Knokke Off (2023) s01e06 Episode Script

Ik ruik naar seks

["Tiptoe" by Sohnarr playing]
[door unlocking]
[knocking on door]
[Melissa] Hey, ehm
Do you know where Daan's at?
They fall in love ♪
[phone calling]
[phone vibrating]
[phone ringing]
- Hi.
- Hi.
How's life there?
[phone ringing]
They fall in love ♪
Shall I drop by later?
- I have to work early tomorrow, so
- Yes.
I'll drop by later.
[Louise] Hi, you've reached Louise.
They fall in love ♪
They fall in love ♪
[phone ringing]
[ringing stops]
- Hi.
- Hi.
Sleep well?
I um have to tell you something.
[waves splashing]
I know they fired her.
She stole some stuff.
They reported it to the police.
Okay. What did she steal?
Jewelry, I think.
- After that she completely vanished.
- She's still missing.
She never withdrew money
or used any bank cards.
I never heard about that.
They searched for her for over a year.
And then suddenly
the investigation was discontinued.
My mother told me yesterday she's certain
that Claudia worked for the Vandael's.
The necklace she's wearing
My mother found it.
Among Alex's mums jewelry.
Your mum's working for the Vandael's
because she's looking for her sister.
Does Eleonore know?
No, of course not.
What the fuck.
Am I part of the plan as well?
What? No.
- Hey.
- You've been playing games all along.
What? I just found out
my mum's working there.
What is your mum doing with a fucking gun?
- Louise
- I attract fucking liars.
- What?
- My dad's been with a man for five years.
My mum knows and they've been lying
to me for years. Everyone lies to me.
Withholding is not the same
as lying, Louise.
- You pick up someone to spy for you.
- What?
What the fuck?
- I'm done with this.
- Me too.
"Me too?" What do you mean by that?
Not everything revolves around you!
Or did you think I knew yesterday
I'd be driving to an empty house?
And that everything in my home
would be gone and that I had nothing left?
I thought so.
[phone vibrating]
[Louise] You've reached Louise.
Please leave a message after the
Hi, sweetie. Everything alright?
Sorry for yesterday.
I was somewhat of a robot.
I work too much, I know.
It's not okay.
Love you.
[car engine turns off]
What do we tell Alex?
I don't know.
Are you telling him?
I don't know.
We're done with this anyway, right?
Do you want to continue with me?
Don't ruin it.
What about Alex?
[whispering] I don't know.
[sad music playing]
[Daan sighing]
[Daan] By the way
can you not tell Alex
about Claudia yet?
I smell like sex.
[car engine starting]
There you are.
Daan, where were you?
Daan, can you text me next time?
I called you and left a message.
Just get in touch with me. I didn't know
where you were. Where did you sleep?
I was at home, in Breda.
Fortunately my mattress was still there.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
Why didn't you tell me?
I wanted you to enjoy your vacation
a little longer.
[Melissa sighing]
[Melissa] Mmm
I think you're right about aunt Claudia.
Louise recognized her
from a photo in my room.
[Louise] Wow.
Why don't you pick up when I call you?
What happened to it?
I dropped it when crossing the street
and a truck ran over it.
Apparently she was fired for stealing.
- Stealing?
- Yes.
It wouldn't be the first time.
Maybe she stole enough
to start anew in Bali.
That, or they killed her.
Who's supposed to have killed her?
Patrick is such an asshole.
- And why would he do that?
- Because he's an asshole.
[Daan sighing]
Did Alex come to Breda with you?
No, he didn't.
[Alex] There.
I have a new company phone,
so you can have mine.
You're welcome.
Is that a new perfume?
Deodorant. Not good?
A little too much, but
You're looking tired.
- Did you go out?
- No, I worked all night.
Don't forget to breathe
every now and then.
I apologize for neglecting you lately.
That's okay.
Are we doing something fun tonight?
- Um I already have a date.
- What do you mean?
- I thought, he has no time for me.
- Of course I do.
With whom?
- Margaux.
- [sighing] Always Margaux.
- I'll take a break and we'll have a drink.
- Mmm Okay.
Right, don't forget your new phone.
["See Me Now" by JUICY playing]
I'm a furball trapped
In the wrong body ♪
I have an urge so strange ♪
To deny that growth in my panties ♪
- [Daan] Yep.
- Can we test the led wall this afternoon?
Sure, I'm almost done.
- Led wall?
- Do you ever listen to what I tell you?
[Alex] We're going to put Daan's pictures
on a led wall.
He has made a collage of his best work.
