Komi Can't Communicate (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

It's Just a Childhood Friend. Plus More

A communication disorder
is defined by
socialization issues
or references a person
having such symptoms.
Keep in mind
that even if she
doesn't speak to anyone,
it isn't because she doesn't
want to get along with others.
In the last episode
Tadano-kun decided his
objective for his high school life.
Help Komi-san make a hundred friends.
Childhood friend.
However, Komi-san is already popular.
So it should be easy to talk about it
to our classmates.
Apparently, Komi-san
wants to make friends!
I've done the mental simulation perfectly
Now, who should I ask
The new shake at
Sutabe is super good!
What? You already went there, Yamai?
Of course! I suggest you go too!
Let's go together next time.
Yes yes let's!
What is it Tadano-kun?
Yamai-san looks like
the leader of a friendly
group of girls.
Ah Uhh no, actually, Komi-san wanted
To befrie-
What?! What do you want?
Why did you just say her name so casually?
It's Komi-sama, understood?
I will never accept that you are sitting next to Komi-sama.
Even if you breath the same air as Komi-sama,
you aren't anything more than manure.
Thanks no thanks blahblah.
And so?
No‪ It's nothing
Ah? Is that right?
So don't come talk to me, ok?
Tadano-kun is once again reminded
of his position in the class.
Class 1-1
Lunch break
After, he attempted to
talk to other students, but
he got the same treatment.
I don't have
Any friends
Wants to cry.
Even if I said I would help her.
If I don't have any friends,
I won't be able to help.
What was I thinking
saying that I could help her
Sorry Komi-san
I am
So useless!
But there is still someone I can talk to.
I didn't want to have to resort to him, but
- Ah! It was fun, right?
- Right?
He should be able to get along with her.
Alright, see you later!
O- Osana-san?
What is it?
My childhood friend
what can I do for you?
And Komi-san?
What? You were there too Komi-san?
Ah! This girl is my childhood friend!
We were classmates in middle school.
What? Girl?
Wait why?
Why are you wearing a skirt?
Ah? What are you
talking about Tadano-kun?
I'm a girl!
So of course I'd wear a skirt!
Besides, people from Scotland
No, it isn't that!
You were a boy and in middle
school you wore a boy's uniform, isn't it?
Oh? Why? It must be a misunderstanding.
Good grief Tadano-kun, saying such a thing!
No no no no!
No no no no!
No no no no!
This is how Osana Najimi is like.
Changing gender.
What he says never correspond to reality..
He lies a lot.
And above all
Najimi, you saw that yesterday?
Ah, you mean "Drain all
the water from the river"?
Najimi, let's go tour the
clubs together after school!
Ah! Sorry, is tomorrow fine?
Na Najimi-shi the novel that you lend me.
Ah! "Don't do this to
me Suzune!" ? How was it?
Wait Najimi-shi, don't say the
light novel titles in front of everyone.
So sociable
And the magazine that
I mentioned last time
Osana-san, could it be that these people
What? Yes, they're my childhood friends!
He said it.
More, like, every students of
this school is my childhood friend.
He says things like this since middle school.
"The majority of the students
were his childhood friends."
Once he also said that he often transferred a lot because of his parents circumstances.
But it wasn't the case.
The most puzzling part
is his communication skills.
He can make friends in just a few minutes.
He will never forget with
who he became friends.
It's like a super power.
But that's how he is
Osana-san, I have a
favor to ask of you.
Oh! If my best friend is asking for my help
Maybe I'll even give him my body!
- Stop, Komi-san is right next to us
It's just a joke
He's like that but he's a good
person. At least, I think
So if you'd like Komi-san, uh,
you can say the phrase we practiced this morning.
Ah, she doesn't get it does she?
"Please be my friend?"
Ah, this is a bit better than this morning!
What is this!? Say, what is this!?
He got
used to it.
Ah, actually,
she wants to say
"Please be my friend?".
Really? Really?
This is what I want to ask you.
