Knight Squad (2018) s02e09 Episode Script

Election Knight

1 Na, na, na, ooh Guys, we should all get matching vests.
Then everyone will know we're "vest friends.
" - Oh look, Prudy's here! - Let's go tell her things.
Guys, the King said he had a very important opening for me.
Maybe he wants me to help negotiate peace between trolls and goblins.
You think two groups with pointy ears would get along.
Uh, Dad didn't say anything this morning.
Though he isn't very chatty before his second breakfast.
Uh, Prudence, there you are.
What important opening did you need me for, Your Highness? It is a matter of life and death.
I need you to open this jar of pickles.
Your Majesty, I thought the opening might be something super important.
It is.
It's not a pickle sandwich without the pickles.
So true.
[groans] Thank you, Giant.
Thanks for nothing, Rufus.
- You okay? - Yeah.
It's just I love being a giant, but sometimes I feel like people only think of us as being big and strong.
I hear ya.
People can't see past our massive biceps either.
Muscles boys for life! If people would just give us a chance, they'd see that giants have tons to offer.
Yeah, giants are smart and loyal and don't say stupid things like, "Muscle boys for life.
" I just wish the rest of Astoria felt the same way about giants as you do.
It's just so frustrating.
Giants are just like normal people.
I mean, could I suddenly grow 50 feet? Sure, but we all have our quirks.
You can actually grow that big? Yeah.
It almost happened once when someone borrowed my necklace without asking.
I thought it was Warwick's.
There's gotta be a way I can change the way people think of giants.
I mean, we're so much more than big and strong.
[crash] Well, I believe you, but I don't think that barrel does.
Na, na, na Look, Fizz is drinking the smoothie you gave him.
[laughs] This might be my best prank ever.
A shoelace? Ew! Ha! I turned your fruit smoothie into a boot smoothie.
How'd you get the boots off my feet? A true prankster never reveals her secrets.
But I'll give you a hint.
[whispers] You're a dummy.
Attention, Knight Schoolers.
It is time for each squad to nominate a candidate for Class Ruler.
Yay! I nominate the yardstick, because it's the longest.
A Class Ruler is the elected leader of Knight School.
A ruler should have commitment, initiative, and a brilliant intellect.
And, no, you cannot vote for me.
Well, Kraken Squad unanimously nominates me.
Right? Unicorn Squad, which one of you is crazy enough to run against Sage? Selwyn it is.
Phoenix Squad, who you got? Okay, we need to make sure one of us wins, or Sage will rule the school.
Well, are any of you gonna rule this kingdom in a few years? No? Cool.
I'll do it.
I think I should do it, 'cause I care about the issues.
And I already told my dad I'm Class Ruler, so.
Well, what about me? My kindergarten class nominated me Prince of Thieves.
And there were a lot of thieves in that class.
Phoenix Squad, who's it gonna be? Okay, okay, since we can't decide between the three of us, let's have Prudy pick.
Oh, sure, I can choose.
Sir Gareth, our nominee is going to be me.
As your new ruler, I promise to always look good.
She nominated herself.
Okay, well, I still promise to always look good.
ARC: Do you wanna know a secret? CIARA: I'm a princess, whose father won't let her become a knight.
Please let me go to Knight School, Daddy! Please! So, I use a magic ring and secretly train as Ciara.
Yes! ARC: And I'm Arc, a charming thief who has the same dream.
I'm destined to become a knight.
CIARA: But people from outside the kingdom aren't allowed in Knight School.
ARC: So, I'm pretending I belong here.
CIARA: Now, we protect each other's secrets.
ARC: So we can achieve our dream of becoming knights.
We are the Knight Squad, hey Hey, hey Prudy, I had no idea you wanted to be Class Ruler.
I didn't, until I realized this is my chance to show everyone that giants can do anything.
I mean, you can't put us in a box.
And not just because we won't fit.
Are you sure you can win this? Elections get nasty, and you're pretty sensitive.
