King of The Nerds (2013) s01e03 Episode Script

Games Without Frontiers

1 Previously on King of the Nerds - This week is a cosplay competition.
- Yes! It's like "pretend", times ten.
While team Blextrophy was stymied by one of their own.
You haven't been pulling any of your weight for this.
Game designer Ivan led team Servants of the Forsaken Orb to victory.
- You have chosen well, judges.
- [Laughter] - As the winners played with swords - Taste my steel! Computer hacker, Virgil, fought for his life.
Science, math, and technology, that's my strong suit.
That's a very fair point.
And succeeded in staying out of the Nerd-Off.
- Jon.
- Alana.
- I do feel betrayed.
Batman expert Alana and mathematician Jon faced off against each other.
You're going to be tested on your knowledge, while you play a game of dice.
The game was close, until Alana surprised everyone I used my powers of the dark side.
winning the Nerd-Off.
Really? .
- .
- .
Alana won.
Jon's going home.
Everything is going according to plan.
Vodka, anyone? I miss Jon.
I really do.
We toasted Hendrik.
Do we throw one out for our other fallen? To the most mental mathematician I've ever met.
- Jon! - Jon! - Mental indeed.
- To the metal God! [Laughter] The problem is that I put all my eggs in the Jon basket.
That's the problem, and I don't know what to do.
Like, I would be shocked if blue won the next nerd war.
Not good-bye, Jon.
Good-bye, blue team.
Good morning, good morning, good morning Good morning, good morning Good morning, good morning, good morning It's time to get out of bed Hello, little birds.
I hope you had a good night's sleep.
Running behind this morning - Hey, morning.
- Hi.
Running behind Hello, birds, hello, flowers.
Hello, little creatures of the forest.
I'm here to sing you a song Shut up.
Genevieve's singing gets so far under my skin that I want to rip it off.
[Siren blares] Calling all nerds.
Join us in the courtya please join us in the courtyard.
- Nice.
- Oh.
Welcome to today's nerd war, the live gaming competition! [All cheer] All right! This is the challenge I've been waiting for.
Bring it on.
Each team will be given two quadcopters and two control pads.
Now, while you try to get your quadcopter through an obstacle course, the opposing team gets to attack your copter using live ammunition! Yes! Oh, snap! I'm originally from Texas.
[Imitating gunfire] Make my day, sucka! Now, you will have to pick two members of your team to fly and two to shoot.
Team servants of the forsaken orb, you have five members.
That means you will have to pick one member of your team to sit this one out.
Now, you have five hours to learn how to fly and develop your offensive as well as your defensive strategies.
Good luck.
Your time starts now! - All right, here we go.
- All right.
Oh All right, so we got These, like before.
Wait, wait, wait.
No, hey, hey! Oh, those are good.
Who has experience shooting actual guns? - I do.
- Texan.
But these are not actual guns.
I actually do nerf wars with friends.
So it's the same.
So that puts you in a good place.
My weakness in this game is that most of my projectile shooting experience is with nine-millimeter pistols, ar-15s.
You know, darts go on a parabolic arc, and, you know, I'm gonna have to lead the target more.
Don't mess with Texas.
All right.
One, two, three.
You know what? I think I should sit this one out.
Really? I think you two should shoot, and I think they should fly.
And I think I can sit this one out.
A king does not grow his own crops.
He has a farmer to do that.
He does not make his own robes.
He has a tailor for that.
But does each one of them respect him? Yes.
Do one constant motion.
I just want to see how well you perform and just have it being a fluid movement.
I play video games professionally, so I'm taking the leadership role because I have no choice.
These guys have no experience whatsoever with this.
Okay, are you holding down? Like, why? You're holding downward.
Oh, I was because I was thinking oh, sorry, I was thinking relative.
I was thinking relative again.
Yeah, I was thinking relative.
Yeah, thinking relative.
We have to win this nerd war.
I want to send someone home from the orange team so bad.
One, two, three, four - Yeah.
- Like that? Perfect.
