King & Maxwell (2013) s01e01 Episode Script


1 [ The Heavy's "How You Like Me Now?" Plays ] Now, there was a time when you loved me so [ horns blaring ] I couldn't do wrong [ engine revs ] and now you need to know [ tires screech ] see, I've been a bad, bad, bad, bad man and I'm in deep yeah I found a brand-new love for this man and can't wait till you see [ horn blares ] I can't wait so how you like me now? how you like me now? how you like me now? how you like me now? how you like me now? how you like me now? [ horn blares ] how you like me now? how you like me now? mercy, yeah oh, yeah ah, mercy, mercy oh, yeah how you like me now? [ tires screech ] [ Music stops ] [ Music resumes ] how you like me now? [ tires screech, horn honks ] how you like me now? how you like me now? don't run.
Ugh! how you like me now? how you like me now? unh! Don't come any closer.
[ Music stops ] You shoot better than you drive, Eddie? [ Cellphone ringing ] You gonna answer that? [ Ringing continues ] [ Cellphone beeps ] Hello? Sean: Put the gun down.
Who says? The guy behind the laser sight.
What laser? The one on your furry little chest.
[ Gasps ] Now tell the nice lady she owes me 10 bucks.
He says you owe him $10.
[ Grunts ] Didn't I tell you this is where he'd end up? You were so confident, why didn't you make it $100? Because you don't have $100.
He could have gone anywhere.
[ Zip tie clicks ] Yet here we are.
[ Sighs ] And here's Eddie, trying to get to the senator to blackmail him because he knows the game is up.
How many cars did he hit? A couple.
Sounded more like a couple dozen.
I'd like to see you do any better dressed in a suit like this, smartass.
That tail's kind of flat for a rabbit.
It's a beaver.
Those look like floppy ears to you? Nothing floppy here, Eddie.
The senator's wife really liked the whole fur thing, huh? Can you just read me my rights, please? You have the right to remain silent.
You have the right to speak to an attorney.
- No, no.
You missed a bit.
- Y - "anything that you say" being used against you.
- I was coming to that.
That bit comes before the attorney.
- I think it comes after.
- No, before.
So you've got the whole "right to remain silent" bit, and then then anything you say can be used against you.
Anything you say or do can be used against you in a court of law.
In a court of law.
And then you've got the whole attorney bit, and then the bit about - court-appointed attorney.
- They appoint you one if you're broke.
If you can't afford one.
That sounds good.
That sound good to you? What kind of cops are you? We're not cops, Eddie.
We're private investigators.
Wh [ Sirens wailing ] how you like me now? They're the cops.
Officer: Freeze! Officer #2: Show your hands! how you like me now? [ indistinct shouting ] Sync and transcription by GeirDM 1x01 Pilot [ Indistinct conversations ] [ Buzzer sounds ] King.
Front desk.
[ Beeping ] Senator vouched for you.
Check the contents, initial the first page, sign and date the second.
You really catch bugs breaking the laws of nature with a senator's wife? Well, don't call him a rabbit.
You'll hurt his feelings.
- Hamster? - Beaver.
[ Sighs ] What? Did I say something? Women have it easier.
You can just dump it in your purse, and you're good to go.
Have I ever carried a purse? Guys have to redistribute the load.
[ Scoffs ] You know? You've got all the self-harm accessories - the, uh, pocketknife - Mm-hmm.
And the laces and the belt And the combo pen/laser pointer.
Never leave home without it.
Hey, this saved your butt this morning closed the case.
And if he hadn't put the gun down, what was your plan "b"? But he did put the gun down.
You didn't have a plan "b," did you, Sean? You were plan "b.
" You had the gun.
And yours was? In the glove compartment.
We were chasing an overweight guy in a beaver suit.
An armed beaver.
Who didn't even know that the safety was on.
Would it kill you to try a loafer? I wasn't planning on taking these off! Sean King? Agent Rigby, Agent Carter, FBI.
If this is about Eddie Finch, you got to talk to Metro.
Do you know a man named Ted Bergin? He's a friend.
Why? When did you last speak with him? Last week.
He called you last night.
No, he didn't.
Yes, he did.
Hope you've got a warrant if you're digging around in my phone records.
