Kitz (2021) s01e02 Episode Script


Do you have any idea how many people apply to Saint Martins College? Why would they give a scholarship to me of all people? Because you're the best of us.
Westwood over there made it too.
So there.
- What if I'm not Westwood? - You're better.
- Right.
- You just do your best.
- Then you'll see.
- Sometimes I wish I were like you.
- Never.
- You're just not afraid of anything.
I'm at the starting line, shitting my pants.
To work a gondola.
What? We're not done yet.
You lost.
I'll get out of it.
Bambi, checkmate.
You know what scares me? You.
If you want to win at chess, you have to know your opponent.
Every strength, every weakness.
You have to think several moves ahead ORDER NOW and to know exactly YOUR ORDER WAS SUCCESSFUL where you want your opponent to end up.
von HÃhenfeldt, this was delivered for you.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Don't move.
- Why? - Super cute.
Stay like that.
- Are you done? - Mm-hmm.
No time I'm afraid, babe.
Hashtag morning wood.
I'm meeting Pippa for pre-brunch.
Who's the asshole who invented brunch anyway? Hey, nobody's stopping you from working on your next application to Pasadena.
Doesn't it need to be done by February? Exactly.
Today's the first of January.
You'll make it this time.
I know it.
Thanks, but today I only have to chill.
Haven't you done that for eight months now? No.
What I've been doing for the last eight months is chauffeuring your purse around and taking selfies with you.
Let's not fight, okay? Not today.
Dom, sweetie, are you up yet? Good morning, sweetie.
Just so you know, Conny Breidenbacher will be here today.
- Now you're getting on it too.
- On what? You don't want me to get into Conny's private university if Pasadena rejects me again? No at all.
I'm sure they'll accept you.
And if they don't, you have so much potential.
But having a few valuable contacts can't hurt.
Mom! I think that's enough.
SKI SCHOOL MADLMEYER The pawn is the weakest piece in chess.
And easy to underestimate.
But it has one advantage over all the other pieces.
If it manages to get to the other side of the board undetected it becomes a queen.
The strongest piece in a game.
But it only takes one wrong move, and the plan fails.
- Vanessa! - Hi, Regine.
Happy New Year! So pale.
You must still be completely traumatized.
It was so intense.
My whole body was shaking.
We'll get you back on your feet.
You look ravishing, regardless.
- Yeah? - Honestly, on you, trauma looks good.
Oh thanks, girl.
We'll shed those last calories as well, right? - Right.
- Hey.
Hey, you.
- Good morning, Mrs.
Forsell - Lisi.
Vanessa's guardian angel.
Glad you made it.
- Thanks.
- Buongiorno.
- Buongiorno.
- Hi.
What can I get all of you? Coffee? Champagne? Bloody Mary? - Oh, champagne.
It's good for you.
- Water for Vanessa, please.
And you? Coffee would be great.
My darlings! Thank you for accepting my New Year's invitation and joining us here.
I'm especially delighted about one very special guest.
Lisi Madlmeyer.
Our hero from Kitzbühel, who last night on New Year's Eve saved the life of our dear Vanessa.
- Mr.
Ziervogel? - Roger? Please, come in.
Happy New Year, Roger.
- Party hard last night? - I was on duty.
Any calls? I don't know.
My mother, maybe? No, I'm afraid not.
Instead, one Dr.
Albrecht is asking you to call him back urgently.
- Who the fuck is Dr.
Albrecht? - He just sent you this envelope.
Requesting your signature.
Estate administration.
You hang on to that.
I believe it is urgent, Sir.
Send it to my mother.
Do you know how I got home? I was going to speak to you.
You know, there were numerous complaints.
Why? What did I do? You knocked on a couple of doors last night and alarmed some of the hotel guests.
Sorry about that.
Among other things, you woke up an entire family from Beijing and And? Laid down with them.
In bed.
- And then you also - I I don't want to know.
Uh Listen, send them a a bunch of flowers, some wine, and a card saying something like "Happy New Year.
