King of The Nerds (2013) s02e02 Episode Script

Weird Science

1 Curtis: Previously on "King of The Nerds" Welcome to the new Nerdvana.
[All cheering] 11 more of the world's preeminent nerds - stormed into a new Nerdvana - Aah! Curtis: Preparing to compete once again for the title of King of The Nerds.
There's gonna be bloodshed to get to that chair.
Curtis: Teams were chosen.
On Midas Touch Attack fantasy writer Zack, pokémon expert Josh, aerospace student Mary Kate, inorganic chemist Nicole, and bioengineer Jack.
On Titans of Rigel roboticist Katie, historian Brian, gamer Xander, Chris mechanical engineer and Kayla, the rocket scientist.
But one nerd was left out japanophile kelsey.
You have to choose who you would like to see banished.
Curtis: And in a shocking double-twist meta-head game Bobby: It's nerdier to be kicked out by somebody who wasn't even on a team.
Nicole decided the winner of the nerd war I want to join the gold team.
Curtis: Harboring a secret that only Zack knows.
I'm a chemist.
Nicole: Hopefully Zack doesn't tell anybody I'm a chemist.
If he does, this alliance poof, gone.
Curtis: Then Chris.
Faced each other in the Nerd-Off but Chris dominated the skies, and Kelsey’s dream of sitting atop the throne of games and being crowned king of the nerds was swept away.
- Impressive job, Chris.
- That was mighty impressive.
Chris: It's a good thing that I'm still here.
I'm still in the race.
However, I'm sending home one of my team members, and it sucks.
Woman: We're gonna raise a glass in honor of kelsey.
I believe that kelsey was the cutest girl here.
All: Kelsey! No more distractions.
Whoo-hoo! And there's the Man: Oh, geez.
- Oh, my God! - Brian: We've lost somebody.
Now it's time to make the Midas Touch Attack pay.
We're gonna be like raptors on them.
[Hisses] One and only goal, right now, is to kick some ass in the next challenge.
Zack: I'm not too worried going into this nerd war.
I think this will be the alliance and horde meeting and when the alliance and horde meet, the horde usually wins.
- Team Midas Touch! - Team Midas Touch! - Attack! - Attack.
- We need to do that again.
- Team Midas Touch Attack.
Count it on three.
Ready? One, two, three.
All: Midas Touch Attack! Team? Saying team? I messed that up, too.
[Siren wails] Curtis: Calling all nerds! Please come and join us in the courtyard! Schnell! - What? - What? Nicole: I see just beaker and Einstein just standing there with titration and buffers.
Beaker! I'm hiding the fact that I have a chemistry background, because I don't want to be a target right now.
Behold! I give you science! [Contestants cheering] Okay, anyway, it's time for the "king of the nerds" science fair.
Yes! Whoo! I'm more of a scientist, probably, than I am an engineer, but I see the beakers, so I'm like, "it's gonna be more chemistry-related.
" Unless it's chronopotentiometry, I don't know much about chemistry.
In this nerd war, you will be taking the classic grade-school science-fair project the volcano.
Hopefully, you'll do as well as we did [Laughter] Yes! And going PHD-nerdy on it.
You will be judged on the soundness of your science, your chemical reaction, and the creativity of your presentation.
Josh: I've never made a volcano before.
I made dioramas, Clay people, all kinds of displays, potato batteries.
You only have until tomorrow, so head into the radioshack lab, where you will find everything you need.
And then find your team's secret war rooms within Nerdvana.
- We have war rooms? - Yes! Off with you! Kayla: Let's go! Bobby: Me, me-me, me-me-me-me-me.
You should've thought of that before we left the house.
Go! Don't make me body-check you! - Oh! - Oh! Look up here.
Oh, what do we got here? Mary Kate: Seeing our big old crate with all of our goodies radioshack's pretty cool.
I love it.
That's where I bought my first soldering iron.
Can I overpower some capacitors and make the magic smoke come out? Katie: This is special effects.
This is exactly what I do.
So this is my challenge.
Do we want to abscond to our secret lair? All: To the war room! Aah! Y'all get in here.
My God.
