Knight Squad (2018) s02e07 Episode Script

Knight Glider

1 Hey, where is everyone? Oh, did I come to school on a Saturday, again? - Surprise! - [screams] Happy Squadaversary! It's been a year since you joined the Phoenix Squad.
I totally forgot today is our Squadaversary! Or did I? "Happy Squad Avers?" Letters are expensive.
We're going to celebrate all week long.
I'm so excited I could throw a barrel full of bricks! [grunts] Ah! - [thud] - Oh, no, I hit something.
- It's a bird.
- It's a dragon.
MAN: [screaming] Nope, it's a dude.
I landed on my face but I am still shockingly good looking.
Oh my goblin! You're Great Glider.
That's what it says on my super-underwear.
- How do you know who he is? - Oh, I'm his biggest fan.
He saved Seagate from a trash witch, a trash goblin, a trashnado.
Seagate's pretty dirty, guys.
Wow, we don't see many superheroes around here.
Astoria is protected by knights.
Well, not every kingdom can be cool.
What was that crash? Oh, my! We're in the presence of greatness! Whoa! [Chuckles] Thank you, My King.
It's nice to finally be recognized.
I'm talking about Great Glider! The King of Astoria.
Get in here! BOTH: Whoa! [chuckling] We haven't seen each other since I saved you from drowning in the chocolate sea.
Oh, I kept swimming with my mouth open.
It was a delicious disaster.
Have you come to collect the kingly reward for saving my life? So wait, if someone saves you, they get a reward? Oh, they sure do, janitor.
He knows my name! We saw a guy in a cape fall from the sky.
Please tell me he fell on Phoenix Squad.
One, two, three, four.
Dang it.
Well, King, I've gotta go.
You can ship that reward to my fortress of awesometude.
Up-up and glide! [glider pack coughs] His glider pack farted.
Now I understand why he's Arc's hero.
- [glider pack short-circuits] - Aw, man.
That barrel must have knocked my fuel line loose.
I'm out of Glidey gas.
Don't you have any more? No, but I can make some more by mixing several ingredients with the last of my plutroleum! Great, what are the ingredients? I don't know, I'm handsome.
Don't worry, I'll put Sir Gareth in charge of making your Glidey gas.
Oh-ho! So, a superhero needs a knight to save the day.
[chuckles] I guess I can do it.
Sage, you do it.
This is so great! Let me and my friends show you around Astoria.
I don't really do tours.
We'll compliment you the whole time.
- Let the tour begin! - Yes! And the final stop in the tour is our Squad room.
It's nice, but I feel like it's missing something.
Like my theme song! Great Glider will take flight! When he sees evil, he will fight, fight, fight! Glide, Great Glider, glide! - Did you know that - You wrote it yourself? Of course.
I know everything about you.
As a kid, my dream was to be a superhero.
I thought your dream was to open a taco stand with your best friend called "Tac Bros.
" That's not a dream.
That's happening.
But I did give up being a superhero because I could never be as amazing as Great Glider.
Because he's full of muscles and you're full of hot air? You just lost your friends and family discount at Tac Bros.
Hey, we need to get to the Tasty Trunk to start our week-long Squadaversary celebration.
Yeah, tonight's event is Turkey Talk.
It's when we spin a turkey, and if it lands on you, you get to say nice things to the rest of the Squad.
You kids don't get out much.
Well, we should get going.
Make yourself at home.
Oh, so sorry I sneezed on your cape during the tour of Astoria.
It's okay, citizen, you can just buy me a new one.
- [laughs] - I'm serious.
You're going to buy me a new cape.
I'll meet you guys at the Tasty Trunk, I'm gonna see if he'll answer a few more questions for me.
Don't take too long.
After we spin that turkey, we eat that turkey.
Great Glider, can you tell me about the time you saved Seagate from Trashzilla? Well, that'll be the most mind-blowing story you've ever heard.
PHONE: Time to be awesome! That'll be the most mind-blowing story you've never heard! That's my Glidey Alert reminding me to make some saves.
Aw, man! I wish I could see you in action.
I do love an adoring audience.
Would you like to glide along? [gasps] Are you okay? 'Cause I don't do mouth-to-mouth.
That means I wanna go, but I have to meet my friends for our Squadaversary.
[chuckles] Well.
What would you rather do? Hang out with your hero, or go talk to a turkey? Oh, you don't talk to the turkey, we spin it and then we You're right, we don't get out much.
- I'm coming with you.
- Good call.
Cue my theme song.
Great Glider will take flight! When he sees evil, he will fight, fight, fight! Glide, Great Glider, glide! Yeah! ARC: Do you wanna know a secret? CIARA: I'm a princess, whose father won't let her become a knight.
Please let me go to Knight School, Daddy, please, please! So I use a magic ring and secretly train as Ciara.
Yes! ARC: And I'm Arc.
A charming thief who has the same dream.
I'm destined to become a knight.
CIARA: But people from outside the kingdom aren't allowed at Knight School.
ARC: So I'm pretending I belong here.
