Knightfall (2017) s02e01 Episode Script

God's Executioners

1 LANDRY: Nearly 200 years ago, 9 knights founded our order.
We are the Knights Templar.
We protect the innocent.
We are men of honor.
We fight for the Holy Land.
We fight for the glory of God! [MAN GRUNTS] I have a responsibility to all the brothers.
If you cannot hold your own I hurt my leg protecting you! DE NOGARET: Landry Du Lauzon is sleeping with your wife.
Brother Gawain He had relations with a married woman who now carries his child.
The King of France has sent mercenaries to kill us.
Let these men be in no doubt that they have chosen a mighty opponent! PHILIP: You taught me use my pain against my enemy.
[GRUNTING] If you ever loved me, spare his life.
You want to use my love to save your love? Very well.
I'll spare his life - No! - And take yours, instead.
The child, I felt it move.
DRAPER: It's a girl! [BABY CRYING] S02E01 God's Executioners [SWORDS CLANKING] [INDISTINCT SHOUTING] [GRUNTING] Aah! [GRUNTING] Philip! PHILIP: Landry! [BOTH GRUNTING] You killed Joan! [GRUNTING] No, Landry.
You killed her.
[GRUNTING] You betrayed me.
You betrayed us all.
I'm no longer the novice I once was.
[CRYING CONTINUES] Salve, Regina Mater misericordiae Et spes nostra Salve [CRYING STOPS] TANCREDE: Is this truly what you want? I am an enemy of King Philip.
She will not be safe if she stays with me.
But she's your flesh and blood.
What would you have me do? Submit her to a life of peril? I would see her grow up with her father.
A blessing you failed to receive.
Honor my request.
She will grow up in a home far away from here.
And no one will know of her location.
What will you do now? I will go to the Temple in Chartres, make amends with our Templar brothers.
- Do you think that's wise? - Your meaning? Many of our brothers died at Versailles.
Many at Chartres hold you accountable.
That's all the more reason I must seek their forgiveness.
Landry, you misunderstand me.
They will not welcome you back.
Of course they will.
I'm a Temple Master.
Of a Temple that no longer exists.
What am I if not a Templar? You're a father.
You're a father.
I am unworthy of her.
I have to go to Chartres.
I have to make things right with our brothers.
I have to make things right with God.
Only then can I make things right with her.
Then you must go.
[SOFT MUSIC PLAYS] Forgive me.
God bless you.
God keep you.
God protect you.
I'll never forget this.
Your daughter she will be baptized.
With what name? Eve.
She will be called Eve.
[CHUCKLES] Come on, Eve.
Hup! Hup! Hyah! [DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYS] SERGEANT: Who's there? Landry Du Lauzon, Master of the Temple at Paris.
Open the gate.
One moment, Master.
[EXHALES SHARPLY] You're not welcome here.
- I'm a Temple Master.
- You're nothing.
The Paris Temple fell because of you.
I will not see the same happen here! You are expelled from the Order.
I'm expelled? Grandmaster? Grandmaster, please.
[GROANING] [GRUNTING] [GROANS] BERENGER: You betrayed the brotherhood.
All rights and claims as a Templar have been revoked.
And your sentence is banishment.
Open the gate! Open it! We didn't let you in last week.
Or the week before that.
The Grandmaster's made it clear you're not a Templar anymore.
It's all right.
DeMolay's granted your request.
He will consider your case for readmittance.
[GATE CLOSES] Aren't we going to the council chamber? Only brothers are allowed inside the Temple.
BERENGER: Why are you allowing this? Landry's the fool who left the gold in the Paris Temple.
He's unworthy of our consideration.
He is one of our most capable fighters.
[GROANS] For weeks, you have slept outside the Temple walls with little to eat or drink, begging to be allowed back into the brotherhood.
Why? Because you are my family and my brothers.
And without you I'm nothing.
I have nothing.
I know my mistakes.
I have failed as a Templar and as a man, but please, allow me to atone for my sins in the eyes of God and all of you.