I'm very confident in both of us doing the flying.
Nice job.
I think it's funny 'cause you hear a lot of stereotypes, like, "oh, girls are such bad drivers.
" But in this case, the only two females on our team are the ones who are in charge of driving.
All the guys pussied out.
I'm sorry, blue team, but there's a pretty good chance you're going down Hard.
Into fire.
Back, come back, come back, come back.
- Careful, Virgil.
- No.
No! Calm down.
The biggest weakness that my team has is Virgil.
It's like[Gasps] Eww.
Every time you panic, you start making these jerky movements.
Yeah, I know.
You have to calm down for one second.
Being a competitive gamer, it's a mental game.
Just focus on yourself, nothing more.
There is no front or back to this.
It's a sphere.
Just think of it as a sphere.
I stopped imagining the thing as a copter.
It's a mental thing, right? I imagined it as just a floating blue sphere.
And my job is just to move this blue sphere around.
Aah! I don't want to go to a challenge.
Not with the team I have.
Oh, no.
Ugh! Welcome, team Blextrophy.
I have no faith in this team at this moment, but if we win today, I will do cartwheels around this house.
Welcome, servants of the forsaken orb.
The chicken panda cometh.
We are on a roll right now.
You can't touch this.
We're the orange team! You think you're gonna take out one of our guys? Have you seen us lately? Welcome to the live gaming hall.
Yeah! [Applause] Now, here's how the game is played.
You have three minutes to fly through the obstacle course, collecting as many points as you can.
10 points for the large gate, 100 points for the small gate.
The chomper gate is 500 points, and the fire gate, also 500 points.
If your copter is shot down, you lose 500 points.
Servants of the forsaken orb, who is sitting out from your team? Well, Ivan decided he needed to take a nap, so he asked his friend chicken panda to cheer on servants of the forsaken orb.
Come on, servants of the forsaken orb, you can do it.
Bring that blue team down! - Chicken panda! - We have a secret weapon.
We have chicken panda.
Thank you, guys.
Ivan in his costume.
They came in, trying to be cocky.
I mean, literally, they ended up coming in being cocky.
[Chicken clucks] All right, nerds, to your battle stations! [Cheers and applause] - Do it.
Go, team servants of the forsaken orb.
Danielle, you're going to be flying first.
Alana, you will be the first to shoot.
I'm a total badass at shooting nerf guns.
I'm a pc gamer who's an encyclopedia world of warcraft.
Controlling a robotic drone with an iPad, no problem.
Danielle, your time starts Now! [Retro techno music] - Well, there's 100 points.
- Yeah.
She's got it.
Yeah! That's what I'm talking about! She's hovering outside of 500 points.
Makes it through.
Very well done.
All right.
Now she's headed towards the shooters.
- Right, right, right, right! - Right, right, right! Damn it.
So I'm flying my helicopter.
Do I get shot? No.
Now she's heading for the fire box.
- And she Ooh! - The flame! Boy, that was very close.
[Cheering] Do I get burned? No.
- And she goes straight through.
- 100 points.
- 100 points.
- Yeah! Am I fine? Sure am.
- Oh! - I bam, I crash.
Oh, [Bleep].
- Here she goes.
- She's starting up.
- Gets up again.
- Get ready, alana.
Left, left, left, left.
Back, pull back.
Ooh, and it's down again.
Uh-oh, Danielle's in trouble.
It's not going in the right direction.
Watching Danielle struggle I kinda feel bad for her.
She's much more of a pc gamer than a console gamer.
Um, and the controls for the hovercraft were much more console-y.
30 seconds left.
They're not even going in the directions that I'm pushing.
But I also think that she got blinded by her anger.
It's not it's not working.
Looks like we have some damage to the copter.
Five, four, three, two, one.
[Buzzer] That's it.
Time's up.
Danielle is supposed to be the orange team's awesome gamer, and yet, she froze under pressure and self-destructed.
So I'm starting to feel more confident, but I know a lot of it still rides on Celeste's performance.
