Komi Can't Communicate (2021) s01e01 Episode Script

It's just, I wish I could speak.

When I become a first grader!
When I become a first grader!
Is she from our school?
Here's the private high school Itan.
A reowned school
within the region.
I still can't believe that an
ordinary person like me
got admitted at this school.
But I must not be too ambitious.
For now, my objective
is to be able to have
a normal high school life.
Tadano Hitohito
(Note: His name is a pun that
means "Just an ordinary person")
That is the best,
and is for the best!
Tadano-kun is a coward.
I know it's better
To not get involved and
live a normal high school life.
It's the key to happiness.
It's not like I didn't try to
stand out in middle school.
- Grew up his bangs and hair.
- Popped up shirt collars
- He wore t-shirts with
ancient letters on it.
- Nickname : ✞JIN-JIN✞
- Posed with his hands on his
neck, as if it was hurting.
- Thinned eyebrows.
- His sister saw and corrected
the errors in the novel he
took 2 years to write.
- Used "Bothersome"
as a slogan.
And that it didn't go well!
No it's not that.
Greetings are important.
If it's your locker, we
are in the same class, no?
Good morning
Oh! What a beauty!
It's a reowned school indeed!
Hurray for reowned schools!
He's too excited.
I wonder if I said something wrong?
I didn't screw up, did I?
What happened just now?
Komi san?
What's with that girl?
But Anyways
She was really pretty.
But with how ordinary I am
it won't change anything.
My high school life will be
Peaceful Oh?
They're deskmates.
Ah She is so pretty
And she smells so good!
has been attributed
from the very first day
the nickname of the
Madonna of the school.
I'm happy to be sitting next
to the prettiest girl in the school.
But I feel like
There's death
wishes towards me
If this one disappears
I'm going to take his place!
The high school life of Tadano-kun
barely started and was already agitated.
Class 1-3 1
Self-introduction time.
I I I'm Agari!
Ninininice to meet you!
Agari-san is nervous!
Phew, I seem to have a nice class.
Komi Shouko
My name is Tadano Hitohito.
I'm counting on you
for this first year together.
My talent is reading
the atmosphere.
Reading the atmosphere he said
Tadano-kun quickly realized that
his peaceful high
school life already ended.
Class 1-1
Take notes on what you
should be bringing tomorrow.
First, your gym clothes.
And don't forget to write your names on it.
Write it on your sport shoes too.
She just looks beautiful
no matter what she does
Oh, you just dropped your era-
Eh Who's this?
If I don't quickly give back
her eraser, my life will
Tadano-kun is acting
as if nothing
Stand up.
- What do we have after?
- We have gym class!
My name is Tadano Hitohito.
I'm an high school
student starting today.
My high school goal is
Staying away from trouble and
have an ordinary high school life
Being a normal person,
this objective was perfect for-
Komi-san! Let's eat together!
That's how it was supposed to be
I love you!
Why did I
Someone's talking
I was noticed
Without even talking
What? I fell asleep?
Nyaaa (Meow)!
Damn it! ! I must go go to gym class!
I didn't hear anything
I heard a classmate say "Nyaaa".
And I said I didn't hear anything
when I heard everything!
I didn't
hear anything.
She'll surely remember
this for the rest of her life
I'll follow her! If I don't follow her.
Komi-san by chance
Do you have troubles expressing
yourself in front of others?
Why did I say this?
It's impossible The school's Madonna
I've been rude
Komi-san? Komi-san?!
You really have trouble speaking
He finally
He finally understood.
Tadano won experience points!
Comprehension levels up to 3!
What were you
trying to say earlier?
Oh, you're not able to
Is there a way that
would allow us to communicate
How about writing on the blackboard
She is currently writing
on the blackboard.
How did you understand that
I wasn't good at talking to others?
I deduced it from
the reaction you had
By the way, nobody
realized it until now?
Ah I see
Quick, a topic of discussion!
Ah! We were supposed
to have gym class just now, no?
I'm going ahead!
Tadano flees!
I can't stand the awkwardness
He wasn't able to flee!!
