King & Maxwell (2013) s01e02 Episode Script

Second Chances

1 He's not gonna be happy.
He's never happy.
Two weeks we've been working for this guy -- You ever seen him happy? Never seen him happy.
Not even a hint of happy.
Maybe he'll surprise us.
Maybe he'll greet us with a big cheery smile, Thank us for finding it.
Maybe he'll even give us a bonus.
I don't think so, Sean.
No! No! No!! No.
Not happy.
Told you we'd find it.
I paid you to find my car and my wife.
Tell me you found her.
Hmm? Tell me my wife is in your car.
Where is she? Uzbekistan.
One of the -istan countries Eastern Europe.
Living with a pig farmer.
You're telling me that my wife Has run off with a pig farmer? Pork exporter.
I want her back.
Tell him why that could be difficult Michelle? Because the Pig industry Pork.
Is Run by the Russian mafia.
You don't want to take a tour of the Russian abattoirs Looking for your wife, do you? I'm sure they'd make you welcome.
Screw her.
She gets nothing.
Where are the keys, hmm? Well, they're probably still in the car.
Listen, about our expenses -- Yeah, I paid you guys half in advance.
It seems to me you've only done half the job.
So, why don't we call this even, hmm? Well -- kiss my ass.
What are you guys waiting for?! Go get it! Fetch! Some jobs, you don't do for the money.
One job for the money occasionally would be good.
We covered our costs.
The hell am I paying you guys for?! Do I have to do everything myself?! A good outcome is its own reward.
You can come out now, Kelly.
You think he believed you? Probably not.
But he's not gonna come looking.
He's given up the chase.
He'll find somebody else to hang off his arm.
Thank you for believing me.
I would never have got away from him without your help.
You're welcome.
So You think he'll get his car out? Yeah.
He'll get it out.
That's what I love about being a private investigator -- You never know how things are gonna turn out.
We're paid to track down a runaway wife.
We end up helping her get away.
We need a better class of clientele.
Oh, then we're gonna have to leave Washington.
Door's open.
Alarm's off.
I locked it.
I did.
Hold it right there.
Where do you keep your pencils? Edgar.
I pre-- I prefer pencils.
Careful where you point that.
Edgar, how did you get in here? You need a new security system and -- and pencils.
Good to see you, Edgar.
How you been? I came to do the books.
You forgot.
You made the job offer.
I thought he'd call first, not break in.
We can't turn him away -- Not after what he's been through.
How'd you like to be thrown in prison, Accused of being a serial killer? And never would've solved The Ted Bergin murder without Edgar.
Sean, we can't afford paid help.
Well, you should've thought of that before you hired him.
I didn't hire him, I just Offered him a job.
Well, you're gonna have to tell Edgar we can't afford him.
Should we tell him now, before he gets settled in? No, I think you should tell him at the end of the day.
For now, let him look at our taxes.
Maybe he'll save us a few bucks.
Michelle Maxwell.
No, I haven't heard.
It's really good to see you, Edgar.
I used to have a shirt like that.
The -- the one you have on the outside? Here's, uh, some paperwork.
It's, um It's from our last case.
Not a friendly desk.
Huh? Charlie Fisher's been shot.
Who? Secret Service.
I never knew him.
He joined after you left.
We trained together.
Line of duty? Security detail.
Someone took a shot at a visiting politician.
Nikoloz Arziani, the leader Of the newly formed nationalist party of Georgia Nikoloz Arziani? Fall of the soviet union in 1991.
You know this guy.
Late last week, on what one Eastern European commentator Describes as Soup.
What? I-I have soup for lunch on Monday.
Uh That's great, Edgar.
T-there's a great diner just around the corner, on 3rd.
And it's -- it's my treat as soon as I'm back.
Want to tell me where we're going? Crime scene.
You do remember we're not in the Secret Service, right? Old habits.
Why didn't you want me to come with you? I never said I didn't want you to come with me.
No, you just accelerated really fast When I was trying to get in the car.
Tell me about this Arziani guy.
Rising star in Georgian politics.
Four years ago, he visited D.
, And I was head of his Secret Service protection detail.
Someone almost killed him then, too.
Who? Me.
I think we're being followed.
Silver impala, three back.
