Knight Squad (2018) s02e08 Episode Script

Two Wrongs Don't Make a Knight

1 Squads, in this exercise, you must eliminate your opponent by using your bouncy balls to knock 'em to the ground in a game I invented called dodgeball.
Isn't dodgeball already a game? Mine's better! The Squad in first place after this competition will receive a brand-new invisibility shield! - Where is it? - Hmm.
I don't know, it was It was here a second ago - [metallic clank] - [groans] Yeap.
There it is.
Watch this.
- [magic tinkling] - SIR GARETH: Look at it! Well, I I know you can't really look at it because it's invisible, but trust me, oh, it's pretty cool.
[magic tinkling] If we had that shield, there'd be no stopping us from winning every quest and becoming knights.
And we could use it to turn invisible when we want to pick a wedgie.
We gotta win, bro.
Sir Gareth, remind me which Squad is currently in first place.
That would be Phoenix Squad, I'm surprised you didn't know.
Oh, I did, I just wanted Sage to hear it.
Oh, I heard it, so hear this [blows raspberry] Don't you [blows raspberry] my bestie! [chuckles] She can [blows raspberry] whoever she wants to [blows raspberry] Okay! The last person standing with their bouncy ball wins for their Squad.
Everybody! Let's bounce! ? [grunting] [groaning] [grunts] Take that, Kripan! Or should I say, Flypan? Take that, Lucky! Or should I say, Unlucky? Take that, Tallin, or should I say Fallin'? Oooh, triple smack-talk bonus! Butter-bounce! [Yelps] Worth it! My giant strength is really helping.
- [ball bursts, deflates] - Oops.
This is why I can't have pets.
[laughs] We're down to Sage, Ciara, and Arc.
Will they ever use bouncy balls in battle? Probably not.
Am I enjoying this? Heck, yes.
Uh-oh, Sage.
Two against one.
[grunts] - Krakens are victorious.
- Woo! Victory ha.
Ha! Let's see who's in first place and will receive the invisibility shield.
Ooh, it's a tie between Phoenix Squad and Kraken Squad.
But there is no tying on the battlefield, which means there's no tying in Knight School.
To determine top Squad, we'll have a tie-breaker.
I'll just consult the teacher's handbook t to it's missing.
Fizz! Whatever you need, I got it.
- Do you have my handbook? - I don't got it.
Someone must have stolen it.
Don't look at me.
The only thing I've ever stolen from Sir Gareth is this mini zen garden.
[whispers] It's so relaxing.
I need that handbook, it explains all the rules of Knight School, including how to settle a tie.
We could always settle this with a good, old-fashioned sing-off.
[clears throat] Better warm up first.
Merlin made me mango marmalade Merlin made me mango marmalade No, I don't know what the tie-breaker is, but it's definitely not that.
I know, sir! I read the handbook in your private bathroom one day.
You have a private bathroom? Not important.
Go on, Fizz.
The book said tie-breakers are settled with a whip contest.
Ah, yes, yes, that's right.
[chuckles] I need you to find that handbook.
Whoa, it finally happened.
I got my first quest.
Sure, whatever gets those little legs running.
Sage, Ciara, since you are the top students, you'll be representing your squads in the whip contest.
You'll have a week to train before facing off to see who can hit more targets.
Good luck.
We've gotta win that shield.
Any chance you've used a whip before? No, but hey! It kinda looks like a jump rope.
Have you ever used a jump rope before? No.
It's okay, I'll bet Sage has never used a whip before, either.
[whip slashing] Never mind.
Eh, eh-hey CIARA: I'm a princess, whose father won't let her become a knight.
Please let me go to Knight School, Daddy, please, please! So I use a magic ring and secretly train as Ciara.
Yes! ARC: And I'm Arc.
A charming thief who has the same dream.
I'm destined to become a knight.
CIARA: But people from outside the kingdom aren't allowed at Knight School.
ARC: So I'm pretending I belong here.
CIARA: Now, we protect each other's secrets.