Yeah, the other day, the warlock burned your fries, and you cried.
Being sensitive is one of a giant's best qualities.
We care about all people and all fried foods.
Well, if you're running, we're gonna help you.
One word: shirts.
More words: we'll make a bunch with your face on them.
Thanks, but in order to show people more about our culture, I'm gonna do my campaign the giant way.
It's gonna blow your tiny minds.
Okay, as your campaign manager, I think you should try being nicer to people so they vote for you.
[laughs] Yeah, I'm not doing that.
But someone is already putting up mean posters about you.
"Don't vote for Sage, she'll lock you in a cage.
" No, I will not.
Sir Gareth took away my cage.
Whoever did this was probably someone you were mean to.
Who could that be? Mmm, it can't be Phoenix Squad, because they believe in fairness and integrity and all that stupid stuff.
That just leaves everybody else.
Then you're going to have to make nice with everybody else at school so whoever is making these posters will stop.
Buttercup, you know I'm allergic to being nice.
Uh, just thinking about it gives me a rash.
Well, I guess you can just lose.
Lose? I'm not losing to some dumb giant or a guy with shinier hair than me.
What conditioner do you think he uses? Uh, I'm gonna have to be nice.
Yeah! You can start with Kripan and Lucky.
How am I supposed to make nice with those two chuckleheads? I bet those chuckleheads would like to be complimented instead of insulted.
Uh, fine.
Um, Lucky, um, you are my favorite idiot.
And, Kripan, you are my second favorite.
Well, I'm trying here.
Na, na, na, hey I wonder what kind of giant stuff Prudy has planned to do for her campaign.
Doesn't matter.
She'll beat Sage and Selwyn as long as she doesn't do something completely weird.
Like that.
I can tell by your stunned silence that you think my giant entrance and campaign outfit are pretty great.
Oooh! Maybe we could get a better campaign outfit.
Something a bit less that.
But this is what giant politicians have always worn.
The fur says giants are "fur" the people.
She looks like a cat toy with legs.
And the best part is, giants express their ideas with song.
It's all here in my campaign vid.
That's short for video.
I've got 422,600 policies Did she say "thousand"? Number one, no training in the rain Number two, no homework on the weekends Number six thousand and three More bandages for our many injuries Maraca break - Make it stop.
- On it.
Short-us-status-rocks! [electricity zaps] Oh, no, your mirror accidentally shorted out.
Well, at least it happened now, and not later at the election rally.
Yeah, Prudy, about the video, maybe we could just help you tweak it a little bit, and make it, uh, you know, just a little more - Good.
- er.
Guys, this is my campaign, and I wanna do it my way.
But if you really wanna help, here's some questions you can ask me at the election rally.
"Hello there, is it true giants are only good for opening jars and lifting things?" No, giants are good at many things.
We're doctors, teachers, and sometimes even class rulers.
Oh, I can't lose! Man, she's putting the "pain" in campaign.
This is her one chance to change people's minds about giants, and she's gonna blow it! And we have to help her.
How? She won't let us.
Okay, then we have to do the only thing good friends can do.
Sit her down and be straight with her? What? No.
Go behind her back, take over her campaign, while lying to her face.
Man, we are really good friends.
Hey, hey Oh, na, na, na Okay, the rally's gonna start soon, and Prudy doesn't even know we helped her.
It's like we're campaign ninjas.
Ah! We should have dressed up like ninjas! Ninjas are quiet.
Give it a try.
I can't find my giant campaign furs.
[coughing] Oh now, Slobby must have eaten them.
How could this have happened? That outfit was the centerpiece of my campaign.
Now I'm just going to look stupid.
Don't worry.
I just happen to have this spiffy election button.
A little less fur than what I would like, but it'll do.
And I can still wow people with my video.
And after I win, I can show them my victory dance.
[imitates whip lashing sound] You swapped her video with ours, right? Oh yeah, wait 'til everyone sees the new one.
Is there anything we can do to help her victory dance? There is nothing that can help that.
