King of Boys: The Return of the King (2021) s01e01 Episode Script

A King's Welcome

[in Yoruba] Oh, Lord.
Forgive me.
Accept my token of pain,
and forgive me.
[sobbing] The back that…
carried my children
will forever bear this pain.
If I had a hand
in my children's death,
God forgive me!
Don't push me aside!
-Don't leave me!
-[female voice] Useless mother.
[boy in English]
Mommy, am I not your son?
[distorted voice] I won't let you rest
until you do what needs to be done!
[highlife music playing]
[hailing Odogwu in Igbo]
[in Igbo]
Baby, come closer and hold me.
[in English] Embrace me now!
[in Igbo] Stop acting like
you're afraid to touch me.
[celebratory singing]
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen,
we are live at the EAN Hangar
as we await what will arguably be
the arrival of the decade.
Now, as you can see,
the crowd is in a frenzy.
The air is thick
with anticipation as we wait.
We wait with bated breath
for the nation's prodigal daughter,
Alhaja Eniola Salami!
[in Yoruba]
Mama is back! She is back!
[crowd cheers]
[powerful music playing]
[man on TV] Ladies and gentlemen,
Alhaja Madam Eniola Salami
has written a short statement,
which I shall read to you…
[man on TV clears throat]
"Thank you, ladies and gentlemen,
for the warm welcome."
"It feels good to be back home."
"My time in exile
has been one of deep reflection."
"Even though I was falsely accused,
and forced to flee the land
where my children are buried,
I never lost faith
in our judicial system."
[highlife music playing loudly]
[in Igbo] Mgbada, what is it?
You're interrupting me.
You need to see what is happening!
Can't you see
I'm about to go to the next level?
Leave her and come see
what's happening.
You're starting to bother me.
Baby, hold this money, I'll be back.
What is it?
-Odogwu, look!
-What is it?
-Look at what is happening!
-What is happening?
Hey! Turn off the music!
"I always believed that one day soon
I would be vindicated…"
"…allowed to return
to the home of my birth…"
-[in Igbo] You see what I see?
-"…and my ancestors."
"I would like to take this moment
to thank the police
for choosing to seek the truth
and nothing but the truth."
"I am extremely grateful to you all."
That will be all.
Madam Alhaja does not have
any other comment--
[woman] Alhaja, we want you to speak!
Thank you.
First of all,
I would like to say
a big thank you to everyone
for this warm welcome.
You all know,
I'm a simple woman.
[in Yoruba]
I don't use big English words.
[in English] I don't have
big, big grammar
to express what my heart
is feeling right now.
But I want you all to know
that I, Eniola Salami,
very, very grateful.
I thank you once again. Thank you!
-[drums beating]
I told God…
I said, "God,
if you saw it fit…
to vindicate me
and bring me back to my fatherland,
the land I love so much,
that I, Eniola, promise
to dedicate the rest of my life
to you, my people."
Which is why--
Which is why
I have decided to throw my gele
in the gubernatorial ring…
…joining the race to become
the next governor of Lagos State.
[crowd cheering, applauding]
[in Yoruba] It seems
the devil has left hell
to join the living.
There is trouble! [chuckles]
[in English] I want you to double
the number of guards around my cell.
[in Yoruba] That's what I said!
[Eniola in English]
Over the next few days…
[in Yoruba] Hm, there's trouble.
[in English] …more about my campaign.
-[crowd cheers]
-Thank you!
[celebratory drums beating]
One question, Alhaja!
Alhaja, just one question!
You don't handle a woman like that!
Young lady, please ask your question.
Thank you, Ma.
I'm Sade Bello for KAVTV News.
You've come back to a country
where you have nothing.
You've lost everything.
I think I speak for the entire nation
when I ask, why?
Where are you from?
Ekiti State.
So you understand Yoruba?
A little.
A little?
[in Yoruba]
"After a king's palace burns,
a more beautiful one is rebuilt."
[in English]
When you get home tonight,
you ask your father
to translate that for you.
[Sade] What does that mean?
[singing in Yoruba]
How are you?
I've been very well.
-I missed you.
-I missed you more.
-Ride with me at the back.
-All right.
Thank you, Ade.
[sighs deeply]
-[in Yoruba] What is it?
[sirens wailing]
[in English] A secure line, Oba.
[Eniola] Yes?
[man 1] One moment, Madam.
She's on the phone, sir.
[man 2] Eniola!
I must say it's good
to have you back in the country.
I'm sure, sir.
Thank you.