" And let the driver know I want to leave in a bit.
Um, Vanessa? How are you doing today? - Were you able to recover from the shock? - I'm all right now.
Thank you, Lisi.
If you want to talk about it or anything I mean, I was there after all.
That's really nice of you.
But what else are therapists for, right? - Oh, Nessa.
- Yeah.
Of course.
Leonce is here.
- Leonce is here? - Yes.
Leonce! Oh, Happy New Year, ladies.
- Come here.
- Vanessa.
Give me a hug.
I heard what happened yesterday.
Yeah? Word gets around that fast? - Yeah.
And you must be the savior.
Sorry, Leonce.
And what was your name again? - Lisi Madlmeyer.
- Madlmeyer.
I like that.
My parents have a ski school I must take a photo of you two.
I'm sorry.
I have to.
- Absolutely.
- Oh my God.
You two would look divine together on the big screen.
I'm telling you.
Pippa, please! - You really do have an amazing presence.
- Careful what you say, Leonce, or you'll have to let me play a part in your next movie.
I'd like that.
I can suggest that.
But now tell me, how are you doing? It must've been pure horror.
To be honest, I thought it was hot.
Really? Hot? I could really feel myself, the raw me.
- Like an animal.
- Huh.
You're reduced to naked survival.
Yes, I know that feeling.
When that primal instinct kicks in.
And I realized that all of this is just fucking meaningless.
It's amazing how you've dealt with it.
That's some real strength.
- Excuse me.
Gotta go.
- Nice seeing you.
- Ciao.
- Bye.
Oh my God.
Imagine if he got you a part in his movie.
Hey, what's wrong? I'm just a little tired.
Spa day.
The two of us sweating out all the bad vibes.
How's that? Hmm? - My treat.
- You're a genius.
I need another drink.
- Let me take those.
- Uh, thanks.
The most important thing for a brand is to elicit emotions.
Yeah? As far as I'm concerned the first impression is critical to that.
- And just what determines that? - The design.
It's my feeling.
You know what, Dominik? I have a table reserved at the Tennerhof.
If you like, we could have a chat, man to man.
And there are other universities besides Pasadena.
- Yes.
- Yeah? - I'd love to.
- Eight o'clock? That works.
- Mom, what are you doing here? - Are you okay? We were so worried, dear.
- I'm okay.
Thank you.
- My darling, come here.
What's the world coming to if you aren't safe in your own chalet in Kitzbühel anymore? Everything's going to the dogs.
Pippa, happy New Year to you.
Happy New Year, Claire and, uh, Ferdinand.
Will you be staying for the fashion show? There's a fashion show? Regine's charity fashion show.
Like every year.
I'm modeling for three different designers.
That night we're flying to Miami.
Regine! So nice we got a chance to see each other.
- Excuse me.
- Yeah.
Conny Breidenbacher.
It's a pleasure.
How are you? - Hi.
- Nice to see you again.
- We're always so busy.
- Hi, I'll get us something to drink.
- Sounds good! - Of course.
- I'm having a lovely time.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Enjoying your fame? I can only get through these events drunk.
Want a Bloody Mary after all? Hold that thought.
Now I'm ready for a Bloody Mary.
A wise decision.
So hey, this is kind of boring, isn't it? Nothing but lobster, and champagne, and caviar.
What do you guys do when you really want to have fun? You're bored? I'm so damn bored.
We can't have that.
Follow me.
- Milady.
- Why, thank you.
Step one.
- You take a bottle of champagne.
- Ooh, that's lovely.
Step two.
Take a 19th-century saber.
Step three.
Unwrap the bottle.
Step four.
Take the saber and place it on the seam of the bottle.
I was there and then I quit Awoo Wait, no! - Did I lay it on too thick with Leonce? - Not at all.
You two have crazy chemistry.
- Doesn't he just want to get me into bed? - So what? He's hot.
What's the problem? Um, Dominik.
Help! Dominik! Are you crazy? Seriously, Dominik.
You can't just do things like that.
- It was a bit of fun.
- She could end up suing you.
