Knightfall (2017) s02e04 Episode Script

Equal Before God

1 TALUS: When there's nothing to hold onto, hold onto your faith.
LOUIS: Margaret.
My love.
You're here now.
My brother is not the only one with royal obligations.
Please have mercy on my son.
[CRYING] TANCREDE: I had almost forgotten.
What? How your eyes appear by candlelight.
DE NOGARET: Your Grace, I present Sir Gawain.
GAWAIN: Give me all of it.
[GRUNTING] DE NOGARET: King Philip demands you vacate the Holy See, but the means of your removal Well, he left that up to me.
Say it! Say it! I yield! [MEN CHEERING] [SHOUTS] [MEN CHEERING] Landry Du Lauzon, you have passed the last initiate ritual.
It is my honor to welcome you back into the Order of Solomon's Temple.
[MEN CHEERING] Well done, Brother.
S02E04 Equal Before God Fall in! How long does the cripple require to ready my men? To train an entire squadron against the Templars? Weeks.
But I assure you, my Lord, you will not be disappointed.
See that I'm not.
Move, filth! [GRUNTS] By my honor, I will shed your blood, cripple.
[GRUNTS] Who is he, father? The key to my victory.
Alone, you will not stand a chance against the Templars.
But together in the name of our King, we will destroy them! [MEN CHEERING] Dear Heavenly Father, I pray that tonight, my body may conceive a healthy baby in Your Holy image.
I've been waiting for you.
I was Praying for a child? Perhaps we could pray together? O Good St.
Gerard, beseech the Divine Author of Life to bless me with offspring.
BOTH: That I may raise up children to God in this life who will be heirs to his Heavenly Kingdom in the next.
Not tonight.
Please, Louis, talk to me.
The time for war approaches, De Nogaret.
Tell Gawain he has one week.
I will, Your Majesty.
If I may, until the hour of attack arrives, I recommend you advance your legal campaign against the Templars by taking advantage of the fiery rumor they are murdering infants.
And by doing so, turn all of France against them.
What makes you so certain it's rumor and not truth? Did a Templar not murder my wife? I shall hear their claims.
Thank you, Your Majesty.
An innocent child murdered.
What an unimaginable tragedy.
And if I might further suggest, I would open your audience not only to the affected, but for all to hear.
The public deserves to know the truth about their beloved Templars.
And a fire needs wind to spread.
DE MOLAY: Initiates, it's time.
Do you request the company of the house? Do you promise to be obedient to the Master of the Temple? To keep our traditions, to help conquer the Holy Land? And to never allow a Christian to be deprived of his faith? INITIATES: Yes, Sire, if it please God.
DE MOLAY: In the name of God and of Saint Mary and of our Lord, St.
Peter of Rome and our Father, Pope Boniface, we welcome you to all the favors and sufferings of our brotherhood.
Rhone, the merciful.
You are now one of God's executioners.
May your mercy be your swift sword.
I believe this is yours.
TALUS: As well as this.
Welcome home.
Thank you, Initiate Master.
You're a Templar now and have earned the right to call me Brother.
[BELL TOLLING] [GRUNTS, PANTING] The Pope has been murdered.
[DOOR OPENS] What say the Heavens? The Sun aligns with Mars and Pluto.
Why isn't the gimp training my men? I dispatched Gawain and a few men to watch the roads to Rome.
He caught renegades, my Lord.
Loyal followers of Pope Boniface with intent to spread rumor against you.
Templars? Leper Knights of St.
You dealt with them? Yes, but one escaped wounded.
I have men watching the road.
He'll not make it to Rome alive.
How can you be sure, hmm? An act by one is an act by all.
Go to their church and execute whoever's left.
I will not have false rumors spread to the steps of Rome.
Am I clear? Yes, Your Majesty.
I would trust Gabriel with my life.
Tancrede and I fought alongside him in the Holy Land.
These are rumors! The Leper Knights of St.
Lazarus were told that De Nogaret visited His Holiness before he died.
These are not rumors.
Pope Boniface was murdered by the King.
Why would the King's men attack the Knights of St.
Lazarus if not to silence them? But Boniface was known to have many enemies.
