Knights of Sidonia (Sidonia no Kishi) (2014) s01e09 Episode Script


1 Look at what's hanging off of Gauna 491! The Gauna is using Hoshijiro's comm channel! No matter how hard it tries to imitate us, it's still a Gauna! Don't let up on the assault! Gauna Ena warning in Nakazono squad's unit 139! A cylindrical Ena has penetrated the unit! This is Hoshijiro, enemy craft down.
Is it really Hoshijiro? Hoshijiro! Tanikaze! Don't go off on your own! Can you hear me, Hoshijiro? Tanikaze! Samari Squad Kunato Squad Nakazono Squad Stop, Tanikaze! Why would you think they can understand you? Ta ga tame ni ware wa yuku Who do we fight for? Ta ga tame ni chiri yuku nara Who do we die for? Nani yue ni Tell me why Uchikudake Break through Toki michite When the time comes Ikiru tame For your survival Toki hanate Set yourself free Sora no kouro wa kaze ni kie The path in space disappears in the wind Anjuu wa iku oku kounen saki Peace is several billion light years ahead Tsuki susumu nara madou na Take the plunge Do not waver Iza yukan kishi yo Let's go, valiant knight Uchikudake Break through Knights of Sidonia Uchikudake Break through Knights of Sidonia Toki michite For your survival Knights of Sidonia Toki michite For your survival Knights of Sidonia Ikiru tame For your survival Knights of Sidonia Ikiru tame For your survival Knights of Sidonia Toki hanate Set yourself free Katsuro wa kono te ni Your path is in your hands Ta ga tame ni ware wa yuku Who do we fight for? Ta ga tame ni chiri yuku nara Who do we die for? Chikai tateru mamonaku As soon as you take your oath Kono mi wo nagedase Throw yourself to the cause Juuseki to konpai to Do not be daunted by responsibility and exhaustion Sadame ni wa makeji to Face your destiny Empathy Strategy to Increase Sidonia's Population 100 year projection (Six generations) Please take a look at this.
It's a plan to increase the total population to half a million people in six generations or roughly one hundred years.
Do you know how hard raising children is? But what about the food supplies? We can't possibly sustain so many people after a war.
Professor Yure! There's no need to worry.
Strategy to Increase Sidonia's Population 100 year projection (six generations) These children will not be a burden.
They will photosynthesize! Hello, Grandma.
What's going on? Oh, it's nothing important.
I just wanted to know how you were getting along.
I'm doing fine, thanks.
Well, you haven't been home in a while.
I just wanted to hear your voice.
Oh, I need to go.
I'm sorry, Grandma.
I'll be home the next time I have time off! Well, see you! Oh Was that your grandma on the phone? Yeah.
She's been very busy with work, so I haven't bothered going home in a while.
What does she do? I don't really know.
Extraterrestrial Research Division Excuse me! Oh, thank you.
You're Nagate Tanikaze, aren't you? Thank you for bringing her I mean, "it" back with you.
Thank you.
Oh Excuse me Yes.
And you would be? I'm pilot cadet Shinatose.
I didn't want Nagate to have to come alone, so I tagged along.
I'm Numi.
I'm with the ERD.
It's a pleasure.
I think you know this, but a Gauna's Ena that has been separated from the core before the core is destroyed will continue to live on its own.
The thing is, we don't know for how long.
It's the first time a Gauna has actually recreated a human being so completely.
Excuse me Why exactly did Nagate get called here? For a test.
A test? To see if it has human-like intelligence or not.
Okay, but why Nagate? Because it actually spoke, it said Tanikaze's name.
What? Your name? Barrier Wall 3 Well, I'll shine some light through now, all right? Okay.
It reacted! Hoshijiro.
Nagate! Onion Whale Café Don't be so discouraged.
That wasn't necessarily an attack against you.
Yeah Nagate.
Oh, hey, if it isn't Tanikaze! Oh, Tsuruuchi.
And you two are Numi Tahiro from the ERD.
And I'm Cadet Izana Shinatose.
What can I get you? Give me the usual.
Coming up.
What about the Ena specimen from Gauna 491? Were you actually able to learn anything from it? It's recreated something that is very close to human.