Landry's been corrupted by the Devil.
He slept with the king's wife and sired a child with her.
That alone is reason for expulsion.
And, brothers, have none of you broken a vow? Not one rule of our code? It appears Brother Tancrede reveals more about himself than he defends Landry.
[LAUGHTER] Did not King Philip attack us because of Landry? Have we forgotten our duty to remove the wicked sheep from the flock, brothers?! Oh, clearly, Brother Berenger and Brother Angus - have never made a mistake.
- [SCOFFS] He broke the vows, Tancrede! He must pay for his sins! [INDISTINCT SHOUTING] Brothers, please.
Have we forgotten that he is the same man who fought with us at Acre? Have we forgotten how many lives he saved in the Holy Land? I owe my life to him.
And I know that many of you do, too.
Now, Landry has made many mistakes, and he must atone for them.
But I ask you who are we, as men of Christ, if we do not give him the chance of redemption? We are men of honor.
And he is not! You talk of honor? [INDISTINCT SHOUTING] DEMOLAY: Silence! I would not see our proceedings devolve into mindless quarrel.
How do you respond? I have brought great shame upon our house.
And I will take any steps that you will ask of me to right those wrongs.
Brother Landry speaks with a penitent heart.
Yet I remain fixed in my doubt.
I have listened carefully to your words, but the true measure of a man are his deeds, not his words.
This man is unworthy of returning as a Templar.
In fact, I wouldn't even consider him as an Initiate.
Brother Talus once again shares his wisdom with us.
Thank you.
We will not vote for Landry's re-entry as a Templar.
We will vote for his re-entry as an Initiate.
I have made my decision.
Reflect on that before we reconvene to cast our vote.
[MEN MURMURING] De Nogaret, I hear Landry evades capture? He does, Your Majesty, but I have dispatched informants throughout the kingdom, and I am confident they will be able to uncover his location.
The Paris Temple is mine, but it is worth nothing to me, De Nogaret, unless I seize their Temples at Arville and Chartres, as well.
That is where their wealth lies.
Gerard, how long until my army is ready to attack? Not long, My Lord.
Do it, Father.
They must pay for their offenses.
If I may, Your Majesty As your Royal Adviser, I must caution prudence.
Why? The Templars maintain Pope Boniface's support.
To attack them would be to make enemies with Rome, an act that could threaten to divide your kingdom between those that follow the Vicar of Christ and you.
And possibly incite such action as a call loan on your debts.
I'm sorry, Your Majesty.
Patience is the only path.
They attacked me, De Nogaret.
They took up arms against my army.
And they will be dealt with.
Please, grant me a little time.
I believe I can find a way that fulfills both of your wishes.
Bring him in.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYS] This knight has been spreading lies about you.
Pascale believes you killed Queen Joan.
Is this true? Clearly you're mistaken or you would have seen Landry Du Lauzon drive a sword into my pregnant wife's belly.
Do you know what you just did? You made me relive the worst day of my life.
Joan was my true love.
She was the mother of my children and was carrying my unborn son.
You must think I'm weak to spread false rumors in my house.
In front of my daughter.
I know what I saw.
Isabella, I think it best if you leave us.
It's about to become quite uncomfortable.
I would rather stay and witness your justice, Father.
I once regarded you as one of my most trusted knights.
However, the vaunted tales of your heroism will slowly fade from memory along with the sound of your own voice.
[GRUNTING] No! [GURGLING] See him to the dungeon.
DEMOLAY: Brother Berenger.
I, opposed.
Brother Talus.
I, opposed.
What is the tally, Brother Angus? It stands equal with one brother left to vote Brother Naimon.
Brother Naimon, you alone must decide Landry's fate.
May God guide you down the proper path.
Landry has dishonored our Order by bringing shame to us all.
However, as Christ has told us, "He that is without sin among you, let him cast a stone at her.
" As none of us are without sin, I must heed Christ's teaching.
I, for Landry.
