Knight Squad (2018) s02e02 Episode Script

Love At First Knight

1 Oh, hey, oh, hey Alright, the one thing Phoenix Squad has that no other squad has is - My hugs? - My rugged good looks? My rugged good looks? Not even close.
I'm talking about Warwick's magic.
He's been working on a spell that can teleport all of us from one place to another.
I call it The Squad Poof.
Well, that'll be helpful to get us out of danger.
Plus, we'll never have to take the stairs again.
I hate stairs! Poof us, Warwick! I'll give it a try.
Pretend we're in danger.
Transportium poofy woofy! Well at least our weapons don't have to take the stairs.
I'm sorry, guys.
I just can't concentrate on magic, because all I can think about is what happened with the princess earlier.
Now it's all I can think about.
And I don't even know what happened.
I was in the courtyard about to show Sir Gareth my double sword move when [HARP MUSIC PLAYS] I know I can do this.
Warwick, you finally did it! You're awesome! Whoa.
The princess says I'm awesome.
The princess? [LAUGHING] Which I am, because she is me, and me is she.
And I gotta go.
[CHIMES RINGING] [HARP MUSIC PLAYS] You guys should have seen it.
She was so flustered.
We had a feeling about you two.
Right, Ciara? Uh, maybe she was just flustered because that was a really stupid place for a chime cart.
Okay, you don't anything about the princess, Ciara.
But I do.
Which is why I'm gonna ask her out.
My dreams are coming true! This is really bad, guys.
I can't date Warwick.
We've been Squad mates for so long, he's like my brother.
Can't you just tell him who you really are? Or can I tell him? Because I want to tell someone.
I'm sorry, but too many people already know my secret.
- Arc knows, and you know.
- Yeah.
Even Slobwick's starting to get suspicious.
[MOANING] No, that's just the look he gives when he's about to [FARTS] He finished my sentence.
My point is, I can't risk anyone else learning my secret.
Or my dad will find out, and my Knight School days are over.
Well, maybe hearing the princess say no is just what Warwick needs.
You're right.
He'll be upset for a minute, then he'll get over his crush, and be able to focus on his magic again.
[LAUGHING] I still can't believe you walked into a chime cart.
[CHIMES RINGING] What is this even doing here? Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh Sage, check out my glitter butter! I'm going to review it my channel Buttercup's Butter Cups.
Is that where you review butter in cups? Yep.
Did you see my review of that cup of bologna butter? It's riveting.
[PHONE CHIMES] Mm, I taste the bologna, but not the butter.
Wait, nope, there it is.
[LAUGHS] I give it four Butt's up.
Make sure you hit that dragon like button.
Have a "butterful" day! [PHONE DINGS] Hey, look! We got a view! That's from us.
I just love butter so much, and I wanna share it with other people.
Why won't they watch? Aw, sweetie.
It's because they're dumb-dumbs.
They don't know how exciting butter can be.
Yeah, if only I could review dragon butter.
If you eat it, you can breathe fire.
Isn't that hard to get? Impossible.
Dragon's do not like to be milked.
I found that out the hard way.
- [STEAM HISSING] - [COUGHS] Well, I hate seeing you like this.
You know, I'm gonna find you a better way to get you views.
[LAUGHS] Don't you mean a "butter" way? Save that gold for our next video.
Hey, hey, hey Okay, when Warwick asks you out, you need to let him down easy.
Oh, here he comes.
Go pretend you're buying a churro.
Oh, I'm not going to pretend.
Oh look, he brought a flower.
I was worried it was going to do something over the top like a song and dance number.
Yo, Princess! I got something to ask you.
It goes a little something like this.
Warwick, he's gonna ask you Get ready, girl, 'cause here it comes Get ready, girl, 'cause here it comes Will you go out with me? I'm very flattered, but [WHISPERS] No, thank you.
She said yes She said yes, she said yes She said yes Cut the music, people! [MUSIC STOPS] Okay, sure, no problem.
I just wanted to know how you felt, and now I do.
Our plan's working.
He's already over it.
[CRYING] I'll never get over this! Hey, hey, hey ARC: Do you wanna know a secret? CIARA: I'm a princess, whose father won't let her become a knight.
Please let me go to Knight School, Daddy! Please, please! So, I use a magic ring and secretly train as Ciara.
- Yes! - ARC: And I'm Arc, a charming thief who has the same dream.
I'm destined to become a knight.
CIARA: But people from outside the kingdom aren't allowed in Knight School.
ARC: So, I'm pretending I belong here.
CIARA: Now, we protect each other's secrets.
ARC: So we can achieve our dream of becoming knights.
We are the Knight Squad, hey Na-na-na-na-na, hey We know you're hurting, but we're gonna fix you, buddy.
Yeah, we're gonna get you back to being a magical knight in training in no time.
Take me back to the crying tree.
You won't be saying that after you see what we did to your banner.
ALL: We said yes We said yes We said yes Stop! Stop! Stop! What we're trying to say is you don't need the princess, you've got us.
