King of Boys: The Return of the King (2021) s01e06 Episode Script

Trouble Sleep...

[footsteps approaching]
[guns cock]
[ringing tone]
They are all seated
at the table, Oba.
[Odudubariba chuckles]
[Eniola] Good evening, gentlemen.
I am sure I speak on behalf
of everyone on this table when I say,
we are highly disappointed.
You have shown
that we are of no significance
by not showing up for this meeting.
[Eniola] Samuel,
you know what
my limitations are at the moment.
Shut up!
- Who are you calling Samuel?
- It's okay.
It's okay.
[elder 1] Now you're running
for governor,
you don't want to be seen
with the likes of us, abi?
The table you insist on leading
has all of a sudden
turned cancer to your image.
We hoped we would do this in person,
but it's okay. This will suffice.
Out of the kindness of my heart,
and the service you've rendered
all these years to the table,
I have a proposition for you.
I suggest we end
this bitter war between us
and none of our soldiers
needs to die anymore.
I am listening.
Now you know you have lost
your spot at the table,
and you will need
our collective effort
to secure your candidacy.
I will be willing to do that
on one condition.
We give you the win,
you give me the crown and the throne.
[elders] Yes. Yes.
This is your best option.
- In fact, the only option.
- [elders] Yes.
If you refuse to give up the title,
the table shall take it by force.
[elder 2] That's it.
The last thing you want
right now is war over this.
Eniola… it's futile.
There's no one
on the table left on your side.
This way, you can at least
get something for giving something.
Salami. It is over.
And everyone on the table
agrees to this?
- Yes!
- Yes!
[elder 3] Everyone.
Even you, Odogwu Malay?
[Eniola chuckles]
[clears throat] Well,
it seems the decision has been made.
Secure the president
for another term.
Get me the governor's seat.
Then you can have the throne.
Look at it.
[in Igbo]
Look at it.
[in English]
Good day, ladies and gentlemen,
and welcome to the final debate
between the Democratic People's Party
incumbent governor Tunde Randle
and the Citizen's Mandate Party
candidate, Alhaja Eniola Salami,
live here at KAV Studios
in Lagos, Nigeria.
Now, the stakes are high,
and we want you, yes, you,
the voters, to be informed
as much as possible
as we head to the polls
in under two weeks.
So we are going to cover as many
topics as the hour will allow.
Many of the questions tonight
have been sent in by you, the viewers.
But before we get into it,
here are a few guidelines.
For each question, the candidate
to whom the question is directed
will be given two minutes to answer.
Then the other candidate will be allowed
the same amount of time for a rebuttal.
Then we'll return to the candidate
to whom the question was directed,
and give them 60 seconds to respond.
I hope I haven't confused everybody
with those times.
[chuckles] No, Yusuf,
you were quite clear.
Now, although
there are ten other candidates
from various parties on the books,
due to their commanding lead in the
polls, and because of time constraints,
only Governor Randle
and Alhaja Eniola Salami
were invited for the final debate.
I think it's a fair bet to say that
one of the two candidates
taking the stage today
will be or return to be
the next governor of Lagos State.
[reporter] Next, we go live from
the Lagos State gubernatorial debate
between the two leading candidates,
Governor Tunde Randle
and Alhaja Eniola Salami.
Tonight, the candidates answer
the questions you care about,
live from the KAV Studios, here, in
the industrial area of Lekki Phase 1.
Our Choice 2020, the Lagos State
gubernatorial debate live coverage
starts in just 15 minutes.
- …I guess everything's gonna be fine.
- Okay. All right.
- Okay, madam.
- Good afternoon.
- We'll be ready in 15 minutes.
- Thank you.
You are welcome.
- Okay.
- Mm-hm.
Okay, Ma.
So, please remember to smile.
Every point should be
directly at the camera,
not the governor, so it doesn't
come off as if you're attacking him.
We practiced every question
they could possibly ask.
- So no need to feel intimidated by--
- What?
Ma, just remember that right now
at the polls we are neck-to-neck,
so this performance today might be
the tilt we need to win.
[Tunde] Maybe you should hold off
on the celebration parade
until after the elections,
Alhaja Salami.
We thought we'd come over
and wish you good luck.
Thank you very much, sir.
Uh, that is very kind of you.
I would have wished you the same,
I don't like telling lies.