Zack: If I had time to appreciate the war room, I would be like, "it's so cool, and I feel so nerdy.
" I don't have time for that.
Right now, I need to figure out a way to be artistic and still be useful in a competition that is not artistic by definition.
This is the challenge I know nothing about.
- I'm not a chemi.
- And I'm an organic chemist.
Nicole: Hopefully, Zack doesn't tell people I'm a chemist.
That's like saying, "Hey, I want to go up to the Nerd-Off.
" We're fine.
We have two chemists in the room, and that's why we're awesome, okay? Who is the other chemist? Nicole has some chemistry.
Nicole, are you a chemist? - Yeah.
- Oh, good.
Zack! Al·li·ance: /ə-līəns/: Noun: A union or an organization for mutual benefit.
Nicole: That means if there's a secret kept within the alliance, you don't blab about it.
Well, let's start brainstorming then.
How do we just go? Currently, our only reaction seems to be sodium hydrogen carbonate.
Carbonate is hco₃.
Nicole's lie is just a little suspicious.
I hope she knows what she's doing.
My heart says to believe in you, but my brain says, "ugh.
" There's water.
Guys, we have to figure out what we're doing.
Yeah, yeah.
We should present it as some sort of skit.
We could use the time traveler telling us about the yellowstone Supervolcano eruption from the future.
Oh, my God.
What I've always wanted to do is work on set automation and making crazy effects happen on live performances.
The volcanoes aren't big enough.
The problem for me is I over-scope things like crazy, so I really need my team to kind of hold me back.
Do we want to start as a boring science presentation and be like, "wait, guys.
" Chris: Do you want to just scrap that idea? Let's focus on the mechanics.
This is what I'm afraid of we put too much time into the theater and not enough time in the science.
Wernher Von braun once said that "beating gravity's the easy part.
It's beating the paperwork that's hard.
" We can't have a big explosion here and then have nothing here.
Well, yeah, but there are science effects that would happen.
There's acid rain, there's how are you gonna make acid rain? We drip green stuff on the board.
Well, acid rain isn't green, though.
I know, I know, I know.
I'm done.
I'm done.
Simmer down.
Kayla is a very scientific person and was rejecting the idea of using any metaphor in the project.
I know that this is what people want to see.
We've got to figure out the reactions that we're doing.
Josh: Is there any kind of creative twist? We can try and apply real-world science to a fictional-world's volcano.
Maybe like death Mountain from "Zelda.
" Zack: What is the most famous fictional volcano? Mary Kate: Mordor.
All: Mordor! We can throw a ring into it, and then yes! We can do that! We're doing a "Lord of The Rings" Mountain eye of Sauron.
Josh and Zack and Mary Kate, they're doing a lot of the artistic stuff.
"For mount doom! Ha ha ha ha.
" We have Jack doing all the chemical equations.
Does anyone have milk of magnesia? - Mary Kate: No.
- Dang it.
I'm in charge of the cool stuff.
I get to make stuff go "pfft!" Maybe I'm a diplomat singer.
We need to really step up our ante, guys.
They're putting a lot of emphasis on creativity You were named pele after the Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes and fire.
But my job is to do the engineering and just have faith and trust in the rest of my teammates.
Would it be problematic to have some ash just in the air? We don't want it to react with the stage or cause any issues there.
Our whole plan is a giant risk.
We're gonna have to think that one through, because it is a large area.
Maybe we should focus a lot more on science.
What if I bust out into, like, mini-songs after, like, every subject? Josh: We are gonna do five bullet points.
Zack: Who is each bullet point? Zack: How we're trying to construct our presentation, I'm not happy with it.
I almost want to turn the whole thing into a song.
I want to turn the whole thing into a song.
We need to make this fun.
They meant it to be fun.
Yeah, we can have it fun, but I'm not gonna sing.
Can you beat-box the whole time while we talk, even? It's a science fair.
It's not a talent show.
Yes, I can beat-box.
[Beat-boxes] But I don't see what place it has in doing a volcano.
You are one of the leading stars of YouTube, and you're telling me you can't do it? We can have fun with it, but we don't need to make a show out of it.
