King of The Nerds (2013) s01e02 Episode Script

Imaginary Realms

1 Previously on King of the Nerds Welcome to Nerdvana! Eleven of the world's preeminent nerds stormed into Nerdvana This is truly nerd heaven.
Prepared to compete in the ultimate nerd challenge.
For the coveted title of king of the nerds! Super nerdy! Teams were chosen.
The blue team Fantasy writer Genevieve, Pro gamer Celeste, Scientist Hendrik, Mathematician Jon, And computer hacker Virgil.
The orange team Game designer Ivan, NASA engineer Moogega, Comic nerd Joshua, Neuroscientist Brandon, And World of Warcraft expert Danielle.
Lok'tar ogar! And one nerd was left out.
I don't want to go home.
But in a shocking twist You have all the power.
Batman expert Alana decided the winner of the nerd war Orange team.
And won safe from banishment And a berth on the blue team.
I'm kind of ticked off about it.
Then Jon Hendrik.
Hendrik and Jon faced each other in the nerd-off.
King's knight to g5.
But Jon overwhelmed his defenses And I believe that is checkmate.
And Hendrik's dream of sitting atop the throne of games.
And being crowned king of the nerds Was crushed.
- All right! - Still alive! Yeah! Yes! I'm very happy to still be here.
Oh, my goodness! - Oh.
- Oh.
I am really surprised to see Hendrik lose.
If I go out, I hope I go out as well as Hendrik did.
I think Jon kicked some ass.
- King of the chessboard! - Black king of the chessboard! To me! Jon may have a specific appearance, But he's got a big mind behind him.
Pro tip for life Don't ever pigeonhole a nerd.
- You're still here.
- I'm still here.
Alana has made a not-so-great impression.
At the moment with us.
I am the albatross.
First off, she picks us as the losing team.
And then she made Hendrik lose Strike two.
And now I'm just honestly waiting for strike three.
- Good day.
- Indeed.
I'm really looking forward to having, Like, a real cohesive team now.
I mean, there's still a little bit of tension, Because, like, Alana lost the game.
But I think that friction will smooth over by tomorrow.
Um Calling all fellow nerds! Curtis on that bullhorn is a war call.
It's all like the great horn on the mount of Minas Tir It wasn't Minas Tirith.
It was the top of Um, helm's deep.
Calling all fellow nerds! - Oh, my goodness! - Oh - They are the geisha - my what? I think it was perfect.
That Curtis was wearing the geisha outfit, Because the beard just pulled it all together.
That is one hot nerd! This week nerd war is a cosplay competition.
Yes! I am literally ecstatic.
Cosplay is when you are wearing a costume, And you inhabit that character, And you do everything as though you are that person.
It's like pretend times ten.
My primary experience with cosplay.
Are my female friends dressed as boys.
Making out with other girls dressed as boys.
It's very complicated.
Each team will create an imaginary world.
With its own mythology.
Ah! And each of you will create.
An original character that lives in that world.
I got goose bumps.
We have randomly selected your team's worlds and characters.
Orange team, You are villains from the fantasy world.
Blue team, You are heroes from the Sci-Fi world.
- Yes! - Good.
In the basement of Nerdvana, You will find your team's secret war rooms, Complete with tools and supplies.
We're gonna live in a war room.
So tomorrow be prepared to get together And battle it out Orange versus blue To the death! Orange versus blue? You're right.
That's not so good.
- Come up with new names.
- Yes! Il tok gar! - That's good luck in - Na'vi.
Whoo! Yes! Whoa! We open the door.
You have outfits.
You have costumes Just nerd toys galore.
Oh, my God! I have always wanted my own bat cave Always.
I got it.
I got it.
I seriously got it.
I was thinking dark cult trying to resurrect an elder God.
I love it.
Ivan's definitely the leader of the orange group.
And especially for the task at hand.
We are gonna have you be the dark priestess.
- Okay.
- All right? And then I would be on the stilts, And I could do the elder God.
Can I be an assassin? Ivan makes tabletop games.
Like, he has stories down.
Unaya fakku.
- Look at Ivan's thinking face.
- Unaya I've got my character in my head.
I'm gonna be an orphan that became a badass.
Okay, a badass orphan.
Got it.
I'm super excited about this challenge, Because I've been looking for my place in this house, And this is it.
If we are operating with the stuff that we have, We will be best suited to stick with - Steampunk.