According to Bergin's records, he logged a 30-second call to your cell last night at 9:42.
Michelle: What's this about? And you are? Michelle Maxwell.
But I'm guessing you already know that, don't you, Agent Rigby? 9:42, missed call.
Went straight to voicemail.
On speaker, if you don't mind.
[ Click ] Sean, it's Ted.
I've got some new information about Edgar Roy.
Call me back as soon as you get this.
It's urgent.
You know who Edgar Roy is? Yeah.
He's a serial killer.
Ted's his attorney.
You gonna tell us what this is about now? He's dead.
Edgar Roy? Ted Bergin.
Yeah, that's Ted.
You know who did this? Rigby: No.
Do you? Where did it happen? Country road, 30 minutes out of D.
His car was pulled off to the side.
Engine was still running.
Single gunshot to the head.
Rigby: When did you last see him? Monday, for breakfast.
And you were working with him on the Edgar Roy case? It was our monthly catch-up.
He mentioned the case, said he needed some help.
In your capacity as a lawyer or a private investigator? Both.
Give you the case to read? No.
Brief you? Only the headlines.
Any idea what this "new" information might refer to? No.
Shouldn't we be talking to state police? Mr.
Bergin was the attorney of an alleged serial killer, which makes it FBI jurisdiction.
Bergin was on his way to see Edgar Roy in prison when he was killed.
Was the window down? The driver's window was it down? Yeah.
Cold night.
He pulls over, rolls down the window.
Suggests he knew his killer.
Or it was someone he had no reason to fear Like law enforcement.
You remember anything, call us.
[ Sighs ] He saved my life once.
I ever tell you that? No.
[ Sighs ] What'd you get yourself into, Ted? [ Hilary sighs ] Hilary.
[ Door closes ] You okay? Yeah.
I'm keeping busy.
At least I was until they arrived.
- Did you see them? - FBI? Yeah, at first they just wanted the Edgar Roy case files, and then when they found out how little there was they decided to take everything.
You must be Michelle.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Michelle, this is hilary Cunningham, Ted's secretary.
So sorry we're meeting under these circumstances.
Megan: There's nothing left to take.
Hilary: It's okay, Megan.
They're friends Ted's friends.
Megan's just out of law school, just joined us last month.
Ted has big plans for her.
Did Ted get you to review the Edgar Roy files? What there was of it.
Five weeks ago, Edgar Roy was charged with the murder of six men.
None have been identified.
Police caught him with a shovel in his hand and the bodies partly buried in his barn.
Has he entered a plea? No.
Make any admissions? No.
Did Ted think he was guilty? He said the evidence was overwhelming.
So why'd he take the case? Because when he met Edgar Roy, he knew no one else would.
Justice for all.
Did he mention anything about finding some new information? No.
I'm sorry.
How was he yesterday? Hilary: [ Scoffs ] He was a pain in the butt.
He said he had to decipher something, but he didn't say what.
But I knew it was important to him.
He ever take work home? Not until last year.
What changed? His wife died.
No harm in looking.
Okay, you check out Ted's house.
I'm gonna take a drive and see Edgar Roy.
Megan: You're wasting your time.
They have him on 24 hour suicide watch.
- No visitors.
- We'll figure something out.
Well even if they do let you in it won't make much of a difference.
Edgar Roy hasn't uttered a single word to anyone including Mr.
Bergin since he was arrested five weeks ago.
[ Vehicle approaches ] I'm here to see an inmate.
His name? Edgar Roy.
And who are you? I'm his lawyer.
[ Engine shuts off ] [ Door closes ] [ Sighs ] Crap.
[ Cell door slides, clangs ] I'm Sean King.
I'm a lawyer Among other things.
I'm sorry to have to tell you this, Mr.
Roy, but Ted Bergin was shot and killed last night.
Do you know who killed him, Edgar? [ Exhales slowly ] Is there anyone I can contact for you? Family? Friends? Ted Bergin was a friend of mine.
You know, a few years back, I worked for the secret service? Then one day something happened worst possible thing that could happen.
Man I was in charge of protecting was assassinated.
He was a presidential candidate.
I had a couple of rough years.
And then I met Ted Bergin.
He was doing some pro Bono work.
I was the next guy in line to see the judge.
He got me off my charges.
He got me sober.