We need a show, though.
All right, well, with your free time, start working on one.
I was gonna say, you're the fantasy novelist.
You're right.
I'm the fantasy novelist.
Just include the science.
I know, we got to include the science, but we got to make it cool.
Just pour a little bit in.
Jack: The stakes for today are high, so I'm gonna look like Bill Nye the Science Guy and explain the details like Bill Nye the Science Guy's fashion.
A little bit is enough to agitate Mountain dew.
Hello, I am here to talk to you about the chemistry of Mordor.
But just imagine dropping the ring in in all of its glory.
Whoa! Nicole: [Laughs] This will blow everybody away.
Zack: So silly, the other team.
They're spending time today trying to paint a giant banner.
I think we're winning.
If we just don't forget that we're awesome.
Josh: What are you up to, Zack? Sometimes, when I'm memorizing, I sit and I don't talk, it just I'm thinking.
I am a very, very zen person, and I try to center myself, bring myself down, sort of fall into a meditative state for a moment.
[Sighs] Got it.
And now I also got half my nap, too, 'cause if I memorize something in meditation, then I also get nap.
Yay, nap.
Josh: Mary Kate and I are working really hard to get these visual elements done, and Zack's "taking a nap.
" I'll be back, guys.
Josh: You have to make use of, really, every second you have of time.
- Mary Kate: - Mm-hmm.
Not napping.
Not oh, I went there.
I went there.
I went there.
So, make sure you listen to me.
I'm gonna add different elements into it.
Red ball.
We got only like an hour and a half left, and Xander wants to take the time to do "improv.
" Thank you, red ball.
- Another person.
- Red ball.
Thank you, red ball.
Red ball.
- Not playing.
- Xander: Why? We don't need to do improv right now, guys.
We need to be focusing on science.
Katie: We're being graded on our performance, though.
But you're wanting me to do something that's not my strong point and perfect it, but nobody was willing to help out and focus more on the science, - because it wasn't your guys' strong points.
- I'm gonna go to the bathroom.
- Let's just chill out.
- It goes both ways.
Katie: [Sobbing] Kayla's been working against the team this entire nerd war.
She never said that she didn't want to act.
- You okay? - Yeah.
[Stall door slams] No matter how hard high school may have been, there was one place where we always felt safe - the science fair.
- Always.
Xander: Seeing the other team in the white lab coats, I'm really worried that we might have made the wrong move by going so theatrical.
Those are the people to save the world from some kind of pandemic crisis.
Curtis: No one knows that better than our three special guests.
Science guru and all-around nice guy Bill Nye.
[Contestants cheering] Jack: This is gonna be awesome.
I've never practiced my Bill Nye impersonation.
I hope he likes it.
The bow tie is fantastic, Mr.
Part of me is like, "ooh, it's Bill Nye!" But part of me's like, "oh, my God.
Now I have to impress him?" Next, the winner of the intel science and engineering fair 19-year-old genius Blake Marggraff.
[Applause] Wow.
Xander: I am super nervous to have someone of that intelligence judging us.
Finally, with a PHD in neuroscience, star of "The Big Bang Theory" - Oh! - Mayim Bialik! [Contestants cheering] Kayla: I love "The Big Bang Theory.
" I'm still convinced it's based on my life and that somehow the writers are, like, tapping my phone or something.
That is awesome.
Now, your performances will be judged on the soundness of your science and the creativity of your presentation, and we will begin with Bobby: Titans of Rigel.
Katie: Welcome, citizens of Rigellia.
I was born on the day the world ended.
We've created this post-apocalyptic world where the yellowstone Supervolcano has devastated America.
Ambassador, we are so pleased that you could be here to hear our plea for help.
Jack: I think the purple team is weak on the science and is just trying to make a super-theatrical performance like an ugly girl that wants to be beautiful.
Brian: The U.
geological survey predicted that the chances of a Supervolcano under yellowstone erupting were only 1 in 730,000.
They were wrong.
[British accent] Oh, dear! Subtlety is the key to a great performance.
Yellowstone ejected 1,000 cubic kilometers of ejecting.
That's acting.
