King of Boys: The Return of the King (2021) s01e07 Episode Script

A Handover Ritual

[Makanaki] Odogwu Malay!
[Makanaki chuckles]
[in Pidgin]
It's been awhile, brother.
[in English]
Doubting Thomas.
[in Pidgin]
You doubt me?
You wanna see what you did?
Look at it.
Go on, touch it.
Touch it!
Touch it.
[moves pieces on board]
Your turn.
You don't wanna play?
- Onye-Nche! Mgbada!
- [Makanaki laughs]
[gangster 1 laughs]
[in Igbo]
It's just a dream. I'm dreaming.
[in Pidgin]
Maka, I killed you. I shot you myself!
[in Yoruba] A million flies can't
withstand the swipe of a broom.
[gangster 2] Yes!
The broom
is the master of the housefly.
[gangster 1] Ha!
[Makanaki] Mm.
[in Pidgin]
I have a secret to tell you.
You and your family
will die tonight.
Don't come here
trying to get in my head!
We're both men.
You ever seen two thieves
loyal to each other?
I'm not scared of you.
[in Igbo] I've seen ghosts before, why
would I be scared? I'm Odogwu Malay!
- [in Pidgin] I'm not scared of anyone!
- Wanna test me?
My mother gave birth to me
and then cowered in fear.
[in Yoruba]
I was a plague from birth!
- [in Pidgin] No fear.
- Test me!
[Odogwu in Igbo] The worst that
could happen is you kill me tonight,
and I never suck
another woman's breast.
- Wanna test me?
- [Mgbada] Makanaki!
[dramatic music playing]
[thunder cracks]
Kelechi! [screams]
Hey! Kelechi!
Hey, Obieze!
Kelechi! Obieze! Amaka!
Amaka! Kelechi!
[exclaims in Igbo]
My God!
[thunder cracks]
[Odogwu screams]
[in English]
Makanaki! God must punish you, Makanaki!
[in Pidgin]
Is that all you got?
[blow lands]
[thunder rumbles]
[in Yoruba] Chop up the body
and burn it before sunrise.
[in English] I don't want
any surprises in five years.
[Ade] That's why they call her Oba
or the King of Boys.
[sighs] I can't believe
what I'm hearing.
And you've worked
for her for how long?
[clears throat]
My father was her driver,
so I grew up in the house.
He died when I was 15…
so Alhaja Salami took me on
and I've been learning
the business since then.
So everything
that you've told me today,
this is based on firsthand knowledge,
not hearsay?
I know where all the bodies
are buried.
And these documents?
Legal documents
from her previous investigation.
These were the ones
I could lay my hands on,
without raising suspicion.
Yes, madam.
Um, escort Mr. Ade out
and make sure he gets home safely.
- Okay, Ma.
- Thank you again.
Your truth has played a great service
to the people of Lagos State.
[softly] I'll be sure
to mention to Aare
how cooperative
you've been here today.
I don't quite get it.
Why are you here?
Why are you sharing information
about a woman that you've devoted
most of your life to with us?
I don't understand.
I understand now
that loyalty means
nothing to Eniola Salami.
I've taken bullets for that woman,
but if it benefits her tomorrow,
she will not hesitate
to dig a pit and put me in it.
[clears throat] This is…
This is fantastic.
[glasses clink]
- Yes, it is.
- [drink pours]
I think the best time to publish
would be on the 24th.
Of this month?
Isn't that the day
before the elections?
Why, yes.
I've been chasing this story
for a very long time.
Finally, the pieces
are coming together.
Madam First Lady,
this is a real story.
The president,
Alhaja Salami,
NCCC's Gobir's possible involvement.
It almost feels too good to be true.
But I don't feel comfortable
going about it this way.
What way?
You know what I mean,
Madam First Lady.
Jumoke, please.
And honestly,
I do not.
And if it's compensation,
rest assured my husband--
No. I don't need any compensation
to speak the truth.
So what's the problem?
I just don't like feeling used.
[Jumoke] Used? By whom?
By you and your husband.
It's just that, I just want
this story to reveal the truth.
So I ask again, what is the problem?
The clandestine calls,
the meetings.
