Knokke Off (2023) s01e05 Episode Script

Home sweet home

["Doesn't Matter" by Lily Head playing]
Mmmh ♪
Mmmh ♪
[rain falling]
Mmmh ♪
Doesn't matter if it hurts a little
When I hear your name ♪
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
So smooth.
I've been running for a while now
Honey I need a break ♪
I've been running for a while now
Can you see me? ♪
[thunder crackling]
Alex, Alex.
And if the sun ♪
Goes down I'll go home ♪
If the sky starts to fall
Can we meet home? ♪
[man] Hey.
While now ♪
I've been running for a while now ♪
Can you hear me? ♪
Doesn't matter if it hurts a little
When I hear your name ♪
[car engine]
[waves splashing]
[footsteps approaching, door opening]
- What happened here?
- Eleonore.
- Huh?
- I
- Your son come by.
- What?
He took watch boxes as well.
[sighing] This can't be happening.
[Eleonore] No way. God damn.
Fuck, the security camera images.
I have to get rid of them.
If Patrick sees them,
he'll fly off the handle.
- Is he breaking in?
- [Melissa] Yes. He was wearing a
- [Eleonore] Who's the other one?
- I only saw one person.
[Eleonore] He resembles that guy
from the hospital.
He works at Jacques' beach club.
Dammit. I told him it wasn't a good idea.
Hanging out with those folks.
They're not my people.
- [Christine] What about the guests?
- [Patrick] They'll have to wait.
[Christine laughs]
[Melissa] Oh my god.
[Eleonore sighs]
[Eleonore] Asshole.
[Eleonore crying]
[distant thunder crackling]
[rain falling]
[soothing music]
[Eleonore] Yeah
- Eleonore.
- Huh.
It's all a bit much for me.
For me, too.
That boy from the beach club
is my son.
His name is Daan.
[Eleonore] Really?
[birds chirping]
[door opening]
- [Melissa] Good morning.
- [Louise] Alex.
- Where's Daan?
- [Alex] Daan is at Anouk's.
- Why don't you reply to your mother?
- [Alex] No idea.
"I'm okay, mom."
Three words. Difficult, isn't it?
- [sighing] She's in Dubai, isn't she?
- No, your dad went on his own.
Go to your mom. She's heartbroken
about that clip on your dad's computer.
- What clip?
- Suddenly you know nothing?
Does it say "stupid cunt" on my forehead?
What a dumb idea to break in
disguised as crooks.
I might have shot you.
With your finger, or what?
No, dickwad.
[serious music]
Go to your mom.
[Alex sighs]
[knocking on door]
[Melissa] Police, open up.
Fuck, fuck. Fuck, fuck, shit.
- [Anouk] Daan.
- [Melissa] Open up.
[Daan] Anouk, don't. It's my mom.
- Sure?
- Yes, it's my mom.
- Sure?
- Yeah.
[knocking on door]
[Melissa] Police, open up, now.
[pantry closing]
[door unlocking]
- Hey.
- Yes.
[Daan] Everything alright?
You're coming with me.
Get dressed and come with me.
[door slamming]
[Anouk] Ugh
Oh will you listen, please?
I got something to say ♪
[Alex] Jesus. I never had a gun
to my head before.
- What a crazy bitch.
- She's a great bitch.
- I nearly wet my bed.
- No, Daan's bed.
[Louise laughing]
You wouldn't be so tough
if they held you at gunpoint.
Yeah, what?
- Lou, stop it.
- What?
[Alex] I'm driving.
[Louise imitating gunfire]
[Alex] Lou, stop.
- Lou, stop.
- What?
- Don't be like that.
- Act normal. Stop touching it.
I'm driving, okay?
- Stop, hey.
- What the fuck, Alex. Get real.
That's not what you came here for.
I don't recognize you like this.
- Mom, please be quiet.
- On pills no less. That's dangerous.
[Anouk] It's not that dangerous.
- Calm down and listen.
- [Melissa] Yeah?
It's Alex' own home.
How can you break into your own home?
They can't hurt us.
They can if you nick watches
worth tens of thousands of Euros.
Those watches don't belong to his dad.
Those are bribes in kind. That's illegal.
- And that stupid painting?
- [Daan] It's insured.
- His mom will be happy to be rid of it.
- Why's that?
Because she bought it
from her best friend that he's screwing.
Now, why were you parading around
the house dressed as J.Lo at the Oscars?
I felt like it.
