Knights of Sidonia (Sidonia no Kishi) (2014) s01e06 Episode Script


1 \h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hActivate for 11 days Emergency Life Support Activated Elapsed Time: 11 days 15 hours 09 minutes Oxygen 38 days Water 00 days \h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hActivate for 11 days Warning Life Support Activated Elapsed Time: 11 days 15 hours 09 minutes Oxygen 38 days Water 00 days W-water.
Dehydration He's dehydrated.
What do I do? Setting: Support Function \hUrine collecting I've never heard of anyone filtering water from lubricants before.
Well, here goes.
Yes! You did it, Tanikaze! It's water! Water! What? It can't be.
Are those Gardes? That's amazing.
It's a 256-unit clutch formation thrust reversal.
They came back for us! Yes! We're saved! Ta ga tame ni ware wa yuku Who do we fight for? Ta ga tame ni chiri yuku nara Who do we die for? Nani yue ni Tell me why Uchikudake Break through Toki michite When the time comes Ikiru tame For your survival Toki hanate Set yourself free Sora no kouro wa kaze ni kie The path in space disappears in the wind Anjuu wa iku oku kounen saki Peace is several billion light years ahead Tsuki susumu nara madou na Take the plunge Do not waver Iza yukan kishi yo Let's go, valiant knight Uchikudake Break through Knights of Sidonia Uchikudake Break through Knights of Sidonia Toki michite For your survival Knights of Sidonia Toki michite For your survival Knights of Sidonia Ikiru tame For your survival Knights of Sidonia Ikiru tame For your survival Knights of Sidonia Toki hanate Set yourself free Katsuro wa kono te ni Your path is in your hands Ta ga tame ni ware wa yuku Who do we fight for? Ta ga tame ni chiri yuku nara Who do we die for? Chikai tateru mamonaku As soon as you take your oath Kono mi wo nagedase Throw yourself to the cause Juuseki to konpai to Do not be daunted by responsibility and exhaustion Sadame ni wa makeji to Face your destiny Salutations Two Garde Pilots Return Safely The 256 Gardes have just now returned with the two missing cadets and the Garde unit they sought shelter in for 11 days.
Two Garde Pilots Return Safely There were concerns over Cadets Nagate Tanikaze and Shizuka Hoshijiro's well-being, but they were found to be in good health.
Their return to Sidonia marks the end of their three-week ordeal.
Nagate Many were moved by Nagate Tanikaze's heroic rescue of Cadet Hoshijiro.
Would you like me to turn this off, Master Norio? Many were moved by Nagate Tanikaze's heroic rescue of Cadet Hoshijiro.
Would you like me to turn this off, Master Norio? No, it's fine, Mozuku.
Using the same Garde that defended mankind in the Fourth Gauna War, Cadet Tanikaze single-handedly defeated the Gauna.
Two Garde Pilots Nagate Tanikaze Cadet Tanikaze single-handedly defeated the Gauna.
Perhaps he's the second coming of the Knight of Sidonia! How's it feel to be back in Sidonia after three weeks? Um, I'm feeling sort of emotional.
But truthfully, didn't you want to drift out there with each other a little longer? No, I don't think we would've lasted much longer.
After the two survivors receive a quick checkup and a shower, have them report to medical for a thorough exam.
You got that? Yes.
Disengage formation.
What a shame.
If only we had a spare right arm.
There's nothing we can do.
Let's use the Mark 18's.
Thank you, Tanikaze.
Huh? I'm glad that I wasn't alone out there.
The men's room is over there.
Oh, right.
Bye, then.
Commencing sanitation.
Examination Complete: All Clear Fatigue Recovery Delay: 1.
5% There is a 1.
5% delay in your recovery.
Please retake the examination as a precautionary measure.
Oh, Tanikaze, are you all done? Yeah.
Welcome back.
I'm glad you're okay, Tanikaze.
Welcome back.
Yeah, thanks.
Rice Rice? Nagate! Izana.
Welcome back.
You were amazing, Nagate! Seriously! Oh Did you lose some weight? Shouldn't you get some rest? There's nothing to do in the dorms.
And there's someplace I want to go.
That's amazing.
It's almost back to normal.
Well, it's already been three weeks since that happened.
Although, the smell didn't go away until just a few days ago.
The organic converter reactors were working around the clock, but they couldn't keep up with all the bodies coming in.
Oh, isn't that? Huh? Thank you so much.
Nagate Tanikaze It seems like the defense squad has returned, Kobayashi.
The hero returns.
Nagate Tanikaze, Hiroki Saito's successor.
Do you understand, Kobayashi? If Tanikaze was under Saito's tutelage, then it's only a matter of time until he turns his back on you.
