Knightfall (2017) s01e10 Episode Script

Do You See the Blue

1 LANDRY: So you're one of them now, the Brotherhood of Light.
The Grail is not just the Cup of Christ.
Why would he invite you to supper if he knew you were carrying another man's child? Take her away.
Punishing me will not mend what is already broken, Philip! You're sure these men can take on the Templars? They have one advantage They fight dirty.
Landry du Lauzon, you will be excommunicated What if I told you something that would change what you know of God entirely? My son, forgive me.
I believe I have made a terrible mistake.
I'll die before I let you take the Grail.
You always claimed to understand my suffering.
Let's see if that's true.
DRAPER: Lay him down.
Landry, what happened? It was Gawain.
Master, can you bend your leg? [GROANING.]
- Is the knee broken? - I don't think so.
But we need to ease the swelling.
Keep his shoulders down and hold his legs steady.
Forgive me, Master.
This will hurt.
S01E10 Do You See the Blue Tell me you have it? As promised.
The immense heights man might ascend to Art, music, culture And instead, we fuss and fight over an arrestingly ordinary cup.
How are you feeling, my son? I was rather hoping you'd feel well enough to travel.
My people tell me that our friend De Nogaret is back in the palace.
De Nogaret? He was out of favor with the King.
Well, he's back in favor and if my people are right, he could already have the Grail in his possession.
I don't understand.
What would De Nogaret want with the Grail? He knows my true intention, all Europe united under the one true God.
Why do you think he wanted Isabella married to England? He's trying to forge alliances against me.
I need you to lead your men to Paris before De Nogaret announces to the world that his King has the Grail.
Me? Why? Not long ago, you wished me dead.
I had a visit from a rather forceful woman claiming to be your mother.
She is my mother.
She made me see things in a new light.
What new light? Get me the Grail and I'll explain.
A mighty gift to raise your spirits, Your Grace.
By God, De Nogaret.
You found it.
Does the Pope know? I rather suspect he may know that it is missing.
And you think I bargain with it? Yes and no.
Meaning? Yes, you should use it to bargain with, but no, you should never actually hand it over.
For now, it is enough that you have it, Your Grace.
Let them come looking for it.
Let Landry come looking for it.
And then what? [DOOR OPENS.]
I hear there has been a mistake, that you are innocent of all crimes and that hell has frozen over.
Explain it to me.
I cannot.
I like clear messages.
So do the men.
Right and wrong.
Within the rules, outside the rules.
We lose that, we lose order, we lose what we are An Order.
I understand.
Nevertheless, I do not know what it is that has caused the Pope to change his mind.
But he believes I acted in good faith.
All the things that you did, was that "acting in good faith"? I acted with God in my heart.
You acted with lust in your heart! When we get to Paris, if the King has the Grail, it is possible we'll have to take it by force.
He may have gathered his Royal Guard.
Grand Master, I formerly request a mobilization of the entire French Temple.
Landry, you haven't been listening to me.
If I help you now, I will lose the respect of my men.
"The entire French Temple"?! I, too, like clear messages.
And I thought the clear message of the Templar Rule was that all Brothers stand together.
Master, is it true we ride alone? It is.
First, they condemn you, then they leave you to retrieve the Grail alone.
It's complicated.
It is not.
Shame on you! [BELL TOLLING.]
KING PHILIP: I must apologize.
What I did to you and your handmaiden, I I should never have done that.
Forgive me.
This is what we must do.
Everything must change.
I must set aside this crown.
When I'm with you, I must be as I was when you and your mother first came to my father to seek our protection.
No, Philip.
We were easy with each other then.
King Philip, Queen Joan, let's leave them behind.
When we're alone, let's be Philip and Joan, plain and simple.
This child, it can be a child of the new Philip and Joan and I will raise him and love him as my own.
This child will never be yours.
We cannot pretend otherwise.
We can.
Philip and Joan can pretend.
No, we can't! I said I'm sorry, I I've offered you the chance to go back to a time when we were at ease with each other and and still you refuse to cooperate? Philip This time when my mother brought me to your father, I was no more than 3 years old.
Well, then, damn you.
You are my wife.
De Nogaret.
Your Grace.
Tell me about Landry.
He's returning to Paris from the commandery near Chartres.
Can you do it outside Paris, quietly? Of course.
He will come through the Forest of Versailles.
I can dispatch a party of Red Knights to intercept him there.
I think it is best for the next few weeks, until the baby comes, if you simply lie down as much as you can.
Your Grace.
Forgive me, Doctor.
My master De Nogaret asks you and your assistants to prepare to travel.
What for? My master's men will be fighting near Versailles against Templars.
They may need medical help in the field.
