Knightfall (2017) s02e02 Episode Script

The Devil Inside

KING PHILIP: They attacked me.
The Templars took up arms against my army.
BERENGER: The Paris Temple fell because of you.
I will not see the same happen here! [BOTH GRUNTING] Landry is welcome back into our sacred Order as an Initiate.
You disobeyed my direct order.
I came to offer you renewed purpose.
I'm not the greatest swordsman in Paris.
The greatest swordsman in all of France.
KING PHILIP: Pope Boniface is coming to Paris.
[HORSE NEIGHS] PRINCESS ISABELLA: Louis! Where's mother? [SCREAMS] Why would he cut her open like this? DOCTOR VIGEVANO: To remove the child.
The baby is alive.
[INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] Mama! Papa! - Have faith, my love! - [CRIES] Come back here, you little bastard! No! Mama! Papa! Holy Father, Thou just God of all good souls.
They are prepared, Father Benedetto.
Do you hear it, brothers and sisters? These Cathars claim to be Christians, yet even now, at their final judgment, they choose to worship their false gods! No! Mercy! Please! I beg mercy! [FLAMES CRACKLING] Open your ears, boy! They spurn mercy by refusing to repent.
Outside the church, there can be no mercy or salvation.
MOTHER: [COUGHING] Only punishment.
Now witness the eternal hellfire to which God's infallible justice condemns the souls of these Cathar Heretics! Mama! Let us pray.
Mater noster, qui es in coelis, sanctificatur nomen tuum [BOTH SCREAMING] Adveniat regnum tuum, fiat voluntas tua, sicut in caelo, et in Terra.
[SPEAKING LATIN] Mama! S02E02 The Devil Inside [CICADAS WHIRRING] [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] QUENTIN: This is the worst stew I've ever had.
[CHUCKLES] We eat for sustenance, not pleasure, Quentin.
KELTON: Pleasure? Yeah, I think I remember her.
Lips as red as cherries.
Yeah, she was a peach.
What a "pear.
" [LAUGHTER] TALUS: Remember, Initiates, you are permitted seven chews per bite.
One each for the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit Wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and awe.
Not gluttony! Understood? INITIATES: Yes, Master Talus, sir.
You should count your blessings.
When I first became a Templar, you were only allowed three chews and a swallow.
[LAUGHTER] QUENTIN: He reminds me of my father.
Mean as the devil, miserable prick.
I envy you, Quentin.
At least you knew your father.
Mine simply supplied the seed and wandered off.
Hold your envy.
You see, I'm the eldest son of Baron Conon De Brienne, a Knight of Ponthieu, famous thereabout for making war upon his neighbors while they were off on crusade.
One of those neighbors, Anselm De Charny, returned home with a small army, took me hostage, and laid siege to my father's castle.
Under a white flag of truce, De Charny approached the curtain wall, held a sword to my neck, and demanded my father's surrender, in exchange for my life.
And my father emerged on the ramparts, grabbed his crotch, and yelled, "Go ahead and slit the little bugger's throat.
" Nah, still be better to raised by a bastard than to be one, right? [LAUGHTER] Landry's right about that.
Ah? You, too, Kelton? Yeah.
I was born a bastard, and I'll die a bastard.
Well, best to live life as a holy bastard, eh? [LAUGHTER] And what about you, Rhone? Did someone try and kill you as a child? That's why you're always praying? No.
Not me.
I just did eight chews.
No more.
No less.
I grant you the honor of cleaning up after this brazen young fool.
Do not presume to tell me what I can and cannot do, boy.
Why are you here? To mourn, of course.
And I have not been a boy for a very long time, Father.
Yes, of course.
You loved her.
You should mourn her, my son.
As is right and proper.
And yet she betrayed you.
She betrayed all of us.
Yet she was still my mother, and your wife.
The Queen of France.
The people still love her.
They know nothing of her impropriety.
They think she died trying to bear you yet another heir.
You must allow her a proper royal funeral.
I would sooner swear fealty to the Mamluk Sultan.
There will be no funeral.
[THUNDER CRASHES, RAIN FALLING] [GROANING] TALUS: You failed! No meals for the next two days! The task is impossible! The wall cannot be climbed in the rain! Your turn! Landry will fail, just like the others.