I know it was you feeding me
information via the anonymous packages.
I don't want to be used
as an advantage for you and
your husband to win this election.
An election I'm not even sure your
husband is the right candidate for.
After all you've heard
and believed today,
do you honestly think that Alhaja Salami
is a better candidate to be governor?
Of course not.
There you go.
It really is that simple.
It really doesn't matter
what our individual motivations are,
as long as the common goals
are realized.
Now, if you do not have any other
battle of conscience to work through,
could you help zip up this dress?
I have to play arm candy
to my husband in 30 minutes.
Unless, you have a problem
with this too.
I wouldn't want you to feel
[nurse] Okay.
- Are you sure that feels better?
- Mm.
The doctor will be here in 20 minutes
to talk you through your results.
If you need anything,
press the buzzer.
All right.
- Okay. Thank you, sir.
- Mm.
- [in Yoruba] Look, Segun.
- [door closes]
[in English]
Have you sorted everything out here?
- Very much so, sir.
- Mm-hm.
The owner of this hospital
is a well-respected doctor
and he's a personal friend of mine.
- Mm.
- He signed the medical report himself.
- So it will never be questioned.
- That is good.
As far as anyone
outside the three of us knows,
you have a serious heart condition
that needs careful monitoring.
Oh! That is good.
The judge also approved your transfer
for an indefinite period of time.
So, if you like, you can finish
the rest of your term here.
- Which judge is that?
- Shonubi, sir.
- My friend Shonubi?
- Yes, sir.
[laughs] That is good.
That is very good.
Remind me so that
I call him tomorrow and thank him.
That is fine, sir.
That's good.
Uh, sir, um…
- There's one other thing.
- [in Yoruba] What?
[in English]
We can no longer arrange your regular
weekend home visit from here.
[in Yoruba]
What happened?
[in English] There are too many eyes
here that can report.
I see.
I understand, but my family
can still come and visit me.
Definitely, sir.
And they can stay as long as they want.
And your wife and children
are on their way.
- [in Yoruba] Really?
- [in English] Yes, sir.
- That is very good!
- You have nothing to worry about, sir.
I have everything
and everyone taken care of.
Your personal guards
are stationed all over this hospital.
Without permission, not even
an ant can gain access to you here.
- That is very good, Segun.
- Sir.
- Sir?
- Well done.
- Thank you, sir.
- Well done.
Thank you, sir.
- This is what we're talking about.
- Just relax, sir.
- Ah…
- Calm down, sir.
[Ifeanyi] Alhaja Salami.
I understand that recent events
have made you somewhat paranoid.
But, please,
I can assure you
that you are safe here.
This is the house of God.
tell your men
to wait for you outside.
They're going nowhere.
If it makes you feel safer,
that's all right.
I gathered the elders,
so that we can join
blessed hands to pray--
I did not come here
for prayer, Reverend.
I'm here for your endorsement.
[sighs] It's a shame that we have
to still be talking about this matter.
To be honest with you,
I'm getting quite irritated
by your insistence on this matter.
Alhaja Salami,
you dumbfound me
once again with your generosity--
Open it!
Uh, elders, please,
give me a moment with, um,
Alhaja Salami.
I said give me a moment, damn it!
Alhaja Salami…
why are you doing this?
[in Yoruba]
"Every day is for the thief…
but one day will be for the owner."
[in English]
My team
and press people
will be here tomorrow.
Don't worry,
they will not disturb the service.
But at a more appropriate time,
you will call upon me to the pulpit.
You will not politicize my church,
Alhaja Salami.
I won't let you.
I can understand.
You need more time to think of
how to introduce me tomorrow.
- You need more time.
- Alhaja.
What do you want to do
with this document?
You will ruin the church
if this comes out.
[in Yoruba]
Stop! What's wrong with you?
What are you talking about?
[in English]
Ruin the church? No!
You ruined the church!
Is my name on the document?
Did I enjoy the money with you?
Or am I the one
with a secret girlfriend and child?
Give me your ears,
and listen and listen good.
[in Yoruba]
Just do as I say!
So your congregation keeps
seeing you as a good shepherd.
I'll see you tomorrow.