As of right now, it's very likely that Sidonia is deep into Gauna territory.
Tanikaze's piloting skills are too important.
You were the one who decided to take on what could have easily been avoided.
It's not like you care, as long as you can keep on living forever.
You dare insult us, Kobayashi? We are simply trying to discuss what is the best course to ensure the survival of Sidonia and humanity.
If Nagate Tanikaze can be used to that end, then so be it.
But if he becomes a problem You will be the one to dispose of Nagate Tanikaze.
Excuse me, Ms.
They delivered some wonderful chicken today.
The fried chicken is delicious.
Really? Maybe I'll have that, then.
I've been so bored, not having anybody come in to eat every day.
I'm glad you made it back.
Thanks! I thought you would be here.
You're done with your re-examination? Yep.
Everything checked out.
That's good.
Okay, here you go.
Wow! Let's eat! You just look like you're really enjoying it.
It's my first real meal in a long time.
Okay, you two, now enjoy your meal.
It's good.
I finally feel like I'm at home.
Yeah, you're right.
Anti-Military Activists Protest Downtown While Sidonia was thrilled by the safe return of the stranded cadets, anti-military activists filled the streets, mounting protests while police officers attempted to keep things under control.
Three policemen sustained injuries, but none were considered serious.
We managed to spin a violation of protocol into a moving human interest story.
The public is celebrating the safe return of Nagate Tanikaze, the Gauna slayer.
That's because the people are always looking for a hero.
However, the damage from the diagonal acceleration was quite significant, and it's spreading anti-war sentiment in secret.
One thing could lead to the next, setting off a chain reaction.
If worse comes to worst, we'll need to prepare to separate them from us.
Hurry up, come on! There, look! The Following Cadets have been promoted to Garde Pilots: Norio Kunato Shizuka Hoshijiro En Honoka Nagate Tanikaze Congratulations, Nagate! Hey, you did it! Tanikaze, nice going! Did you hear? They said your combat data has been added to the virtual training consoles! Really? That's awesome.
That's something to be proud of.
Our war with the Gauna has just begun.
We can't turn back now.
The Kabizashi retrieval team's success gives us an advantage in the upcoming battles.
Therefore, Norio Kunato, Shizuka Hoshijiro, En Honoka, and Nagate Tanikaze have been promoted as our four newest Garde pilots.
Congratulations, Tanikaze.
Oh, thanks.
You know, we can tell all 11 of us apart from each other because we're sisters.
But there's no way you can tell who is who, right? No, I can't.
Just remember that En was the one who broke your nose, okay? Hey! What the hell, Ren?! En, don't you think it's about time you apologize? You didn't like him peeking at you either, Hou! Tanikaze.
We've been through a lot, but from now on, we're gonna be a four-unit clutch formation team.
Let's put all that stuff in the past.
Well then, let's practice our clutch formation now.
Hoshijiro? That sounds good.
Let's do it.
Come on, you two.
Wow, amazing.
We're so proud of you four.
100 Sights of Sidonia: Honoka Sisters Residence and Environment 100 Sights of Sidonia: The Rooftop of Sidonia's 3rd Hospital Tanikaze! Excuse me.
You're Midorikawa's sister, aren't you? So you remember me? Thank you so much.
You're in the class below us, right? No.
Today, I was transferred to the 628th class.
We're classmates now, Mr.
Izana Shinatose.
M-Mister? I just wanted to tell you thanks for avenging my brother's death.
Oh, I was just Thank you very much.
Do you want me to get you something else to drink? What are you drinking right now, Tanikaze? Dipping sauce.
Dipping sauce? As in tempura dipping sauce? Izana! Hold this for me.
Where you going? Wait, Tanikaze! I'll be right back.
Wait, Tanikaze! Thank you.
Oh, really? It's amazing.
Yeah! Captain! Who are you? It's okay.
Let him through.
Get on.
Y-yes, ma'am.
It seems things are going well for you.
Wh-why are you giving me special treatment? Does it bother you? It just doesn't make sense.
You show me your real face when I'm sure your identity's a secret.
What's the reason my grandfather wouldn't let me leave the underground? I know that my injuries heal faster than normal.
I know something isn't right with me.
Is there some sort of secret about me? It's because he took pity on you.
But it wasn't me who promoted you to Garde pilot.
It was your own abilities.
But I Please Become the Knight of Sidonia just like the legendary hero who once defended this ship.
Knight of Sidonia.
Hoshijiro? Are you okay? It looked like you ran after the captain.
Oh, yeah.
I just wanted to say hi.
Oh, okay.
I thought that you were in trouble or something.
So this is where you were, Tanikaze.
Let's celebrate your promotion to Garde pilot by going to the Underwater Floating Tanks.