[laughs hysterically]
Let me just go
and see what's going on in there.
But, seriously,
you have run a strong campaign,
and no matter what happens at the polls,
I want you to know I see you
and I applaud your tenacity.
[Tunde chuckles]
You know, in many ways,
you remind me of my beautiful wife.
Oh, come now, darling.
Let's not get ahead of ourselves.
The eagle and the pigeon
might both have wings
but certainly
not the same type of bird.
[Young Eniola] You bastard!
I said you are a bloody bastard.
[in Yoruba]
Whom are you referring to?
Who is the pigeon
and who is the eagle?
What a shame.
Have you seen your life?
It's these soft power tactics that
allow idiots like these to insult me!
I, Eniola,
four kings in one.
No one sleeps and awakens to see me!
Instead, bust her skull with a bottle
and scatter her life with it!
And slap the wig off her scalp!
[in English] Slap her,
let her pick her teeth off the floor.
[in Yoruba] Wake up from your slumber!
I said wake up from your slumber!
[in English]
See you on stage, madam.
Thank you very much, sir.
You might be able to fool
everyone around you into supporting you.
But I, Jumoke Randle,
can see through you.
When the time is right, Eniola,
I will expose you
to the whole of Nigeria
for who you truly are.
You want to expose me?
[in Yoruba] Because you walk around
with your nose stuck in the air,
you now believe
you share oxygen with God.
[in English]
You think you're better than me?
[in Yoruba]
The elders said,
"The mouth that won't stop talking
and the lips that won't stop moving
will inevitably bring trouble
for the cheek."
[in English]
Since you brought up this "exposing,"
then I will tell you a little story
about a little girl
called Aduke.
Aduke Kenkelu.
Oh, yes.
Back then, Aduke used to
stay down the road
in another brothel
owned by her mother.
By the time Aduke was 17,
[in Yoruba] there was no experience
Aduke and her mother hadn't had
with all sorts of men.
With Black men, with white men,
from white men to fair-skinned men,
from the fair-skinned to the tall,
from tall men to short men,
from short men to fat men,
from fat men to slim men.
They did it from the front
and from the back.
[in English]
But mission accomplished.
[in Yoruba]
They got what they'd always wanted.
[in English]
They gathered the money.
[in Yoruba]
Aduke and her mother moved to the UK
[in English]
to start a new life.
Mrs. Governor…
because you are able to rebrand
or repackage your life
does not mean that you too
cannot be exposed.
[in Yoruba]
Hold yourself.
Because I know who I am.
You seem to be afflicted
with something.
It's called amnesia.
You suffer from memory loss.
- They're ready for you.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Okay.
Please, after you.
[in Yoruba]
You aren't going? Okay.
[in English]
Thank you.
[exhales deeply]
- Hello, yes?
- What's happening with our deal?
This woman is getting
more dangerous by the minute.
What is wrong with you?
Did your mother not teach you
that you must greet elders first?
I am sorry, sir. Good afternoon.
[exclaims] Good afternoon.
what is turning your stomach
on this hot afternoon?
I thought she'd have been sorted
by now. She has gone too far.
Is that all?
Why are you troubling yourself
for nothing over Eniola?
Leave her alone. [exclaims]
[in Yoruba] Look. They say,
"Only a patient one can milk a lion."
[in English]
Yes, and the wheel,
the wheel is already…
How do they say it? It's turning.
The wheel is--
Relax. Go and take care of your husband.
[in Yoruba] Hear me?
Have you picked a dress
for the inauguration?
[in English]
[in Yoruba]
Go pick a dress.
[in English]
To give you something to do.
- Seun.
- Yes, Ma?
That reporter…
Yes, Ma. Would you like me
to reach out again?
Yes, this time around, set up a meeting.
I'd like to meet with him myself.
[truck brakes hiss]
[man in Pidgin]
Why park there?
Leave the road for us to go through.
[continuous gunfire]
[gunfire continues]
- Boxer, get in the fucking car.
- Boxer, come on!
- Start this car.
- I'm trying!
[engine turns over]
Somebody's coming. Who is this?
- Oh, shit.
- Makanaki!
[engine turning over]
[car alarm blaring]
- [doorbell rings]
- Shit.
- Hey! You left Bambam in the--
- We need to talk.
But we can talk with him here.
[Aisha] He is not here.
Wait, what?
I don't understand.