Can you be friend with Komi-san?
It's easy for you, right?
Ah ok, I get it.
But Uh, sorry it's
Petrified from
the shock.
Komi-san? Komi-san!
Osana-san, please
come with me for a sec.
Okay okay!
What the heck are you
thinking?! Why did you refuse?
Your communication skills are number one!
No, I'm not that great.
Of the entire
But, sorry!
I'm not good with people like Komi-san.
Does such a person exist?
What are you to Komi-san?
Like I said earlier, all the
students are my childhood friends.
I've known Komi-san for a while.
When I was in the second
year of elementary school
You're going home?
Let's play together a little!
Hey, hey Komi-san!
Ko- Komi-san?
Hey Hey?
No matter what I was saying, she ignored me.
I wasn't able to become friend with Komi-san.
It shocked me so much I slept for a week.
So Komi-san has been
Komi-san back then too
I'm mature enough, so
I won't say I hate Komi-san, but
When our eyes meet
I tremble.
I- I see
But Osana-san, that's just a misunderstanding.
I'm sure she didn't ignore you.
You'll understand if you talk to her.
I know!
How about we go home
together? With Komi-san?
Oh, you're adamant about this Tadano-kun!
But I think I tried my best.
And it was impossible.
That's it.
First of all, isn't she popular?
She can make a lots of friends.
You'll understand if you talk to her
Why are you doing so much for her?
Do you like her?
No, I don't suit her in the slightest.
I just wanted to do something to help her.
And Did I say something weird?
Was it
too much?
Hmm? No!
I just think that you're
so cool Tadano-kun!
- I want it so bad!
‪ - What exactly?
Let's go home together with Komi-san!
On one condition.
Stop calling me Osana-san,
We're friends aren't we?
Go back to calling me
Najimi like you used to!
So many memories.
You professed your love to a girl.
We wrote a giant "LOVE" on the courtyard.
Stop, not a word about it anymore!
Ah My heart is beating very fast
A childhood friend
knows about
our dark past.
That's why I didn't want to talk to him.
After school
I'm not an assassin.
Well then, let's go
home, Komi-san.
That's not a good start
Tails them
because he's worried.
On the way
- Najimi's point of view -
Sorry for earlier.
When I said it was
impossible to be your friend,
I didn't mean it.
Ah, right!
You and me,
we met before a long time ago, you remember?
By the way,
Komi-san, you're very popular, aren't you?
What's your secret?
A- Are you okay?
On the way
- Tadano's point of view -
Sorry for earlier.
When I said it was
impossible to be your friend,
I didn't mean it.
So nervous
that she can't
meet her eyes.
Ah, right!
You and me,
we met before a long time ago, you remember?
Wants to say "I do",
but couldn't control her
voice, blurring the "I" and
emphasizing "do" as a result..
By the way,
Komi-san, you're very popular, aren't you?
What's your secret?
Really wants
to deny her
A- Are you okay??
A- Are you okay?
I give up
It's the same with Najimi
Found ya, Najimi.
Maakun and Shichan!
What are you doing here?
Because you moved without telling us!
Maakun was sad without you, Najimi!
Najimi's childhood friends?
That surprised me
What do you want?
Ah Yeah.
You see
I realized after you were gone
that you were so important to me.
Maakun! Go for it!
I want to go out wit-
Impossible, I'm a guy after all.
That was quick
I've already made up my mind.
To protect this feeling!
Like a maiden in love?
Hey, let go of me!
You can't escape from me!
What's with this feeling of pressure?
Ah, it's just a girl, she's pretty!
What do you want?
My house key?
You have
drop ped
"S- She's going to drop me"? Is that what this girl is saying?
He misunderstood what she wanted to say.
What does she want to say?
C- Could it be?!
Last time someone did
this to Najimi, I dropped him!
Using nothing but the
key to his own house!
Is that it?!
Let's run away Shinchan!
She just wanted to say:
"You have dropped this"
It's ok Komi-san
He probably just misunderstood
I'd like to be your friend, Komi-san.