He got me into law school.
[ Sighs ] He got me back my life.
You don't want my help? Fine.
But I need yours to find out who killed my friend.
The wall.
[ Beeping ] Oh, don't worry, Edgar.
They can't hear us.
Feel free to cut loose.
I got all night.
When you feel like talking.
I'm a good listener.
Something I learned from Ted.
[ Chair scrapes ] [ Sighs ] [ Metal clangs ] [ Buzzer sounds ] [ Vehicle door closes ] [ Gunfire ] [ Tires screech ] [ Dog barks ] [ Police radio chatter ] [ Indistinct conversations ] Rigby: You entered a house sealed by the FBI as part of an ongoing murder investigation.
Only the door was sealed.
It still is.
I went in through an open window.
Illegal entry.
Not if you have one of these.
I just chose to go in through the window.
- Where'd you get that? - Hilary gave it to me.
Before or after you shot her? If I'd shot her, she'd be lying in a pool of blood.
She was shot earlier, her body dumped here.
- By you? - Why would I do that? I'll bag this.
Ballistics will clear my gun as the murder weapon, and you know it.
Why would somebody take a shot at you and dump a body? Warning me off the case, maybe? Which is what I'm doing right now.
I don't like private investigators.
You're usually cashed-out cops or enthusiastic amateurs.
We're neither.
No, you worked for the secret service together.
Actually, Sean left before I joined.
Now you're a couple of washed-up bullet catchers who got "retired" because you screwed up.
At least the guy you were supposed to be protecting only got kidnapped, not killed, unlike some people I know.
Stick to lost dogs and jealous husbands.
Leave this one to us.
Aren't you gonna ask me if I found anything in the house? [ Siren wails ] Did you find anything in the house? Yeah.
I just don't know what it means.
Any luck getting Edgar Roy to talk? - No.
- Sean What the hell have we stumbled into? How was your commute? Better than yours! You ever have a river-rage incident? You know, cut off by a tugboat captain? Had words with the passenger-ferry guys? Sprayed by a speeding jet ski jock? Sean, I hate you in the mornings.
You know a normal person doesn't row to work, right? You should try it sometime.
I don't have an apartment near the river like you do.
- You could ride a bicycle.
- Mm.
You just want to see me in a skintight lycra thing with a sexy helmet, don't you? Where would I put my gun or my morning cup of Joe? Hey, do they make bicycles with cup holders? You're welcome.
See, right there.
That's why we could never be married.
Hey! If I lived near the river we could boat pool, you could row I could sit in the back and read the times all the way here to the office.
Or you could finish up your dad's houseboat.
Yeah well, I'm working on it.
This mean anything? I've been staring at it all night.
See, there are numbers, and then there are letters.
And then there are numbers and letters together.
Very astute.
Hilary did say Ted Bergin was trying to decipher something.
[ Faucet squeaks, shower running ] Do you think Rigby took a photo of this? You can count on it.
Guy doesn't look like he'd miss much.
[ Keypad clicking ] [ Ringing ] Megan: Hello? - Hey, Megan.
It's Sean.
- There are cops outside.
- No, no, no.
I sent them.
- Oh, okay.
Yeah, I-I called in a favor with a couple of friends at Metro.
No, they're just there to keep an eye on you.
- Look, I got a question for you.
- Uh-huh.
Did Edgar Roy retain Ted, or was it someone else? Kelly Nelson, I think the name was.
- You remember the address? - Rockville.
I can't recall it exactly.
I'm sorry.
No, that's fine.
We'll find it.
[ Shower stops ] Hey! Ted was retained by a guy named Kelly Nelson.
He lives inRockville, but, uh, Megan can't remember the exact address.
Look it up.
I'm looking.
[ Sighs ] I'm not looking.
Why do you always have to shower with the door open? Steam.
Does it bother you? No.
Found it.
You know, I should really go see this guy alone.
- Why alone? - You'd distract him.
Why would I distract him? Uh, no, just one-on-one is better sometimes.
Sean, we're partners.
We've been partners for 12 months.
Partners do things together.
Most things.
Yeah, well, I'm just the lawyer he retained.
That's all.
You know, he's more likely to talk to me alone, you know, guy-to-guy.
Kelly Nelson? Could be a woman.