What do you mean, he's not here?
Bolaji told me the real reason
you moved.
[scoffs] Sorry, you were kicked out.
What does that have to do
with my son?
- I'm meant to have him this weekend.
- Because I allow it.
And after that nonsense with Bolaji,
and the bombing,
I don't think spending time here
is a good environment for him.
I do not think being around you
is a safe environment for him.
[Dapo chuckles]
Wait, you don't think
being around me…
- What is so funny?
- [laughing]
- You're not taking me seriously.
- No, I am taking you seriously.
I finally see
what exactly is going on here.
So this, your rigmarole,
is never going to end, is it?
You intend to keep using my son
to emotionally blackmail me.
- Please, what nonsense.
- Wait. How is that nonsense?
- Huh?
- Let go.
You dangle my boy in front of me
like some kind of a reward for
how good you think I've been behaving?
Let go of my arm.
I see what's going on here.
I know what you are trying to do.
You're trying to keep
my boy away from me.
I'll let you know something,
I'll fight you tooth and nail for him.
You would not dare, Dapo.
- I won't dare?
- Yes.
you know me well enough.
Tell me one thing I have not dared.
I'm sorry.
Aisha, please, I am sorry. [exclaims]
[sighs] How did we get here?
How did I go from living
with my family to bunking with Bolo?
I only stayed there because it was…
I thought that you would
want me back in a couple of months.
It was temporary. This place…
I only got this place because
you made it seem like
there was no hope for us.
I miss you…
so much.
You know that
if you want me back home,
all you have to do
is say the word
and I'll be back
in a heartbeat. Please--
You can't keep doing this.
We're not getting back together!
Give me one good reason why we can't!
Because you killed my child!
Of all the things…
you've ever said to me…
that is the most hurtful
and unfair.
- Am I lying?
- Yes, you are.
You're lying because there's
a police report that states otherwise!
You just keep punishing me
with your truth.
All I know is I could be holding
my daughter right now!
I have told you countless times,
this is not my fault!
The truck was driving against traffic.
No one could've seen it.
Why didn't you just
come home straight?
Instead, you were chasing some
stupid last-minute story again, Dapo.
[sighs] Aisha.
What do you expect me to say?
I have apologized
a million
and one times.
But instead,
you choose
to punish me over and over
and over again.
Do you think I don't punish myself
enough every single day?
Do you think when I wake up
I don't think about her?
Or when I look in the mirror,
I don't see her face?
She was my child too.
And I was meant to protect her.
Aisha, please.
Aisha, look…
- Aisha, please.
- Dapo.
Please, please, please.
- I have to go.
- Just hear me out.
I only came here
so I could tell you in person.
I do not want you coming around
the house and unsettling Bam again.
For fuck sakes, I am unsettling Bam?
- Yes, you!
- [groans] You know what?
I apologize.
And you are right.
But you see, I always thought
that the problem was me.
Now I know that you are the problem.
- I'm the problem?
- Yes, you are. So you know what?
Every time we have to talk,
let's do that through lawyers, okay?
- Is that fine?
- Great.
- If you wanna leave, get the fuck out.
- Fine.
And like I said,
don't fucking call me anymore.
I will speak to him--
Reports have reached KAV Studios
that Alhaja Eniola Salami's convoy…
This is typical Dapo.
We're in the middle of an argument,
but all you care about is what's on TV.
…against the gubernatorial aspirant.
There have also been reports
of an explosion at the same site.
Now, KAV Studios have reached out
to the gubernatorial candidate's team
to find out the status
of Alhaja Eniola Salami.
But both the police
and her camp have refused
to give any comments at this time.
KAV Studios promises to give
more information as it breaks.
- [blows landing]
- [man grunting]
[Ade] Hold it.
[Young Eniola in Yoruba] Don't you see?
Turning over a new leaf
almost cost you your life!
Fire doesn't blaze from your eyes,
yet you want people to fear you.
Afraid indeed.
[Ade in English] We caught him on CCTV
planting the bomb under the car.
He is the security guard
at the TV station.
Somebody gave him 50,000 naira to rig
the car while you were at the debate.
So this is what your life
is now worth.
Fifty thousand.
Madam, please.
[in Pidgin]
I didn't know what it was.
[security guard coughs]
[Ade in English]
He claims he never met anyone
but got a call yesterday
with the offer
and instructions
to execute this morning.