- Steampunk.
Steampunk it's this great combination.
Of Victoriana and future tech.
It combines them into all sorts of awesome.
Maybe the planet that we're currently on.
Has a hierarchy where whoever got to that planet first.
Became the ruling family.
I don't understand how that fits within steampunk.
I like this mythos.
I wouldn't have thought of it.
One thing that's in steampunk.
Is the gentleman savage archetype.
- So you can be a savage.
- Yeah.
I didn't really have any ideas to begin with, So it was better than my idea, Which wasn't anything.
Okay, has anyone seen fabric? So a sash, vest, maybe a mask.
Um, and then the elder demon We should really talk about that.
That's the one that's gonna be the complex costume.
- What do you think of this? - It's good.
It's simple.
- Yeah.
- We just need to dress it up.
Everyone's very specialized.
Moo has been doing the things that require power tools.
Ivan has been doing some small detail work.
Danielle has been adding a lot of color To the costumes.
And anything that requires wiring, That's my job.
This is so cool! I just really feel bad for the blue team.
But I don't.
princess of a lost civilization.
These are my people.
As soon as someone can rustle up Virgil, I think we should start working on our costumes.
I'm not really sure if that's gonna work.
I'll take it anyway.
Virgil has a robot costume in mind.
But how can you work on this huge costume That you want to do.
And disappear on us? Maybe I should take that just in case.
For our team to win, I think the best strategy going forward.
Is to deprive the other team of material.
While increasing our material.
Too useful.
Let's take it.
So I've raided the radioshack room, Removing any useful objects.
Somebody's taken a lot of the really important tools.
From the radioshack room.
They took all the scissors, wire strippers, And I thought that was not sportsman-like.
Hey, Virgil.
How you doing, my friend? Doing all right.
Did you snag the helping hands, Virgil? Yeah, I did snag them.
What Virgil did was a dick move.
Virgil is just not a very decent person.
There were no helping hands 'cause he took both.
There were no scissors because they took the cup.
He did a dick-ish thing.
I mean, it was a strategic move, But that's a distraction.
That I don't want to deal with right now.
Hello! Hi, hi.
Sorry about this.
Virgil, get back over here! I'll be right there! Um, you called me a "dick.
" Virgil! It's not important.
Hey, you're getting off track, Virgil.
As far as I'm I'll be right there! You need to come in here and finish your costume.
Virgil is making a big deal.
About what the orange team is doing, And he goes over and bothers them.
Instead of working on his costume.
He's a ro-bot.
Robots don't have feelings.
They have logic.
Okay, so you think we engaged in dick-ish behavior.
Did you take the tools? We took we took we left you half.
This is a false statement.
All right, so he did call us a dick.
Okay, just checking.
Can we pleases Just go through lines? I am Beltok Tandamar! My I need a little practice.
Going into the nerd war, our costumes are fabulous.
I'm not worried about our costumes at all.
I'm more worried about the fact.
That none of us seem to have our lines down.
Strengthening her power.
The blood of.
Am I nervous? I mean, hell, I think we're all nervous.
I have a broken nail.
I gotta go fix it.
My entire family was killed by this wretched race The Mehrune.
I need my shoes.
I need to be strapped into 'em.
I really want to punch Virgil in the face.
Ten minutes before we're supposed to go out, He asks us to tape something else On to his stupid costume.
Oh, we still need to do two things.
Too late.
I'm strapping you in right now.
Even though I want to punch you in the face.
Actually, I'm looking at all of our costumes.
I feel pretty good about this.
I love our costumes.
What are some of the orange team's other costumes? So we had a necromancer, a nymph, and a devil.
Don't let's not worry about that.
No, no, no.
I can mock it.
You can stop playing with the other team! All right? We are on this part together And you are up our team! So shut up and work on your script For your costume, Or you're not coming to competition with us.
- Is that the feeling? - Yes! That's the feeling.
Got it.
Alana's a little aggressive.
Her reservoir of emotional energy Is shallow.
The orange team is gonna win.
Because you haven't been pulling any of your weight for this.
She behaves in, like, unconstructive ways.
And you've been bothering the orange team? How is that helping us at all? Really? How is that helping us? It's best I work on this rather than respond.
Good, 'cause it was a rhetorical question.
Heroes! Villains! Join us outside! I hear something.
Oh, my goodness.
Orange team, how should we address you? The servants of the forsaken orb.
