Knights of Sidonia (Sidonia no Kishi) (2014) s01e08 Episode Script


1 Heigus Particles Detected Two objects under 1 kilometer.
No, there's another! The gas is too thick.
Analysis of the video is complete! Putting it up on the forward monitor! What is that? Human-shaped? Attempting to stabilize image.
It can't be.
Ganna 489 Ganna 490 Ganna 491 What? No! I don't believe it! No.
It's 702.
That's Hoshijiro's Garde.
Ta ga tame ni ware wa yuku Who do we fight for? Ta ga tame ni chiri yuku nara Who do we die for? Nani yue ni Tell me why Uchikudake Break through Toki michite When the time comes Ikiru tame For your survival Toki hanate Set yourself free Sora no kouro wa kaze ni kie The path in space disappears in the wind Anjuu wa iku oku kounen saki Peace is several billion light years ahead Tsuki susumu nara madou na Take the plunge Do not waver Iza yukan kishi yo Let's go, valiant knight Uchikudake Break through Knights of Sidonia Uchikudake Break through Knights of Sidonia Toki michite For your survival Knights of Sidonia Toki michite For your survival Knights of Sidonia Ikiru tame For your survival Knights of Sidonia Ikiru tame For your survival Knights of Sidonia Toki hanate Set yourself free Katsuro wa kono te ni Your path is in your hands Ta ga tame ni ware wa yuku Who do we fight for? Ta ga tame ni chiri yuku nara Who do we die for? Chikai tateru mamonaku As soon as you take your oath Kono mi wo nagedase Throw yourself to the cause Juuseki to konpai to Do not be daunted by responsibility and exhaustion Sadame ni wa makeji to Face your destiny Immortality Target has been sighted! What is that? 702 The Gauna that absorbed Hoshijiro? That's only its Ena! Don't let it confuse you! Enemy Gauna have dispersed! Samari squad, Gauna 489.
Nakazono squad, Gauna 490.
Kunato squad, Gauna 491.
All units, be aware, watch for enemy armaments.
Nakazono Squad Samari Squad Kunato Squad Affirmative! Teams.
Disperse! Garde teams are heading towards their targets using formation 122.
Kunato's squad is pursuing Gauna 491! Ren and Hou, use the Heigus Particle cannon to restrain its movements.
Tanikaze, back me up.
Copy that! Ow It hurts, it hurts! It hurts, it hurts, it hurts! What is that voice? It hurts, it hurts, it hurts! What is that voice? Look at what's hanging off of Gauna 491! The Gauna is using Hoshijiro's comm channel! The armor and the pilot.
It's trying to completely recreate a Garde, but No matter how hard it tries to imitate us, it's still a Gauna! Don't let up on the assault! All teams, give me a status update! This is Samari squad, pursuing Gauna 489 in clutch formation! Gauna 489 \h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hSamari Squad This is Nakazono.
We've encountered Gauna 490.
It's fast! Gauna Ena warning in Nakazono squad's unit 139! A cylindrical Ena has penetrated the unit! This is Hoshijiro.
Enemy craft down.
Unit 139 is down! Is it really Hoshijiro? Hoshijiro! Tanikaze! Don't go off on your own! Can you hear me, Hoshijiro? Tanikaze! Can you hear me, Hoshijiro? Stop, Tanikaze! Samari Squad Kunato Squad Why would you think they could possibly understand you? Tanikaze.
Message from the research division! Extraterrestrial Research Division We're to bring back a specimen from the Ena.
Cut out a live sample before we destroy the core? We don't have that kind of time.
Kunato! Gauna 491 kill confirmed! One down! Gauna 491: Disintegration Confirmed Kunato squad, back up Nakazono squad at once.
Emergency Request Tanikaze, what is it? I'll retrieve the Ena specimen.
Don't! Gauna 491 source Ena We're in the middle of combat.
Don't go off on your own! I won't have the chance if I don't hurry.
Please, let me do this! You have permission for retrieval.
Thank you.
Nakazono squad is being counterattacked by Gauna 490.
Disengage and fall back.
All right, Tanikaze, proceed with specimen retrieval.
Kunato, Ren, Hou, head to back up Nakazono squad.
Affirmative! A-affirmative.
Nakazono squad 217, watch it, it's on your tail! This Gauna is clearly different from the others.
Another enemy craft down.
Nakazono squad's Unit 217 is lost! It's so fast.
The Gardes can't keep up with it.
It's like it knows exactly what we're going to do.
Samari squad has closed in on the enemy! Squad, Heigus cannons, fire now! Hold back the enemy! Samari squad confirming Gauna 489 kill.
Gauna 489, complete Ena disintegration confirmed.