I cannot travel.
I must care for the Queen.
My master expects the fight to be brief.
Your Grace.
I gather you summoned the doctor.
It's nothing.
If only it were nothing.
Maybe you should've taken the worm fern, after all.
I spoke too soon before.
You put out the hand of friendship and I dismissed it too swiftly.
Perhaps there is something in what you said.
Behold, the Cup of Christ, the Holy Grail.
Have you ever seen anything more glorious? How did you find it? I know.
Surprising, isn't it? The whole world looking and your husband finds it.
With the Grail in your possession, you will have much influence.
You will have power without the need for bloodshed.
You're right.
I will never need to raise a sword again.
I won't need to send my mercenaries to the Forest of Versailles to intercept the Templars and do away with them and your lover, once and for all.
That is what you came here for, isn't it? Soft words to try to save the father of your child? Please, Philip, you don't have to Soon we shall hear some sad news.
Our friends, the Templars, have been killed on the road.
We will bury them with great honors and you and I shall mourn their passing.
And, in particular, the passing of my teacher, my confidante, and my friend, Landry, Master of the Temple.
You're a cruel man.
I am taking charge, Joan.
This is how things are going to be from now on.
I offered you an alternative and you rejected it.
You offered me a future based on lies! Pretending Landry's child [SCREAMS.]
I offered you a future! You should be grateful! I am the King of France! You do not spurn me and expect to live! If I could take away every moment I have spent with you, every single breath, I would.
If I could wash myself and scrub away every trace of you, the poison of you from my body But you won't! Because I won't let you.
First, you will see your lover buried.
Second, you will call for him as you give birth to his child.
And finally, you will watch as I cut out that child's bastard heart.
And that, my dear, is a future based on truth.
Quickly! The King has fainted! He needs help! [GUARDS YELLING ORDERS.]
I still don't understand why the Pope let me live.
What did my mother tell him? What? There are things as a member of the Brotherhood that I cannot say.
Are these secrets really greater than our friendship? Yes.
There are things I cannot say and there are things I cannot do.
If we find the Grail, I won't be able to support you giving it to the Pope.
You won't have to.
I'm not giving it to him.
I cannot trust the Pope.
Then, what? You going to keep it for yourself and lead your own Holy War? I used to want another war.
I used to dream about it.
I thought that's what being a Templar meant, fighting in the Holy Land.
But that is not our purpose.
The nine knights who founded our order wanted us to protect pilgrims on the road to Jerusalem, not pitch faith against faith.
Then let's do it Godfrey's way.
When we have the Grail, you and I will return it to the Brotherhood.
Secure it forever.
Brothers! To Paris! - To Paris! - To Paris! - Paris! - Paris! [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS.]
What is it? [HORSE NEIGHS.]
LANDRY: It's the Queen.
Philip knows.
- He knows everything.
- How does he know? It doesn't matter.
Listen to me.
They're coming for you.
Mercenaries They're going to kill you.
- How many are there? - [GASPS.]
Joan? Joan? Bring the stretcher for the Queen! - Hurry! - You shouldn't have traveled.
I had to warn you, my love.
We are under attack! Brothers! Form up! There's a Temple lodge a few miles west.
Take the Queen.
I'll meet you there.
Ready the men.
Brothers! Prepare to fight! Won't you come with me? I can't leave my men.
Our child needs a father.
Our child will have a father.
Don't worry.
This will soon be over.
I will come and I will find you.
DRAPER: Lay the stretcher down here.
I have the Grail with me.
Tell no one.
DRAPER: Landry? We must go.
TANCREDE: Landry? The men are ready.
Brothers, the King of France has sent mercenaries to kill us.
We are to be finished quietly, far from Paris, out of sight.
But we will not go quietly! Let these men be in no doubt that they have chosen a mighty opponent! [MAN SHOUTS IN DISTANCE.]
Have no fear.
They fight for money.
That is our advantage.
Because we fight for honor, for the honor of our Brotherhood.
We fight for the glory of God and we win by the grace of God! TEMPLARS: By the grace of God! [TEMPLARS SCREAM.]
GAWAIN: Master Landry! If looks could kill! [RED KNIGHTS SCREAMING.]
Release! Tancrede.
Thought you were dead.
What happened? I lived to fight bastards like you! You got free of the Templars and went back.
You're a bigger fool than I thought.
This isn't you, Brother.
Give it up.
You're right.
I'm not the old Gawain.
I have respect now, men under my command.
You had respect before.
Your pain stopped you seeing it.
Stop! I think my waters have broken.
The baby is coming.
It's too soon.
This way! [GROANS.]
Master! [GROWLS.]
There are too many of them! Find me some blood moss.
The baby can come at any moment.
