Knokke Off (2023) s01e02 Episode Script

Wil je ook eens proeven?

[waves crashing]
[shouting, waves crashing]
[ominous music playing]
[laughs] Matti.
[Victor] Matti, are you okay, man?
Very pretty.
[Alex] Matti has titties.
[Louise chuckles]
[fire crackles, ominous music continues]
[Louise laughs]
[ominous music fades out]
[waves crashing]
Watch it, watch it.
A present from a drunk idiot last night.
You're here early.
Uh, these are from the lockers,
the beach huts, the garage,
the toilets. Here.
But Jacques, I don't work here anymore.
So what are you doing here?
- Aren't you mad anymore?
- Mad?
You're Alexandre Vandael's friend, right?
Can I get some coffee?
Coffee? [laughs]
I have something else for a hangover.
Ha! Coffee
[phone rings]
[Louise groans]
- [Louise] Hello?
- [Angelique] Hey, where are you?
- What?
- Natan.
- Was that today? Yes.
- Yes. At ten o'clock.
- [Louise groans]
- Do I have to wait for you? Louise?
No. Just go. I'll, uhm
- I'll meet you there.
- Yes, please.
- Yes.
- Bye.
[sniffs, sighs]
- Alex.
- [Alex moans]
I have to go to Natan. [sighs]
Emilie's fitting for her wedding is today.
- Can you give me a lift?
- [Alex blows raspberry]
- Then I'm there in two minutes.
- I feel awful.
- Come on.
- [Alex sighs]
I had just as much to drink as you.
[Alex coughs] Fuck, man.
What was in that vodka?
- Red Bull?
- Hm?
- [pills clatter]
- [Alex kissing]
Hmm, hmm.
Weren't you feeling awful?
Why not?
- Baby, you don't know how tough it is.
- What?
I always have such a hard-on
when I'm hungover.
- Use your hand. It'll take two minutes.
- [Alex sighs]
Are you giving me a lift or not?
- After sex.
- So that's a no.
You're more fun
if you don't take your pills.
[Louise exclaims]
[Alex breathes angrily]
That's not okay, baby.
I know.
[dramatic music plays]
- Hey
- [Louise sobs]
- Sometimes I think
- Hey, ssh. Hey, hey.
I was just joking about your pills.
Was it a joke or were you being sarcastic?
I love you
but you don't understand
how lonely you make me feel.
I'm sorry. Okay?
[blender buzzing]
Drink, hungover idiot.
You first.
- No, that's not going to happen.
- Come on, Jacques.
Be a man.
Alcoholics Anonymous. No alcohol.
- I'm sorry.
- No problem.
Drink up.
- You can do it.
- I hope so.
[Jacques chuckles]
- [Jacques] Yes, you can do it. All of it!
- [Daan gags]
- [Jacques] Yes!
- [Daan retches]
- Better, right?
- No.
- Gross.
- Here.
You can clean up the puke with this.
Be a man.
[waves crashing, soul music playing]
[golf cart whirring]
[brakes squeal, music stops]
- [Angelique] And?
- [Emilie] Beautiful.
- Hi.
- Finally.
- So, you finally showed up.
- Yes.
- Hi, darling.
- Here.
Wow, you had a good night's sleep, right?
- Too much Red Bull in my vodka.
- Hmm
[the women chat indistinctly]
- I like the way it falls.
- [Emilie] Yeah, me too.
[Angelique] Yeah? Louise?
Louise, what do you think?
Yes, nice.
[annoyed] Go and try on the dress. Go.
[scrapes throat]
Pardon me.
[Eleonore] Beautiful.
The color is great, huh?
- [Melissa] It's a bit too much.
- [grunts]
I'm a nanny,
so it needs to be more demure.
It's not about me, it's about the kids.
- It's beautiful, though.
- Oh.
It looks really good on you,
just like in a magazine.
[Melissa] Thank you.
Maybe I should be a model.
[Olivia] I think they're a bit younger.
Yes, you're right.
A bit more like you, nowadays.
You can't have boobs and a butt anymore,
so who knows?
Then I need to find a new job as a nanny.
[groans, exhales]
- [whispers] Mom, she's a nanny.
- Mommy is busy, honey.