You do remember the eruption of mount St.
Well, that was just a mere 2.
9 cubic meters.
So what happened next? Kayla: I'm not sure how the judges are gonna respond to Xander.
At least none of them were British.
You remember the geyser, don't you? Oh! [Laughs] Now, watch, as a caldera erupts.
We've never actually run the experiment for our volcano.
This may be the worst idea ever.
Oh! Oh, dear! How horrid! Zack: The other team's performance was extremely poor.
For starters spray paint.
? You can't even figure out how to make it smoke? Which is merely hydrogen peroxide mixed with manganese dioxide.
[Gasps] Leader.
My name is Scott T.
O'grady, and I was a survivor of that day.
This is where we live now.
[Gasps] And then you have "tectonic plates.
" "Were going to shake them and make it fall over.
" Why? What what is falling from the sky? It's the acid rain.
Katie: Kayla's delivery was spot-on.
We have been through so much in the past couple days, so that meant a lot to me.
Great Britain will provide aid to the colony of Rigellia.
It's about time.
[Applause] [Laughs] So, what is the cotton orange coming out of there? The manganese oxide mixed in with hydrogen peroxide and a little bit of soap to help give it bubbles.
- It was soap.
- And, yeah, mount St.
Helens I think you said meters and you meant kilometers.
It was actually 2.
9 cubic meters.
This table is 3 cubic meters.
Brian: On reflection, 2.
9 cubic meters is not very much.
But I swear I read it.
I think my source was wrong.
Midas Touch Attack, you may begin.
Hello, my name is Will Bye the Alchemy Guy.
[Laughter] And I am here to present to you how to explode mount doom.
Kayla: Seeing that team midas has picked Mordor makes me feel a little bit better about doing a Supervolcano.
Ours at least has fact behind it, but this one doesn't exist.
Mordor volcanoes operate under hydrogen peroxide decomposition in which hydrogen peroxide breaks up into water and oxygen gas, and lets balance this equation, as well.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
- Close call there.
This reaction is thermodynamically favorable.
Brian: Listening to Jack, he sounds like a chemistry teacher, but the point of this science fair is not just to be a chemistry teacher.
The point is to dazzle.
You must provide a catalyst to kick-start this reaction, such as Frodo's ring.
Using a catalyst such as manganese dioxide, we can drop Frodo's ring in.
It erupts the volcano, destroying Sauron once and for all.
Deep within the earth is the magma chamber.
Additional events lead way to parasitic cone.
Tolkien based Mordor off the volcanic aisle of Stromboli, and Peter Jackson shot the set of Mount Doom atop Mount Tongariro.
And just mere months ago, this very volcano erupted for the first time in a century, spewing 10,000 cubic meters of ash.
Goggles on, everybody.
Always safety first, and don't try this at home, kids.
Our crowning moment is throwing in the one ring.
When you throw it in, it's like [Makes explosion noise] Smoke goes everywhere.
Lava just goes down mount doom.
Now, oh, whoops.
In conjunction with the ring and Mary Kate: So, Jack drops the ring, and I'm just sitting there like, "crap.
Crap, crap, crap.
" Be very careful about this.
Ready? - That's very nice.
- Sauron has been defeated! I did drop Frodo's ring.
[Making explosion noises] But then again, there's not that much lava that erupts from a volcano, anyway.
It's mostly smoke.
Whoosh! [Applause] Judges, do you have any questions? What? No lava? Well, there's lava.
Nicole: There was no lava because we missed the ring.
Jack, you are a squib.
A squib is someone born to magical parents that does not have magic.
They're, like, the low of the low.
Blake, who do you think is the winning team and why? Starting with midas, the science and statistics early on were very impressive.
You covered important figures, but it began to fall apart in the reaction itself.
Titans of Rigel, starting off, I really wasn't sure.
The principles encompassed were interesting, and interesting eventually became really quite important and relevant.
That said, Titans of Rigel, you have my vote.
Thank you.
Zack: The kid votes for the other team.
Big surprise.
A 19-year-old kid is not a developed brain.
Man: How old are you? I'm 21.
This was more difficult than I thought.
