Knightfall (2017) s02e06 Episode Script

Blood Drenched Stone

1 Identify yourselves.
I'm Landry Du Lauzon.
Kill them! PRINCE LOUIS: My father ordered me to find Landry and his child and kill them.
LANDRY: You'll have to kill me before I give her up.
ISABELLA: You're right to worry about the future.
France is not always kind to queens.
I didn't kill your mother.
Your father did.
You are responsible for my mother's death! [ARROW WHOOSHES.]
Did my father kill my mother? Mm-hmm.
Inside the cone is a powerful black powder that combusts.
Have we the necessary supply to bring Chartres Temple - to the ground? - We do, Your Majesty.
We march tonight.
Prepare for war! [BIRDS CHIRPING.]
You have outdone yourself, Mistress Alice.
It's perfect.
The perfect dress for a perfect day.
If I may be so bold, what's the occasion, Your Grace? Nothing momentous.
Just a sisterly supper for Princess Margaret and myself.
Sounds splendid, Your Grace.
Oh, it will be splendid, Mistress Alice.
Splendid, indeed.
LANDRY: Brothers.
Templars! You must open your gates and present yourselves to face King Philip's accusations of heresy! S02E06 Blood Drenched Stone [GATES OPEN.]
Arise, Grandmaster De Molay.
I would have words with you in private.
Your Holiness, with utmost respect, our words should be heard by your most dedicated and loyal retainers.
Their fate is at stake here as well as my own.
As you wish.
Claims have been made that during Templar admission ceremonies, your Initiates were forced to spit on the Cross MAN: What?! Deny Christ That's a lie.
And engage in indecent kissing.
You are also accused of worshiping a silver idol, encouraging brothers to engage in unnatural acts, financial corruption, sorcery, and witchcraft! [ALL SHOUTING.]
Silence, brothers! You must surrender to face these charges.
The case will not be adjudicated by the Royal Court of France, but the Holy Inquisition, so King Philip will hold no sway.
You have my word.
You will all receive a fair trial.
Grandmaster, permission to speak plainly.
We cannot trust this new pope.
He is a puppet of King Philip.
And King Philip was behind the murder of Pope Boniface.
Grandmaster, if this madman's words speak for your whole Order, then perhaps these egregious charges have some merit after all.
But if, as I suspect, they do not, I implore you to surrender.
Trust in God's justice.
To remain here within your fortress walls will bring disaster on Mother Church.
Is that how you and your brothers wish to be remembered by history? As the Holy Order of Knighthood that plunged the church into bloody civil war! [ALL MURMURING.]
BERENGER: As much as it pains and surprises me to say this, Brother Landry speaks wisdom.
- Aye.
- Aye.
Pope Clement is the master and father of our Order.
He gives the commands, and we follow.
Therefore, secure in our innocence, we shall march out and surrender ourselves to King Philip, trusting Pope Clement's promise of a fair hearing before the inquisitors and complete exoneration of our Brotherhood.
Grandmaster, please.
I beg you to reconsider.
If we march out behind those walls, we march to our certain death.
I do not fear death! I fear only my own weakness and inclination to sin.
Now it is you who speak words of wisdom, Grandmaster.
But if that is the path that you take I cannot follow.
On this question of surrender to the king, each brother knight and sergeant shall decide for himself.
That does not appear to be all of them.
It's not.
Where is the criminal Landry Du Lauzon? Where is Landry? TANCREDE: Anne, - you must return to the keep, where it's safe.
SISTER ANNE: You honestly believe any place inside these walls is safe? You're outnumbered And rather vastly.
And under the circumstances, I believe you need all the prayers you can get.
KING PHILIP: So, Sir Jacques De Molay, Grandmaster of the Templars, we finally meet in person.
We've met before, Your Majesty.
Twice at court on official business.
Once, I believe, on the Holy Day of Christ's birth.
Really? I don't recall.
One of our meetings involved lending the crown a considerable sum, which you failed to pay back.
You will tell me all I want to know of the Chartres Temple.
What weapons you still have and how many, the location of your treasure vaults, how many men remain within, how many horses, how much food, water, and other supplies.
And the exact location of the sally port.
What, pray tell, is a sally port? A hidden entrance to a fortress, allowing defenders to launch sallys attacks Against their besiegers.
Your Holiness, what of your promise and guarantee of a fair trial? Grandmaster, I am not without sympathy for you and your brothers.
So I suggest you answer His Majesty's questions.
For surely you recall the Book of Matthew, Chapter 22, Verse 21, wherein Christ Our Lord, in His divine wisdom, proclaims, "Render unto Caesar that which is his.
" I surrendered to face the charges and prove them all false, not to discuss the inner workings of the Temple.
Your Temple is finished.
You shall ride off on no more crusades, fight in no more Holy Wars.
Do you understand? Landry was right about you.
What's that? That's the Oriflamme.
Sacred war flag of France.