Kill confirmed! Gauna 489: Disintegration Confirmed Nakazono Squad Nakazono squad's Unit 312 lost! Another enemy craft down.
Only one craft remaining.
Samari squad! All units head to back up Nakazono squad! Samari Squad Copy! Gauna 491 Source Ena 704 Tanikaze, I've got the specimen! Returning to combat! This is Nakazono! It's no use.
I can't shake it! Nakazono Squad Nakazono squad lost.
Kunato Squad Kunato squad will soon make contact with Gauna 490! Kunato squad! Gauna 490 closing in! Be careful! Stop, Hoshijiro.
S-stay away! What's wrong, Kunato? Kunato! Do you copy? Kunato pulling back from combat line! 701 Kunato vitals unstable.
Signs indicate high levels of anxiety! Just forget about him.
Honoka Ren, Hou.
Work together and stop Gauna 490.
Retrieve Nakazono's Kabizashi! Affirmative! Heigus particles.
Fire! Where did it go? Hou! Behind you! Kunato squad's unit 705, cockpit destroyed! This is Hoshijiro, enemy craft down.
You bitch! Tanikaze.
Stop this, Hoshijiro! Samari squad, we've rendezvoused with Kunato! Kunato Squad Samari Squad Gauna 490 is accelerating.
It will soon be out of range! Captain.
Our units' Heigus reserves are below 30%.
Further pursuit won't allow for prolonged combat.
Very well.
Abort the operation.
Affirmative! Abort now! Return to base! Copy! I'm glad it decided to run.
If we had to fight it any longer 100 Sights of Sidonia: Executive Quarters 100 Sights of Sidonia: The old emergency stairway in pilots' dormitory Sidonia Military Succeed in Search and Destroy Operation Here is the latest on yesterday's battle.
This marked the first time the Sidonian military took the offensive.
The search and destroy operation was victorious, as they succeeded in destroying a Garde-formed Gauna.
The remaining Gauna 490 counterattacked and the squad tactically retreated to regroup.
But Gauna 490 appeared to have gone invisible and fled.
Command has dubbed these units with specialized abilities Crimson Hawkmoths, and are examining new tactics to engage the Garde-formed Gauna.
"Sidonian troops repel Gauna.
" I'd say that's putting things pretty broadly.
"Will there be an announcement regarding the Ena specimen Tanikaze recovered?" What are they talking about? The one the Gauna's Ena mimicked.
It was Hoshijiro.
I know that one of the three is alive.
Why is Nagate getting sent out on all these missions? It's not right.
It's their idea.
Who? The Immortal Council's? Nobody outside of the council can be immortal.
The public can never know that we have the technology to be able to live forever.
It's something that goes against the very philosophy of a seed ship.
So you're going to send him out for every battle? To get him killed? That was the compromise that finally allowed me to convince them.
I didn't want Tanikaze to be imprisoned again.
Don't worry, Hiyama.
If he has the abilities I believe he does, he most certainly won't die in combat.
Just like Saito.
Captain, we've finished preparing the Resurrection ritual.
We can proceed at any time.
We might even do it tomorrow.
What? The Resurrection ritual? Are you going to use Ochiai's auxiliary brain? At a time like this? I don't imagine you've forgotten what Ochiai did a hundred years ago.
Maybe you need to remember, Hiyama.
Six hundred years ago, we became the first to successfully kill a Gauna.
That was when we pledged our lives and knowledge to serve Sidonia, and we agreed to join the Immortal Council.
We joined the council so we could help repopulate a new planet.
Kobayashi, what are you planning on doing? I'm not doing this for me.
I'm complying with the request of the anti-military activists.
We need to extract terraforming technology from Ochiai.
Oh, Ms.
Hiyama, good to see you.
Yeah, welcome back.
What's with her? That's weird.
Yeah, she seemed a little more down than usual.
She's not the grumpy sort.
Oh, I have a bad feeling.
It's the same kind I had a hundred years ago.
A lot of people are about to die.
100 years ago After the Fourth Gauna War We're 70% complete with the emergency repairs to the outer hull.
The gravity has been mostly restored.
We're now at 1G.
However, the core facilities were badly damaged, but it appears environmental lighting To think all of this damage was caused by only two Gauna.
I'd say that Sidonia is doomed.
Dead Wounded Missing Captain? We've finished rescuing the last survivors.
Twenty-four council members and 392 citizens.
I'm afraid that's all that remains of Sidonia.
If the Tsugumori took even a little longer to return with the Kabizashi it went to reclaim, we would have been wiped out.
It's twenty-five council members.
You forgot Ochiai.
You're the one who ordered him to be captured alive, Kobayashi.
Captured alive? He's the one who discarded the Kabizashis.
He deserves to be executed, that's for sure.
It's his fault that Sidonia lost most of the Archive.
