Kitz (2021) s01e04 Episode Script


A NETFLIX SERIES When it begins to thaw after a cold, harsh winter, all that is hidden emerges.
Snowdrops, green meadows, and anything else that was hidden beneath the snow.
TEMPORARILY CLOSED When everything melts and drips, then you know that it's time for the avalanches.
And yet you just keep standing there.
Because it's so enormous.
Because it's so beautiful.
FOR MY CHARLIZE But once an avalanche is unleashed FOR MY CHARLIZE THERON OF MUNICH.
there's no stopping it.
Dom, are you listening? I'm speaking to you.
 Dominik, hello? Are you listening to me? Dom.
Are you listening? What? What do you think? Hmm? To be honest, I don't think it's exciting.
It's quite dull.
I'll call Wilma to see what else she has.
Do you call your father often? Why don't you call him if you're so keen? Then don't.
I give up.
Wilma? It's me.
Listen, I've looked through everything again DOMINIK GOOD MORNING! ARE YOU STILL AT HOME? LISI HEY, DOMINIK.
YEAH WHY? Hey, Nessa.
I was just about to call you.
Guess who Leonce took to the film awards yesterday? Pippa, that little rat.
Just forget about her.
It's just one huge "fuck you" to me.
Yeah, because she's jealous, Nessa.
Because it's beneath you to be the plus one for some poser who thinks he's the coolest because he walked through a shot in a Tarantino film like one time.
He is quite a poser.
Forget them.
We're doing our own thing.
What are you doing today? - Hey.
- Dominik.
Uh - I was just heading out.
- You wouldn't happen to need a car? - You're kidding, aren't you? - No.
I'll lend it to you until yours is fixed.
- Thank you, but I'll manage.
- Morning! - Good morning.
- Back so soon? - Something wrong with the skis? - They're better than new, Mr.
- Thanks again.
- Huh? What skis? I wanted to apologize for my friend and lend your daughter a car until hers is fixed.
That's a Maserati Quattroporte.
That's very kind of you.
But I don't think it's a good idea for Lisi - to drive around in a race car like that.
- Of course.
I just wanted to offer.
Very thoughtful.
- It's just sitting in our garage anyways.
- Is that a V6 or V8? - V8.
- Right.
How fast does it go from 0 to 60? Five, six seconds? - Five.
- Wow.
- I wouldn't mind taking that for a spin.
- Schorsch! - What? Why not? - Think about your foot.
Well, if it'll just sit in the garage otherwise I'll just leave the key.
Just in case.
I have to go.
Dominik, you probably do too? - Right.
- Would you like to have breakfast with us? - We're just coming from the bakery.
- I don't know.
Come on.
It's the least after you bring us a machine like that.
Join us.
Can I carry the basket for you? Thanks.
Ziervogel's son is lying upstairs? What else could I have done? Helma, it's time we finally told him.
But I don't want Hansi to know.
He'll find out eventually anyway.
Better he hears it from us.
I don't want to be reminded of it anymore.
What will I find out anyway? - What's your problem with Kosh? - Don't speak like that to your father.
Kosh, are you awake? Did you sleep well? Shit.
Damn it.
Fuck! Selfie time! Uh, okay.
- Soda with lemon.
- Thank you.
Sometimes I forget just how beautiful this place is.
You need to explain something to me.
You're from Kitzbühel, the number one ski resort, and you don't ski.
I don't understand.
Well, I used to.
It's just Ever since Joseph died I'm sorry, it was really insensitive for me to bring that up.
You couldn't have known.
Here, this made me think of you.
Because of your interest in acting.
Did you buy this especially for me? How sweet is that? THE ART OF ACTING I found it in my brother's room.
I think he wanted to give it to one of his girls.
He even wrote a dedication.
By the way, did that Burgtheater director contact you again? Yeah, um, Birger wants me to make a casting video for him.
How cool! So? The role is very edgy, pretty intense.
And then if I do it, is my brand possible? SKI SHOP SKI RENTAL Hmm.
Okay, I have an idea.
We'll film that video together.
And I'll gather the courage to ski again today.
SKI RENTAL You look great, Lisi.
- I'll pay you back.
I promise.
- No.
You've done so much for me.
You're here? I've been calling you.
I couldn't pick up.
Eight times? This is Vanessa.
So you managed to get Lisi onto the skis? Yeah, looks like it.
- Have we seen each other before? - Antonia.
Formerly best of friends.
Toni? I'll get in touch, okay? Have fun, girls.
Uh-oh, what did you do to her? Nothing.
Are you ready to face your fears? For bears, when the winter Kosh, are you in there? Open up! Open up! Kosh! Oh, thank God.
Kosh, you're here Of course.
Just vanishing like that.
Why didn't you say anything? Yesterday was just too much.