[ Doorbell rings ] Yes? We're looking for Kelly Nelson.
You've found her.
You are? I'm, uh, Sean King.
Michelle Maxwell.
Ted told me about you.
[ Sighs ] I only just found out what happened.
I was gonna call.
So, h-how do you know Edgar Roy? He's my brother.
Do you have any siblings Ms.
Maxwell? I'm the youngest of five.
Were you a spoiled brat, or was it a fight to survive? Michelle: Fight to survive.
Sean: Spoiled brat.
Everyone in a family has a different perspective.
Mine is that I grew up being my brother's protector.
Kelly: Hard to imagine someone as big as Edgar would need protection, but he was different from all the other kids.
Not just physically, but intellectually.
Edgar is a high-functioning autistic savant.
He has a way with numbers.
" Does that mean he can hold down a job? Could and did.
He worked for the I.
For nine years, right up to the day he was arrested.
[ Voice breaking ] My brother didn't do those things.
[ Clears throat ] What kind of work did he do? Clerical.
No one in the office knew what he was capable of.
Edgar preferred it that way.
He loved going to work, being with people.
Now, locked up, alone in prison I am so scared for him.
Know which branch of the I.
? Yes.
The head office on K street.
Go ahead.
Call them.
They'll confirm everything I've told you.
Does this mean anything to you? [ Paper rustling ] No, I'm sorry.
Is it important? Maybe.
Ted phoned, said he was gonna call you, said that you and your partner were the best private investigators on the east coast.
He also said that you were a lawyer and a friend.
I don't care if you're doing this for Ted and not Edgar, Mr.
Just get my brother out of there.
If I'm gonna help your brother, I need to be retained as his lawyer.
How much? Any luck with the whiteboard? No.
But she did tell us Edgar has a way with numbers.
- Do you believe her? - Every word.
Someone's either lying or not in the loop.
Edgar Roy hasn't worked for the I.
In more than a year.
I filed a writ citing client privilege.
That didn't go down well with the FBI's attorneys or Agent Rigby.
He doesn't like me.
The judge ruled in our favor.
The FBI just returned everything.
You're right.
Rigby officially hates you.
We're going to need more than just those files.
Excuse me.
Uh, what are you doing? I'm going to log in to Ted's phone records.
[ Beeping ] You know his password? He was married to the same woman for 37 years Cynthia.
Have you started reading romance novels again? Oh, I never stopped.
That's a lot of calls in the last week.
Got one.
Ted called this number 11 times in the 2 days before he was killed.
Well, we have to find out whose phone number that is.
Oh, well, that's the easy part.
[ Keypad beeping ] [ Ringing ] Woman: Peter Bunting's office.
I'd like to speak to Mr.
Bunting, please.
What's it regarding? Edgar Roy.
[ Inhales sharply ] I'm sorry.
Edgar Roy no longer works for the company.
I'm afraid Mr.
Bunting can't help you.
Thank you for calling.
Thank you.
"Peter Bunting" plus the telephone number equals Bunting defense technologies.
Defense contractor.
The man himself.
Ooh, I don't like this guy already.
Rigby: You referring to me? What makes you think I don't like you? Maybe it's because I don't like you.
Or this one.
Sean: Hey, if you wait a couple more minutes, I'm sure you won't like me, either.
You know, I'm looking forward to telling my client the FBI is cooperating to make sure he gets a fair trial.
Oh, I'd like to be there when you do.
Then I can arrest the both of you.
Edgar Roy broke out of prison two hours ago.
How does a high security inmate break out of prison in broad daylight? He didn't exactly break out.
He walked out, caught a local bus to D.
Looks like he memorized every guard's routine, as well as the placement and the sweep of all the security cameras.
Electronic key codes? Warden thinks he heard the tone pads and was able to memorize the harmonic pitch of each key entry.
Well, that sounds like your run-of-the-mill serial killer.
[ Sighs, chuckles ] Familiar? Yeah.
It's my business card.
Edgar Roy left it on his pillow, like he wanted us to find it.
Told him he could contact me anytime he wanted.
- Has he tried? - No.
And the number on the back? I didn't write it.
Looks like a telephone number, but I'm guessing it's not, otherwise you wouldn't be asking.
Did I pass? Edgar Roy tries to contact you, you call us.