[in English]
May the Lord have mercy on your soul.
And you too.
[laughs maliciously]
Just look at you.
Because you wear a cloak
does not mean that both of us
will answer to God differently.
I will deal with heaven
at a more appropriate time.
[laughs maniacally]
But now,
right now,
there is hell for some people here.
[bells tolling]
[Ifeanyi] Behold!
The next governor
of Lagos State,
ordained by God Himself--
Breaking news!
In a surprising turn of events,
and with the elections
just five days away,
Reverend Ifeanyi
has uncharacteristically
decided to throw his weight behind,
and endorse, a candidate
for the upcoming Lagos State
gubernatorial election.
Yes, Sade, and what a play!
This story is nothing short
of a grass to grace epic.
Alhaja Eniola Salami needs
to teach a class
on how to go from being
an underdog in the race,
to being the number one name
and choice on the ticket.
[Ifeanyi] Your chosen one,
the one that you have
decided to sacrifice--
[man] Odogwu Malay
was executed like a dog
alongside his family
in broad daylight.
Who is next?
Elder, I understand that Odogwu Malay
was nothing
but an emotional sacrificial lamb.
She can have him,
but she must keep to the deal.
Eniola Salami!
But unless something unforeseen
jumps in to derail this speed train,
I think it's safe to call this one
in favor of Alhaja Eniola Salami.
[woman] What was that?
Well, you see, he was like a dog
with a bone with that story.
He seemed obsessed
with taking Alhaja Salami down
until I started to ask him
about the validity of his sources.
And then, he came back to me
with an offer
on behalf of his principal, the
governor's wife, Mrs. Jumoke Randle.
- He insinuated that…
- Seun!
…if I backed
the re-election bid of the governor
by writing biased stories
against all the other candidates,
I would be rewarded.
Primarily, Alhaja Salami,
and most recently,
our president,
President Mumusa.
[gasps, murmuring]
And the governor, sir,
what was his role in all of this?
[Seun] Well…
I've not had any interaction with
the governor himself on this matter.
But it would be hard for him to say
he wasn't aware
of what his wife was up to.
I mean, it was like we were minting
money every day in the state house…
[Mr. Mogaji laughs]
…to bribe one person or the other.
And what exactly was your role
in this conspiracy, Mr. Shogunle?
It's there in the article in detail.
Her Excellency ordered me to…
To pay political thugs to intimidate
and disrupt the electoral process.
[audience exclaims]
We also paid them to
give false statements
for Mr. Banjo's articles…
accusing Alhaja Salami
of being…
No, go on. Go!
[sighs] Of being
an organized crime boss.
[audience exclaims]
[shocked chatter]
[Mr. Mogaji] Oh, yes.
And like he said, um,
you can get all those details
in today's Conscience Newspaper.
You see, what Mr. Shogunle
has done here today
is nothing short of courageous.
We, the people,
must not be afraid to hold
our leaders accountable
for the office that they hold.
Mr. Banjo
and his accomplice,
the first lady of this state,
had a plan to create
a media conspiracy,
to sabotage Alhaja Eniola Salami
and our own president,
President Mumusa, at the polls.
Mr. Mogaji! What about the bomb blast
that happened at your Lagos bureau?
It was reported that the package was
sent specifically for Mr. Dapo Banjo.
One could guess
this act was an attack
because the stories were hitting
too close to someone's home.
That was the intention.
Look, we did not want
to mention it here today
because the police are currently
investigating and following a lead
that the bomb blast
in our office itself
might have been orchestrated
by Mr. Dapo Banjo.
[audience gasp]
- [Mr. Mogaji] Huh?
- Why?
[Mr. Mogaji] Why?
Because he wanted publicity
and sympathy from the public.
I find it difficult to understand
why a young person
with a promising career ahead of him
would compromise
his personal ethics
and that of his profession
simply for…
Oh, dear…
Simply for his lover.
Lover, sir?
- Who are you talking about?
- [Mr. Mogaji scoffs]
The first lady of Lagos State.
- [gasps]
- [reporter] Oh, my God.
The governor's wife?
Mr. Mogaji,
that's a very bold statement.
