King of Boys: The Return of the King (2021) s01e05 Episode Script

Walls Closing In

[sighs] Fine.
We'll do this off the record.
can you tell me more
about the case you were working on?
The case involving Alhaja Salami,
before she ran away.
These are official documents,
how did you get your hands on them?
I have my sources.
Well, I hope you and your sources
know that it's illegal
for non-authorized persons to possess
confidential documents like this.
You can't do that.
Those are mine!
I either do this,
or have you brought up on charges.
Which would you prefer?
will help change your mind
about speaking with me.
What exactly
do you want me to look at?
These are pictures
of Alhaja Salami and the president.
How is this illegal?
She's a candidate under his party.
The dates.
The timestamp.
These pictures were taken before
she became a candidate under his party.
Before she publicly announced
that she had never met the president.
And if this meeting was so innocent,
then why is Alhaja Salami
in disguise?
You're serving me
secretly taken pictures
spying on Alhaja Salami
and the president.
Plus feeding me
on intel I cannot verify.
I am guessing you acquired this
the same illegal way
you got the confidential documents?
- Well, like I said earlier--
- Look, look.
Mr. Gobir,
I have heard a lot about you.
I know the kind of man that you are.
You seek truth
and you seek justice,
even in uncomfortable circumstances.
This story,
this story I'm working on,
it implicates the president,
and I think…
I know that
it also implicates Alhaja Salami.
- The president?
- Yes!
So, what more can you tell me
about the illegal involvement
of Alhaja Salami
in electoral manipulation?
And have you ever heard the term,
or should I say the title,
King of Boys?
[dramatic music playing]
Good luck with your story, Mr. Banjo,
but unfortunately, you have
to write it without me. Goodbye.
I don't understand…
Wait, why…
What exactly is everyone afraid of?
Mr. Gobir,
this is your… This is our country
that we're talking about here!
Your try on moral blackmail
will not work on me today.
No one…
No one has sacrificed more
for this country than I have!
It almost took my children!
It almost took my job.
It took my wife!
[engine starts]
[siren blaring]
[horn honks]
Oga, I work here.
[officer] No space, move!
- John, what's happening inside?
- [in Pidgin] Sir, please move!
[sirens wailing]
- [Dapo] What happened?
- [man] It's Akpan…
[Dapo] Which one?
[man] Please, stay put.
I've gotta get in there!
Mr. Mogaji! Mr. Mogaji!
[in English]
Let him through! Now, go, go!
- Sir, please!
- Dapo…
[Dapo] What happened here?
It's Akpan,
the poor guy stood no chance.
- What happened to him?
- Oh, dear!
Premature detonation.
- Of what?
- Letter bomb!
Thing went off right in his hands as
he was going to deliver it to a desk.
Whose desk?
[thunder rumbles]
Malay, this is not a good time.
[in Igbo]
No, Ade Tiger, don't upset me!
[in English]
You're taking me for granted.
[in Igbo] The streets are burning
and we can't reach the king.
[in English]
Listen, I'm a boss in my own right!
[in Igbo]
This is disrespectful.
[in English]
Eh? You people are pushing me!
- You're pushing me!
- Hold on.
[Ade] Oba,
[in Igbo]
King, welcome back.
[in English] King, I've been trying
to reach you since you came back!
I've heard.
Uh, King, something is happening!
Something is happening.
We need to call a meeting urgently.
Something is not right.
Of what table?
The table I put in your hands?
And you gave away?
[in Pidgin]
King, it isn't like that.
The mess going on
would humble even Odudubariba.
[in English]
So you expect me,
the rightful head of the table,
to go cap in hand,
and sit with the traitors?
People that stabbed me in the back?
Malay, you insult the crown.
King, something is wrong.
Something is not right.
is destroying our warehouses,
killing all our boys
across the state,
you know, and pretending to be Maka.
King, Makanaki!
That's impossible, isn't it?
[in Pidgin]
King, it is impossible!
I killed him myself.
I shot him. I offed him.
[in English]
Did you burn the body afterwards?
Malay, did you burn the body?
[in Igbo]
King, let me explain what happened.
King what?