I'm sorry, okay? What are you sorry about? You had to drag me out of the silo, I steal from my friends, and don't even remember.
It can't go on like this.
I need to change something.
If you need help from me What are you doing here, anyway? I was just worried.
About me or something? Yes, about you, idiot.
What? See? It's not so hard to show your feelings.
Come on now.
I'm not that great either.
Just go ahead already.
Come on, Lisi! Not that great, huh? Come on now, Lisi! Go! Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! Woo! Awesome! Woo! Hey, Ma.
Hey, Dom.
So, you know what I was thinking? Look who's here.
What is - Conny.
- Hi there, Dominik.
Pretty warm outside today, right? You think? Yeah.
I'll be upstairs.
Hang on, Dominik.
One second.
I've got a question.
I was talking to your mother about our conversation.
How about you enroll with us the summer semester? What? This March? - We start soon start in February.
- Can you still apply? - Thought you guys were full? - I'll worry about that.
I'll see to it that we sort that out without any red tape, huh? Okay.
Thank you.
I'll think about it.
Do that.
But don't wait too long because there are only two spots left there, okay? I faced my fear.
Now it's your turn.
But I'm no good at improvising, Lisi.
Not yet.
The play's called Offending the Audience.
It's about Let me guess, offending the audience? Not exactly Shakespeare.
Peter Handke.
He won a Nobel Prize.
Why don't they just send me a script? Because you're supposed to show real emotion.
Just reread what Birger wrote.
Blah, blah, blah.
"A modern interpretation to confront the oh so open-minded theater audience with their petty, provincial mentality.
" How deep.
Forget about that for now.
What are you doing? - Filming you, of course.
- With your phone? Use mine, please.
Now keep in mind that Birger wants to see real emotions.
I can't do it.
Give me my phone.
Just wait, Nessa.
All right, then.
I guess I was wrong.
It's true what people say.
What do people say? Well, all you ever care about is looking pretty and then spending your parents' money.
You are pretty superficial, aren't you? I don't want to do this right now.
And I don't feel like dealing with a Munich bimbo like you who is self-involved.
You think you're better somehow? Coming here and just taking whatever you like.
- Treating us like dirt and - But you don't mind taking my money, huh? Then you complain how we're destroying your villages, don't you? "The evil Germans.
" You're such hypocrites.
I mean, where does all the money come from? Who brings all the money to Kitzbühel? We do.
You guys are just pathetic and so envious.
What do all of you want from me, huh? Is it my fault that you never once made it out of your shitty backwater town? I just feel sorry for you.
You know what? I wish an avalanche would come and bury this fucking village with all of you! Vanessa, it turned out so good! You really think so? Hey.
You really think too much.
Just send it off.
No, I I have to process this first.
Yeah, sure.
What is wrong? It doesn't matter.
It It was long ago.
What was a long time ago? I think I need to be by myself for a bit, okay? Hello, this is Hans.
Please leave a message after the beep.
Hey, Vanessa really delivered.
You should have seen it.
If that goes online I mean, obviously, it will go online.
Of course.
So call me back, okay? Are you ready? Yeah.
No turning back.
Let's get rid of this shit.
On three.
One, two Sayonara, baby! Woo! Never again.
Never again.
And when I'm not fully settled down To you I'm tethered, wrapped around Ooh, you require me To remove my guard Give you all of me In my heart I wish an avalanche would come and bury this RECEIVING EMAILS NO NEW EMAILS Every part of me And if I'm drowned out or in free fall You are my favorite one of all LISI MOBILE 5 UNREAD MESSAGES And when I'm not fully settled down To you I'm tethered I'm wrapped around I'm wrapped around Thanks for giving me a ride home.
After that silo stunt last night, it's the least I can do.
Thank you, Mr.
- Jeez! What was that? - Just some avalanche blasting.
I thought your mama was coming with a rifle.
Are you sure this is a good idea? Me coming in, I mean.
I don't want to cause any more drama with you, okay? You're not.
Good morning, sweets.
Someone is here.
Mom! Sorry.
- I thought you were up already.
- I didn't sleep too well.
So, there's something I'd like to talk to you about.
If it's about the kiss You have a girlfriend.
I know.
But it's not about the kiss.
So what? Your dress! It'll have its big debut at my mom's fashion show tomorrow.
Fashion show? So a fashion show will boost your career more than any college.
You went into my room? Your dress will be the highlight.
Regine agrees.
And the fact that you're Kitzbühel's local hero Local Have you guys lost your minds? Okay.
Just relax.
Don't you tell me when I should relax.
Okay, I'm sorry.
What gives you the right to just interfere with my life? First, you secretly show up to "get your skis waxed.
" That wasn't secretly.
Then you park a Maserati in front of my house like a mob boss.
And now you want to get me into your mother's show.
What do you want from me, Dominik? To help you.
To help me? Before trying to help me, you should sort out your own life first.
