Kitz (2021) s01e03 Episode Script

Aus der Spur

GO FOR IT! YOURS, BIRGER RITZENHOFF SENDING EMAIL YOUR EMAIL WAS SEN My brother always used to say, "the Streif forgives no mistake.
" You need perfect concentration.
One wrong look, one tiny distraction and you'll veer off course.
And if you don't recover straight away, you'll always keep chasing that one small mistake.
Good morning.
I just wanted to say I'm really sorry about last night.
- I don't usually do stuff like that.
- What? What don't you usually do? Don't make this even harder for me.
I already feel like such an idiot.
But nothing happened.
Oh, that's what you mean.
I mean, thank you.
Um - Do you want to come in? - Thanks, but I I have to get going.
You won't tell Vanessa either, will you? If that's what you're worried about, no worries.
Mama? Ah, there you are.
Ugh, that can't be.
What happened? - It's gone.
- What's gone? Grandma's watch.
Didn't you have it last? Yeah.
It's upstairs.
Actually, it's not.
Then maybe the burglar took it.
I don't know.
Ah, that's so very typical.
- What's typical? - That was a family heirloom, you know? I was robbed at gunpoint.
Don't you know how traumatic that was? So traumatic that you can go and party all night.
- Claire.
- I smell the alcohol on her breath still.
We really need to go.
The driver's waiting.
Although, I really don't like leaving you here alone.
Don't touch me.
What did you just say? Never talk to your father that way.
What is going on? I feel sick.
What happened? - Are you pregnant? - No, I'm not pregnant! - Why, that's just - Just leave her.
Hello? Hey, Vanessa.
It's Lisi.
Hey, Lisi.
So what's up? I just wanted to ask how you're doing.
After last night and everything.
I just saw my dad and had to puke.
I just don't know who I can trust anymore.
What are you doing today? I've got this super tough shoot in a bit.
And the photographer is a total hothead.
And it's outside in the cold! You know, if you need support I don't have plans for today.
Yeah? Sure! How often do you get the chance to see a shoot up close? And I love fashion.
I can pick you up if you like.
You're a real sweetheart, Lisi.
Not as fucked up as my other friends.
- See you in a bit, yeah? - See you.
Oh, fuck.
I feel so sick.
- What am I doing here? - You didn't want to go home last night.
I ordered breakfast for us.
- I usually don't stay the night.
- Relax, all we did was cuddle.
- This is for you.
Sure thing.
- Did he just call you Ziervogel? - Yeah, why? Like this hotel? - This place belongs to my dad.
- Really? Correction, used to belong to my dad.
Brain tumor.
It was pretty fast in the end.
Thanks, but I got to go.
You sure? You're missing out.
I'm sorry.
About your father.
It's hard for you, huh? What is? The "feelings" thing.
We'll get there, Hans.
Yeah, sure.
You'll take these to Conny, to say sorry for yesterday.
Why do you care about that so much? 'Cause you don't stand up the head of MSAD.
No, it's because you don't think I can succeed on my own.
Why do you think that? That's why you want to set me up with someone.
You don't think I'm capable of that by myself.
Of course, I do.
But you have to take the opportunities when they do come, Dom.
Your father is in Kitzbühel, by the way.
So? Why don't you get in touch with him? He'd be happy for you to go and see him.
- Only if I had a Nobel Prize with me.
- Hey! He's very proud of you.
Even though he doesn't show it.
Why do you keep defending him all the time? He treated you like dirt.
It's not that clear.
He left us for another woman.
It's pretty simple, actually.
Your father and I, we come from different worlds.
He had a much harder life than we had.
Don't forget.
Don't worry.
He reminds me about it all the damn time.
Leave them here.
I'll do it.
Thank you.
MOZART POLSTERL Hands off! Those aren't for you.
I see.
Your mystery girl is into Mozart Pillows? - Now I finally get it.
- What do you finally get? The mystery girl is called Ute, is 50 years old and has three kids.
- An actress, if you must know, okay? - Seriously? - Do I know her? - No.
What has she been in? She's not an actress just yet.
She's really good, though.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- Is this your car? - Yeah.
Uh, and so vintage.
Thank you.
What do you want me to do with that? Mozart Pillows.
You said you like them.
Yes, but no.
I need to watch my weight right now.
My mom sees every gram that I eat.
She's getting more and more annoying.
She totally freaked again today because of that fucking watch.
What watch? Some family heirloom from her grandma.
The burglar pocketed it.
The burglar? Yeah, who else? And whose fault is it? Mine.
Can we get going, please? Of course.
- that's the crucial point for - Conny.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- May I? - If you keep it short.
I'm really sorry that I couldn't make it yesterday.
Ah, but here.
Your mother's taste is impeccable.