Celeste and Joshua, to your battle stations! - Yeah! - Yeah, Josh! The first thing I'm gonna do is go through all my settings to make sure it's correct.
As a pro gamer, you have to make sure all your controls are right.
Just like han, I'm shooting first.
[Imitates gunshot] Wah wah wah Your time starts now! Come on, Celeste.
- Perfect.
- Celeste.
- Straight through.
- Good start.
I am feeling good.
Our gaming goddess is flying well.
- Yep, perfect.
- She's through.
Challenge is the big Lance that we can puncture the orange team with.
- Take it down, Josh.
- Oh, come on! - Oh, boy.
- Uh-oh.
Awesome! - Yes! - Come on, Celeste.
Go, Celeste.
Come on, Celeste.
Go, Celeste.
Now's a good time to go.
- [Laughing] - Up! [Toy gun firing] - Josh! Josh! Yes! - Oh! Josh, ugh! What the hell, man? That's a first in this game.
30 seconds left! Get it, Josh! - Go - Yeah! [Team cheering] Yeah! Good job! Josh was like Duke nukem.
Four, three, two, one.
[Buzzer] - How I roll! Hey, Celeste, say I'm a jedi.
Say I'm a jedi.
Hey, whatever.
Chicken panda is very content at the moment.
Blood was spilled.
- Moogega! - Yeah! Your time starts now! Yeah! Bring it up.
- That is a strong bird.
- Well done, Moogega.
- You got it.
- Oh, boy.
She's through the 100-pointer.
She's through the 100-pointer.
She's approaching - 500-pointer.
- Wait for it, wait for it.
She's looking good.
She's ready to go.
She's hovering, waiting for the moment.
Oh, and she just missed the entrance.
Into the chomper gate.
It's going back down again.
So my main strategy is to try to get through the big points, because if I'm not patient, and I get the ten-point one, I would need ten passes just to get 100 points.
I mean, it's just not logical.
- Go, go, go, go, go, go, go! - She's heading for it again! - Oh, nope.
- Aah! Heading towards no, she missed it again.
I'm fine, I'm gonna wait for it, 100 500 points.
What in the One minute left! She made it through.
She made it through.
She just made it through the 500-pointer.
- All right.
- Right.
Hang a hard right.
- Whoa! - No! I had it in my sights.
I could've hit it! Okay, I'm just gonna go straight through.
Do it.
Do it.
Do it.
- She m - Oh! Aah! [Buzzer] This is the final round of play.
It's Brandon and Virgil, head-to-head.
Virgil, I just want you to know chicken panda loves you.
All right? Yeah, everybody loves chicken panda.
Hi, chicken panda.
Virgil, you need to score over 1,600 points to win.
Gonna get some bubblegum.
Kick some ass, and I'm all outta gum.
Your time starts Now! It's not going up.
Come on.
I can see him pressing the buttons, and he seems to be getting confused, and it's just sort of hanging there.
Why won't it go up? It takes a long time for it to get up.
Just do it.
We have no come on, we've gotta go fast.
I'm trying.
Virgil can't get it up.
Dude, it happens.
It happens! Almost.
Get it.
Over there! We cannot lose this nerd war.
- Aah! - Virgil Stay calm you can do this.
It's having a little bit of trouble.
One minute has passed.
It's going as high as it can right now.
[Scatting] The chicken panda Virgil, it's the last round.
You need 1,600 points for the win.
Your team is counting on you.
I remember Celeste's advice when it comes to anything gaming.
You have to calm down for one second.
There is no front or back to this.
It's a sphere.
And I start to feel calmer.
One minute left! - Good job, Virgil.
- There we go.
Now he's up and in the ten-point gate.
- Yikes.
- Suck it! I'm paying attention to nothing but the copter.
It is a happy sphere of goodness.
And I need to take it through the flaming gates of hell.
Ooh! It goes through.
[Applause] - Awesome! - He makes it through.
Nice! Nice! - 30 seconds! - Good job.