Ulric, Philip has attacked holy warriors like us.
Are we just going to stand here and keep on talking in circles? As opposed to using this as a chance to kill your dead lover's husband? [ALL MURMURING] Yes, it's true, Philip is my enemy, but he was also once my friend.
But, Brothers, we must pick up where the Lazarus Knights left off.
We must deliver a message to Rome that the Pope has been murdered.
You would have us summon an army against the King over rumors? I would before the King comes for us.
TANCREDE: We must protect ourselves! Grandmaster, you must see where this is headed.
Our downfall should we follow you.
This isn't about following me.
Brother Templars, our duty is to the Pope.
We shall wait until the election of a new one and obey his instructions.
And in the meantime, we'll send word of the Pope's death to the other Templars.
Leave me.
[HORSE NEIGHS] It's good to see you again, old friend.
Much has changed in the five years since our paths last crossed.
Even more in the 20 since we've known each other.
Have your brothers discussed my tidings? We have.
Gabriel, we will not ride to Rome or anywhere against the King.
Then I will alert the Curia myself.
20 years ago, the Templars were men of action.
Have you no sway as Master of the Paris Temple? The Paris Temple has fallen to the King, and I am I'm no longer master of any temple.
I sinned.
I serve Chartres now.
The King's men that attacked us one of them was a former Templar, his leg fixed in a brace.
I believe he used to ride by your side.
How does a Holy Knight fall so far as to kill his own brethren? Rest tonight.
Tomorrow, Tancrede and I will accompany you back to your house.
ISABELLA: Enjoying my brother's company? [CHUCKLES] Margaret? [SNIFFLES] It's nothing.
Oh, come now, dear sister.
Look at you.
You're suffering.
You needn't bear such turmoil alone.
Let me help.
I said the same thing to Louis last night.
After we tried, he became distracted.
Well, better that he try and fail than care not to try at all.
If only it were that simple.
Until I produce an heir, I'm replaceable.
Trapped, like your bird.
[CHUCKLES] Trapped? Don't be mistaken, dear sister.
Romulus is far from trapped.
[CLICKING TONGUE] [SQUAWKING] [CAWS] You worry over your future, but soon, you'll have many children.
Thank you, Gautier.
You can live out your days as a happy mother while I, on the other hand, will be shipped off to England, where my maternal destiny lies in the codpiece of a sodomite.
You exaggerate.
I do no such thing.
You will be Queen of France, and I will be Isabella, Queen of the quagmires.
What are we going to do? Whatever we must.
[FALCON CAWING] [DOGS BARKING] Hyah! KELTON: You know, lepers were anointed by God to suffer in Christ's name.
That's why it hurts so much? It's why we give them alms.
RHONE: You're wrong.
Their curse is God's punishment for poisoning wells and murdering children.
They bear the mark of Cain.
What are you so afraid of, Rhone? You've been spouting your novena prayer every day so you don't die an unnatural death.
Can't you just give them a big old kiss, see, like this? It's nothing to jest about, Kelton.
My sister was killed by a leper when she was 5 years old.
My father sent her into the woods to forage for berries.
That night, a leper returned her to our home, carrying her in his arms.
Hours later, a fever took her, and she died.
Well, she died of fever, not leprosy.
Seems hard to blame the leper.
No, it doesn't.
It was the leper's fault.
They're diseased.
He snatched her and made her sick, and then when he was done with her, he returned her to her family so that we would have to watch her die.
That monster should have died for what he did to Lora.
They all should.
[CLEARS THROAT] Well, I believe all men are equal before God.
Well, they are not men, Vasant.
They are monsters.
TALUS: Who are soldiers of Christ and must be regarded as such.
Come, you are Templars now, and there's a task I would have your assistance with.
Tell them what you told me.
White cloaks, red crosses.
They came to our home.
They killed my husband.
They took my baby from my arms, my son, and they slit his throat! [ALL SHOUTING] Imagine the pain.
[SNIFFLES] Your Majesty help me.
The Templars will pay for this.
On my honor, as your King, they will suffer as you have suffered.