And I wanted to say I'm impressed by what you've built in such a short time.
I mean, it's just that MSAD is such a prestigious private school.
Thank you.
If you like, I could show you some sketches of mine.
Our appointment was yesterday, Dominik.
Come on.
I, too, was young once.
Don't worry about it.
I'll see you around.
Where were we? Um, our Russian investors would like a concrete financial plan for the next three months.
We have a department for that - How's Igor doing? - Ugh.
It's a difficult day.
Is he going to have another fit today? Hmm? Hello.
Guys, this is Lisi.
Be nice.
Hey, Lisi.
Well, how do I look? - Terrific.
- Yes, amazing.
- I was asking Lisi.
Hmm? - Um A little baggy.
It could do with a bit more shaping.
There's no time for shaping.
You're gorgeous! Well, how are we doing? - Igor! - Hello, my darling.
Okay, let me see.
And what is this? It's a contrast.
- With the contemporary look of the dress.
- Yeah, I see that, but it looks like shit.
And what's with that? - What? - Well, this.
This! It looks like a fucking sack of straw, or hay, or something.
But that it's what we agreed on.
I think I could shape it a little.
You could? Yeah.
Why not? It can't get any worse than this.
Come on, then.
We're losing light! Fucking hell! - Think you know more than me, huh? - No, I just thought that if - Okay, I'll take it from here.
- Daphne! Can you just go, please? You too.
Go on.
Lisi, quickly, please.
It's so damn cold.
Yeah, and so And you arrived.
We're really behind again.
How is she? She's almost ready.
Let's hope for an easy birth.
I was wondering.
The Ziervogel Hotel, the slope it stands on, it used to be ours, right? And so? Just wondering.
So why didn't we keep it then? It was too much work.
It wasn't profitable.
Without any help.
You just can't manage that with three people.
- Why are you asking all of a sudden? - Just asking.
Wow! Where do you learn to do that? - Oh, I wanted to study fashion.
- Really? I even had a scholarship for Saint Martins.
Saint Martins? In London? - Yeah.
- That's sick! Then what? Then my brother Joseph died, and I didn't want to leave my parents here alone.
I'm sorry.
That must have been awful.
And what about you? How much longer do you want to put up with this? What do you mean? I mean, isn't it really tedious? Just playing the perfect cover girl when you have so much more to offer.
You think so? Of course.
One hundred percent.
Don't you want to show another side of yourself? What? Don't laugh, but I I really thought about getting into acting.
Why would I laugh at that? Because it's such a cliché.
The model who wants to become an actress.
You wouldn't be the first to make it.
- Just look at Charliz Theron.
- It's Charlize, honey.
Yeah, that's who I meant.
A director from Burgtheater keeps writing me as well.
Birger Ritzenhoff.
Birger Ritzenhoff? - Yeah.
Cool, right? Mm-hmm.
- So cool! But I'm not good enough yet for the fucking Burgtheater.
And how would you know if you haven't tried it yet? Darling! Let me see.
Have fun.
Stay like that.
Perfect! Little bit less.
Love it! Okay, great.
Hold it.
One more time.
Drama queen! Yes, yes, yes, yes.
Like that! Yeah! Towards me now.
Just a little.
Very good! Yeah, yeah, yeah! Okay.
Good, good.
Ah, yes! Yes, yes, yes.
You work here as well? I just gave Vanessa a ride.
Oh, did she make you her driver? By the way, great move yesterday.
Kicking out Pippa all smooth like that.
Careful you're not next to go, yeah? What do you mean? A little tip from me, don't fuck with the queen.
I saw you with Dom yesterday.
Koshi! What are you doing here? I thought I'd swing by, and together we'd break in the Benz, yeah? Awesome.
We have so much to talk about.
Hang on, did you get your license yet? Yeah.
Along with my training as a yoga instructor.
Man, it's so cold.
- Do you want my jacket? - Absolutely.
- Thank you.
- Let me help you.
Well, hop on, baby.
My driver is waiting for us now.
- Yeah! Are you coming? - I can't leave my car here.
Okay, too bad.
See you, then.
Ah! Hold on.
Hey, Lisi, how's it going? Tell me, did you swipe a watch at Vanessa's? - Me? - Yes, Hans.
- Are you Robin Hood now? - They have way too much anyway.
- No one will notice.
- They already noticed.
Seriously, Hans, the pressure is really on now.
They might even realize what we're up to.
- So what are we gonna do now? - I'm coming over.
Damn! Why are the languages mixed together? The title's in English.
The rest is in German.
- I'll fix that right away.
- Please do so.
 The lights are too bright.
And please put the film after the welcome speech.
Dominik? Hey, Dad.
Twenty minutes, Mr.
I didn't even know you'd be here.
Regine says hello.
Thank you.
