Kitz (2021) s01e01 Episode Script


My brother, Joseph, used to say, without them, we're just a small village somewhere in the Tyrolean mountains.
But with them, we are Kitzbühel, the Aspen of the Alps.
Every winter they would descend upon us.
And drive to their chic alpine chalets up on their fat cat mountains.
And with them they bring glamour, money and parties.
But behind the glamorous facade, they are just people like you and I.
At least, that's what my brother would say.
You were right, Lisi.
She was a fucking manipulative bitch.
I thought she really loved me.
But she was just messing with me.
All I wanted was for her to know what it feels like to lose everything overnight.
I wanted her to know that her actions have consequences.
But this This is not what I wanted.
Hey, Lisi.
- Your spritzer will be done in a minute.
- What do you want? Cheers, my friend.
Thanks, Lisi.
And don't drink too fast, Hubert, or you'll end up missing the fireworks.
You can't pay here with your card, dude.
What do you want? We were here first.
Go back in your SUV and piss off back to Munich! You have two options.
You can either take this outside and fight 'til your hearts' content, or you can drink with me, and welcome in the peaceful new year.
- Okay, fine.
- Thank you, Lisi.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Let's go, then.
Two rounds.
- All right, but not for money.
Okay, I'm all yours.
- You happen to know the hostess tonight? - Mm-hmm, show me.
Hey, lovelies.
I'm on the way to Kitzbühel, and getting ready for the most epic party of the year.
And what's essential before a long night like that? The perfect skincare routine.
Testimony on the Pure Aura On the sheerest of the Pure Aura moisture mask.
Simply "Pure Aura"? Sure.
Give it here.
- So it's not cheap this "Aura.
" - Mm-hmm.
- So is everything good for tonight? - I just talked to Madli.
Sorting it out.
I even have your outfit with me.
Are we joining a cult or are we actually working? Are you sure you want to put yourself through all of this? It's peak season.
I'll take everything I can get.
But why today of all days? Just tell me about London, all right? Oh, rains a lot, no mountains, crazy expensive.
Come on, you're having a great time.
All right.
The city is just fucking incredible.
You have to come here too.
But first, I'll see you at the "most epic party of the year.
" Oh my God.
- Pew.
- Pew.
So you're leaving? I have another round in me.
Sorry, gotta work.
Dude, it's New Year's Eve and you're working? I don't want to.
I have to.
- What do you even do? - Why? I mean, you've been here three times and I don't know your name.
Unless "Anonymous Fun" is a Tyrolean name.
Not a fan of small talk.
But hey, you sure you can't party tonight? It's gonna be epic.
- Gotta go to the farm.
- Hold up.
ALMOST THERE You said "to the farm.
" That's right, farmer.
For realz? You're a real farmer? With tractors, pitchforks, milking cows and all that farming shit? Something like that, yeah.
Never met a farmer.
Now you have.
I'd better head out to the farm and milk the cows.
Can't cows milk themselves? We don't have a milking robot.
Ah, then that complicates things.
Who's that? The cleaning robot.
I'll be here some more days in case you want more "anonymous fun.
" Happy New Year! To London, baby! To Saint Martins College of Art and fucking Design! I'm so proud of you! Shh! Quiet please! Can I ask for some silence, please! Shh! My sister here, the little genius just received her scholarship to London! That means she's wont be serving all of you here anymore! Aw! That's why the next round is on Lisi! Lisi! Lisi! Lisi! Okay.
- Moscow mule - Mm-hmm.
- Cuba libre, a Dark 'n' Stormy! - Ah.
Huh? Dark 'n' Stormy? No, man.
I'm good.
I'm good.
No thanks.
- What? - Go back to your SUV.
- I think I'll head out.
- It's almost 12.
- Let's party to the new year.
- No, I can't.
I have to go.
- Where are you going at this hour? - Probably to his mystery girl.
Right, Jo? So who's the lucky one? Becky from Australia? Maybe Francesca from Bologna? I think she might have a boyfriend.
That's right.
She has one.
Not anymore.
She broke it off with him, okay? I'll see you all at the bonfire tomorrow.
Hey, Hans.