All those who have suffered at the hands of the Templars will be compensated with coin and bread! WOMAN: Thank you, My Lord! MAN: God bless Our King! God bless King Philip! They must burn in Hell, and you alone are the one What? It is you! Prince! Prince Louis! You're the one who - Shh! Shh! - [SCREAMING] I know.
And I am my father's right hand.
And I promise you, the Templars will be dealt with accordingly.
This poor woman is hysterical due to unimaginable loss! [MUFFLED SCREAMING] But I give you my word, you will have the King's justice.
And then you shall have peace.
[MUFFLED SCREAMING] I heard you were escorting our Lazarus Brother home.
Thought we might aid in the endeavor.
Brothers Rhone, Kelton, Vasant to ensure your safe passage.
Thank you, Brother Talus.
Hurry up! WOMAN 2: [CRYING, COUGHING] Bless you.
Poor souls.
Those affected come for our alms.
They stay because there's nowhere else to go.
Bless you, Templar.
I'm blessed to be part of the Brotherhood again.
Something that would never have come to light without you, Brother.
Glad to have you back.
But you never would have been a Templar again if you'd have died fighting the Luciferians as you'd intended.
Do not seek redemption and then throw it away when it is within arm's reach, Brother.
I was lost, disconnected.
Your daughter would have been alone.
It was a mistake.
I'm guilty of many.
Well, you're not alone in that.
[CHUCKLES] A woman from my past has come back into my life.
And with her, the feelings I once held.
We were to be married, live out our days on a modest barley estate.
But God's led her to become a nun, and in doing so, she showed me my own path to a life dedicated to God.
In quiet moments, I often dream of a life with her, the life we walked away from.
But what I seek is impossible.
It's an impossible dream.
I too share that feeling when I think about Eve.
You miss her? [SIGHS] With all my heart.
Well, I'm glad to have you back, Brother, if only to share in my misery.
[BOTH LAUGHING] Thank you for accompanying me.
It is I who should be thanking you for your company.
And your ears.
And your warmth.
It's been a most welcome gift.
You prefer it to being called a shrew on your wedding day? [LAUGHS] You were very young.
I was very drunk.
You're very drunk now.
[SIGHS] You're right to worry about the future.
France is not always kind to queens.
But my brother loves you, and he doesn't love easily, nor is it required in marriage.
Trust me.
[WINE POURING] If he didn't love you, I would know.
And I would tell you.
To sisters.
To sisters.
[BOTH GIGGLING] [SIGHS] Do you see the leaves dancing in the breeze? [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] [BELL TINKLING] GABRIEL: Brothers, welcome to the Church of St.
LANDRY: Thank you for this meal, Gabriel.
A generous meal indeed.
GABRIEL: Thank you for escorting me here safely so that I could enjoy it.
LANDRY: Brother Gabriel, need you wear that mask in your own house? Yes, for your sake.
That's gracious of you.
Please, this is your home.
[SNIFFS] Fish? Thank you.
[WHISPERS] If she survived, so can we.
I didn't mean to startle you.
The hymns.
They sounded very good.
I'm surprised.
We praise God with clean hearts.
I suggest you learn to do the same.
KELTON: What are you doing? Filling our lamps with oil.
Believe it or not, we do need illumination.
How do you live amongst them without catching their affliction? Can't catch what I already have.
[BLOWS] You're a Leper? Afraid so.
And you're a Templar.
You're not very brave for a Templar, are you? LANDRY: We're sending another messenger to Rome.
Hopefully he can go unnoticed as a simple leper beggar and alert the Papal Authority.
How fare your wife and son? My wife and my elder son, Victor, still live on my family lands.
Victor has grown strong, handsome, and even taller than me now.
You have a family? I acquired this wretched disease, but rather than hide away and risk infecting them, I joined the Order of St.
Lazarus, seeking a purpose.
They still visit? It's the happiest day of my year.
But I can see my absence has taken its toll.
I am becoming a distant memory.
Just as my flesh is withering away, so, too, is my son's memory of his father.
Is there no way you can be together? That would require a miracle.
And until that happens my desires Are impossible.
God forgive me.
God forgive us all.
My father demands so many things from me.
Terrible things.