Is there anything you
want to tell me about
I wasn't able to eat during lunch.
Ah So you're hungry?
I'd really like to be
able to talk to others.
But when I'm facing one or multiple
people, I freeze because of the tense
situation and it scares me
I'd really like to be
able to talk to others.
When I approach others, they become nervous or faint and some even kneeled down and begged for my forgiveness.
Whether I'm standing up or sitting it's
the same. I don't really understand why
There's a big misunderstanding
When I was
in middle school
It was hard
during lunch time
I was eating alone.
While everyone was
discussing while eating.
With troubles,
I tried to talk every
day during these 3 years.
But I was never able to talk.
No matter how much
effort I put into it.
I was never
able to talk.
How can I talk.
What to do after talking.
What to do if I'm rejected.
What to say when
we'll be talking next.
And what to do if what
I'm saying is boring.
If I didn't understand,
what do I do.
I just wanted to
be able to eat together.
What is certain
What is she trying to say
Is that it's difficult to discuss with her,
but she isn't someone that is inaccessible.
Here, you can use this.
This person is
Just an ordinary gir-
It's just
a hiccup.
Has it stopped? Your hiccup?
That's okay
I can't even
say hello.
Everyone can say
it easily except me.
It was funny, I was happy, I failed,
I watched TV yesterday, today's weather.
I am unable to talk about it
Sorry, I caused you problems, Tadano-san
I don't know how I can make it up to you.
T Tadano-san? Tadano-san!
Happy for
some reasons.
When did you cause me problems?
She ignored me
Anyway, I was thinking
that I should apologize to you.
I'm sorry.
I'm saying too much,
And what you saw today
doesn't bother me.
On this, goodbye.
Today was sunny,
a beautiful weather wasn't it?
Hey, say
something else
The sakura petals
looks beautiful.
A- Are you
What is your dream,
To make at least
100 friends.
don't laugh
Since I became your
friend, you now only need
to make 99 friends.
I'm counting on
you from now on!
Ah! Komi-san!
That's how my "non-ordinary"
high school life started.
My goal
Since Komi-san has
troubles speaking to others
"Has troubles speaking to
others" It somewhat sounds wrong.
"Unskilled at communication"
My goal
Finding 99 friends for Komi-san
who can't communicate!
A communication disorder is
defined by socialization issues
or references a person
having such symptoms.
Keep in mind
that even if she
doesn't speak to anyone,
it isn't because she doesn't
want to get along with others.
The next day
I want to talk.
I know,
Komi-san is beautiful.
She is no contest the
prettiest I have ever seen.
Her pure white skin.
Her big eyes.
Her long hair.
And she smells so good.
She is dazzling.
Ko Komi-san!
Ah No
Good morning, Komi-san!
Good mor
Ah! You should first practice talking!
So, for example: Can we be friends?
If you can say that then you'll
be easily able to have 100 friends.
And then Komi-san froze
like a stone statue.
I know.
Komi-san has a communication disorder.
That she wants to talk to others.
I know it well.
And that is the Komi-san
Alright, more more time.
That I became friend with.
However, Tadano-kun doesn't know
That in the high
school they're attending
Even if it's one of the most renowned of the region.
The admission test is just an interview.
The admission
criteria is
So, we can find
A school where the strongest demons gather.
Tadano-kun doesn't know it!
For Komi-san to make friends in this school
Is a long and arduous road ahead!
Translation, Adaptation, QC, Encoding:
Meltic StAr, Nekoyuki
Check: DefiDegue
References: Oppeketenmukki and Demo (manga)
"She was exceptionally beautiful."
"Her milk like skin shines under the room's light."
"Revealing a faint reddish blue."
"Her thin and frail limbs doesn't mean that she comes from an impoverished family."
"Shortly after the old woman left the room."
"The girl said with a slight accent."
Alright, next is
I know
what you're
trying to say,
Yes! You're right!
Must we read the textbooks out loud?
I don't think so!
All right everyone, read in silence!
She just wasn't
able to talk because
she was nervous.
Komi-san! The notes!
Yes, like this!
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