The last family I worked for
moved to Switzerland.
Such sweet kids.
They made a whole video
to say goodbye to me. So cute.
- Mom?
- [Angelique] Yes.
My zipper.
You can't get it closed?
Miss, could you please
[whispers] She's a nanny
looking for a job.
[Angelique] Can't get the zipper closed.
Are you bloated?
- Period?
- I'm sure it's all those Red Bulls.
Yes, I'm sure.
Suck in your tummy, sweetie.
Last time you could still close it.
- [Louise gags]
- [Angelique] Eh?
[Louise coughs and gags]
[Louise coughs in background]
Yeah Maybe you can do up the zipper now.
- [in English] Just a minute, Michael.
- Yeah, sure.
[in Flemish] Alexandre, come here.
[Michael talking indistinctly
on the phone]
[in English] No, Michael.
These guys haven't proven anything yet.
An equal share is just
downright ridiculous.
We don't wait for the due diligence?
[Patrick] No, report it to them.
And no veiled language.
- Just straight to the point.
- I'm not sure if
Straight to the point, Michael.
Play it hard.
- Okay.
- Okay, bye.
[Patrick clears throat softly]
[in Flemish] I have taken a look
at your business plan.
- Your idea for the Crazy Lulu.
- [corrects pronunciation] Lulu, Dad.
Lulu. Crazy Lulu.
"The most exclusive
gentlemen's club in Belgium."
This took a lot of work.
Did you do this all on your own?
Must've taken you a long time.
- A few weeks, yes.
- Mmm.
- You thought about it, brainstormed it.
- Yes, with Matti and Victor.
But I actually wanted to brainstorm
about it with you.
- With me?
- Yes.
At first I thought it was a joke.
But I saw that you also cc'd in
the board of investors.
I thought we could divide the investment
between four parties.
That would be about 30k per partner.
What do you think?
You want to know what I think?
I think all my business partners now know
that my only son is a complete moron.
Who wants to start a fucking brothel
in Knokke?!
Do you even realize how idiotic this is?
Do you realize that?
Here. "An exclusive club
where naked, body-painted women
radiate pure sex in a classy setting."
Below the Casino!
Do you really think
the city council is gonna allow that?!
- [exasperated] Really. Idiot.
- Sorry Dad, I just wanted
- How stupid can you be? How stupid?!
- Sor
- Just get out.
- Sorry, I just
- Get out!
- Dad
You idiot. Out!
[dramatic music playing]
[Alex sniffles]
[Patrick sighs]
[doorbell rings]
Hello, young lady.
I'm Reinhilde, the new nanny.
I'm sorry, madam,
the position has already been filled.
I'm sorry?
The position has already been filled.
[upbeat music playing]
[Daan] Yes, amazing.
That one's for the website.
A kiss, maybe?
Yes, nice. You can find them online.
[Eleonore] What were you thinking
for a monthly payment?
The last family paid me
2600 euros a month.
That's 4500 before taxes. [scoffs]
I won't get my husband to agree to that.
You can also pay her off the books.
Smart girl.
That's also an option.
[Daan] Lovely day to be at the beach.
Let me know if you need anything else.
Yes, smile. A bit closer together. Yeah
I would suggest 1800 a month.
Do you have any other interests?
Uh, I really love horseback riding.
- Dressage, jumping, racing?
- Tricky, all three of them are very
very different. Uhm
I ride western myself.
Yeah. Without a saddle. Yeah.
[softly] Cool.
Fine, let's just try it out.
A trial period for a week.
And we'll see after that.
- [Melissa] Yeah.
- I'm glad we found someone. Hmm?
The person I actually hired
just didn't show up.
Without letting you know?
- Yeah
- [scoffs]
- So rude.
- Yeah I couldn't get hold of her.
Are you available tonight?
Patrick and I have plans.
[Daan] Hey, man.
Do you happen to have deodorant?
I smell awful because of all the liquor.
By the way, when I woke up this morning,
Jacques was here.
He acted like nothing happened.
What did you tell him?
Who are you?
[Louise] Hey!
Hi, Daan.
- [Flemish accent] Who are you?
- Louise.
Yesterday, Casino Club, here?
- Okay What?
- [laughs]
- I definitely didn't forget you.