Yeah, tail's wagging.
You always reverse into oncoming traffic? Only if I'm being followed, Agent Rigby.
Agent Carter.
You want to tell us why we're being followed By the FBI? We're not following you.
We're following her.
You're free to go.
And you're not.
We need to ask you some questions.
What the hell's this about, Rigby? Questions about what? The attempted assassination of Nikoloz Arziani.
You're not really her lawyer.
She just retained me.
And I really am a lawyer.
Expensive? Very.
Go ahead.
Ask your questions.
Where were you at 9:15 this morning? With me.
With him.
Are we done? You're aware that someone fired a shot At a visiting foreign politician -- Nikoloz Arziani? Yes.
How's Charlie Fisher? Agent Fisher will be fine.
You don't like Mr.
Not much.
You filed a complaint against him four years ago When you were working with the Secret Service.
I was on duty at his hotel.
I caught his security adviser, a man named Vargo Gruzinsky, Smuggling a girl out of Arziani's room In the middle of the night.
She was 14 years old, and she'd been drugged.
I confronted him.
Things got ugly.
I drew my weapon.
It's all there in the report.
What action was taken against Mr.
Arziani? None.
Why? The girl was intimidated.
The girl didn't press charges.
You confronted Mr.
Arziani and threatened him.
I wasn't threatening him.
I was warning him.
And as a result, You were removed from his protection detail.
You have anything to do with the shooting this morning? No! You think I did? I have hard evidence that you were aware That Arziani was back in Washington.
Not true.
And that you may have played an active role In planning the attack.
What evidence? Do you intend to charge my client? It's an ongoing investigation.
Is my client under arrest? Not yet.
Then we're done.
Miss Maxwell.
Agent Rigby.
Stay away from Mr.
What the hell was that all about? He doesn't really believe I'm involved in this, does he? He's got something.
He did that slimy-smile thing he does When he knows something that you don't.
You have any idea what this "hard evidence" is? None.
Oh, great.
Look who's here.
That's Arziani.
a small world, Washington.
Wouldn't you agree, Agent Maxwell? What? No handcuffs? Okay.
Everyone calm down.
There's a rule against fighting in the FBI lobby.
Parking lot will do fine.
She's kidding.
Just joking around.
I'm her lawyer.
Get her out of here.
Leaving now.
You think Rigby planned that? Oh, I'm sure he did.
You might have to officially retain me as your lawyer.
And what if I don't want you as my lawyer? I'm the only lawyer you can afford right now.
Michelle Maxwell.
Hello? Open line -- nobody there.
Rigby probably gave you a butt call.
Hey, Wu.
I know.
The weather guys always get it wrong.
Maybe it was Edgar.
Edgar! I promised I'd take him to lunch.
Maybe I should give him a call.
No need.
Hey, Edgar.
Hey! You found it.
Great place, huh? I had soup -- two bowls.
Oh, Wu makes the best soup in D.
Your books don't balance.
Ex-- expenses exceed income.
Y-y-you need to make more money, Sean.
well We're due a refund check from the I.
any day now, Don't you worry about it.
Sean certainly never does.
You going to see Alina? How do you know about Alina? Who's Alina? File dated May 2-- May 28th -- May 28, 2009, About Mr.
Arziani -- Mentions Alina Meshki 17 times.
You hacked the Secret Service database? No, that would be against the law.
The original file is archived on your office computer.
But that report was encrypted.
And private.
Hey, you didn't, by chance, look at any Of my personal computer files Did you? Edgar? Alina's y-your friend? In a way, sure.
You should see your friend.
I've been thinking the same thing, Edgar, But I've lost contact with her.
Alina Meshki -- 2040 East 8th Avenue, Apartment "A", River Terrace.
Phone number -- 55-- 555-0136.
E-mail -- meshki99@idermail.
You got anything for me, Edgar? "two soups, large soda -- $11.
45 plus tax.
" I like to tip big.
Alina? I-it's Michelle Maxwell.
Do you remember me? Alina? Michelle? I'm sorry if I scared you.
Not the first time someone's pointed a gun at me.
Who'd you think I was? Him.
Or the other one -- Gruzinsky.
Arziani's been here? every night.
He's here every night.
