Knightfall (2017) s02e05 Episode Script

Road to Chartres

You wanted to use my love to save your love.
Very well.
I spare his life and take yours instead.
Pascal believes you killed Queen Joan.
See him to the dungeon.
Tell me Landry's head is on a pike somewhere.
Landry, go see your daughter before King Philip removes the chance from your hands.
Farewell, my brothers.
LYDIA: They killed my husband, they took my baby, and they slit his throat.
The Templars will pay for this.
Prince Louis.
You're the one who Shh, shh! What's happened to you? I'm no longer burdened by troubled thoughts.
You once swore loyalty to the Templars.
How can I trust you'll be loyal to my father and I? [GRUNTS.]
- What is the meaning of this? - Landry.
You had Landry in your grasp, yet return with empty hands? The man's quite formidable.
How could you let the man escape? How could you let him Do not fucking speak! You have unfinished business, which I would see completed directly.
Yes, father.
Everyone out.
I provided you with a purpose, with a life, yet you repay my generosity with nothing.
De Nogaret, alert Sir Gerard Gawain is no longer Marshal of my men-at-arms.
My Lord? You failed me, and this is the result.
I'll prove my worth to you.
Get him out of my sight.
I know my way out! De Nogaret.
Your Majesty? Have Sir Gerard ready my army.
We are to march on the Templars at Chartres and attack.
With respect, Your Majesty, the Pope is still aligned with the Templars.
As I have warned you, if you proceed I am tired of your warnings, De Nogaret.
But the case is nearly ironclad! You would raise your voice to me? You forget your place.
Your Majesty, you employ me to give you counsel, and counsel I shall give.
Now, if you will allow me, I have but a few items left.
However, should you attack them prematurely, you could risk breaking the laws of the state I am the state! And as God's holy ruler, it is time I demonstrated my power and might.
We attack them presently, legal case be damned.
S02E05 Road to Chartres [FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING.]
I have something that will help your case.
Oh, have you become my advocate now? I'm more than just a savage.
I'm a former Templar, the reason you sought me out.
I know all of their secrets and where those secrets are hidden.
I won't.
Why are you keeping me here? Why don't you just kill me like you killed my husband and son? Why would I kill you? [GRUNTS.]
You haven't done anything to me.
Put me out of my misery.
You serve a larger purpose.
As what? A prisoner? Your slave? You may be in chains, but you are no slave.
Then what am I? When you were younger, what did you think your life would be? I imagined a life where I'd love my husband and raise my son.
But you took that from me.
You won't kill me, but you've taken my life.
Many things are taken from us.
I won't be long.
My Lord.
You have news about the Templars? I've heard rumor that Templars are killing the newly born, an act I believe recently occurred at the Holy Sisters Convent - outside Chartres.
- Chartres? I saw a Templar enter the convent on more than one occasion, a convent known to care for cast-off infants.
And when did this happen? Perhaps a few weeks ago, maybe a month, my Lord.
Thank you.
This act of savagery will be dealt with.
- My Lord.
- Hmm.
There isn't any record of a child being baptized from that convent.
Unless Prepare the horses.
There is more prey to be hunted.
She's been here this whole time? I left Eve with the only person I trust to keep her safe.
What if this is a mistake? What if I'm not meant to be a father? But you are a father.
It's a blessing some of us will never experience.
We're honored by your presence, Your Holiness.
I speak for all of us when I tell you how delighted we were by your election as our newest Pontiff.
Thank you, Grandmaster.
Jesus' first miracle was turning water into wine, my son.
Then wine it shall be.
I've ascended to St.
Peter's throne and would see you Templars restored to your former glory.
Your Holiness? You've become complacent.
You spend your days focused on bank ledgers when you should be wielding steel instead.
In the coming days, I'm going to issue orders that you embark on a new crusade to the Holy Land.
We must push the infidels out of Jerusalem and reclaim what is ours.
Nothing would please me more, Your Holiness, but do you really think that's wise? Why wouldn't it be? With the greatest respect, Your Holiness, we have a king who has declared us his enemy, and rumors abound that he's responsible for your predecessor's death.
To embark on another Push away any concern you have about King Philip and turn mind toward the more important task.
God has ordained the Knights Templar as his executioners, and I would have you act as such.
As God's humble servant, I would have you spread word to every Templar temple of my wishes to return to the Holy Land.
And King Philip? Leave him to me.
Your wisdom both honors us and guides us, Your Holiness.
It is God's wisdom that guides me.
As it will continue to guide us all.
I can do that for you, my Lady.
I am aware of what you can and cannot do.
But I know my husband.
And I know what he likes and what he needs right now.
I'm capable of doing this myself, thank you.
But what you can do is tell me where my husband is.
He's often at the Temple, my Lady.
Is he? Would you like me to call him for you? No.
I'll I'll visit him instead.
Ah, there you are! [BIRDS CHIRPING.]
I never would have guessed Eve's father was a Templar.
Come, Landry.
Play with your daughter.