As God is our witness, Landry is welcomed back into our sacred Order as an Initiate and will commence training presently.
Just as Christ rose from the dead, so, too, you must be reborn.
See to his hair and beard.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYS] God be with you, brother.
I'm no longer your brother.
I'm an Initiate now.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYS] TALUS: Rhone! God demands you focus on the task at hand, not the fallen man who joins your ranks.
Yes, Initiate Master.
Landry, grab a sack and get in line with the rest of the Initiates.
Yes, Initiate Master.
These sacks carry the same weight as the armor you will wear in battle.
Your physical foundation must be built so you can protect your fellow Christians from God's enemies.
You've relinquished your titles and ranks and willingly surrendered your wealth and goods to join the Templar Order and become servants of God.
Why?! RAYNALD: The love of God and devotion to Him is all man needs to survive in this vile and wretched world, Initiate Master.
Love of God and devotion to Him! Two sacred pillars of our Order.
[GROANS] Raynald, get up.
Get up.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYS] Each man must earn his own way into the Temple.
Ponder this before the cross.
Or defy me, and be gone forever.
[HORSE WHINNIES] [INDISTINCT SHOUTING] GUARD: Open the gates! [HORSE WHINNIES IN DISTANCE] [HOOFBEATS] [HORSE WHINNIES] Louis! The old lords send their regards while the newly appointed lords have sworn their fealty to you, Father.
There remains but a few disloyal barons before the entire kingdom's under your rule.
You honor me.
[LAUGHS] I do as instructed.
[BOTH LAUGH] - Isabella.
- Brother! [BOTH LAUGH] Oh, you must tell me of your adventures.
[SMOOCHES] I wish I could have gone with you.
The south is no place for a woman.
Nor is being kept within these walls.
- [CHUCKLES] - De Nogaret.
You haven't taken to slithering yet.
Your father forbids it, I'm afraid.
[CHUCKLES] Good to see you, old friend.
Oh, De Nogaret, I'd have you do something for me.
Anything, my Prince.
See that my horse is bathed, brushed, and reshod.
It's been a long journey, and I'd see my steed taken care of.
It would be my pleasure, Prince Louis.
After I've completed the royal affairs Now, De Nogaret.
I'd have it done now.
[CHUCKLES] My Prince.
[HORSE NEIGHS] PHILIP: We must celebrate Prince Louis' return.
[CHUCKLES] Now you honor me, Father.
Where is she? Where's Mother? [SCREAMS] [GASPS] [DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYS] Tell me Landry's head is on a pike somewhere.
Tell me you've retaliated! Mother's buried in Versailles, and you've done nothing?! [GASPS] Father, why have you not responded? De Nogaret cautions patience.
And you listen to the fool?! I listen to his counsel.
The Templars are under the protection of Pope Boniface.
Should I strike against them, the pope could excommunicate me.
He He could excommunicate all of us, all of France.
He could even dispatch a papal army into my streets.
But she was your wife and deserves retribution! She was a whore who was unfaithful to me The King of France! Your mother has brought shame on us and dishonor to my name and yours.
[SIGHS] My mother has trespassed against you, and I am sorry for that.
But she was no common whore and will not be regarded as such.
Each one of you came to our Temple of your own volition.
- Did you not? - ALL: Yes, Initiate Master.
Each one of you came to our Temple alone, did you not? Yes, Initiate Master.
Yet when you are born, you are not alone.
You have a mother and a father to protect you, to keep you safe.
Why? Because when a man stands alone, he is vulnerable to a physical or spiritual attack.
But when he stands with his brothers, committed to his purpose, he is no longer alone.
He is now part of an impenetrable force.
Fall into teams of three.
[MEN GRUNTING] [GROANS] Did I tell you to stop?! No, Initiate Master.
Each apple thrown is the equivalent of the enemy breaking through our first line in battle.
Allow that to happen, and you are dead.
Landry, Rhone, Vasant.
Your turn.
This is trinity training.
The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.
So, what do we do? We form a phalanx.