You know what that is right, a collage?
- [Victor] What needs to be done?
- [Alex] A whole lot.
I hope the projections are ready
for the opening. We have to step on it.
[Victor] You're doing great.
I'm really excited. It will be grand.
You and Louise?
What do you mean? What are your plans?
- We don't know.
- You don't know?
- Alex hasn't figured it out.
- [Jacques] Not yet, no.
Aladdin and Jasmine are a fairy tale.
Life is no Disney movie.
- And tonight? The Casino Club?
- [Alex] Yes.
- [Victor] Is everyone coming?
- Sure.
Not me. I have a ton of work
and those two have a date already.
- Ah, cool.
- We do?
You don't remember?
- I thought you were going shopping.
- Girls' night at my place.
Ah Right, that was tonight.
[soft music playing]
- Patrick, see you next time.
- Thanks, we'll call.
- Yes, absolutely.
- Make it work.
Will do.
[Margaux] So, no girls' night after all?
- I have to do those flyers.
- Which ones?
For the opening of the Crazy Lulu.
I want to finish them tonight.
Is that why I have to tell Alex
you're sleeping over?
He's looking over my shoulder.
- I still don't get
- This one, right?
- Yes.
- For you?
[Margaux] Yeah
- I'm not convinced.
- I am and I'm paying. Come.
- [Alex] Are you ready?
- [Daan] Of course I am.
Here goes. Have a look.
[electro dance music playing]
[Daan] Holy shit, man.
- That's Jacques.
- Yes, terrific, isn't it?
[Alex] Oh, man.
[Alex sighing]
[eerie music playing]
You okay?
[eerie vocals]
Hey, where are you going?
[labored breathing]
What's wrong?
I'm having a panic attack. It's alright.
- [Alex] It's the stress.
- [Daan] It'll be okay.
I'm so scared my dad will be proved right.
About what?
That I'm a fucking loser
and that the Crazy Lulu is a stupid idea.
Your dad is the loser.
The Lulu will be a success.
Jacques knows what he's doing, and
You can count on me.
What did you think of the photos?
Good, good.
Except for the black and white shots.
They don't fit.
There was only one black and white photo
and we can take it out.
Who is that lady?
I don't know.
Just a hot girl from Rotterdam.
[Alex sighing]
You're looking a lot better already.
[Daan] It will be alright.
Thanks, bro.
Let me get some fresh air.
- I'll be right over.
- That's okay.
[suspenseful music playing]
[phone ringing]
Hi, mum.
- I have to go.
- Hello.
- Sweetie. Everything alright here?
- Yes.
[Patrick] Mmm
- Hey, darling.
- [Eleonore] How was it?
I knocked up a terrific deal.
What can't you knock up, right?
If you're gonna be like that,
I'll take a shower first.
Come with me for a sec.
- [Melissa] Oops.
- [Eleonore] Too bad.
- We had a break-in.
- What?
The night you left.
- Is anything missing?
- The Fontana and the watch collection.
- You're kidding.
- [Eleonore] I had enough on my mind.
- Does the police have the footage?
- And your computer as well.
I only declared the Fontana.
I thought the watches were
Thank god you didn't.
- We're insured, aren't we?
- Underinsured.
That painting is sought-after.
It might have netted me double.
Well, look
Christine will have something else
on offer.
- You speak awfully lightly about it.
- No Patrick, I don't.
[door opening]
That wasn't necessary.
Why did you do that?
Because I love you.
And the shit between your mum and Patrick
shouldn't come between us.
I know. Come here.
I want that.
- What?
- That jacket.
For Alex.
- [Louise shouting in amazement]
- [Daan] Well, someone's happy.
Yes, indeed.
- Do you like it?
- Mega, right?
And why are you doing this?
You were out of clothes.
- I have enough.
- No.
Seriously, now.
I just like doing it.
Look, and there it is.
- Isn't it a bit too much?
- Too much what?
Too Knokke?
- There's no such thing.
- No?
No. I bought this.
[Louise] Mmm
- Right?
- Nice.
Did you have fun with Margaux?
Yes. We patched up.
- That's good.
- But she's onto us.
That's less good.
No. She really likes me.
She'll never tell Alex.
I feel bad lying to Alex.
Sweet Daan.
You really are
the most beautiful girl I know.
- [Louise] Um
- [Daan] Ah
- I mean it.
- Okay.
So do I.
["Youth Song" by Anna Maehl playing]
Guess I didn't know
How you came to show ♪
Youth could be so painful ♪
I had a dream last night ♪
I felt you so close to me ♪
I never changed the world for you ♪
I swear, Matti. You should've seen it.