[CRYING] Why would you even bring up the princess? I knew it was a bad idea when I was saying it.
Look, I thought I'd feel better once I got an answer, but I don't.
I need a tissue.
Lotus tissue whishy.
[MAGIC SPARKS] I can't even do a simple spell.
I have to wipe my tears with Prudy's hammer.
[CRYING] Ow! Even his magic's worse.
We have to fix him, or at least get him some tissues.
Well, since we can't tell him Ciara's secret, maybe we can find him another girl to take his mind off the princess.
But it can't just be any girl, I mean, the princess is hard to top, just saying.
That's it.
Let's just find Warwick another princess.
Look, I'll create a profile for him on Astoria's royal dating site match.
[PHONE DINGS] Check out my profile.
Are you riding a tiger while lifting weights? The muscles were fake, but the tiger was very real.
Na-na-na, oh, oh, oh, oh You know, that butter would taste a lot better on a floor made out of toast.
It's not for tasting.
This is how you're gonna get more views on your channel.
THREE WORDS: butter prank videos.
But someone could slip and get hurt.
Yeah, if we're lucky.
Let's roll.
[CAMERA DINGS] Hey, butter lovers.
Watch this.
Ooh, hello, Mr.
Triple Burger.
I have been looking forward to you all day.
Ahhh! [LAUGHS] Looks like he's head over heels for butter.
[HORN HONKING] Ah-ah, no! Mr.
Triple Burger! Hey, Warwick, we have good news for you.
Yeah, I put your profile on a dating site.
And thanks to all your awesome qualities, you got a response.
Wait, my profile only got one response? No.
No, it got dozens of responses.
I could only pick one.
I can't just get over the princess.
She's hard to top.
Just saying.
I hear that.
But we found you a new princess.
And she's on her way over here to meet you right now.
Guys, that's really nice and all, but there's only one princess for me.
[TRUMPETS PLAYING] Scratch that, I found a new one! Greetings.
I am Princess Dimples of Hunter's Point.
You must be Warwick.
Yes, nice to meet you.
She's a princess, you're supposed to kiss her hand.
Uh, wow.
Our first hand kiss.
My mom's not gonna believe this.
[GIGGLES] Why don't we take a stroll around Lugie Lake? Ooh, your hands are so soft.
I moisturize my knuckles.
[MAGIC SPARKLES] He's over the princess, and his magic is working again.
And I didn't even have to tell him my secret.
My instincts tell me this is going to be a match made in heaven.
[GROWLING] [EVIL HISSING] [WHIMPERING] Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh Na-na-na-na-na hey Guys, Princess Dimples seemed cool, so I tried to find her on Goblin-gram, but she's not there.
Well, some people aren't on Goblin-gram.
Like old folks and trolls.
But there's nothing about her anywhere.
I'm starting to wonder if she really is a princess.
I'm pretty sure Dimples is a princess.
Her dating profile says she's honest, and an honest person would never lie on their profile.
You lied on yours.
Because I'm not an honest person.
I've been pretty upfront about that.
Hey, guys.
We just had the best third date! Yeah, it was a combo of brunch, bike riding, and bird watching.
The three Bs.
He watched the birds, I watched him.
[GIGGLES] Yeah, I get that a lot.
If you'll excuse me, I need to remoisturize my knuckles.
We're coming with you.
We wanna hear about brunch.
Was there bacon? So, Princess Dimples.
I tried to find you on Goblin-gram, but it Yeah, I'm not allowed on Goblin-gram, because my father, the King, is very overprotective.
No way.
Our princess has that problem, too.
My dad won't let me do anything.
I had to use a secret passageway just to come over here.
No way! Our princess has a secret passageway, too! [GIGGLES] Or so I've heard.
It's a secret.
It's worth sneaking out to see my War-hunk.
That is one nickname that is now burned into my brain.
But I'm glad you guys are together.
Warwick's much happier now that he's over our princess.
Warwick liked your princess? Yeah, but who could blame the guy? She's a catch.
Six kinds of bacon.
I hope I find a guy like you some day.
Waky Bear, did you ever go out with the Princess of Astoria? Oh no.
But she wanted to go with me.
She did this whole dance thing.
It was real embarrassing.
- Embarrassing for someone.
- [LAUGHS] Well, I hope she doesn't still have feelings for my prince charming.
Oh, she totally does.
She'll never get over all this.
[GIGGLES] Oh, I think she will.
Let's leave and give the lovebirds some quiet time.
[CHIMES RINGING] How does this keep happening? Hey, hey, hey Hey, guys, it's your girl Sage.
And your girl, Buttercup.
And our next prank is called Butter Blaster! [HORN HONKING] This cannon is filled with butter balls.
Are you sure we should be doing this? Yeah, I'm sure.
Butter in the hole! [CANNON FIRES] - [BUTTER SPLATTERING] - [GROANING] [LAUGHS] I give that four Has! Ha, ha, ha, ha Help me reload! They're getting away! That's it! I'm shutting this channel down! No more butter.