Come on, shoot it, dude! Shoot it! Suck it down, orange.
Suck it! Go, go, go! Yeah! I have no idea how he's doing this.
A miracle is occurring for Virgil right now.
Go, go, go! [Cheers] That's enough points for the win.
But, Brandon, if you can shoot Virgil down, you can still win the game.
Shoot it down, Brandon.
Shoot him! [Cheers and shouts] - Yes! - Go, go, go, yes! [Buzzer] Oh! Do I think he made a deal with the devil? No.
You can't make a deal with yourself.
Team servants of the forsaken orb, you finished with 2,300 points.
Team Blextrophy, you have finished with 2,520 points.
Which means that for the first time in this competition, team Blextrophy has won the nerd war! [Cheering] Who knew that Virgil could get three girls to squeal? Team Blextrophy has finally prevailed.
I feel awesome! Ahh! We won! We finally won! This means, for the first time, none of you are going to be going to a nerd-off.
- Whoo! - Awesome! There's a saying.
How's it go again? Oh, that's right, pride goeth before a fall.
Servants of the forsaken orb, two of your members will go head-to-head in the nerd-off.
You will vote on the first nerd.
Blextrophy, you will vote for the other nerd.
[Clucking like a chicken] I loved panda chicken when panda chicken was, like, crushed underneath, like, a big, blue heel.
Well, now we get to know how it feels.
Go back to Nerdvana.
Good night.
You are dismissed.
Chicken panda didn't feel funny anymore.
It just felt wrong.
So he's going home.
[Chicken clucks] - Good night.
- Well done.
[Laughter] Tomorrow's gonna suck.
Not meaning that I have an inflated opinion of myself, but I think that they're going to pick me or Ivan.
Yeah, no, that's hands down, that's because that's who I would pick.
Yeah, that's what's going to happen.
If they send me in the nerd-off, they're making the correct decision.
It just so happens that it's one that's not optimal for myself.
Because what was the first thing we did to them? We picked the people that were most academically strong on their team.
You can either sit down, give up, and be sent home, or you can try to kick your other teammate's butt.
And that's exactly what I'm gonna try to do if I'm sent to the nerd-off.
So ultimately, what this means was that the servants of the forgotten orb the were coming over to come kick us, and we bit off their whole foot.
And and and they wanted to kick us while we were down, and we grabbed it we grabbed the foot and we went, yaaaaaaah! And we are currently gnawing on the bone of their foot.
And they only have two feet, so they're thinking twice next time.
I am the hero of the day.
I mean, sorry on my team, I was the hero of the day.
Um, and it feels great.
I [Bleep] 1,000 points all over their face.
[Laughs] Oh, my God.
Finally, I can go to sleep without feeling like a guillotine is hanging over my neck.
Whoo! [Cheering] For today, Blextrophy! Time to get a Blextrophy tattoo! Whoo, Blextrophy tattoo! Whoo! If I'm gonna sit through and think about this logically, me and Ivan, we are pretty well-balanced.
Moo is very intelligent, and Brandon's a smart guy.
There's a lot that he can bring to the table, and I need that on my team.
So I have to vote for Danielle because she is the person that I think is weakest on our team.
I was logically thinking about it, and I'm probably gonna put in my vote for you.
I just, like, can't even fathom what I've done to deserve this.
It's so unfair.
It's so unfair.
I've been a great asset to this team.
Whatever, whatever.
I don't think I've done anything to deserve to be voted in, and I'm certainly not I haven't even made up my mind of who I'm voting in.
Like, I'm very in between you and Ivan, and, like, I've never taken the back seat.
I've never stepped down, I've never done anything that wasn't in the interest for the team.
Neither has anyone else.
Ivan, as our leader, did not participate today.
Like, I guess I think that's really unfair.
I told Danielle that I was going to vote for her.
And then, she got, of course, emotionally upset.
And if I have to talk to a female who's upset, game over.
This team is better having you than me.
I am thinking I'm just gonna vote for me.
