Knights of Sidonia (Sidonia no Kishi) (2014) s01e07 Episode Script


1 Well Get it together, Tsuruuchi.
Ta ga tame ni ware wa yuku Who do we fight for? Ta ga tame ni chiri yuku nara Who do we die for? Nani yue ni Tell me why Uchikudake Break through Toki michite When the time comes Ikiru tame For your survival Toki hanate Set yourself free Sora no kouro wa kaze ni kie The path in space disappears in the wind Anjuu wa iku oku kounen saki Peace is several billion light years ahead Tsuki susumu nara madou na Take the plunge Do not waver Iza yukan kishi yo Let's go, valiant knight Uchikudake Break through Knights of Sidonia Uchikudake Break through Knights of Sidonia Toki michite For your survival Knights of Sidonia Toki michite For your survival Knights of Sidonia Ikiru tame For your survival Knights of Sidonia Ikiru tame For your survival Knights of Sidonia Toki hanate Set yourself free Katsuro wa kono te ni Your path is in your hands Ta ga tame ni ware wa yuku Who do we fight for? Ta ga tame ni chiri yuku nara Who do we die for? Chikai tateru mamonaku As soon as you take your oath Kono mi wo nagedase Throw yourself to the cause Juuseki to konpai to Do not be daunted by responsibility and exhaustion Sadame ni wa makeji to Face your destiny Resolve The target is the 830-meter-long Gauna pod! We count 27 individual cores.
There has to be one host Gauna among them.
Finding and destroying it is our priority! Also, there's low probability the host is in the tail segment.
Cut off the tail to reduce the amount of mass we have to deal with! Analysis Result: No cores detected It's a large target, but we already have experience taking out Gauna.
There's no need to be afraid.
Garde units are 1,000 kilometers from target.
Engage reverse thrusters.
Engage reverse thrusters.
36 Garde Clutch Formation Affirmative.
Commencing operation now.
Thrusters engaged.
Fifteen seconds to contact.
All units, prepare to release clutch formation.
After we disperse, Kunato, your team will work to cut off that tail immediately.
Imada's team will back you up! Copy! The rest will target the front end, where we suspect the host is located.
Roger! Release clutch formation! Team, follow me! Team, watch the tentacles, and each of you cover a section.
Place charges at the base of the tail! Roger! Take this! Core separation confirmed! I guess this won't end until we take out the host core.
Samari, your eight o'clock! Watch out! Oh, no! The tail! Heavy damage to units 115 and 013! Kunato squadron, status on the tail separation? Heavy damage to units 442, 587! Pilot life signs lost! All units have successfully latched onto position.
Heavy damage to units 442, 587! Pilot life signs lost! They're currently setting charges! Moderate damage to 378! Unable to continue fighting! Withdrawing! Moderate damage to 378! Unable to continue fighting! Withdrawing! Kunato squadron, you have to hurry! Moderate damage to 378! Unable to continue fighting! Withdrawing! This is Kunato.
I've just placed my third charge.
Team, give me your count! Hoshijiro, three! Honoka, two! Tanikaze, four! Kunato squad has successfully placed 12 charges.
Explosive Charges set Good! Get those charges ready, and detonate! Affirmative! Team, fall back! Team, fire on my command.
The timing is crucial! Roger! Private Channel Get ready.
Set charges.
Detonating! Charges 08 through 12, detonation confirmed.
Simultaneous detonation failed! Tanikaze? Weren't we doing it together? Tanikaze, what are you doing? You didn't wait for Kunato's count! This is Kunato.
The operation failed.
Awaiting instructions.
The Gauna's turned its attention to the tail.
Imada and Kunato, get your teams out of there at once! Roger! Gauna tail segment reacting to the explosion.
Charges 01 through 07 have been dislodged.
Imada's and Kunato's squads are withdrawing.
Reestablish formation 118.
One of the dislodged charges detonated! One of the dislodged charges detonated! It's no good! Help me! What? Units 052 and 219 were caught in the blast.
Abandon the tail.
Yes, Captain.
All teams, fall back.
Gain some distance to regroup.
Affirmative! All units, fall back! We'll regroup and reestablish our formation before the next attack! Tanikaze, what are you doing? Fall back.
Are you listening, Tanikaze? Wait, no.
I didn't Tanikaze, come on! Forget it, Hoshijiro! Don't go after him! Tanikaze! If he had separated the tail more quickly, you might have had a complete victory.
No, our failure to separate the tail was not solely Tanikaze's responsibility.
Nagate Tanikaze: Serious Condition Found Unconscious I am equally responsible for not being able to manage my squad properly.
I tried to do everything I could, Shizuka Hoshijiro: Killed in action but it still resulted in losing a member of my own team.
Are you okay, Nagate? Sorry.
Wow, this is awful.