And, blue team, how should we address you? - We are Blexo - Blextrophy! - We are - Blextrophy! We are Blextrophy! Blextrophy is a combination of blue, which is our color, And extropy, which is the opposite of entropy.
We are now going to bring out Our three expert judges.
To begin with, a fine actor, Who you know from shows such as men at work.
And Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Please welcome Adam Busch! I'm Shocked.
This is actually happening, And this competition is actually pretty serious.
The next judge is costume designer.
And cosplayer extraordinaire Yaya Han.
Yaya Han her Chun-Li cosplay was pretty spot-on, With the exception of the fact.
That she didn't have these gigantic thunder thighs.
That's probably for the best.
And finally, someone who needs no introduction Oh, my God.
George Takei! Yes! Whoo! George Takei.
Ahh! That's awesome! Nerd-gasm.
Thank you.
I really want him to say, "oh, my.
" Oh, my God! He's in the captain's chair! Welcome, judges.
Now, you will be judging our two teams on their costumes, Their mythologies, and their personal performance.
Okay, team Blextrophy, tell us about yourselves.
God, I hope the judges get this.
Our theme is a little out there, So it's possible it's just gonna go pfft over their head.
Our planet has been ravaged By the powers of dark magic! I am Dr.
Fueled only by my fiery passion for scientific inquiry, I was naturally the first one.
To discover the lake between fantasy cosplay And dark magic.
We are a Sci-Fi group of superheroes, Inhabiting a world that has been decimated by dark magic.
All the dark magic began with fantasy cosplaying.
It's a wonderfully meta story.
Reminiscing on a dark, fictitious past.
Can only result in a rhapsody of dark magic! You see how it has turned them into dark monsters! You have the genre of science fiction.
You make cosplayers the bad guy in your universe? Do you guys not want to win? We must save the orange team from themselves! icebreaker.
Did she just say "icebreaker"? I am a princess Gagarinstar.
princess is my archetype, And I chose an accent that I can do really well.
the fantasy cosplayers.
Completely decimated my people.
But my people have given me the great power.
To control bullet time.
My name is chop.
"Fancy pants land"? Really, dude? Please don't let me embarrass myself.
In front of George Takei.
Once I was an orphan Kicked to the gutter of town Then one day when I was digging In the trash can where I live I can just hear her voice in my head, And it's piercing it's not okay.
All those bullies get a boot to the head A boot to the head, a boot to the head Give them bullies a boot to the head And smash them in the dirt - Yeah! - Whoo! I love musical theater.
Why, hello, there! My name is miss Ruby, Also known as miss Anderson.
Celeste's costume is magnificent.
It's like something I'd see out of a comic.
But her character's meh.
And once I perform my special move I've got guns.
Bravo! Team servants of the forsaken orb.
I am Baltok, the master necromancer! Insalubrio arcanon! Whenever you string anything together.
That has sprinklings of Latin roots, it sounds very magical.
I am shadow raven.
This girl she has been in my care since she was a babe, But sacrifices must be made.
- man.
I am the chosen Mehrune.
I was born for this.
I like Danielle's costume.
I appreciate it both for its craftsmanship, And I appreciate it for its overt eroticism.
It is I who hold the key to awakening the elder God! It is done! My entire family was killed by that wretched race.
And for that, I'm happy that I killed her.
Ivan's got something up his sleeve that is badass! Insalubrio necroma! The elder god promises to vanquish All of my enemies.
This nerd war Ivan's got something up his sleeve, And it's gonna blow everybody away.
It's badass! Insalubrio necroma! Kneel before Una-La Tharock, Bringer of the mystic age And an elder God.
I'm so into orange team's story.
I'm this close to going over there.
And bowing with the rest of them.
I shall rain fire, And my will shall be long.
Those damn trick swords It won't go out.
Judges, please take a moment to deliberate.
All right, I guess we should look at everybody.
Well, you're the costume expert.
What do you think of the work that they did on their costumes? Construction-wise, the girl in the cube She really nailed that cube.
I thought the medieval people were very impressive, though.
They look more unison than the other team.
Right, right.
In terms of performance, they pulled it off.
They knew what they were doing, And they put thought into it.
And they performed an actual dramatic piece for us.
Their joke about them being cosplayers.
Breaks the law of fantasy.
Oh, totally.
It doesn't help you escape into what's happening.
And they seem disconnected.