How are you? Today's hard.
Man, you know what's crazy? I keep looking over there and asking myself "Did she even notice that he passed away?" Lisi? Are you sure we're doing the right thing? Hey.
We can do it.
For his sake, you know? One year to the day the day the world collapsed.
One year of stasis, emptiness, powerlessness.
One year of waiting.
For today.
From the moment you take back control.
That is the moment of no return.
PRIVATE PROPERTY You pause one more time and make yourself aware.
If you want to go through with this you cannot let yourself get distracted.
Woo! Sorry.
Looking for catering.
Around the back.
Dominik, right? - Hey, have we met? - Yeah.
You're her boyfriend.
And you're one of her followers? - Bingo.
- Ah.
So tell me about California.
Hey, I just got out of the sauna, so like Ah, can you hand me the towel over there, please? Lisi? Hey.
Well then, I should go.
Ciao then? The aperitif is with Pét Nat, biodynamically made and is champagne perfected.
Zero sulfates but with a really nice and dirty finish.
Hey, Lisi? Understand? Uh, nice and dirty.
Then take the champagne to the hostess's room.
Get moving! Hello? Yes? Are you lost? I just wanted to bring you something to drink.
Uh, then what are you doing on the balcony? - Um, I needed some air - Fascinating.
But honestly, I'm not interested.
You can go.
I don't follow your philosophy I don't worry about your style Wirsing! Is there an update on the presents for the empress? I'm on it! Don't leave me hanging.
Are you sure that Vanessa is okay with me showing up to her party? Wirsing, what happened to your confidence? Nessa's my best friend.
You're my plus one.
Are you up there yet? Oh, I had to get a bit of village air first.
I'm almost there.
Party, party! It's good to be back over here.
I got that Champion style in me I got that Champion style in me - "The one-stop shop for bereavements"? - Yeah, yeah, that's it.
- Is it going well? - Yeah.
I mean, Forbes Germany put us on their list of "30 under 30.
" - Awesome, right? - Wow.
How about you? How's the car design going? - Good.
Going real well.
- Yeah? So you got into the institute over in Pasadena? - Hey, I'll be right back.
- Sure.
Thank you.
You saved me.
Something's different about you.
What is it? I mean, I bought some new clothes if that's what it is.
- Mmm.
It's a strong look.
- Mmm.
Hey, no hitting on the service staff, Domi! Kosh! Hey! What's up, man? Hey, where's Nessa? It's extremely important to arrive late, even to your own party.
Hey, I scored some good stuff for the three of us.
Wirsing has to be here.
Have you seen him? W W Wirsing? Why Wirsing? - Why? He's bringing the stuff.
- No.
Not Wirsing.
Nessa will lose it.
Why not? Just make sure he leaves, yeah? Hey, come on, tonight we'll party, eh? We haven't seen each other in a year, dude! It hasn't been a year.
It's been a year? My darlings, one year is just way too long.
I'm so happy to be back in Kitzbühel with all of you.
It's all taken care of.
You know what to do.
Choose your weapons and Yeah! - Come here, you bombshell! - Kosh! Hey.
The band's back together, am I right? Pipps, this is Kosh, an old friend from way back in the day.
You still know each other? - "From way back in the day"? - Oh, Kosh! Wow! You look different somehow back then.
A bit of Fat as a pig? Darling, I brought mezcal for us.
8,000 per bottle.
Maybe later.
I'll make my rounds.
No way! We'll have a toast together.
Pass me your cups.
I really have to greet people but it's so good you came, Kosh.
Okay? "From way back in the day"? Is she embarrassed by me? Nonsense.
Forget it.
Come with me.
What's that supposed to mean, "From way back in the day"? In ancient times? - I feel like I've gone extinct.
- Hey.
- No Kitzbühel meltdown today, okay? - Meltdown, schmeltdown! A drink! Ah, no offense, but Hey! Oh well.
Come on.
Then the two of us will get fucked.
- And you'll have one too.
- Domi! Are you coming? My friends, I'll see you later.
Come on.
You don't really want to drive over to her now.
It's almost midnight.
- You can't just leave now.