The presentations were so different.
On the one hand, we have sort of an uber-fantasy concept, and with the Titans, we have much more I don't want to say comedic, but a much more theatrical aspect.
My vote is for Midas Touch Attack.
This was a much more concise presentation.
Mayim Bialik or Amy Farrah Fowler votes for us, which is good, and her reasoning is very sound.
The deciding vote is with you, Bill.
Oh, that sucks.
[Laughter] It's coming down to Bill Nye the Science Guy, and Midas Touch Attack is looking mighty science-y over there.
I, of course, am drawn to lab coats.
I love lab coats.
Josh: Come on, Bill.
We've got the lab coats.
We got the science.
We've got the impression of you.
Pick us.
But I'm also crazy for the Supervolcano.
I'm splitting.
The deciding vote is with you, Bill.
Oh, that sucks.
[Laughter] They were both so very different.
My vote is for Titans of Rigel.
[Cheering] They were both great, but I'm crazy for the Supervolcano.
Chris: I will never forget that moment when Bill Nye voted for our team.
It's something I'll put on my résumé.
Curtis: Titans of Rigel, you have won the "King of The Nerds" science fair.
[Cheering] [Applause] All: Best science fair ever! Your reward will be some one-on-one time with Bill Nye.
[Cheering] We get to spend time with Bill Nye and his bow tie.
Midas Touch Attack, tomorrow morning, two members of your team will be going to the Nerd-Off.
Jack: Losing at the hands of my childhood hero while impersonating him was a pretty bad thing.
Nye: Congratulations, you guys.
Nicely done.
You made five people sad.
[Pretending to cry] It was so sad.
It was my fault.
Josh: I'm still proud of our presentation, and we did get to meet Bill Nye.
Somebody's going home, but you know what? It might not be a bad thing.
If we lose some dead weight, we'll be more focused as a team, and we can work harder next time.
My only question is, what did happen to the foam? I missed the first time.
- It was hard to, like, aim it.
- Damn it.
Of course Jack should go to the Nerd-Off today.
He blew the volcano eruption.
It was horrible.
It was horrible.
There was so much screwed up with our presentation.
[Grunts] Hurt my thumb.
[Laughs] I don't think Zack's really that viable anymore.
I thought it was a good competition that we lost closely.
He freaks out about little things and he's kind of disappointed me a little bit.
- We need to go Jack.
- Yeah.
Zack wants me to vote the way he wants me to vote.
I'm gonna vote the way I want to vote.
The alliance is no more.
I'm telling you right now.
I want to keep this alliance safe.
Zack opened his mouth and mentioned the fact that I was a chemist.
He made me a target.
We've said everything that needs to be said.
Oh, my goodness! Bill Nye! Hey, Bill Nye.
We won this nerd war, and no one is leaving.
No more tears today.
And on top of all that, we get to hang out with Bill Nye the Science Guy? No, that was really great.
That was a great presentation, you guys.
- I hate judging.
- Hate being judged.
All I could say is you're my president.
I'm with the planetary society, as well.
Oh, really? Yeah, see? Oh, wow.
I love you guys.
I never thought I would have the opportunity to hang out with Bill Nye the Science Guy outside of maybe a run-in at an astronomy convention.
So, mechanical engineers, aerospace your deal? I'm a gamer fantasy.
I'm not very scientific, Bill Nye.
I know you tried in my youth.
I apologize.
I got to fly Bill Nye the Science Guy! [Contestants cheering] Brian: Ooh! [Cheering] It is so good to be in this position.
All: We are the Titans of Rigel.
Brian: We get to nominate somebody for the Nerd-Off.
More than likely, this will be a science Nerd-Off.
So this could be a good opportunity to knock someone out.
With the Nerd-Off, I think it's going to be science-related, so whoever we pick is going to not be a scientist so that we can guarantee that they go home.
Josh wouldn't do too well in a science challenge.
Zack might.
I think he's a wild card.
I'm pretty sure Nicole and Mary Kate do not get along with Zack - as well as they do with the other two.
- For sure.
Chris: I want Zack to stay in the game because he's not a team player.