True, but pictures
also make bolder statements.
turn the kids away from the television
set now if they are watching.
[Mr. Mogaji] It saddens me
to expose the mother
of our great state like this.
We have handed over
all our findings to the police
and they have promised to investigate
all the blackmail accusations
and the election-tampering
against Mr. Dapo Banjo
and the first lady of this state.
I do have to add quickly here
that I feel personally responsible
for the reprehensible behavior
of my former employee,
Mr. Dapo Banjo.
His father was my friend.
A respected journalist,
a trusted associate.
He deserved better than this.
He does.
- I'd like to add one thing, sir.
- Please.
if anything ever happens to me
or my family,
please, know that it is at the hand…
of the first lady
of Lagos State.
[clamoring on TV]
[clamoring fades]
[melancholic music playing]
You stupid, stupid woman!
Please, darling, I can explain--
Everything has gone to dust!
Everything my family worked for!
You ruined everything!
I ruined everything?
You weak imbecile,
I ruined everything?
You think you would have achieved
even half of what you have today
without me by your side?
I am the one who has carried you over
the threshold, you lily-livered idiot!
The only thing…
The only thing
you have successfully carried
from your family is your last name.
You strut around
giving your "I Have a Dream" speech
and throwing your last name around.
My dear, this game is not won
with a fine face and a baritone voice.
Even your father knew this.
But why would I expect you
to know this?
Because you're not even worthy
of standing with his shadow.
[Jumoke yells]
Go ahead, I dare you!
Then I would know
I truly married a Randle.
All right, talk to you later, bye.
[Dapo] Habib.
Ah, Dapo.
Help me understand why a man that
I call my father would ruin my life,
my career, on national television.
For fuck's sakes!
[Dapo tuts]
[Mr. Mogaji sighs]
I'm… I'm not as strong-willed
as you are.
I'm not as young and courageous.
They came after me
and I had to bend to their will or…
[sighs] Look,
I found an easier road, Dapo,
where I won't have to worry
about the safety of my family.
And, plus,
the offer…
That could save my paper.
Yeah. Yes, I took it.
What you are
is a traitor.
- [in Yoruba] Me?
- Yes, you!
[in English] A traitor and
not just to me, but to your country!
- My country?
- Your country!
My country?
how has my country been loyal to me?
I shaded within the lines
all my life, Dapo.
What do I have to show for it?
What did your father--
Don't you dare speak about my father!
Do not preach to me!
Do not preach to me!
You're not any better.
You crossed the line,
no matter how thin.
You bent the rules.
Whether you bend the rules by one
or by ten, you still crossed the line.
You're only upset
because you overplayed your hand!
- Maybe not.
- Oh!
- What? Were you recording me?
- Yes, I was!
I've not said anything incriminating.
Why don't we leave that
to the police to decide?
Oh, gosh!
Don't you still get it?
You don't have any friends in there.
You don't!
The cards are stacked against you
by a greater power.
You poke any further,
you'll be putting your family at risk.
You lost this time.
Just fall on your sword.
Where's the governor?
He already left, Ma.
Wait, those are my clothes,
where are you taking them?
To pack, Ma.
I never asked you to pack anything.
- I'm just following instructions.
- Instructions from whom?
[Jumoke] What's going on here?
How dare you?
How dare you touch my belongings
without my permission?
I gave them permission.
I warned you what would happen
if you crossed me.
Everything I have done,
I did for this campaign,
for your son!
[chuckles] My dear girl,
don't you think I know that?
I'm not upset
that you were caught
with your hands in the cookie jar.
After all, I've known
of your other boy toys for a long time.
I'm just amazed that someone
as experienced
in the art of the clandestine
would be so stupid
as to be played.
I told you,
if you did anything
to jeopardize my son's chances,
I wouldn't hesitate to cut you off.
You can't do this.
My dear, I already have.
We need a scapegoat,
and you are it.
Don't worry, I won't send you back
to the streets my son found you from.
I've gotten you
a respectable two-bedroom in Ajah.
I'll allow a decent deposit
in your account every month.
The children will stay here
with Tunde, of course,
and you'll get supervised visits
every week for an hour.
We shall then talk about
reviewing the terms,
depending on how well you behave.