CIARA: Now, we protect each other's secrets.
ARC: So we can achieve our dream of becoming Knights.
We are the Knight Squad, hey! Where's Arc? He's two hours late.
Yeah, we can't play Turkey Talk without him, it's against the rules.
Oh, actually, there are no rules.
I made up this game because I was craving turkey.
Let me just grab my wallet, it's right here in my See you, sucker! [Laughs] - [thud] - [groans] He'll take that knuckle sandwich to go.
[applause] But hold the tomatoes, because they have a weird texture.
You don't need to talk.
Hey, guys.
Arc, you were with Great Glider this whole time? Do you know how hard it was to keep Prudie away - from the Turkey? - [smacking] Prudie, no.
Yeah, you're missing our Squadaversary.
I'm sorry, but now that I'm here, you have my undivided attention.
And oh, my gosh, he's getting away! [grunts] [karate scream] [cheering and applause] Arc, you kicked this crook like a crook-kicking boss.
Thanks! I was the captain of my kickball team! Let's get this guy to the dungeon.
Oh, guys, we can do this later, right? - Not, really - Thanks for understanding.
- Arc just bailed on us.
- Don't worry.
When Great Glider leaves, everything will go back to normal.
PRUDIE: [burps] Prudie, did you just eat the whole turkey? I waited two hours.
I deserved it.
So Arc ditched his friends for Great Glider.
You know, if that superhero sticks around, he could break up their Squad.
We have to keep Great Glider here.
But we're almost done making the Glidey gas.
- Or are we? - We are! [Giggles] - Or are we? - We are.
- Or are we? - We are! - Or are we?! - We are almost done! [indistinct arguing] Na-na-na Nothing like the sweet sound of a trip wire.
[trip wire bouncing] [babbles] I told you.
If someone saves the King, they get a kingly reward, that's why we're gonna "save him.
" - Ooh.
- BOTH: [snickering] KING: I'm just going outside for my daily cookie break.
Oh, here he comes, time to catch a King.
Oh, no! I caught myself! Let's see what today's cookie is.
Oatmeal raisin?! Oh, how could this day get any worse? [screams] [thud] I'm okay.
I landed on a soft, stinky pillow.
That's no pillow, that's Slobwick! [chattering] Slobwick saved the King! [cheering and applause] This creature shall get a kingly reward.
But first send that cookie to the dungeon! [snickering] Alright, all we have to do is blow up the Glidey gas so that Great Glider will be stuck here.
Pass me the blast berries.
Did you eat one? [coughs] No.
[Giggles] [flame pops] Maybe.
Man, I don't want Great Glider to go.
He's so awesome.
He even taught me his stare of truth.
Sometimes I say I wear deodorant but I don't! Looks like my Glidey gas is almost ready.
Students, last chance for a selfie with a real hero.
Better than You can also take pictures with me.
[cameras clicking] I've gotta get rid of this guy.
Is the gas almost ready? - Uh uh - Sir Gareth, be careful! [scoffs] Uh-oh.
That sounds means I'm about to lose another body part.
- [explosion] - [screams] No! No! My plutroleum's destroyed! Now I'm stuck in Astoria.
- Yes! - No! Please! Please tell me there's more plutroleum! [cries] No.
It's extremely rare.
[giggles] I mean the sad version of that.
Great Glider, now that you live here, you could be Astoria's superhero.
Hmm, that's true.
But I'd need a sidekick, someone who's smart and makes good decisions.
[Laughs] I thought he was gonna ask Arc.
- Oh.
- [laughing] Oh, I'm not asking Arc.
I'm asking Glidey Boy! - I'm Glidey Boy? - No, you're Arc-y Boy, and your super power is friendship.
Yeah, there's no way you can be his sidekick and still have time to go to Knight School.
So I have to choose between my dreams? I don't know what to do.
I know the answer, it starts with "You better choose Knight School" and ends with "or I'm gonna smack you.
" Well, maybe the stare of truth will help you decide.
I really wanna be a superhero, but I don't want Ciara to smack me! Good choice.
I'm a superhero! Where did my other clothes go? Doesn't matter.
I'm a superhero! It just feels so weird now that Arc quit Knight School to become a superhero.
What do you mean? Arc's still here.
No, he's not, I just dressed up a tree.
Guys, trust me, Arc is just going through a phase.
Next time we see him, he'll be back to normal.
ARC: Glidey Booooooyyy! Someone order a hero? Oh, I'm glad you're here, I forgot to give you something.
[smacks] My super muscles barely felt that.
When are you gonna snap out of this and hang up the tights? Okay, never.
Right? I wanna help people.
Being a superhero allows me to do that.
So does being a knight.
Yeah, but there's no guarantee I'm gonna become a knight.
Or that I'm gonna find my old clothes.
PHONE: Time to be Glidey! Oh, that's my alert.
I gotta go.
By the way, that's a good-looking tree.
Glidey Booooy! Okay.
New plan.
Since Arc won't quit, we have to get rid of Great Glider.