The more disunity we can put in the gold team right now, the better for the purple team it is to win the next nerd war.
I want us to be a strong team, and so, when we vote against them, I think we need to be all on the same page.
"Blah" is the word of the day.
- Shots? - Shots? Do you take shots? Only if you teach me.
Mary Kate wanted alcohol, and I need to talk to Mary Kate.
[Coughs] You sure you want to do this? Usually, I never touch the stuff.
I'm only 21.
I haven't even had that much time to touch the stuff.
- [Coughing] - [Laughs] - It burns.
- Sorry.
Tequila squirting out of your nose is not a nice sensation.
[Clears throat] Okay.
Good job.
See? Look at that.
You're good.
You're good to go.
I want water.
Let's let's go get water.
Go get I'll come with you, man.
I'm drunk after one shot.
Mary Kate: So after Zack and I took our shot, he does the very signature, you know, doesn't-drink-a-lot person thing where he's like, immediately, "I'm tipsy already.
" What are you thinking right now about votes jock, Jack, rock, Jacques? [Laughs] Jacques.
No? I need more time.
And then, snap.
"Let's talk about this Nerd-Off.
" The weak link is Josh, because you and Josh are redundancies.
Zack: I am a convincing person, plus, you know, I'm wearing blue today.
I look more trustworthy.
That's how it works.
It's psychology.
Nicole Nicole wants you.
Mary Kate: [Laughing] I'm, like, pinned against the fridge right now.
I didn't know Tequila would do this.
Can you give me this evening to really mull it over? Yes, but really think about it, because I like you, and I am still so drunk.
I know you are, sweetie.
[Laughs] [Choir singing] Curtis: Calling all nerds! Please join us in the throne room! Zack: I believe that my team is not voting for me.
I still feel like I'm the leader.
I'm certainly the cheerleader keeping everyone peppy.
Today, two of you will go head-to-head in the Nerd-Off.
The winner will stay to compete for the crown and the right to sit atop the throne of games! The loser goes home immediately.
Midas Touch Attack, we have your votes tallied.
Thank you, Robert.
You're welcome, Curtis.
The first vote is for Jack.
The second vote is for Zack.
The third vote is for Zack.
The fourth vote Zack.
Nicole: I voted for Zack.
[Chuckles] Sometimes, I just like to watch the world burn.
And in this case, I'm morbidly curious to see how he's gonna react.
Zack, you will be going to the Nerd-Off.
Zack, who led your team in this challenge? Jack led the science, and I led much of everything else.
Josh, would you agree with that comment? - I don't think Zack led at all.
- Really? Zack: He does not recognize that we actually didn't even have a volcano until I squished his chicken wire.
He doesn't recognize that I'm the one who put the sand in the stupid thing.
Do you agree with that, Josh? Also no.
Well, maybe you should say something then.
Feel free.
I know I'm the writer, so it's difficult for other people to create words.
You didn't lead.
I felt you spent a lot of time wandering, - not sure what you wanted to do.
- I was writing.
Do you recognize we were going to walk up there with a factual report, and we weren't going to have anything? That's okay.
I didn't want to finish.
I'm telling you right now, going into this Nerd-Off today, I'm going to defeat whoever's in there, and then I'm going to vote myself for the next one and defeat the next person again.
I am through with everything.
Brian: Zack is coming off like some character out of dostoevsky.
You can see the psychological tension just rippling through his brain.
Team Titans of Rigel, we have your votes counted.
By unanimous consent Josh, you will be going into the Nerd-Off.
Zack: This is great.
The least-intelligent member of my team is Josh.
He has similar gamer skills to me, but he doesn't have the entire rest of cornucopia of information I have.
Josh: I think they know who the hardest-working player on this team is.
[Laughs] Kayla: We chose Josh because he had the lesser science background.
Now it's just time to sit back and watch the entertainment.
Josh, as much as I like you, and by the way, so subscribing to you, but you are a redundancy in our program because I know every pokémon you know, plus.
Can I get some popcorn? I have an I.
Of 146.
I can absorb the world as I see it.
I did everything.
They just completed my vision.
Katie, what do you think? I'm really, really glad I'm on this team.