But you said you wanted more views, this is working.
If this is what we have to do to get more views, then no, thank you.
Now, clean up all this butter before anyone else gets hurt.
[GROANS] Na-na-na-na Ah, it's a beautiful day.
The sun is shining, the birds are singing.
No one's asking me out with weird dances.
I didn't see you there.
I'm not sure why, I was just hiding behind this barrel.
I am Princess Dimples of Hunter's Point.
Well, it's so nice to meet you.
I'm the Princess of Astoria.
Oh I know.
Why did you say that in a scary voice? Warwick, he's gonna ask you Get ready, girl Oh, my old boo's talking to my new boo.
I know you're in love with my man.
Man? No, I thought you were dating Warwick.
You'll never take him away from me! My new boo has wings? Uh, well, maybe she'll just bring the princess back.
[HIGH-PITCH SCREECHING] No, she's gone! Look, I'm not interested in Warwick, so there's no need to lock me in your creepy castle.
Creepy? Thank you.
That's what I'm going for.
[GIGGLES] Also, I don't believe you about Warwick.
No, I don't get it.
I heard you were a nice princess with an overprotective dad.
He is overprotective.
He's protecting the kingdom from me! Guards, prepare to lock her in my walk-in closet.
That doesn't sound very scary.
You walk in, but you never walk out.
Ah, there it is.
Look, our princess is being held captive by the evil demon with great taste in men.
Dude, there are a lot of guards.
You're gonna have to Squad Poof us and the princess out of here.
Do you think you can do it? Save the princess, I'd do anything.
[MAGIC CHIMES] With her perfect hair, her perfect smile.
Warwick, stop thinking about the princess or [MAGIC CHIMES] PRUDY: [GRUNTS] That'll happen.
[GIGGLES] Warky Bear, what are you and your friends doing here? I just wanted to stop by and see your place and ask why you stole our princess.
Oh, we were just hanging out, getting to know each other.
Normal girl stuff.
You sprouted demon wings and tried to trap me.
Yeah! Normal girl stuff.
This is gonna be hard for you to hear, but I'm breaking up I'm breaking up with you! I did it first.
Everybody heard me! Guards, attack my ex-boyfriend and his friends.
I have a date with another guy.
You don't know him, but he's totally not fake.
I got your message that you wanted to another video.
But you ruined butter for me.
I'm changing my name to just Cup.
Trust me, you're gonna wanna do this video.
[CAMERA DINGS] Hey, guys, it's your girl, Sage.
And instead of doing a prank, I am going to apologize to my best friend.
So, you replaced me that fast, huh? I was talking about you.
Who is this You girl, and why does she have such a stupid name? Just listen! I wanted to help you get more viewers, but I did it my way.
It's time we do it your way.
BUTTERCUP: [GASPS] It that dragon butter? Yep, it's no big deal.
I just snuck into the dragon's lair, sang it to sleep with a lullaby, and milked it.
Aww! Can I hear the lullaby you sang? Okay, you caught me.
I knocked the dragon out with an elbow to the snout.
Anyway, I'm sorry, Cup.
That's not my name anymore.
You can call me Buttercup! And this is Buttercup's Butter Cups.
Today, I'm reviewing dragon butter.
They say one taste and you can breathe fire.
[SIPS] Mm, dragony with a hint of - [FIRE BLASTS] - Aah! Sage, are you okay? Not gonna lie, it burns.
[LAUGHING] It's funny when it happens to other people.
I'll save you, Princess! Princess, help Warwick! I can't! I don't have a weapon! But Ciara does! She's not here! Yes, she is.
[MAGIC CHIMES] But but you were just the princess, and now you're Ciara.
There's no time to explain.
Come on, we gotta get out of here! Hey, wait! No! That's a walk-in closet that you never walk out of.
Forget the closet.
Tell me how the princess turned into you.
She transformed? That's bananas! Okay, someone tell me what's going on.
Warwick, I am the princess.
I turn myself into Ciara with this pixie ring so I can go to Knight School.
My father won't allow the princess.
Wow, that ring has some strong magic, because you don't look anything like the princess.
- Not even a little? - No.
And also, I'm I'm really sorry, but I don't think the princess and I are gonna work out.
Just we're Squad-mates, and you're like a sister to me.
- Oh, I am so - Shhh.
Begging won't help.
Wait, if you're over the princess, maybe your magic will work again.
Yeah, can you Squad Poof us out of here? I don't know, but I'll give it a shot.
Just pretend we're in danger.
We are in danger.
Okay, not helping, Ciara.
Let's hope this works.
Transportio poofy woofy.
ALL: [SCREAMING] We're saved! But let's never do the Squad Poof again.
Yeah, you almost killed us, but good job, buddy.
So, now that we're safe, how long have you guys known that she was the princess? I just found out.
But Arc's been lying to you since he came from Seagate.
Wait, you're from Seagate? Ah, nuts! I was doing so well.
Hey, hey, hey, hey Hey Hey Hey