Knightfall (2017) s02e03 Episode Script


I am crippled because of my loyalty to you.
You are crippled because it's God's will.
I'm offering you a second chance, Gawain.
[BOTH GRUNTING] King Philip demands you vacate the Holy See.
But the means of your removal Well, he left that up to me.
[BONES CRACK] LEADER: Solvet Saeclum in favilla.
[ALL GRUNTING] DRAPER: Quentin's dead.
I have an even more vital task for you.
[GROANS] FATHER VALENTIN: The Baptismal Rolls, Your Grace? [BABY CRYING] [SWORD UNSHEATHES] [SIZZLING] Aah! - Who did this to you? - I did it to myself.
Don't lie to me, brother.
There is no place in the Temple for a man who will betray his brothers.
[WIND HOWLING] [BREATHING HEAVILY] TANCREDE: Open the gates! Open the gates! [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] Open the gates! [GROANING] TANCREDE: Open the gates! [CHICKEN CLUCKING] Quickly, open it up.
Brothers, help.
You! You should have let me go with them! Then I'd be burying you, as well.
Step back, Initiate.
Or I promise, you will join them presently.
Your Grace.
I present Sir Gawain.
Is this the man you've been prattling on about? Former Templar? It is.
I too would Gauge the man's worth.
I will send for you.
We have pressing matters.
De Nogaret.
My Lord.
Did you speak to our friend? I was just on my way there now, Your Majesty.
Be gentle with him.
He doesn't have the stomach that you and I have.
It appears Gawain has forgotten how to properly greet his king, De Nogaret.
On your knees.
Apologies, Your Majesty.
[GROANS] De Nogaret thinks you should be allowed back in my employ.
Why? Because I can help you kill Landry and destroy the Templars.
A half man against Landry.
You talk of some great warrior, and this is what greets me? A former Templar incapable of standing erect.
Perhaps I need to counsel you, Counselor.
I told you to present well.
This is as well as I present absent means to fix certain afflictions.
My love.
- I-I didn't expect you for another - I'm so sorry about your mother.
I tried to get here sooner, but Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.
No more of this.
You're here now.
[SIGHS] [SIGHS] Should we trade such intimacies in front of strangers? [LAUGHS] They are not strangers.
They are my most loyal retainers, and they've witnessed more indiscretions than you and I combined, I'll wager.
And may I ask where you and your retainers are off to? More of my father's chores to attend to.
Such is the price to be the next king of France.
Might it wait? We have so much catching up to do.
[EXHALES SHARPLY] I won't be long, and then we can catch up properly.
Hmm? Get yourself settled.
I've arranged for you to have my mother's old room.
A queen's chamber for my future queen.
As you wish.
But please do hurry.
PRINCESS ISABELLA: And off they go.
- Isabella! - [LAUGHS] Ohh.
Men playing at doing important things and leaving us to clean up after their messes and suffer the consequences.
I'm quite sure I don't know what you're on about.
Louis must prepare himself to one day sit upon the throne.
I can't even imagine the pressures that weigh upon him.
My brother is not the only one with royal obligations.
You need not worry about anything from now on, Isabella.
When the time does come for Louis to be king and I am made queen of France, I will make sure you are well looked after.
We are sisters now.
And there will always be a place for you in this house.
I promise.
[WATER SPLASHES] Now, what should I call you? "Father" doesn't seem appropriate.
It was appropriate enough last night.
[CHUCKLES] [DOOR OPENS] Not now! I'm busy! De Nogaret.
What do you want? Sorry to interrupt communion with your friend, Raymond, but King Philip has requested your presence, hmm? - Aah! - [GASPS] [BREATHING HEAVILY] And I would not keep His Majesty waiting.
Your Excellency.
You amongst us all walked the righteous path with courage and admiration.
I promise you, brother, your death will not be in vain.
[DOOR OPENS, CLOSES] RHONE: Landry? What are you doing? It is our sacred duty to purify the dead before giving them a proper burial.
RHONE: Before I joined the Order, my, uh My grandmother had just passed.
When she died, it, uh, felt as if she'd gone for a long walk and never come back.
[CRYING] This doesn't feel like that, does it? Nor should it.
These men didn't die.
They were executed.
Do you think those who did these horrible things can ever be forgiven by God? God is within His rights to abandon a sinner.
Your Majesty.
Archbishop Raymond De Goth.