It's so eclectic.
Old versus new.
The combination of that
and then Daan's color photos.
It was so fucking beautiful.
As beautiful as your mug.
Everything's black
and then those shots by Daan. Beautiful.
Margaux didn't like those photos by Daan.
- Margaux is no fan of Daan's.
- [Matti] I noticed.
- Margaux knows that stuff.
- Seriously?
Tell her to pay more attention to you.
To me, why?
Matti, Alex means
that Margaux should butt out.
And you, too.
That's incredible, really.
You're so fucking intelligent, and you
You're a complete moron.
We hurt poor Matti.
Did we step on your toes?
And what about you, Alex?
You're so preoccupied with yourself
you don't notice
the bloody African is fucking your girl.
- Take that back.
- Here.
- Here you go.
- Cut it out.
Take it back.
Be glad someone dares
to say something.
[muffled laughing by Alex]
- Jesus.
- What a loser.
[Alex laughs]
What a hung-up asshole. Seriously.
Who makes up stuff like that?
[sad music playing]
[knocking on door]
Hi. I'm going out shopping.
I was wondering if you needed
Hey. Do you have
- Latte?
- [Daan] No, black.
Uh no, I don't need anything.
Do you want some coffee?
[water running in the bathroom]
I, um
I don't want to lie
to Alex anymore.
I mean it.
Lying wasn't the same
as withholding, was it?
Yes, but I don't like hypocrites
and I don't want to become one.
And I'm worried about you.
What? I feel great.
But you How did you call it?
You have such mood swings.
Hey, come on.
I told you I feel fine
and you don't believe me.
I'm going home, I think.
I meant no offense.
- I need to cool down.
- Why can't we
[door slamming]
Can I have a water, please?
[Louise] Hi, you've reached Louise.
Leave a message after the
- Mmm Good company.
- [Angelique] Hi, Louise.
Hi there.
- Can I make you one, too?
- You can.
- Hi, sis.
- Hi.
- Nice purse. Did you nick mine?
- No, it's from Monsieur Charles.
- Miss Louise.
- Looking forward to the festivities?
with our three wedding planners.
Two. Dad's not bothered.
- And how are you?
- Good.
- Do you and Alexandre have plans yet?
- No.
"Marriage halves your rights
and doubles your duties."
- That's deep. Did you come up with that?
- No, Schopenhauer.
I'll show you where everything goes.
My mum is of two minds about the podium.
- Yes, we just have to
- Ah, the podium.
[phone beeping]
Wow, it's just like a movie poster.
Beautiful, isn't it mum?
[Eleonore] Mmm
Can daddy see it as well?
[Patrick] God damnit, that's tonight.
Is he still on about that stupid idea?
Where did he get the money?
Apparently he's better at managing
on his own than we thought.
With what money?
[Patrick hits the table]
[Patrick] He's a filthy thief.
Eat up.
[Angelique] Honey.
Are you alright?
Dad told you.
Yes. It's no problem.
He could've told me sooner.
If dad gets his share,
how are you managing?
- What do you mean?
- Sex wise.
[Angelique] Ah
That's what I have Robert for.
And who's Robert?
Robert can
suck, shake, vibrate, and massage.
And after half an hour in the socket
he's ready again.
- Have I missed something?
- No, I was talking about Robert.
[Louise laughing]
- How's Alex?
- Good, but extremely busy.
Tonight's the opening of the Crazy Lulu.
It's a lot of Lulu and not enough Louise.
But Louise is keeping busy, too.
And is Louise taking her medication?
[Louise] Yeah, sure.
Louise, you didn't take it.
- Come on.
- [Louise] Sorry.
[suspenseful music playing]
[beat music playing]
Good evening. Hello, hello.
You won't get in with those shoes.
You're lucky it's you, Matti.
- Buddy.
- Thanks for coming.
- Go on in.
- See you later.
- Congrats, Alex.
- Thanks.
- Victor.
- Come here.
- Did you bring this handsome dude?
- Sure.
- Enjoy.
- Thanks.
Hi, good evening.
- It's working.
- Yes.
- Great, right?
- Yes.
Go on in.
- Have fun.
- Thanks, Jacques.
[music intensifies]
Come on, dance with me ♪
[music slowing down]
[people cheering]
Nice jacket.
Come on.
Come on, dance with me
Move your body ♪
[quiet voices speaking]
[breathing, suspenseful music]
[music ends]
[waves splashing]
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