Love you guys.
[Laughter] I'm gonna be choked.
Kind of want to take this shirt off now and burn it.
Very well.
Step forward please.
Bend the knee.
For today's Nerd-Off, you will be performing an alien autopsy.
You will have three hours to research alien anatomy - And human.
- And human.
You will find research materials in the radioshack lab.
The truth is out there.
May the best nerd win.
Zack just talks too much.
He believes that he's smart.
He believes that he's a "writer.
" For the forsaken.
If Zack wins, we are boned.
God almighty, that was tense.
I'm in the Nerd-Off, and we get to dissect aliens.
Every single thing in the alien book, I have to memorize.
I actually possess a photographic memory, so this is incredibly simple for me.
Josh: Zack being voted in by our team is absolutely the right decision.
He's outside of his mind.
If I lose, team midas is done.
I'm gonna explain how the game works.
These are all alien organs.
I need to remember it's what do these things look like? But I also need to know what the human organ does.
They're gonna name an organ by description.
This circulates the blood of the alien.
I need to recognize mentally, "that's the heart.
Find the octopus.
" What's the first one you have? Medulla ob.
Jack: I am a medical student, so I am going to help Josh.
I choose you.
You are my pokémon master.
- Zack better lose.
- Yeah.
- No.
- No, for us no, I mean win.
I mean stay.
Zack better stay.
That's what I meant.
Holy mother of goodness.
Katie: I don't know what just happened.
Their team, like, turned into their volcano.
We had a little bit of tension yesterday, but, like, oh, my God this.
You have a nice mix of engineers and physicists and chemists and then you add the reacting agent, which is Zack, and then [Makes explosion noise] Is anyone here wanting to help? Xander: We have to keep Zack in the game.
I took premed biology in college, so I offered to try to help Zack.
[Chuckles] The tonsils.
Mary Kate: Kidney.
The kidney helps clean clean the blood.
It looks like dried cheetos.
A mnemonic device is a group of words that helps you remember something.
I am full of them for this challenge.
The gallbladder that deals with fat.
And you know what else deals with fat? A sassy person.
This fish has got hips.
It looks like it's sassy.
The old factory bones smells like a blue fish.
Thyroid it produces hormones, which make you emotional.
You know what else made me emotional? "Dumbo!" And that's why this alien is an elephant finger puppet.
Thank you guys so much.
What the [Bleep] do we do if If he wins? The fate of Midas Touch Attack hangs on this Nerd-Off.
We don't need a cancer such as Zack on our team.
It's a liver.
[Chuckling] Whoa! Hello.
- Hi.
- [Laughs] Oh my goodness.
Welcome to the Nerdwell alien autopsy laboratory.
Xander: This is amazing.
It reminds me of "Avatar," you know, the first time that you get to see these giant blue bodies.
Just gives me goose bumps.
Brian: She's got a tail.
Mary Kate: I loved nurse pom-pom Kitty's helmet.
I just want to wear it around my rocket lab all the time.
Bobby needs multiple organ transplants.
Fortunately, we have found donors.
Unfortunately, for Bobby, they are space aliens.
[Laughter] In this Nerd-Off, you will race to extract organs from your respective space aliens and place them in the adjacent specimen jars.
The first nerd to place three organs wins.
[Laughs] The loser will be banished.
The first organ that I need performs this function.
"This organ serves several homeostatic functions "regulating electrolytes, "maintaining an acid-based balance, metabolically.
"It is also the factory " producing the hormones calcitriol and the enzyme renin.
" Zack: I'm like, "what if I'm not the faster draw?" But then there's another part of me going, "he's a pokémon gamer.
" Pokémon is turn-based.
I play more action games than him, probably.
And this is an action game.
You are both correct.
It was the kidney.
But, Zack, you were first, so you get the point.
[Ding] You may place the organ in Bobby.
Oh, thank goodness.
Josh: I know all 600-plus pokémon by their name, shape, egg group, evolutions.
And so, memorizing a shape to a thing isn't that hard for me, but it's the functions that's killing me.
"This organ is divided into four chambers" "two atria and two ventricles.