[THUNDER CRASHES] Ah! Give thanks unto God, for when he rains on us, he rains on our enemies as well! Now, look to Psalm 133 for guidance And climb that fucking wall! You're a former Temple Master What's the trick? Uh, this trial wasn't part of my initiation.
I've never done it before.
What about Psalm 133? What of it? "Behold how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell together in unity.
" TALUS: Well, what are you waiting for Your balls to drop?! Climb that wall, you pissant slugs! [ALL GROANING] Aah! [THUNDER CRASHES] Aah! [LAUGHS] Ohh.
It's no use.
The stone is too slippery.
Say, Master High and Mighty, what are you waiting for? [THUNDER CRASHES] "When brothers dwell together in unity.
" This trial is about brotherhood.
What are you on about? How the hell do we get to the top without a rope? Or a ladder? We become the ladder.
Quentin, you brace yourself next to me.
He's lost his mind.
Each man climbs on the shoulders of the next until they reach the top, then help pull their brothers up.
Ready? [THUNDER CRASHES] [GRUNTING] [THUNDER CRASHES] [GROANING] I can't reach! We need another man! [GROANS] Climb.
Be quick about it.
You sure? No.
But do it anyway.
[GROANING] [SCREAMS] Come on! Go! [GRUNTING] QUENTIN: Aah! Quentin! [GRUNTS, EXHALES SHARPLY] Quentin! Quentin! Sorry.
Got my bell rung.
Quentin, get up before my back breaks.
[GRUNTING] [THUNDER CRASHES] [GROANING] [GRUNTING] Master Talus, I request permission to lower a rope and help my brothers climb, as they helped me! Permission granted.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] [BIRDS CHIRPING, HORSE SNORTS] [FOOTSTEPS] KING PHILIP: Progress, De Nogaret? The hunt for Landry Du Lauzon closes in, my liege.
It is only a matter of time before his head is delivered to the palace.
Care to wager on that? If you lose, I'll be sure your head's delivered in its place.
[CLAPS BACK] No doubt the Templars are congratulating themselves on having crept in like thieves in the night to steal away with their secret cache of gold.
And yet they still left you in possession of their most valuable treasure of all, my liege.
The Paris Temple itself.
It's yours, Louis.
Use it to launch a campaign against the Templars.
Sincere thanks for such a splendid gift, Father.
From here, I will see to the complete and utter destruction of the Knights Templar throughout all of France, and forfeiture of their wealth and property to the Crown.
I fully concur with these brilliant and glorious objectives.
Yet I would be remiss in my duties if I did not respectfully ask Your Majesty to wait.
Wait for what? For me to build an ironclad legal case against the Templars on charges of heresy and blasphemy.
These so-called "Soldiers of God" still have the full support of the pope and his church.
Their numbers are legion throughout all of Europe.
And, sad as it is to say, they are still widely revered right here in France.
To move against them without absolute proof of their crimes will cause problems.
But I believe I have the solution.
Spit it out, De Nogaret.
Who better to detail the grievous crimes of the Templars than a former Templar himself? See that it's done quickly.
Now leave us.
Of course, Your Majesty.
Your Grace.
To hell with De Nogaret and his schemes, father.
Let me track down Landry.
I will make him suffer like no man has ever suffered for what he has done to our family.
No, I have an even more vital task for you, which no one else can be trusted with.
The Book of Isaiah tells us, "The wolf shall dwell with the lamb, and a child shall lead them.
" Gather your wolves, my son.
There is prey to be hunted.
Rhone! You must commit those prayers to memory and get rid of that thing before it gets you into trouble.
But it was, um It was a gift.
From my mother.
It doesn't matter if it was from Master Talus himself.
Once you embrace the life of a Templar, you must strip yourself of all worldly possessions.
Past or otherwise.
Well, my mother, she, um She told me that if I recite these prayers each day for a year, it'll add up to the exact same number of blows that Christ endured before his Crucifixion.
She said that this would prevent me from dying an unnatural death.
KELTON: [SCOFFS] Rhone, as much as I love Christ our Savior, when it comes to preventing me from dying an unnatural death, I'll choose a sword over a prayer every time.
VASANT: [CHUCKLES] Look, I don't know about the rest of you, but I joined the Temple in order to master the sword and earn the title of Soldier of God, not to fetch rocks like a mule or count the chews on a crust of slop or climb the walls like a squirrel.