It means no surrender, no mercy, just a fight to the death! LANDRY: Battle positions! [ALL SHOUTING.]
Battle positions! MAN: Guard the wall! Archers! Aim! Here they come! Loose! [ARROWS WHISTLING.]
Shields! [MEN SHOUTING.]
Aah! They're firing again! Second wave! [ARROWS WHISTLING.]
Aah! Attack! [ALL SHOUTING.]
Aah! Aah! [SHOUTING.]
LANDRY: Follow through, brothers! Ulric, hold that tower! [SWORDS CLANKING.]
MAN: Ready! Easy, easy.
- Back up! - Back up! What the hell are they doing? [EXPLOSION.]
- Brothers! - Mother of God! What was that thing? It was like a cask of Greek fire! Well, whatever it was, the doors won't survive another.
VASANT: What do we do, Landry? That wagon is full of those things.
Who's the best archer in the temple? TANCREDE: Fellow Templars of Chartres, your master is with you! This way! [ALL SHOUTING.]
LANDRY: Now, steady.
That cart is at least 150 paces away.
KELTON: No worries, Brother.
Easy as pie.
VASANT: Well, you bloody well choked on that piece of pie, didn't you? This is different from stag hunting back home.
I had it.
I had it.
Kelton, look at me.
Just breathe.
It's just another prize stag grazing on your father's estate.
Just breathe.
Come on, come on.
Hear me, God.
Your father taught you well! [LAUGHS.]
Yes! I never lost faith in you, Brother.
That makes one of us.
My Prince.
How goes the battle? A draw, thus far.
The Templars have acquitted themselves well, defending their walls and countering all assaults.
But the siege is still young.
And how does my father handle all this? Who am I to judge the peaks and valleys of royalty? I am but a simple soldier.
A shrewd answer for a man who feigns simplicity, Sir Gawain.
What are they building? In a siege, a journeyman engineer is worth 250 fighting men, a highly skilled master, 500.
What these men build is victory.
My liege.
Oh, there she is.
Margaret of Burgundy.
I've so looked forward to this.
You take me by surprise.
I love surprises and assumed you would, too.
Shall we eat, drink, and be merry? Is that coq Au Vin? What could be better for two radiant princesses than cock and wine? You are so bad.
Mm, a Burgundian vintage from the Abbey of Bèze to go with the rooster and make you even more at home.
To good health and long life.
So good.
As good as the Pinot noir? Better.
So, the future Queen of France declares that cock tastes better than wine? [LAUGHS.]
How goes your wedding plans? Oh, no.
I'm here for food, drink, and the joy of your company, not to sulk over my future.
Let us set the future aside in favor of the present.
To sisterhood.
LANDRY: Sweet dreams, little one.
And you will grow strong and reverent and kind, untouched by all of this pain.
That is my dream.
Sleep now.
Sleep, sleep, sleep.
ISABELLA: My father keeps me under lock and key and watchful eye.
But you and your bedchamber are Louis' concern.
And my brother knows there's no more trustworthy and loyal wife in all the world than Margaret of Burgundy.
So I beg you, Sister, as my future Queen, indulge me.
Go ahead, then.
Indulge yourself.
LANDRY: Apologies for interrupting your communion with our Lord and Savior, but I think it'll do the men good to see their master amongst them.
Morale is high, but it needs to remain so if we're to survive this day and those to come.
I worry for the future, Landry.
We have enough food and water to hold out for weeks, if not months.
And after Philip's first attack, there'll be a lull in fighting.
We can take advantage.
We can send couriers through the siege lines and get messages to our Temples in Champagne, Arville, Normandy, Brittany, Anjou.
Our brothers, they will answer our call.
That I'm sure.
You misunderstand me, Brother.
I don't fear for the future of Chartres Temple.
I worry about the future of the Order itself.
I fear it is the end times.
The world is upside down.
We're adrift.
We're adrift together.
Who would ever put the two of us in the same boat? [CHUCKLES.]
Man plans, God laughs.
I went to sleep a soldier in the pope's army.
And I woke up as his foe.
How can this be, Landry? How can we defy the pope? Christ's vicar on Earth? The pope is just a man.
A month ago, he was called Raymond De Goth, and he was Archbishop of Bordeaux.
He doesn't defend the faith.
He defends the king.
And we do not fight for him.
We fight for God.
And each other.
VASANT: Master Berenger! Landry! You must come to the ramparts at once! [MEN SHOUTING.]
A siege tower.
A bloody big one at that.
Once it's upright, sir, there's nothing we can do with it.
That tower can carry 60 men, including spearmen, swordsmen, crossbowmen, or archers.
And in order to defend against it, we're gonna have to abandon the rest of the walls.
Leaving them vulnerable to attack.
Maybe I could hit it with the fire arrows, like I did with the wagon.
MAN: No good.
Before they come within bow shot of those walls, they'll be covered from top to bottom in fresh animal hides, which don't burn.
