Komi Can't Communicate (2021) s01e03 Episode Script

It's Just Stage Fright. Plus More

Lunch break
Ah! The new issue!
My name is Agari Himiko
Note: Pun on her name
Agari-shou = stage fright
I am very nervous.
When others watch me,
I can't do anything.
At the moment, I am
being watched by my classmate, Komi-san.
A communication disorder
is defined by socialization issues
or references a person having such symptoms.
Keep in mind that even if
she doesn't speak to anyone, it isn't
because she doesn't want to
get along with others.
Agari's nervousness.
Talking of Komi-san
She is so pretty,
but she is also mysterious.
Because she
isn't able to talk.
And she's always so magnificent.
Because she
is always
She is cool.
"I am beauty incarnate"
Really cool.
just has a
Ah! The more I think about
her, the more I find her wonderful!
As for me
I have bad vision and
I don't have a cute face.
I am chubby I have
short legs and I'm nervous.
Komi-san…Why are you
looking at someone like me?
It's scary!
Ah I have a stomach ache
The toilets are so quiet
My personal space just for me.
No one can see me
and I can't see them either.
I love the toilets
I could stay here all my life.
She just came
to ask if she was alright
(But didn't say it).
I'm sorry, I'm sorry,
I'm sorry!
I don't remember what I
did wrong, but I'm sorry!
Please! I'll do anything!
Please, forgive me!
Great goddess Komi-sama!
My prayer were answered!
She leaves thinking that
it's impolite to stay
infront of the stall.
I while waiting
Oh! Agari!
Good timing.
Wh-wh-what is it?
Ah! I'm stressing out!
The 6th period gym class,
It won't be outside, but in the gym.
Please, tell the everyone in the class.
Ah! B- But- I-
I must flee!
Yes! Understood!
Ok! Good answer!
Ah what am I gonna do
I was asked something…
‪My stomach hurts…
It's okay, everything
will be alright, Agari!
Keep your timidity down
and say it loud and clear.
"Gym class for the 6th period will be at the gym"
See? It's easy, right?
Don't be scared and do your best.
Right, in a loud voice so
I won't have to repeat it
What?! What does "Pa" even mean?
Why did I say that?
Every Everyone is looking
at me! It's embarrassing!
Ah It's
happening again
Gym class for the 6th
period will be at the gym!
No way, it can't be true!
I I!
I said it!
Hm What happened?
The discussion goes back 20 minutes..
20 min ago
So, in other words,
what I'm trying to say is that
not everyone can be friends.
It wouldn't work for Komi-san, wouldn't it?
What's with you all of a sudden Najimi?
Because I'm childhood
friend with everyone here,
I selected people who has
characteristics relatively close to Komi-san!
Choose your next friend candidate from these!
That's so nice!
For the first person.
From our class, Agari Himiko.
The one who was nervous
while self-introducing
That's right!
She is very nice, but
quite nervous when it comes
to interacting with others.
She blushes just by being watched by others.
She stresses easily.
She sweats and has tummy aches easily too.
Poor thing
Feels a great affinity with her.
‪- Oh? Komi-san?
- Height 156 cm
- Size B, favourite food, tomatoes
Let's move on to the second person.
Eh? Where's Komi-san?
Komi-san, despite her disorder, she feels able to intervene.
What ? Agari isn't there either.
Agari-chan escaped to the library.
Once there she is too nervous and cannot talk.
Present time
I see
So in the end for Agari
You weren't able to talk to her
She told him
what happened
in writing.
Oh It's all right! You will have
more chances to talk to her.
Ko… Komi-san
You were watching me today…
And I
I was very scared!
What did you want to tell me?
I don't know if you wanted
to tell me something
Thanks to you I
Changed a little.
Which is why
Uhh Thanks a lot!
Now's the time!
You know what? It seems that
you both get along well.
What about becoming friends?
What ? I- I- I- Impossible!
No, I want to sa-
I'm scared to
become friends with you.
If I could become your
dog, then, I'll do my best!
I hope we can get along!
Komi-san made
a new friend.
Before the start
of the school day
The cellphone.
W-what is it?
Didn't react
at all.
She made
a mistake.
Pressed the delete button too
long and cleared her entire message.
this time.
She just ended up
writing it on paper.
I finally bought
a cellphone.
Oh you have a phone now?