How is she? Good.
Yeah, she's good.
She has a new boyfriend.
Nice guy.
And are you all good? I'm good too.
You're still doing the car design thing, right? Uh, yeah.
Um Uh, applying again to Pasadena.
Excuse me, I'm afraid the espresso is bitter.
Oh, I'm sorry, I'll bring you a new one at once.
Pasadena? Hmm.
Anywhere else? You're applying to others too, no? What will you do if they don't take you again? Then I'll become a neurologist like you.
Would that make you happy? What do you mean? It's not about me being happy, but you.
With yourself.
It's about you getting out of this bubble for once.
- Having to really fight for something.
- Let me guess, against all odds? - Yes.
- Yeah.
My apologies again.
Maybe you're content to post pictures with this Vanessa.
Apparently, that's a real job these days.
I'll be "This Vanessa" has been my girlfriend, Dad.
Come on, let's not fight.
Call me.
I'll be here for a few more days.
We can have dinner together.
- Okay? Call me.
- Okay, later.
Yeah, I'm coming.
How are things? The amniotic sac is out.
Won't be long.
First calf this year.
I hope everything goes all right.
- Hans, you have to give me the watch.
- Yeah, okay.
Any progress on your end? I mentioned Joseph.
What? Why? It's better if she hears it from me than someone else.
So, how did she react? "Oh my God, how awful!" - Like Teflon.
It all just slides off.
- What did you think it'd be like? Okay, now tell me about your farmer boy.
I want to know absolutely all of it.
Farmer boy's called Hans.
The guy from last night's bonfire.
He was cute! So why aren't you with your farmer boy right now in bed? No idea.
He's probably not that into me.
He completely ditched me yesterday.
Wait, or was it this morning? And that makes you even hornier for him, right? No, not at all.
Kosh, you love getting rejected.
Maybe a little.
Where would you like to go? We're going to visit your farmer boy.
Driver! To the Hans' farm! Yay! And what's the address? Hello there.
- Hello.
- Could you maybe help us? We're looking for the farmer called Hans.
Hans? Anything else but just Hans? Well, he's around 20 years old.
- He's very handsome, and - He doesn't have a milking robot.
He has no milking robot.
Well that could be Hansi Gassner.
He lives here in Kitzbühel.
Hansi Gassner.
That must be him.
- What do you want with him? - Don't get so nosy there, Franz.
He's got eggs.
Thank you.
Go get him, tiger! Rawr! - Good day.
- Hello.
- Is Hans here? - Why do you need him? We're friends.
I'm Kosh.
You're who? Kosh is my name.
Kosh Ziervogel.
Ziervogel, you said? Is Hans here, then? Has she taken the bait? I fired off another email from Birger Ritzenhoff.
I think I'm getting there.
But then Kosh showed up and hijacked her.
Thanks to us, they're inseparable again.
- Where were you last night, anyway? - Hansi! It's Kosh! Are you in there? - You're the farmer boy? - Am I the what? He can't see me here.
Hey, farmer boy.
Hello, cow.
What are you doing here? Now is not a good time.
I was bored.
- You were bored, huh? - Mm-hmm.
Sorry, I I don't have time right now.
I just wanted to see how you were.
You looked a bit rough this morning.
I'm fine.
I just had to leave urgently.
Jesus! What's going on there? A calf is gonna come out.
What's coming out? Okay, come on.
Well, give me a hand now.
Here, take a leg.
Okay, good.
Okay, that's it.
It's not doing it.
Don't worry.
There, you got it.
There's placenta on my Louboutins.
So what's it called? - Just calf.
- You can't just call it calf, though.
So give it a name.
You look to me like a Bertl.
Welcome, Bertl.
Welcome, Bertl.
I think I better get going now.
That's best, yeah.
- Hello.
- My skis need some maintenance.
- Yeah, well, we're actually closed.
Sorry, I can't help you.
Lisi mentioned your shop to me.
I must have misunderstood.
Oh, you know Lisi? Want me to leave a note? No, thanks.
It's all right.
I just wanted to ask how she's doing.
- And you are? - Dominik.
Hey, wait a minute.
I'll see if Schorsch will make an exception.
- Okay.
- One second.
They're actually in beautiful condition.
I wouldn't take a lot off of the edge.
Can I ask you something? Why not reopen the shop again? I can't go on the slope with my leg.
Let alone give lessons.
Look here.
Good and sharp.
And even if Since Joseph has been gone We were a team, him and I.
Now there's always a person gone, you know? So - Here you go.
- What do I owe you? - No, no.
It's on the house.
- I insist.
Me too.
This is total bullshit, Hans.
Yeah, I know.
I had no idea he was part of Vanessa's clique.
- And you show up with him at the party.
- Yeah, and you went home with him anyway.