I understand Eve's mother's no longer with us.
No, she was a remarkable woman.
And she's missed.
I'm sorry.
Forgive the intrusion, but some of your fellow Templars have arrived.
Would you like me to welcome them? Uh, no thank you, Mother Superior.
We'll, uh We'll welcome these brothers ourselves.
Greetings, brothers.
Forgive our surprise.
We were expecting to see some of our own Templar brothers.
Of course.
What brings you so far from? - Arville.
- Arville? That's quite a distance.
There's been rumor of a Templar frequenting this convent, engaging in unspeakable acts.
What unspeakable acts? Identify yourselves.
If neither of you are the Templar I speak of, you have nothing to fear.
My name is Tancrede de Hautville.
I'm Landry du Lauzon.
Brother, why would you draw your sword on a fellow Templar? Because I know that horse.
And because Templars carry swords, not crossbows.
And because you are not Templars.
Kill them! Inside! Get yourselves to safety.
Tell the rest of your sisters.
Find a room, lock the door.
Let's go.
I'm not leaving.
There's no time, Anne.
Tancrede, this is my home.
Dangerous men impersonating Templars are here.
We have to leave, Anne.
Anne, please.
- Come on.
- All right.
Get the horses.
Take the road to Chartres.
We'll be right behind you.
I'm gonna kill you, and then your baby! Hurry.
Hurry up.
Who are you? I've done nothing to you! Oh but you have, Landry.
Prince Louis! LOUIS: They're getting away with the baby! Give me the horse! Kill the Templar! [GRUNTS.]
Landry! We have to go.
Landry, come on.
Anne! Anne! They must have come through here somewhere.
I'm finally reunited with Eve only to have her ripped from my grasp.
I knew it was a mistake coming to see her.
Eve would be dead had we not.
Anne and Grecia, as well.
How in God's name could that bastard Prince Louis do such a thing, hunting an innocent child? Philip must have found out that Eve was still alive, dispatched Louis to kill her.
We'll make sure he doesn't.
Come on.
Hup! Hup! Hyah! Hyah! [COINS CLATTERING.]
This is how you're gonna help me destroy the Templars? With elixirs and [SNIFFS.]
scented oils? What are we doing here? The Templars have always been an order shrouded in mystery.
Then by all means, enlighten me.
One of the founders and first Templar Grandmaster was Hugh de Payens, the son of Theobald of Blois.
The Knight who conspired against King Henry I? One and the same.
And this helps me how? The Templars are renown for having great respect for their founding members, and no one's more important than Hugh de Payens.
Well, how important? The man's no longer regarded as just a man.
He's been elevated to mythical status.
In fact, the Templars don't just worship God.
They worship him, as well.
Just as there have always been rumors of the Templars worshipping idols, I know where to find those idols.
Is this real, or did you just make all of this up? Do you want to destroy the Templars or not? Louis? Louis? [CHAINS RATTLING, QUIET SOB.]
Who's there? Step into the light.
I promise you no harm will come to you.
Princess Margaret.
What are you doing in here? Why are you wearing one of my gowns? Your husband gave it to me.
Why would he do that? He wants me to feel special after everything I've endured.
Endured? Who are you? Um, my name is Lydia.
Why are you here, Lydia? Because I had a husband and a baby son.
And your husband took them away from me.
My Lord.
What infernal mischief is this? Eudes has developed this particular weapon for your Royal Army, Your Majesty.
Inside the cone is a powerful, black powder that combusts when joined with fire.
Combusts? Yes, Your Majesty.
An explosion so powerful that even the thick walls of Chartres Temple will crumble.
You seem confident.
Very, my Lord.
Please, allow me to show you its power.
Good God.
Have we the necessary supply to bring Chartres Temple to the ground? We do, Your Majesty.
Gerard, my patience has grown thin.
Alert the army.
We march tonight.
My Lord.
Prince Louis, we have to take you back to the palace.
I'm not going anywhere.
My father ordered me to find Landry and his child and kill them.
And nothing will prevent me from completing that task.
Shouldn't we keep moving? Someone will find us here.
King Philip expelled all the Jews from France last year.
No one's coming to worship here anytime soon.
We'll spend the night here, and we'll go to Chartres tomorrow.
LYDIA: Because I had a husband.
And a baby son.
And your husband took them away from me.
If you look close enough the truth will reveal itself to you.
Hyah! Hyah! [BABY CRYING.]
I fed her.
She should be asleep.
You should be sleeping.
TANCREDE: Anne? Tancrede? [SIGHS.]
Tancrede was right to entrust you with my daughter.
Both of you, thank you.
You're welcome.
Would you like to hold her? [CHUCKLES.]
How are you? Hello.
What do I do now? Nothing.
TANCREDE: You can never go back there.
But that convent was my life.
It was my family.
I'm so sorry.
I brought this upon you.
I should never have brought the child to you.
It's brought you nothing but pain.
And you.
You back into my life.
I don't blame you, Tancrede.
I could never blame you.