It isn't about the wall or the food or the rocks.
It's about discipline, obedience, humility.
Following orders that you think might mean nothing without hesitation, so that when orders come when arrows fall and hooves trample and blood flows, you will do the same.
Without hesitation.
Trust me, Rhone.
Get rid of that thing.
[FLAMES CRACKLING] You wanted to see me, Father.
You're burning Mother's clothes? Your mother tears me apart from the grave.
I wanted to tell you that the plans for your marriage to Edward have been finalized.
You will be wed soon and begin your new life as his queen.
Mother would not have approved of you sending me across the sea to marry a notorious sodomite.
[GASPS] Your mother is dead.
And even while yet she lived, it was I who made the decisions about your future.
You will be Queen of England, as your brother will be King of France.
I will have peace with England, and you shall have a husband and a crown.
That should be more than enough to make you happy.
Thank you, Father.
[DOOR OPENS] Forgive me, Your Majesty.
Your Grace.
What now, De Nogaret? Have you a head to deliver? Only the head of the Catholic Church.
Pope Boniface has arrived in Paris to pay his respects to the late Queen Joan.
And to see you squirm.
[CHOIR SINGING IN LATIN] [FOOTSTEPS] The Bishop of Rome, His Holiness, Pope Boniface.
KING PHILIP: Your Holiness.
[KISSES HAND] I know that the two of us have had our differences of late.
You did, after all, launch an attack on the Templars, the most devoted of my Holy Knights.
But we must lay aside discord on such a weighty occasion and allow distrust to be replaced by fellowship.
Allow me to offer my sincere condolences on the untimely death of our beloved Queen Joan.
To lose such a beautiful and loving woman must have been a terrible blow for you, as it is to all of France.
Thank you, Your Holiness.
She was a remarkable woman.
But enough of platitudes.
It has come to my attention that Your Holiness will soon issue a Papal Bull concerning the relationship between secular and spiritual authority.
As a good Christian, I wish to know more.
I appreciate your interest in this matter, Your Majesty, but now is hardly the time nor the place for such a discussion.
DE NOGARET: You're in the throne room of the most Christian King of France.
Is there a better time or place? Very well.
I will boil it down so that even an ungodly sycophant like your Minister De Nogaret can comprehend.
As the Apostle said, "There is no power but of God, and the powers that be are ordained of God.
" And who is to speak for God, if not I, His Vicar on Earth? And so I declared that submission on the part of every man, be he serf or Royal Counselor or king Submission to the Bishop of Rome is absolutely necessary for his salvation.
To put it simply, submit or be damned.
TALUS: Initiates, assemble! [METAL CLANKING] Each of you chose to give up your worldly possessions and turn your backs on who you were before you entered our sacred house, did you not? INITIATES: Yes, Initiate Master.
Yet it appears one of you has chosen differently.
[HORSE SNORTS] Isn't that right, Initiate Rhone? Strip! Hmm But before we deal with this, we must first reward the source of this revelation.
Initiate Michael.
Get out of my sight.
What? The Temple is no place for those who would betray their brothers.
But, Master Talus Leave this Temple before I beat you to death.
Hmm Master Talus, it isn't Rhone's prayer scroll.
[SIGHS] It's mine.
I hid it in his clothes to escape punishment.
Do you take me for a fool, Landry? No, sir.
I salute your attempt to spare Rhone from my righteous wrath.
So instead of punishing him I'm punishing you all! Strength training with sacks of rock from now until sunset.
[GRUMBLES] Landry, Rhone, Quentin, Kelton, Vasant.
Not you.
I have a different challenge for you worthless pig-humpers.
Go into the forest, find a tree suitable for our log physical training, cut it down, debark it, and bring it back here on foot.
Master Talus, it'll be night before we get back.
So it will.
You best take care not to chop off each other's fingers and toes in the dark.
[HOOVES CLOPPING] FATHER VALENTIN: The Baptismal Rolls, Your Grace? PRINCE LOUIS: I would have the most recent.
Every infant birth recorded in the past three months.
Here you are.
Names, dates of baptism, and places of residence for Paris and the surrounding townships.
And the others.
Adonation for the Cathedral.