- Sue me? For what? Champagne tr - For harassment, Dominik.
Harassment? Come on! You're being paranoid.
- I don't need something like that.
Get it? - I wouldn't underestimate her.
Huh? Underestimate? Hi, Lisi.
Are you better now? Sorry, Dominik can go a bit too far sometimes.
- Really, it's it's not a big deal.
- Okay.
I'm just a little tired.
I guess yesterday was some heavy stuff after all.
I think I just need to take some time to relax.
- Just go to the sauna or - Hey, we're having a spa day today.
- Why don't you come along? - It's members only.
- I really don't want to intrude.
- Nonsense! Not at all.
You'll just be my plus one.
- Really? - Mm-hmm.
- Hmm.
- Cool.
Hello! Here you go.
Ah bah d'accord Right this way.
Ah bah d'accord Ah bah d'accord Ah bah d'accord Ah bah d'accord Ah bah d'accord But I'm her oldest, best friend.
Instead, she takes Pippa to go to have brunch.
The same Pippa who bullied Franzi Lange into anorexia because she had a skid mark in her pants.
Are we going anywhere in particular? I don't get why she's giving me the cold shoulder like that? I mean, okay, maybe, I don't know, possibly, I was kind of out of line last night, but it surely wasn't that bad.
I think.
Or was it that bad? So it was bad? So did you enjoy your holiday? So-so.
My father's dead, and my mother's taking pictures of melting glaciers in Greenland.
Or is she putting out fires in the Amazon? I don't know exactly.
But she's very much looking after the planet.
Plans have changed! Off to the country club! By the way, Leonce invited us to his boat.
- Isn't that cool? - He invited you.
- You don't like him.
I know.
- He wants to screw you.
Isn't it possible that someone is just nice for a change? Everything's possible.
But he does want to screw you just a little.
So what? That doesn't mean that I want to screw him.
Smoothie service is here! - Kosh, what are you doing here? - I spotted you on Instagram.
Nice! A little apology for my meltdown last night.
It's fine, dude.
We all had a bit too much yesterday.
No, thank you.
Weren't you a waitress last night? Right.
And then you spilled the drinks on her.
- And then she scared off a burglar.
- Really? - Mm-hmm.
- That's where my memory ended last night.
No, not now.
Did I tell you about my little farmer boy? I'm telling you, village boys are the best.
I'm starting to get too hot.
Dude, what's with her? No idea.
And I don't want to get involved in it.
Involved in what? What's that supposed to mean? Come on, drink up.
- Lisi? - Uh, I'll go check on Vanessa.
So tell me.
What does he look like? Well, tall, two calves like that.
You couldn't compete with that.
Hey! How is it? Bad.
I just can't get close enough to her.
Where are you now? Don't ask.
- Hey, Heidi.
- Damn, I'll call you right back.
- My name is Lisi.
- Whatever.
What do you want from me? The job position of Vanessa's best friend is taken by me.
So save yourself the effort.
Maybe you'll lose that job quicker than you think.
I don't think so.
Maybe I know something about you that Vanessa doesn't.
You mean me and Ferdinand? Go on.
Go tell Vanessa about it.
Let me ask you something.
Who do you think she'll trust? Some slut or her best friend? Huh? Just face it, Heidi.
I'm ten steps ahead of you.
Vanessa and Daddy belong to me.
So enjoy the rest of your day at the country club, and then it's back to the cowshed for you.
- No! - Aw.
Mwah! So what happened? Pippa happened.
The guard dog has to go, or there's no getting to Vanessa.
Although Wait a minute.
If I could somehow get her phone pin You're good with tech stuff, right? Can you describe the contents for me? Um, a black jacket with, uh, purple fur collar, and fur cuffs.
Um, a pair of leather leggings and black street boots.
That's the one.
Thank you.
Thank you.
And cancel.
Well, he was embarrassed, wasn't he? Pipps, I'm cold.
Are you coming? Yes.
"You have so much potential," my mom always says.
Well, if you ask me, just let the potential be potential.