And for God's sake, my dear,
when the divorce papers arrive,
don't make a mess
by dragging matters.
I won't hesitate to bury you.
I won't do this.
I won't.
I have given my entire life
for this family.
You can't just throw me out.
Oh, you will.
And in return,
I may just help
sort out the mess you've gotten
yourself into with the police
and that rogue reporter of yours.
I won't be doing it for you,
but for my son and my grandchildren.
It's all a shame really.
Despite our differences,
I admired your ambition.
I had high hopes for you.
I guess one can't teach
a street dog the art of poli-tricks.
Good afternoon,
great people of Lagos State.
First of all, let me say
that it has truly been an honor
representing you as your governor
for the last three and a half years.
And no matter what happens
at the polls today,
I want you to know
that this role that I've undertaken,
I have taken
with the utmost sincerity and pride.
One that I will continue to execute
until my very last day in this office,
whenever that may be.
As you all may already know,
there has been some unfortunate
information in the news
involving my family.
But I want you to know right here,
right now, categorically,
that neither I
nor my immediate campaign had anything
to do with these heinous allegations.
And that is why, at this time,
I must distance myself from my wife,
Jumoke Randle's alleged activities.
I have given strict instructions
to suspend all of her official duties
until these allegations
have been cleared up.
We are working directly
with the police as we speak
to ensure that if any of these
allegations ring true, even one,
I will personally see to it
that those involved
will feel the full extent of the law.
You have my word.
Thank you.
And God bless
the great people of Lagos State.
Just tell me you're okay.
The police have been going in and out
of the house all day looking for you.
What did you tell them?
No matter how much
they shake this house,
you're not going
to drop out of it.
[sighs] I'm guessing
they got the message and
they're definitely not coming back.
How did I get myself into this mess?
This was not supposed to happen.
Tell me, how can I help?
You can't.
How's my boy?
He's fine.
He misses you so much.
I miss him more.
But just do me a favor, okay?
keep him away from the TV.
I don't want him hearing the lies
these vultures tell about his father.
- Please.
- Okay, I will.
But Dapo, where are you?
Babe, look, I'm so sorry for all the
horrible things I said the last time.
I didn't mean them.
I love you so much.
Please come back home.
You belong with us, please.
[sighs] Aisha…
you have no idea
how long I've waited
to hear you say that.
But it's too late now.
No, it's not.
Dapo, please tell me where you are and
I promise I'll come pick you myself.
You can't.
Babe, you can't. I…
I need to find a way to clear
my name. I need to go underground.
Just tell my boy I love him.
Just tell him
I'll always love him, okay?
Okay, but--
Aisha, I'll call you later.
I love you.
- Dapo.
- Bye.
Is this one signed?
Okay, that's fine.
Sir, Kosofe just came in.
Nice! Nice.
- Just make sure it tallies with KAVTV.
- Okay, sir.
[sighs contentedly]
[Ade] Fashina.
Huh? Ah!
Is Alhaja Salami
on her way to the office?
With the way things are going,
it looks like we might know who
the winner is as early as tonight.
We won't be coming anymore.
What? Why not?
We have business to attend to.
What business could be
more important than this moment?
[radio chatter]
[Odudubariba] No. The job
is not done until I see his head.
So I can mail
the tongue to his wife.
Good evening, you may sit down.
you know I don't sit on chairs
that do not belong to me.
It is an abomination.
[elder 1] Salami!
If you insist on insulting our king
by calling him that name--
- [exclaims]
- [Odudubariba] It's okay.
Sit down, Elder, sit down.
[clears throat]
Well, if you prefer to stand,
allow me to admire your dress.
[Odudubariba chuckles]
In case you're not aware,
I'm still the Oba of this table.
- Your Oba.
- Woman!
You are nothing at this table!
- [guns cock]
- One thing you will not do, Samuel,
is to raise your voice at me.
Look, as you can see,
my boys do not take it lightly.
Is that so?
Look around you, are you sure?
[Odudubariba] Hm!
[Eniola exclaims]
What are you doing?
You are doing this thing again,
where it looks
like you're pointing at me?
I am pointing the gun at you!