Emotionally, as well.
Emotions? The thing is The Garde-form Gauna that retreated moved like it could only have been piloted by a human being.
The mere fact that Gauna actually possess human-like intelligence it changes things.
In fact, it changes everything when it comes to our strategy.
Yeah, how? It would make it a lot easier if those things were human.
In a Heigus particle cannon fight, we wouldn't lose.
You rely on the Heigus particle cannon far too much.
Huh? I know there's no recoil and it's effective at peeling away the Ena, but don't forget that Heigus particles are also the source of the Gauna's energy.
Do me a favor.
Let's make this quick.
I need to get three assists to win a photosynthesizing session for two with Samari.
I don't care how many you get, I'm never photosynthesizing with any of you.
I've done exactly as you have ordered.
I have requested a special leave of absence.
This was what you wanted, Master Norio? I'm done with piloting.
Captain? Live So what is this all about anyway? Actually, only the head of the Kunato family is at liberty to know that.
They've been preparing for this special ritual since yesterday.
No Feed Is there any way that we can see more? One moment, please.
We will take this opportunity to extract the information we need from the auxiliary brain.
Can it be done? Yes.
But it might take some time to access it.
Even among all of Ochiai's research, it is buried deeper than the rest.
Are you certain you want to do this? Do it.
Video Access Permission Granted Master Norio, I've unlocked access.
What is that? Brain waves normal.
All levels in acceptable range.
Unlocking access to the brain.
Unlocking successful.
He has been reactivated.
So this means that Sidonia did not fall.
Is Captain Kobayashi still alive? Come on, Kobayashi.
Don't you think you can forgive me already? This is really unpleasant.
Connecting Auxiliary Brain The gate has been opened.
Connecting to the auxiliary brain.
We no longer need to keep him conscious for the task.
Wait! Please! I'm begging you! Live What exactly are they doing? We have not been notified of the details, but I've been told that the one sitting in the middle is the scientist Ochiai's clone.
Ochiai What could he have possibly done to deserve such a punishment? He failed at trying to harness a great power for himself.
It nearly destroyed Sidonia.
A great power? Kobayashi, there will come a time when you are going to need me.
Put him to sleep.
Connecting Auxiliary Brain You will need me soon! Ochiai.
100 Sights of Sidonia: Organic Conversion Reactor Residential Hatch 100 Sights of Sidonia: Atmospheric Control Center Planet Seven Lem star system Command gives permission to colonize Planet Seven Here's our next story.
Command has approved a colonization mission to the seventh planet in the Lem star system.
The mission will move forward if more than 50,000 volunteers sign up for the historic operation.
Expectations put the potential volunteer numbers around 100,000.
Is that really safe with the Gauna cluster so close to us? The thing is, the people who get on the colony ship believe that the Gauna won't attack them if they don't have any Kabizashis.
That's not very likely.
And to think we actually have to share our resources with idiots who would believe that.
Such a waste.
But it will increase the odds of humanity's survival, won't it? Yes, but it will ultimately lead to less manpower on Sidonia.
Our military forces are dwindling.
It won't be long before we Yeah.
I know.
Everybody's talking about the colony ship.
They all have a different opinion.
I wish I knew what was gonna happen.
Hey, are you listening, Nagate? Yeah, I am.
Then give me an answer! What? Well Tanikaze! Did you know the pilot's cafeteria just added a gravity stew to their menu? No, I didn't.
How are we supposed to know that? Well, of course, it has nothing to do with a cadet like you, Izana.
Tanikaze, would you want to go with me sometime? Oh, sorry, you two.
The Extraterrestrial Research Division needs me again.
The ERD? Again? Are you ready? Yeah.
Get back! Wait! Not just yet! That's like when It seems like it's finally calmed down.
You should try talking to it.
Well Hoshijiro? Are you okay? Ta Ni Ka Ze Did it really answer? Hoshijiro, I Deployment Order What is it? I'm being deployed.
What? A single Gauna approaching from an invisible field has crossed our level-one threat border.
Only one? Wait, is it the Crimson Hawkmoth? We have video.
Live It's a class H Gauna.
Gauna 492 Class H-1 Get the pilots to board now.