If he does, and you don't, I will personally see to it that you never practice law or work as a private investigator in the district again.
And your coffee stinks.
You still have that photo you took at Ted's house? 'Cause my inner lawyer is telling me it might be a smart idea to delete it.
What photo? Does this mean anything to you? Uh, should it? It was something Ted was working on at home.
You better get rid of it.
If the FBI got deleted.
Well, uh, what do we do now? Might be a good idea for you to review Ted's files.
But not here.
My place will be safer.
What are you going to do? House call? Love to.
Michelle: Money.
That big, black, sucking hole called "defense appropriations.
" Mm.
Looks like Bunting's appropriated his fair share.
See them? Three by the door, one curbside.
Government plates.
I know one of those Agents.
Tom Taylor used to work with state.
Light on his feet.
You saw him in action? Ballroom dancing.
- Assignment? - Date.
He looks more like a dick than a tom.
Heard that.
Comms check out okay.
[ Laughing ] That's great.
Mine too.
Tom? Michelle.
That's so funny.
I was just thinking about you.
Isn't that crazy? Sean: Try insane.
- Really? - No.
- Yes.
- You working? - Yeah.
You still with state? Homeland security.
"No one else will have me.
" Who's your protectee? You know I can't tell you that.
Professional curiosity.
Looks like we're about to find out.
[ Camera shutter clicks ] You should call me.
- Dick.
- Tom - Or Harry.
- That would be very - "Unlikely.
" - Very - "Stupid of me.
" - Cool.
[ Camera shutter clicking ] Recognize the protectee? Ellen foster, assistant director of homeland security.
There was someone in that limo.
Bunting was definitely not happy to see him.
[ Door closes ] [ Engine turns over ] Good shooting.
3rd street.
GPS is activated.
You need a ride? I'm good.
Cavalry on their way, Mr.
Bunting? Do I know you? Michelle Maxwell.
I'm Sean King.
Our client is Edgar Roy.
I've got nothing to say to you.
Well, that's funny, 'cause neither does he.
We were hoping you'd fill in the gaps Starting with what kind of work Edgar Roy did.
I'll have my attorney call you.
Make sure you've got your own when he does.
Edgar Roy has a thing with numbers.
What exactly did he do development, research, analysis? Oh! I think we got a winner.
Bunting: You need to stop asking questions.
- You okay, Mr.
Bunting? - I'm fine.
You know he escaped prison? Who was in the limo? Oh, hey.
Bad manners to grab a lady like that, pal.
- You might want to reconsider.
- You gonna make us? Oh, no.
She's a big girl.
- Well, that was fun.
- Oh, yes.
[ Man groans ] We need to find out who was in that limo.
I think I know who might tell us.
[ Phone vibrates ] I'm out.
Hi Larry.
Same old habit, same old hunt same old escape route.
- Hope I didn't scare you.
- No FBI? - Not that I'm aware of.
- What do you want Michelle? Know him? He's kinda familiar, but I can't put a name to him.
How about I put some names to you Peter Bunting.
Bunting defense technologies, specializes in real time intelligence analysis.
Edgar Roy.
I can't talk to you about him, it's classified.
Sorry to do this to you.
You wouldn't.
Having a gambling problem makes you vulnerable to black mail NSA doesn't like that does it Larry.
Alright, alright, listen.
Edgar Roy is a freak.
Bunting built a datacenter.
Dozens of feeds, Internet, military net, cable news social networks.
Edgar Roy would come and sit there in front of this wall of information and analyze everything in real time.
Satellite coordinates, tracking information, dates, times.
It was the craziest thing I'd ever seen.
So overnight Bunting's a hero, and Edgar Roy is a national freaking treasure.
Then he gets caught burying bodies out in the barn and everything screeches to a halt.
He changed the startup sequence, they can power up the system they can't string the data, let alone figure out how to interpret it.
- You think he killed those men? - I think anything is possible.
Are we done? Just as soon as you give me the address to the datacenter.
Absolutely not.
[ Sigh ] [ Keys clacks, computer beeps ] Huh.
Looks like Bunting is using a privacy protocol.
Anytime his name appears on the Internet, it's flagged.
He gets to allow the reference or delete it.