[security guard sobs] Madam, please.
[in Pidgin]
I am a family man.
I have four kids,
and my wife's pregnant again.
We are hungry.
They said it was just
a tracking device to monitor you.
[in Yoruba]
I'm in trouble!
- [in English] Who sent him?
- That's the thing, Oba.
[Eniola] Ade Tiger,
what nonsense is this?
Oba, please move out of the way.
Tiger, what is the meaning of this?
Boxer has been working
for Aare as a double agent.
is that true?
How can?
[in Pidgin]
Boss Tiger, what's this?
[in English] Taofik, repeat exactly
what you told me earlier.
Who asked you
to plant the device under the car?
[in Pidgin]
I didn't see anyone.
I just saw a package outside my door.
Then I got a call with instructions.
I followed them.
This evening,
I got a mobile alert for 50k
just before
your boys picked me up.
[in English]
So? What has that got to do with Boxer?
How does that implicate him?
Tiger, listen to me.
No. I don't believe any of this.
Drop your gun immediately!
No, Oba.
- [Boxer] Oba, thank you.
- I can't do that.
My first job is to protect your life
at all costs. Remain on your knees.
I said down on your fucking knees!
I'll fucking empty
the bullets in your brains.
[Boxer] Oba,
I don't know what is going on here.
You know me.
My life belongs to you.
I have drawn blood for you.
I have never seen this man before.
[in Pidgin] Tell the truth, so
they'll release me. I'm a family man.
[in English]
Will you shut up?
Shut up! I said I don't know you.
So you've never seen him before,
You've never seen him.
Yet here you are…
talking to him.
I remember now.
I remember.
He approached me at the studios
and asked to wash the cars
for small change.
I told him there was no need
because the cars were already washed.
So just two seconds ago,
you had never seen this man before.
So which is the truth, Boxer?
And I won't repeat myself,
remain on your fucking knees.
- [Ade] Boxer has been running--
- Look at me!
Boxer has been running errands
for Aare while you were away.
Swipe the tab, Oba, to the left.
Multiple transactions
from the same company
to the same account
over the past two years.
No other transaction
apart from Dolex Industries.
The last one just this morning
was 50,000 dollars
to the account
of Mr. Adeolu Adewunmi.
[Ade] Dolex Industries is one of the
fronts Aare pays his soldiers with,
and the 50k that Taofik got…
Guess whose account it came from?
[Boxer exclaims]
- [in Pidgin] This is a set-up!
- Who's setting you up? Eh?
- [blow lands]
- [Boxer grunts]
- [Ade in English] Traitor.
- See?
Do you see?
Everything I have been warning
you about is finally happening,
one by one.
[in Yoruba] What have you gained
with your new soft attitude?
Being meek has never
endeared anyone to a witch.
If she wants you dead, she'll
kill you without a second thought.
[Ade in English]
His phone.
Open it.
Open the fucking phone!
[in Yoruba]
What shall we do about this traitor?
[Ade] Oba.
this is the first time
I am seeing that alert.
Someone is setting me up.
Why would I enter a car
that will explode?
Because you didn't know that the driver
had complained of back pain to me!
So I switched the car
with the pilot car at the studio.
[in Yoruba] How many times must
I say it? All your enemies must die.
All of them!
I kept telling you,
but you wouldn't listen.
Until someone stabs you in the back!
The enemy lives in your backyard, while
there's a traitor in your household.
What is it?!
[in English]
What do you want from me?!
Tell me!
[in Yoruba]
Tell me, so I can have peace of mind!
[in English]
What's the matter?
[in Yoruba]
I want you to have some sense!
You must avenge
your children's deaths!
Their children too must die!
[Eniola exclaims]
People like us don't have
the luxury of a peaceful death.
Just accept it!
The pot that will cook pepper
must first be heated with fire!
[Eniola] Tell me…
[in English]
What do you want me to do? Tell me!
[in Yoruba]
Tell me what to do!
They must vomit
all they took from us.
With interest!
Whosoever breaks an oath must die!
They must learn
why people call you king!
[in English]
Oba, don't listen to them.
[Ade] Shut the fuck up, Boxer.
- [Boxer] You know me.
- Shut the fuck up, Boxer.
[Boxer] I'm loyal to you.
[Ade] I'll empty this gun
in your head.
- [Boxer] My life belongs to you.