The one guy that's on their team looks very futuristic.
- Yeah.
- Tin man.
The best was her song.
That was the best individual performance.
it's a tough one.
I'm nervous because their costumes are excellent.
And I'm sweating because I've been walking on stilts.
For two hours.
- Have we made our decision? - Yeah, we have.
All right.
Judges, tell us who won this week's nerd war.
The servants of the forsaken orb have been deemed the winner.
The servants of the forsaken orb.
Went into battle and left victorious.
You have chosen well, judges.
The elder God spares you.
Winners, you are off to train.
With a world-renowned swords mistress! - Whoo! - Yes! - That's my kind of party.
- Yes! We get to train with real weapons? - This I can get behind.
- Have fun! It was amazing! - That's my leg - Bravo, bravo.
- Goat man.
- Sorry.
Team Blextrophy, you have been out-cosplayed.
If I'm going to win king of the nerds, I am going to need to be on the orange team.
Tomorrow morning two members of your team.
Will be submitted to the nerd-off.
- That's showbiz.
- Oh.
It was fun, though.
I feel like the orange team They had unity, and we didn't.
That was a difficult situation to perform in.
Oh, well.
Can you please go get me a Mountain dew? Sure.
Guys? Guys, for tomorrow, are we unanimous? I have confidence that we're putting Virgil.
On the chopping block.
Virgil really did not pull his own weight in this.
Alana, if orange team asks you, Just say we haven't reached a unanimous decision - Okay.
- And we're still talking About it.
Thank you.
At this point, I really want to see Virgil go home, Because I keep hearing him talk about how smart he is.
I haven't seen him show it.
Virgil looks pretty appealing to send to the nerd-off right now.
This is where I belong.
I get rewarded for being awesome.
We are going to get sword lessons.
From a trained sword mistress.
How badass is that? - Awesome.
- Oh, my name's Stepka.
Welcome to sword class.
Go ahead and pick up a weapon.
So we're gonna jump right into doing.
Some actual fight choreography.
- Whoo.
- Get your armor on! You put a bunch of nerds with a bunch of swords.
What could possibly go wrong? Taste my steel! I've been stabbed by a nerd.
Oh! Let's do this! Aah! Now I have you.
- Oh! - Oh! Get his sword.
Finish him! Ivan, the terrible, I think you see my point.
My knights in shining armor, your victory feast awaits! This is a feast for the ages The middle ages.
- I am starving.
- Let's eat.
Oh, little Caesars! I love pizza.
Pizza, pizza! We do have a big decision to make.
When we get back to the house.
This feels pretty natural to me, Sitting around this table in chain-mail armor drinking goblets.
This is a good as time as any to start talking.
About who were gonna send to the nerd-off.
I kind of want Virgil to stay on their team, Because he's like having a little honey badger.
In a room full of kittens.
I think we should offer up someone strong.
So who do you consider strong on their team at the moment? - They still have Josh.
- I think Jon is strong.
Jon is their powerhouse when it comes to math.
Oh, my God, thank you! But honestly, I would say Celeste.
Genevieve is scarier than Celeste, Because she does all sorts of things.
I'm just trying to look at what would.
Knock their team the hardest, and Genevieve.
Would up their team the most.
Genevieve should go home, Because that would be the best thing for me.
And if Genevieve is gone, Virgil will try to take up the mantle as leader.
We should pick Genevieve.
We're probably gonna send Genevieve into the nerd-off.
It's always better to have muddled opposition, And keep a strong army at your back.
To victory today.
To victory.
I am likely going to the nerd-off.
I wasn't quite thinking.
How my actions would be perceived by other people.
I'm gonna try and make a case.
For Alana to be sent to the nerd-off tonight.
Gentlemen, ladies I mean well, I mean we should obviously not send Jon, 'cause that would just be just be rude.
And we can't send Celeste, because she's too valuable.
And I don't know, I don't I feel like we can't send Send Genevieve, because, I don't know, you're, like, integral.
So thus, I presume the choice is between myself and Alana.
We're all on the same page.
I know where he sleeps, And we have knives in the kitchen.
You know, you've had some conflict.
- With members of our team.
- Accepted.
You didn't work.
You continuously disappeared.
But what really bugged me is that you instigated drama.
With the other team.
Do you feel like you're a team player? Like, I have the same concerns that Genevieve did.