ARC: So we can achieve our dream of becoming Knights.
We are the Knight Squad, hey! Na-na, na-na, na-na, na-na-ah So Sage mastered the whip just in time for the tie-breaker? I don't think that's a coincidence.
She must have stolen Sir Gareth's handbook and found out about the tie-breaker rule.
She's been waiting for an opportunity to whip our butts.
Hey, fart-sniffers.
Okay, we may be fart-sniffers, but at least we're not thieves.
We know you stole Sir Gareth's handbook.
It's why you know how to whip it.
Whip it good.
I didn't steal anything.
Besides, where's your proof? Our proof is your book-stealing face.
Burn! Look, it's not my fault being awesome worked out for me.
Buttercup, let's go.
[laughs] Burn! That's not how that works.
So Sage has an unfair advantage.
I mean, for all we know, you could be a natural with the whip.
Start with a big target, like the candy cart.
Aim for that jar full of black licorice.
It's gross, it needs to die.
Here it goes.
[whip slashing] [groaning] Oh, no! I broke my dad's favorite guard! Well, at least Sage didn't see that.
Oh, I totally saw it.
It's okay, when I win the invisibility shield, you won't have to see me making fun of you.
[whispers] But you'll feel it.
We can't let Sage get away with this.
If I train really hard, I can get to Sage's level by the end of the week.
But Sage will be training, too.
You'll have to get better at a faster rate.
Uh, this sounds like a math problem and they do not end well for me.
Oh, Rufus! Where does it hurt? My butt cheeks, Your Majesty.
Don't worry, I will get you the best butt doctor in the land.
Your dad needs a new guard, we need to distract Sage.
If we make her the new guard, she won't have any time to practice.
[gasps] I am good at math! It's not really math, but it's still impressive.
Sage as a guard? It might be a hard sell.
You know, because Sage is so [gags] Yeah, but the Princess can get him to add anything.
Right, Princess? I did get him to buy me those glitter ponies - last week.
- Ah! Loved riding them.
But I'm still finding glitter in weird places.
Oh, ah-ah, ah-ah Oh, Fizz, I heard you're looking for whoever took the handbook, and I'm here to help.
I don't need your help, I got a list of suspects.
- This is a bill.
- I've got nothing! Please, help me! It's my first quest! Well, Phoenix Squad thinks Sage stole the book, but I know she's innocent.
Sure, she's done some bad stuff.
I mean, bad.
I mean really, really I get it! So, who do you think stole the handbook? Hmm.
We know the suspect has hands and also a head.
Hands and a head, huh? You're really good at this! I have to prove Sage's innocence a lot.
I mean, a lot.
I mean Let's go.
Hey, Dad.
Did you hire a new guard yet? Well, I want to, but I have no one to bring me my "Looking for a new guard" crown.
This is my "Standing on the balcony looking cool" crown.
I just can't! Oh, hey! Look, Knight School students.
Let's listen in on their conversation.
Oh, wow! Sage sure is noble/great.
True, she makes me feel safe and not at all like I wanna cry.
If I had to use one word to describe Sage, it's: "Should be a guard.
" Ah, those Knight School students sure like that Sage.
Oh, look, here she comes now.
Your Majesty, I received a letter saying you wanted to see me? Oh, is Buttercup stuck in the drawbridge again? I don't remember sending a letter, but you know what? I just heard some people say that you would make a great royal guard.
What a perfectly executed coincidence.
You want me to be a guard? Uh, it's only temporary, just until my old guard, Rufus, heals up.
The doctors say he now has two butt cracks.
I saw his wipe-out.
I'm sorry for my classmate, Ciara, she can't do anything right.
I heard she does tons of things right.
No, she's a big, giant loser.
Anyways Dad, what do you say? You're hired! In fact, I'll give you an even more important role.
Guarding the most valuable thing in my life.
The Princess! What? Why do I need a bodyguard? I can't take any chances with this Ciara menace on the loose.
Eh-eh, eh Hold up, let me check the perimeter.
