Knight Squad (2018) s02e10 Episode Script

Closing Knight

1 Hey, hey, hey Hey, hey [trumpets play fanfare.]
Ooh, look, Flamingo Squad's coming.
Oh, it's been so long since I've seen these fierce warriors.
Uh, it's been longer than I thought.
Welcome back, brave knights.
You helped us win the battle against Ryker, but it's clear you're losing the battle against old age.
So it is with great pleasure that I officially retire the Flamingo Squad.
[crowd cheering.]
Aw, I hope we're old knights one day.
Three naps daily, dinner at 3:00PM, they are winning at life.
Please, join me in saluting these - [crash.]
- Oops, dropped my cookies.
[wind whistling.]
[boulder smashes.]
[crowd gasps.]
A boulder was catapulted at the king.
Everyone, remain calm.
Oh, who am I kidding? [screaming.]
[crowd screaming.]
We need to find whoever attacked the king.
Sweep the area.
What about me, sir? You keep sweeping this area.
I'll do a great job since this is my last day as your janitor.
What do you mean? Did I fire you in my sleep? No, I'm signing up for Knight School.
You're too young to join Knight School.
And you're too old to have your mom drop you off at work every day.
It gives her something to do.
Look, I'm sorry, Fizz.
But right now, the best way that you can serve this kingdom is with a plunger.
The king's other throne also looks like it was attacked.
Hey, hey Ciara, is your dad okay? Yeah, that was really scary.
I couldn't handle it if my dad got hurt.
Especially after what happened to my mom.
Is it rude to ask what happened to your mom? Because as a rude person, I really wanna know.
I was ten.
My mom and dad were heading out of the castle when their royal carriage was attacked by tree goblins.
My mom was captured, and I never saw her again.
That was the day my sister and I decided to become knights, so nothing evil could hurt this kingdom or our family again.
Yeah, I remember the day the queen was taken.
Me, too.
They even blew the "Things just got real" horn.
And they only do that when things get real.
What did that sound like? - [horn blows.]
- KING: Things just got real.
Things just got real.
That answers my question! - KING: Things just got real.
- [horn blaring.]
KING: Things just got real.
We have an emergency.
Someone has stolen all of our weapons.
Did they take my war hammers?! Where are my babies?! I guess leaving them unlocked in a place with no doors was a bad call.
Don't hate him for being right.
Whoever stole our weapons was also most likely behind the attack of our king.
I loved those weapons.
I went to homecoming with Gerry the Ax.
We danced all night.
And then I needed stitches.
I called you here so that the king could make a royal announcement from the safety of his chocolate fountain.
Students, we need new knights to replace the Flamingo Squad immediately.
Your Knight School training ends now.
If you'll excuse me, I need to hide in my chocolate fountain.
[chocolate bubbling.]
What does that mean? It means the usual way of doing things is gone out the window.
You three squads will battle, and only one will win.
By this time tomorrow, one squad will become knights.
ARC: Do you wanna know a secret? CIARA: I'm a princess, whose father won't let her become a knight.
Please let me go to Knight School, Daddy! Please, please! So, I use a magic ring and secretly train as Ciara.
Yes! ARC: And I'm Arc, a charming thief who has the same dream.
I'm destined to become a knight.
CIARA: But people from outside the kingdom aren't allowed in Knight School.
ARC: So, I'm pretending I belong here.
CIARA: Now, we protect each other's secrets.
ARC: So we can achieve our dream of becoming knights.
We are the Knight Squad Hey Na-na-na-na, oh I got your message, but it took me forever to get past the extra guards.
Once we become knights, I don't know how I'm gonna keep this up.
Well, you're gonna have to tell your dad the truth.
I know, but he's totally gonna freak out.
I just have to find the right time.
You know, like half-past never.
Well, maybe you won't have to tell him, because we could lose the battle tomorrow.
You're right.
This this might be our last night as a squad.
We're more than a squad.
We're a family.
Yeah, and I'm the older brother everyone looks up to.
I've always thought of you more as the stray puppy we took in.
Puppies are wonderful, so thank you.
Oh, I'm having that nightmare where I see Arc in his pajamas.
Well, I guess we're not the only ones too nervous to sleep.
Nervous? [scoffs.]
I'm excited to beat you jerks.
It's true.
She really does think you're jerks.
Well, Sage, you should be nervous, because after we become knights, your dream of destroying our squad will finally be over.
That was never my dream.
You're just an obstacle in the way of what I want.
And what's that? To turn Knight School into an academy for sassy vampires? I would so sign up for that.