Yeah, because I drank from his drink, which had this crazy thing in it.
It's all right.
But if this is all just a game to you, then tell me now.
I loved Jo.
You know that.
I loved him, Lisi.
Not like you did.
In another way.
I know.
Come here.
All right.
Just give me the watch now.
- What will you do with it? - Save your ass.
- Hey, Lisi! - Hi.
Um - So what did you want again? - My jacket.
Um We're doing "Sissi and chill" right now.
Want to come in? Sissi and chill? Mm-hmm.
Come in.
- Some shroom chocolate? - What sort of chocolate? Magic mushrooms, sweetie.
Wirsing's original recipe.
- I don't want to hear that name, Kosh.
- Sorry, Your Highness.
It's a little tradition of ours.
Wanna try? No, I drove here.
You're welcome to stay.
And then you'll have to have a bit of chocolate.
Want a snack? You can sleep in the guest room.
Kosh too.
How do you know this Ziervogel? Why? Arnold, you are not just walking away right now and leaving.
What's this about? Look, Hans, these people are no good.
It won't end well, believe me.
"They're no good"? I came out more than a year ago.
You'll have to get used to it eventually.
It is not that.
Then what? Hansi, please, you must trust us.
That boy is no good for you.
So hypocritical.
That boy's name is Kosh.
Why did you run away this afternoon? It's slowly kicking in now.
I got your food order.
Franz! Nessa? Huh? Who is this Nessa? - Okay, what did you take? - Nothing.
Just a few mushrooms, Franz.
You know.
If you haven't noticed yet, Kosh and Nessa are unbearable together.
And who's this Nessa, Your Royal Highness? See? I love you.
Will you be my wife? No.
Never! Why not? I won't get in the way of Néné's happiness.
Because I'll never steal her husband.
Lisi? Are you okay? I just need to lie down right now.
The watch.
Where? Where? Where? It's all right.
Okay, come on.
Go on.
Go on.
Wow! Tick.
I saw you.
I saw you with Dom.
I saw you.
Kosh saw me.
The watch.
Where? I saw you.
The watch.
Where? I saw the watch.
The watch.
Kosh has the watch.
Oh shit! I'm sorry.
Let me help you.
Isn't this your watch? - Where did it come from all of a sudden? - Kosh's bag.
Huh? How? The watch definitely fell out of your bag.
Of course that's the watch.
- But how is that? - You tell me.
Did you take it at my party? I wouldn't steal a watch.
Or would I? Fuck.
Is this really happening? If I did, I'm really sorry.
I'm sure he didn't mean it.
And I trusted you.
Fuck off.
I don't want to see you again! Nessa, he needs help.
Help? You guys are such assholes.
We are assholes? I opened every door for you.
I took you with me wherever I went.
And I fucking worried about you.
If you're worried, why'd you never get in touch then? - You're starting with this shit again? - When my father died, not a word.
What? Your dad has died? When? Four months ago.
Why didn't you say anything? A million times I called you! But you rejected all my calls! Because of some fucking picture from years ago that I posted? Damn.
Kosh, I'm so sorry.
Shove it with your pity! Fuck! Oh God.
The statue.
My car.
Don't worry.
We'll fix it, okay? I can't deal with all of this.
I'd better go.
Wait, I'll drive you home.
I'll make it home somehow.
On foot? Alone? In the dark? Please, can I drive you home? Okay.
I'm so sorry about all the drama.
You must be thinking just, "What kind of fucked up snobs aren't even aware that one of their best friend's dad has died?" I mean I'm really so sorry, Lisi.
I shouldn't have said that.
After all you've been through.
It's all right.
And you're not a fucked up snob at all.
I promise.
Hey, we're making progress.
But I still don't quite get you.
You know what? Neither do I.
I always had this feeling that I have to want something.
And I don't even know what it is.
And no matter where I am, I keep thinking, "No, where am I?" You understand? Give a little, get a lot Honey and gold for the taking That kiss last night was a mistake.
A mistake.
Hello, this is Hans.
Unfortunately, I'm currently unavailable.
Please leave a message after the beep.
I'm a jagwar calling I make a bad, bad prisoner I'm a bird free falling Sometimes, it takes just a tiny spark to set off a firestorm.
Once the fire starts to spread, there's no controlling it.
Bertl, where are you? Get down from there! Kosh! Careful! - Are you crazy? What are you doing? - He'll suffocate if we don't get him out.
So? Do you want to suffocate alongside him? The gas needs to be let out first.
Hans, no! Hans! Hans! I'm a jagwar calling And you can't even guess yet how much scorched earth you'll leave in your wake.
Hans? Hans! Kosh, wake up! Oh, thank God.
I'm so pathetic.
What are you talking about? I stole the watch.

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