So we're not gonna find out anything more about him? Maybe not him, but maybe her.
Hey, if you just give me one second.
I want to see Where twinkletoes Taylor's working tomorrow.
Will you look at that? Madame foster's due to give evidence tomorrow morning at a senate intelligence committee hearing.
And our friend Peter Bunting is in the hot seat.
Looks like he's fighting to stay in the race for a multi billion-dollar defense contract.
And his main rival in the contract is Mason Quantrell.
Never heard of him.
I'm gonna get another log for the fire, put some more coffee on.
Oh, that's great.
Mason Quantrell? Gotcha.
[ Thud ] Megan: Ugh! You okay? Megan? [ Gun cocks ] Did you get a look at him? He was big.
[ Sighs ] That's all I saw.
- That's more than I saw.
- Entry? - Back door.
- My fault.
I got wood for the fire, didn't lock it.
Anything missing? The copy I made of Ted's whiteboard was on this table.
You think it could've been him? Edgar Roy? - Maybe.
- Maybe not.
The guy in the back of the limo was Mason Quantrell.
He and Bunting are competing for the same government defense contract worth billions.
Explains why Bunting didn't want to get in the limo with him.
Did your guy know anything? Bunting spent a fortune on a high-tech data center.
Edgar Roy would sit in front of a wall of screens, floor to ceiling, streaming live data, and he'd interpret it.
Sounds like he took intel analysis to a whole new level.
- A "wall"? - Hundreds of feeds spy satellites, social networks, cable news, you name it.
Spy satellites.
Satellite data can be reduced to strings of numbers and letters position, trajectory, angle, date, time.
You think that's what was on Ted's whiteboard? I think Edgar Roy saw something he shouldn't have seen.
And I think I just figured out where we can find him.
You're not gonna leave me here, are you? - We'll make sure the cops come back.
- You should come with us.
Are you sure this is the right address? According to my contact it is.
Looks deserted.
Hasn't operated since Edgar Roy was arrested.
He's the only one who knows how to access it.
- So we're gonna break in? - No, not break in.
Walk in.
Edgar Roy left my business card where it could be seen.
He knew the FBI would show me because of the number on the back.
- He wanted me to see it.
- So what is it? Our key in.
[ Beeping ] Wait.
Was the last number a 1 or a 7? 7? [ Beep ] I win.
[ Buzzer sounds ] Stay with us.
- Motion sensors.
- No diodes, they're turned off.
Why would they turn them off? Sean: "The wall.
" Only words Edgar Roy spoke when I went to see him.
I thought he was referring to the security cameras on the prison wall.
I'd forgotten all about it until you started describing this place.
[ Knock on glass ] [ Sighs ] Why did you take so long? I'm not as smart as you, Edgar.
Would've been a whole lot easier if you'd just called me.
FBI is monitoring your phone.
And yours.
Seriously? Last time Ted came to see me, I told him how he could prove that I didn't kill those men.
He brought his microcassette recorder.
I saw it at his house.
No tape, though.
FBI must have taken it.
Or his killer.
You gave Ted those strings of numbers and letters verbally? Bingo.
You can still remember them, can't you? Hot damn.
[ Beeping ] [ Monitors beeping ] [ Indistinct voices ] This is when it happened.
Michelle: That's your farm? Yes.
That date is one week before you were arrested.
When I was in prison, I replayed every image that I'd seen in my head.
Every image? Until I came to this one.
Sean: Why didn't you react the first time you saw it? Data without context is nothing.
I didn't see it until I went looking for it.
It was a Friday.
Temperature was 72 degrees.
Relative humidity 37 37%.
Dew point 44 point 44.
I was 7 minutes early to work.
While I was here, they were on my farm.
Eight days later, I found that the ground had been disturbed in the barn.
I got a shovel and had just uncovered the first body when the police came.
Who controls this satellite, Edgar? Q-sat 1-8 q-sat 1394, launched Oct.
2007 October 11, 2007.
Owned and operated by Quansat Quansat.
Publicly listed company.
Principal shareholder Mason Quantrell Mason Quantrell.
What if Bunting's wall was about to destroy Quantrell's chance at winning that defense contract? He would have known Edgar was the key.
No Edgar, no wall.
No wall, no Bunting.
No Bunting, no competition.