[in Yoruba]
No way.
[exclaims] The skin
that covers the stomach
hides the rot in one's insides.
[pleads] Ade.
Ade Tiger!
So it was you.
[in English]
You're the traitor.
Not Boxer.
[Odudubariba chuckles]
[sighs] You see,
the problem with you, woman,
you think you're the only one
who's got ambition, right?
You embrace success
and ignore all your people.
All we had to do
was just dangle a seat at the table,
introducing him to real power.
Not you.
Anyone, but not you.
[in Yoruba]
Look at me.
Or am I dreaming?
Ade, I took you as a son!
[in English]
He has seen firsthand
how you've treated those
that you've called son.
Where is Makanaki today?
Odogwu Malay?
And even your own son,
- Kitan--
- [in Yoruba] I'll break your nose!
[in English]
As long as you want your tongue
to remain housed in your mouth,
you will never call
my son's name again!
[Eniola yells]
Ade Tiger!
This is what you betrayed me for?
[footsteps approaching]
A mere seat at the table?
If you asked,
I would have given you a real power--
And why should I have to ask, Oba?
Was my sacrifice for you
not good enough?
[in Yoruba]
Were you bitten by a rabid dog?
Who sharpened your teeth?
[in English]
Ade Tiger,
this thing you have done,
you will pay dearly for it.
[Aare in Yoruba]
What? Nobody's paying for anything!
[in English]
Nobody pays for anything.
[in Yoruba]
So, it's you.
[Odudubariba] Hm!
So you're the gin
in the liquor bottle!
The crooked piece of wood
disrupting the fireplace.
- [clock ticking]
- [in English] I should've guessed!
You have taken my children
away from me.
You have taken Ade Tiger.
Now you all want to take my crown!
[Aare in Yoruba]
Your crown is already gone, Eniola.
[in English]
What I will take tonight is your life.
[in Yoruba]
I warned you.
[in English] I warned you to execute
your chance when you had it.
Is that so?
[in Yoruba]
As an elder,
[in English]
and as a wise man,
you know what our people say?
[in Yoruba] They say,
"One doesn't include a pregnancy
when counting one's children."
[Aare chuckles]
[in English]
Over to you, gentlemen!
I have delivered
the goat for slaughter.
As Oyinbo man will say,
my work here is done.
I trust you can handle it from here.
Oh, most definitely!
[in Yoruba]
Hold on! Don't go yet.
wait and hear my words
for you tonight.
Hear this straight from me now.
Your eyes will not see
the sun set tomorrow!
Yourself, your children,
your grandchildren.
The time for niceties is over!
What you did to my children,
I will do to yours.
All your descendants
shall share in your suffering.
As I have declared, so shall it be!
[Aare chuckles]
[in English]
One thing I have always liked about you
is your stubborn spirit.
[in Yoruba]
You still have the nerve to talk?
Even now, as your ancestors
prepare Hell for you to join them,
you use your mouth to speak to me,
instead of weeping.
Get the hell off my phone! Useless.
Who does she think she's talking to?
I'm the King of the Jungle.
She's rather unpredictable…
[keypad beeping]
[in English]
Look, I want you to double the number
of guards around the hospital tonight.
I'm talking about tonight,
you're mentioning tomorrow.
Is something wrong with you?
Are you mad?
My friend!
Look, is my driver there?
Okay. Ask him to go to my house
and collect a cold bottle
of Champagne from my wife.
I feel like celebrating tonight.
[chuckles, in Yoruba]
That's right!
What's this one saying?
[guns cock]
I thought the deal
was for me to come over tonight
and hand over…
but this seems more like an ambush.
You know, woman,
sometimes plans
do change last minute.
Well played.
Very well played, Samuel.
You see, in my wildest dreams…
I wouldn't have seen this coming.
But it's obvious,
the smartest one sits on the throne.
I accept.
I accept defeat.
And as my last act
as the Oba of this table,
I insist
I hand over the crown properly.
As an elder of the table…
you know, you understand
the importance of me performing
the handover ritual,
as opposed
to a coup.
This will bring good luck
and long life
to your dispensation.
You know,
she's right, Odudubariba.