Surrounded by a" - no, no.
Wrong one.
- Too bad.
[Scoffs] [Bleep] It.
I get the organ in there.
It's wrong.
"Surrounded by a fluid sac, it operates with the help of electric impulses.
" No.
This is so stupid.
This is just so stupid.
Look at him.
Stop whining.
Curtis: You are both incorrect.
Try again.
Xander: I don't know what Josh is thinking when he puts the same organ into the jar as Zack.
If Zack is right, he got it first.
If he's wrong, you could be right.
Put your second choice in the jar.
The heart is the correct organ.
You are both correct, but again, Zack, you were first.
That makes it two points for Zack and zero for Josh.
Go, Zack! Go, Zack! Sorry, gold team.
Zack, you may place the heart into Bobby.
Where do you want this one, Bobby? Where it goes.
Think about there.
No, it doesn't go there.
Josh, we believe in you, man.
Just calm down.
Josh: Heart.
As soon as he said "four chambers," I should have known it was the heart.
I'm a little bit worried, but the beat goes on.
Bum, bum, bum, bum [Beat-boxes] Reverse operation is fun.
The score is two organs for Zack and no organs for Josh.
"By the time the chyme has reached this tube, "most nutrients and water " have already been absorbed by the body.
"This organ takes what remains" "and mixes it with mucus and bacteria, preparing it to be expelled.
" Jack: It was so difficult to watch Josh.
How easy are these questions?! Come on! You have both put your organs in, but, Josh, you picked the correct organ.
[Ding] Josh gets a colon.
It's an awesome organ, it's kind of stinky, but it's very necessary for all of us.
It's also necessary for punctuation.
"This blind-ended tube is located "in the lower right quadrant of the abdomen.
It averages about 11 centimeters in length.
" - Go, go, go.
- Josh, go.
Shut up! That is not fair.
Be quiet in this one.
[Chuckles] Oh! That was close.
I was first.
I don't know about that.
"This blind-ended tube averages about 11 centimeters in length.
" Oh! That was close.
I was first.
I don't know about that.
Yeah, I was.
Please tell me I was first.
Come on.
This is a comeback.
A comeback! Give it to me.
You are both correct.
It was the appendix.
My heart wants Josh to win, but my mind says, "we, as a team", need Zack to be on the other team to create drama.
" So mean.
I don't mean to be mean.
[Grunts] But by a hair It feels like a time mage has actually used stop on everything in the entire world and we are now in a temporal bubble.
Zack, you have won this point, and you have won this Nerd-Off.
Nicole: If you can picture the worst possible outcome in any single you know what? You know what? This Nerd-Off was the red wedding.
[Applause] I got to fix up Bobby before rejoicing.
Today, I did something for the first time in my life I have always wanted to do, which is show a group of people who did not appreciate my abilities that I have abilities and that my abilities are superior to their abilities.
You may rejoin your team.
Josh, while you must return from whence you came, know that your name will echo in the halls of Nerdvana forever more.
[Applause] Mary Kate: Love you, Josh.
You may say goodbye.
You did amazing.
I'm gross.
Doesn't matter.
Do you want a hug or not? Josh: Nothing's worse than having to leave the people that I met here at Nerdvana.
I'm glad they accepted my hug, even though I'm gooping with alien guts.
Mary Kate: You did an amazing job.
You couldn't have prepared for it any better, okay? Yeah, don't worry, Josh.
You did your best.
Jack: Losing Josh hurts a lot.
I mean, I so wish Josh was Zack, you know? Can we have one last beat box? Come on.
Do it.
Come on.
[Beat-boxing] I'll miss you.
All: Oh! [Applause] Mary Kate: I don't like seeing people go, especially people who are good people, and Zack isn't a good person.
[Sighs] Josh: I might have lost this battle, but I'm gonna continue to train on.
I want people to know that you can love whatever you love, have a great time doing it, and have zero regrets.
I've caught over 600 pokémon thousands of different times, but the "king of the nerds" crown was just one that I couldn't catch.
Behold science! [Thunder crashes] Technically, that's natural phenomenon.
Don't mess with my moment.