[in Yoruba]
What's wrong with this boy? Is he slow?
[in English] You must burn
the body of a made soldier.
When the dust settles,
I will call a meeting.
without Samuel and his traitors.
[in Igbo]
King, let me explain what happened.
Let me--
[in Pidgin]
What happened?
What did she say?
[horn honks]
[Eniola] Mr. Gobir,
are you pretending like
you're not happy to see me?
[Gobir] I learned you were back.
As you can see,
in the flesh.
Why not?
Did you people…
really believe
I would leave the country
where my children are buried?
You… You people
ask for too much from me!
I only came back
when I was sure my presence
wouldn't cause you any problem.
Or threaten your new appointment.
Yes, I heard.
Anyway, congratulations.
The news about
my appointment is stale now,
but thank you, madam.
You're welcome.
I heard
you had a special guest today
at your office?
I want to ask you
a question, Alhaja Salami,
but I need you to be honest with me.
Did you have a hand
in securing President Mumusa
into power?
Do you really want me
to answer that question?
I think you might have
answered it already.
Would you have preferred
I came back in chains
like a dog?
Behind bars
like an animal?
Impossible, Mr. Gobir.
A lion can never be a rat.
They thought I was finished
and disgraced.
Here I am today…
as the next governor of Lagos State,
by God's grace.
Then I should be the one
saying congratulations.
You're still not impressed.
Look at it this way, Mr. Gobir.
I now have the chance
to effect real change
in this state.
You can't come to grace
with bloodied hands.
You keep making this mistake
over and over again.
You keep claiming your numerous sins
are for an eventual good that never
seems to happen.
Then join me.
- What?
- Yes.
Why not?
Join me, Mr. Gobir.
Let me show you I've changed
and truly
want the best for the people.
I might not be a saint,
but it is inside the darkest pot
that one cooks white rice.
Join me.
Be my conscience.
You know I cannot do that.
Mrs. Salami,
it will go against my nature.
I have tons of respect for you,
but you see,
you and I represent a dichotomy
of two completely different ideals.
However, I will leave you
with two friendly warnings,
for old times' sake.
I never said a word to Mr. Banjo…
but yes, the man is after you.
And he knows much more
than you would like him to.
And… the second warning?
While I wish you all the good
in your campaign and all…
I would like you to understand
something, Alhaja Salami.
That if you do eventually
become governor,
you will fall automatically
under my jurisdiction.
And it will not be
like the last time.
I will not hesitate
to act where necessary.
Nice to see you again, Mr. Gobir.
The pleasure is all mine.
[door closes]
Panic struck the offices of
The Conscience Newspaper this afternoon
after a letter bomb supposedly addressed
to one of the in-house reporters,
Mr. Dapo Banjo,
detonated early in the hands
of a cleaning staff, Mr. Akpan Essien.
Details right now are a bit sketchy
and KAVTV has reached out to the
police to find out more information.
the police have declined to comment,
stating that the investigation
is still underway.
Now, in other news,
the federal government has responded
to the recent spike in COVID-19 cases--
[suspenseful music playing]
[sigh of relief]
- [phone ringing]
- Shit!
Hello, sir.
[exclaims] Where the heck have you been?
I've been worried sick!
I even called Aisha.
Ah! That reminds me, you didn't tell me
that you guys had been having
any issues at all.
I… I just needed to clear my head.
I just needed some time alone, sir.
Dapo, she said
you now live with Bolaji
and I called Bolaji too.
He said you were not home.
Sir, it's… it's the story.
I've been trying to piece
all the pieces together, but…
I'm still working on it, but sir,
something about this story.
I don't know what,
but there's something the government and
Alhaja Salami don't want us to reveal.
I think that's why they're after me.
- [exclaims]
- Sir.
I sent you something.
It's in your email.
I sent it about 30 minutes ago.
Just go through it
and let me know what you think.
Okay, okay.
Bye, sir.
[engine starts]
[incantations in Yoruba]
[insects chirping]
[incantations continue]
[incantations continue]
[herbalist] Makanaki.
[in English]
If I cut your hand…
as your blood is gushing out,
you need to pour it on the gods
to conquer your enemy.
