Knight Squad (2018) s01e04 Episode Script

One Magical Knight

1 Art class? Yes! Sir Gareth, if you need models, we're your guys.
We call this pose "boys looking cool.
" I call it "stop acting the fool.
" The sad part is they stayed up all night practicing that.
These easels are for the magical abilities test.
It was developed after the 100 Year Wizard Drought.
Oh, my grandparents told me about that.
In those days, magic markers weren't just markers.
I bet I'm magical since I already have a magical smile.
You have spinach in your teeth.
That's the magic.
I did not eat spinach.
Allow me to introduce you to the person who will be giving the test Sorceress Spitzalot.
[whooshing] [spitting saliva] Thank you, Sir Gareth.
I am so psyched to assess such stellar students.
I think I know why she's called Spitzalot.
[spitting] If you are one of the sublime students, who shows magical skill, you'll be sent away from knight school to study at the Spitzalot School of Sorcery.
Yes, I I don't want to lose any of you, but, unfortunately, what she spits, goes.
[spitting] I shall now show you the spell you all will attempt.
Exevalo, plucky plucky! [magic puffs, chimes] STUDENTS: Ohhh Oh, calm down.
She picked a flower.
I've punched a dragon.
Reveltray, putus backus.
[magic chimes] STUDENTS: Ohhh Oh, look at that.
She reversed her spell.
Which means she technically accomplished nothing! To your easels.
Get ready to be amazed.
Exevalo, plucky plucky! Okay, no flower.
But, look, now there's broccoli in my teeth.
How does he do it? Oh, Prudy, did you pull anything out of the painting? No.
[Laughs] But I did put something in it.
Oh, look, everyone, the girl giant wrecked something.
Shocker! But she breaks things all the time.
Oh, you were doing that thing where you sound nice, but you're being mean.
[giggling] I guess it's my turn.
Exevalo, plucky plucky! Huh, it looks like I am meant to save Astoria with my sword.
By the way, has anyone seen my sword? Well, none of them can do magic.
I guess you won't plucky plucky any of my students today.
So long, Spitzy.
[spitting] So it seems, Sir Gareth.
Guess I'll stick around the castle and do some sightseeing.
[whooshing] Ahhhh! Close your mouth before you tornado outta here.
Na na na na Na na na na na na na I'll have the instant omelet.
[magic poofs] I tried to do this at home.
A big mess.
Fave don't court tonight! Our favorite rock band Don't Imagine Dragons for real is having a concert in the courtyard tonight? Oh, please tell me we have tickets.
We have tickets! Sweet! [thunderous pounding] Oh, Prudyquake! [thunderous rumbling continues] Oops.
[laughs] My bad.
Dang it, giant, you noodled me.
I think you look pretty.
I'm sorry, Sage.
Sometimes I lose control of my giant strength.
Yeah, well, someone could have gotten hurt.
See this is why giants shouldn't go to knight school.
Well, they let you in and you're a giant lunch bucket.
This isn't over.
Buttercup! You said it wasn't over! Don't worry about what Sage said.
It's not just her.
Everybody thinks that giants are nothing but wrecking balls.
I signed up for knight school to prove them wrong.
That's what you do every day.
Except last Tuesday when you tripped and knocked over that barn.
I have to find a way to control my giant strength.
And I'm gonna do it starting now! [table crashes] It was like that.
Oh, I'll steal the ball from the knight.
Time is running out.
Arc shoots! And realizes foosball is not his sport.
All right, the coast is clear.
I can try this now.
Exevalo, plucky plucky! [magic chimes] - You can do magic.
- Ah! [wheezing] And you can throw really hard.
Oh oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh Oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh Oh, we will be heroes We are the Knight Squad Hey! Yeah-ah, yeah-ah, yeah I just saw you take that apple out of that painting.
No, you didn't.
Memory wipey wipey! Did you just try to use magic to wipe my memory? Not if it didn't work.
Admit you can do magic or say goodbye to this guy.
Why would I care about that thing? Mr.
Fuzzy Phoenix is yours.
Oh, then you won't mind, if I do this! Don't hurt him! Tell me the truth.
I can do magic.
How? When? Who? No, I know that one.
When I was a kid, I messed around with some spells, and realized I can do magic.
Well, how did you fail that spitty lady's test? I tanked it on purpose.
I don't want anyone to find out.
Why not? Well, you heard Spitzalot.
I'd get kicked out of knight school.
I can't let that happen.
Being in the squad is like my family.