We must plan to meet urgently
in the next couple of days.
But only after you have settled in,
of course.
As you said,
after I have had time to settle in.
Of course, of course!
I saw your announcement tonight.
Don't you think you should have
discussed with me before doing so?
With all due respect, sir,
I, Eniola Salami,
I do not need to take
permission from anybody!
In case you have forgotten,
I have fulfilled the terms
of our agreement,
and now,
I can do and undo as I wish.
Good night, sir.
-Let's pull out.
-[Ade] Yes, Oba.
ride in the front.
The rest of you,
split in the cars and stay sharp.
And there you have it,
ladies and gentlemen,
the triumphant return of the
unsinkable Alhaja Eniola Salami,
cleared of all charges,
free to operate
as any other citizen of Nigeria.
And, as she just announced,
she will be running
for the position of Lagos State governor
in the upcoming gubernatorial elections.
-[male voice] D-man, long time!
[in Pidgin] Yo! Musa, what's new?
I'm good. How's it going?
It's going. We keep pushing.
But we're looking up at you now.
[in English]
Anyway, guy, I need a favor.
Alhaja Salami,
she's back in town.
Last month, she was the number one
fugitive in this country,
then she was cleared of all charges,
and now, she's running
for the highest office in the state.
Come on, there's got to be
something there! Give me the scoop!
Are you working on a story?
These are not the people
you should meddle with.
the official statement is
she's been cleared of all charges
after the necessary authorities gave the
case a second thorough investigation.
The NCCC have
already apologized for their mistake
and the police,
for their gross misuse of power.
BTS talk is,
is that it might have been at the
instruction of someone high up.
How high?
As in high up, tier one level!
This doesn't make any sense.
Why would the federal government
meddle with the agency business?
Okay, Musa,
this is where I need you, okay?
I need you to get your hands
on documents,
details of whatever
that committee discussed.
I need to find out why--
Dapo! I'm not sure
what you have going on,
but I really would prefer
not to be involved in it.
You know, I like being
on the fringe of these matters,
this is how I move
without getting noticed.
I know,
but you can trust me.
Please, I promise you, I won't tell
a soul that you're my source.
You have my word,
and you know that my word is good.
[Musa sighs]
Okay, give me a couple of days.
Let me see what I can dig up.
-But Daps…
I wouldn't be your friend if I didn't
advise you to let go of this one.
[in Pidgin]
But I know you won't listen.
You've been stubborn since school.
[in English] Look,
can I promise to be careful instead?
I guess that will have to do.
I'll shoot you something
in a couple of days,
but a good place to start through
would be a man called Nurudeen Gobir.
That name sounds familiar.
-Wait, didn't she escape on his watch?
He's now the head of the NCCC.
-Thanks, man.
-Just don't make it every time.
[in Pidgin] No problem.
[phone beeps]
[Ade] I'm sorry, Oba.
The NCCC took over our mansion
and all your other properties.
This guest house
is all that wasn't seized,
but hopefully, now that you're here,
we can gain access
to the main mansion.
[Eniola] That's okay, Tiger.
Yes, Oba.
[in Yoruba] Thank you.
Thank you so much.
But the moment
you mentioned the house…
it brought back
some deeply painful memories.
Thank you for being there.
Thank you for your loyalty.
My own biological child
could not have done better.
Thank you.
[in English] I promise you,
you will never regret this.
there is something
I need to tell you about the table--
[woman] Evening, Ma.
This is Agnes, the new house help.
She is very hardworking,
and I vetted her personally.
-Can I get you something to eat, Ma?
Thank you.
Just take the bags
and open them and--
No, excuse me.
Not tonight.
You can do it tomorrow.
I want to be left alone.
Okay, Ma.
Actually, Agnes?
Yes, Ma?
Can you do something for me tonight?
Okay, Ma.
Do you have hot ata rodo?
Yes, we do, Ma.
Plenty of it?
We went to the market
for you today, Ma.
Can I have two cups of ata rodo?
Grind it.
And boil in ten cups of water.
After boiling,
you put in the bowl,
and bring it to me in the room.
Just like that, Ma?
Just like that.
Okay, Ma.
What is that thing
you want to tell me?
Sit down and wait for the doctor.
Thank you.
-I'm looking for my son.
-What is the name of your son?
He was in an accident at school.
I can't help you if you don't answer
my questions. What is his name?
-Aisha! Aisha!
-I'm so sorry. I lost track of time.
Just get away from us.
Please, let me
just make sure he's okay.