Wish that Glidey gas hadn't exploded.
Yeah, how could that even happen? - Sage got the ingredients.
- And Sage mixed it together.
And Sage is pointing and laughing at us.
[laughing] Sage.
We know you destroyed the Glidey gas.
What? I would never force Great Glider to stay here so that Arc could choose him over you dumb-dumbs.
And we certainly did not blow it up with blast berries.
[laughs] [flame popping] Sage, what you did was not cool.
You have to help us fix it.
And what makes you think I'd ever do that? Attention.
Now that Arc is a super zero, I had to rearrange the Squads.
Sage, you're in Phoenix now.
So, I've had time to reconsider and I wanna help you now.
I'll make the gas right this time.
You can't make it, there's no more plutroleum.
Actually, I do know of a troll mine that happens to have plenty of it.
But trolls don't like outsiders.
How are we supposed to sneak in? Maybe I can use my magic to turn some of us into trolls.
I know I said I'd help you, but there is no way you're turning us into trolls.
You turned us into trolls! [giggles] Look! My eyebrows are kissing.
Na-na, na-na-na, oh! Slobwick shall receive a kingly reward for saving me from a major boo-boo.
Present his treasure.
A butt-load of chicken nuggets.
I guess dreams do come true! [applause] I would've given you more, but I'm pretty sure when I fell on you, you gave me fleas.
We did it, Slobby.
[chuckles] It's nugget time.
Relax, we're best friends.
[denying grunt] - What do you mean, no? - [babbles] Wait, you want the nuggets all to yourself? - Yep.
- Why, you! Come here! You won't get away with this, you nugget nabber! [laughs] Ah! [Munching] Na-na-na, na Hey! Who are you two? We work for you, stinkwad.
Aww, compliments will get you nowhere.
Now get to work, let's go! Ugh.
[Laughs] This smells more like poo-troleum.
[Laughs] Right, guys? Just find a bucket.
And so I told the ogre, "It's not my fault your face looks like your butt!" - [laughing] - Isn't she hilarious?! Hilarious?! Did you just say something nice? [clears throat] No, sir.
You showed me respect! These two aren't trolls! Intruders! Guys, I found a bucket! I mean, this isn't my house.
Eh, eh, eh-eh, eh Ah, eh-eh, eh Wow, I have never had fans before.
They adore you almost as much as they adore me.
And my third grade teacher said I'd never amount to anything.
Take that, Mom! Eh? - I was home-schooled.
- Oh.
Go for Glidey Boy.
Arc, we're in a troll mine and we've been captured and Hey! Give me that mirror! Oh, and how did you get reception down here? Great Glider, the Phoenix Squad has been captured by trolls, we have to help them.
Of course we will.
After we sign all these autographs.
But don't we have a responsibility to help people? [groans] Yes.
But we also have a responsibility to our fans, and they wanna see your cool new action figure! Ooh.
How do they cram so much handsome into that little guy? So, what's it gonna be? Your friends, or the fans who make it all worthwhile? And while you're thinking about it, I'm gonna sing your new theme song.
It's Glidey Boy, he's got his own toy Oh, joy, oh, joy It's Glidey Boy! [cheering and applause] Pardon me, might an old, smelly man, get to look at the hero.
[babbles] I'm back, you no-good thief! - [gasps] - Give me my nugget [barking] [babbling] Go ahead, call the guards, I'll tell everyone you helped me trick the King.
- [babbles] - You tricked the King? Yeah, it was so crazy, the King's not that smart.
BOTH: Uh-oh.
- [babbles] - I'm sorry too, Slobby.
It was the nuggets, they can drive a man crazy.
- [babbles] - Less talking, more sweeping.
While I enjoy this cookie.
Oatmeal raisin again?! [groans] Just fall already, will ya?! I'm late for my son's troll-mitzvah! - Well, too bad.
- There's nothing you can do to make us fall.
But mazel tov on your son's big day.
You might as well give up, no one's coming to save you.
[grunts] - Arc, you came! - Yeah! And I found my old clothes.
They were under my uniform the whole time.
Trolls! Stop him! - - [grunting] [swords clashing] ALL: [grunting] Warwick, you get the plutroleum, we'll handle these guys.
- [grunting] - [swords clashing] We can't let them kick all the troll butt.
- [thud] - Let's get cracking.
[karate yell] [giggles] [grunting] [yells] Well, it's been fun, but I hate fun, so toodles! I got the plutroleum and found a bathroom, it was surprisingly clean.
Sorry I got swept up in being a superhero, but when I saw you guys were in trouble, I knew I needed to be with my Squad.
Happy Squadaversary.
I kept some in case you changed your mind.
- No, more trolls! - No, it's us, you super dork.
And thanks for nothing, we freed ourselves.
[giggling] I used my troll teeth to chew us free.
Come on, let's go make some Glidey gas and send that superhero on his way.
What you're still gonna change us back, right? Don't walk away! - [grunts] - [smacking] I know you hear me! Na-na, na-na, eh Hey! Hey! Hey!