Which makes me Uncle Arcwick.
Just please don't tell anyone.
Okay, as your best friend, I promise not to tell anyone about your magical secret.
Thank you.
But I will beg you to use your magical secret for fun.
How? The only trick I can do is taking stuff outta paintings.
Uh how many paintings in this castle do you think have cake in them? The answer is "a lot.
" Shoot, I shoulda grabbed a painting with milk in it.
Oh, I might have you.
You can milk this, right? Yeah-ah-ah Dun dun dun Thanks.
My friend's having a rough day, but these will help her bounce back.
Because now she's a ball.
Prudy, what is this? This is my stay out of trouble bubble.
[thuds cart] See? The cart didn't go flying out of the castle.
My days of people only seeing me as a giant who destroys things are over.
This is crazy.
And there is no way you can give me a good hug in that thing.
That's not true.
[bubbles squeaking] Okay.
It is true.
But my giant strength is in check, and I can rock out at the concert tonight.
Go, Prudy, go, Prudy No, Prudy.
You can't live your life in a bubble.
Uh, yes, I can.
There's no rule against it.
You're right, there is no rule against it.
New rule: no person may live their life in a bubble.
But, Your Majesty, why is this all of a sudden a rule? - Because, uh - [whispering] Because I am the king and no takebacks.
Thank you, Daddy! I believe I was promised some of your famous s'mores.
Oh, it is good to be king.
Buttercup, did you see that? Yeah.
I have the same bubble in red.
Prudence is desperate.
This is our chance to weaken Phoenix Squad and get revenge on that giant girl.
Come on.
Prudence, is everything okay? Not now, Sage.
The king just burst my stay out of trouble bubble.
Maybe I can help with that.
Why are you being nice to me? Oh, because this is our chance to Show that we understand how you feel.
You do? - We do? - We do.
It's hard being different.
I can't imagine being the only giant in knight school.
Oh, it would be so much easier, if I could just control my giant strength.
I can't control my giggling when I think about baby pandas.
[giggling] I really cannot.
How about we talk about your problem together? I guess that would be okay.
I can't talk to Ciara.
She doesn't even think I have a problem.
Oh, sweetie, you're one giant problem.
Let's get you outta that suit.
[bubble "pops," air wheezing] Oh, I really thought she was gonna go flying around the courtyard.
Oh no no No no no no no BOTH: [groaning] I'm so stuffed.
But I haven't had my dessert cake yet.
Exevalo, plucky plucky! [magic chimes] To cake! [musical fanfare] Dude, we're gonna be late for the concert.
We are disgusting.
[mouth full of cake] Let's go.
We can't go to the concert looking like Cake Man and Frosting Boy.
Wait, which of us is I'm Cake Man.
You're Frosting Boy.
We should change, but we don't have any party clothes here.
Who's this sharply- dressed hooligan? - Horvath the Horrible.
- Sounds cool.
No, he was horrible.
He attacked the castle with his lightning staff.
Luckily, he was taken down by the first knights of Astoria.
Aha, that's interesting.
Let's take Horvath's clothes.
No way.
Come on, dude.
You've been taking stuff out of paintings all day.
Yeah, food.
Taking a scary villain's clothes might be tricky.
Tricky? You already milked a painting of a cow.
That milk was delicious.
All right, but this is the last one.
Exevalo, plucky plucky! [magic chimes] I knew you could do it.
Ugh, now Horvath's horrible for a whole different reason.
Although, those heart boxers do look like my size.
No! Fine.
Let's go change.
And you thought something bad was gonna happen.
[laughs] I did.
I really did.
[electrical zapping] [footsteps pound] [dramatic music] - [roaring] - [electrical zapping] [rock music] I love these guys.
Best rock band ever.
Oh oh oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh oh oh Dude, those pants.
Dude, that shirt.
You look amazing.
No, you look amazing.
No, you do.
BOTH: Boy models forever! Guys, I'm telling you this as a friend.
This has gotta stop.
Have you guys seen Prudy? I'm really worried about her.
Well, I'm worried about us.
[roaring] Wha-a-a-a-at? - [pounds staff] - [electrical zapping] Is that Horvath the Horrible from the painting in our squad room? How would we know? We hate paintings.
And we certainly don't eat them, if that's what you're implying.
Oh oh oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh oh [electrical zapping] Guess he didn't like that song.
[dramatic music] [weapons clanging] How is this possible? Maybe someone used magic and let him out of the painting because his best friend talked him into it.