[in Yoruba]
Give me your hand.
[stifled groan]
[herbalist] Quickly! Pour it, pour it.
[Makanaki groans]
[herbalist laughs]
You're a brave boy!
[in English]
You are a brave boy!
[in Yoruba]
Now, say all that's on your mind.
As my blood flows on the Orisas,
may the blood of my enemies
ooze from their bodies
and be wasted in the earth.
So shall it be.
Speak their names.
Odogwu Malay.
Alhaja Salami.
The table of elders.
All who have wronged me
and any who displeases me.
Oh! So shall it be.
All your enemies are now bound.
This is the end for them.
All their lives are destroyed.
Are you mad?
You can't still be working
on this story.
There is a black hole
where my newsroom used to be.
A member of my staff is dead.
Can your brain understand
the gravity of what just happened?
Someone tried to kill you
in my office!
That just means
that we're closing in on them.
It is clear
that you do not know when to stop,
so I am going to have to put a stop
to this insanity myself!
[exclaims] At some point,
wisdom has to prevail.
Sir, you don't understand.
This story--
Go home to your wife.
Hug your son.
Call your mother.
Tell them all you love them.
Huh? And thank God for life.
As for this story,
it is dead.
- But, sir--
- [exclaims] Dead!
[in Yoruba]
The head that wears a crown
must come from agoro-ide.
The neck that wears precious beads
must come from agoro-ide.
The waist that must
put on shiny royal clothes
must come from agoro-ide.
[herbalist laughs]
[in English]
I, Ogungbo,
I crown you today.
Look into my eyes.
In this vicinity you are,
whatever you say
must be accepted by the gods.
[in Yoruba]
Now, make your request.
To defeat all my enemies.
To take my rightful place
at the elders' table.
As I have worn this crown on my head,
so shall I be crowned King of Boys.
So shall it be!
Now that you've been crowned,
whatever we call the head
shall not be used as feet.
[distant groaning]
[indistinct whispering]
[in English]
they say you must agree on one thing.
[in Yoruba]
[in English]
You mustn't have children.
[in Yoruba]
Do you accept?
Do you accept?
[Ogungbo] Oh…
You would have died long ago.
The news of your death
would have been announced to the world.
[in English]
But the gods are at your back.
[in Yoruba]
And you shall not die.
Nobody can cause your death, except
if you have a child as evil as you.
You must not break this covenant.
You mustn't renege
on this agreement with the ancestors.
If you dare
bring a child into this world,
when the child turns four years old,
you will die a mysterious death.
It is with the whole mouth
that one prays for himself.
And the pantheon of deities
want to hear it from your mouth.
- I have heard and I have accepted.
- [thunder claps]
[in English]
And so shall it be.
[whispering continues]
Now, drink.
[incantations in Yoruba]
What I have done for you today!
[incantations continue]
Now, rise! Rise!
You have been crowned,
and it cannot be undone!
[in Pidgin]
Guy! Bolo!
Guy, what happened here?
[in English]
Guy, talk to me--
Listen, Dapo.
I don't know what
you've gotten yourself into,
and honestly,
I swear to God, I don't want to know!
I just want you to get your things
and leave my apartment tonight. Okay?
At least, let me help you now, okay?
What the fuck are you doing?
You want to help me to do what?
- Please, just calm down, talk to me.
- Dapo, I should calm down?
I should calm down?
Let me make this clear.
Look at my face.
No! Look at it now. Look at it!
Look, look!
Armed men came in here looking for you.
You're telling me I should calm down.
I let you stay here
because you're my friend
and you were
in a tight spot with your wife.
[in Pidgin] I didn't come here
to die for another man's problems.
What do you want them
to tell my mother? What?
[in English]
Dapo, I beg you.
Get your things and leave.
Look for another place to stay.
Huh? Go and look
for another place to stay!
Tell your friends
that me, Bolaji, not Bolo, Bolaji,
I have no business whatsoever
in this mess that you're involved in.
Do you understand?
He said, "Calm down."
[spluttering] Calm fucking down, where?
Get out of my house, Dapo!
[in Pidgin] You think I'm joking?