Overlock our shields, become one.
Trust me.
Get your head down.
Stay together.
TALUS: When a Templar is closely ordered, an apple thrown in their midst will not pass between them, but hit their shields instead.
Stay with me.
Don't panic.
Ohh! You're dead.
We had you.
You had nothing.
Line up! [SIGHS] You recognized this as trinity training, and you were correct in forming a phalanx.
But you failed to recognize this wagon as higher ground A sign your connection to God has been compromised and proof you've been mentally and spiritually separated from the righteous path of the Templar.
What do you mean, "mentally and spiritually separated"? Landry will explain.
Initiate Master? Recount rule 70 for Raynald.
[SWORDS CLANGING IN DISTANCE] Rule 70 prohibits the company of women.
A rule you failed to observe.
Yes, Initiate Master.
And were banished from the Order as a result.
Yes, Initiate Master.
Landry stood alone, apart from God and his brothers.
Look at him and learn from his mistakes.
Initiate master, how can a fallen brother like Landry be allowed back in as an Initiate? Some brothers believe Landry may yet be saved by God's grace.
I am not one of them.
But, Initiate Master, you're still training him.
That is not without a purpose.
Landry serves as an example to us all Why the Templars were founded.
A Templar begins as a simple man, just as many of you Initiates do.
But after your sacred training is complete, you will be transformed into Soldiers of Christ.
Men ordained as God's executioners.
[CROWD CHEERING] Yeah! OFFICIATE: Letholdus, victorious! [CHEERING CONTINUES] And who shall follow up such a display? There stand but two men able to arouse such passion among you.
The first has yet to leave an opponent alive.
The Bastard of Brittany.
Merek! [CROWD CHEERING] [CROWD CHANTING] But who But who is man enough to take on such a beast? There can be only one.
A former soldier of God who bathes in the blood of his opponents.
There isn't enough room.
There is.
Move over.
I will not.
Come on, Kelton.
I have to share with Landry, as is the rule.
I don't give a shit.
The sinner doesn't sit with us, and neither do you.
Come on.
I've done nothing but be paired in a task with you, and yet I'm regarded as the same.
Eat with Rhone.
I'd rather starve on the floor than be associated with you again.
Go ahead.
Come on.
Why would you subject yourself to this training and humiliation if you're already a Templar? Because I must atone for my sins.
And in doing so, humble myself before God.
Humble? [SOFT MUSIC PLAYS] God has turned His back on me [SIGHS] for my offenses against Him.
Even the most devout, most pious among us can become impure.
While even the most vile can be saved.
Our capital still lies hidden beneath the Paris Temple.
King Philip has declared us his enemy.
Which is why we must retrieve it.
Grandmaster, we must protect ourselves and those who have placed their faith in us.
There are many men and women who desperately need our gold to fund their journeys.
And if our banks are insolvent because our wealth lies tied up in Paris, then we risk tarnishing our reputation and potentially costing innocent lives.
We will always help those in need.
But our Paris Temple's been occupied by the Royal Guard.
The Royal Guard's relaxed its watch.
Grandmaster, we need that.
I'm well aware of what we need, brother.
But we can't ride into Paris in strength and risk another conflict with King Philip.
And what makes you think he hasn't taken that gold yet? Because it lies hidden behind a vault.
Its location known only to a few brothers who lived there Draper, Landry, and myself.
Now, if I could take a few men No, it's too dangerous.
There is a tunnel hidden far beneath the Temple.
Now, we can grab our gold and leave without risking discovery.
If this tunnel is as hidden as Tancrede suggests, it could be worth our going in and getting it.
You agree with Tancrede? I agree that our capital must be retrieved.
But the task does not require our brothers.
The Initiates can go.
You take men still suckling at the breast? The Initiates are perfectly capable of hauling gold out of a tunnel.
Gold we desperately need.
Grandmaster I would not entrust our fortune to men who have yet to earn their place among us.
Let me take a few brothers.
We can be in and out without anyone seeing us.