You're so funny Komi-san.
I totally got the wrong
impression of you.
Come on, let's go home!
You just made your second friend.
What should we do with this?
They took it to a police box.
She's able to talk to strangers!
She's growing up!
The first invitation.
Lunch break
Yo, yo Komi-san!
Why don't we eat lunch together?
Starts trembling
when his eyes
meets Komi-san.
Emotionally moved because
it's the first time that she's
been invited to eat with friends.
You haven't gotten over that, huh.
Isn't it Tadano-kun
sitting beside us?
Are you eating alone?
Did you know?
Lunch tastes better when
you eat it with someone.
I eat it with friends, but
My, how bothersome.
If you want, I'll eat with you too.
A little
Huh, what are you thinking Tadano-kun?
The entire class
There's no ways someone like you is fit
to have lunch with Komi-sama.
Komi-sama's lunch is sacred!
Even an ordinary person like you know it.
I don't even want an
ordinary person like you
By the way, Komi-san, why did
you want me to be your friend?
Do you want more friends?
This hand cream released yesterday.
What shampoo do you use?
What do you think of Tadano-kun?
This looks tasty!
Did you make it yourself?
For me, I bought it at the supermarket.
What kind of music
do you like? I like
Due to overwhelming
information, Komi-san
Komi-san wants to make 100 friends.
‪100 friends
What? That's so few?
He has 5 million friends
This guy! You're not supposed to say that!
Oh I see
He's planning something nasty
Ah! Komi-san!
I'm starting to get thirsty.
A Sutabe non-fat milk pistachio
deep moca deep cream frappachino
with chocolate syrup. Medium.
Buy it with a lot of cream!
If you don't buy it, I'm
not your friend anymore.
Komi-san? You're going?
See you later!
Najimi! This is coersion!
It's fine,it's close by.
That's not the problem here!
It's for Komi-san's own good!
It hurt me too you know.
The pistachio with non-fat milk for Komi-san
You don't have to say it again!
This is a training for Komi-san.
To talk to people.
It's not that I want
to drink it, you know.
I can see your lips
curving, you know!
Well? What are you waiting for?
Go watch over her.
Without her finding out, of course.
Aren't you coming as well?
I'm pretty busy as it is,
"I have an 3 appointments today,
I will have lunch somewhere else."
Just, what are you?
Why am I doing this?
Mama, a stalker!
Yes, a stalker
Do you best Komi-san !
It takes courage
to enter the Sutabe.
decided to enter.
Komi-san went out.
Komi-san temporarily withdrawing.
Komi-san entered again.
entered too.
Welcome, what's your order?
A non-fat milk pistachio
deep moca deep cream frappachino
with chocolate syrup.
Buy it with lots of cream. Medium!
Uh Here's the menu.
Wants to cry.
not here!
Look harder, Komi-san!
You have to
combine these
M- Miss?
What will you do, Komi-san?
I understand, having 15
years experience at Sutabe.
A title given only to those who passes the internal exam that's once a year.
Only 1 out of 12
specially selected barista can
wear this special black apron.
Coffee master!
It is I who became a black apron wearer!
I know!
what this girl wants to drink!
Coming right up!
Please wait in the corner over there!
And then I shall be known as
the divine barista on Twitter.
and have my story retweeted 10 000 times!
Your order
A splendid
job, I say!
She know
it's wrong.
Ah, I'll bag it for you.
She wants to
say it's wrong.
Come again!
But didn't say it.
Komi-san is coming back!
Ah, welcome back, you are well?
Thank you Komi-san! I was looking forward to-
It What's this?
These two then quickly
apologized to her.
These two then quickly
apologized to her.
I'm really sorry Komi-san
for what just happened!
just keeps
bowing down.
Komi-san pouting! So cute!
Translation, Adaptation, QC, Encoding:
Meltic Star, Nekoyuki
Check: DefiDegue
References: Oppeketenmukki (manga)
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