If you dumdums must know, then I'll tell you.
When I was a kid, I was playing outside the castle gates when the king and queen's royal carriage was attacked.
Wait you were there? Yeah.
And that was the worst day of my life.
Those goblins took our queen, and I couldn't do anything to stop them.
Me, too.
This story has nothing to do with you, "See-ara.
" Hey, you stole my thing.
I'm gonna steal your thing.
"Ha!" And that was pretty good.
- Wait, really? - No.
Ha! Oh! Ah, hey Ah-ah-ah Hey, Sir Gareth, you should try today's special.
It's "I quit" with a side of "Kiss my cinnamon buns.
" Why would you quit? I thought you loved Knight School.
I do.
I love it more than Slobby loves doing this.
[gurgles and farts.]
If I can't train, then I'm wasting my time.
Fizz, you're overreacting.
No, I'm over being your janitor.
I'm turning in my plunger.
The competition's about to start, are you okay? I just can't get over the fact Sage and I both became knights because of what happened to my mom.
In a weird way, I'm connected to Sage.
Not to be insensitive, but I think your mom would want you to kick Sage's butt.
You're right.
Well, as the family puppy, it's my job to make you feel better, and to bring you random sticks.
Students! Welcome to your final Knight School Showdown.
Your elimination contest will be a fierce battle of wits and strength.
Our futures are gonna be decided by a game of tic tac toe? No, by a game of tic tac totally insane battle.
I've hidden three shields for each squad.
The first squad to find all three and put it on the tic tac toe board wins.
If anyone gets knocked down, that person is out of the game.
Good luck.
And may the best squad win.
- Ah! - [groans.]
Unicorn Squad's out.
But let's be honest, you lasted way longer than anyone thought.
Lucky, slow them down.
Ahh! Punch-your-selfie-welfie.
[magic zips.]
Heh, that works.
We've gotta find those shields.
Kripan! Use your elf powers! I'm not an elf.
Really? Not even half? Okay, spread out and search for the shields.
It's time for the magic man to come up with another spell.
Can you spell "Out"? 'Cause I can't.
Warwick is eliminated.
There they are! I'll grab ours! What if I grab you? Then I'll do this.
Kripan is eliminated.
Now to get that shield.
Already got it.
- And I got this stick.
- Aw.
That's a good boy.
Okay, let's go.
Let's find that second shield before Kraken Squad gets here.
Hold the door, Prudy.
They won't get past my giant strength.
Hurry, Buttercup! Unless they use the back door.
I should have just had 'em play a board game.
Sage, I think I know where the second shield is.
Nope, I was really wrong.
Check the pasta.
Sorry about this.
Prudy, we found the second shield.
Nothing can stop us now.
Except my foot! [grunt.]
The giant's out.
It's two on two.
Got it! Let's go! Oh, good job, guys.
One more shield and I can show my face at family reunions.
Don't celebrate yet.
We can't find the third shield.
We looked everywhere else.
It has to be here.
Looks like it's tic tac tied up.
Ugh, sorry I'm late.
Had to stop and throw up.
Wait, where's Buttercup? Whee-ah! [groaning.]
Found her.
Arc's out.
This isn't over, Ciara.
I found the last shield.
This is almost over, Ciara.
You'll never beat the both of us.
Any chance one of you wants to quit and make this fair? BOTH: Ha! I'll take that as a no.
It all comes down to this.
If Kraken puts their final shield on the board, they will become knights.
Come on, Ciara.
All you gotta do is knock down Sage and Buttercup, then find the last shield, then win the competition.
You know what? When I hear it out loud, it sounds impossible.
ALL: [groaning.]
BUTTERCUP: [screaming.]
ALL: [groaning.]
Look! Inside the barrel.
PURDY: It's the last shield.
CIARA: [groans.]
Oh, butternuts.
It's a sudden death match between Sage and Ciara.
SAGE AND CIARA: [groans and grunting.]
I won't let you win.
I've been dreaming of being a knight since I was a kid.
Well, so have I! BOTH: [groaning.]
Sage is eliminated.
Phoenix Squad wins! - [cheering.]
- We did it! We're really done dealing with Sage? Yes, my friend.
- By goblin, we are free! - Whoo-hoo! [cheering.]
Fizz? Fizz, come back to work.
Got you a new broom.
I told you, I quit.
The only thing I sweep now is the ladies off their feet.
Fizz, we both know that's not true.
Being a janitor is important, right? It's teaching you hard work and the value [grunts.]