I mean, you didn't
have one before, a phone.
I didn't have any
use for one,
I'm sorry
but now
I need one.
Thanks to you Tadano-kun
I made lots of friends.
to cry.
And now
I want my friends'
phone numbers.
I see.
I wonder why
Let's go ask Najimi
and Agari together.
I have more time than usual today.
Until now, I was counting
on you a lot, but I would like
manage a bit by myself..
Ko Komi-san
Ah, so that's why
Acting like a parent
who sees his child
acting grown up.
Oh! Mornin' Komi-san!
What is it?
Why are you pointing your
phone towards me like that?
Tadano! Help me translate!
Under Tadano's
watchful eye.
Sorry Najimi, I can
only watch over her
A paper
The date, or the numbers?
If I'm not mistaken, you
want my phone number?
Yes! Yes!
If it's that, I can enter it
directly on your phone
Right, I get it!
Tadano-kun is good at guessing, but bad at the same time.
What a dummy!
What? Why are you talking about me?
What is
he doing?
Ah! Ko Komi-san.
Good morning!
You want a massage?
‪ Or something to drink?
Agari in the role of Komi-san's dog.
Or you want me to lick your shoes?
What? Do you want
Take a picture of my dumb
face and use it as a wallpaper?
I'm so happy
Giving up.
You did your best Komi-san!
You got Najimi's number!
You wanted my
phone number, right?!
I misunderstood!
That's right, it's easier to
call your dog that way!
Komi-san is going to put Tadano's number first,
so write it on a piece of paper!
That's what Najimi told me-
Bad timing, huh?
I- Is that true?
Can't meet each
other's eyes.
Tadano Hitohito
Tadano-kun screamed
in his heart.
Class 1-1
Class president election.
Class representative election, let's start.
So, first, the class president
Class president election
The top dog.
Who wants to run?
What's going on, you guys have zero motivation!
So, who do you guys recommend then?
The most popular in the class
Any other recommendations?
No one
So Komi, it's fine with you?
Trembling with excitement?
impossible for her.
I see that you're motivated Komi!
Help me
Komi-san's crisis of the century.
Komi-san's crisis of the century.
Can't help it, guess I
should volunteer myself
I'm against making
Komi-san the class president
Na Najimi?
Leave it to me.
Huh? What are you saying Najimi?
- Playing rebel? Playing rebel?
- I can't forgive you
- Explain yourself goddammit?
Najimi, by chance-
You're sacrficing yourself for Komi-san?
Think about it everyone,
Komi-san can't just be the class president!
Eh? She's right!
Therefore, I demand that Komi-san to be superior than that.
Having fun with this.
She's right!
Najimi is right!
Let's decide together Komi-san's title!
So Komi-san will be the goddess of the class.
Komi! Komi!
The class president position is still vacant.
Is there a candidate or a recommendation?
Tadano could be it?
Since we chose the goddess,
there's nobody who can top that.
We choose Tadano.
Tadano who works for Komi-sama.
So the class president will be Tadano.
- Eh?
Got forced into it.
I wanted to join a
committee that's
less conspicuous!!
Accidental call.
Listening to the
different ringtones.
Checking out her contacts
(With her family, she has 6).
Contact directory
Tadano Hitohito
She is simulating
a call.
Practical Amazing !
With a function which you
simply have to lift the
phone to your ear
to call your contact.
She is trying to
cut the call.
At Tadano's
Hello Komi-san?
Uh I know you probably
dialed the wrong number.
But I was worried you might be
calling because of an emergency.
So I decided to call you back
If everything is ok, just say "Ah!"
The phone number you called
Is not longer in service.
I'm sorry to have called by mistake!
I see!
Komi-san can talk a little bit on the phone.
Well, then
Huh? Yes!
Her voice is so beautiful!
Onii-chan, keep it down!
At Komi-san's
She is happy
to have made
her first call.
Onee-chan, keep it down!
Let's match the rhythm!
Oni 3
Osa 1
Saito 3
It's Saito!
She wants
to try.
Oh! You want to try?
She is surprised
that he understood.
Good This is a good thing.
But this is one of the cool group of the class.
This is going to be a tough one
Komi-san should know it too.
So after school when everyone is gone,
let's play with Najimi and Agari-san!
The socially
inadequate group.
I can hear you Tadano-kun!