With the greatest respect, Your Grace, you cannot take those scrolls.
They are the only proof those little Lambs of God have undergone the Sacrament of Holy Baptism, thereby guaranteeing them entry into heaven.
Furthermore, they are church property, which even your father, the king, has no claim over.
I was baptized.
Does that guarantee me entry into heaven? It does, Your Grace, unless you commit a mortal sin, in which case, you must, of course, repent and confess to gain absolution.
Of course.
But, uh, I won't be sinning today.
[GROANING] [BODY THUDS] [BOY CRYING] KELTON: Nothing good happens in the woods after dark.
They're filled with wolves, boars, and bats.
RHONE: Oh, bats are the devil's familiars.
Witches use their blood to fly.
Seen lots of flying witches, have you, brother? I have it on good authority.
VASANT: Bats aren't all bad.
My uncle says if you wash your hair with powdered bat wings, you'll never go bald.
[CHUCKLES] Well, it's a bit too late for you, isn't it, Vasant, you poor bastard? This one.
We can take it down this ridge here.
[SIGHS] Come on then, baldy.
Mother Superior told me you were still working.
Is that the new Bible? - Aye.
- Mm.
Brother Angus' handiwork of the past six years.
We will make a generous donation to the convent if you apply your talents to this Good Book and, uh, illuminate the manuscript.
[SIGHS, CHUCKLES] I'd almost forgotten.
What? How your eyes appear by candlelight.
It's like they're filled with fire.
Thank you, Tancrede.
I will begin work on it next week.
How is she? Well, why not come see for yourself? [DOOR CREAKS] [BABY COOING] The wet nurse feeds her three or four times a day.
The rest of the time, she mostly sleeps.
But I do take you out on the grass once a day to bathe in Our Lord's sunshine, didn't I? [GASPS] Ohh.
[CHUCKLES] She almost never cries.
[LAUGHS] She takes after her father.
Hullo, Eve.
How are we? [SMOOCHES] [AX CHOPPING, SAW SCRAPING] [WOMAN SCREAMING IN DISTANCE] Do you hear that? I didn't hear anything.
Shh, shh, shh! [INSECTS CHIRPING] [WOMAN SCREAMING IN DISTANCE] Take the axes and the saw.
Douse your torches.
Follow me.
[WOMAN SCREAMING] LEADER: Dies irae, dies Illa Solvet Saeclum.
Teste Satan cum Sibylla.
Quantos tremor est futurus, Quando Vindex est venturus Cuncta stricted discussurus.
[WOMAN SCREAMING] Dies irae, dies Illa! CROWD: Veni, omnipotens aeterne diabolus! Luciferians.
[SCREAMING] LEADER: Solvet Saeclum in favilla.
Teste Satan cum Sibylla.
Quantos tremor est futurus.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] [GURGLING] CROWD: Veni, omnipotens aeterne diabolus! [BLOOD SPLATTERING] [GRASS RUSTLING] Trinity formation! [ALL GRUNTING] VASANT: Aah! Vasant, hold formation! [WOMAN GRUNTING] [SCREAMING] Help me, Rhone! [GRUNTS] Quentin, Quentin.
[ALL GRUNTING] Landry, help me! Quickly! Over here! Help me! Quentin! Quentin! [QUENTIN GASPING] Stay with us, lad.
Come on.
We need to go.
Back to the Temple.
Come on! Come on! Move! LUCIFERIANS: Over there! - [GRUNTING] - The woods! I think I see them.
[BELL CLANKING] INITIATE: Somebody help! LANDRY: Draper! Bring me Draper! Help us! [SCREAMS] Somebody.
Help us! [GASPING] Save him, Draper.
Draper, please.
Please save him.
Quentin's dead.
I'm sorry, Landry.
What happened? We were attacked from the forest.
By Luciferians.
Devil worshipers.
BERENGER: Landry brought this upon us.
He's cursed.
He's brought the devil into our house! Enough, Berenger! Draper, take an escort of Brother Knights into the woods and send a rider back as soon as you discover the location of these Satan-worshipping heathens.
Yes, Grandmaster.
Bring him inside.
BERENGER: This is your doing, Landry.
Yours alone.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] Give me a horse! Give me a fucking horse! TALUS: Where do you think you're going? I'm joining the scouting party.