Get out of my house!
[suspenseful music playing]
[woman] You have become
a very hard man to reach.
If I didn't know any better,
I would say you were ignoring me.
I've been very busy.
Of course.
Of course.
Luckily, my feelings
don't get hurt that easy.
It's only…
It's only, we hate having
to reach you through Agnes.
It distracts her from her…
other duties.
I've done everything
you've asked me to do so far.
And there will be more.
We need to meet.
[dramatic music playing]
I greet you all.
[Odudubariba] We're pleasantly surprised
that you called for this meeting.
First, thank you all for honoring
my invite to a truce meeting.
I called this meeting
because the men around this table
have common interests
that are being threatened.
[Odudubariba] Mm.
We are listening.
Before I get to the main issue,
I have to clarify something here.
We are at war.
But the rules of the table
clearly state
that money must never be affected.
My shipments are being hijacked
on the freeway.
My warehouses
are being looted and raided,
and my men
are being shot left and right.
I don't understand.
What has that got to do with us?
We've killed your men,
you've killed our men.
You even said
that we are at war.
I don't think we can take credit
for missing shipments.
At least, not yet.
If you're not aware of this,
then we have
a big problem on our hands.
Leave power tussle aside…
[elder 1] Oh, yeah.
Something is going on in the streets.
Recently, I heard an arms shipment
of yours never got to your warehouse.
[Odudubariba] Mm.
And then you, your son
was kidnapped and held for three weeks
until a huge ransom was paid.
Odogwu, that was you and your Oba.
And you both will pay dearly for it.
We respect the rules.
- [Odudubariba] Hm!
- No family, no money.
That code was never broken.
At least, not by me.
I cannot vouch for…
But anyway, something fishy
is going on in the streets.
As my people say,
[in Igbo] "No matter how much
it bathes in the ocean,
a fish will always
smell like a fish."
[in English]
So, what are you proposing?
This war has left us distracted.
We let the locusts
attack our harvests.
[Odogwu] I propose
that we join forces
and find out
who dares to step on our toes.
So, Salami wants to settle?
No, no, no,
there can be no settlement.
Unless she gives up her crown…
and accepts me
as the king on this table.
When I talk about joining forces,
I'm not talking about the king.
[Odudubariba] Hm…
It pains to say this,
but I have a king
that is more occupied
and more concerned
with being governor than leading us.
I am not the only one
that's offended by this.
All the men
at my own side of the table
know that I am here
meeting with you people today.
[laughing] Everyone, except her?
We are the ones expected
to deliver this governorship for her,
[in Igbo]
with our muscles on the streets.
[in English]
But what is the benefit for us?
What comes to us?
If she's neglecting us now,
[in Igbo]
what happens when she's governor?
[in English]
But was that not the same thing
Makanaki complained about
before you--
[Odogwu in Igbo]
I knew you would bring that up.
[in English]
What's done is done.
I didn't know the shoe
was going to pinch
until I wore it myself.
But this is a new day.
And we have
a big problem on our hands.
Are we fixing it together?
the things you've said here today
are treasonable
against your king!
Odudubariba, "treasonable."
[in Igbo] I don't know what that is.
I didn't go beyond sixth grade.
[in English]
This is what I'm saying.
- The king has become too distracted.
- Mm.
I think the crown
has become too heavy for her.
And perhaps, it is time to drop it.
And you
might pick it.
[Odudubariba laughing]
Your loyalty swings
from one tree to another.
How do we know we can trust you?
How do we know
that this is not all a setup?
How do we know?
How do we know that
that woman didn't send you?
Because this tight shoe…
is affecting
everybody around this table.
Except one person.
[Aare on phone] Yes.
The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
Uh, look, this goes beyond
our different politics.
The devil cannot knock on your house
door and you invite him in with a smile.
Ah! You don't understand what
that woman is capable of.
It is best we take her out now!
Before a small boil
will lead us
to amputating the whole leg.
I appreciate your call, sir,
and I have heard
all what you have to say.
However, Alhaja Salami
is now the official CMP gubernatorial
candidate in Lagos State.
And she has our full backing.
- And so shall it remain.