If you wanted to make sure
he was okay, Dapo,
you wouldn't have forgotten
your child in school!
If you come near me or my son,
I will scream this hospital down
and get you arrested.
[melancholic music playing]
What did I do?
[in Yoruba] Greed!
[in English] Oh, God!
[in Yoruba] Greed, greed, greed.
Why are you punishing yourself?
-[whip cracks]
-[Eniola yelling]
What will you do about the enemies
that made you cry?
What is this nonsense?
[Eniola screams]
[distorted] Speak up, idiot!
[whip cracks]
[Mr. Fashina] Okay, so, Madam,
on Monday,
we visit the orphanage at 8:20 a.m.,
after which we go
to Onigbongbo Market
to talk to the market women
there at 1:00 p.m.
I've also moved
your TV interview with Sunrise TV
from Friday to Tuesday, 7:00 a.m.
It's really important
that we strike while the iron is hot.
Uh, yeah.
My contacts reached out to
Reverend Ifeanyi for an endorsement,
but, uh,
he's proving to be a bit difficult,
but that's to be expected,
early stages of negotiations.
-I think it's--
-Um, Ade.
Yes, Oba.
Are you sure
we're going the right way?
Yes, we are.
[in Yoruba] Lagos has changed.
[in English]
Lagos has changed so much!
It has,
but it still all belongs to you.
[sirens wailing]
[in Yoruba] We're being tailed.
Hm? Tailed?
[in English]
It seems we have company.
-Should we turn back?
Let them follow.
Let them see
how much they ruined my life.
Pilot one, stay on course.
But shine your eyes!
Mr. Fashina.
Before coming to run my campaign,
you might have heard
a lot of stories about me.
Who? Me?
-Excuse me.
You don't need to lie.
[Eniola chuckles]
It's written all over your face.
All these things they say about me,
they are all lies.
Of course, Madam!
Of course.
The media,
they created this image of…
where they got it from, I don't know.
[chuckles nervously]
Uh, I…
That being said, Mr. Fashina,
there are some things you will see,
and there are some things
you will hear,
now that we'll be working
closely together for this time.
I do not need
to tell you
Zip? Oh…
Of course, Ma!
Of course. Of course, Madam.
[sirens wailing]
-Yes, Oba.
Stay here, I won't be long.
[gentle piano music playing]
[Mr. Fashina] Madam.
Maybe I can follow you, take some
pictures that we'll leak to the press?
[in Yoruba] ♪ Even the banana tree ♪
Has its offspring
To succeed it when it dies ♪
[phone beeps]
I have been thrown
Into a separate world from my child ♪
Let he who is advised listen ♪
One who can’t accept what is
Will accept whatever comes ♪
A person of wealth has become
A relic of history ♪
A most powerful one
now turned coward ♪
Do you see? ♪
Where are my children?
[in English] Where are they?
Where are you?
Where is Kemi?
Where is Kitan?
[in Yoruba] Where are you?
[in English] God, what have I done?
[in Yoruba] What have I done?
Look at my children!
[wind gusts]
I feel like killing myself.
What kind of life is this.
My life!
They said it! They said it!
They say,
"What good is a shoe without a foot?"
"What good is the morning
without the sun?"
They say that if all days were dark,
very dark,
a person wouldn't know
if they'd lost everything!
One who is blind wouldn't know
if all their gold were stolen!
What is this useless crying,
you foolish woman?
[thunder rumbles]
Stupid woman!
The ones that killed your children
are enjoying their lives!
Eating! Drinking!
Yet you sit here,
crying foolish tears!
Is that not so?
I endured great difficulties,
suffered so much,
escaped death
to return to you.
I'm never leaving again!
[in English] I'm going nowhere again!
[in Yoruba] I'm never leaving again.
I'm never leaving!
-[in English] Rubbish!
[thunder rumbles]
[in Yoruba] In all the years
that I was away,
all I dreamed of was revenge,
to kill all my enemies!
[in English] And you cannot take that
away from me, Eniola!
[in English] Who am I fighting?
Who is fighting me?
I can give them to you
in alphabetical order!
Aare! Akorede!
[in Yoruba] Lord God, I beg you!
[sobs] I beg you!
I beg you!
I beg you!
Forgiveness is what I'm pleading for!
You are beyond redemption.
There is no redemption for you!
What would God do with you?
What could you possibly offer God?
True repentance…
is all God asks.
God, if you can forgive me…
[in English] If you can forgive me,
if you can forgive me…
[in Yoruba]
I will serve and worship you
with all I have,
for the rest of my life.