Yeah I was expecting more from that pilot.
I guess the battle before was just a fluke.
Nagate Tanikaze Browsing: Permission Pending Permission Granted Tanikaze, what are you doing? Fall back.
Are you listening, Tanikaze? Wait, no.
I didn't Tanikaze, come on! Forget it, Hoshijiro! Don't go after him! Tanikaze! Come on, open your eyes! Are you listening? This is a direct order! Tanikaze! Just a little more.
Stop, Hoshijiro! Don't.
Get back! Tanikaze! Hurry, Tanikaze! No Cancel Browsing Permission Granted Browsing Cancelled Browsing Cancelled 100 Sights of Sidonia: Confectionery Shop Level 100 Sights of Sidonia: Unknown (Some construction site) Kunato! Why?! Hoshijiro Hoshijiro's death is your responsibility.
Some are suggesting that Nagate Tanikaze's pilot license be suspended.
Public opinion is unfavorable as well.
I believe this is blowback from allowing him to pilot the Tsugumori, which was piloted by the Sidonian hero.
Of course, he couldn't possibly deploy in his condition.
We don't need to be concerned about public opinion.
And he won't be suspended.
We'll send him out.
No Answer- Nagate Tanikaze No Answer- Nagate Tanikaze No Answer- Nagate Tanikaze No Answer- Nagate Tanikaze How is he? Any word? Well I take it he didn't come out again? Yes.
I feel that he's been coddled way too much.
I'll just have to do something about it.
Hoshijiro wouldn't have wanted this.
The Gauna won't attack if we lay down our arms Lay down our Kabizashi Don't put our civilians in danger If we disarm ourselves, the Gauna won't come! Sidonia, throw down your arms at once! Sidonia, throw down your arms at once! With the large number of casualties in this most recent battle, many anti-military activists have redoubled their efforts.
Anti-military activist demonstrations on the rise The military leaders have announced significant personnel changes.
\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hPilot Promotions Hou Honoka Yan Jian Satsuma Jigen Ren Honoka Norimitsu Amataka Mairu Moritani Kujira Negi Ro Honoka Eiji Okushi Ryohei Kasuga You Honoka Hoshi Nakada Yukihiro Seshimo Yanagi Otogoro Kazu Susuki Fifteen cadets have been promoted to Garde pilots to replenish the front lines.
Also joining them Transfer Ichiro Seii Transfered to the South Division Formerly Sidonia subcommander will be Subcommander Ichiro Seii, who will be heading to the front lines as a Garde pilot.
To replace him, a new subcommander- sub-commander Nagate Tanikaze Open this door already.
Nagate, are you listening to me? I'm coming in! It stinks in here.
And what's with all this dust? I'm gonna tidy up.
Nagate! Pull yourself together! After all, you're a Garde pilot.
Garde pilot Nagate, you want to become a Garde pilot when you grow up, don't you? Then no matter how hard things get, you need to be ready to fight.
The Gauna won't wait for you to finish crying.
Nagate, are you okay? It's going to take a little while for me to clean, so why don't you two go for a walk? Oh, but the door Don't worry about that.
Go on.
Get going.
Take care of him, okay? Right.
Let's go, Nagate! So, what are the anti-military protesters doing? The demonstrations are getting progressively larger.
The desire to leave Sidonia is growing.
If operations continue at this rate, the majority will believe that the Kabizashi will attract the Gauna.
So if we destroy the Kabizashis, the Gauna won't come, right? According to them, it's the only legitimate plan that would ultimately allow safe navigation to the Lem star system.
Very well, then.
Those who wish to leave will be allowed to do so.
But the war won't stop.
We can't rebuild a home for ourselves as long as the Gauna exist.
Very well.
I'll make the arrangements.
Call Yure.
You called for me? Professor Yure, we will be performing the "Resurrection Ritual.
" I understand.
Make the preparations.
Nagate, you're hungry, aren't you? What? Hold on just a second.
I heard seven died in combat.
Four of them were his fault.
I heard that too.
That's unbelievable, right? This is I heard that too.
That's unbelievable, right? I heard that too.
That's unbelievable, right? His first battle since becoming an official pilot.
What a joke.
Well, they don't think some of them are going to make it.
Isn't he the guy? Yeah.
Here you go.
Since you're a cute lady, I threw in a drink on the house.
Really? That's great.
Except that I'm not actually a girl.
What? Thanks! What? I can't stop eating.
Hoshijiro You war criminal! How many pilots died because of you, huh? You think you can just walk around like nothing happened? We don't need pilots like you! Are you okay, Nagate? Y-yeah Oh, no.
You're bleeding.
I'll be fine.
Let's go somewhere else.
Rogue Planet N68203L The Gauna pod 488 originated from this rogue planet.
The Gauna core that got away was heading in that direction.
Yuhata Midorikawa, entering.