Ah! Komi-san do you want to play with us?
Come over here!
What? Komi-san's gonna join us?
No way, my skin is so rough.
Komi-san is overreacting
to "no way".
Ahaha, it's fine! Everyone is going
to be happy to have you here, right?
Komi-sama, coming here?
- The goddess is going to decent to us?
- Thank you! Thank you!
It's a bit different from the usual happiness.
To train her communication skill,
she needs this kind of brutal treatment Tadano-kun.
Or else you'll never see how far she can go.
We are going to annoy Komi-san!
This this guy! I don't have
any choice but to join in too!
Uh Can I join too?
What? Of course, it's more fun
when there's more people.
- You want to play too Tadano-kun?
- Hahaha yay!
Join in!
(What does he want?)
(We can't say anything in fron of Komi-sama, but)
(Get out of our sight)
(Read the room)
(Ahahah tou are in the way-)
(Go back to where you came from)
(I can hear what they're thinking quite clearly !)
Yamai sat between
Tadano-kun and Komi-san.
The game of Saito is a little bit difficult.
Stomach ache
So let's play, so let's play yubisuma instead.
Yubisuma is
Put your fists forward, thumbs upward
One person will start the game by saying a number.
At the same time the number is announced,
all participants either put their thumbs up or leave them as is,
and if the number of thumbs up correspond to the
announced number, success. If it isn't, then it's a failure.
When it's a success, the person who announced the number remove a hand.
The next person announce the numbers.
The one who succeed two times win.
isn't it?
Alright, I'll start!
Yubisuma 6.
Hmm, there's missing one.
Runrun 9!
Ah, yay!
It's it's it's 4.
Arara not good
Chichichichi barichichi 10!
- W-w-wait!
We can hear a regional dialect in that cry.
What you yell varies
from place to place.
Soro-ban 7!
I decided to do it with my favorite cry.
Ahh sorry
Is it good…
Uuuuu 6.
Komi-san's turn.
They're just trying to please her!
Looks like you're getting used to it.
Next, let's add punishment for the loser.
For the next game
The game of bamboo
shoots Gnocchi
The punishment is « to make
a kissy face ». What do you say?
Making a kissy face
Ki-kissy face
I want to see it!
‪I want to see Komi-san's kissy face!
Their intentions are different.
Bamboo shoots Gnocchi
The rules of the game
Bring your palms together in front of your chest
to create a sort of bamboo shoots head.
The game stars once a paticipant
scream «Takenoko Gnocchi Nyokki ».
The goal of the game is to quickly say « gnocchi »
before the others.
The talking order isn't fixed.
The one that says it the first win.
Those who say it at the same time loses.
And the person which couldn't
say it until the end also loses.
Let's go!
I want to win, I absolutely must win!
Ki kissy face directed to me
Things are totally different frmo them last game!
Alright, let's start!
Bamboo shoots, Bamboo shoots
Gnocchi !
They just look dumb.
They all cried and begged
to play another time.
Alright, one more time!
Bamboo shoots, Bamboo shoots-
1 Gnocchi!
It's not fai-
- 2 Gnocchi!
‪ - 3 Gnocchi !
- 4 Gnocchi!
‪ - 5 Gnocchi!
- 6 Gnocchi !
That's bad! The game is entirely in their control!
These people really want to see
Komi-san's kissy face!
You're the only one left!
This face!
Win Tadano Win!
If If I win,
Komi-san's kissy face
I can't let Komi-san
carry such a weight alone!
Komi-san, do it!
7 Gnocchi! 7 Gnocchi!
She didn't really
understood the rules.
Ah it's over
How can I lose Is there something I can do?
Ah! I think that'll do it
But should I do it
Do I do it?
8 8 Gnocchi!
Ah sorry!
I got number wrong!
He wants to die.
I lost!
Someone kill me
Ah, class is starting already.
Sorry Komi-san!
The Saito-san game
Let's play it again next time
They returned to their desks.
Are you alright?
Ah yes I'm doing fine.
I just feel like I have a
gaping hole in my stomach.
Thanks a lot.
I really had fun.
Right, glad to hear it!
Oh Tadano, don't forget to
show your kissy face later!
Translation, Adaptation, QC, Encoding:
Meltic StAr, Nekoyuki
Check: DefiDegue
References: Oppeketenmukki (manga)
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