- Come on!
- I thought you really forgot about me.
- No. No, that's impossible.
No, I'm so hungover.
- No, I mean it! Don't!
- Hey, I'm just Fuck! [grunts]
- When are you done with work?
- In two hours.
We've reserved two sunbeds, for Vandael.
- I know, because I work here.
- Hmm.
Okay, see you later.
[Jacques] Romeo!
People are waiting for their drinks.
When they die from thirst,
it's your fault.
- Okay, I'm on it.
- What are you doing with those photos?
I'll put them on the wall inside.
And why would you do that?
It's art.
- Art?
- Yes.
[happy music playing]
Hey. I finished it.
- Hey.
- Hey!
- Yes, I want another piña colada.
- I'm done for today, Margaux.
Uh, that's Matti's spot.
[Daan] Okay.
Ah, that's Alex' spot.
Then I'll just sit on top of Alex, right?
[annoyed] Well, I'll just get
my piña colada myself, right?
[both chuckle]
- No! No.
- What?
I take pictures of all customers,
also the ugly ones.
I'm sort of working on a project.
Can you show me something?
- These photos are amazing.
- Thanks.
- That's a really good camera.
- Almost as good as a Leica.
Analog camera, from 1999.
My aunt gave it to me once.
This one is a bit cheaper.
Okay, photographer.
I knew you had an artistic nature.
- What do you mean?
- I don't know. Takes one to know one.
[Daan] Wow.
- Who made those?
- Me.
- No way.
- Yeah.
No way, rich girls can't do that. [laughs]
- No.
- I get it.
No, I'm just kidding.
[Alex] Hey!
You're not stealing my girlfriend, right?
- How's the water? Aaah!
- Wet.
- And here! [grunts]
- No, your suit is wet! Aaah!
- [Alex] What were you showing him?
- Our sex pictures from last night.
- [Alex] As long as it's not private.
- [Louise] Yeah, I know.
- Art pictures.
- Art pictures?
[Louise] Daan has a Leica.
Our mom doesn't like dogs.
- [Daan] What the fuck?
- What?
[the both chuckle]
- Uhm
- What?
A Leica is a camera.
[Alex] And a dog
the Russians shot up in space.
He exploded, like in a microwave.
[imitates explosion]
- Ah, stop it! Oh!
- [Alex laughs]
[Alex kisses, they both laugh]
- [Alex] Hmm.
- Daan has an eye for beauty.
- Really?
- [Louise] Yeah.
So, what's the most beautiful
about Louise?
[Daan] Hmm
[Alex] What?
Her eyelashes.
- Good one, but this is more interesting.
- Of course.
No, I think
it's her rich people teeth.
- [Louise laughs]
- [Alex] Yeah.
- [Louise] My teeth?
- [Alex] Yeah, these ones.
- Chocolate-flavored gloss?
- Hm-mm.
Daan, sorry. Do you want a taste as well?
[scoffs] I don't think you're the one
to ask that, right, Lex?
Do you want a taste as well?
Ho! Calm down, lover boy!
- And what are you laughing at? Come on.
- [Louise giggles]
- You didn't expect that.
- [Alex] No, I didn't expect that, Daan.
Without any shame. You just go for it.
Daan, I'm a bit thirsty.
Get me a blue curaçao.
- Blue curaçao. And what do you want?
- [Louise] Piña colada.
- Piña colada, coming up.
- [Alex] Thank you, Daan.
- [Louise] He was off from work.
- [Alex] So?
I'm just thirsty.
[pop music playing]
- Are you joining me for dinner?
- [Daan] No, I have to go.
- [Melissa] You're pretty busy.
- Yes, work.
Me too.
Really? At that new catering company?
Even better.
As a nanny for a rich family in Knokke.
- You're joking.
- I'll find out what happened to Claudia.
Mom, tell me you're joking. Mom.
- Are you doing this again?!
- Yes.
Is that why you brought that gun
and why we're here?!
- Now I know where to look.
- It's been two years now.
The police searched for a year.
Stop. You'll go crazy.
If I give up now,
it'll really make me crazy. Hey
We're so close. I just want to know
what happened to my sister.
And I will find out.
- [sighs] You're ruining your life, Mom.
- Hey, Daan, stay here.