So, um About you working for us -- Thank you for giving me a job, Sean.
yeah, about that -- You need that door, Sean? Uh No, that's an old door.
See, the thing is -- How about that box? That's actually just an empty dresser.
Do you need this table, Sean? take whatever you need, Edgar.
What I'd like to talk to you about Is to discuss -- you have a voice message.
Maybe somebody wants to pay you money.
That would be nice, wouldn't it? Hmm.
That's funny.
Somebody called Michelle on her cell phone -- didn't say anything -- This morning when we were arriving at Lucy's.
She thought it might've been you.
why would I call you in the café When I was in the café? Hi, this is the Brentway Collections Agency.
We're calling about an overdue -- That was from yesterday.
I took care of that.
Three hang-ups.
Not hang-ups.
Right -- four.
Michelle's cell phone.
Now, here's a question -- Why wait until the voicemail finishes? Yeah, why Wouldn't you just hang up? Why keep the line open and not say anything? These calls were made from a cell phone.
How can you tell? Background noise was different -- Street traffic, a quiet room, busy office.
Could be different phones, different places.
No, microphone clarity's exactly the same -- Pops, clicks, clicks.
Edgar, do you think you could trace that number? Oh, yeah.
That's a dumb question, isn't it? How long you been having the nightmares? Most nights since it happened.
Alina, I'm so sorry.
I-I tried to come see you.
I know you tried to see me.
I know my father turned you away.
He was just doing what he thought was right.
He told me you'd gone to live with an aunt in California.
He was frightened they would come back to get me.
Hurt me.
He bought that to protect me.
My father was a supporter of Arziani.
He was honored when Arziani asked to meet me.
can you imagine How he must've felt when he found out that -- What happened to me Destroyed him.
Where is he now? He He died last year.
I've been trying to put the past behind me.
Then last week, I saw on television That Arziani was here -- back in Washington.
And I started seeing Gruzinsky everywhere I went.
Every man in the street who looked at me was him.
Alina, is there someone you can stay with? A friend? A relative? You know, I have a spare room if you want -- No.
Thank you, but I know I'm being irrational.
I know they're not coming for me.
I must do this.
Be strong.
Survive him.
B-bingo! You traced the number? In Columbia Heights, six days ago -- An electronic store, no credit card on record.
Buyer paid cash.
It's a burn phone.
You're not gonna be able to trace the buyer.
There's an address.
You don't buy a burn phone and give an address, Edgar.
That's a fake.
"1038 Main Street, apartment 508, River Terrace.
" River Terrace.
Isn't that where Michelle went? One block away, Sean.
You're right, Edgar.
" Hey, Sean.
You busy? Just left Alina.
How is she? Barely coping.
She pulled a gun on me.
Thought I was Arziani.
You okay? Yeah.
Where are you? Closer than you think.
Can you see a park from where you are? You came looking for me? No, I came looking for the guy who called you at lunch and hung up.
What guy? Same guy who called the boathouse 3 times in the last 12 hours, Kept the line open for a few seconds And then hung up.
And you traced his address here? No -- Edgar.
1038 main street.
Apartment 508.
You got a name? No, no name.
And get this.
The guy buys a burn phone with cash but leaves an address.
Now, why would anyone do that? Exactly.
And tell me -- What makes this neighborhood so popular? The cabbage soup, maybe? Lot of Eastern Europeans end up here.
Curiouser and curiouser.
Wait for me.
Hello? Michelle? Hey! Stay down! Michelle? Sean? Bad idea.
You okay? I'm fantastic.
Cover me.
With what? Not the glove box again.
The kitchen drawer.
Am I bleeding? I haven't been hit by a girl since the third grade.
Hey, she was a big girl.
Obviously you found something.
Yes, I did.
A dead guy, a sniper rifle And a cell phone that leads him right back you.
Why aren't I surprised? 'cause you haven't got a very good imagination? At finding you two mixed up with this.
Any luck finding out who took a shot at us? This neighborhood? Could've been anyone.
Drug dealer, petty thief, gang member.
How 'bout the dead guy's accomplice? Unlikely.
The "dead guy" is a former Georgian communist.
Anti-government, anti-Arziani, Anti-everything except old-style soviet-era communism.
It appears he took his own life.