Busted. Naughty mom.
- What the fuck?
- It's just a question.
No, it's not!
What were you going to say? Spill it.
- Are you taking your meds?
- Take me home.
- Are you taking your meds?
- Yes!
- Are you taking your meds?
- Bring me home.
- Are you taking your meds?
- Yes!
- Okay, Jesus.
- It's not okay.
Just because I have an opinion of my own,
I'm not in a bipolar mania.
[Alex] Jesus.
[Louise] Huh?
Is my dad here?
[Louise] Yes. What?
It's the golden necklace with the stone
pendant I bought for Claudia on Ibiza.
Mom, what are the odds?
They made literally thousands of those.
Alex' mother is a typical rich bitch
playing the hippie on Ibiza.
Just let it go.
I don't want you hanging out with Alex.
Alex is a just a friend.
That family can't be trusted.
- Mom, I don't have any friends anymore.
- Hey.
No, Alex is okay.
[Daan] I'm taking a shower.
[door slamming]
- [waiter] Here's your waffle. Enjoy.
- [Margaux] Thank you.
- [Louise] That looks good.
- Hey, darling.
I'm so happy to see you.
[Margaux] How's Matti?
- He's okay.
- Yeah?
And how about Alex?
- He's okay.
- What happened?
He fought with his dad?
Yes. And Patrick is having an affair.
[Margaux laughing]
That's why he kicked Alex' ass.
What? An affair, Patrick? With whom?
- With another woman.
- Duh. With whom?
Don't you know?
How? Me?
From your mom, maybe.
- People gossip.
- No, she didn't say anything. Why?
Okay. Uhm
Alex' dad is doing your mom.
- Are you serious?
- Yes.
Oh my god.
I've got class.
Shouldn't I have told you?
I am shocked,
but I'm not really surprised.
Eleonore is one
of your mom's best friends.
That Patrick is looking elsewhere
is not my mom's fault.
- And you're okay with that?
- I'm not fully aware of the situation.
I don't think you're the one
to judge my mom.
[sad music]
[bell ringing]
- Hello?
- [man] Bonjour.
- Hello?
- [woman] Who's there?
It's Louise Basteijns.
Is my father there?
[Jan] Louise, I'm coming down.
- Hi, darling.
- [Louise] Hi.
[Jan] Uhm
[Jan clearing his throat]
I think this is the moment
to tell you something.
You should probably know this.
This is Louise. Louise, this is Paul.
He's been my boyfriend
for the last four years.
Five years in September.
[Jan] That's right.
Five years?
I've been meaning to tell you,
but Mom thought it better to wait a while.
Uhm So Mom knows about this?
And Emilie?
when were you planning on telling?
I thought, maybe, after her wedding.
Fuck people.
Nice to meet you, Paul.
We were simply afraid of your reaction.
Now I know where his mind's at
when he's smiling to himself.
Do you want a drink?
Take a seat.
[uplifting music]
[Eleonore] Alex.
[Eleonore] Oh
So good to see you.
[Paul] Cheers.
So, tell me: what's the deal
with the Crazy Lulu?
- Will you be getting a divorce?
- No.
I was just pretty late
in discovering who I really was.
Hey, Alex. You okay?
My mom is on our side.
- [Jacques] So she says.
- Yeah.
[Jacques] We'll see.
[Alex laughs]
- Who are you selling that watch to?
- You don't want to know.
[drawer opening]
[Alex sighing]
[Jacques] Give it here.
Fucking Crazy Lulu.
- [Christine] Darling.
- I saw you had nothing to do.
- I thought I'd pop in.
- That's sweet.
- Didn't you have to go to Dubai?
- No.
No, Patrick is by himself.
[Eleonore] Ah, nice.
You'll have to make do with me.
That sounds weird.
Did you find a nice spot for the Fontana?
- The bedroom.
- Oh.
The first thing Patrick sees every day
is your Fontana.
And then he smiles as if he's slightly
in love.
Look at these artists I found.
It's incredible.
I was so wrong about you.
You're an incredibly sanctimonious,
pardon my French, whore.
The worst kind.
And your husband is
one of the most pathetic whore lovers
there is.
Eleonore, you must be
so terribly bad in bed.
[Eleonore sighing]
That's funny, Christine.
That's probably it.
I'm terrible in bed. Well
You're finished in Knokke, girl.
Start looking in Amsterdam.
In the Red Light District, for instance.
- Are you threatening me?