I blame Prince Louis and King Philip, for they alone have taken everything from me.
Not everything.
You're a Templar.
I'm a nun.
This is the downfall of the Templars, a silver, two-headed skull? This is more than just a silver skull.
This is one of their false idols.
The visage of Hugh de Payens on one side and Baphomet, the fallen angel, on the other.
Together, they represent Heaven and Hell.
And the only people who would have this are heretics.
You surprise me, Gawain.
There really is more to you than being a swordsman, isn't there? I've always lived by Sun-Tzu's credo "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.
" But I look at you, and it makes me wonder which one are you? Have you shared your thoughts with her? [SIGHS.]
Not in words.
I'm such a fool.
You're a man.
Rarely do we time things appropriately when the heart's involved.
We're such beasts, aren't we? The most wretched.
You regret seeing your daughter again? No.
There's nothing I regret about being her father.
What? Every time I look at her, I'm reminded of what she'll never have Who she'll never have.
Queen Joan.
Never have her to laugh and cry with.
Never see her smile.
And neither will her eldest son.
Prince Louis.
Give me the child.
You know I've been searching for you and your bastard for some time.
Now give me the child.
You'll have to kill me before I give her up again.
Her? [LAUGHS.]
All this time, my father thought you had a son.
But just like a Templar, to sire a bitch instead.
Stay with them! LOUIS: You surprise me, Landry.
Addressing me with such familiarity.
Tell me Is that how you addressed my mother, like she were a common whore? Oh, I-I longed to meet you in person.
I even prayed for it.
And here you are.
God has answered my prayers.
Come out and face me.
And lay eyes on the man that defiled my mother? Drop the sword.
Drop it.
My father spoke to me about you.
Said he saw glimpses of me in you.
I'm nothing like you.
Did we both not love my mother? Did we both not worship under her altar? Yes.
I think you and I could have been brothers.
I would never have been kin to you.
Perhaps you're right.
I'm a prince, and you're nothing more than a fool who sleeps with another man's wife.
Another man's mother.
But I have paid for that mistake.
Have you? [CHUCKLES.]
Are you still not a Templar? Afforded such privileges that come from the most holy order? My mother lost her life because of you, and yet you still stand here, still drawing breath, still shrouded in that cloak of piety and honor! And just as the Father sent His beloved Son to cast the fallen angels out of Heaven, my father has sent me.
Killing my daughter is not gonna bring your mother back.
But it will bring you as much pain and sorrow as my mother's death has brought me.
I mourn Joan's death every day! I loved her! I love her still! And I would have gladly given my life instead of hers! Why would you mourn her when you're the man who robbed her of life? I didn't kill your mother.
Your father did.
In front of his entire army.
You lie! You lie! No.
My father loved her.
He isn't capable of Of committing such a vile and disgusting act.
Isn't he? Look at you.
Your father has sent his eldest son and the future King of France to kill an innocent child.
What kind of a man willingly sacrifices his son's soul by commanding him to act in such an unforgivable way? No.
No! You are responsible for my mother's death! And you will pay for your sins! [BREATHING HEAVILY.]
Your Majesty.
Raymond, I've just been informed of something very troubling concerning the Knights Templar.
What is it, Your Majesty? I think it best if I show you instead.
We've discovered something that proves the Templars are heretics.
Heretics? Please.
The Templars are men of God.
Their faith in Him is incontrovertible.
True, the Templars do purport themselves to be men of God but that is a lie.
Gawain? How so, De Nogaret? We have discovered the Templars worship something other than God.
Open it.
What is this? An idol.
Hugh de Payens, the first Templar Grandmaster, and the fallen angel Baphomet.
Yet true nonetheless.
Gawain used to be a Templar brother himself before he turned away from the order due to their heretical ways.
Is that true, Gawain? It is, Your Holiness.
Apparently, I was blind, but now I see.
I would have the Templars explain themselves before God's most holy representatives on Earth Your Majesty and myself.
Open the gate.
Open the fucking gate, or you'll join the man inside! [BREATHING HEAVILY.]
You used to serve in my father's army, and you saw something in the forest of Versailles.
What was it? Tell me what happened to the queen.
I promise you, if you tell me the truth, when I become king, I will restore your lands and set you free.
You need something to write with? [SIGHS.]
Does the crown represent the king, my father? Did my father, King Philip [BREATHING SHAKILY.]
Kill my mother, Queen Joan? [GRUNTING.]
DEMOLAY: Women in our Temple? You've brought women into our Temple.
Have you lost your minds? With respect, Grandmaster, Sister Anne and Grecia had nowhere else to go.
They're innocent, Grandmaster.
They must be protected.
And they will be.
But the question remains Why are they here? [SIGHS.]
King Philip has sanctioned the The killing of babies Prince Louis and his guards dressed as Templars with the intent of killing my daughter.
Prince Louis? Yes, after the King's Men-at-Arms attacked us at the Church of St.
Rhone and Vasant say the king has declared us his enemy.
Yes, Grandmaster.
Prepare for war!