Do good things.
I did tell Danielle that I was gonna vote for myself.
But I'm gonna vote for Danielle In private.
You okay? I was trying to, like, sway him to vote for Ivan.
- Really? - Yeah.
I, like I never at any point said that it was, like, him who shouldn't go in.
Wait, is he gonna vote for himself? Really? That makes no sense.
Danielle tells me that Josh is voting for himself.
What the crap is going on here? I'm happy to vote for him too, if that's the case.
I feel really bad.
Like, I did not want that conversation to go that way.
I am brilliant.
I got Josh to put himself in the nerd-off.
Head shot.
That's what this is about winning.
I'm pretty sure they're gonna pick Danielle.
I think the other team is going to send Danielle to the nerd-off because she's a very weak player in this game.
Maybe they're voting for Joshua.
We can hope.
- They're voting for Joshua? - Maybe.
You know they won't do that.
I don't know.
I said maybe.
Honestly, I don't think sfo will vote for Josh.
Danielle is, like, the logical choice.
But you know, whatever.
I mean, I'll take what I can get.
This is difficult, like, because I'm voting for Danielle.
I told Danielle that I was gonna vote for myself, but I'm not gonna vote for myself.
So I will stick with my original vote, Danielle.
But at the end of the day, it's up to you guys to do what you feel will help you get closer to $100,000.
Now, I'm doing what I think is best for me and what I think is best for the team.
Josh would make sense by saying, "do what's best for the team," but I need to consider all the options.
Right, okay.
[Siren blaring] Calling all nerds! Please join us in the throne room.
[Dramatic music] The wait leading up to this thing has been agonizing.
Agonizing! It's just the tension's so thick, you could slab it on bread and just eat it.
Today, two nerds go head-to-head in our nerd-off.
The winner will stay to compete for the crown, $100,000, and the right to sit atop the throne of games! [Dramatic music] The loser will go home immediately.
The teams have voted, and the tallies are here.
Team Blextrophy, we have your votes.
By unanimous consent Brandon, you will go to the nerd-off.
I look forward to the impending battle.
So, Virgil, what is your strategy for sending Brandon into the nerd-off? Well, if you want to destroy a team, you can take out the head, or you can take out its soul.
And Brandon is the soul.
[Laughs] Okay.
Team servants of the forsaken orb, we have your votes.
The first vote Is Joshua.
The second vote Joshua.
The third vote Is Danielle.
The next vote Is Danielle.
That's two votes for Joshua, two votes for Danielle.
There is one vote left.
And the final vote Danielle.
Danielle, this means you will be going into the nerd-off.
Danielle, you seem surprised that your team has sent you to the nerd-off.
Sure am.
I just think I've been an asset to this team, and I think that I took a huge responsibility yesterday that other people did not want.
And I think I was blatantly lied to.
Who do you think it is who's lying to you? I know who I voted for, and two other people told me who they were voting for.
And one of those people lied.
That's a bitch move.
Excuse my language.
Ivan, you seem a little upset by this decision too.
I just hate that we're in this position now, where we were all so unified, and now we're feeling less unified.
It's kind of nice looking over at the, "we so perfect, we're all happy, ha ha ha ha" team and see them start to squirm for once.
Brandon, Danielle, please step forward.
Bend the knee.
In today's nerd-off, the gaming continues.
You will require all your remote control driving skills this afternoon.
Everything you need for practice you will find in the radio shack lab.
You have two hours to prepare.
You may rise.
Good luck.
And may the best nerd win.
I would consider Josh to be one of my best friends in this house, and he just turned around and stabbed me in the back.
I was deliberately deceived, I was lied to.
I was made to look very foolish.
You don't get to just go through life being a [Bleep] [Bleep].
It's not the way it works.
There's such a thing as karma, and it's gonna [Bleep] get them.
[Sighs] - I'm sorry.
- [Bleep] You.
Joshua definitely hurt this team significantly.
Emotional drama, not my bag.
There's really nothing that's gonna make this situation better.