We'll have to wait for the ballistics report on the rifle, But all the evidence supports the theory That he was the one that took the shot at Arziani.
Then my client's in the clear.
She's free to go.
Well, I wouldn't say that.
Of course you wouldn't.
Why was the last call he made Your cell phone? That's why we came here -- To find out why he kept calling us.
So there have been other calls? Three on our office phone since yesterday.
Kept the line open, never left a message.
Any explanation for that? Maybe he wanted to ask me out on a date.
Look, my client has been cooperating fully With your investigation.
But you've got to give us something in return.
Like this "hard evidence" that made you think Michelle was involved in the first place.
We're gonna need statements.
Until then You're free to go.
I'm going back to the office to read that report I filed.
There's got to be something in there I missed.
Think I might take a look at the crime scene.
Good luck getting past Rigby.
The other crime scene.
Edgar? Hello, Agent Maxwell.
What the hell are you doing here? I came to see you.
It was difficult for me to slip away.
You okay, Edgar? Your assistant seemed Indisposed when I arrived.
He just doesn't like you.
Edgar's a good judge of character.
Yes, well, there are many who would agree with him, I'm sure.
Including you.
Why do you need to see me? What do you want? A chance to make things right.
How do you make things right? How do you give a young girl back Everything you took from her? Money.
Perhaps, for schooling, for -- for college.
Can you bring her father back to life? He died last year -- Haunted because he couldn't protect his daughter from you.
Does your power extend to miracles? I'm sorry.
I didn't know.
She lives in fear because of what you did.
She barricaded herself in her apartment When she found out you were here.
She's seeing you and your pal Gruzinsky around every corner.
The last thing she wants is a personal apology from you.
You took from her more than you can ever give back.
That thing that happened -- You mean when you raped her? We all must live with the mistakes we make in life -- The small ones and the big ones.
I deeply regret what I did.
And I will take that regret to my grave.
The only thing you regret is that you got caught.
I'm not about to put a good word in Or rewrite history Just because your political star is on the rise.
Well, would you at least deliver my apology to her? Go to hell.
I got a second chance today.
At life.
We all deserve second chances, don't we? Pity he missed.
Edgar, you okay? I gotta pee.
Hey, Sean.
I have a puzzle for you.
Arziani was here.
Arziani was at our office? Said he wanted to "make things right" with Alina.
You didn't shoot him, did you? No, but I felt like punching him in the face.
He scared the life out of Edgar.
Do you think he was genuine? He's a politician, Sean.
My bad.
So, what do you think he was hoping to achieve? Trying to reinvent himself, maybe? Rewrite history? I don't know.
What did you just say? I said, "I don't know.
" No, before that.
That he was Trying to rewrite history? Before that.
That he was Reinventing himself? That's it.
That solves the puzzle.
What puzzle? The one you just solved.
Maybe I punched you harder than I thought.
Meet me at Arziani's hotel.
Now? Yeah, now.
But wait -- before you leave, Edgar needs to do something Slightly illegal.
So, is this Sean the private investigator talking Or Sean the lawyer? Oh, this is definitely not Sean the lawyer.
He needs to track down a cell phone call.
Oh, that's not so bad.
Made from inside the FBI building.
Slightly illegal.
Hope you know what you're doing.
Yeah, me too.
Did you find the hotel okay? Did Edgar do it? He asked me if it was illegal.
What'd you tell him? To ask you.
Oh, great.
Who invited them? Oh.
I did.
I don't like being summoned.
We need to see Arziani.
It's too late.
He's already gone.
No, he isn't.
Yes, he is.
According to the schedule, He should've left 15 minutes ago.
Well, then he's late.
Protection detail.
It's okay, guys.
I'm with you.
Uh, used to be.
U-uh, Sean King.
I just need a word -- It's about your second chance.
The dead shooter was set up -- Just like Michelle.
Now, the people who planned this needed to establish The shooter had credible intel about your movements.
What better way than to put him in touch With a former Secret Service Agent Who had a grudge against you? I wouldn't call it a grudge.
Michelle received four calls from the shooter's cell phone.
What does that establish? Agent Carter? A link between the shooter and Miss Maxwell.
But they never spoke to each other.
He never left a message.
Because the link was just for show.
It wasn't for real.