- Um - But bottom line When we're all on a deadline and we're stressed, Are you gonna do that sort of thing in the future? Because I feel like sometimes you do things.
For and giggles.
As far as I'm concerned, Virgil is going to the nerd-off.
Logically, he's the correct choice to get rid of.
I feel like sometimes you do things for and giggles.
Ultimately what matters is that my strongest areas Science, math, and technology competitions Are still in the future.
And I think that's my strong suit.
- That's a very fair point.
- I can't believe.
My team is falling for this.
Alana, do you have anything to add? Just tried my best to help make sure.
That the team had water, so we didn't get dehydrated.
I have the science of organization.
Blextrophy is really taking me for granted.
I am an asset for nerd wars.
Not until Virgil said something about voting for me.
I'm really not ready to leave Nerdvana.
We have three we have to choose between.
I just have a feeling.
That orange team would probably see me as a threat, When they might not have before, Because I worked so hard on the costume challenge.
Hopefully I can keep my name out of the mix.
Given that they can't repeat challenges, That was my strongest nerd war, given my skill sets.
II hear you.
Genevieve is the closest thing.
That blue team has to a leader right now.
But one of her strong branches, in cosplay, is already checked off the list.
I completely hear you.
Orange team may change their mind last minute, Which is always what these choices make us do.
All nerds to the throne room! I feel really nervous this morning.
I broke my back in that challenge, And it would be awful to go to the nerd-off.
Today two nerds go head-to-head In our nerd-off.
The winner will stay to compete for the crown.
And the right to sit atop The throne of games! The loser will go home immediately.
Team servants of the forsaken orb, We have tallied your votes.
By unanimous consent Jon, you will be going to the nerd-off.
So, Jon, this is your second nerd-off.
I take it as a compliment.
That they have chosen me again.
- Team Blextrophy - Your votes have also been tallied.
One vote For Alana.
One vote For Virgil.
Two votes for Alana.
Another vote for Alana.
You will be going into the nerd-off.
I do feel betrayed.
I really am the nerd in the nerds, Because I'm the one that gets left out.
And the one that has hidden talents.
Like superpower, common sense.
- Why Alana? - I think what it came down to.
Was, what skills do we need going forward? As sick as it is, Virgil is more valuable than Alana on this team.
So, Alana, who should be going to the nerd-off instead of you? Virgil.
He's had a really hard time working with our group.
He creates problems with the orange team.
And, Virgil, do you agree with that? I think I've been thinking.
More about what I want to do rather than what was best.
Right now for the team.
And my team members, um, graciously corrected me.
I thank them for that.
Alana, Jon Please step forward.
Bend the knee.
For today's nerd-off, You must access your knowledge.
Of the world's best-known imaginary realms.
You will have three hours to prepare.
You may rise.
Good luck.
May the best nerd win.
Please don't cry.
If they think I'm the weakest player, Then I'll just show them and win the nerd-off today.
I was just trying to be as objective as possible.
Yeah, I know you guys are being logical I'm just upset.
I think I need more tissues.
Jon's more valuable than Alana on this team.
Jonathan is a stronger player, I think.
Alana doesn't work well with pressure, And I think that's what's gonna cost her today.
I hate to be rooting against Alana, But we need Jon on the team.
I think you will walk away the Victor.
Yeah, I well, I'm not that confident, But, you know, I think I have a fighting chance.
Alana has an advantage over me.
In terms of random nerdy background trivia, But I do have one advantage.
I-I know a little bit of everything.
That's gonna be helpful in a trivia-based competition.
Is there any other, like, major, major genre? Let's see, maybe street fighter? That's definitely not a realm, definitely not a realm.
Well, it's a video game.
I think it'll be biased Towards things that are "realms.
" I think that's a decent assumption to run with.
- Hi, Danielle.
- You want to chat? Yeah.
We're gonna go chat somewhere.
I am an individual in this game.
The fact that my team outcast me is why I immediately went over to orange team and said, "hey, Danielle, can you help me with this?" I figured I'd come to the orange team for help.
I don't think that's a problem.
In the back of my mind, I am laughing, Because it's strategic of me to help Alana.
I think you've got this.
Alana is a weak player.
She's less of a threat in the long run.
- Thank you.
I'm gonna be - No problem.
- In the radioshack room.
- Okay.
I get my fight from the fact that I have brass balls.
I carry them in my pocket.
They're magic.
They're invisible.
I use them to be able.
