Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts (2020) s01e04 Episode Script

Cactus Town

1 Dad, did you know the Milky Way is the reason we have the word galaxy? The ancient Greeks looked up, they saw a milky thing in the sky, and they called it galactos.
I did.
I wrote that book.
Eh, it's all right.
Well, the blurb on the back calls it, "brilliant and insightful.
" So, heyo! Don't you ever get sad that we'll never get to see all that? Hey, you know what I used to do to cheer up your mom? Yes, Dad.
You've played me that song a million times.
It worked for me when I was six.
We may not have sunshine Or starlight or weather But we've got each other - And that's even better You don't need the sun to keep you warm When you've got arms Wishes come from you and not A random shooting star We may not have storm clouds But the sky's always blue We've got something special here And what we have is you What we have is you What we have is you OK, I guess it still works when I'm 12.
Thanks, Dad.
Pass the sauce? Yeah! That's what I'm talking about! You guys want a turn? You have to try it.
Riding by flea is my new favorite way to travel! I'm good.
More flea for me! Let's go! Whoo! Hmm.
You see the size of that footprint? We're walking towards whatever made it.
Do you remember voting on this plan? Because I don't! Soon we will find the Mega Beast, crush it, - and take back our sacred tree.
- Sacred tree! But first we give Pierre a drink.
Who's my good little parasite? Who is it? That's right, it's you.
Timbercats assemble! As you know, we are a proud litter of felines.
We never lose! Who fought an army of Mega Mice We're almost in Cactustown.
That's umlat snake territory.
You only make noise in there if you have a death wish.
Timbercats! Our best bet is to ditch the cats and then sneak up on the Mega Beast while it's asleep.
Rule number 32 of the surface: I know, I know.
Stealth is your friend.
I would like to add a rule 33: Friends are your friends, and the more you have, the safer you are.
That jacket is all spiky.
Do you think it would make me look more intimidating to the Mega Mute? - No.
- But I need something that says Hey, you! Give me back my dad.
Do you really think you can just talk to a Mega Mute? They can't think.
They're mindless giants.
You never know until you try.
Besides, it's the only lead I have.
There weren't any human footprints leading out of my burrow.
So, either that Mega Mute took them, or a city full of humans just disappeared into thin air.
Or it ate them.
We're all for finding the Mega Mute.
Just didn't wanna do it with the world's largest dinner bell.
Onward! Yumyan owns you all! Hang on a second.
Remember when Wolf said we're all in with helping Kipo find the Mega Mute? Are we, though? I thought you'd never ask.
I'm having major reservations.
- Don't get me wrong, I like Kipo.
- I mean, who doesn't? And we want her to find her family, but But do we like Kipo as much as we like living? You pose an excellent question, my friend.
We can just turn around right now and no one would know.
Whoa! Umlaut snakes.
I'd know that rattle anywhere.
Axes on guard! Yumyan Hammerpaw.
You have a lot of nerve walking into our territory on your two feet, and making all that noise and waking us up.
- It's daylight, man! - I was dreamin' about toast.
This is what I was telling you about stealth.
Excuse me, uh, excuse me.
Pardon me, coming through.
Kipo! Wow! Uh, nice hiss-off.
Listen, maybe you could let us pass through your territory just this one time.
We'll actually be very quiet from now on.
Now you're keeping humans and fleas? You cats truly are disgusting.
Ladies Let's eat this buffet! Come to mama, yes! Are you trying to get yourself killed? No.
Who does that? Stick with the group! Hey, hey! I'm a I'm a snake, too.
I am not really a snake.
- Die, death noodle! - Whoa! You're no match for us! Exit, three o'clock! Oh, yeah! Come on! This'll take a whole day to grow back.
Is it me, or were we not totally clear with them? This is umlaut territory.
A snake's job is never done.
Good as new.
Oh, yeah.
This is This is wonderful.
It doesn't hurt more and more with each step.
OK, now.
You'll be all better by tomorrow.
Right? Yep, I'll be just fine, OK.
We should've left when we had the chance.
I'm looking for that chance right now.
You see what happens when you go rogue? From now on, until you're back home with your people, we do things my way all the time.
- But what about - Nope.
- The cats? - Nope! OK.
Snakes! No, snake.
He said "snake.
" - We're being followed.
- Yeah, I'm gonna run.
You should probably run, too.
Did you see our skulls? We need to go in there.
I'll take 'em out.
You guys hide.
Or suggestion, we just talk to them? No, Kipo.
We will not talk to the snakes.
You will hide from them.
And for once, you will stay put.
Eh that sounded off.
Maybe it should go Oh, yeah.
That's good hunting music.
No, still not there.
Well, I always like a good, you know, F Major followed by D Minor.
D Minor? Maybe if you're playing hillbilly cat music.
Oh, honey.
You know how much venom I've got coursing through my veins? Tingly.
I haven't felt this good since my 21st shedding.
I know.
Wolf said to stay put no matter what happens, but OK, fun's over.
Hey! Hey, Cotton.
Cotton's friend.
I really liked the song you walked in with.
Uh, but what if it went more like this? - Whoa! - Whoa, she's on to something.
She just needs a a little a little help.
Maybe we'll help her this one last time, and then we'll leave.
Yeah, one more time for old time's sake.
What? That's it.
That's the riff I was looking for! I can't believe we were gonna eat you.
You have the hands of an angel.
So, we can be on our way? You don't mind if we cross through your territory? Not when you shred like that.
- You can come through here any time.
- I cannot believe that worked.
It shouldn't have.
You got lucky.
Lucky? Give me some credit.
- We're all alive.
- For now.