Uh, stay clear of that weapons cart full of pointy things.
Kripan with a big mug of hot cocoa And look out for the clumsy Cunninghams.
[whip slashes] Beat it, Cunninghams! Wow, nothing gets past you.
[whispers] I really wish it did.
A knight's job is to serve their kingdom and I wanna be a knight.
So, as long as I'm your guard, you have nothing to be afraid of.
You know what I'm afraid of? Monsters.
Can you check under my bed? - But it's daytime.
- That's when they get ya! Thanks, bye.
Hey, guys.
I wanted to talk to you sooner, but Sage never leaves my side.
I wouldn't either.
Sorry, I'm starting to think I'm not over the Princess.
This stinks.
If you can't practice, we'll lose the tie-breaker and the invisibility shield.
Unless you can use Sage to your advantage.
Maybe you can ask her to teach you some whip moves.
Then, I can use those moves in the tie-breaker to crush Captain Mean Face! That's what I call Sage.
- Oh.
- I see it.
- Clever.
- She does have a mean face.
Wait, isn't it wrong to steal Sage's moves? But she already did something wrong when she stole that handbook.
We're allowed to be wrong back.
That's just science.
Princess, watch out! You're surrounded by dumb-dumbs.
- [whip slashing] - Go on, get out.
Get, get! You are great with that whip.
Would you be willing to teach me some moves? Why would you need to learn how to use a whip? In case I need to protect myself from someone horrible.
You know, like that menace, Ciara.
Oh, say no more, she's a wart on the nose of the kingdom.
So true.
Na-na-na Hello, Phoenix Squad.
- What's going on? - Take a seat.
- There's only one chair.
- My partner said, "Sit!" It's pretty obvious who stole Sir Gareth's handbook.
What are those papers for? For this.
[screams] I thought you were gonna be the good cop and I was gonna be the bad cop.
I decided on bad cop, Butter-cop.
And Butter-cop hates paper.
So did you steal the book? Answer me! Come on.
Alright? Prudie and Warwick are too goodie-goodie to steal anything.
It's true, the only thing we steal is the show.
BOTH: Five, six, seven, eight Zip it! What about you, Arc? You're a real dirt-bag! If I were going to steal, would I really pick a book? That checks out, you're free to go.
- Well, this is our Squad room - He said get out of here! Alright, Princess, remember what I taught you.
Deep breaths, visualize, and - [whip slashing] - Release the rage! [screaming] [ceramic breaking] Nice job.
You know, I never thought we'd get along this well.
I figured you'd be too fancy schmancy for me.
Turns out you're just the right amount of schmancy.
I didn't think we'd get along this well either.
You just seem so, um Tough? Scary? Most likely to cut you? Yes, yes, and please don't cut me.
[chuckles] Just have to be this way because I have a reputation to keep up.
Sometimes I wish I could just relax and get all dressed up like you.
Really? Because I can make that happen.
So, Your Highness? How do I look? Royally adorbs, and it's kind of blowing my mind.
Mine, too, and this dress is so great for hiding all my throwing knives.
And now that Rufus is back, I guess you'll be going back to Knight School.
Yeap, hanging out with buttheads like Ciara.
What is your problem with me? Is what that butthead would say if she were here.
She thinks I stole our teacher's handbook.
But I didn't steal anything, I just learned the whip as part of my extra training.
You really didn't steal the handbook? No! I want my Squad to win and become knights, so I put in the work.
I've been mastering a weapon a week since I was a kid.
You work really hard.
And you must have been a very scary toddler.
You know, the hardest part about being me is that even when I do something good, people still think I'm bad.
That's really unfair.
People judging you and calling Captain Mean Face.
What? I never said anyone called me that.
Oh, right.
Nobody said that.
Because if they had, they'd be totally wrong about you and feel pretty bad right now.
Na, na, na Guys, I have good news.
My whip training paid off and I am awesome now.
I knew we could count on the Princess.
But I don't think Sage is as bad as we thought.
I knew you'd let us down, Ciara.
