Knightfall (2017) s02e07 Episode Script

Death Awaits

A storm is gathering, and we are at war.
We were your own brothers! Why are you here? Because I had a husband and a baby son.
Your husband took them away from me.
And there will always be a place for you in this house.
What are you staring at, woman? Do you not know that your mistress is the Princess of Love? - What is this? - There have always been rumors of the Templars worshipping idols.
Tell me, Kelton.
What price are you prepared to pay? Lay down your weapons or Landry dies! - No! - Landry Du Louzon, traitor to France, I'm bringing you home.
Filthy scum! God save the king! God bless King Philip! Not so high and almighty now, are ya?! We know what you did! Baby killers! My people of Paris, I promised you justice! Here is your justice! The shadow of these murderers and heretics will never again cast a pall on the streets of Paris! The Crusade was not in the Holy Land this time.
Angus! Angus, no! Angus! Get up! I commend you, my dear brother.
Before almighty God.
I entrust you to your Creator.
May you be returned to He who formed you from the dust of the Earth.
Brother, may you return to Him! This day, this Friday the 13th of October, is a day that will be remembered for all time! God has used my hand to cast these Templars out! Halt! Leave this one without kindling.
Yes, Sire.
You threw away the good will of your king for this.
S02E07 Death Awaits His Royal Majesty King Philip.
His Holiness Pope Clement.
Royals, judges, and you, people of Paris.
The Order known as the Knights Templar have been accused of heresy.
They are alleged to have committed abominable and deranged acts of sexual impropriety.
And murder! These are lies! The king seeks our destruction.
Lies they say? There has been a thorough inquiry by the Holy See, which has led to the unearthing of evidence and witness testimony.
What evidence have you? What testimony? Bring him in.
This Templar will confirm what we already know of your depravity.
He's alive.
Tell us of the rituals you have engaged in.
Tell us.
And unburden your blackened soul.
I I engaged in Louder! Let everyone hear.
Kelton, come on.
Don't do this.
Don't do this.
I engaged in inappropriate kissing! What else? I As part of an initiation ritual, I denied Christ, spat on the cross, worshipped man and demon, bowed before a two-faced silver skull.
This evidence was discovered hidden inside the Paris Temple.
Is this not true, Your Holiness? These Templars have engaged in heresy and must pay for their offenses against God and man.
For your bravery and honesty in bringing these offenses to light, I absolve you, Kelton Fitz Laval, of these against God and Church.
You are a free mind.
Now get out of my sight before I change my mind.
Take them away.
Move out! Wait, wait.
You've said next to nothing to me since I've been back.
What's happened? Why is that woman tied up in the Paris Temple? Who's Lydia? You should not be in the Paris Temple.
Who is she?! Did you did you kill that woman's husband and child? How could you think I'm capable of such a thing? - Answer me, Louis! - No! I could never do such a thing! Then why is she being held as a prisoner? Why is she blaming the murder of her son on you? Because my father's guards and Sir Gerard murdered her husband and son.
Let her go.
Let her go this instance.
The death of her child and her incarceration are by royal decree.
Only my father can release her.
Then your father is a monster.
You do not understand the complexities of ruling a kingdom! I understand cruelty when I see it! Listen.
I was protecting you.
Get out.
- No! No! - Get off of him! No, take me! Get back! Get off him! Get off him! - Rhone! - Get off him! Rhone! Rhone! - Rhone! - Courage, my brother.
This is fucked! They broke Kelton! He never would have said those things on his own! Keep yourself together, brother.
There must be a plan.
A strategy.
Surely you've you've been in a situation like this before? We must hold fast and not give up hope.
God will show us the way.
Jacques DeMolay, Grandmaster of the Order of the Knights Templar, you have been found guilty of heresy and will burn at the stake for your crimes against Christ our Lord.
Countrymen, listen to me.
These charges are lies! God knows who the sinners are! And it is not us.
The Grandmaster is on the stake.
You don't deserve to sit upon St.
Peter's throne.
So says the fallen angel, a Lucifer, a blasphemer against God.
You're the Judas.
You have handed over the Church to the monarchy.