- [Ade] Shut the fuck up!
[Boxer] I've never lied to you.
[thunder rumbles]
Get the car ready.
I need to visit someone important.
Pow, pow, pow!
[in Igbo]
Odogwu, play fair!
This guy is an amateur.
Forget this guy, he's an apprentice.
- He's learning.
- [Odogwu laughs]
Bro, play the game.
[thunder rumbles]
Looks like it's about to rain.
What are you talking about?
You're trying to run away.
You must finish this game.
- [Onye-Nche] Play the game.
- Play the game.
Bring some cold beers.
- Who wants another beer?
- I'll have one.
- Okay, another one?
- [Mgbada] No.
- Sure?
- [Mgbada] I'm at my limit!
Drink one for the road!
Are you okay?
Doggy, let them bring drinks for you.
Lady, bring three bottles for us.
[in Pidgin] Odogwu, I'm ready to go
home. It's late and I want to close up.
- [Onye-Nche] What's wrong with her?
- [in Igbo] Leave this place.
- [in Pidgin] I've been working all day.
- Get out!
[in Igbo]
Look what familiarity has done.
Your girlfriend's lost
respect for me.
You haven't been training her.
Please, she's just immature.
When will she grow up?
This girl is playing you here.
Odogwu, what's happening now?
- [Mgbada] Odogwu.
- Yes.
[in Pidgin] I wanna chill in the car.
I'll stand guard over there.
[Onye-Nche] You and sleep!
[in Igbo] Don't go and doze off.
You know how you are.
- [laughs]
- [in Pidgin] Give him a flashlight.
[in Igbo] You sleep too much.
You're a deep sleeper.
Turn on the AC,
so the car's cool for me.
It'll be like Alaska.
Stay awake! Stay wide awake!
Guys, stay alert out here.
- [Onye-Nche] Get lost, sleepyhead.
- Pff!
- Sleepyhead. Mgbada the sleeper.
- [laughing]
- [Onye-Nche] My guy.
- [crash]
[in Pidgin] What is this nonsense?
Where's this girl?
Let me go see
what's going on back there.
[in Igbo]
I'm sure that's one of your signals.
You want to go
and have a quickie in the back?
Don't you go "sample" that girl.
Just go get my beer.
[Onye-Nche] I had her earlier.
You had her earlier?
So you only "eat" once a day?
No wonder your face
is covered in acne.
[laughs hysterically]
Please go after him and get my beer,
you know how he can get.
- I'll go keep an eye on them.
- Yeah, let me destroy this boy.
Odogwu, I'm done playing!
- [laughs]
- Ah!
- [in Yoruba] Jesus.
- Huh?
[chuckles] Jesus?
Aare, I've been called many names,
but Jesus Christ isn't one of them.
- How did you--
- Mm-mm.
- How did you--
- No.
Don't waste
what little breath you have left.
Tiro is nothing more than eyeliner.
Ay, ay, ay.
[in English]
What is the meaning of this?
[in Yoruba]
The eyes you sent to spy on me.
They are yours.
And these are his balls.
Also yours
Since his loyalty belonged to you.
The rest of him is mine.
So I burned it,
and fed it to my pigs.
[in English]
[Aare] Hm…
Why do you hate me this much?
Even after everything
we have achieved together.
I was loyal to you, Aare.
[in Yoruba]
What did I do to offend you…
that you want me dead?
You want to destroy my life
and make my life impossible.
[in English]
[in Yoruba]
You were too ambitious.
You are a thief!
You are reaching for a place
you cannot touch.
- Ah!
- Ah? What is wrong with you?
We made you a king,
yet you keep looking to the sky.
Do you want to become God? Hm?
[in English] It would've been better
if you had played your position.
- [in Yoruba] That's what I said.
- [in English] My position?
Where was my position?
Under your foot?
[in Yoruba]
Now I understand.
You didn't want me to succeed
because my ambitions threatened you?
So because I threaten you,
you want to destroy me, Aare.
Why act like the uninitiated?
Stop pretending not to understand!
You've killed people on my orders.
Those who've shown
even less ambition against me.
Now, you're acting
like you don't understand.
[exclaims] Or have you forgotten?
[in English] We have to stop the
handshake before it gets to the elbow.
That is how we remain in power.
[Aare chuckles]
This one that you have come today.
Am I going to die today?