- And mine as well.
- Hey
Daan. Daan?
[door slams]
[dance music playing, waves crashing]
[indistinct dialogue]
- [Matti] It can be a bit stronger.
- [Margaux] Yeah?
Hey, Danny Boy. Dropped any balls today?
- No, not today, Victor.
- Oh, you still know my name?
- We're tubing tomorrow.
- Are you coming?
- I need to discuss it with the boss.
- [Alex] Hmm!
Jacques can't protest,
you've worked a double shift today.
Hm! [slurps]
- Bring me a new one.
- Coming up.
- [Margaux] Should we eat first?
- That's a good idea.
- [Matti] Come. Come with me.
- [Alex groans]
Hey. You invited him. Why?
I don't know. Why not?
[hip-hop music playing,
indistinct chattering]
[all] Shots, shots, shots!
[all cheer]
[Victor] Fuck! That's nasty!
On a roll?
[slurring] You're a whore,
just like your mother.
[hip-hop music continues
in the background]
[breathes angrily]
[phone chimes]
[melancholy violin music playing]
[Alex breathes shakily]
[moped approaching]
[moped shuts off]
[Alex] Hey
A hundred.
Don't you have the exact amount?
- No.
- No.
[slurring] Can you do something
for a hundred?
What did you have in mind, Alex?
That's a fine of a hundred euros
for indecent exposure.
[she grunts]
[he laughs]
[sighs] Fuck.
[suspenseful music]
[music fades out]
[hip-hop music playing, people chattering]
- Oh my god, Victor is hooking up.
- [Louise] What?
[Margaux] Victor has a hook-up.
- How great!
- [Margaux giggles] Yes!
[Louise] Oh, look at that! [giggles]
Nice for him!
- I do miss that.
- What?
I don't know. Well
The excitement of the hunt.
Hunt? You never had to hunt.
- You were always the prey.
- That's not true.
- It is!
- [laughing] No!
- [Daan] Fuck!
- See? You still are.
Don't you ever want to kiss someone else?
No boys, at least.
[giggles] Alex doesn't mind girls.
- [Daan] Uh, Louise?
- Yeah?
- We have a problem.
- What?
Come with me.
[Louise] Hey
- Sweetie, are you okay?
- [Alex mumbles]
- I think we should take him home.
- But not to his house.
His dad can't see him like this.
- Can you drive?
- Yes.
Let's go to my house.
- [Louise] Three, two, one!
- [Alex moans]
- [Louise pants]
- [Alex moans]
[Louise laughs]
[Alex moans] Hey, little Daan
[melancholy music playing]
[melancholy music continues]
[Louise chuckles]
[Alex groans]
Babe Babe?
[Alex gags]
[Alex moans]
Can everyone stop puking now?
[they both laugh]
[Daan] Fuck! Police.
- Have you been drinking?
- [Daan] No, no.
- But I don't have a driver's license.
- What?
It'll be fine.
- [officer] You can pass.
- Yes, thank you.
[they both laugh]
- How?
- [Louise squeals and laughs]
[melancholy music continues]
[sheep bleats from device]
- [Louise] There.
- [Alex pants]
[Louise] Hey.
- [slurring] I love you.
- [Louise] I love you too.
Sleep it off, okay?
- Huh. Cool.
- [Louise laughs]
- [Daan] What?
- [Louise] Nothing.
- Is he asleep?
- With a bucket and towel. Here's hoping.
- Huh, nice. Does this happen often?
- I think he's fighting with his dad.
[Louise] But he doesn't want
to talk about it, so
Doesn't he get along with his parents?
Who does?
Are yours that bad?
As long as I take my pills, they're fine.
Uh, I have a bipolar disorder.
Ah. And
- I I have a lot of mood swings.
- Ah.
I can be really down
and then suddenly be really high.
[Daan] Hm.
Nobody feels the same all the time, right?
For me, it's a bit extreme.
And those pills prevent mood swings?
They make it less extreme.
But are you still you?
I'm sorry. I didn't mean it like that.
I mean, I would think it's a shame
if I wouldn't get to know all of you
because of those pills.
Because I would really like to know you.
[suspenseful music]
I'm going to check on Alex.
[Melissa breathes heavily]
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