You will rue this day, Raymond.
You will rue this day.
If I'm guilty, it's because I put my faith in a man who claimed to be our father instead of my trusted brothers.
Misfortune will befall you who have wrongly condemned us.
Hear me now! God will avenge us! God will avenge us! I've always been curious about the inner workings of the Templar mind.
Now tell me The Lord is my Savior.
I will never I will never confess.
I don't care about your confession.
I care about the gold.
Where is it? Tell me where it is.
Murderer! Heretic! Murderer! Pick 'em up.
It's Tancrede! Is he alive? See if he's breathing.
He he's breathing, but he's bleeding everywhere.
Oh, no! Vasant.
Vasant, you need to gather yourself.
Your brother needs you.
His head's been His head's been cut open.
Take this.
Wrap it around his wound.
Stay with us, brother.
Stay with us.
Father, apologies for the interruption, but it appears we've been betrayed.
By whom? This is Camille, Margaret's lady in waiting.
Tell my father what you saw.
Stop that.
Get out of here at once! The prince will have your heads for this! Your Highness.
Please, tell them to stop.
I don't understand.
Look here, Your Highness.
What is that? That's not mine.
Please, my lord, I've never seen that before.
I welcome you to my house.
I allow you to sleep in my wife's bed.
You're nothing but a whore.
Your Highness, I would never betray you.
I would never betray my husband.
No, please! This has been a mistake! There's been a horrible mistake! A big mistake! Wait.
Wait! Open it.
Who goes there? Are you a Templar? These are dire times.
We may as well find solace in each other.
There is no solace.
Only pain.
Do I know you, brother? If you did you wouldn't call me that.
Stop, please.
No! No! Get off! No! Camille, Astrid, you know me.
Camille, Astrid.
I'm innocent.
Get Prince Louis.
He'll tell you.
No, no, no, no, no.
Louis! Louis! Louis! Traitor! You killed Berenger! If it weren't for you, we wouldn't be in here! Yet here we are.
Ignore him.
He is a spy for the king.
I'm no spy, Landry.
Just a man of foolish pride.
If you're no spy, then why is the king's marshal in here with us? Because the path I was taking became untenable.
Search the Temple for my gold.
I'll go, Your Majesty.
I'm familiar with these temples.
He sent me to look for his gold.
I found her, Landry.
What are you doing here? Please don't hurt her.
Please don't harm this child.
What interest would I have in an infant? I don't know.
I don't know why anyone would want to kill a child, least of all the Prince of France.
What do you mean, the Prince of France? Prince Louis tried to kill us and this child.
There was two other men there who saved us.
They shot Prince Louis with a crossbow.
Where was the prince wounded? I beg you, spare the life of this child.
Whose child is this? I found your child.
Wait, wait.
Take me as a prisoner if you wish.
Let her leave with the child.
The king and prince will surely kill her.
Please, she's just an innocent.
I helped them escape.
Go down the stairs.
On the left, there is a door that leads to the stables.
When you are sure no one is watching, leave through a breech in the wall.
Now go! I tried to kill the king.
Your timing is excellent.
Will the marshal care to extract his pound of flesh? How about two.
You swore a blood oath to me! And blood I shall have! Aah! Guards! Put him on that table.
Take it off him.
We've won.
You finally have glory.
There is no glory in the killing of innocent children! To glory, then.
He's telling the truth.
I witnessed it all.
I saw it all.
You know what this means? Eve and Anne They're safe.
Hello, Margaret.
Please, help me.
There's been a mistake.
I would I would never betray Louis.
You know that.
I love him, more than anything.
Isabella, you asked me to keep your secrets, but now you must share them to set me free.
Why would I set you free when I worked so hard to put you here? But we're sisters.
I only have brothers.
I've never seen Louis cry before, but when he learned what you'd done, how you betrayed him by lying with those men.
I could see his heart break.
No! How can you be so cruel?! What did I ever do to you?! You forgot your place.
Days after my mother died, you took her rooms.
Louis gave them to me.
Then presumed to tell me that I'd always be welcome in my own home.
I only meant to comfort you.
No, you meant to patronize.