When has a mission ever gone according to plan? Send the Initiates.
No one knows who they are.
Both of you will go with the Initiates.
Get the gold and get out quietly.
[PRAYING INDISTINCTLY] Initiates, stand! Grandmaster DeMolay has requested your presence.
You have prayed as monks.
Now I will see you stand as soldiers.
The Templar treasury remains within our Paris Temple.
My Templar brothers are going to retrieve it.
You're going to accompany them.
DEMOLAY: God has ordained this mission and will see that no one is left behind.
Draper! Move out! Hyah! [HORSE WHINNIES] Yes! Yes! [INDISTINCT SHOUTING] Crusader.
Ooh! [KNIFE UNSHEATHES] - What do you want? - [COUGHS] I need a man with your particular fighting skills.
[COUGHS] Leave me alone.
I have money.
[GASPS] I don't fight for money.
[COUGHING] If you don't fight for money, then what do you fight for? [INSECTS CHIRPING] TANCREDE: All right, we're in and out before anyone notices.
Come on.
RAYNALD: And the bodies? Hide them in the vault.
It's behind here.
Gather all you can.
That's it.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYS] Intruders! Guards! [GROANS] Trinity formation! Hold! Berenger, get the gold out of here! Hold the line! This way.
[GROANS] Raynald! Keep the line! No! Raynald! Landry! Hold the line! Attack! [INDISTINCT SHOUTING] Take it all out of here.
Go, go, go! [GRUNTS] Aah! [INDISTINCT SHOUTING] Raynald! Kelton, Vasant, cover me.
[GRUNTS] Hang on, Raynald.
[GRUNTS] Get out of here! Go! [GRUNTING] Rhone, move! We've got the gold! Let's go! Naimon! [GROANS] Rhone! [GRUNTS] [BREATHING HEAVILY] Thank you.
TALUS: Initiates, let's go.
Let's go.
A man can be driven to madness trying to comprehend God's will.
To see Brother Naimon fallen and an Initiate with such promise, taken from this world, while another, unworthy of God's grace yet draws breath.
It threatens to corrupt the mind.
I didn't send them on that mission, nor did I clutch the sword that took them of that life.
You needn't clutch the blade to bear responsibility.
I commanded you to fall to formation, yet you disobeyed my direct order.
I was trying to save Raynald.
You were trying to glorify yourself.
Proof you're no different than when you disobeyed your Templar vows.
I am no longer that man.
Your actions speak otherwise.
A Templar's mission is to glorify God, not himself.
But you have shown yourself unworthy of being a Templar, as you are unworthy of being an Initiate.
The horse you returned with she'll be saddled with supplies.
Take her and leave.
The Templar life is not for you.
It's for men committed to the cause.
Leave us, Landry free of our rules, free of our vows.
Leave us and never return.
DE NOGARET: My apologies, Your Majesty.
The Paris Temple has been broken into and robbed.
The Templars entered my city? We can't prove that, Your Grace.
Can't we? [LANDRY GRUNTING] [WHIP CRACKING] What was so urgent you would awaken my son and I from sleep? This, Your Majesty.
The Templar defiles her in life and in death.
Why would he cut her open like this? To remove the child.
What would give him cause to do such a thing? The baby is alive.
[KNOCK ON DOOR] [ROOSTER CROWS] Go away, or I shall cut you in half! Ohh, has a more tragic fall ensued since Lucifer was cast out of heaven? A great and glorious Knight of the Temple, perhaps the greatest swordsman in all of Paris, reduced to such a piteous state.
[KNIFE THUDS] Get out, or I'll kill you! I did not come here to die, Gawain.
I came to offer you renewed purpose.
What need I of purpose? Hmm? Purpose is what brought me to this.
Sometimes the seeds of a man's destruction are also the seeds of his redemption.
After his fall, did not Lucifer gain his own throne? I'm offering you a second chance, Gawain if you are not too far gone to take it.
I'm not the greatest swordsman in Paris.
The greatest swordsman in all of France.