You two did this? Which means Warwick can do magic.
How do you know I'm not magical? Because you'd be bragging about it.
She got me there.
[weapons clanging] [electrical zapping] We need to get Horvath back in the painting, so we need to bring it down here.
Doesn't it weigh like 500 pounds? We need someone super strong.
It sounds like a job for Frosting Boy! She already left to go get Prudy.
She's way stronger than you! No need to be rude.
[electrical zapping] [dramatic music] [weapons clacking] Have you guys seen Prudence? Oh, yeah, we've seen her.
[laughs] She was so upset that you wouldn't help her with her giant strength problem, so I helped her.
What did you do? I met a beaver who tried to get me to join the circus.
[giggling] What did Sage do? Oh, I just convinced your giant friend that there's only one solution to her problem.
So, Prudence quit knight school.
What?! Maybe she didn't hear you.
Prudence quit knight school? Oh, good.
She heard you.
Prudence? Prudence? [sighs] My bestie's gone.
[sighs] Looks like I'm gonna have to carry this painting without her.
[straining] Ohhhhhh! [straining] Almost got it! Oh! [straining] What're you doin'? Prudy! You're still here! Yeah.
I was on my way out.
Then I found some cake in the bathroom.
You can't quit knight school.
I have to.
I mean, Sage is right.
There's no way I'm ever gonna be able to control my giant strength.
Sage is wrong.
So you break stuff sometimes.
You can also do amazing things things that no other knight school student can do.
I am the only one that can crack coconuts under their armpits.
[imitates cracking, laughs] Exactly.
Your giant strength is what makes you special.
And right now we need it to stop Horvath the Horrible.
Ooh, the savage villain from that painting? Oh! Who's no longer there! No, he's outside trying to fry Arc and Warwick.
What?! Our friends are in trouble? [roaring] Ahhh! Whoa, you were all like [roaring] Thanks.
[laughs] Where am I takin' this thing? It's too heavy.
[dramatic music] [electrical zapping] Why did we have to eat 30 cakes? - [roaring] - [electrical zapping] Oh, that's gotta hurt.
Yeah, it did.
And it still does.
Okay, the painting's here.
All right, Warwick, use your magic to get him back in.
Yeah, about that.
I'm not doing it.
ARC & CIARA: What? If people see me do magic, I'll have to leave knight school.
[weapons clanging] [dramatic music] [groans] There's not gonna be a knight school, if you don't put him back in the painting.
I don't want you to leave, but I also don't want the last thing I see to be that guy in his underwear.
[grunting] I'll never let that happen to you, bro.
I'll do it! Prudy, you get the painting behind Horvath and we'll figure out the rest.
Got it.
Be ready with the magic, Cake Man.
I'm always ready, Frosting Boy.
[groans] - [roaring] - [electrical zapping] [dramatic music] Get him to fire again! We'll use his lightning against him.
Hey, hey, Horvath! You've been wearin' the same underpants for a thousand years! [electrical zapping] Warwick, now! Reveltray, putus backus! [dramatic music] Warwick, that was amazing.
Um, guys, we did it.
No, you did it.
These fools let him out of the painting.
And put him back.
You're welcome.
And the best part is no one saw me do magic.
Warwick, I I saw you do magic.
Or did you? Memory wipey wipey! Yes, we all saw you do magic.
Why don't it work? [spitting] Because that's not the way you do the memory wipe spell.
But I'll teach you when you're transferred to my school of sorcery.
Man, he's right in the splash zone.
Sir Gareth, I don't wanna go to sorcery school.
I wanna stay in knight school with my friends.
Warwick, I understand, but it's not up to me.
You leave for sorcery school in the morning.
Why can't he be a knight and do magic? [spitting] He's going to sorcery school because that's the rules.
Hmmm rules, you say? New rule: Warwick shall stay at knight school and do magic.
But Your Majesty, why? Because I'm the king and I like s'mores! You heard the man.
I'm gonna be the first magical knight, y'all.
We need to celebrate.
To the cake museum! Well, Spitzy, you came for my students, but you leave with this pfffffft! Thanks for convincing me to stay in knight school.
See? I told you the hug's better without the bubble.
Ugh, we get it.
You have feelings.
Ahem, excuse me, Sorceress.
My buddy Sage actually wanted to know the history of your school.
No, it's okay.
No, I don't.
[spitting] Oh, certainly.
Since the inception of sorcery, citizens of Astoria have been astonished to see so many subjects with sorcery powers.
You put her right in the splash zone.