And why do criminals buy burn phones? Agent Carter? To remain anon ymous.
Yet, our shooter gave his address to the store.
Why would he do that? Unless you wanted to lead law enforcement To the guy you were setting up as the shooter.
Who then conveniently takes his own life Before he can be questioned.
Right, Agent Carter? But the real shooter's plan had one fault.
That poor misguided patsy they found was too short.
He never would've been able to take the shot, Because he wouldn't have been able to see over the parapet.
Whoever shot at you had to be at least 6 feet tall.
About your height.
Alina didn't imagine you were there on the streets.
You were there, Meeting with the guy you were setting up.
Oh, do tell them, Agent Carter.
It's all speculative.
We need evidence.
Four calls -- From the dead shooter's cell to Michelle.
The fourth call was made from inside the FBI building at the same time Gruzinsky was meeting with you, Agent Rigby.
Is this a legal telephone log? You might want to have your guys get the -- the real one.
Wounding the Secret Service agent? That was just meant to add credibility To the assassination attempt, wasn't it? Your popularity is waning at home, Arziani.
An assassination attempt That could be blamed on your political enemies Would not only discredit and weaken them, It would make you seem like a hero.
And that's what this was all about, wasn't it? Reinventing yourself? And you used him to do it -- Your so-called Secret Service adviser.
Your lackey.
You pulled the trigger, you set up the patsy, And then you killed him and made it look like a suicide.
That enough evidence for you? Carter? I used to always be thinking about How I might lose my protectée.
But having him arrested for shooting one of your own Was never among the "what if" scenarios.
You think State will get involved, like they did last time? No diplomatic immunity, and this time A very public crime.
It's hard to imagine this one going away.
What's Arziani saying? That he didn't know.
He claims Gruzinsky was trying to kill him So he could fill the political vacuum.
You don't believe him, do you? That's for the courts to decide.
You ever let your guard down, Rigby? Let one Slip through? Who did you give your password to? My password? The one you used to access Your Secret Service work account.
That's the hard evidence? Five days ago, someone using your name and password Tried to access your old account.
But that account would've been archived When I left the Service.
The password wouldn't have even worked.
The failed attempt to access your account Triggered a security alert.
Your account page wasn't the only portal They tried to breach.
Arziani's itinerary.
In particular, his travel details - Where he'd be, when he'd leave, how he'd leave.
Who did you give that password to? No one.
It was a secure password.
Anybody ever see you use it? Look over your shoulder while you were at the computer? No.
Just once.
I was showing him the report I'd written, Trying to prove to him that I'd done everything I could.
Wait -- showing who? Alina's father.
You said he was dead.
He died last year.
Maybe he wrote the password down or -- or gave it to her.
Gun! No! No!! Why?! Why did you save him?! I wasn't saving him, Alina.
I was saving you.
Edgar? Edgar.
He's still here.
You're still here.
This is where I work, Sean.
That's funny -- Michelle and I were just talking about that.
What do you want to do here? Be a dear and pull.
I got it.
Where are we going? Where are we going? Lift with your back.
Lift with your back.
What, uh Oh! Edgar, the man that came to visit us today Nikoloz Arziani.
Yes -- Arziani.
He's being charged, Along with the head of his security.
Vargo Gruzinsky.
They're both going to prison.
Oh, where -- where are we going with this one? Mm, boy.
Good boy.
We got a little -- little project going on here.
Alina Meshki.
She's with people who can help her.
Is she sick? Yes.
Is she going to get better from being sick? One day.
When she gets better from being sick, Will you go to see her? Yes.
Well, maybe I can go and see her, too.
Edgar, I think she'd really like that.
I think she'd like that, too.
This is a friendly desk.
We can't pay you much, Edgar.
You got to make more money, Sean.
But you can come here any time you want.
We'd be proud to have you work for us.
Me too.
I think it's gonna be real nice having Edgar here.
I took a look at your taxes, Sean.
He found some more deductions.
You owe the I.
What? Oh, Sean.
And 23 cents.
You don't have to look at this.
I-I -- This is not your concern.
It's not your business.
I work here.
No, you concern yourself with this Minutia.
You have to look at the big picture.
This is not minutia.
You have to look at the big picture.
More money, Sean.
More money.