Please display rogue planet N68203L.
Yes, Probationary Commander Midorikawa.
We are currently 700,000 km from planet N68203L.
Status report.
Status report.
Currently appears to be a normal gas giant.
Currently appears to be a normal gas giant.
Displayed on the monitor is the planet the Gauna fled to.
Currently appears to be a normal gas giant.
Displayed on the monitor is the planet the Gauna fled to.
No Gauna detected.
There's a high probability that there are other Gauna taking refuge there.
We will launch a surprise attack while we have distance on them, destroy the entire planet, and watch the Gauna burn.
Use an Interplanetary Missile.
A planet buster? Is that not sufficient? Yes.
Prepare the IPM.
Right away! Affirmative! Preparing the IPM.
The warhead has been set with a high-pressure implosion round.
Loading missile into the launcher.
Open the seventh partition! Opening! All hands, ready the IPM.
I repeat.
All hands, ready the IPM.
IPM ready to launch! Locking on to rogue planet N68203L! Locking Target Copy.
We're ready to launch! Fire! IPM launching! IPM successfully launched! Good! Continue monitoring until the target is reached! Roger! Why? I didn't apply for the position! You're suited perfectly for it.
More than any other I've ever seen.
I don't want it! It's the Captain's order.
All I wanted was to be a Garde pilot, like my brother.
Midorikawa, if you wish to fight the Gauna, then that's all the more reason why the cockpit isn't where you belong.
Do you understand? IPM is 3,000 kilometers away from the planet! Maintain observation until impact.
Five seconds until impact.
Tinne till innpact: Tinne till innpact: Three, two, one.
Three, two, one.
Impact! Upper atmosphere has been penetrated.
Currently descending through the mantle.
It has the power to destroy an entire planet, 5,000 km to planet core contact.
It has the power to destroy an entire planet, and yet even with that, it doesn't come close to even scratching the Gauna's core? Planet core contact in 5 seconds 3, 2, 1 Planet core contact! Gravitational collapse confirmed! Detonation successful.
Visual coming in.
Okay, don't let any object get through! Understood! A-1-5, B-4-3 clear.
T-2-3, C-2-9 clear.
F-5-8, K-3-7 clear.
J-8-3, M-5-3 clear.
Sighted! Two objects under 1 kilometer.
Heigus Particles Detected No, there's another one! The gas is too thick.
Rush the visual analysis.
Form a suppression force and send them out.
Pick the members yourself.
Got it.
It's good.
I'm glad you get to finally eat.
What about your head? Are you sure you're okay? Yeah.
I'm okay now.
I think we should head back soon.
I don't want Ms.
Hiyama to worry about us.
But I am glad to see that you cheered up a little bit.
Izana, thanks.
Deployment Order You're being deployed? Why do they always have to deploy you? Nagate? I can pilot again.
Izana, I'm heading out.
South 3 deployment gate.
South 2 deployment gate.
Nakazono squad is boarding! South 2 deployment gate, Samari squad, is boarding.
It appears that Tanikaze is running late for Kunato squad.
Wow, it's all fixed.
Nakazono squad, Samari squad, head for launch as soon as you're ready.
Kunato Squad Nagate Tanikaze, boarding complete.
Kunato squad, all units boarded.
You're late.
Get them launched now.
All units, launch now! Tanikaze! Yuhata? Get into clutch formation as soon as you launch.
You need to make up for lost time! Roger! Tanikaze.
Don't even think about trying to blame me.
I'm here to fight the Gauna.
And that's all.
That's right.
Private Channel Good.
Communication Ended Analysis of the video is complete! Putting it up on the forward monitor! What is that? Human-shaped? Stabilizing image.
It can't be.
Ganna 489 Ganna 490 Ganna 491 No! I don't believe it! What? No! I don't believe it! No.
It's 702.
That's Hoshijiro's Garde.
To be continued Honnou tsukiru made To our dying breath Honoo kareru made Until the fire burns out Shoudou tsuranuite We will push on hand in hand Shoui Kono sora e Throughout this universe Shizuka na hoshi The quiet star wanders Samayotteru Vigilant space Kunato no toki wo In the darkness Deguchi no nai yami no naka de Without escape Kaeru basho wa sono mune? Where to return? To you? Soretomo sora no hate ni? Or to the end of the universe? Kono itami wa doko ni tadoritsukeru darou Where does this pain lead? Watashi ni shimitsuku kanjou no ryuushi These particles of emotions cling to me Anata wo motome It is you I seek Kougousei My sustenance Honoka na hikari ga nagaki michi izanau A faint light invites you down a long path Mamoru beki asu ni To a tomorrow for you to protect Tatoe kono mi ga saketemo tatakau ishi wo Even if my body dies the future will inherit Tsugu mirai e My will to fight Next Episode Immortality Immortality.