Most of our accumulated knowledge and technologies gone in an instant.
Excuse me.
There is a partial backup of the Archive that still remains.
Live Brain Transplant Process Monitor Display Subject: Ochiai Cerebrum Connection Brain Stem Connection Medulla Oblongata Connection Optical Connection Oscillation Connection Cerebrum Connection Brain Stem Connection Medulla Oblongata Connection Optical Connection Oscillation Connection Cerebrum Connection Brain Stem Connection Medulla Oblongata Connection Accessing the auxiliary brain from the outside requires you to connect through Ochiai's brain.
But if we transplant his brain to a clone and suppress his memories, we've determined that we can access it safely.
You're very promising.
What is your name, by the way? Yure Shinatose.
Afterward, she became a member of the Immortal Council in recognition of her talents.
Just as Hiroki was leaving.
What do you mean Hiro disappeared? Kobayashi! I didn't know why Hiroki left.
14 years ago 80 years after the breach The next time he would reappear would be 80 years after he left.
Hiroki! He was discovered collapsed in front of the organic conversion reactor.
His aging progressed because he stopped taking his anti-aging medication.
His brain will have to be transplanted to a clone immediately.
Is there a problem? Well, actually, all of Mr.
Saito's replacement clones were destroyed in that battle.
And he soon disappeared after refusing to administer further clones.
The truth is, he's fought hard for so long! He was just tired.
If only I had noticed it sooner.
Don't strain yourself.
You've been in the tank for several days, after all.
I'm doing fine, Lalah.
Oh, all right, that does it! You know that I hate being called by my first name.
Don't make me bite your head off.
Lalah, you're so cute.
Come on! Are you sure about this? We went ahead and manipulated the genetics to your specifications, but this borders on treason.
Our immortality can't be passed down to our descendants because it's a result of the medication we take, but this replacement clone made from Saito's manipulated DNA will actually be born immortal.
All I know is that we can never lose him again.
Stay quiet.
Wait, you're Take me to where the other me is.
Security Chief Hiyama! Why did Hiroki take Shinatose hostage? We're getting audio now! It's too soon for him to be taken out! He's not even 5 kilograms yet! That's a perfectly fine birth weight.
Kobayashi, no, you didn't! Tell me you didn't make a clone of Hiroki! Status on the doors? We're almost there.
There needs to be preparation before removing him from the amniotic tank! There needs to be preparation before removing him from the amniotic tank! If it's opened like this, we can't put him back in! You're planning on keeping him locked in here until he's completely matured? What good would a person like that be? Hiro.
We're through the lock! Opening now.
No! Stop! Hiroki, put the sword down! None of you move! Wait for my orders! Have you forgotten your pledge to the council? Did you forget that your life and your death are not yours to decide? Your experience and knowledge are Sidonia's.
Fifteen, no, ten years.
That's all I need.
I'll teach the child everything I know.
Please, listen to what Hiroki is saying, Kobayashi! Your body has now reached its limit.
I won't take the risk.
Put down your weapon.
Have negotiations broken down? This child is mine.
Don't interfere.
Get him! Watch out! You Lalah! Hiro, run! I can't hold them off for long.
Hurry! It is difficult to find anyone who wanders into one of Sidonia's many old organic conversion reactors.
That was the last time Hiroki was seen.
Present Day Nagate, come on, hurry! Are you really sure that there's a point to doing this? I'm telling you, it will make Ms.
Hiyama feel better.
She's always taking care of you.
You need to do something in return.
Yeah, okay.
Miss Lalah.
That's weird.
She usually goes crazy whenever you call her by her first name.
Oh, well Izana said it would make you feel better.
Get over here, Izana! I don't believe it.
I got glue all over the joints! What was that? Some beast? Ms.
Hiyama! I'm so sorry! Ma Mama Tanikaze To be continued Honnou tsukiru made To our dying breath Honoo kareru made Until the fire burns out Shoudou tsuranuite We will push on hand in hand Shoui Kono sora e Throughout this universe Shizuka na hoshi The quiet star wanders Samayotteru Vigilant space Kunato no toki wo In the darkness Deguchi no nai yami no naka de Without escape Kaeru basho wa sono mune? Where to return? To you? Soretomo sora no hate ni? Or to the end of the universe? Kono itami wa doko ni tadoritsukeru darou Where does this pain lead? Watashi ni shimitsuku kanjou no ryuushi These particles of emotions cling to me Anata wo motome It is you I seek Kougousei My sustenance Honoka na hikari ga nagaki michi izanau A faint light invites you down a long path Mamoru beki asu ni To a tomorrow for you to protect Tatoe kono mi ga saketemo tatakau ishi wo Even if my body dies the future will inherit Tsugu mirai e My will to fight Next Episode Empathy Empathy.