Killing Edgar would've been too obvious.
But locking him up for murder Edgar, do you know who tasked this satellite to be over your farm? Classified authorization hotel Oscar 1-3-delta.
Authorizing officer, foster, Ellen foster foster, Ellen, assistant director.
Foster and Quantrell are working together.
Quantrell discredits Bunting, wins the defense contract.
Foster gets a multimillion-dollar kickback.
Well, that sounds about right for Washington.
They used the satellites to watch you go in the barn, then they tipped off the cops.
Want to guess why they recorded it? Only way to guarantee the deal.
Quantrell's satellite.
Foster's authorization.
If one goes down They both go down.
Edgar Can you zoom in on their faces? That's what I was afraid of.
Sean, she has your gun.
Thanks, Edgar.
Guess you think I screwed up.
The thought did cross my mind.
Want to know what I saw in the fire back at my place? Can it wait, Sean? Corner of the whiteboard page.
Whoever attacked us threw it in the fire to destroy it.
Well, that got me wondering why? Why not just grab it and run? Unless you couldn't run because it would mean blowing your cover.
Right, Megan? It explains why Ted stopped and rolled down the window.
He stopped because of you.
And once you killed Ted, you couldn't risk hilary knowing anything.
You got yourself hired to keep an eye on Ted as soon as he was retained as Edgar's lawyer.
Bergin would still be alive if he hadn't been digging in the case.
He left us no choice.
You working for Quantrell or foster? Foster.
Not that it makes any difference to you.
On the contrary.
You really think I would be that careless, Megan? I just wanted confirmation it was you.
[ Bullets clatter ] Not loaded, huh? You got Rigby's number? Edgar, does this thing get c-span? [ Chuckles ] This committee will not be misled, Mr.
We are here to decide if recent events involving Bunting defense technologies should exclude your company from tendering for this defense contract.
Now, please answer the question.
Senator, Edgar Roy's psychological evaluations gave no indication or suggestion that he was unfit in any way.
[ Static ] [ Spectators murmur ] Appears we're having a meltdown of our own.
Um, this this is satellite imagery from Edgar Roy's farm.
I-I've been there.
If you got anything to do with this Mr.
Bunting I will personally see to it that you I assure you senator I'm as surprised as you are.
This is a Quansat satellite feed.
It's one of Mr.
Quantrell's, which is leased to homeland security.
Perhaps you should ask assistant director foster what this is about.
Oh, my God.
Are those bodies? [ Spectators gasp ] Mr.
[ Speaking indistinctly ] Could you come with us, please? You think Ted is watching? I'm sure he is, Edgar.
Man:For the things which we do not understand.
[ Sniffling ] Who were the men in my barn? They were apparently homeless, Edgar, flown in from a half-dozen cities.
They haven't been identified.
I'm gonna pull down the barn and plant an orchard.
You know, we could use some help with our bookkeeping, if you're interested.
[ Chuckles ] Maybe.
Thank you for what you've done.
A dollar? Our retainer.
50 cents each? That's it? Closer to 30 after taxes.
You're gonna miss him.
Already do.
The agency is burying it, but Megan ainsley was one of theirs, briefly.
They scrubbed her out psychologically unsuitable.
Foster didn't seem to care.
She was good.
And I still haven't figured out how she loaded my sig.
She didn't.
I did.
- You what? - I checked it before we left.
It was empty, so I put a new clip in it.
What good is an unloaded gun to anyone? You what?! You could've gotten us killed.
That was part of the plan.
- That was a plan? - Yes, that was the plan.
I had a at least I had a plan.
Did you have a plan? - No plan.
- No.
See? No.
I like to improvise.
[ Scoffs ] You like to improvise.
That's you know, here's an idea.
Why don't you improvise paying me back the $10 you owe me? More like $6 after taxes.
It's not $6 I don't do you you pay taxes, right, Sean? 'Cause not paying taxes is breaking the law.
I think you worry too much about money.
You wouldn't break the law, would you? - We did a very good thing.
- I-I can barely pay my bills, Sean! - It's not about the mo It's not about the money.
- 50 cents?! Listen, how about you chip away from my earnings? Today, I earned 50 cents.
You're worried about money.
I am worried about bullets.
Sync and transcription by GeirDM