I will serve you the rest of my life.
[Young Eniola] What a shame!
-Forgive me!
-There's no redemption for you.
Your grief has totally blinded you!
[Eniola sobs]
Grief has blinded you.
It has blinded you completely!
And now you want to be governor,
not to help the people…
[in English] The only reason
you are running
is to get even more power!
[thunder cracks]
[machine whirring]
I thought I told you
no interruptions until 7:00,
Ranti! Huh?
I know, sir, and I'm sorry!
But I've been fielding calls
since 4:00 a.m.!
The party chairman threatened me,
with unprintable words if I may add,
if I didn't get you
on the phone immediately.
I tried to stall, sir,
but he wouldn't budge.
I'm sorry.
[resigned] Yes, sir?
Yes, sir.
-Mgbada, phone.
[ringing tone]
-I've told you.
Oba is not taking calls
or visits at the moment.
She has received your message.
And will get to you
when she gets to you.
Ade, tha--
-[in Igbo] Daddy!
Watch this goal!
Look at my son!
-I thought it was little Lionel Messi.
My son scattered the net.
You're good. I'm watching you.
[hailing in Igbo]
this is the tenth time he's calling.
We can't keep fending him off!
This bata is pinching my toes.
Please go inside.
Go and bring another one
that has this color.
-It has open toes.
-And shiny on the tip.
-All right, Ma.
-Ade Tiger.
Never you talk business
in front of civilians again!
I'm sorry, Ma.
-It's just that Malay has been calling
-Leave Malay alone!
Let Malay stay in his corner.
[in Yoruba] Let him rot where he is.
[in English] The person
I left in charge of my crown.
See the mess I have to come back to.
Oba, the crown is still yours.
Half the elders on the table
are still loyal to you,
but we risk losing that
if you don't coordinate a strike now,
and eliminate Odudubariba.
He's already parading himself
as the king of the table.
-Ah, Agnes!
-Yes, Ma?
-[exclaims] This is it!
[Eniola laughs] Okay.
-[Eniola] Why are you shaking?
-Sorry, Ma.
-[Eniola] Lovely!
[stamps feet] Yeah!
[laughs] Mm-hm!
Just fab!
-This is perfect!
-Yes, Ma.
-How do I look?
-Very fine, Ma! Very beautiful!
Yes, I think I'm ready
for my interview.
-What about Mr. Fashina?
-He's downstairs.
-Okay, Ma.
-You-- [in Yoruba] What is it?
-[in English] What are you waiting for?
-Sorry, Ma!
Ade, you worry too much!
[in Yoruba] He who tries to catch
rainwater with a sieve deceives himself.
A butterfly
that mimics a bird…
…will only suffer.
[sirens wailing]
Take me to the governor's office.
[governor] Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
Yes sir. I assure you, sir,
there's nothing to worry about.
It can't even be considered
a bump in the road.
It's more than under control, sir.
Yes, sir.
All right, sir.
Goodbye, sir.
You left really early this morning.
Yes, I couldn't sleep,
so I thought I'd go to the gym
and burn off some energy.
I noticed. You were tossing
and turning all night long.
But this isn't the gym, Tunde.
I thought you and I were meant
to have breakfast this morning.
You did promise to spend
Sunday with me, remember?
Of course, sweetheart, I know.
Something came up.
As you can see, I have so much on my
table I want to deal with right now.
Would it have anything
to do with this?
[scoffs] Definitely not!
Why should I be worried about this?
A suspected criminal
pandering to a rented mob?
-It's rubbish.
"Responding to excited cheers
from the crowd,
Alhaja Eniola Salami confessed to
lacking any real political expertise."
"But insists,
this is just the right attribute
for a candidate like her to have."
"Adding, and I quote,
'I am not a politician,
I won't lie to you
just to get your votes.'
'Governor Randle came from money,
-wasn't his--'"
-[Eniola] …his father a rich man?
A very, very, very big man.
He was once a minister at a time.
What did he do with this power?
[crowd] Nothing!
-What did he do for his people?
Take a drive down Ikoyi West.
It all belongs to their families.
[crowd] Yes.
How can you sleep with good conscience
in your mansion and towers,
when the people you are supposed
to take care of in the streets
are all suffering?
[crowd] Yeah!
-Are all crying?
-Are all hungry?
[Eniola] The election is coming.
And I'll remember your name. Say no!
-[male voice] Hello.
Uh, good afternoon.
Please, am I speaking
with Superintendent Gobir?
Nurudeen Gobir.
Who is this?