Whoa, I didn't know I could do that.
Wait, I totally get what's been going on, Sir Gareth.
You do? You've been using my janitor duties to teach me some awesome fighting moves.
That's ridiculous.
I'm not allowed to train you.
But if I were, what would it look like to use the broom to dust the dragon board? Ah, ah, ah, ah! What would it look like to keep Slobwick from your lunch? Yah, yah, yah! Uh, well, if I had been training you, I'd be very proud.
- Really? - Yes.
So will you come back and be my janitor? Does this answer your question? - Yah! - [glass shatters.]
We should go.
Na-na-na, hey, hey, hey The knighting ceremony will begin shortly.
Please welcome the Phoenix Squad! [crowd applause.]
Our dreams of being knights are actually coming true.
And we look amazing in our armor.
Yeah, and it's not even heavy.
[metal bangs.]
I got you, bud.
Burgers here! We've got real meat, fake meat, and mystery meat.
Whoa, Sage and Buttercup went into the fast food business.
They went from flipping people to flipping burgers.
We've been through so much with them.
We should go say something.
No, you're right.
And I'm not just saying that because I want a burger.
You guys here to laugh at us? No.
You guys were great in the contest.
And you have nothing to be ashamed of.
Well, thank you.
I guess this proves you were the better squad after all.
Just do me a favor and get the person who tried to attack the king.
We will.
You just had a nice moment with Sage.
That was weird.
I don't know what's happening.
I'll tell you what I know.
This mystery meat is delicious.
Yeah, nothing could ruin this day.
[trumpets play fanfare.]
Citizens of Astoria, we are gathered [sobbing.]
for the knighting of my most fearless students.
Oh man, my tears are getting my patch wet.
Usually, the knighting ceremony is a long, festive event, but I'm afraid for my life, so let's make it quick.
Wait, hold on a second.
Something's wrong.
I'm starting to think Knight School's over and we're not going to become knights.
I'm talking about that guard.
It's go time.
[crowd gasps.]
Sage! Why are you attacking a royal guard? Because this isn't a guard.
It's the guy who's been trying to attack the king.
How do you know? Because he's carrying a bunch of weapons stolen from Knight School.
SAGE AND BUTTERCUP: Ah! [metal clangs.]
Gerry, you're back! I'll never let you go again! Ow! Take him to the dungeon! And thank you for protecting me.
Rufus, try harder.
How did you know that he was the attacker? Well, as someone who hides weapons in her clothes, I know what to look for.
And I know what's in the mystery meat.
Don't order it.
Even though they lost, they're still protecting the kingdom.
I can't believe I'm saying this, but they should be knights.
Yeah, totally.
Unless it means I can't be a knight, then I'm cool with this whole burger thing.
Do you think we should say something to the king? Absolutely.
Ciara, go say something to the king.
Your Majesty? My squad mates and I feel Sage and Buttercup deserve to be knighted, too.
They'd fight just as hard for this kingdom as us.
That is noble of you.
But this kingdom has rules.
Some rules are meant to be broken.
Really? Like what? Like your rules about who's allowed to go to Knight School.
Especially how you won't let your daughter go.
- [magic zips.]
- [crowd gasps.]
How, wait, how, when They're the same person?! Of course they are.
Just like Arc and Warwick are the same person.
I broke the rules and proved I deserve to be a knight.
And I'm not the only one.
Right, Arc? Why are you bringing me into this? Fine.
Your Majesty I'm not a Dragon Blood.
CROWD: [gasps.]
Okay, that was a pretty good gasp.
If you were about to knight us, you should be knighting Sage and Buttercup, too.
So are you going to ground me, and throw Arc in the dungeon? I'm I'm cool with just being grounded, too.
[clears throat.]
And why would I ground you when I've known all along? CROWD: [gasps.]
Whoa, that was a way bigger gasp than Arc got.
You knew? How? I'm the king, I know all.
Plus, you haven't listened to me since you were a baby.
You were happy and you knew it, and you refused to clap your hands.
You broke my rules.
But I allowed it because you are a truly gifted knight.
Am I gifted, too? I have no idea, but you're my daughter's friend, so I let you live.
That works for me.
The Princess makes a good point.
When it comes to protecting this kingdom, some rules are meant to be broken.
And so [trumpets play fanfare.]
I now declare the six of you Knights of Astoria.
[crowd cheering.]
Knights! It has been an honor teaching you.
For Astoria! ALL: For Astoria! [cheering.]
[cheering continues.]
Hey Hey Hey