- We'll see each other tomorrow anyway.
Come on.
The roads are super icy and it's foggy.
And you've been drinking as well.
Come on.
Those few sips? I'm totally sober.
Hey, Jo.
Just stay.
Don't do something stupid.
We'll see each other in the new year.
Don't be mad, okay? He's insane.
No, he's in love.
Five, four, three, two, one Happy New Year, Lisi.
Is everything okay? Happy New Year.
I have one wish for the new year.
I want you to come join me in London.
Like we planned.
But how, Antonia? I don't know.
You can just go back to Saint Martins.
You're already in.
I can't leave my parents here all alone.
Knowing them, I don't think they want you to sacrifice your future.
But you haven't been here this past year.
Fuck it, let's make it three.
Bit of Special K for later? Definitely! - Ah.
- Hey! Kosh? - What's that guy doing here? - So it's Domi.
I told you I don't want him here.
Hey, why are you so mean to Wirsing? Really, Domi.
I'm just human.
I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings, Wirsing.
Now, get lost! - Want me to leave as well, do you? - Don't be stupid.
I'm really sorry we weren't in touch this past year.
Things were a bit chaotic.
We good? Yeah.
Then let's dip.
GETTING CLOSE TO HER IS HARDER THAN I THOUGH Oh wait, we'll be undisturbed in a second.
Come on then.
Get it out and jerk off.
God, you're so pathetic.
That's it, you filthy, dirty, little pig.
I want to hear you come, Ferdinand.
Go on.
Yes, almost.
Oh you did so well.
And now you'll be a good boy and go back to bed with your missus.
- And think of me.
- Yes, I will.
Hello? Hello? - What are you doing? - Going to the bathroom.
This one's not for service staff.
What's your name? Your name? Lisi.
Why? Cute.
Drive back to your friends in the village.
You just lost your job.
- You can't fire me.
- Oh sure I can.
I'm with Vanessa.
Her best friend.
I didn't do anything.
Well, that's what you say, but you poke around here, and Ah! I also saw you taking some things from here.
- But - Pack your things, Heidi.
Party is over.
Now get lost.
Or do you want to hear me take a shit? I'll admit it, I like to sail around And trips abroad and all that shit But I don't wanna leave you hurt, babe You know it, you know it As much as I do, yeah You dropped out of school And you wanna talk about Makin' your rules Yeah, mentions are cool But you'll never swim In your own fuckin' pool I know it's a lie 'Cause when I say no You'll just break down and cry You know it's a lie, I know it's a lie Rich kids on the bender Rich kids havin' daddy's car Act like a big spender Can't buy me with daddy's card Rich kid, rich kid Whoa! What the fuck is this shit? Act like a big spender Sorry, I didn't mean to.
Oh! Oh, God, total car crash.
Happy fucking New Year, guys! - I'm really sorry! I - Leave it.
You're only making it worse.
How hard is it to carry a fucking tray? What happened here? - Where did you get these fucking amateurs? - Come on, babe, relax.
"Relax"? The whole outfit is ruined.
I'll go change.
Woo! You dropped out of school And you wanna talk about Makin' your rules Yeah, mentions are cool But you'll never swim In your own fuckin' pool I know it's a lie Cause when I say no You'll just break down and cry You know it's a lie, I know it's a lie Why are you doing this to yourself tonight? I'll be back inside in a minute.
Just go home.
I'll handle things here with Madli.
Don't worry.
And I'll call you tomorrow.
Okay? What are you doing? Apologizing.
Screw them.
I can't afford that, unfortunately.
Ah! Close the fucking door! Lock it.
Lock it.
Quickly! Shut up.
Get over there.
Get over there! Shut up! Both of you, shut it! Fuck! Don't look at me! Nessa? Say something.
Say something! I I I'll be right out.
Can I come in? Not right now.
I'll be there, okay? Okay, um I'll see you downstairs.
It's okay.
The cops will be here soon.
- What did you say? - Nothing.
I said, "What did you say?" Tell me what you said.
Right now! - The cops will be here any minute now.
- Don't lie to me.
The cops were called but - I called them when I was outside.
- You're lying.
If you say so.