Apologies. My name is Dapo Banjo,
I work with The Conscience Newspaper.
-The Conscience Newspaper?
-Yes, sir.
How can I help?
I was wondering if I could ask you
some questions concerning Alhaja Salami
and her return to the country?
[busy tone]
Let them know
you cannot be fooled anymore!
[crowd] Yeah!
[crowd clamoring]
[in Yoruba] Our elders used to say,
"If a big masquerader claims
not to see the smaller one,
the small masquerader will also
refuse to see the bigger one."
[in English] But do not be distracted
because they are going to come and
tell you that Eniola Salami has money.
Yes! I have money!
[crowd] Yes!
Yes, I am rich!
Yes, I am successful!
[crowd] Yeah!
But go back to them and ask them,
where did she come from?
The streets! The streets!
[man struggling]
[screaming continues]
You can't do this to me!
You cannot do this to me!
-I'm an elder of the table.
There will be retaliation.
There will be… [splutters]
-By who?
Certainly not me,
who you swore your allegiance to!
You think that woman
will come to rescue you?
Anyway, let her come.
We'll be waiting for her.
But I doubt that will happen.
[Eniola] I lost my parents
when I was a child.
I grew up in an orphanage.
[crowd sympathizes]
I slept on the cold floor…
[crowd sympathizes]
…till I was 16.
At times, I go with no food.
I could not even afford
scraps to eat.
So, I need no one
to tell me
what suffering is all about.
Everything I have today,
I worked hard for it!
[crowd] Yeah!
I worked myself from ground up!
[crowd] Yeah!
Let me tell you something.
-You are nothing!
-[elder chuckles]
So you actually think
you could double-cross me?
[man coughs]
[in Igbo] You're crazy!
[in English] Anyway… [chuckles]
They used to say that you can't keep
poisonous snakes at your backhouse
and expect them
to just bite your neighbors. Eh?
-[man] Please.
Now, I'm begging you.
-I'm begging.
Odudubariba, I have family.
-I have family!
-[in Igbo] Family?
[man whimpers]
[in English] I shall send
my condolences to them.
Hey, you,
remember tomorrow
to put it in the schedule
and remind me
to take a very big envelope.
Are we good now?
-Please, I will do anything!
You are taking away the fun
from this now!
[in Igbo] Get this useless girl
out of here!
-[man in English] Please.
-Take him out!
No, no, no!
[echoing] Please, no!
[in Yoruba] I knew death by name,
so it wouldn't kill me at a young age.
Things were so hard
that I knew hunger by its first name.
[in English] Look at my hands.
[in Yoruba] Look at my hands!
[in English] Evidence of hard work!
Tell your governor
to show you his own!
Eniola for governor!
Salami, Salami… ♪
[crowd singing in Yoruba]
Salami, Salami… ♪
-Salami! Salami!
-[crowd] Salami! Salami!
Eniola for governor!
[crowd cheering]
Eniola for governor!
Now, tell me my love,
why shouldn't we be worried
about this woman?
My wonder is
how she expects to win this
sham election of hers without our help?
Or does she actually believe
she can win legitimately at the polls?
With all due respect
to your views Odudubariba,
I still strongly insist
that we take this woman out now,
while we still can.
This is Eniola Salami we're
talking about, have you forgotten?
Even with her two hands
and feet tied behind her back,
she is still extremely dangerous.
Not one hair on that woman's head
should be touched,
until she uses her mouth
to declare me king,
kneeling down in front of everybody,
putting the ring on my finger
and the crown on my head
and begging me to let her live!
[reporter] As the presidential
and gubernatorial elections heat up,
Nigeria's electoral commission, INEC,
has urged Nigerians
to verify their voting status
in order to partake
in the upcoming election.
Now, in a statement signed by the
publicity director, Mallam Usman Umar,
the commission urges all Nigerians
registered between
January and July of 2018
to collect their permanent voter's card,
also known as a PVC,
from their local government offices
and assigned registration hubs
as of 4th August.
Now, those who applied
for a transfer or a replacement
of their lost or damaged PVCs are also
urged to collect them on the set date.
Now, the commission
assures the general public
that they have put in place everything
for a truly free and fair election.
[mutes TV]
Good evening, sir.
You wanted to see me?
[official] Have you made contact again?
Yes, sir.
They got back to me this evening.
And you told her again
that I want to see her immediately?
Yes, sir.
[clears throat] But she said
she no longer had
any outstanding business with you
and she respectfully
declined your invitation, sir.
[official] Hmm.
[unmutes TV]
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