Hey Hey, Unicorn Squad, I just wanted to It's Sage! Cower in fear! Relax, you can fear me later.
I feel bad for all the times I've pranked you, so I wanted to make it right.
Which is why I got you these! Sage, that is never going to work.
We love you, Sage! Well, that's that.
Shouldn't be seeing any more "Sage is mean" posters.
And yet, somebody put one up while you were talking to Unicorn Squad.
"Sage steals candy from babies"? Hey, that baby lost a bet! Dang it.
I made up with everyone.
Who could still be doing this? You made up with all the students, but you forgot the only other person you were mean to.
Oh, my mom? See, no, that's just our thing.
No! Fizz! And he's right there! She took all my candy, too, baby.
I've been pranking him every single day for the past year.
Fizz is never going to forgive me.
You're right.
Besides, losing builds character.
I don't want character, I wanna win! Fizz! What would it take to forgive me for all the things I've done to you? [scoffs] You think I'd ever forgive you? That's hilarious.
You hear that, Slobby? [laughing] Well, there's gotta be something I can do.
Well, there is one way you can make it up to me.
By having every prank you've done to me done to you.
Keep drinking that boot smoothie.
[groaning] How did you do that? My boots are still on.
But mine aren't.
[Giggles] Hey, hey, hey hey, hey - [applause] - Thank you, Selwyn.
Oh, love what you've done with your hair.
And now it's time to hear from our final candidate, Prudence.
And before you cast your vote, again, you cannot vote for me.
[laughs] How you feeling, Prudy? Are you nervous? Not even a little bit.
My video's gonna razzle 'em.
And my victory dance is gonna dazzle 'em.
If she liked her video, that means she's gonna love our video.
Yep, if there was an award for election videos you made behind your friend's back, we would win.
Hi, guys.
I'm Prudy.
And here's a fun little video I made full of my giant ideas.
It's rated PG for Prudy's Great.
MALE ANNOUNCER: This Election Day, only one candidate is erupting with great ideas.
Prudy! Prudy! Prudy! [growling] ANNOUNCER: Prudy's so awesome, she's even friends with the Princess.
That is so cool, cool, cool! ANNOUNCER: She has 422,600 policies! But who cares about that when she got you mega donuts! [crowd cheering] Ooh, thank you.
What happened to my video? We wanted you to win, so we made you a new one.
Which is, let's face it, amaze-balls.
And the donuts my idea.
Wait a minute, so if you changed the video, does that mean you destroyed my clothes? - WARWICK AND CIARA: Umm - Um, they were pretty ugly.
You sabotaged my entire campaign! But look how excited everyone is.
You are definitely going to win.
Prudy, that was a very impressive video.
But, unfortunately, it's against the rules to bribe the voters with delicious donuts, so Ah you're disqualified.
I can't believe you guys would do this to me.
Prudy, please don't be mad.
Oh, I am past mad! [loud] I'm angry! [ground rumbling] PRUDY: [growling] [growls] What have we done? This is not amaze-balls.
[ground rumbling] [crowd screaming] Get out of my way, tree! [crash] Oh man, that's where I was gonna build my treehouse.
Alright, now we angered our friend and turned her into a 50-foot giant.
Okay, well, the good news is she didn't notice you're wearing her necklace.
How can we get her back to normal? Well, maybe if we make her less angry, she'll shrink back down to normal size? Prudy! Calm down! Don't tell me to calm down.
Look at what you did to me.
This pizza looks so tiny in my hands, I don't even wanna eat it.
She's wasting food.
She's angrier than I've ever seen.
We're sorry we got you disqualified from the election.
[grunts] You guys still don't get it.
This isn't about the election.
Is it about Ciara wearing your necklace? I grew 50 feet tall because even my best friends didn't believe in me.
ALL: Oooh.
I wanted people to see me as more than big and strong.
And now all they see is a terrifying giant.
No one is terrified of you.