Here's the thing, Sage opened up to the Princess and said she didn't steal Sir Gareth's handbook.
I kind of feel bad for tricking her.
Wait, what are you talking about? Maybe I should let her win the tie-breaker.
Did you accidentally whip yourself in the head?! Yeap wait, when Sage opened up, was she really sad, and sensitive, and made you see her in a new light? Yeah, how did you know? 'Cause that's what crafty, conniving people do when they pretend to be innocent.
I do it all the time.
Sage has been doing tricky stuff to hurt our Squad from day one.
I know, but this time, it was different.
There were dresses and we had fun, it was very confusing! You need to choose.
Help your Squad get the invisibility shield or help Sage, who has always been our enemy.
I guess I gotta do what's right for the Squad.
I can't let us lose first place.
There's the Ciara I know and love.
I am sorry I accused you of whipping yourself in the head.
Oh, I did.
Multiple times.
Buttercup, when I tell Sir Gareth that I failed my first quest, it's gonna break his artificial heart.
Fizz, knights don't accept failure.
- Well, I'm not a knight.
- But you wanna be one.
Don't you? Don't you?! Of course I do.
That's why I used Sir Gareth's bathroom to read his handbook.
That's it! I'm about to crack this case! And I'm about to crack my knuckles.
[knuckles cracking] Let's go.
Okay, I'm ready.
I'm so excited to see all your moves.
Oh, me, too.
The twirly one, the swirly one, the loop-de-loop.
Okay, it's possible I made up the names.
They sounded real to me, bro.
Sage and Ciara will travel from station to station destroying targets with their whips.
The first to complete the course wins the invisibility shield.
On your marks, get set, whip it! [ceramic breaking] The dishes are done, man! But can they hit their next target, which is cans? Hey, how did you get so good this fast? Not sure, but definitely didn't steal any moves.
Hmm, just like I didn't steal that handbook.
Not that you'd ever believe me.
- [whips slashing] - [cans falling] Oh-ho! That was can-tastic! What a pair.
Speaking of pears, that's our next target.
[whips slashing] Whoa! Ciara split her pear to take the lead.
If Sage doesn't hit hers, she could really blow it.
Just like I had to blow up the balloons at our next target.
Ciara, what are you doing? Oh, no, all those whips to the head are making me see things.
I'm your conscience.
And we both know you think using Sage's moves isn't right.
But you heard our Squad, they think Sage is lying.
Our Squad wasn't there when Sage opened up! We didn't know she had actual feelings.
True, but if I let Sage win, she'll get the invisibility shield, and that'll hurt my actual feelings.
Either way, you know Sage didn't do it, which means you're doing the wrong thing, not her.
- You're right.
- Of course I'm right, I'm you.
- [chuckles] Thanks, me.
- Anytime, me.
[alarm blaring] Sage hit all the targets, she wins.
KRIPAN AND LUCKY: [cheering] Oh, no, no, I don't do hugs.
Alright, this one time.
I was right, I don't do hugs.
What happened out there? I realized I really do believe Sage.
She deserved to win.
I can barely look at you.
Just turn into the Princess please.
Look, I think it's pretty clear Sage is guilty.
- I found the handbook! - So Sage didn't steal it.
Like I said, I think it's pretty clear Sage is innocent.
I'm sorry we doubted you, Ciara.
I'm sorry I left my mom's dishes in the training yard.
So tell me, Fizz, who was the dirty thief? - You.
- I beg your pardon?! You left the book in the King's bathroom, remember? You snuck in there after you clogged your toilet.
Yes, I remember telling you not to tell anyone.
Fizz, congratulations on completing your first quest.
I did it! I'm a knight! Nope, still a janitor.
Congratulations, Sage.
I'm sorry we accused you of taking the book.
Well, that's nice.
But I'm still going to use my new invisibility shield to make sure Kraken Squad becomes knights.
Sir Gareth, where is it? What? I don't know.
That's the thing with invisibility shields.
They're invisible.
Hey! Hey! Hey!