You've done enough already.
But I'm the one who knows their last location.
And I didn't break formation.
I held fast, and I fought alongside my brothers.
And yet you still failed.
Quentin died out there, Landry.
On your watch.
Now you think if you go kill some goat-faced heretics, it'll make you feel better about losing that boy.
But this is a task for Templars, and you're not a Templar anymore.
You're an Initiate.
And I don't give a shit how you feel! MAN: Hyah-hyah! [HOOVES CLOPPING] The Luciferians are said to dwell within these woods.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] [GASPS] [GRUNTING] BERENGER: We could not drive you out of our Temple.
So we'll burn the devil out of yours.
We drive you from us, unclean spirit, satanic power, infernal invader.
May you be snatched away and driven from the soul of this man, Landry Du Lauzon, made in the image of God and redeemed by the blood of our Blessed Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
God the Father commands you.
God the Son commands you.
God the Holy Spirit commands you.
Don't lie to me, brother.
Who committed this vile act? There is no place in the Temple for a man who would betray his brothers.
[INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] [COIN CLINKS] PAPAL GUARD: Alt! Chi Va Li? [COIN CLINKS] [ALL GRUNTING] Aah! [BLOOD SPLATTERING] [BODY THUDS] [GRUNTS] [GROANS] [BODY THUDS] [BREATHING HEAVILY] [FOOTSTEPS] [DOOR OPENS, CREAKS] De Nogaret? How in our Lord's Holy Name did you get past my guards? Capitano! Capitano Malatesta! No one will be coming to your aid tonight, Your Holiness.
[DOOR CREAKS, CLOSES] Surely, good King Philip can't condone any harm befalling the Holy Father? You told him to submit or be damned.
How did you think he would react? Did you think he would fall down on bended knee and kiss your ring himself? He misunderstood.
[GASPS] I meant that only with regards to spiritual matters, such as sacrament and liturgy.
Well, what about matters of heresy, torture, and execution? Each time you visited Paris, I hoped that somehow you would recognize me.
Do you recall the town of Saint-Félix-de-Caraman, in the Occitan? Do you remember a Cathar husband and wife, Antoine Gauthier and Florence De Béarn? You lit the fire yourself The fire that burned them alive.
Don't you remember that, Father Benedetto? BOY: Mama! Papa! I, uh I was just a child.
I went to church.
I prayed to the Lord.
I believed in everything the Bible and men like you taught me.
And then you took it all away.
I tried to keep the faith.
I tried to keep believing that somehow, some way, I would come to understand how a just and merciful God could allow men such as you to inflict such unjust suffering in His name.
But when you're ripped from your mother's arms and made to watch her flesh sizzle and burn like a pig on a spit, all that is left to believe in is the vagary and brutality of life itself.
No God, no devil, no heaven nor hell Other than the one wretched men like you create.
After you killed them, I was alone in the world, living in the gutter, fighting vermin for crumbs of bread.
Then my uncle found me and taught me Latin and the law for one purpose only So that I might free as much of this world as possible from false prophets such as you.
I believe I do remember your mother and father, De Nogaret.
They were heretics and blasphemers, and they deserved their fate.
What right have you to judge me or my actions? I am St.
Peter's successor, the Holy Father of the One True Church, and you are just an errand boy for a petty tyrant who doesn't know his place in the proper order of things.
Tell me, does His Majesty the King know that you harbor such pagan thoughts? Oh.
Oh, no, no, of course not, because if he did, he'd have you flayed alive.
You can't even share with your master your true beliefs.
No, I pity you, De Nogaret! I pity you! Aah! [WHEEZING] I know you.
You're a Templar, a Soldier of God! Defend me! I was a Templar.
Not anymore.
[DOOR CREAKS, CLOSES] King Philip demands you vacate the Holy See to make room for a more blessed and reasonable pontiff.
But the means of your removal Well, he left that up to me.
[GRUNTING] You will be pleased to know that after you are dead, your earthly remains will be bound together with that of heretics.
[GRUNTING] What's that? You beg for mercy? Open your ears, old man! You spurn mercy by refusing to repent! [BONES CRACK] [GRUNTS] [BODY THUDS] [BREATHING HEAVILY] The Pope is dead.
Long live the Pope.