Feelings are hurt.
If there's anything that needs to be worked out, it will happen after the nerd-off.
Joshua made a poor decision if Danielle stays in this house.
That's just gonna be a tumor that we're gonna have to live with until something happens.
Did I do the wrong thing? I told her downstairs that I was going to vote for her.
Like, when we first were talking, I told her I was gonna vote for her.
If Danielle doesn't go home, and she stays, you two are gonna have to work this out.
If she does go home, then, you know, we dodged a bullet.
I'm sorry, Danielle, but it'll just be easier for you to go home and just be pissed off at Joshua.
I would just stay out of her way.
At least you'll be able to plstarcraft again.
For the nerd-off, Curtis and Bobby gave us a remote control car and a ball.
I assume that this means that we're gonna be knocking a ball into some sort of goal, so I decided to practice maneuverability just because the turn radius on those things is abysmal.
[Rock music] Rc cars are fun, just not in this context, unfortunately.
Get over there.
I don't want to knock Danielle out, but if I competed any less than my best, it would be dishonorable.
Oh, boy.
Good luck, Danielle.
What? - Sincerely, good luck.
- Thanks.
Like, I want you to it would be emotionally satisfying for everyone to see you crush your betrayer.
- Brandon didn't betray me.
- I know.
So we want you to win and then crush your betrayer.
I am pulling for Danielle because, for sure, there's a division between Joshua and Danielle, and I just kind of look forward to seeing how it develops.
[Sinister laugh] We're all trying to be friends, but it can't work out like that sometimes.
You know what, I'm really sick of hearing, like, it can't work out that way 'cause it makes no sense to me.
I really was an enormous part of the reason we won the cosplay competition, and I stepped up and did the helicopter yesterday.
I I don't get why I'm the weakest link.
I don't get it.
- No one.
- You're not the weakest link.
- I clearly am.
You wouldn't vote for someone who you thought was an asset to your team.
You wouldn't deliberately lie to someone if they were your friend.
So, like, quit with the bull[Bleep] And just stop [Bleep] talking.
Sometimes Danielle can be a bit volatile.
This is intense.
Well, of all the competitors here, I feel as though I'm closest to Danielle.
Just by competing against Danielle, it's definitely going to break my spirit, even if I win.
It was great to see mindy again.
She rejoined us, minus the gladiator.
Mindy, are you watching this right now? Me, I'm a really cool guy.
You should hit me up.
Can I find you on linkedin if I search "mindy"? Welcome to today's nerd-off.
A spirited game of nerdball.
Here's how the game is played.
You will each be Manning a remote controlled golf cart.
This is so far out of my skill set, it's not even funny.
I am definitely a huge gamer.
Have I ever driven a remote controlled golf cart? No.
You will race around the obstacle course, trying to be the first to push the ball into the goal.
The first person to score two goals wins the nerd-off.
Now, are you ready to nerdball? - Yeah.
- Whoo-hoo.
Danielle, you'll pilot the red cart, and, Brandon, you'll have yellow.
Take your positions behind the wheels.
Good luck.
Oh, man.
If Brandon comes back, it will be easier to rally the orange team, for sure.
That's gonna be a really hard mess to clean up if Danielle stays in this house.
I know this is probably really inappropriate to say this, but I would rock at this.
All right.
My strategy is to turn as lose as I can on point to make accurate moves without having to do a large turning radius.
There's a high probability of that succeeding.
Nerds Start your engines! [Engines start] Three, two, one.
Go! [Humming ride of the valkyries] Well, they're both off to a good start there, Bobby.
- Boy, I'll say.
- Come on, Danielle! Whoo! Oh, Brandon just blew right past his ball.
The controls were quite sensitive, from a magnitude standpoint.
Oh! I'm not able to rotate on point.
Brandon is circling back around.
Come on, Danielle! [All cheering] Move it, move it! Danielle is trucking.
She's going for speed.
Racing games is one of the games that I would consider myself to be stronger at.