If I were you, I'd run as fast as I could now.
Shut up! Shh! You keep your fucking mouth shut now! Okay.
It's over.
It's all right.
It's all right.
Okay? Nessa? Honey, open the door.
Come on! Nessa! Oh my God.
I heard the screaming.
What happened? What's she doing here? She just saved my fucking life.
Call the police right now.
He came in through this door as well? POLICE Yes.
I just changed, and then he just came in.
And you're otherwise feeling fine, Ms.
von HÃhenfeldt? She was just threatened with a gun.
How do you think she's feeling? - We're done here for now.
- Ms.
Baroness von HÃhenfeldt.
Thank you.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Say hello to your parents for me.
I am so sorry.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Okay, enough sentimentality, you little party animals! Lets get on the dance floor! I'm afraid I have to go back to work now.
No, no, no.
You are partying with us now.
Come on.
No, they'll never take No, they'll never take me No, no, no Woo! I've got nothing to say I'm hopeful it'll come back one day Sit on my own 'til the day's all gone I never felt like this alone They told me that You couldn't have fun Retracting rules all on my own Hopeful it'll come back one day 'Til then I got nothing to say Nothing to say Nothing to say No, they'll never take me No, they'll never take me No, they'll never take me No, no, they'll never take me No, they'll never take me - Sorry again about your outfit.
- Who gives a shit? You're the fucking hero tonight! She's a fucking hero! - How long are you gonna stay in Kitzbühel? - Just a few days.
But hey, we're having a brunch for Dominik tomorrow.
Just a small gathering.
Why don't you join us? I'd love to.
Woo! Awesome! Hey, can you get us more drinks? - What? But I'm not work - Ah.
I'm sure you'll manage to carry it this time.
Nessa! Don't mess with her.
She'll give you anorexia if you don't get out of her way fast enough.
Are you all right? Why does everyone keep asking me that? No, they'll never take me No, they'll never take me No, they'll never take me No, no, they'll never take me No, they'll never take me Pippa, what kind of name is that? Pippa.
Pippa! Pippa! Ew, Kosh.
Kosh! Lets dial it down a notch.
Party! Every minute that I pretend Hey.
You're leaving? I think I'm done for tonight.
Quite the performance today.
That's one way of putting it.
That's all I have on me right now.
I could also PayPal you.
What? As a thank you.
Do you think I came here to collect a tip? Ah.
You think I'm some Munich fat cat who throws around money and squirts Dom P all over the place? But you're deeper than that, aren't you? That's why you're sitting here, looking at the mountains and asking yourself "What if I'm not the center of the universe after all?" I see you've already reached your own conclusions.
Some advice for the future, before you slip someone 100 euros, maybe ask them their name.
Your name? Lisi.
Dominik, center of the universe.
Well then see you soon, Lisi.
Lost for words now, huh? Put that fucking thing away, you asshole.
- Hans, dude! - That was some show, huh? - We showed those rich little fuckers! - Hey, be quiet.
Well, tell me how it went.
I've been invited to brunch tomorrow.
Inner circle.
Woo! Whoa.
Oof! "You'll keep your fucking mouth shut now!" I almost pissed myself.
Well, am I a gangster or what? - Totally gangster, Hans.
- Ah, fuck you.
Come on.
There's only a few days left before she takes off again.
Come on, Lisi.
I was lying in your car while you were partying.
It was hard work.
It wasn't easy.
But you're her hero now.
But I have to become her friend now.
To Joseph.
To Jo.
They say there are five stages of grief.
First stage, denial.
It's impossible that the person with whom you shared everything, even a womb just isn't here anymore.
And now, there's an emptiness.
The world breaks in two.
Into the "before" and the "after.
" You're just numb and powerless.
Until stage two.
SKI SCHOOL MADLMEYER Anger at the person who destroyed everything.
For whom it was all just a game.
- I WANT TO SEE YOU! NOW! - NOW? WITH THIS WEATHER? Who doesn't realize what she took.
His life.
IS THAT A GOOD IDEA? His future.
RIGHT NOW! I'LL BE RIGHT THERE! And then, stage three.
Fuck stage three.

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