You know what? When I first saw your dress, I was like, "Wow! You're really talented.
" I thought you'd be excited about the opportunity.
But if you're too proud You weren't here to do milking.
Mom, this is Kosh.
Yes, I know.
Kosh might be coming around more often now.
Tell him he's not welcome.
No worries, I'll just go.
No, wait.
Kosh has ears and a mouth.
You can tell him yourself.
He's already done enough.
Him and his father.
What does my father have to do with this? If you don't tell the truth now, I'll leave and you'll never see me again.
He toyed with me with every trick because he wanted our slope.
I thought it wasn't profitable any longer? He wanted to build that Ziervogel.
He'd loved me not a bit.
And I was stupid and believed.
My father? Yes, your father.
He lied and screwed me over.
But Kosh isn't his father.
They're all the same.
It's all about money.
Nothing is sacred but that! Bye.
I'm sorry about the way she treated you.
I'm the one who's sorry.
My father really outdid himself with that one.
Papa, I need to talk to you a about something.
It's been a whole year now since Joseph passed.
And I feel like life needs to go on now.
What would you say if I applied to London again? No one is demanding that you stay here forever.
The last thing we want is to stand in your way or to hold you back.
- Yeah? - Of course.
It may not look like it, but I'm tough.
And your mom even more so.
Of course, you should go.
So? What do you think? Be honest.
It's so super.
Super? Didn't the sleeves turn out a bit big? That's exactly the point! I see.
What point? Filling the dress in your mind even if you could never physically fill it out.
I don't know about this stuff, Lisi.
It symbolizes protection, strength, self-confidence.
I see.
Okay, I get it.
You're right.
It's total shit! No, I'm not saying that.
It's super.
- It has to be sent out tomorrow! - Okay, but? - I can't send it like this! - Of course, you'll send it like that! You must.
But something is missing, Jo.
If you never even set off from the mountain top, you'll never make it down.
You're deep as always.
And your eyes, your eyes I'D BE HAPPY TO TAKE YOU UP ON YOUR MSAD OFFER.
 THANKS!! For all ever And there, we stay Stay to argue Stay to move SENDING EMAIL Stay inflicted And stay a part of me And grow to the more Are you all right? I don't feel so good.
Ate too much tuna.
Guess I'd better go then.
Can we talk for a minute? What is it? That was some pretty heavy stuff today.
I'm sorry for dragging you into it.
It's all okay.
I'm also sorry for being so cold with you all the time.
I know you only meant well.
No worries.
There used to be someone I really liked.
I waited a long time for the right moment to tell him.
Then suddenly, it was too late.
Now he's gone from here.
When you fell into the silo, I realized, "Shit, I really do like him.
" I think I love you.
Me? What's wrong with you.
Are you crazy? What, do you want to punch me now? Come.
Punch me.
Or are you going to cry? You're the biggest fuck up I've ever met.
See? Your mom was correct.
Fuck you! Fuck! What shall I eat? - I thought you were full? - A little bit.
So the window's here.
Okay, and now the wheels.
Check it out.
Look here, Mommy.
Wow! I knew you were good at drawing, but this good? - You don't get that from Kingsley.
- What? You sure? Dr.
Reid, you draw people with four fingers and hydrocephaly.
Stop it.
So Kingsley mentioned you want to be a car designer? - Yes.
- And? How's that going? I'm starting in Munich next semester.
MSAD? New Munich School of Automotive Design.
That's amazing.
Right? Mm-hmm.
It's a good school.
Isn't that, um, Breidenbacher's? - Yeah.
- Right.
So the application process wasn't complicated.
If that's the case, it's not that much.
He'll still have to do the hard work by himself.
You always said that you worked your way all the way up from the bottom so that you're kids would have it better.
What do you want? TEMPORARILY CLOSED Lisi? Hey.
I revised it again.
It's It still isn't perfect, but you were right.
It's earned its premiere in the spotlight.
I agree.
But do you want to come in first? Okay.
I may have been too harsh earlier.
I know you only meant well.
It was really forward of me.
I I should have asked you first.
I don't know what I'm thinking sometimes.
No, you shouldn't have.
Since Joseph passed, I've been too scared to touch it again.
For one year, I just couldn't look at the thing.
That is, until now.
Thank you.
How do you know This feeling when I'm awake How you know that Yeah, how do you know Confidence on the floor How you know that I feel More with less I feel More with less I feel More with less Hey, Lisi.
Um, so I did it.
I sent the video of the scene.
I wanted to tell you that, though we've known each other for a short while, you're really awesome.
Thank you.
You've become a really good friend.
Thank you.
How do I know The way I'm gonna go Well, I follow the lights In front of your eyes Innocence and lies How is it so Yeah, how do I know The way I'm gonna go I follow the lights In front of your eyes Innocence and lies How is it so I feel More with less
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