And I immediately thought, "okay, I need to keep it in the middle.
" Because once it gets to the outside, it's gonna be really hard to dig it back in.
Danielle is pulling back.
Brandon's going the wrong way.
Um I don't know what happened to Brandon's car.
No! He's like an intoxicated driver.
You just crashed into a barrier.
It was destruction.
[All shouting] - Oh! Luckily for me, there was no pedestrians around.
- Shoot! - Wow.
You're doing good! Keep going! Do something, buddy.
Do something.
Look at Danielle.
She's in perfect Danielle's in perfect position for a goal.
Is it is it? Look at Danielle.
She's in perfect Danielle's in perfect position for a goal.
[Cheering] Is it is it? [All cheering] Goal! Team Blextrophy: One, two, three, four, Dani's the one that we adore! [Cheers and applause] My team was kind of just, like, all grumpy-faced, and then the blue team was, like, so enthusiastic.
It just felt like it was kinda a big middle finger to them.
Rainbow color! We're cheering for Danielle, partly because of girl power Yeah, girls! But also because she's angry at Josh.
Oh, drama! Smells so sweet.
Danielle, if you score one more goal, you win the nerd-off.
All right, Brandon, this is it.
You've got to score a point here to stay in the game.
You have to.
Three, two, one.
Go! [Air horn blows] [All cheering] She's in perfect Danielle's in perfect position.
- Go, Danielle! - Come on, Danielle! There's definitely a lot of tension on the sidelines.
The blue team is cheering Danielle on, but the orange team, we're just fairly quiet.
It's a tough position to be in.
Look at what Danielle's doing.
She's gotten around the first obstacle.
Brandon is really having a tough time getting a handle on this remote control golf cart.
Yes, he is.
There's a small time delay with turning maybe 1/4 of a second No! That can throw you off when you're trying to make quick adjustments.
- Stay calm.
- You have control.
It looks like Danielle's backing up, and she's getting a good run.
And she's moving carefully in.
She gets it past! Oh, my goodness.
Holy crap, Danielle's gonna win this.
Looks like Brandon's in a position now to move his ball.
He's moved it a little bit, but look at Danielle.
Oh, she's going.
She's coming in for for a goal.
Does it go in? Oh, it's almost there.
It's almost there.
It's a goal! It's a goal! Danielle wins the nerd-off! [Air horn blares] Yes, you guys, I'm [Bleep] awesome.
What the hell were you thinking, [Bleep]? Let's see you win a nerd-off.
What? That was awesome.
In this nerd-off, Danielle really just handed my head to me.
I pretty much just got slaughtered.
Danielle, you live to fight another day! Thank you.
[Applause] I wonder if Danielle is one of those "forgive and forget" individuals.
No, she's a woman.
She won't forget it.
There's gonna be some awkward moments on that team.
I'm sorry, Brandon, you have lost this nerd-off.
Go back to the real world of neuroscience, and use your great brain to unlock the mysteries of ours.
[Laughter] It's a shame that we lost Brandon.
He was one of our strongest brains.
I'm gonna miss you guys.
I'm worried about what the social dynamic's going to be after this point.
May I request you all have a beer in my honor? - Yeah.
- Whoo! And one in your name, my friend.
All right.
It's really sad to see Brandon go.
He's so adorkable.
I would take him home As a little pet, just pet him all day.
I am sad to see Brandon go, but he was a threat to our team, so we had to vote him off.
He's truly an amazing nerd.
Remaining nerds, you may return to Nerdvana.
You're dismissed.
Joshua acts shady, and everybody has seen it now.
And I'm a firm believer in karma, and, like, that's not how you get brownie points with the karma monster upstairs.
It sucks losing the nerd-off, but I like to take my best whack at everything that comes along.
My motto is really encapsulated by young mc's song bust a move.
I like to, you know, bust a move any chance I can get.
I did try my hardest, and that's all I can say at the end of the day.
I didn't think he'd go that quickly.
He was a nerd's nerd.
[Explosion] The kid had spark.