But, eventually, your crazy ideas are gonna get us all killed! Or maybe they would've gotten us to my dad sooner if you'd listen to me for once.
OK, Kipo, what was your big plan again? Have your cat army - Uh - pin the Mega Mute down so you could say, "Give me back my dad!" Let's do that and see what happens.
- Fine! - Fine! Hey, bandmates! Would you happen to know where we can find a Mega Mute? You may have seen it.
Six arms, destroys homes and burrows for fun? Yeah, we've seen it.
Wrecked our tour bus.
I mean, we already trashed it, but still.
Would you take us to it? I have some questions I need to ask.
You wanna ask that thing questions? OK, sure.
Neh! I think our new guitar player is a bit insane.
The best ones usually are.
Dave, I've thought about it.
Rocking out with the umlaut snakes was a trip and a story I wanna tell over and over.
But I cannot do that if we get eaten by a Mega Mute.
So, we should just tell Kipo we're gonna leave, and then leave.
You're right.
We just need to find the right time.
There's never a right time! You just gotta pull the band-aid off! Hey, Kipo, so, you know, like, band-aids, uh, they're hard to rip off.
Let's, uh, yeah, let's keep that band-aid on a little bit longer.
Whoa, hold on.
- The bus wrecker's asleep.
- It's just in that grove.
Not even we're crazy enough to go in there.
Thank you.
The cats! What happened to them? - You didn't eat them, did you? - Not yet.
Our bandmates trapped 'em in the Glamyrinth.
We're tiring them out first.
They're easier to eat that way.
Meow! - Run! - Run! Cats.
I just have one more favor to ask.
Bandmate to bandmate.
Could you let them out? They're just looking for their scratching tree.
Without them, we never would've rocked out together.
That session was pretty epic.
OK, we'll consider it.
Thank you.
She's really going in there to face the six-armed beast.
So metal.
What a waste of talent.
Hey, Kipo.
OK, this is it.
I know this is dangerous, but I have to do this.
None of you have to come with me.
Oh, she's leaving us.
That was a lot easier than I thought.
I'm not sure how I feel about this.
There it is.
Go ahead and say it.
If this thing had my people it ate them.
It's what you're thinking.
I know it.
You don't know what I'm thinking.
I'm thinking they could be trapped in that old hotel.
Do you really believe that? This was my dad's.
Wolf, you're right! He's gotta be in that hotel! Dad! Are you in there? Phew! Sorry.
There's the monster! Do you think she's OK? I already miss her.
You know what, Dave? When we were with Kipo, we were doing something more than just surviving.
For the first time ever, we were a part of something bigger than us.
- I'm going back in, man! - Kipo, we're coming for ya! No! Those crazy fuzzbuckets came straight here after we let them out.
We had to come back for the show! Now's our chance.
We can go into that hotel.
Find your dad.
No! We have to help the cats first.
- I have a plan.
- Is it going to get us killed? Maybe not.
'Cause this time, you're part of it.
Let's hear it.
I'll distract the monkey with music.
I mean, it worked on the snakes.
And then, you sneak up and hit it with the death stalker.
Like, a lot.
- Or we just let - Nope! - The cats eat - Nope! - May I? - Goin' out in a blaze of glory, huh? Nice knowin' ya, kid.
You'll need this.
Hey! Over here! Keep playing! I've got your back! Right.
Wish me luck, Dad.
We may not have sunshine Or starlight or weather But we've got each other And that's even better You don't need the sun to keep you warm When you've got arms Wishes come from you And not a random shooting star We may not have storm clouds But the sky's always blue We've got something special here And what we have is you What we have is you What we have is you Uh, hi.
Wow, you're big.
You're not gonna attack me, right? You can understand me? Neat! So, a few days ago, you broke into my burrow, and now I can't find my people or my dad.
Did you, um eat them? You don't eat people, do you? So, they got away? That's great! Then why did you attack my burrow? That was awesome until it got scary.
At last, we have our tree! Raise your axes for Yumyan, who led us all to victory! And for Kipo and her friends.
And for Kipo and her friends, of course.
Raise your axes! - Yumyan Hammerpaw.
- Cotton.
If you guys walk out of here today, it's cool.
- Just don't tell anyone we let you.
- And be quiet on your way out.
Respect the headache.
We got your back.
Benson, you seeing this? Snakes letting cats walk through their territory.
This world is upside down.
We just watched Kipo talk to a Mega Monkey, and this is what you're amazed by? Uh, I can be amazed by more than one thing.
Don't put me in no box.
Maybe if we keep moving up and down something different will happen.
We owe you a great debt.
Should you ever need us, just open this can of tuna, and help will come.
Thanks! Lift with your legs, not your back! Hey, so, good news.
We've decided not to leave you.
- What? You were going to leave? - Uh, who? No! Yes.
A little.
But but but the important thing is we've decided to commit.
Thank you? Oh, you're welcome.
And what you did with that Mega Monkey, that was amazing.
I'm just sorry we didn't find your dad.
Me, too.
But we know he's alive and that my burrow got away.
That's more than I knew before.
- And we know something else.
- We do? That monkey was clearly under some sort of mind control.
Your song snapped her out of it temporarily.
There are rumors about a mute with the ability to do that - Don't say it.
- Scarlemagne.
Oh Still don't know who that is.
If he sent that monkey, he must be targeting burrows.
There's a good chance Scarlemagne is looking for your people.
So, we have to find them first.
I know, Mandu.
It's a lot to take in.
My people are out there somewhere.
The only question is where? What are you doing? Stealth mode.
Have you learned nothing today? When I get good ideas, I play music.
And I just had a great idea.
I know where we can look next.
Wild jungle Wild jungle Wild jungle Wild jungle Welcome to the It's a wild jungle