Isabella, I'm sorry.
I'm so very sorry.
I told you, Margaret of Burgundy France was not kind to queens.
I'm sorry.
I I I Please Please forgive me.
Oh, God.
Beautiful, isn't she? I'm calling her the Iron Maiden.
From here on she's the only love you'll ever know.
At this length, the spikes will cause an unpleasant pressure on your skin.
Here, they'll pierce your skin and you'll bleed.
Now, they'll pierce your gut, your bones, and finally Your heart.
It would break your mother to know how much you've forgotten her.
Do not speak of my mother.
Your father He made me watch as he stabbed her in her pregnant belly.
Enough! Louis! He didn't even bury her, Louis.
I did.
- Shut up.
- So that Shut up! she wouldn't rot in the forest.
Your father He's made you hunt and kill your half-sister.
Louis! Louis! Enough! Enough! Enough! You've done enough.
You know, I was never supposed to be king.
My older brother Louis was next in line.
I loved my brother.
He taught me to hunt, and he protected me and my younger brother Charles from my father's wrath.
I loved him so much I named my first-born son after him.
When my mother died, I was only a child.
But after Charles passed and then my brother Louis the family I loved more than anything was gone.
You and I we weren't born under the same conditions.
But I once regarded you just as I regarded my brother Louis.
But you destroyed that when you took her from me.
I couldn't take what you already lost.
Margaret?! Camille, what happened? Where's Margaret? They took her.
Who took her? Where is my wife? Welcome back.
Beg me.
Beg me for your life.
You have nothing in your hands.
God controls my life not you.
This is not the end.
That's right.
It isn't.
You're going to watch your brothers die, and only then, when it's just you, am I going to kill you.
Out of my way.
Out of my way or I'll kill you where you stand.
Your father ordered us not to let you in, Your Grace.
Pardon us, Your Grace, but we don't have the key.
Only your father does.
Margaret! Margaret! Father, why have you imprisoned her?! You will free Margaret at once! Will? Your wife is where she belongs.
What? She was witnessed with two men in her bed.
At the same time.
Neither of whom was you.
It appears you and I now share the unpleasant distinction of being cuckolded by our wives.
Be grateful I didn't behead her.
Margaret wouldn't do such a thing.
Louis, I warned you about her.
About producing an heir.
Would you prefer she carry another's? I'm just sorry you had to learn the hard truth.
But women are all alike.
Eventually they betray you.
Father, at least let me see her.
Absolutely not.
Your marriage will be annulled, and you will have a new wife.
Margaret was your mother's choice.
I'll choose more carefully this time.
Margaret is my wife and will remain as such until I decide! Not you.
Now give me the key.
You insolent boy.
I am your king.
Everything you have, the air you breathe, the woman you fuck is because of me, because I allow it.
Don't be a fool and think I can't take everything away from you if I see fit.
You will never return to Margaret's tower again.
Defy me, and I promise I will punish you more severely next time.
God has abandoned us.
Talus would remind us to choose faith.
God is with us, and when we die, we will be reunited with Him in Paradise.
Let's pray.
Lord we pray to You for hope.
Hope that we may find relief from our pain, and that our souls will find a way into Your gentle arms.
Please, God, show us Your mercy and grant us Your salvation and Your everlasting peace.
Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy name Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on Earth as in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil for Thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory - forever and ever, amen.
- Amen.
It was you.
You put Margaret in that tower.
Wait, wait, stop! Please stop! I recant! I recant my testimony! Get off me! The king's men tortured me! They demanded I confess to these lies! Get off me! They're innocent! Please, please, they're righteous soldiers of Christ! This is not justice! Brothers.
Your Majesty? Parisians, this man has lied to your king, to your Pope.
Most of all he has lied to you.
No, I didn't.
We cannot let this man go unpunished, can we? No! Will you be the hand of justice? This is not justice! - Leave him alone! - Will you spill his blood?! - Yes! - No! No! Then take him.
Don't do this! Don't do this! Please don't do this! Pluck his eyes out! Kelton! I chopped the wood for your stake myself.
God will have His revenge on you.
Father into Your arms I commend my spirit.