Don't even touch it.
What if there isn't potential at all? Nothing but a fucking desert.
Just tunda.
- You mean tundra with an "r.
" - I mean tunda.
- Tundra.
As in taiga and tundra.
- Taigra and tunda.
Taiga and tundra, you dyslexic tool.
- That's what I said.
- Quiet! - What's your problem? - This is the rest area, not après ski.
Are you out of your mind? Cheers.
Stylish in a paper cup.
- People like you used to get - People like us? What do you mean by that? - Domi - No, let me.
I just don't get it.
- Tell me, what do you mean by that? - I'm reporting this now.
I'm afraid I have to ask you to leave the spa area.
- What happened now? - Hey, that guy was a total racist.
- Which guy was racist? - Never mind.
- It's not worth mentioning.
- Then why were you thrown out? We were just drinking and having a conversation.
How old are you guys? 12? Okay, then, I guess we'll just get changed.
Thank you.
Is everything all right with you? Oh.
It was harmless enough.
All good.
But what? Ah, she just doesn't get what it's like.
So, what should we do now? Pip and I are going to an art exhibit.
Wait! Nessa! Just tell me what's going on.
Whatever I did yesterday, I'm so sorry.
It's not just about yesterday, Kosh.
Then what? Tell me! The photo you posted of me.
What photo? Forget it, Kosh.
You mean the photo of Wirsing and you? - That was over a year ago.
- It'll be floating around online forever.
Who cares? My parents, maybe? Press? The whole fucking internet? Guys.
Can you please stop fighting? Okay? Please? You only care what people think about you.
You have no idea how much my dad lost his shit because of that drug photo with a wannabe criminal.
Who you then bring along to a party of mine! So let me understand what you're saying.
For over a year you've been mad at me? I'm not mad at you.
I just can't trust you anymore.
This was all because of a photo I posted over a year ago, huh? Apparently.
I really can't remember.
And that's exactly the problem.
But that can't be an excuse forever.
You never stop and consider how it makes me look.
You bastard! Woo! Woo! - Hey, look at you! - Good God.
We look like Trump's illegitimate children on our way to golf camp.
Koshi, babe, you look amazing.
Don't worry.
I'll take care of it.
Let's say 3,000.
For the inconvenience.
Thank you.
You guys really don't care about anything, do you? Have a nice day, Mr.
Please give our regards to your mother.
Guys, something terrible has happened.
I'm already sober.
And what are we gonna do about that? Well it's obvious.
We're going to the Swarovski party! - Boring! - Okay.
I know a place.
But it's very exotic.
Man, this place is really wild.
- Yeah.
Okay, let's leave now.
- I think it's awesome.
- Seriously? - Uh-huh.
Who did she bring along? Whoa, what do we have here? That's the Kitzbühel fire department.
I've died and been reborn in a Tom of Finland comic.
- I can't take it.
Oh! - I got you.
Thank you, Lord! - Drinks.
- Yes! Let's go to the fire, girls.
- Ugh! Hey! - Are you drunk or something? No.
- My bad.
I'm I'm sorry about that.
- No.
No, no, no.
Don't touch me.
- Just a second.
It's almost gone.
- Don't touch me, I said.
It's all right.
Move along.
I said I was sorry.
What a total idiot.
Ciao, ragazzo! - We'd like some of your magic potion.
- Two? Yeah? Fuck yeah.
All of it.
And here's a little extra for the table service.
Cheers! - Cheers.
- Cheers.
Okay, are you ready for an old Kitzbühel New Year's tradition? Yes.
Truth or Dare.
You're joking, right? Them's the rules, I'm afraid.
Don't fuck with tradition, Pippa.
We'll start with an easy one.
Um, Vanessa.
Truth or dare? Truth.
What is your guilty pleasure that nobody knows? Uh-huh.
It's totally lame, but I love Mozart Pillows.
Honey, you mean Mozart Balls.
- No, I mean "Pillows," the chocolate.
- Boring! Shh! Okay, Vanessa, you can pick someone.