Let her hand over properly
and give you the reign.
[in Yoruba]
What harm can she do?
- We pulled out her fangs.
- True.
[in English]
Okey dokey! You may proceed.
Thank you very much.
Do you know…
how I have remained Oba…
all these years?
Look, Eniola,
we did not ask for another speech.
I learned how to read
the moves of my enemies
before they plan it.
The problem with you people
is that you keep underestimating me.
[in Yoruba]
Me, Eniola Salami.
A woman
with a million warriors in her.
Invaluable, indestructible,
[in English]
The bringer of pain and pestilence.
[radio chatter]
[in Yoruba]
I, Eniola Salami…
Those who know me
know better than to take me on.
Those who take me on
clearly don't know me.
I have no duplicate!
I walk majestically, like a king.
I come and go as I please, like a king,
without a thought to my enemies--
[in Igbo]
Shut up there, woman!
Shit is bound to stink.
[in English] Woman, you better perform
this ritual with grace,
or else I'll slaughter
your motherfucking ass right here,
like the bitch you are!
[in Yoruba] There's no one like me!
I am irreplaceable!
- Tiger!
- I am the trailblazer you all follow.
And if the future holds misfortune,
only I can warn you to keep back.
Now you all think I'm incapable?
Wherever the oracle is asked to avoid
is where he makes his home.
The dreaded sacrificial food offering
is delicacy to the vulture.
The kidney, liver, and entrails
become delicious snacks.
How sad.
Such a shame.
The death of her children
has turned her senile.
I warned you before.
[bullets whistling]
[shouting in Yoruba]
The skull of an elephant
is too massive for a child to carry.
No one, but no one,
can seize my crown.
My successor will be determined
by me and only me.
Yesterday I was, today I am
and I remain the one to fear.
- [thunder cracks]
- The dreaded one.
I am Eniola Salami,
universally acknowledged
as the monarch…
[in English]
King of Boys!
[thunder cracks]
[powerful music playing]
[singing and hailing in Yoruba]
[gun cocks]
[mouths] Please.
Ade Tiger.
Till I die, Oba.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
You're hurt.
It's nothing
for you to worry about, Oba.
I should have known that a mongrel
always goes back to his vomit.
Don't tire yourself,
my dear Samuel,
before the main event.
You wanted a transfer ritual, right?
You're going to witness one.
My successor!
The one my eyes look fondly on.
The arm of my government.
The chosen one
to wear my ring.
[dramatic music playing]
[Eniola in Yoruba]
My one and only Akorede.
May you
live long.
May you eat kola nuts with your gums.
I, Eniola Salami…
bestow upon you
all my power and authority.
Power over every person,
every district,
that has bowed to my name.
Here it is.
Give me your hand.
Rise, my son.
Go assume your rightful place.
I can't sit while you stand.
Thank you.
If that is your wish…
[in English]
We shall both sit together.
[in Igbo]
[in English]
Woman, what have you done?
You let the devil out of the cage.
What can I say?
You were all right.
How can I lead the table properly
if I am distracted
with my role as governor?
Then I realized
that the answer to the problem
is at the other side
of a smaller problem.
[in Yoruba]
Anyone nursing yesterday's grudges
will never have friends and associates
around when he needs good company.
[in English]
We're now both on the same page.
[in Yoruba] You ruling from above,
and I from below.
Anyone that disrespects you,
I will double his agony.
Mama! Together, we'll crush Lagos.
[Eniola] No,
let's not look at it that way.
You know what we'll do?
We'll let them know we now own Lagos.
[in English] You had this planned
all along, didn't you?
You sacrificed even your own
to fish us all out.
Oh, brilliant! Brilliant!
[in Yoruba]
My precious son…
My Akorede!
What shall we do with the traitor?
When you get to hell,
tell them who sent you.
To secure the presidency
and be declared the winner,
a candidate must have
the overall majority of ballot votes
including 25% of the vote in
no less than 24 of Nigeria's 36 states.
Yes, Yusuf.
And supporters
of the incumbent president
are already celebrating and holding
vigil outside the party's headquarters
in the nation's capital of Abuja,
as President Mumusa looks on course to
be reelected for another four-year term
after surging in such a substantial
lead in early election results.
