back, but it just hasn't happened.
But we do have a lot of activity here that suggests a residual haunting, meaning there are imprints here from people who have passed away that come and go without much interaction.
If we think it's a residual energy, right, and it's a residual haunt, I mean, it could be a number of different things.
I mean, at this point, do we think it's Evelyn, the woman who died at the house? I -- we haven't gotten anything to identify her.
We haven't gotten one piece of evidence that said it's definitely her.
I think it's an insane coincidence that she happened to live in this house.
So, let's ask the other question.
Are we safely saying that a lot of it is coming from these -- these different parts of these houses? Everything that we've collected, evidence-wise, I think seems pretty residual, meaning that like, it's just here, almost infused in these boards and in things that came from these houses.
It's just that paranormal noise you get at places.
-You know, whispers, footsteps, you know.
But, I mean, we -- the reason you're here is not -because of a giggle or a footstep.
She called you out here, because she's afraid for her son.
And we didn't experience anything so extreme as what Ethan has experienced.
-Which is great news.
You can sit down and say, guess what? Our best hypothesis, our best theory is that there isn't an eight-foot beast out in the woods that's trying to get your -- your child.
How do we broach this with them? You tell them the truth.
You tell them the truth.
BRUNI: We found nothing paranormal that explains the marks on his back.
BERRY: Now, that doesn't mean this house isn't haunted.
BRUNI: Hey, guys.
Well, we have a lot of stuff to tell you about.
-We should go -- -Upstairs, right? BERRY: Yes.
This has been one of the most challenging cases we have ever investigated.
We did catch a lot of strong evidence that suggests a residual haunting, but there are other things with regard to Ethan we just can't confirm.
It won't be easy to tell the family this, but we are here to give them the truth.
I'm sure you know that right here is the garage, right, and it's connected.
We made our way up into that room last night, above the garage.
What we did find in there, was evidence of animals burrowing into the walls and into this portion right here.
We tried to recreate it, like the tapping and stuff.
The sound, it reverberated up this direction.
Is that kind of what the tapping sounded for you? Yeah, it just sounded like it was like, in that closet room.
In -- In terms of like, investigating, we came in here and we tried to get whatever was in here to communicate with us, you know, with specifically talking about Ethan.
Like, you know, asking it questions about the woods.
And it was -- it was very quiet.
Which means -- Which means that it's -- I'd say that's a good thing, because there's nothing up -- up here that we would say is malicious or, um, something that's evil.
-But we -- I mean, we still have a lot more to tell you guys, too.
So, let's go downstairs.
So, the woods.
We were in the woods for a really long time.
We did have a -- a great Spirit Box session in the woods.
We did get information about, you know, something talking about the pond or walking about the woods.
But it didn't sound -Menacing.
menacing or intense.
-It was conversational.
-Just general.
It was just -- it was about the land, it was about the property.
BRUNI: And we didn't experience anything so extreme as what Ethan has experienced.
We found nothing paranormal that explains the marks on his back.
If Ethan's experiences continue, we'll definitely come back and investigate again.
Now, that doesn't mean this house isn't haunted, right, Amy? To give you guys some backstory on your house, actually very fascinating.
Um, Evelyn Gustafson, she actually built the house and she died in the house.
So, I -- right then was like, well, clearly, Evelyn is haunting this house, right? But we didn't get any evidence.
But what's -- what's so strange about the whole story is that she ended up building this house here using materials taken from houses that were dismantled when they made Wachusett Reservoir.
So, this house, it's not a perfect replica of one of those homes, but there's just a lot scrap lumber used in the building of this house, so who knows what stories these boards contain, you know, and who -- what happened in these homes and businesses.
BERRY: We want to show you the evidence we got that proves there's something going on in this house.
This is the basement, okay.
You can see all of our cameras, our fun camera setup we have down here.
What we did is shot this whole section just to see if we could catch that chair moving.
And I got absolutely no activity at all, except for this one spot.
See that? -Oh.
-Looked brighter.
-Just a little bit brighter.
It's very strange.
Yeah, fog doesn't do that.
No, no.
So, the house is haunted.
I mean, you guys knew that, I guess.
-But it's confirmed.
Like, you're -- I mean, the things that you're experiencing, we experienced some of those, as well.
Taking into consideration all the activity that we experienced coupled with the history of the house, I think what you have here is a very residual type haunt.
Something that's coming and kind of shows itself here and there, but it's not going to really interact with you, going to make noises here and there, going to whistle, but not be dangerous.
Nothing, nothing crazy, nothing crazy paranormal.
To us, that means it's safe.
So, that's what we think the majority of what's going on is here.
Thank you so much.
It really means the world to me.
BERRY: We experienced a ton of activity in and around the house.
Nothing was an eight-foot-tall shadow figure attacking people, but there is clearly a haunting.
If things pick back up and Ethan's experiences from the woods continue, we will be back and face it head-on.
[ Whistle .]