Archbishop, I am afraid I have some terrible news.
The pope is dead.
When did this happen? Last night.
In his sleep.
Apologies, Your Majesty, but I must make arrangements to accompany his body back to Rome.
KING PHILIP: Raymond, stop.
Listen to me.
In light of this tragedy, I believe there might be a way for us both to benefit.
Your Majesty? The Italians have had their reign as pope long enough.
There now exists a majority of French Cardinals in the conclave.
I would have someone of like mind to assume St.
Peter's mantle.
And that someone is you.
[KNOCK ON DOOR] [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] - Can I help you? - Good day, sir.
My Templar brothers and I were wondering if we might trouble you for some water.
Come in.
Are your wife and son home? My wife? [WATER POURING] Yes.
She's at the market.
And your son? We don't have a son.
But you are, uh Jules Du Florian, are you not? Yes.
Why, according to this baptismal scroll, your son, Etienne, was baptized at the Church of Holy Virgin.
[CHUCKLES] I don't know why Father Valentin would make that up.
Yes, of course.
We had a son, um, but he passed away.
He caught a fever two days after his birth.
Never even made it through the night.
I'm sorry for your loss.
Ineglected to offer my sincerest condolences.
Please, allow my men and I to say a prayer on behalf of you and your wife.
Most kind of you.
Where is your son buried? Behind the Church of the Holy Virgin.
[BREATHES DEEPLY] [SWORD SCRAPES] [POT CLANKING] [BABY CRYING] Jules, thou shalt not bear false witness.
No! Take my life instead.
Have mercy.
Please, have mercy on my son.
I would.
[CLICKS TONGUE] If he was not born when he was.
No, no, no, no! [SCREAMING, CRYING] [BREATHING HEAVILY] [GRUNTING] Ohh, fuck! [GRUNTS] Louis, it's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay, my love.
[CLATTERING] It's all right, my love.
It's all right, my love.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] You've suffered a-a terrible loss with the death of your mother.
You're still grieving.
In time, your heart will heal, and we will have a son who will one day be the king of France.
Swords, shields, and helmets! [HORSE NEIGHS] Like this.
A time will come when you will need both hands to fight.
You will not be able to hold the reins.
The Templar Cavalry led the army of Richard the Lionhearted.
This is in the Templar blood.
This is who we are, who you must become.
Landry, around the enemy and back with weapons at the ready.
- Hyah! - [HORSE SNORTS] [HORSE NEIGHS] Kelton, you're next.
[HORSE SNORTS] What are you waiting for?! We're preparing to ride upon the Luciferians and annihilate them in God's holy name.
Ride! [HORSE GRUNTING] [HORSE NEIGHS] [GRUNTS] [SIGHS] [HORSE GRUNTS] Initiate Master, a word? - Speak.
- [SIGHS] With respect, my fellow Initiates, they're not ready to face the Luciferians.
They were knights before they entered our house.
Knights do not equal Templars.
The worth of a man, knight or Templar, is proven in the theatre of war.
The Luciferians count battle-hardened warriors amongst their number, with real weapons at their disposal.
God demands we defend His principles, training completed or not.
Line up for combat! Any man who dies defending God's will dies a noble death.
Never forget that.
Now you will engage the enemy and cut him down! Permission, Initiate Master.
I would like to see how unstoppable my fellow Initiate Brothers are by training on me.
If you wish to demonstrate how to die, be my guest.
But I would see you off your horse.
Attack! [HORSE NEIGHS] [BOTH GRUNTING] Attack! [HORSE NEIGHS] [GRUNTS] Attack! They're not ready to face the Luciferians.
I find it interesting that you would choose to take on the role of the enemy.
If I have to become the enemy to prove that my Initiate Brothers aren't ready, then that is a role that I'll take on every time.
I suggest you do the same.
[METAL CLANKING] Aah! Aah! [SWORD CLATTERS] Every day that Landry's child draws breath is an affront to us.
I would see the task completed.
It will be, Father.
I promise you.
How is Margaret? I pray the palace is suitable for her.
She wishes Mother was still here, of course.
Do you feel you can trust her? Of course.
She's my wife.
Yet she is still a woman.
Still capable of betraying her husband's trust.
Margaret is not Mother.
Well, perhaps you're right.
Your mother did give me children.
Do not blame Margaret for my lack of an heir.
You dispatched me to the south, and your kingdom has expanded because of it.