[Chief Taiwo] Now that we have
secured the seat,
can we now take care of our problem?
Mm-mm. No.
Not yet.
That would be
a very foolish move on our part.
There's no way to hurt Eniola now
without it negatively affecting us
or our party.
Let us come up
with a plan to execute,
say, in the next couple of years.
We can hide it
under inter-party rivalry.
But for now, let's stay low,
let's play that part.
Quite right, sir.
[Mumusa chuckles] Yes.
Yes, Clement.
Sir, Alhaji Musa just arrived
and he's pleading to see you,
but he doesn't have
an appointment, sir.
Silly man!
Why is he here?
He should go to the party
he used his billions to support.
Don't mind him,
he has seen the writing on the wall
and has come to beg, I'm sure.
Let me text the minister.
He must draw up official sanctions
on all his businesses on Monday.
That's all right, Clement.
Bring him in.
take him to the reception.
I want him to hear
our celebrations through the walls.
- [laughing]
- Immediately, sir.
Shall we join the rest
of the celebration, gentlemen?
After you, sir, my president.
[Chief Taiwo] Ah, Your Excellency!
[chuckles] Your Excellency,
that was a smart move.
[party elders laughing]
[Mumusa] My goodness.
A final tally is expected Tuesday
or Wednesday this week,
but the major opposition party
is already calling
on the electoral commission
to immediately cease compilation
of the presidential election results,
alleging that they've been marred
with violence, electoral manipulation
and other irregularities
from the incumbent party.
I was beginning to get so worried.
My dear Mr. Fashina,
you worry like an old woman.
Are you all right?
Um, many cars outside!
Yes, Ma, they've been
waiting for you for hours.
- Party members and others.
- Really?
Yes, Ma.
Three o'clock in the morning?
Madam, it's never too early
to start currying favor
from the next governor
of Lagos State.
- [laughs]
- Oh!
That's what I am now.
[Mr. Fashina] Yes, Ma.
The next governor
of Lagos State. [laughs]
That sounds just about right,
Madam Governor-Elect.
I like that.
Mr. Fashina…
thank you very much.
Thank you for believing in me.
Thank you, Ma, for trusting me.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Good morning, Ma.
- Aggie.
So, you are still here.
[in Pidgin] Yes, Ma. I couldn't sleep
till you came home.
You couldn't sleep till I came home?
[in English]
Yes, Ma.
That's good.
Shall we go inside?
- [chuckles]
- This way, Ma.
Madam, are you ready?
Mr. Fashina,
you don't know how long
I have waited for this moment.
But it has come at a huge cost.
[in Yoruba]
"A palm kernel that will turn to oil
must first taste fire."
[in English]
Shall we?
[guests chattering]
[man] Welcome, Your Excellency!
- Your Excellency!
- Our governor! Congratulations!
[Eniola] Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Thank you very much. Thank you.
Thank you very much.
- Thank you.
- Congratulations.
Your Excellency… [laughs]
Reverend Ifeanyi,
such a surprise to see you here.
Yes! Your Excellency.
- The minute I heard--
- Yes?
I thought it was important to come here
to felicitate with you personally.
Thank you.
- In case you have a spiritual--
- [exclaims]
Iya Oloja!
You are here too?
And what happened
to your winning team?
Not to worry.
You see, Mama,
our elders used to say
I did not understand
until this moment.
[in Yoruba]
"He who throws a stone in the market
will hit a relative."
Isn't that so?
- [in English] Your Excellency.
- Thank you.
- [clamoring]
- Thank you.
[guests hush]
- Thank you very much.
- [man] You're welcome, my governor.
I couldn't have done this
without all your help.
I am grateful for all your support.
Thank you.
Welcome to a new dispensation.
[guests applaud]
- [knocking]
- [Aare] Yeah, come in.
You people have forgotten
that I'm not sick.
[exclaims] We're just pretending
that I'm sick.
And you're bringing a tray of…
of everything for me.
[guard laughs]
[in Pidgin]
Are you crazy? What did I do?
Want God to punish you?
[Aare exclaims]
Well done, sir! Enjoy, sir!
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