You are not going to die today, Aare.
[in Yoruba]
I came to show you…
To let you know
that you have nowhere to run.
There is no place you can hide.
A thousand Samuels
cannot run from God.
Even if you hide in an ant hill,
I'll be there waiting for you.
- Eniola.
- Yes.
It's best you seize
your moment now, while you can.
Because I won't give you
a second chance.
A dog!
A dog that dares
visit a lion in its den
must invariably have been
touched by the devil.
It will swim in its own blood.
the day of reckoning is near.
Nearer than you think.
As I, Eniola…
have wailed over the deaths
of my two children,
your family
will eventually wail over you.
[in English]
Very soon.
[Aare chuckles]
[in Yoruba]
You listen.
And listen good, Eniola.
[in English]
As long as I have breath,
this earth
will not contain the two of us.
[in Yoruba]
Listen to me, Eniola, I've told you,
take it as fair warning
from a former friend.
[in English]
if it's death you are looking for,
I, Eniola Salami,
will bring it to your doorstep.
Don't worry.
[in Yoruba]
I, Aare, the King of the Jungle…
You must have forgotten
that when the deadliest python dies,
its skin is nothing
but a fashion accessory.
A bag and some matching shoes.
- Aare…
- Mm?
- Do have a good night.
- Yes, thank you.
- Sleep soundly.
- Of course.
Good night, my child.
You know… No, impossible.
How did she get to me in here?
[Igbo native music playing on stereo]
[Doggy in Pidgin]
Odogwu, take it easy.
[in Igbo] Quiet. Next time I ask you
to play, you'll run away.
[Doggy in Pidgin]
I'm done.
[Odogwu] Don't move, I'm not done.
[in Igbo] You're an amateur.
Watch these finishing moves.
- [laughing]
- [tuts] Oh!
- [Doggy in Pidgin] Boss, please!
- [laughs]
Boss, please!
[Odogwu in Igbo]
Don't beg yet, I'm not done.
- [in Pidgin] Please.
- Don't beg, we're not done.
[in Igbo]
Watch these finishing moves.
No way you'll agree
to play me next time.
[Makanaki] Odogwu Malay.
[Makanaki laughs]
[in Pidgin]
It's been awhile, brother.
[highlife music in Igbo playing]
[in English]
I love the bass when it's knockin' ♪
KOB, yeah, we locked in ♪
Move one muscle and we off him
I do the most, I do it often ♪
Big D energy ♪
Never let that fake shit get to me
I don't like your style respectfully ♪
Better come correct
When you step with me ♪
A new boy, I'm a rude boy
Playing with the balance ♪
On the West Side,
laying at the palace ♪
I'm the best in the game
Ain't no stress on me ♪
Pay it up-front like some alimony ♪
My respect 'cause I'm blessed
I ain't stressin' ♪
Wanna be where I be,
where yo vest at ♪
Wanna see what I seen
Where yo specs at? ♪
Igbo Boy,
but I've been in the States ♪
‘Bout a bill like I'm Gates ♪
Me that the hood nominated ♪
Every line be they favorite ♪
I won't lose it, I won't fake it ♪
Keep working, I won't change it ♪
If it ain't broke, don't break it
Stay woke, shit I ain't shaking ♪
[in Igbo] Never touch a lion's tail
Whether it's living or dead… ♪
[in Pidgin] They want me gone for life
Tu tu tu, my entourage ♪
I can't die, I'm an old soldier ♪
Didn't go by land,
I'm on a flight ♪
A madman pretending to be polite ♪
With a talisman in his hand ♪
I didn't know
he threw a juju at me ♪
Didn't work 'cause
I'm on bitter kola ♪
Street inside street
I'm street no lies ♪
Receipts on me
When I strip you see scars ♪
Either way we move ♪
Kante scored because he couldn't pass ♪
Besides the cologne, I smell taut taut ♪
A hit in the South-South
From home in the East ♪
[in English] I make it happen
Wannabes make mouth ♪
Trust nobody
I shoot anything in my route ♪
My respect is non-negotiable ♪
Beef with me
Is a dance with the devil ♪
Position with your hands on the table
Zoro cap, I am able and capable ♪
Boss of bosses, King of Boys ♪
Pick a fight and loss your loss
Your motor, your machines is my toys ♪
The streets keep calm
When they hear my voice ♪
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