That's what the Mamluks did at Acre when Gawain was there.
If that siege tower gets to our walls, our temple will fall.
Master Berenger.
Might this not be a good time to follow Rule 25 of our Holy Order? Break out the wine, divide it equally amongst all of our brothers.
Unfortunately, we don't have enough wine.
Nor enough men to defend against that siege tower.
No, we don't, which is why we should do what they least expect.
We should bring the fight to them.
SISTER ANNE: Christ be with me.
Christ within me.
I've been praying, Tancrede.
For us.
And I've come to believe that if God sees fit for us to continue to draw breath into our lungs, we should start a new life.
You draw them to the far tent.
We'll do the rest.
Godspeed to you, brothers.
And to you.
KING PHILIP: Do you have news for your king? Landry managed to escape my grasp.
I am aware of that.
I'm sorry, Father.
But I did kill the child.
Well done, my son.
And no apology needed.
The child is what matters most.
Yes, Father.
Before he escaped me, Landry and I had words.
What words were these? Evil words.
Lies and tricks.
As if the devil himself held parlay with me.
Landry's a monster.
A demon who needs to be sent back to hell so Queen Joan may rest in peace and you and I can move on.
But I swear by all that's holy, I will see the wretch that murdered my mother pay for his awful crimes.
Rest and heal, my beloved prince.
You shall have your chance soon enough.
CAMILLE: Princess Margaret? [KNOCK ON DOOR.]
Princess Margaret! [DOOR OPENS.]
What are you staring at, woman? Did you not know that your mistress is the Princess of Love? [BOTH LAUGH.]
Fire! Fire at the north end of camp! [MEN SHOUTING.]
MAN: Templars in the camp! Drop your swords! [INDISTINCT SHOUTING.]
What you waiting for, your balls to drop? [SHOUTING.]
No, no, no.
We must go back for our brothers.
We can't, Landry.
We can't! Get back inside now, before the sally port's discovered.
We've no choice.
Come on, brothers.
- How did it go? - Perfectly.
We waited for her handmaid, as you instructed.
She was quite horrified at the indecent tableau.
And Margaret? Sleeping like a baby.
I have a gift for you both.
Borromean rings, meant to represent the Holy Trinity.
Most appropriate for the three of us, don't you think? I had them inscribed.
" "Philippe.
" And "Isabella.
The ship is the Saint Marie, out of Dieppe.
Ride hard and be at the Harfleur docks by dawn.
Until we meet again, my loves.
Bastards! Next time you face me in single combat, like men, and I will gut you like hogs! [PANTING.]
You cowards! [SPITS.]
Your two comrades are dead, and your former Grandmaster, the great Jacques De Molay, well, he doesn't look quite so impressive anymore, does he? He paid the price for his obstinance, thanks to the efforts of my esteemed inquisitor.
So tell me, Kelton Fitz Laval, what price are you prepared to pay? Hands? Feet? Balls? Cock? The list goes on.
Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.
Where is the sally port hidden? [GROANS.]
GAUTIER: What do you think England is like? Cold and miserable, from what I hear.
But fear not.
We'll be warm in Isabella's embrace.
Of that I am sure.
Drop your swords and surrender to the king on charges of high treason.
We are innocent of any such charge.
We have no quarrel with you, sir.
There must be some misunderstanding.
No! Philippe! [GRUNTS.]
Brother Vasant.
VASANT: Brother Landry.
Losing Kelton hurts.
But he may yet live, and if not, then he gave his life to defend us all.
Keeping a close eye on the men in your ranks, eh? I guess you really were master of the Paris Temple.
I have a confession to make.
I don't belong here.
Of course you do.
No, you don't understand.
I was never a Knight.
My name isn't even Vasant.
What are you saying? I met the real Vasant on the road.
He'd been ambushed by brigands, mortally wounded, and left for dead.
I buried the poor bugger, took his horse and sword, figured he wasn't needing those anymore, and then completed his journey to the Chartres Temple.
He told me of this place before he died.
And somehow I fooled everyone into thinking I was he.
You've proven yourself time and time again with your devotion [CHUCKLES.]
Your bravery, fighting skills.
You do belong here, Vasant or whatever your real name is.
Your secret is safe with me.
Most every man lives a lie at some point.
Be thankful you and I are among the few blessed by God with a second chance to live the truth.
- Come with me, quickly.
- Where? Someplace safe.
You traitorous bastard! [SWORDS CLANGING.]
Keep silent, and you hide here until I come back.
Tell Tancrede that I love him.
That I've always loved him.
You can tell him yourself when all this is over.
I need you to listen carefully.
If we lose this battle and I don't return, this is what you must do.
Aaaah! [GRUNTS.]
KING PHILIP: Templars! Templars, lay down your weapons, or Landry dies! No! Keep fighting! Keep fighting! Fight! We were your brothers! Your brothers! No.
No! Landry Du Lauzon, traitor to France, murderer, heretic, I'm bringing you home.