To take all of my nerves that are rising up Right, it's like, nervous, eh Swallow, courage! I would be very surprised if Alana won.
If I were to bet on it, I'd bet against her.
Calling all nerds, Join us on the lawn of enchanted creatures.
I have been preparing for this nerd-off for my entire life.
I've been watching Star Wars since I was Five six or five.
Alana and Jon, You will be tested today.
On your knowledge of imaginary realms, - With a game of dice.
- Oversized dice! You'll be asked four questions.
For every correct answer, you'll receive one die.
Which you will then roll at those enchanted creatures.
You will receive 100 points.
For every enchanted creature you knock over.
The wizards are worth 500 points, And the black knight is worth 1,000 points.
The nerd with the lowest score will be banished.
I'm definitely a drooling philistine when it comes.
To anything with pop culture, but I think that I'll be.
Better at rolling the dice down the hill, 'cause I have a physics degree.
Let us begin! I want Alana to win.
She is far less of a threat than Jon.
I really like Jon as a person, But I want him out of this competition.
Reveal your answer.
You are both correct.
"The Mountain that rides.
" Okay, so Jon knows game of thrones.
It's still early.
Let's do rock-paper-scissors to see who goes first.
One, two, three.
- Oh.
- Jon You may roll your dice.
Let's see if Mr.
Physics can roll a dice down the hill.
Ooh! Jon got a wizard.
What a roll! You got a wizard.
Well done.
Go that ugh! Come on.
Oh! Next question Reveal.
You are both correct.
I always play a wookiee.
Whenever I get to play star wars.
That's how I know that wookiees come from Kashyyyk, And they speak shyriiwook.
Alana, you may roll first this time.
And it's going to the right.
Wait a minute! Is it flipping? - Nope.
- Nope.
- Aw.
- It is going straight through.
I did the right thing in putting my eggs in Jon's basket.
That hill is a fickle mistress.
Everybody's always focused on the on the black knight, - You know? - Right, but But there's, like, ten gnomes there.
That's 1,000 points right there.
Gnomes are very powerful creatures.
They're tiny, and they can make illusions.
I think those gnomes have your name on 'em, Jon.
How dare you let them mock you.
destroy them! - Yeah.
- Miss, miss, miss, miss, miss, Miss, miss, miss, miss! - Oh.
Do you see that? It's going It's taken down three - uh-oh.
Oh! Dominos.
Next question Reveal your answers.
Alana, you are correct.
Narnia has seven books.
How can you not know that? Ugh! My die knocked over a couple of pieces Oh.
Aw! Then it looked like it stopped.
Go! And then I used my powers Of the dark side of the force.
Oh! Oh! My die looked like it stopped.
Go! And then I used my powers Of the dark side of the force.
Oh! Oh! Yes! Yes! - Oh, my God! - Wow! She got the black knight! - Oh, that is fantastic.
- Yeah! Good job.
- I have many dark powers.
- Great roll, Alana.
- Do you believe in miracles? When she hit the black knight, that was unpleasant.
I didn't like that.
I was just like, "!" This is getting to be a very, very tight game.
This will be the final roll, And we will have the winner of the nerd-off.
You may reveal your answers.
You are both correct.
A critical hit is rolling a 20 on a 20-sided dice.
The score is tied, and you each have one roll left.
Alana, you're up first.
Jon, you need 400 to win.
Good luck.
I think I can do it because there's still lots of targets up, And I'd have to have pretty terrible luck.
To not get that many points.
Oh, oh! There's one.
- Ugh.
- Really? Alana, you have won this nerd-off! congratulations! You may rejoin your team.
Yes! I won! So I've completely proven my point, that I am here to stay.
I knew you would be there for me, my dark knight.
He was one gnome away One gnome.
Jon, you may have lost the chance.
To be crowned king of the nerds.
But you have shown us that nerds can rock! , yeah! - rock on! - Ooh! - Yeah! I'm gonna miss him a lot as a member of the blue team.
- Basically, I think - I think we're just.
I believe it was the bard, William Shakespeare, who said, A victory by any other "gnome" is just as sweet.
I feel sad that I have to leave the house.
I'm gonna miss free beer, a lot.
But I have so much to look forward to.
Like, I'm starting grad school, and I'm going to Burning Man.
And now I just have more time to prepare.
- I kind of liked that nerd.
- Mm.
He said he liked to rock.