[screams] Rufus, summon the knights to capture this giant! After you carry me to safety.
You know who's gonna carry me to safety? No one! Because I weigh 10,000 pounds! [ground rumbling] Okay, we really messed this up, and now the kingdom's after Prudy.
Wait, I think I know how to fix this.
Okay, I don't know if this will calm her down, but I would really like to ride around in her pocket.
Hey, hey Prudy could destroy this kingdom at any moment, and you're still pranking me? Do I really have to sit in this dumb rocking chair? You mean my shocking chair? - [electricity zaps] - [screams] That is a really good name for that chair.
Every question you ask me, you get a tiny shock.
Tiny? - [electricity zaps] - [screams] What? Do I really have to do this? - [electricity zaps] - [screams] - Why did I agree to this? Ah! - [electricity zaps] Okay, I'm done.
I forgive you.
Yes, now you will stop making those anti-Sage posters? These? I didn't make 'em.
But I'm a big fan.
Can I get you to sign it? Well, get out of here! I don't get it.
I made amends with everyone, and I still don't know who's putting up these posters.
[high-pitched squeaking] It doesn't matter.
[giggles] The important thing is a bunch of people like you now.
You could say whoever put those posters up is like your best friend.
[laughs] Buttercup.
You made those posters.
How'd you figure it out?! Why would you write mean things about me? I just wanted people to like you as much as I do.
And that wouldn't happen unless you made up for all of your pranks.
Oh, But, you're a great friend.
And your lying skills are really starting to blossom.
But now that I'm gonna win Class Ruler, Fizz is in trouble.
I heard that.
- [electricity zaps] - Ow! I'm not even in the stupid chair! Don't worry, everyone! We have a plan! Oh, thank goodness you're here.
Prudence, these are the people you're mad at! Crush them, and leave us in peace! First thing we have to do is get Prudy here.
Warwick, set the bait.
Create-atis hammy-whammy.
[magic zaps] Good goblin, that's the second biggest ham I've ever seen.
We're using the ham to trick Prudy into coming here.
Yeah, and you guys need to come out and listen to what she has to say.
Are you nuts?! She'll eat us! Your Majesty, compose yourself.
Are you nuts?! She'll eat us! Giants don't eat people.
That's just a myth.
They're actually allergic to people meat.
[ground rumbling] Mm, humongous ham.
Come to Mama! [magic twinkles] Hey, where'd my ham go? Prudy, we're sorry.
We should have just believed in you and let you do things your own giant way.
We know there's more to you than just being big and strong, and we want everyone else to know, too.
You should have the chance to tell people why giants are so great.
It's why one of us tricked you into coming here with a giant ham illusion.
Really? Yes, really.
Well, I just wanted to say that I'm a giant, and I'm pretty proud of it.
Giants are some of the most honest and loyal people you'll ever meet.
And giants love to help others.
We especially love helping short people reach things on the top shelf.
So, the next time you see a giant, remember we're good for more than just smashing or opening things.
We're also good friends.
Giant! Giant! ALL: Giant! Giant! Giant! Giant! Giant! Giant! Giant! Giant! Giant! Giant! [cheers and applause] I'm sorry we cost you your shot at Class Ruler.
I'm sorry we didn't save you a mega donut.
It's okay.
I'm just so happy to know you guys believe in me.
And, hey, maybe now people will stop talking bad about giants.
I see the giant loser is now back to regular-size loser.
Sage doesn't count.
Can we finally vote for Class Ruler? Oh yes, it's down to Sage and Selwyn.
Who votes for Sage? Well, it looks like Sage is our new Class Ruler.
[laughs] The power is mine.
Kneel before Sage! Power? There's no power to this job.
Say what, now? Class Ruler's just a fancy title for my assistant.
[whistles] Yeah, you get to do all the paperwork that I don't wanna do.
This looks like about About three years' worth.
- [laughing] - Aw, look, Sage, they love you so much, they're laughing at you.
ALL: [laughing] Hey Hey Hey