- Yes.
Patrick will enjoy that.
I don't care what Patrick thinks.
Do you understand me?
Eleonore, it was never
my intention to have an affair
with Patrick.
[Eleonore] Uh-huh.
We had a crazy night one time
and it got out of hand.
I didn't choose this.
[Christine] Well
Now we're talking.
That's a tone I can work with.
Take a seat, Christine.
[car engine stops]
Yes, I emailed it.
[Alex whistles]
- You'll never guess
- Shhh No, I never received that.
Stop. Yes.
Okay, thanks.
- You okay?
- Bureaucracy, seriously Jesus.
It will be alright, won't it?
- We'll take my dad's car.
- Does he know?
It was his idea,
but he wants you to drive.
A little tour?
Not now.
- A half-hour break.
- What about the flyers?
I'm working on them.
I'd like to see something, okay?
- You may certainly see something.
- Don't be daft.
I have too much work.
You're starting to resemble your father.
- Hasta la vista, baby.
- [Victor] Who's thirsty?
[Matti] Attention, attention.
Could the driver of the red Alfa move
his or her car?
- It's terribly in the way.
- Are you leaving.
- We just arrived.
- How about a tour in the Alfa?
[Victor] No, stay. Come one.
[Louise laughs]
Have a good day at work.
Hey, businessman.
[car honking]
[Daan] You lousy bastard.
Hey, you.
- What did you say?
- Nothing.
- Is that yours?
- My dad's.
Are you coming?
Where to?
Away from Knokke and the Crazy Lulu.
Are you coming or not?
- You don't have a driving license.
- I have a learner's permit.
But you're driving.
- I don't have a license either.
- Then they can't revoke it.
You're insane.
[Louise] Mmm
[Daan] Right.
[door slamming]
- Where are we going?
- To Saint-Tropez.
In 14 hours we'll be gawking at those
fakers with their rented luxury yachts.
- Fourteen hours?
- Only if traffic is light,
the car doesn't break down,
and it doesn't rain.
- That's a relief.
- Yes.
No, fuck. Everyone knows me there.
We're going elsewhere.
Whereto then?
I don't know.
Surprise me.
[Louise] Eyelash.
- [Daan] You nearly hit me, don't laugh.
- [Louise] I have a learner's permit.
- [Daan] Ready?
- [Louise] Sure.
[Daan] Let's go.
[Daan and Louise screaming
and laughing]
[Victor] Hey, you can exert
a little more control.
You're gonna like this.
Let's have some fun.
- Here's to the Crazy Lulu.
- Down the hatch.
[photo clicking]
Girls, get a little closer.
Even closer, yes.
[photo clicking]
["Heal" by Low Hill playing]
[all together] The Crazy Lulu.
[Louise ] Go.
Look at that.
Victor is looking forward to it.
Alex too.
- He's calling.
- [Victor] Up you go.
Cold-blooded love
I feel I'm about to lose it all ♪
- Yeah.
- It almost shot in my throat.
You got to give up on something
You got to give up on something ♪
[Matti] There, he's getting in the mood.
[Alex] Come on, do you want
to demolish my club, or what?
[Victor] I'm sorry.
You got to give up on something
You got to give up ♪
[all together] Hey, hey, hey!
And I want you to heal,
I want you to heal ♪
So this thing never stops ♪
[photo clicking]
[Daan] Right.
We're here.
- [Louise] Is this your home?
- [Daan] Yes.
- [Louise] Really?
- [Daan] Yes.
The Dutch are the tallest in Europe,
with the smallest houses.
- But they're real cozy.
- Really?
[Daan] Follow me.
Home sweet home.
[Daan throwing light switch
on and off]
Shut off.
[sad music]
You can't be serious.
Where is everything?
- Daan?
- What is this?
What is this?
What the fuck?
Everything's gone.
Everything's Jeez.
What the fuck?
[Daan sighing]
Not this again. Not again.
[Daan sighing]
Everything's gone.
And you didn't know?
[Daan] "Cadzand
will be good for us, Daan."
"Just to get away from it all."
She lost our fucking home.
Were you in debt?
I just didn't know how much.
The house was my granddad's.
Are you sad?
I'm sorry.
[crowd talking]
[soft music]
[Anouk] Is Daan coming?
But I'm here.
[Louise moaning]
[Louise] She looks like Claudia.
That photograph.
She resembles a nanny
that used to work at Vandael's.
[waves splashing]
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