What? Now? Because I didn't get to go the last time.
So what? Oh, right.
You coming, Izana? Uh, sure.
Y-you're coming with us too, Izana? Of course I am! Then, please take Hoshijiro with you.
Since pilots are only allowed to bring one guest.
That's fine.
But the submarine pods can carry four people.
Let's all get into one.
Tanikaze, have you ever had monkfish stew before? Heigus Guided Underwater Floating Tanks I don't think so.
It's very good.
I'll make some for you next time.
Please try it for me.
Uh, sure.
We've all been cleared.
I'll take care of the submarine pod rental.
Passengers: Times: Opening door.
Nagate! Close Open\h\h\h Close Hey! What is your problem? I want to ride with him alone! Closing door.
Watch out! Tanikaze, open the door! Open Opening door.
Two passengers confirmed.
Closing door.
No way! Welcome to the Heigus-guided submarine tour.
What do we do? It's moving.
Welcome to the Heigus-guided submarine tour.
What do we do? It's moving.
We will be submerging momentarily.
We will be submerging momentarily.
Please hold on to the railings for your own safety.
It looks like we're getting the full tour.
And a second one.
Right now, it'd be best for us to get off at the closest exit.
Tour Option: Full Times: 2 It's okay.
Just leave it.
It looks like we got trapped together again.
Kunato Developments Awarded Next-Generation Garde Contract Eighth generation head of the Kunato family welcomes his first born son.
The Young Noble Born with Everything No.
I've been able to get my hands on everything I've ever wanted.
But fame and the ultimate weapon You snatched them away from me, right before my very eyes.
Pilot Tanikaze: The embodiment of a Knight of Sidonia What happened? A large object detected 32 and -13 degrees from our current trajectory.
It's 50,000 km away.
It's a Gauna! And there isn't just one.
It seems the Gauna have fused together into a pod and created a gigantic Ena.
Fused together? Why wasn't it detected till now? It put the Ena into a permeable state and remained dormant.
They were probably invisible when they found us and started making their way towards us.
Form a strike team at once.
I'll leave the personnel up to you.
Yes, ma'am! They say that all life began in the sea.
At least, that's how it was on Earth.
Before you came for me, during the time I was drifting out there alone, I felt like I was under the sea.
Like I was going to return to the sea.
Oh, sorry! Deployment order We're being deployed.
East Gate 2, West Gate 4, ready for Garde launch.
All pilots begin boarding immediately.
The approaching Gauna pod has broken through our level three security border.
Well Get it together, Tsuruuchi.
Hey, wait for me.
This is your fault! Nagate? Izana.
I can't believe it.
You can walk? Let's go back to your room.
It's my fault? What were the Honoka sisters talking about? Izana! The Gauna! How did I end up here? For now, just calm down.
Izana? What is it? You don't look so well.
I think you should get some more sleep, Nagate.
I'm fine.
Another Victory! No civilian casualties from this recent battle.
We have Pilot Kunato here with us now to answer some questions.
Good afternoon.
Good afternoon.
During the battle with the Gauna pod, you were able to kill the Gauna.
But of the 29 Gauna within that pod, one managed to escape.
No civilian casualties from this recent battle.
You could say it was a great victory.
As for your performance, you played a huge part, killing four on your own.
It was very impressive.
I'm not satisfied with that.
There's some strong criticism regarding Pilot Tanikaze's performance.
Had he separated the tail more quickly, you might have had a complete victory.
That's incorrect.
Separating the Gauna's tail was not just Tanikaze's responsibility.
Nagate Tanikaze: Serious Condition, Found Unconscious I was unable to manage my squad properly, so I am just as responsible.
I tried to do everything I could, but it still resulted in losing a member of my own team.
Shizuka Hoshijiro: Killed in Action To be continued Honnou tsukiru made To our dying breath Honoo kareru made Until the fire burns out Shoudou tsuranuite We will push on hand in hand Shoui Kono sora e Throughout this universe Shizuka na hoshi The quiet star wanders Samayotteru Vigilant space Kunato no toki wo In the darkness Deguchi no nai yami no naka de Without escape Kaeru basho wa sono mune? Where to return? To you? Soretomo sora no hate ni? Or to the end of the universe? Kono itami wa doko ni tadoritsukeru darou Where does this pain lead? Watashi ni shimitsuku kanjou no ryuushi These particles of emotions cling to me Anata wo motome It is you I seek Kougousei My sustenance Honoka na hikari ga nagaki michi izanau A faint light invites you down a long path Mamoru beki asu ni To a tomorrow for you to protect Tatoe kono mi ga saketemo tatakau ishi wo Even if my body dies the future will inherit Tsugu mirai e My will to fight Next Episode Resolve Resolve.