[SIGHS] You couldn't imagine the pressure.
Like the the weight of every stone in our kingdom has been laid atop my chest.
The burden is Is unrelenting.
I cannot move.
I cannot breathe beneath it.
And if I cannot move, how how can I serve him, hmm? Or make him proud, or give him the heir he so desperately desires? And how would an heir ease his mind? His his hatred for my mother consumes him.
Every day I fail to become a father, I fail my own.
If I can't sire a child, then we may as well all be burned alive.
I've tried everything.
I thought the blood would work, but it hasn't.
Nothing has.
What remains of your child.
[SOBBING] There is no greater pain than that of a child being separated from his mother.
I took him from you.
You are reunited.
[SOBBING CONTINUES] I only wish I could be reunited with my mother, too.
You miss your child.
I know that she's better off, but being away from her It lays on your soul.
No child is better off without its father.
But I'm a Templar.
And yet you are a father, as well.
You cannot undo your past.
You can only learn from it.
I cannot associate with her for her sake.
And mine.
I will be banished again.
The man that was banished no longer exists.
Landry, you have been reborn.
You're her father.
You're all she has in this world.
Protect her.
[BELL RINGING] MAN 2: Brother at the door! [BELL RINGING] - No! - Royal guards! [ALL SHOUTING, GRUNTING] - Aah! - [GRUNTS] [ALL SHOUTING, GRUNTING] Come on! [ALL SHOUTING] LANDRY: Shut the door! Brace the doors! What is it? Gawain.
[INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] Alain, get rid of this door.
Right away, sir! Bring in the ram! MAN 3: [YELLS INDISTINCTLY] Knights of Saint Lazarus! For your attempt to raise arms against King Philip, you are now declared enemies of France! Along with everyone you harbor! Including the Knights Templar! [BATTERING RAM BANGING] Thank you for saving my life.
Did you think I wouldn't because I'm an evil, heartless leper witch? No, of course not.
I didn't think you would because I was an ass.
[BANGING CONTINUES] TALUS: Are those all your weapons? GABRIEL: We're not accustomed to spilling blood in a house of Christ.
Be grateful we have this many.
We should bring the fight to them.
Instead of waiting for the inevitable.
I count 20 men on this wall.
That's 50 total.
They'll slaughter us one by one with archers trained on the door.
We'd be fools.
Unless they want us alive.
I'll give my life before I'll be taken prisoner.
Never again.
I'm sorry, Landry, for all of this.
I never should have involved the Templars.
We've always fought side by side.
Tonight we'll die side by side.
It won't come to that.
You've seen how many men there are.
We've no way out.
God will provide us with a way.
He always does.
[GLASS SHATTERS, ARROW TWANGS] - Take cover! - Shields! Shields! Landry! [GLASS SHATTERS, ARROW TWANGS] MAN 4: Put it out! [GLASS SHATTERS] [GRUNTS] [MEN YELLING INDISTINCTLY] [ARROW TWANGS, FIRE EXPLODES] Sand, quickly! Gabriel! God has provided us with an answer! Harder! [BANGING CONTINUES] Move.
Of course.
You know you can tell me anything.
I know, and I will.
From now on.
[PANTING] What's happened to you? I'm no longer burdened by troubled thoughts.
[MOANS] You have a clean heart, Rhone.
LANDRY: Where will you go now? GABRIEL: To our Grandmaster in Boigny.
Thank you for standing with us.
We will always answer your call, Brother.
As we will answer yours.
Time to say goodbye.
I was saying goodbye.
Not to her, half-wit.
To me.
Where are you going? To alert the other temples.
We must prepare.
Last night was only the beginning.
A storm is gathering, and I plan to be ready before it breaks.
We are at war.
We must return to Chartres at once.
Vasant, Kelton, and Rhone will go.
You go see your daughter before King Philip removes the chance from your hands.
I'll take you where you need to go, Brother.
Farewell, my Brothers.
You're Templars now.
I expect you to act with swift justice and kill the same.
Something wrong, my dear? Absolutely nothing.
[DOORS CRASH OPEN] [BREATHES HEAVILY] What is the meaning of this? What's happened? Landry.