Would you prefer it remain controlled by barbarians? France must never be left with an open throne.
You're here now.
See that your wife provides you with an heir or find someone else who can.
Give me all of it.
I've never administered that much.
I don't know what it will do.
The Persian poppy could kill you.
I said all of it.
[LIQUID POURING] To bite down.
[GRUNTING] [GASPING] [CHUCKLING] That was incredible.
You ride as if you were born in the saddle.
Never mind that.
Landry, do you think I should carry a typical long sword, or would I fare far better with an Axe, like Talus? Do you have any tricks I could use to master the horse? Or at least not fall off? I hope to be a righteous soldier, like those who fought in the Holy Land, in Jerusalem, in Acre.
Like Landry.
[FOOTSTEPS] [SIGHS] De Molay has declared war with the Luciferians.
It's only a matter of time before our scouts find their camp.
You've borne witness to their kind.
They are brutal pagans who worship hell and feast on blood and flesh.
You will join the Templar Knights in bringing honor to this house and avenging your fallen brothers in God's holy name.
I'll never master the horse in time.
I don't want to end up like Raynald and Quentin.
Please, Landry just tell us what to do.
[SIGHS] You're grown men.
Never look to another man for guidance.
But look deeply inside yourself instead.
Thank you for coming.
GAWAIN: Did I have a choice? I suppose not.
Quite an impressive structure, wouldn't you say? It's just a building.
This place is much more to you than that.
This was your home, where you broke bread with your Templar brothers with Landry.
You still hate the man.
I hate them all.
Join me.
Do you feel like a fallen angel who's just walked through the gates of heaven? I feel nothing.
What do you want? What room was this? The Master's chamber.
And it is again.
I heard rumor that you were the best swordsman in the Templars.
I'm the best swordsman in all of France.
And your heart? Where do you place your faith now, Templar? I'm no longer a Templar.
And any faith I have left, I place in steel.
[LAUGHS] My great-grandfather, King Louis, was a crusader in the Holy Land.
Tales of his glory set my young mind ablaze with thoughts of war.
So enamored was I by these stories that I even considered joining the Templar Order.
You know why I didn't? I assume the vow of celibacy.
The philosophy.
Professed holy men engaged in all that killing.
You don't strike me as a man who has a problem with killing.
I don't profess to be a man of God.
Yet the Templars do, and you once did.
A man of God is a fallacy.
A term men use to excuse their heinous acts.
I've since learned the truth.
I am just a man, like any other.
And if God truly does exist, He has turned a blind eye to all of us.
Why have you called me here? [SWORD UNSHEATHES] You once swore loyalty to the Templars.
How can I trust you'll be loyal to my father and I? [HORSE SNORTING] Will a blood oath do? [LANDRY GRUNTS] [GRUNTS] [HORSE SNORTS] Landry.
You should be in the barracks, man.
Talus will kill you if he sees you here after hours.
Let him.
You heard the news? We ride out after morning prayers.
We've located the Luciferians' camp.
It's just half a day's ride from here.
Those heretics will pay for their depravity.
Landry, what's wrong? I just never got the chance to properly say thank you for taking care of Eve, helping me return.
You've always believed in me.
Well, what's prompting this? I just want you to know how much I value everything you've ever done for me.
It has been my honor to call you my brother.
[MUFFLED GRUNTING] [ALL GRUNTING] [SHOUTING] [GROANING] [GRUNTS] [SHOUTS] [GROANING] [BODY THUDS] [GROANS] I didn't give you permission to leave the Temple grounds, Initiate.
I didn't plan on coming back.
I wanted to die here.
I didn't give you permission to do that, either.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] Well, isn't this [GROANS] What you would call a noble death? Death is never your choice to make.
Only God decides whether we live or die.
God has abandoned me.
God doesn't care if I live or die, so why should I? [GROANS] God has not abandoned you.
He's given you instruction on how to mend your troubled soul.
He has guided you here to this place to protect your young Initiate Brothers.
God's light shines in you, and even your sins, no matter how great, could ever extinguish that.
[CHUCKLES] After the fall of Acre, I was taken prisoner for nearly 10 years.
They took everything from me, and when I had nothing left to live for, I prayed for death.
I begged God to relieve my suffering, to take me home to my fallen brothers.
But He didn't.
And to this day, I believe there is a reason He spared my life.
When there's nothing to hold on to hold on to your faith.