This cannot be.
The child is not due.
I promise you, I will see the child safely into this world.
You should've killed me when you had the chance! Master! [SCREAMS.]
You were my friend.
Nobody intended to cause you any pain.
So your affair with my wife was, what? An accident? All those times you came to the palace, it was only to lie with her.
That's not true.
All the friendly advice, all the lessons in swordsmanship Vile hypocrisy.
I thought I knew you, and I didn't.
But you don't know me, either.
You don't know me at all! Landry?! Where's Landry?! Your Grace, please conserve your strength.
This is about the baby now.
She's here, isn't she? My wife? [PANTING.]
- Let her go.
- "Let her go"? [LAUGHS.]
I was right.
You really don't know me, do you?! [SCREAMS.]
You taught me this.
Use my pain against my enemy.
- Landry! - Where is he?! They drove him into the forest! They have him surrounded! Landry's finished.
Traitor! You'll have to do better than that, Brother Tancrede! Surprising, isn't it?! All this time waiting for God and the Grail to set me free and all I needed was the King's doctor.
LANDRY: Joan you're so beautiful.
You're the only woman I've ever loved.
Have you never danced? I waited and waited for you.
You never came.
In my darkest moment, you appeared to me.
All I could think about was you and our child.
I love you.
Philip! Philip, no! Stop it! I am to blame for this.
- Kill me, not him.
- Joan.
No! Joan! Joan, get out of here! Darling, you're just in time.
Joan! Now you can watch him die.
De Molay! TANCREDE: You've lost, Brother! Sir?! What do we do?! Templars! God is on our side! [PANTING.]
QUEEN JOAN: No, Philip, please! [CRYING.]
I beg you, don't do this.
Keep out of it.
Philip, listen to me.
We'll leave France.
You have my word, please.
If you ever loved me spare his life.
What did you say to me? - No! - Listen to yourself.
You want to use my love to save your love? Very well.
If that's what you want, I'll spare his life.
No! Joan, no! And take yours, instead.
She'll never be yours.
Your Grace, the Templars have reinforcements.
The fight's lost.
We must leave.
You betray the King of France this is what happens! QUEEN JOAN: [GASPING.]
MAN: Let's go! - To the horses! - [GASPING.]
You changed your mind, then? Brothers stand together.
Where's your master? [BOTH BREATHING HEAVILY.]
I'm here.
I'm here, my darling.
I'm here.
MAN: I've found them! Here! Over here! [GASPING, CRYING.]
I'm here.
There is nothing to be done.
There must be something.
I want you to know something.
I was going to ask you to come with me to Navarre, to live with me there.
Now it's too late.
I'm dying.
But at least it's with you by my side.
Tell me something.
Tell me about Navarre.
It's beautiful.
The poppy fields in the morning.
Not just the red, the velvet.
I found a little shepherd's shack on a hill outside Pamplona.
I imagined we would rebuild it, you and me.
Bring our child to see the wild horses grazing.
Do you think it would've been a boy or a girl? [SOBBING.]
Landry, if If I were to ask you now to come with me to Navarre, what would you do? I would come with you.
And I would see those poppies in the morning.
And I would take our child to see the horses grazing.
I would savor every single moment of my life with you.
All this time, I thought I wanted the Grail.
Get me water.
Get me water! [GRUNTING.]
The Grail! Here, my darling.
Drink from this.
It's the Grail.
This is our chance, for our life together, for Navarre.
Joan? Joan? I feel better.
By heavens, it's working.
I don't feel the pain anymore.
Do you see the blue? My darling.
Joan? And the horses.
They have a foal.
Can you see the foal? I can see.
Will you bring bring our child to meet with the foal? It's beautiful.
Joan! Joan! Please.
Joan, drink.
Joan, drink it.
Drink it.
I love you.
I love you.
Draper? What is it? The child, I felt it move.
The mother breathes for the child I felt it move.
It's not possible.
We must save the child, quickly! How? There is a way.
I have seen it tried in Syria.
Did it work? Do you want me to try? [BABY CRYING.]
DRAPER: It's a girl! It's a miracle.
It's a girl.
Every Templar takes a vow of celibacy and none of us should feel love for a woman, least of all a Temple Master.
But, Brothers, you already know of my transgression, so therefore, I confess.
I loved Queen Joan.
I loved her for her spirit, for her laugh, for the bright spark of her mind.
I loved Queen Joan for her beauty, her smile, her eyes, astonishing.
They will live on in our daughter.
I loved Queen Joan I loved Joan, Queen of France and Navarre.
I loved her for her I loved her.
Laudate Dominum TEMPLARS: Omnes gentes Laudate eum Omnes populi Quoninam confirmata est