- [Aare exclaims]
[clicks tongue] Rubbish.
[Aare mumbles]
[busy tone ringing]
Are you sure
that is the right decision, sir?
Aare is still very much
a powerful political figure,
even in detention.
And he's right,
that woman is a problem.
We need to take care of that problem
now before it gets out of hand.
You're absolutely right, Chief Taiwo.
And we will,
but this is not the time.
we need her more
than she needs us at the moment.
We should focus
on securing our second term.
Once she does that for us…
…we can give clearer decision
on how to
eliminate our problems.
However, I believe we have more
pressing concerns to focus on.
That journalist.
You are late.
You're lucky that I even came.
You speak too arrogantly
for a man that has no choice.
And why bring me here?
As morbid as it seems,
this place has a strong message.
And what might that be?
is what happens to anyone who comes
remotely close to the Alhaja.
You know what I'm saying is true.
Look at what happened to Makanaki.
That was a different case.
And Malay?
She needed him when she needed him,
and now she doesn't.
That woman holds
no loyalty to anyone.
So what makes you think
your relationship is any different?
And how is Aare any better?
You guys are holding
the mistake I made over my head.
Never forget,
Aare was there at a time
you were abandoned by your boss
and desperately needed work.
I did not know I was working for him!
So tell that to the Alhaja.
Clear the misunderstanding
up with her.
Ah, see.
You know she would never understand.
Unlike Aare,
who might be many things,
but he is not unreasonable.
I know this is difficult for you,
but always keep in mind
you are meant to be her number two.
What have you got to show for it?
It's time to play smart
before she abandons you again.
She's old
and has lost her touch.
That is why Aare
now holds all the cards,
and with those cards,
he's backing Randle for governor
and Odudubariba for the round table.
- What?
- Yes!
So you see,
she's lost in both realms.
Alhaja Salami won't live
through another war.
It's only a matter of time
before we have her on her knees.
Question is,
on whose side would you be
when her day of reckoning comes?
And what would you have me do?
When the time comes.
If she ever finds out about this,
- I'm--
- She won't.
I promise.
But what we can do
is arrange something
to throw her off your scent.
[Dapo] Hello?
[man] Good evening, Dapo.
What do you want?
[man exclaims]
That's not a very nice tone,
especially to someone
that's done nothing but help.
I'm sorry, did I hurt your feelings?
Because I don't appreciate thugs
breaking into my friend's house
and beating him up.
I promise you, Mr. Banjo, I have
no idea what you're talking about.
I hope your friends found
what they're looking for.
I'm just here to help.
You're here to help?
If you're trying to help, let's meet.
One on one, face to face, man to man.
Just stop hiding behind
these phone calls.
Who are you and what
do you hope to gain from this?
[man chuckles]
By the time I answer
all your questions, Dapo,
the meeting will be over.
What meeting?
Imagine the insult.
Imagine the insult
of having to wait this long.
[chuckles softly]
I've told you all one time too many
that this woman has
lost respect for this table
or reverence to the seat
she once occupied.
you tell me,
is this your king?
Is it?
Look, you must be putting me on.
Like, right now?
Look, I've seen
the documents you sent and,
to be fair,
it's very hard to believe.
Think about it, something like that
happening in Nigeria. Like the mafia?
Then, how about you go
and see for yourself?
I just sent you the location
to the meeting.
[phone vibrates]
[dramatic music playing]
I've seen it.
and witness the King of Boys
in all her glory.
But stay in the shadows.
Is this information true?
Or are you sending me
on some wild-goose chase?
Has anything I've sent you so far
turned out to be anything but true?
You've been pretty authentic.
Look, now is just not
a good time for me, okay?
Dapo, are you really going to give up
on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity?
The scoop of the century?
[engine revs]
[tires screeching]
Daddy, what happened?
[breathless] Hey, Bam.
- Did I… Did I wake you up?
- Yeah.
I'm sorry about that, okay?
- You should go back to sleep.
- Okay.
We're going home.
Bambam, we're going home.
[dramatic music playing]
[guns cock]
[ringing tone]
They're all seated at the table, Oba.
[Eniola] Good evening, gentlemen.
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