I wanted to buy some mulled wine, but there's none left.
Basto, just take some.
It's not a problem.
I'm not talking to you, Lisi.
We won't let these snobs make fools of us.
- Easy.
- Oh, yeah? - Basto, leave it.
They're with me.
- You think this village belongs to you.
- Okay, that's enough! - What? - Thanks, Hans.
- Oh, hello, Hans.
- You know each other? - No.
If you say so.
I wanted to apologize for the mishap just now.
- Some alpine absinthe.
- We were just about to leave, right? Cute.
Sit down.
You're playing a round of Truth or Dare with us.
- Nah, I'd better not.
- Boring! - Come on, sit down.
Don't be scared.
- Nessa.
- Sit with us.
- Come on.
You get to choose.
Okay, yeah.
Uh, Lisi.
Uh, truth or dare? Dare.
Take your phone out and the person next to you reads your last ten texts.
Ooh! Very nice! I'll do truth.
- Too late.
- Mm-mm.
Why? Do you have something to hide, Heidi? No.
Let me do that, honey.
Okay, the first message is from Pippa? What? - That's what it says.
- Well, read it then.
"If you tell Vanessa anything, you could be sure I'll destroy you.
That's a promise.
" What? I didn't write that message.
I swear.
If you tell me what, Lisi? Give that back to me.
I can't tell you.
I'm sorry.
Okay, so what's going on? Pippa? That wasn't me.
I - Your phone! - No.
Give me the phone! - Nessa, that wasn't me, okay? - Pippa! ATTACHED: 1 PICTURE - Oh my fucking God! Oh my God! - What? Let's see, let's see.
You're fucking my father? Are you fucking serious? You're such a sick This is so disgusting! You! - You are such a little fucking - Pippa.
I think it'd be best if you left now.
- Nessa, let me explain - Don't call me Nessa.
- It's not what it looks like.
- You cheap, dirty, little slut.
It's not what it looks It's It's And don't come back! Hey.
- What the fuck? - I'm so sorry.
- Where's the party? - That's my girl.
Yeah! Woo! Wow.
Hold up right there, young man! Country club police here.
- Is there a problem, officer? - You're under arrest.
- For being sexy.
Follow me.
- Where? To make-out prison, where else? Wait, there's something in there! Too late.
Seriously? You and that snob? - What are you doing with him? - Nothing.
- You're into that, aren't ya? Huh? - Keep your hands down, buddy.
- This is what Kitzbühel thinks of you.
- Let go of him.
You guys are ruining the entire town! Whoa.
Go home and sleep it off.
Yeah, go fuck whoever you want.
I'm okay.
Woo! This next song is for Joseph, who left us a year ago.
No matter where you are, this one's for you.
Joseph! Are you okay? Let go of me.
Would you rather be by yourself? I just can't stand this song.
I don't know.
I don't feel so good right now.
Listen, uh, there was a bit of liquid ecstasy in my mulled wine.
A bit of what? That sucks, I know.
I'm really sorry.
But I'll I'll get you home, okay? Before it really kicks in.
But I can't go home.
My parents see me like this You sure? I don't want to go to the farm.
Okay, okay.
Not to the farm.
Then, I'll take you to my place.
How's that? Oh yeah! Okay.
Come on, let's go.
Nice and slow.
To your place? If there's anything I can do for you He's gone.
And I still can't wrap my head around it.
Who's gone? My brother, Joseph.
He died a year ago.
- I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to burden you.
- No, no.
It's okay.
I can't even put into words how sorry I am.
Living with that must be unbearable.
Every doubt you own Hollows through my bones I treat them like my own You've made all the right moves.
You were five steps ahead of your opponent.
Hyenas scent fresh blood The only one who can still knock you out of the game is yourself.
I need to get back to Vanessa.
Catch me like a cold Tame me like a beast Roast me like a beef So you can leave me You were sure this wouldn't happen to you.
Tame me like a beast Roast me like a beef So you can leave me And now, you have only one thought just don't make the same mistake he made.

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