We'll eliminate the threat as far away from here as we can.
Why does the Tsugumori have a Kabizashi? It means that you're our lancer.
Today, I'll be joining your squad.
Go easy on me, Squad Leader Tanikaze.
Wait, I'm the squad leader? What's wrong? Nothing! Pilot Tanikaze promoted to squad leader, expected to be key in future operations.
Barrier Wall 1 \h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hBarrier Wall 2 \h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hBarrier Wall 3 Recently promoted squad leader Pilot Tanikaze's reliable abilities Barrier Wall 1 \h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hBarrier Wall 2 \h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hBarrier Wall 3 Garde "Tsugumori" back in service.
Can it compete with its modern counterparts? Barrier Wall 2 \h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hBarrier Wall 3 This is not good.
I think Tanikaze might be too focused on that Ena.
Come on, get it together, Izana! You're the only one he listens to.
You can tell him not to get too involved! You know, as his guy friend.
Well, as the Probationary Subcommander, can't you do something? A pilot's psychological well-being is part of your responsibility, isn't it? The Extraterrestrial Research Division is full of secrets.
And the research on the Gauna 491 Ena specimen was given the highest priority.
It's really difficult to ignore their demands.
I see.
If there was only something we could do to keep his mind off things when he's not at the research lab.
"Keep his mind off things", huh? Ah, ah.
Barrier Wall 3 Tahiro.
Yes? If a Gauna not only recreated a person's form but also their complete personality and memories, what would be the difference between that and the original person? Well, to be perfectly honest, from a scientific point of view, I would be hard pressed to be able to admit there was a difference.
But as a member of Sidonia, I could never bring myself to acknowledge it or accept it.
Yeah, of course.
Ah, ah.
Stop, Hoshijiro.
Don't! It's morning? There were more combat casualties.
It doesn't matter if more pilots are making it back from combat.
If they keep increasing the deployment rate, the chance of survival will drop.
Yeah, I don't want to get promoted.
Barrier Wall 3 I wonder what that was all about.
Tahiro! Hoshijiro is I mean, the Hoshijiro-formed Ena is Take a look at this! Isn't this the first time she's done this? She's standing on the floor.
Does this mean Tanikaze! Look! Oh! Oh.
Tanikaze? I know it's difficult, but you're going to have to realize Even if this thing looks and acts exactly like Hoshijiro did while she was still alive, technically it's nothing more than just a piece of a Gauna.
Just an Ena.
Tanikaze! There's something I wanted to talk to you about.
What is it? Well, the thing is, it's only for one day, but I got a day off.
The same day as yours.
Yeah? We've been in combat a lot lately, so Yeah.
It's important that we do something to keep our minds off of it.
Nagate! I wanted to talk to you about something.
What? Do you want to take a trip on your next day off? You've been deployed so much lately, so Yeah I think it's important to get your mind off of it.
Really? Sure.
Yay! It's a promise.
Wait, Yuhata was saying the same thing right before Extraterrestrial Research Division Wait, could this be? Record Yes.
It's always looking in the same direction.
Isn't it the direction of the district where Hoshijiro's family and Tanikaze live? Wait! Extraterrestrial Research Division Kabizashi Storage Could it be the Kabizashi? To be continued Honnou tsukiru made To our dying breath Honoo kareru made Until the fire burns out Shoudou tsuranuite We will push on hand in hand Shoui Kono sora e Throughout this universe Shizuka na hoshi The quiet star wanders Samayotteru Vigilant space Kunato no toki wo In the darkness Deguchi no nai yami no naka de Without escape Kaeru basho wa sono mune? Where to return? To you? Soretomo sora no hate ni? Or to the end of the universe? Kono itami wa doko ni tadoritsukeru darou Where does this pain lead? Watashi ni shimitsuku kanjou no ryuushi These particles of emotions cling to me Anata wo motome It is you I seek Kougousei My sustenance Honoka na hikari ga nagaki michi izanau A faint light invites you down a long path Mamoru beki asu ni To a tomorrow for you to protect Tatoe kono mi ga saketemo tatakau ishi wo Even if my body dies the future will inherit Tsugu mirai e My will to fight Next Episode Decisions Decisions.